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ADAMANT FURY — This legion turned to Chaos in 863M41
ADAMANTUS, LEGIO — This Loyalist legion participated in the Istvaan III Compliance in 994M30.
AERIS AESTUS, LEGIO — Titan legion
AGRAVIDES, LEGIO — Chaos scrap sode infected the titans of this Loyalist legion at the beginning of the Horus Heresy, causing their reactors to explode, also destroying their home fortress.
ANNIHILATOR, LEGIO — Megyre forge world was home to this legion before the planet fell to Hive Fleet Jormungandr in 995M41.
ASTORUM, LEGIO — (Also: Warp Runners) The symbol of this legion is a black disc with a blue corona, and its colors are blue with flames. They are known as the defenders of the Cadian Gate, and are based out of Lucius forge world. This legion fought alongside the Howling Griffons Space Marines and the Drookian Fen Guard in the Defense of Cadia. Their battle honors include the Battle of Tallarn in M31, the Kamenka Troika Campaign in M31, the Scouring of the Ollanz System in M31, the Battle of Nyrcon, the Purge of the Contqual Sub-Sector in 812M41, the Siege of Vraks from 813-830M41, and the 13th Black Crusade in 999M41.
ASTRAMAN, LEGIO — (Also: Morning Stars) The symbol of this legion is a morning star on a square blue field, and their colors are green, yellow, and white. Their homeworld is the forge world of Graia in Segmentum Tempestus. The took part in the reconquest of the Forsarr Sector in 999M41.
ATARUS, LEGIO — (Also: Firebrands) Founded on Atar-Median by exiles from Phaeton Forge World, others of the Ordo Titanicus considered them ill-omened. The legion's colors are red and a white carapace. They participated in the Ullanor Crusade (M31), Lament of Shedim (M31), Dropsite Massacre of Istvaan V (566.006.M31), and the Battle of Tallarn III.
AUDAX, LEGIO — (Also: Ember Wolves) This Traitor legion fought Legio Castigatra on Absolom during the Horus Heresy.


BURNING STARS — This legion turned traitor during the Horus Heresy, becoming the Suns of Damnation, devoted to Tzeentch


CANIS, LEGIO — Titan legion
CASTIGATRA, LEGIO — This legion fought the Traitor legion Audax, the Ember Wolves, on Absolom during the Horus Heresy.
CASTIGATUM, LEGIO — This legion defended the hive world of Lapradus from Dark Eldar in 462M41
COCKATRICES — This legion's emblem is a cockatrice on an orange disc, and their colors are black and gold. (Possibly Legio Basiliskos)
CRUCIS, LEGIO — This titan legion took part in the fighting on Agritha IV and the Geratomran Reconquest in 398M41
CRUCIUS, LEGIO — (Also: Warmongers) This legion fought its chaos brethren on Kado. Ryza Forge World, famed for plasma technology, is this legion's home, making it one of the best equipped Legios. They participated in the Defence of Kado, the Defence of Ryza (M41), the Badab War (912-913M41), and the Third War for Armageddon (998M41).


DEATHBOLTS — The symbol of this legion is a crossbow bolt inverted on a gold triangle, and their colors are red, gold, and a blue & white check. Their motto is Nemo mea poena effugit, "None may escape my vengeance." Grand Master Maxen Vledig founded the legion, and their current Princeps Senioris is Grand Master Thordun Ranxey. Their forge world is Esteban VII.
DEATH HANDS — Traitor legion
DEATH STALKERS — Traitor Legion
DEATH'S HEADS — See Legio Mortis
DECIMATA, LEGIO — This legion fought in the War of the Beast in M32.
DESTRUCTOR, LEGIO — (Also: Steel Beasts) Accatran forge world is home to this legion, led by Princeps Senioris Thaedius Wilson. It is the largest legion, with over 100 titans, and is sometimes called "Big Death." The legion has fought numerous campaigns against the Orks, and its Princeps have an unusual appetite for combat. They fought in the Thermopylae Scouring.


EMPEROR'S GUARD — See Legio Invigilata


FERRAX, LEGIO — (Also: Iron Wolves) This legion's home is the Forge Worls of Columnus, which they defended from the WierdWaaagh!
FESTERING DEATH — See Silver Scythes
FIRE MASTERS — The colors of this traitor legion are orange, yellow, and grey, and their symbol is flames within a hexagon.
FIRE WASPS — See Legio Ignatum
FLAMING SKULLS — See Legio Magna
FOE SLAYERS — See Legio Victorum
FORTIDUS, LEGIO — Chaos scrap sode infected the titans of this Loyalist legion at the beginning of the Horus Heresy, causing their reactors to explode, also destroying their home fortress. They fought in the Battle of Molech during the Horus Heresy.
FORTITUDIS, LEGIO — This legion helped save the Agri World of Styxia Prime from Hive Fleet Gorgon in M41.


GIGANTES, LEGIO — This Loyalist legion is presumed lost, never emerging from Warp transit through the Scellis-Trevelya Warp Storms.
GLADIUS, LEGIO — This legion was attached to the 27th Expeditionary Fleet at the start of the Horus Heresy. Horus conquered their home Forge World of Diamat in the Tanagra System during his assault towards Terra.
GYPHONICUS, LEGIO — (Also: War Griffons) This legion, whose colors are grey and yellow, is based on the forge world of Gryphonne IV. They have a culture of pride and honor similar to Knight Houses, engendering competition amongst princeps. Despite a valiant defense, Hive Fleet Leviathan consumed Gryphonne IV in 997M41. They fought in the Rangdan Xenocides (late 800s of M30), the Battle of Tallarn (010-011M31), the Castra Campaign (M38 or M39), the Betalis III Campaign (894M41), and the 13th Black Crusade (999.M41). This legions strength stood at 176 titans at the start of the Horus Heresy, roughly one-half Reavers, one-quarter Warlords, and one-quarter Warhounds.


HONORUM, LEGIO — (Possibly also: Deathbolts) This legion is based on Styges VIII, near the Eye of Terror. They were brought there to replace the Traitor legions, Legio Vulcanum I and II, who fled into the Eye. They fought in the Schism of Mars (005M31), the Battle of Calth (007M31), and the Thirteenth Black Crusade (999M41).


IGNATUM, LEGIO — (Also: Fire Wasps) This legion's homeworld was Mars, one of the three original legions, the Triad Ferrum Morgulus. Their colors were black, red, and yellow and their symbol was a wasp on a white triangle. They took part in the Crusades, were part of the Emperor's defenses on Terra, and have a rivalry with Legio Mortis. They stationed a demi-legion at Hydra Cordatus (999M41) to defend its fortress, and took part in the Third War for Armageddon (998M41) alongside Legio Invigilata. They also fought at Sarosh (M31), during the Schism of Mars (007M31), the Siege of Calastar (M31), and the 13th Black Crusade (999M41).
IGNIS, LEGIO — (Also: Fire Kings) This legion may have been founded during the Age of Strife and fought with the Salamanders Space Marine Legion during the Great Crusade, including the Compliance of Kharaatan (M31).
IMPERIAL EAGLES — This motto of this legion is "Emperor's enemies beware," and Grand Master Augrim leads them.
IMPERIAL FISTS — The symbol of this legion is a steel gauntlet, and their colors are blue with red trim.
IMPERIAL HUNTERS — The colors of this legion are light green with red trim. Their symbol is a black titan footprint on a yellow field.
INTERFECTOR, LEGIO — {Also: Murder Lords) This Traitor legion fought in the Iconoclasm of Eydolim (946M41)
INTERFECTRA, LEGIO — Titans of this legio fought with Traitor titans on the Velchanos Magna Forgeworld
INTRAFEX, LEGIO — This legion fought in the War of the Beast and was present at the Third Invasion of Ullanor.
INVICTA, LEGIO — Based on the Forge World of Proximus, this titan legion fought in the War of Lochrisus (412M35), the Persecution of Warmaster Hengis (741M41), the Beltran Cluster Campaign (771-778M41), and the Defence of Orestes (779M41).
INVIGILATA, LEGIO — (Also: Emperor's Guard) Voss Prime is the home world of this legion. They fought both along the Hemlock River, with Legio Ignatum, and at Helsreach Hive in the Third War for Armageddon (998M41). The Legio's colors are black, red, white, and gold. The Legio's badge is a white Iron Halo icon with a red circlet, a white eye centred within, and two red lightning bolts protruding from the lower part of the Iron Halo.
IRON SKULLS — See Legio Metalica




LACRIMAE, LEGIO — The Thousand Sons Legion helped crippled titans of this legio escape from the devastating Route of Megorania against the Orks during the Great Crusade. Thhe gave the Thousand Sons a perpetual oath of kinship. This legio has been destroyed.
LYSANDA, LEGIO — (Also: Sentinels of the Edge) This legio fought alongside the Ultramarines durng the Shadow Crusade during the Horus Heresy.


MAGNA, LEGIO — (Also: Flaming Skulls) The colors of this traitor legion are red, orange, yellow and black, typically a red to yellow fade with a yellow carapace and black and red tiger stripes. Their home is the forge world of Esteban VII. The symbol of this legion is a flaming horned skull. Their patron god is Khorne. They fought in the Schism of Mars (M31), the Battle for Terra (M31), the Angevin Crusade (322.M39), the Orask Wars (977.M41), and Third War for Armageddon (998.M41).
MALEDICTUS, LEGIO — This legion fought the Night Lords and Black Legion Space Marines Cyrthe Prime.
MANUS FLAMEAUS, LEGIO — This legio fought in the Jarix V Campaign.
METALICA, LEGIO — (Also: Iron Skulls) This legio was founded in the Age of Strife, before the founding of the Imperium, making it one of the oldest. The symbol of this legions is a grey skull with crosshairs, and their colors are red and either yellow-black or white-black striping. Their Princeps Senioris Kurt Mannheim was killed on Armageddon, where they suffered heavy losses. Their home world is Metalicus. This legion fought in the many wars of Armageddon and the 13th Black Crusade (999.M41).
MORNING STARS — See Legio Astraman
MORTIS, LEGIO — (Also: Death's Heads) This chaos legion fought at Hydra Cordatus. Its colors are black and red, and its symbol is a horned skull. They breached the Emperor's Palace during the Horus Heresy, fought on Paramar and Tallarn, and scoured Isstvan III.


NIVALIS, LEGIO — (Also: Ice Giants) This smaller legion fought in the Liberation of Atlas (M31)
NOVA GUARD — This legion's symbol is a red sunburst atop an orange sun, above three skulls.


OBERON, LEGIO — This legion fought alongside the Ultramarines on Nuceria against World Eaters and Word Bearers Traitor Marines.
ORDO SINISTER, LEGIO — Grand Master Ferromort led this legion as their Princeps Senioris. They possess twelve Emperor Class titans
OSEDAX, LEGIO — (Also: Cockatrices) Phaeton is the home Forge Worls of this legio that fought in the Lament of Shedim (M31), the Dark Marches Crusade (610.M36), the Battle of Herald's Fall, and the Battle of Balthor Sigma. The legio's symbol is a black cockatrice rampant on a disc of yellow/orange.


PALE RIDERS — See Legio Pallidus Mor
PALLIDUS MOR, LEGIO — (Also: Pale Riders) This legion's home is on Tolkhan. They fought Tyranids alongside the Imperial Hunters Marines on the Hive World Gelon.
PRAETOR, LEGIO — Triplex Phall is home to this legion that defended the polar fortress on Macragge during the assault by Hive Fleet Behemoth.




SILVER SCYTHES — This legion turned traitor during the Horus Heresy, becoming the Nurgle worshiping Festering Death.
STEEL BEASTS — See Legio Destructor
STORM LORDS — See: Legio Tempestor
SUNS OF DAMNATION — See Burning Stars


TEMPESTOR, LEGIO — (Also: Storm Lords) This legion's home is Esteban III. The colors of this traitor legion are blue, grey, and black.
TIGER EYES — The colors of this traitor legion are yellow, white, and green, and their symbol is a cat's eye.


ULTIMA, LEGIO — The symbol of this legion is a fist with a bolt.


VENATOR, LEGIO — The fortress of this legion is on the dead world of Lycosidae in the Calixis Sector. Its titans took part in the Lycanthos Drift Campaign in the Maestrom Zone.
VICTORUM, LEGIO — (Also: Foe Slayers) This legion's colors are blue with yellow (bronze sometimes substituted) trim, and its home is the forge word of Galatia.
VULCANUM, LEGIO — The colors of this traitor legion are yellow, dark green, and black. It's home world was Stygies VIII before the Eldar beat them back into the Eye of Terror.
VULTURUM, LEGIO — The colors of this traitor legion are silver, white, and black.


WAR GRIFFONS — See Legio Gryphonicus
WARMONGERS — See Legio Crucius
WARP RUNNERS — See Legio Astorum
WARPED DOGS — This traitor legion was eliminated during the Horus Heresy when its transports crashed during the Siege of Terra.




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