FFG Dark Heresy — The new official page for everything 40KRP - Dark Heresy.

FFG Rogue Trader — The new official page for everything 40KRP - Rogue Trader.

Fantasy Flight Games — The new owners of the 40KRP license, and lots of cool other games.

FFG Forums — With a W40K Roleplay Forum and a WH Fantasy Roleplay Forum.

Games Workshop & Games Workshop UK — For all that's official about the 40K tabletop game.

Specialist Games — For the other games of the 40K universe, such as Battlefleet Gothic, Epic 40K, Necromunda, and others.

Black Library — Publishers of 40K novels and fluff books.


Ordo Malleus — A graphically stunning site with starship layouts, system details, and a character generator.

Dark Reign — A solid fan site with alternate careers and additional rules for those interested in higher-power games.

Servants of the Imperium — A fantastic and fun web comic dedicated to 40KRP.

Lexicanum Calixis Sector — This is a repository of the material that used to reside on the old Black Industries site.


GENCON Indy — This is the largest gaming convention in the US, and should be hosting plenty of 40KRP events this year. 14-17 August 2008.

DunDraCon — This San Francisco bay area Con will have several events to celebrate the release of 40KRP this year. 15-18 February 2008

KublaaCon — San Francisco bay area Con. More info to come. 23-26 May 2008

ConQuestSF — San Francisco bay area Con. More info to come. 31 August-03 September 2008


Coming soon.


Please feel free to email me with any suggestions, comments, or ideas.