Cargo-8 Hauler

Length: 10.00 meters
Beam: 4.15 meters
Height: 3.75 meters

Type: Ground Vehicle
Size: Enormous
Armour: Hull 16, Top 14, Undercarriage 14
Traits: none
Narrative Speed: 50kmph/120kmph
Combat Speed: 10/40/80/120/160
Handling Modifier [Drive (Ground Vehicle)]: 0
Armaments: Militarized versions have 1 pintle-mounted Heavy Weapon
Crew: 1 (Driver), 1 (Gunner)
Passengers: Depends on Configuration: 1 for dedicated Cargo carriers, up to 20 for other models
Access Points: 1 door per side, 1 cargo hatch per side, 1 loading ramp rear


More "fluff" text coming soon!