SCHOLA PROGENIUM - Hero Forge of the Imperium

The Schola Progenium is a division of the Adeptus Ministorum (Ecclesiarchy) that takes responsibility for the upbringing and schooling of those children of the Imperium orphaned by the service or death of their parents.

The children, known as Progena but using the title Scholar before their last name when addressed, are screened, tested, and come under the instruction of Drill Abbots. Those that show psychic potential are either given over to the Black Ships or sent to the Scholastia Psykana, depending on their strength and resillience.

Over the course of their study, Abbots channel the Progena into (hopefully) appropriate fields of learning. The Schola provides graduates to a number of Imperial institutions:

• Draws exclusively from the Schola Progenium