Dates in the 40K universe use the format of: abbbccc.Mdd

Working from large to small, the millenium is the thousands digit from a date, plus one. Thus, the years from 2000 to 2999 are part of M3

The hundreds to ones digit of the year translates directly, so the year 1492 becomes 492.M2, or 2006 becomes 006.M3

The "day" is a bit tricky, and divides a Terran year into 1000 equal time segments, each equaling approximately 8 hours (8.766 to be exact). The 8th of March is the 67th day of the year, and 12 noon on that day is 1596 hours into the year. Divide by 8.766 to get the Imperial "day" of 182

Accuracy Tag — This digit signifies the accuracy of the date in question, with lower numbers representing more accurate dates according to the following:


CANDLEMAS — This holiday celebrates the end of the year, taking place on the last day of the year.
DAY OF ASCENSION — This holy day celebrates the Emperor's ascension to the Golden Throne.
EMPEROR'S DAY — This holiday takes place on the first day of the year, honoring the Emperor
NOVENA — An Imperial celebration.

Last revised - 23 November 2006