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ABDUCTOR — This variation, or pattern, of the standard Rhino chassis carries prisoners for the Adeptus Arbites.
ABHUMAN — This term includes several human subspecies that have made significant physical deviations from the norm in their long-term adaptation to hostile environments. They include: Ratlings, Squats, and Ogryn.
ABLUTORY — A rest room or water closet, which often includes showers
ABRAXAN PURGES — Inquisitor Corteaz earned his Throne of Judgement following these purges on 930M41.
ABRAXAS FACTORY COMPLEX — The Ork Mega-Gargant Godbreaker laid waste to this industrial district during the siege of Helsreach Hive in the Third War for Armageddon.
ACHERON — The only Acheron heavy cruiser ever built, the BF/67-A incorporated xeno technology as a test bed. Admiral Grove renamed it Chaos Eternus after its defection during the Gothic War.
ACHERON HIVE — One of the Hive cities on the continent of Armageddon Secundus. It lies in the eastern wastelands.
ACKENBERRY — A berry known for its juice and sweetness. It is also made into preserves.
ACOLYTE — This term refers to an Inquisitor's inner circle of operatives or bodyguards. Each Inquisitor will have his own selection criteria, and the only commonality is these individuals are exceptional in their abilities. Some Acolytes go on to become Interrogators and Inquisitors themselves.
ACONITE — This Eldar frigate class mounts a surprising number of weapons batteries for its size.
ACROTARA THEATER — An area of space in Scarus sector.
ACTUALITY SPHERE — A holographic sphere used to display current status
ADAMANTINE MANTLE — These cloaks are woven of adamantium.
ADAMANTIUM — (Also: Adamant, Adamantite) This super-hard alloy is used in armor and strategic structures where durability and defense are an issue.
ADAMITE — An adamantium alloy
ADEPTA SORORITAS — The Adeptus Ministorum was forbidden to have men under arms, so they adapted the Daughters of the Emperor into this all-female organization. The Adepta Soroitas further divides into Orders Militant, Hospitallier, Famulous, Dialogous, Sabine, and Pronatus, operating out of the Convent Prioris on Ophelia VII and Convent Sanctorum on Holy Terra.
ADEPTUS ADMINISTRATUM — This is the administrative arm of the Adeptus Terra, charged with receiving, analyzing, and ultimately filing the massive amounts of data generated by the Imperium.
ADEPTUS ARBITES — These are the enforcers of Imperial law. They are drawn from the Schola Progenium and stationed far from their homeworlds. The organization has two broad divisions, the Arbitrators, who enforce the laws of the Lex Imperia, and the Judges, who interpret that body of law.
ADEPTUS ASTARTES — This is the official name for the Space Marines, the Emperor's finest warriors, formed from the genetic material of the Emperor and Primarchs. This gene-seed develops into the organs needed for the transformation, and also reflects some of the aspects of the Primarch from which they were derived. Recruits undergo a nineteen-step process involving genetic modification, psycho-conditioning, and the implantation of many supplemental, tailored organs. Prior to the Horus Heresy, they were organized into huge Legions, but after they were broken into Chapters of one thousand fighting men each. Marines can live for hundreds of years, and the longest living sometimes for over a thousand.
ADEPTUS ASTARTES PRAESUS — This group of approximately 20 chapters, founded over time, defend the area of the Eye of Terror. They have included the Subjugators, Relictors, Excoriators, Marines Exemplar, Night Watch, and White Consuls, among others.
ADEPTUS ASTRA TELEPATHICA — These psykers are the communication network of the Imperium.
ADEPTUS ASTRONOMICA — The psykers of this organization generate the beacon of the Astronomican for warp navigation.
ADEPTUS CUSTODES — These warriors are the personal guard of the Emperor. They fought at his side when when he teleported onto Horus' battle barge. Only they may walk the halls of the Sanctum Imperialis.
ADEPTUS MECHANICUS — Also known as the Priesthood of Mars, Cult of Mars, and a number of other monikers, this organization builds the arms and armor of the Imperium. They revere knowledge above all things, and both search for and study technoarcana from the Dark Age of Technology. They propagate the Cult Mechanicus, worship of the Machine God, known as the Omnissiah. They are the oldest Imperial organization, whose origins date back in the Dark Age of Technology. They diverged from the Mars Mechanicum in 012M31, in the Concordance of the High Lords, after much of the Mechanicum sided with Horus. It is said by many in other branches of the Adeptus that they breath secrecy the same way that others breath air.
ADEPTUS MINISTORUM — Also known as the Ecclesiarchy, this organization spreads the word of the Emperor's divinity. It was founded in M32 from the Temple of the Savior Emperor, the dominant cult of worship at that time.
ADEPTUS TERRA — Directed by the High Lords of Terra, this vast bureaucracy administers the affairs of the Imperium.
ADEPTUS TITANICUS — See: Collegia Titanica
AGE OF APOSTASY, THE — (Also: Reign of Blood) Against a backdrop of increasing warp-storm activity and assaults from Chaos and xeno forces in M36, High Lord Vandire comes to power as both Ecclesiarch and Lord of the Administratum, converting the Daughters of the Emperor into his personal bodyguards. Sebastian Thor rises against Vandire's tyrannical domination of the Imperium. Vandire sends a Frateris Templar fleet to destroy Thor and his homeworld of Dimmamar, but the fleet is wiped out by a Warp Storm in the Clax system. Thor raises the Confederation of Light, a force comprise of Tech Guard, Space Marines and Adeptus Custodes to defeat Vandire. Circa 200M36.
AGE OF DARKNESS — The Death of Innocence, the betrayal of Kelbor Hal of the Mechanicum, marks the beginning of this period, which includes the Horus Heresy, the Scouring, and following years.
AGE OF EXPLORATION, THE — Humanity begins to colonise nearby solar systems using conventional sub-light spacecraft in M15. At first, progress is painfully slow. Separated from Terra by up to ten generations in travel time, the new colonies have to survive on local resources.
AGE OF PLUNDER — From M37 to M39, a steady flow of Free Captains, Rogue Traders and others bring back wealth and artefacts from the Calyx Expanse.
AGE OF REDEMPTION — The Imperium launched hundreds of crusades during M37 to wash away the sins of the Apostasy, leaving its defenses weakened.
AGE OF STRIFE, THE — As humanity reaches the far edges of the galaxy, completing the push to the stars begun over ten thousand years before, human civilization has become widely dispersed and divergent - with countless small colonies as well as many large, overpopulated planets. Localized wars and disputes with various alien races, notably the Orks, erupt but these pose no threat to the overall stability of human-colonized worlds. Then two things happen almost simultaneously. First, humans with psychic powers begin to appear on almost every colonized world. Second, civilization starts to disintegrate under the stress of widespread insanity, daemonic possession, and internecine strife between these new psykers and the rest of humanity. Countless fanatical cults and organizations spring up to persecute the psykers as witches, and/or degenerate mutants. At this time, the existence of the creatures of the warp, later known and feared as daemons, and the dangers they pose to the human mind with newly awakened psychic powers, is far from understood. Terrible wars tear human civilization apart. Localized empires and factions fight amongst themselves as well as against fleets of Orks, Eldar, and other aliens whose forces are quick to seize the opportunity to sack human space. Many worlds fall prey to the dominance of Warp Creatures whilst others revert to barbarism. Humans survive only on those worlds where psykers are suppressed or controlled. During this time, Terra is cut off from the rest of humanity by terrible warp storms, which cause starvation and strife in a society that had grown accustomed to imports for sustenance. Earth quickly descends into barbarism. Terra remains isolated for almost ten-thousand years, further accelerating the ruin of humanity.
AGE OF THE IMPERIUM, THE — This period began at the end of the Horus Heresy and the interment of the Emperor into the Golden Throne and continues to this day.
AGRI-PLEX — A farming complex of moderate to large size
AGRI WORLD — (Also: α-class, alpha-class) Entirely devoted to animal breeding, agriculture, or other means of food production, these planets feed the countless billions of the Imperium.
AIRCAR — These vehicels use a variety of methods, from turbines to grav units, to flay through the air. They are mostly seen on high-tech planets.
AIR CASTE — This caste of the Tau, "Kor," consists of pilots, space-farers, transporters, and explorers.
AIR-MILL — (Also: Airmill) A fanned structure, either used to push air, such as the massive ones used in hives, or to capture the wind to do work, such as flour mills on more primitive planets.
ALCMENA NEBULA WARS — Chaos Space Marines
ALISORE CAMPAIGN — The Dark Angels took part in this action during the Great Crusade at the Emperor's direction following the defeat of the tyrant Durath
ALLIED IMPERIAL — This mining consortium had operations on Chinchare
ALTAR DOLONITE — The great Cathedral in Bosporian Hive on Hydraphur, as well as many other Ecclesiarchy cathedrals in Segmentum Pacificus have four altars, this one and also the Altars Sanguinal, Thorian, and Imperial.
ALTAR IMPERIAL — The great Cathedral in Bosporian Hive on Hydraphur, as well as many other Ecclesiarchy cathedrals in Segmentum Pacificus have four altars, this one and also the Altars Sanguinal, Thorian, and Dolonite.
ALTAR SANGUINAL — The great Cathedral in Bosporian Hive on Hydraphur, as well as many other Ecclesiarchy cathedrals in Segmentum Pacificus have four altars, this one and also the Altars Dolonite, Thorian, and Imperial.
ALTAR THORIAN — The great Cathedral in Bosporian Hive on Hydraphur, as well as many other Ecclesiarchy cathedrals in Segmentum Pacificus have four altars, this one and also the Altars Sanguinal, Dolonite, and Imperial.
ALTHAK — Thought to be the most dangerous carnivore on Fedrid, a planet of carnivores, this beast appears to be a mix of crocodile and wolverine. They live in dens and typically have a territory of 2 kilometer radius. They mark their territory with pungent urine, which repels predators, even ones from other planets.
ALTID CRUSADE — The Astral Claws were listed as destroyed in this joint action with the Dark Angels in 288M38. Given that the chapter survived, it is likely that there were survivors.
ALTO CREDO — This is an ancient war hymn of Jant Normanidus, often sung by Jantine regiments of the Imperial Guard.
AMALAS CONCOURSE — A district of Helsreach Hive that saw heavy fighting between the Black Templars and Ork armor during the siege of Helsreach Hive in the Third War for Armageddon.
AMALATHIAN — This puritan Inquisitorial faction takes its name from the Conclave at Mount Amalath on Gathalamor in early M41 and strives to maintain the status quo of the Imperium, which was seen as strong at that time, fighting great change. They attempt to work slowly from within the structure of Imperial society as opposed to above it. They are directly opposed to the Recongregator philosophy, which desires change and upheaval.
AMASEC — This fine liquor is common through much of the Imperium.
AMBULATORY — An old park on the outskirts of Ineuron Town on Gereon that was one of the fiercest battlegrounds when chaos forces assaulted the planet.
AMBULL — These mainly subterranean creatures can dig quickly through rock and other hard substances. They are native to Luther Macintyre IX. They are typically 1.5 to 1.75 meters in height and have extremely powerful claws at the ends of arms jointed roughly two-thirds up their length. They can survive in many environments, though they prefer their native desert type. They see in the infra-red spectrum, essentially seeing heat sources.
AMERIALLA BELT — This asteroid belt lies within the Rukh's Paradise system.
AMPLIVOX — This is a sound amplification device.
AMPLOX — A maker of farcoders
AMUNDI HERETICA — This classification of the Inquisition is used when a planet's population is genetically contaminated.
ANAESTHOTAPE — This combination of anesthesia dermal and wound closure tool is commonly used by chirurgeons and medicae.
ANAHIG — The nomads of Khedd 1173 used these large, hunched, three-toed, flightless birds as mounts. Their oily fur repelled both weather and las rounds, and they had powerful beaks.
ANCHISUS BONE — An arid chaos region (planet?)
ANCYLITUM — An ultra-rare metal
ANGEL'S FALL — This is the location where Sanguinius' pod landed on Baal Secundus. It is now the site of a giant statue of the Primarch, and at the Time of Challenge, aspirants flock to the site for a chance to compete for the honor of becoming a Blood Angel Aspirant.
ANGEVIN CRUSADE — Lord Militant Golgenna Angevin embarks upon this campaign to claim the Calyx Expanse for the Imperium. Most of its forces are drawn from the Segmentum Solar, including the Legio Venator, Legio Magna, Black Templars, Tigers Ardent, Sons of Medusa & Charnel Guard Space Marine Chapters, several Rogue Trader & Explorator fleets, and a large force of pauper warriors inspired by the Ecclesiarchy. It begins with a two-pronged attack towards Malfi and Solomon in 322M39.
ANGSTROM INCIDENT, THE — In 897908M41, a small force of Red Scorpions and Salamanders Space Marines, led by Calab Culln himself, infiltrated the outer Angstrom system and ambushed the Mechanicus tribute transfer to secessionist forces. The Mechanicus turned on both parties, driving all Space Marine presence from the system. This severely disrupted the secessionist war effort, and the Mechanicus forces retaliated at Galen and Ibis till placated by Imperial authority.
ANIMA — This is another term frequently used in reference to machine spirits.
ANNAPURNA GATE — Menzo of Travert took thirty years to decorate this gate of the Dhawalagiri section of the Imperial Palace with orbis and lazulite. Vadok Singh and Rogal Dorn fortified it during the Horus Heresy.
ANOMALIAN BEHOLDER — This Inquisition faction does not actively seek to bring about the Emperor Incarnate, but simply watches potential divine avatars for signs of corruption. They are considered pragmatic and tend to take the long view.
ANROTH — In Tanith mythology, these spirits of order came from other worlds, and watched over families.
ANSELM'S ALLEY — This is a red-light district in Junktion in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda.
ANSIDIUM-90 — This rare element produces a catalyst crucial to the construction of plasma reactors, and is a stable ignition element for personal plasma weapons.
ANSTOCH TRIALS — A case in Bosporian Hive on Hydraphur where Praetor-Cognatis Umry served with distinction.
ANTI-INTOXICANT — Available either as tablets or liquid, this uncommon and sometimes black-market drug neutralizes alchohol in the bloodstream.
ANTIOCH DEBRIS FIELD — This field of wreckage, the result of a fleet engagement between the Imperial Navy and the Chaos fleet of Qux of the Eyeless, serves as a memorial against overconfidence in battle.
ANVIL, THE — The orbital fortress in geosynchronous orbit above Nyrcon city on Betqa Garmon II. It was disabled and used to destroy the city.
ANVIL OF HOLADES — The foundry of ancient Iron Warrior artificers from millennia past on Olympia
APOCRYPHA KAALI — This document, maintained by the Scholastica Corpus on Cypra Mundi, details the Occlusiad War and its aftermath. It mentions that the Astral Claws had "three sons" during this period, suggesting that they may have had successor chapters.
APOCRYPHA OF DAVIO — This text of M33 catalogued the chapters of the Second Founding.
APOCRYPHA OF SKAROS — One of the oldest known copies of the Codex Astartes, it lists all of the Second Founding chapters, also recording the number founded from the Ultramarines Legion as 23.
APOCALYPSE MISSILE LAUNCHER — This Titan class weapon is frequently mounted in pairs on the carapace of Warlord class Titans, or singly on Reaver class. Mars pattern is common.
APOTHACARION — Though this term also refers to medical facilities in general, it specifically references the facilities and gene-seed repositories of Space Marine Apopthecaries.
APOTHECARY — These specialist Space marines are trained in the medical arts, saving lives where they can, or harvesting a Marine's gene-seed if they are beyond help. They use the reductor, narthecium, and a number of other tools in their work. They also monitor the chapter's gene-seed stock for purity and tithe it to the Adeptus Mechanicus on Mars.
APOTROPAIC CONGRESS — These are large gatherings of Inquisitors, a score or more, to increase the knowledge of all attendees by examining and assessing valuable captives.
APPROBATOR — (Also: Interrogator, Neophyte, Noviate) This is a title given to some apprentice Inquisitors, though it is one of many used, since each Inquisitor is free to pick their own.
AQUILA GATE — This gate, one of four, provides passage from the main body of Bosporian Hive to the Augustaeum of the upper spire on Hydraphur. Hundred-meter tall stone eagles flank the gate.
AQUITANE — This is the capitol city of Sameter.
ARAKLIONID WARS — This was a series of wars against the Araklionids. The third war took place at the end of M41.
ARCANOI, LESSER — These tarot-like cards predated the Emperor's Tarot, so named because the Emperor used them. The cards include: the Dark King, Death, the Emperor, the Lightning Tower, the Martyr, the Monster, and the Moon.
ARCH-ARSONIST OF CHARADON — This Ork Warlord led several Waaagh!s against the southern border of Segmentum Tempestus from the Veiled Region.
ARCH-DICTATOR OF GATHROG — This Ork Warlord has a Waaagh! moving to the galactic south from north of the Eye of Terror.
ARCH-KILLA OF CHRISIOS — This Ork Warlord led a Waaagh! from the galactic east of Segmentum Obscurus to the north.
ARCH-MANIAC OF CALVERNA — This Ork Warlord has initiated Waaagh!s moving to the galactic north and south along the border of Segmentum Pacificus and Segmentum Solar.
ARCHEOXENOLOGY — The study of xenos artefacts
ARCHEOTECH — This term represents either technology or materials from better times. It can consist of copper wiring in the underhive or machines from the Golden Age of Technology depending on the hunter.
ARCO-FLAGELLANT — The Adeptus Ministorum creates these partially mechanical scourges from the mortal bodies of sinners and heretics. A pacifier helm keeps them quiescent until they are triggered, at which point mechanisms within their body inject a variety of combat drugs that transform them into berserk killing machines, obeying only their controller.
ARCO-FLAILS — These replace the arms of many Acro-Flagellants, and are often charged with power or shock fields.
ARDENTITE — This Inquisitorial faction believes that the Emperor manifests himself through a group, or even the entirety of humanity. They see the development of psykers as a potential manifestation of the Emperor's power though the masses.
ARGANTE STATION — A squadron of Eldar escorts destroyed the hulk of the Eldar cruiser Fhianna Rethol at this Imperial space station in the Gothic sector.
ARKUNASHA WAR, THE — The Tau Commander Farsight earned his moniker during this campaign against the Orks on the planet of the same name that took place after the Damocles Gulf Crusade.
ARMAGEDDON CRUSADE — This is the name the Black Templars gave to the campaigns they fight in the various wars of Armageddon. The latest integrated the Crusades of Marshals Ricard and Amalrich, as well as High Marshal Helbrecht.
ARMAGEDDON WAR, THE — This refers to a series of invasions of the Imperial hive world from the assault by the daemon prince Angron to the first attack of the Ork Warlord Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka in 341M41. Thraka's third Waaagh impacted the world in 998M41.
ARMAGLAS — An armored transparent substance
ARMAPLAS — This is a rigid armour material that can be moulded during its manufacture.
ARMORCRYS — (Also: Armourcrys) This is another name for a transparent armored material like Armaglas and others.
ARMORGLASS — (Also: Armourglass) See: Armaglas
ARMOR OF FAITH — This is the name of the armor used by an Emperor's Champion, though it is not a specific suit of power armor, but the name given to the best that the chapter can provide.
ARMOURED FIST — This is the formal, Tactica Imperialis name for Imperial Guard mechanized infantry companies, mounted on Chimera troop transports, though few actually use it in practice.
ARMY BADGE — When the Divisio Militaria or other organizations go to war, the overall Imperial commander chooses a symbol to act as a campaign badge, marked upon the uniforms or armor of all who participate, Imperial Guard, Space Marine, etc. They are normally a geometric shape with a simple icon. Space Marines typically wear the badge upon their right greave. When the campaign is over, the badge is removed, except if a unit has performed exceptionally, in which case they may be awarded the right to wear it as a permanent honor.
ARTICLES OF JUST SECESSION — In 903M41, Lugft Huron, along with the Chapter Masters of the Lamenters and Mantis Warriors, released a document to the Courts Temporal and Segmentum authorities that cut all ties to adjacent sectors and rejected all calls for tithes so that the Warder Chapters could focus solely on the defense of the Imperium, citing the edict founding the Warder Chapters and the ancient edicts supporting sovereignity of Space Marine Chapters. They claimed their willingness to defend the Maelstrom Zone from all threats. The edict was highly critical of the Karthan Lords and the lower level Administratum authorities.
ARTICLES OF THOR — A religious documennt of the Ecclesiarchy
ARTIFICER1 — These mechanical masters are taught by the Adeptus Mechanicus.
ARTIFICER2 — This seldom-used term refers to a small, portable cogitator.
ARTIFICER ARMOR — These suits of power armor crafted by masters of the Mechanicus are unique works of art, and afford better protection than standard suits.
ARTIFICIAL WORLD — This class of Imperial world encompasses orbital stations, asteroid facilities, and other similar locations.
ARTISAN'S QUARTER — This region lies in the Augustaeum of Bosporian Hive due to its patronage of the Ecclesiarchy and its long-time manufacture of devotional items.
ARX RAID, THE — Chaos forces slaughtered the skeleton crew and small Imperial Guard detatchment of the naval Arx watch station near the Eye of Terror in 139M41. The station's aged astropath managed to get out a warning.
ASCENDANT WAY — This switchbacked road climbs from the base of Bosporian Hive to the Augustaeum.
ASH-SLEEP — This term refers to the state some psykers and astropaths enter when they have burnt out.
ASPECT WARRIOR — These Eldar have dedicated their current path to one of the aspects of their war-god Khaine: Dark Reapers, Dire Avengers, Fire Dragons, Howling Banshees, Shining Spears, Star Eagles, Swooping Hawks, Warp Spiders, and many more.
ASH WASTES — This is the name for the lifeless areas between the main hives on Armageddon.
ASSAULT CANNON — This rapid-fire, multi-barreled, heavy weapon fires XX. It is typically mounted on Space Marine Terminator Armor.
ASSAULT LASER — The Fractrix pattern version of this assault weapon can fire five shots per second and has twin power cells that have a 75-shot capacity. The focus prism must be changed every 1000 shots by a Tech Priest.
ASSAULT SQUAD — This Codex unit consists of a Sergeant and nine other Space Marines, equipped with jump packs and armed with either two bolt pistols or a bolt pistol and chainsword. Sergeants may employ specialized weaponry such as power swords and power fists, and several members of the squad may have alternate weapons, including hand flamers, plasma pistols, etc. This unit is designed for maximum hand-to-hand efficiency.
ASSAYER GENERAL — This is the title given to the Adeptus Administratum officer in charge of levying the Great Tithe in a region.
ASSIZES — This branch of the Adeptus Administratum, prefixed with their area of jurisdiction, such as Sector Assizes for a sector-wide authority, collects the Great Tithe from Imperial planets.
ASTERINE LOCK — The trading gentry of Gunarvo built manors in the ravine wall over this river feature, including that of Varro Phrax.
ASTRL KNIVES — The Inquisition declared this void born death cult heretical in 792M41 after discovering associations with the ruinous powers.
ASTRAL SPECTRE — This is a creature of the warp
ASTRONOMICAN, THE — This psychic beacon, generated by a choir of psykers inside a mountain within the Imperial Palace on Terra and directed by the will of the Emperor is a light in the Warp. Without this reference, warp travel by starships would not be possible.
ASTROPATH — These blind psykers form the backbone of interstellar communications throughout the Imperium. They are soul-bound to the Emperor, a procedure that frequently takes their sight. Some Astropaths have the gift of divination, enhanced by psychoreactive tools such as the Emperor's Tarot.
ASTROPATHICUS ENCLAVE — These groups of astropaths form the communication hubs of the Imperium.
ATARI VO — The Ork Warlord destroyed this Tau city with a dagger-shaped Rok, starting the War of Dakka in 815M41
ATENATE MOUNTAINS — (Also: Atens) This region borders the Insume headlands on Gudrun.
ATHALOR CRUSADE — Marshal Gervhart led this Black Templar crusade in the 500s of M36 in the Ultima Segmentum.
ATTACK RUN — This holodrama featured Imperial Navy Lightning pilots of the Gothic War.
ATTROCITY, THE — This title, applied many years after the fact, was applied to the disaster on Thracian Primaris during the Holy Novena in 338M41.
AUCTORITA IMPERIALIS — This is both a badge of office, symbolizing Imperial authority and documents concerning the warrant or sanction of the Imperium, particularly as it applies to the Adeptus Arbites.
AUGE — This , coined by the Imperial Guard, covers a wide variety of diseases resultant from travel from planet to planet.
AUGER — This is the technical name for sense enhancement devices integrated into helmets, masks, or goggles.
AUGER — A remote sensing device, often part of a defensive network
AUGER — Imperial naval vessels employ these large sensor arrays
AUGMETIC — This term refers to artificial replacements for biological body parts. Typically grafted to replace injuries or amputations, those of the Cult Mechanicus choose to replace portions of their bodies, believing it brings them closer to the Omnissiah. They vary widely in quality and maintenance requirements, from crude units requiring almost constant attention to ones virtually indistinguishable from what they've replaced.
AUGURIUM — This mirrored chamber lies at the pinnacle of the Grey Knights' fortress monastery on Titan. Within its candle-lit confines, Progosticars work to divine future threats to the Imperium from the forces of Chaos.
AUGUSTAEUM — This is the high-spire region of Bosporian Hive on Hydraphur
AUROCHOTHERE — A massive riding animal with powerful tails
AUROS BRIDGE — This bridge spans the river of the same name. Saim-Hann Aspect Warriors ambushed a large Hive Magaera force here during the combat of 786M41, collapsing it.
AUSPEX — This is a common name for many types of ranged sensory equipment, from radars to bio-detectors. Most have the capacity to detect life forms, energy sources, and large concentrations or metal or other elements. They range from handheld models to the main sensoriums on starships
AUTARCH — Usually only seen in times of protracted conflict, this is an Eldar who has mastered several warrior aspects and has been a warrior for so long that battle is a first reaction. Most Eldar view this state as disturbing at best and only on the warrior-craftworld of Biel-Tan is the position regarded with respect. It is sometimes considered the Path of Leadership in a military sense.
AUTO RESPONSIVE SHOULDER PLATE — This subsystem of Space Marine armor was designed to deflect and absorb incoming blows. Marines typically display their chapter and other identifying markings on them.
AUTOGUN — These rifles fire solid slug ammunition.
AUTOSANGUINATION — Mechanicus priests sometimes replace their blood with a more efficient medium, allowing them to stop blood loss from wounds and heal far more quickly.
AUTO-SEANCE — This psychically guided procedure allows contact with the spirits of the dead. It is dangerous, as sometimes spirits other than the intended intrude.
AUTO-SENSES — These devices, also a subsystem of Space Marine armor, automatically pick up motion and other threat indicators, allowing them to be plotted in a helmet heads-up display.
AUTOSNUB — A short, compact automatic slug thrower
AUTOVOX — This term refers to a vox transmission sent by a machine spirit, such as an automated countdown.
AVATAR — The spirit of the Bloody-Handed God, Khaine, fills these giant metal skins, who lie dormant in a shrine at the heart of each craftword until times of conflict, with molten metal. They often wield great swords named The Wailing Doom.
AVENUE OF SHINS — Resistance name for the former Avenue of the Aquila in Ineuron Town on Gereon after the statues there were destroyed by occupying chaos forces.
AVENUE OF THE AQUILA — This street honored Imperial heroes and was lined with statues before the chaos occupation in Ineuron Town on Gereon.
AVENUE OF THE VICTOR BELLUM — This kilometer-wide avenue pierces the heart of Hive Primaris on Thracian, leading to the Monument of the Ecclesiarch.
AVENUE SOLAR — This broad street ran to the base of Bosporain Hive on Hydraphur, where the hive looks most impressive.
AVIGNORAN BLACK EAGLE — This bird of prey native to Avignor has keen hunting instincts, and it's cerebral cortex is used as the basis of the Adeptus Arbites grapplehawk.
AXIOM BATTLELINE MANIPLE — This Titan Maniple consists of: one Warlord class, one or two Reaver class, and one or two Warhound class Titans.
AZAL SPACEPORT — This region on the southwest flanks of Helreach Hive served as its landing fields for large spacecraft. It lay in the Dis Industrial Sector and was one of the last holdouts during the siege of Helsreach Hive during the Third War for Armageddon.


BACKPACK POWER UNIT — A subsystem of Space Marine Armor, it houses the primary power core, reserve cells, and emergency solar collector.
BAD MOONZ — This Ork clan is known for their rapid tooth growth, and is thus richer than most other clans and able to afford the best armor, weapons, and equipment. Their symbol is a grimacing yellow moon face wreathed in a halo of black flames. Owing to their affluence, they are essentially the merchants of Ork society. This clan has a higher percentage of Weirdboyz than normal, and those that they do produce are more flamboyant than usual. Their Nobz always have the "best" weapons, having a large percentage of Flash Gitz. They love gold, and often sport jewelry and piercings.
BADAB SCHISM, THE — This term refers to the conundrum set before the Segmentum Courts Temporal when Lugft Huron withheld Badab Prime's Imperial Tithe and blocked other shipments moving through the system. He claimed this was required to defend the region against the predations of the Maelstrom, and justified by the ancient rights of Astartes commanders to defend the Imperium with any means necessary. The case would be argued for over a century.
BADAB UPRISING, THE — (Also: Badab War) The Astral Claws Space Marine chapter, led by the mentally unstable Commander Huron Blackheart, rebelled and conspired to bring the Executioners, Lamenters, and Mantis Warriors in on their side of the rebellion, destroying Imperial shipping in the area, starting in 901M41. The three other chapters were forgiven for their parts and sent on penitent crusades. The Fire Hawks, Marines Errant, Red Scorpions, Minotaurs, Star Phantoms, Exorcists, Fire Angels, Howling Griffons, Salamanders, Space Sharks and Sons of Medusa all assisted in quelling the rebellion.
BAHZHAKHAIN — This Eldar term defines the assembled warhost, and is roughly translated as Swordwind (Also: Tempest of Blades).
BAITER'S DOCK — This is a community on the sludge lakes in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda. They have water purifiers that only produce enough to sustain the community.
BAKSBERG — A community in Edrian Province on Gereon
BALE EYE — Commissar Yarrick had this augmetic eye, which incorporates a short-range laser, implanted during the War for Armageddon. The Orks feared him and the eye, thus earning the name.
BALL-TREES — These globular trees native to Damask are fronded balls inflated with buoyant gases caused by internal decomposition. They trail heavy root systems behind them as they roll across the ground in herd-like copses.
BALOPOLIS — A city and region on Balhaut.
BALSIOR SYMPOSIUM — This event investigated by both the Ordo Malleus and the Relictors Space Marines, who found evidence of Tzeentchian influence on the bodies of casualties.
BALTHAZAR, FLEET — This Imperial Navy Fleet contained the Black Templars Battle Barge Leveller and took part in the Hephaestus Campaign.
BALTHOR SIGMA INTERVENTION — In 012M31, World Eaters Space Marines, supported by super-heavy tanks, manage to hold off an attack by a demi-legio of Legio Osedax until the unexpected arrival of an Eldar Titan force. Only the last minute reinforcement by Legio Fureans prevents total defeat. The Eldar forces vanish into the ash wastes at the end of the battle.
BALUR CRUSADE — The Ultramarines fought in the first Balur Crusade in 362M41. Marneus Calgar was elected leader of a Space Marine force operating against worlds in the Eastern Fringe in the second crusade, which began with the scouring of Ork-held Balur and ended with the devastation of Boros in 944M41.
BANARDI CONFLICT — The Chaos battleship Merciless Death destroyed 16 transports in route to Banardi Prime.
BANELING — These creatures crave blood.
BANELORD — This Chaos titan class fuses stuff of the Warp with mechanical construction to form a machine roughly on par with the Imperial Warlord class.
BANNER OF MACRAGGE — This is the sacred battle standard of the Ultramarines, and the one who bears it is granted the honorific title of Ancient. It is as old as the chapter itself, and may date from their days as a Legion. It inspires fear and awe in equal measure.
BARBARISATER — This psychically attuned blade carried by the women of the Esw Sweydyr tribe for 19 generations. It came to Inquisitor Eisenhorn after the death of Arianrhod Esw Sweydyr, who had been part of his retinue.
BARB-ROOT — This plant, native to Catachan has long, barbed roots, thus deriving its name.
BARD OF TWILIGHT — This is an Eldar that has become so immersed in the Path of the [??] that he may no longer persue any other.
BARON — Rank of a senior member of the Knight Household
BASILICA — A prison
BASILICA MECHANICUS — This massive fortress of the Adeptus Mechanicus on Megyre fell to the Tyranids after the death throws of a bio-titan breached the walls.
BASILICA OF SAINT MARIEL — This bastion on Van Horne imprisoned the Khorne Bloodletter, Ka'jagga'nath, Lord of the Bloodtide in a stasis box beneath a statue of the Emperor. Damage to the statue set the daemon free in 876M41.
BASILICA PRINCIPALIS — This was the primary bastion on Gloriam.
BASILISK — The Imperial Guard uses this self-propelled artillery cannon, based on the Chimera chassis, for long-range fire support.
BASTION IV — One of the defensive bulwarks within Helsreach Hive
BASTION PSYKANA — Also known as the Blind Tower or Witchroost, this space station in the outer reaches of the Hydraphur system houses its Astropathic choir. Most of its walls include psyk-cage to prevent psychic disturbances from spreading throughout the astropaths housed there.
BASTION SERPENTIS — This fortress is the home of the Tyrantine Cabal in the Calixis Sector.
BATTLE BARGE — Owing to the dictates of the Codex Astartes and the restrictions enacted after the Horus Heresy, this is the largest Space Marine vessel, battleship-sized and optimized for assault operations and survivability. Even space-based chapters seldom have more than two or three of these mighty warships.
BATTLE CLAW — This is a titan close combat weapon.
BATTLEFLEET MAELSTROM — Unlike most Imperial Battlfeets, this one is not tied to a specific sector, but is defends the Imperium from incursions from the Maelstrom.
BATTLE FOR ARMAGEDDON — See: War for Armageddon
BATTLE FOR CALDERA PRIMUS — Legio Krytos assaulted the hive city of Caldera Primus at the same time as Titandeath, the final battle for Nyrcon City. Legio Krytos silenced the storm surrounding the city with a Vortex missile, causing the city's void shields to shut down. Legio Defensor defended against the assault.
BATTLE FOR THE CARTHEGA TELEPATHICA — Considered the tipping point of the Beta-Garmon conflict in 788013M31, Legio Mortis leads an attack on the Diviner's Needle on Beta-Garmon III, lightly defended by Titans of Legios Defensor, Astorum, Solaria, and Atarus while the bulk of Titanicus might is pinned at Cadera Hive. The Needle falls, causing an astropathic scream of such intesity that it disrupts Imperial operations in the clustoer and beyond.
BATTLE FOR DURAN — The Chaos cruiser Horiffic abandoned its sister ship Heartless Destroyer, which was crippled and then destroyed when it drifted in range of orbital batteries.
BATTLE FOR MACRAGGE — Marneus Clagar and the Ultramarines held out against Hive Fleet Behemoth in 745M41 until the combined fleets of the Ultramarines and Battlefleet Tempestus could engage and repel the Tyranid menace.
BATTLE FOR NEW RYNN CITY — Waaagh! Snagrod invades Rynn's World in 989M41, home of the Imperial Fists, sabotaging one of their own defense missiles, causing it to detonate within the chapter monastery. Chapter Master Pedro Kantor fought a desperate battle to preserve the remains of his chapter and the hive of New Rynn City.
BATTLE FOR NULL KEEP — Killboss Krog and his Boyz assaulted a hilltop bastion in this fight.
BATTLE FOR SAGAN, SECOND — In 908M41,a main force consisting of Fire Angels, Red Scorpions, and Exorcists, supported by specialists from the Salamanders, Raptor, and Novemarines retook the Sagan system, despite hard fighting and heavy casualties. This splits the secessionist forces, isolating the Mantis Warriors, who assume a purely defensive posture from this point.
BATTLE OF ALTATHA — The Vitrian Dragoons defeated two rebel regiments in the Famine Wars on Idolwilde in this conflict of late M41.
BATTLE OF ARCONAR — Marneus Calgar defeats a powerful coalition of Eldar raiders on the feral world of Arconar.
BATTLE OF ARNION — Red Talon Space Marines fought against the rebel forces of the King of the Further Reaches. Tech-Marine Clearn and his driver, Brother Rillan, in the Land Raider Eagle's Claw breach the rebel's main defensive lines, leading to their final defeat.
BATTLE OF ARNOT'S LANDING — The battleship Cardinal Boras fought the rebel Regime of Iron in this combat.
BATTLE OF AUGUSTUS — The Hammer of Thor took part in this naval battle in 977M41.
BATTLE OF BLACKSTONE IV — Imperial scholars believe that Abaddon himself led the warfleet of 20 capital ships, including 2 Despoiler battleships, that attacked the Rebo system. The Chaos attackers somehow disabled the Blackstone fortress' systems, rendering the defenders helpless.
BATTLE OF BLOODSTAR, THE — In 997M41, Two tendrils of Hive Fleet Leviathan ambush Admiral Trankar's Battle Fleet Ultima force, crippling the Imperial force.
BATTLE OF CAFFRE PRIME — The Hammer of Thor took part in this naval battle in 802M41.
BATTLE OF CALLAVELL — The battleship Legatus Stygies survived a suicidal ramming attack, and the battleship Cardinal Boras fought here against the rebel Regime of Iron.
BATTLE OF CARRION GULF — The Black Templars Space Marines fought Chaos cultists and Traitor Marines in this conflict during the third year of the Torment Crusade. It took place on the moon of Magnum Christi. The Chaos forces unearthed two titans.
BATTLE OF COLONIAL BRIDGE — The Imperial Fists pacified heretical insurgents on Iduno in 567.M40.
BATTLE OF CORINTH — The Ultramarines participated in this battle.
BATTLE OF COROSSA — Warmaster Terfuek committed four million Guardsmen to battle and emerged victorious with only ninety-thousand left alive.
BATTLE OF DYSTHYMIA DRIFT — Boarding assualt squads of the Fire Hawks 6th company took part in this battle.
BATTLE OF FIRE AND BLOOD — High Marshal Ludoldus, Emperor's Champion Ulricus, and Canoness Jasmine killed Inquisitor Vinculus, who had been possessed by a daemon after receiving wounds from an assassin cult leader, in an epic battle. Chaplain Grimaldus was inducted into the Reclusiam for his actions here as one of the Sword Bretheren.
BATTLE OF FRAGA'TRAL — The battleship Divine Right took part in this major naval battle against the Fra'al in 312M39.
BATTLE OF GETHSEMANE — Lord Admiral Ravensburg won a great naval victory in this engagement, turning the tide of the Gothic War in 150M41.
BATTLE OF HELL TOWN — The Pyran Dragoons assigned to an Armageddon jungle base deserted their posts, leaving the Armageddon Ork Hunters to defend against the Ork invasion.
BATTLE OF ICE WORLD TRALSAK — In 011M31, Loyalist titans of Legios Atarus and Agravides combat Traitor Legios Magna and Victorum across this planet of shallow frozen oceans. The intensity of the conflict flash-boils the oceans to steam. Both sides eventually use the steam cover to withdraw and deploy elsewhere, but leave Knights that continue the conflict.
BATTLE OF KLODESHI HEIGHTS — This was the sixth of seven full-scale engagements during the sixteen-month Imperial campaign on Surealis Six.
BATTLE OF KNARTS LANDING — Marneus Calgar eliminates the rebel army led by General Dornal in a thirty-day battle on the industrial world of Knarts Landing in 879M41. The Ultramarines suffered casualties of less than 17 percent.
BATTLE OF KORNOVIN — In 941M41, the Daemon Primarch Mortarion slays Grey Knight Supreme Grand Master Geronitan. The new Supreme Grand Master Kaldor Draigo somehow manages to defeat Mortarion and his guard, who cannot manifest in the material universe for years.
BATTLE OF KORSK — The battleship Cardinal Boras fought the rebel Regime of Iron in this combat.
BATTLE OF KORSK II — Lord Vorlak led a rebellion that was crushed by Space Marines in a major tank battle on the plains of Korsk II.
BATTLE OF LITHORE — The White Flamne Corsairs, led by Prince Morvaal, defeated the Imperial Navy in this engagement of the Gothic War.
BATTLE OF MACRAGGE — Marneus Calgar led the fleet of Ultramar against Hive Fleet Behemoth in 745M41. Though the Tyranids wiped out the entire Ultramarines first company and much of the other Imperial forces, they were finally defeated.
BATTLE OF MERIN — The Retribution class battleship Bloodhawk sustained severe torpedo damage here sometime before the Age of Apostasy.
BATTLE OF MOLECH — In 009M31, three Titan Legions, Gryphonicus, Fortidus, and Crucius, a hundred Imperial Guard regiments, and a dozen Knight households defended Molech against Warmaster Horus' massive invasion force. Traitor forces included The Sons of Horus and Death Guard Space Marine Legions, and Titans of Legios Mortis, Vulcanum II, Interfector, and Vulpa. Knights of the ruling Devine Household were seduced by Slaanesh during the initial stages of the conflict and betrayed the Imperial forces during the main Chaos assault, resulting in a slaughter that few Loyalists escaped.
BATTLE OF NYRCON CITY, FIRST — In 780010M31, Rogal Dorn leads a Loyalist force of Imperial Fists and Salamanders Legion Space Marines, Legio Astorum titans, and thrity regiments of the Solar Auxilia against an Emperor's Children Millenial and Legio Mortis Titans at Nyrcon City on Beta-Garmon II. The Loyalists surprise the garrison, and the resulting battle spreads to Beta-Garmon III and the titans of Legio Mortis. The Traitors are driven out of the system, but stage counter attacks of increasing force in the coming years.
BATTLE OF NYRCON CITY, SECOND — In 403012M31, Horus sends Titans from Legios Fureans, Mortis, and Vulpa, as well as Knights of Houses Perdaxia and Malinax, into the region surrounding Nyrcon City while his fleets attack from above. The Titans break through the defences of the PanCrypta Dust Clans, 216th Solar Auxilia, and Nemesis Brigades. Legios Astorum and Defensor, as well as Knight Houses Vyronii and Niagma, make a stand at the gates, but fall. Traitor forces swiftly take the city and the rest of Beta-Garmon II.
BATTLE OF ORAR — Chaos ships launched a sneak attack against Orar, but were repulsed by the quick actions of the battlecruiser Imperious.
BATTLE OF ORION — The battleship Divine Right fights in this major naval battle in 488M41
BATTLE OF PARAMAR, FIRST — In 006M31, the Alpha Legion and Legio Fureans launch an assault on the strategic Mechanicum Provender planet of Paramar V, and are surprised to find it well defended by a loyalist Grand Company of Iron Warriors Space Marines and Titans of Legio Gryphonicus. The traitors take the system, but at a far higher cost than anticipated.
BATTLE OF PARAMAR, SECOND — In 011M31, Loyalist forces from Titan Legios Itarus, Ignatum, and Solaria, supported by Blood Angels and White Scars Space Marines, stage diversionary attacks before taking the primary spaceport, and then moving to destroy the mass-provender silos surrounding the port. Traitor forces, including titans of Legios Fureans and Mortis, see through the ruse and their counterattack destroys the entire invasion force.
BATTLE OF PARCHED EARTH — The Cadian 14th Orbital Assault regiment fought in this battle.
BATTLE OF PARTHENOPE — After destroying the Imperial divisions of General Orator, whose overconfidence led him into a trap, Qux of the Eyeless lost a fleet battle to the Imperial Navy, creating the Antioch Debris Field in 767M41.
BATTLE OF RHETORI III, FIRST — Immediately after the Betrayal of Calth (circa 007M31), Titans of Legio Mortis hunted down Loyalist forces allied with the Ultramarines.
BATTLE OF SARONICA — The Divine Right fought in this engagement in Artemis sector in 642M36.
BATTLE OF SAVAVEN, THIRD — Admiral Mourndark commanded the Imperial fleet from the Legatus Stygies in this engagement of the Gothic War.
BATTLE OF SCHINDLEGEIST — Admiral Ravensburg and the Eldar won a victory over Abaddon's Chaos fleet here in 151M41, overpowering the traitor vessels and destroying one of the captured Blackstone fortresses with boarding parties. Two strike cruisers of the Angels of Redemption took part in the combat and boarding action.
BATTLE OF SILENT REACH — Taking place in the void between the Galen and Grief systems in 011906M41, Battlefleet Maelstrom and Lamenters Space Marines fought the loyalist forces of the Red Scorpions and Battlefleet Solar. The results were inconclusive, as neither side wished to commit their forces decisively. The Battlefleet Maelstrom flagship, Gauntlet or Wrath, fell to a lucky lance strike to the bridge from the light cruiser Lady Sybaline.
BATTLE OF SOL'AI RIFT — The Tau fleet of Kor'O'Vanan engaged Hive Fleet Gorgon as it departed Ka'mais in 902M41, destroying a number of its Narvhals to slow its progress. The Tau fleet disengaged after they discover a group of Ramsmiter and Razorfiend bio-ships with hulls adapted to the Tau's ion weapons.
BATTLE OF SOROLO — Stories say that angels appeared over the Imperial lines just before this battle, inspiring them to victory.
BATTLE OF SORROWFORGE PINNACE — Forces of Craftworlds Idharae and Iyanden combine efforts to destroy the last Hive Tyrant of Hive Fleet Naga at Eth-aelas in 812M41.
BATTLE OF STEEL CROSS — Captain Cortez of the Crimson Fists slays an Ork Warlord and his entire bodyguard of Nobz.
BATTLE OF THE BLACK NEBULA — In 995M41, High Admiral Hanroth led a fleet of Imperial forces, including a battle barge of the Death Spectres, combined with xenos Vassalian, Cimmeriac, Donarathi, and Demiurg vessels against Hive Fleet Jormungandr, shattering it at the expense of three-quarters of the allied fleet.
BATTLE OF THE GHOST HALLS — In 800M41, a force of Grey Knight Purifiers, led by Brother-Captain Pelenas, act on a dire prediction of the Prognosticars and journey to an empty area of space. There they discover the empty Tyranid-scortched hulk of Malan'tai Craftworld, where the Slaanesh Keeper of Secrets, N'Kari gorges on spirit stones. The Purifiers, thanks to the bravery and sacrifice of Justicar Thrawn, are able to complete the ritual of Twelve Bloody Swords, weakening N'Kari long enough for Captain Pelenas to strike a mortal blow.
BATTLE OF THE PALACE — The Valhallan 597th and Tau elements fought the forces of a Genestealer cult around the Governor's Palace in the city of Mayoh on Gravalax, eventually overpowering them and destroying the cult, though Commissar Cain and Inquisitor Vail had already killed the Patriarch and tainted Governor.
BATTLE OF THE ROSTORIK IRONWORKS — During the siege of Helsreach Hive in the Third War For Armageddon, titans of Legio Inviglata and the gargants of the Orks fought for over four days in the vicinity of this industrial region.
BATTLE OF THE ZOPHONIAN SEA — Actually a series of air battles, they were the largest air combats of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade on Enothis.
BATTLE OF TIBERIUS II — The Hammer of Thor took part in this naval battle in 001M41.
BATTLE OF UNUNPENTIA GORGE — A traitor titan killed Colonel Van Cjester in this battle, crushing his Baneblade tank underfoot.
BATTLE OF VARADON — The Black Templars responded to the distress calls from the home world of the Shadow Wolves Space Marines in 987M41 and found it infested with Tyranids. The Tyranids prevented the two Space Marine chapters from combining their forces, and the Shadow Wolves were destroyed to the last Marine.
BATTLE OF VERAS — The Imperial Navy battleship Intolerance, and her squadron, fought the Chaos battleship Eternity of Pain in this engagement.
BATTLE OF WALPURGIS, SECOND — Admiral Mourndark commanded the Imperial forces in this action of the Gothic War.
BATTLE OF WOODSPINE RIDGE — The allied forces of the Cadian XVIII army under Castellan Cask and Tau warriors under Kor'O'Valroth destroy the last Dominatrix and Hive Tyrant of Hive Fleet Gorgon on Kel'shan in 903M41.
BATTLEWAGON — This is the Imperial name for a number of tank-sized Ork vehicles.
BAY OF BISHEEN — Inquisitor Eisenhorn's Spaeton House overlooked this inlet of the Insume headlands on Gudrun.
BEASTBERG — A town along the West Banks on Flint where a beast-moot took place at the end of each season
BEASTMAN — Once considered abhumans, many feel that the beastial appearance, typically a goat-like head, horns, and legs, is the touch of Chaos.
BEAST HOUSE — The secretive Solkarn Senk leads this organization on Fenksworld. It has been allegedly linked to a xenos conspiracy.
BEAST OF DEVLAN — This creature, almost certainly a Tyranid organism killed everyone aboard the refugee freighter from Devlan to Adri's Hope, and quickly began killing citizens on its new home as well.
BEAST OF NURGLE — These slug-like monsters, Gu'nagh'ghyran in daemon tongue, are also known as Slime Hounds and Nurgle's Lapdogs. They are the embodiment of decay, and will kill any plants or small animals in their vicinity, and even cause larger creatures to decay or age.
BEELZE CONFLICT — The Imperium's relations with Alaitoc Craftworld cease due to the outbreak of this war in 453M36.
BELL OF LOST SOULS — This shrine and bell rings once for each Imperial hero lost.
BELLIS TITANICIS, DE — This work seeks to train new Princeps of the Adeptus Titanicus. Haran Jaxx is thought to be one of the contributors.
BELLUM CHAOTICA — This text states that the Daemon Prince Angron raised mighty horde of mutants, daemonhosts and renegades, which used the space hulk Devourer of Souls to approach Armageddon.
BELT OF IRON — A chain of lesser Forge Worlds spanning sectors on the border of Segmentums Tempestus and Pacificus, including Incunabula, Urdesh, Valia-Maximal, Kalibrax, Graia, Arl'Yeth, Atar-Median, Arachnis, and Jerulas Station. At the start of the Horus Heresy in 010M31, roughly half declare for Horus and half for the Emperor. The reulting conflict is dubbed the Cataclysm of Iron.
BENLARII SCOURING — Inquisitor Brek and his student Antigonus Balorodin discovered and destroyed the Cult of the Reconciled on Benlarii from 936-938M41.
BERSERKERS — An underhive Orlock gang that fought the Exers at Highshack Causeway in Hive Primus on Necromunda.
BESCALION DOCK — The Imperial Navy oversees this Adeptus Mechanicus manufacturing facility in Hydraphur.
BETCHER'S GLAND — This Space Marine organ, deficient in many chapters' gene-seed, allows the Marine to spit a corrosive poison. It is sometimes known as the Poison Bite.
BETRAYAL AT CALTH — In 007M31, the Word Bearers and World Eaters Space Marine Legions arrive in Ultramar and are initially welcomed as brothers. Lorgar uses Calth in a Chaos ritual to summon the Ruinstorm. The Titan Legio Suturvora sides with the traitors, and Legios Praesagius and Oberon side with Ultramar.
BETRAYAL AT GRIEF — In 906M41, Lugft Huron offered parlay with the the loyalist commander, Chapter Master Verant Ortys of the Red Scorpions during the Badab War at an abandoned asteroid base in the Grief system. Three traitor vessels attacked the base during negotiations, killing Chapter Master Ortys, Chapter Master Sartaq of the Mantis Warriors, and others. Loyalists blamed the treachery on Huron, and the Secessionists blamed the Inquisition. This event ended the chance for negotiations, and made the war much more a matter of honor for many of the Space Marine chapters involved.
BILTES' OBELISK — Workers barracks lie beneath this square honoring Biltes, which lies on the outskirts of Bosporian Hive, downslope of Kathisma Gate, on Hydraphur.
BIG GUNZ — This term refers to the large guns that make up Ork artillery batteries.
BIG LOBBA — One of the most massive weapons built by any race for land warfare, only Mega-Gargants can mount this Ork artillery cannon.
BIG MEK BIG'EAD'S FIEROMANIACS — This clan within the Arch-Arsonist of Charadon's Waaagh!, led by Bik Mek Big-ead, had 20 Burna Boyz warbands, roughly 80 Skorchas and 120 Pyro-Bommas at the Battle for Rynn's World in 989M41.
BIG SCRAP ALLEY — The Ork Warboss Grimlug had his Gargant yards here. It was partially destroyed by a raid by Deff Skwadron.
BIG WAAAGH!, THE — This Ork term refers to any large-scale attack.
BINARY CORTEX — This term refers to the Mechanicus practice of linking two brains to the same body. This can result in psychological difficulties.
BIO-ERROR PURGATION — This Adeptus Mechanicus term refers to reprogramming.
BIOLUMIN — A means of lighting utilizing bioluminescence
BIONIK — Orks use this term to refer to any mechanical replacements Mekboyz or Painboyz use to replace missing body parts.
BIOVORE — This Tyranid subspecies (Imperial classification Tyranicus Patris Boletus) is essentially an artillery creature that sustains spoor mines within its body and ejects them with great force through a barrel in line with its spine.
BIRRI TRUFFLES — A particularly luxurious food, often saut?ed in wine
BIRTHING SWAMPS — These sapwning grounds surround Tzeentch's territory on Eidolon.
BISCOPEA — This gland is the third implantation of 19, often placed at the same time as the Ossmodula and secondary heart, and stimulates muscle growth.
BITTERROOT — A bitter tasting root used in cooking
BLACK BELL OF TERRA — This bell on Holy Terra tolls for the death of great Imperial heros.
BLACK CARAPACE — This is the final implantation of 19 steps, and places a neural integration film under the aspirant's skin, which gradually hardens into a protective carapace and also allows full integration with power armor. It is sometimes know as the Interface.
BLACK CRUSADE — The Chaos Lord Abaddon led this series of Crusades against the Imperium through the Cadian Gate.
BLACK CRUSADE, FIFTH — This Black Crusade took place during M36.
BLACK FLAME TRIBE — This portion of Waaagh! Snagrod, the Arch-Arsonist of Charadon, consisted of 18 Warbands and 5 Gargants at the Blattle for Rynn's World.
BLACK LIBRARY — This Eldar Craftworld, hidden in the webway, is the repository of their knowledge of the ruinous powers. It's guardians allow very few to enter. Only Harlequins, Solitaires and human Illuminati may enter without challenge.
BLACK OX — This mammal is raised for it's meat. Certain cuts are considered a delicacy.
BLACK PILE — This settled pile of hive-quake detritus is now home to a community in Junktion in Hive Primus on Necromunda. At its top lies the cistern containing Junktion's water supply and a watchtower, the Spyglass.
BLACK RAGE — The Red Thirst of the Blood Angels can descend into a mindless rage as they channel the final dying memories of Sanguinius, from which some never recover. These unfortunates become part of the Death Company.
BLACK SHIPS — These vessels, run by the Inquisition, visit planets to take away those touched by the warp: psykers. Their cargo feeds the Emperor, Adeptus Astra Telepathica, Scholastia Psykana, and even the Adeptus Astartes. They travel on 100-year loops, feeding their cargo from all points of the Imperium to Holy Terra.
BLACK SWORD — This is the name of the weapon used by an Emperor's Champion, though it is not a specific weapon, but the name given to the best that the chapter can provide.
BLACKENRED — This is a community in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda.
BLACKSTAR CRUSADE — Chaos forces emerge from the Eye of Terror to mount a crusade in the Ganglax Sector. The Khorne champion Ekrak conquers M'laar XIII and turns it into a daemon world.
BLACKSTONE FORTRESS — These space station sized xeno artefacts use technology superior even to that of the Eldar and no vessel can withstand their warp cannons. Though mostly inert, Imperial forces were able to tap into their power grids, and they formed the cornerstone for Battlefleet Gothic's subsector defenses. Those still under Imperial control at the end of the War self-destructed.
BLACKSUN FILTER — An advanced optical and night-vision device used by the Tau
BLADE ENCARMINE — (Also: Sword of Belarius) This holy relic of the Blood Angels Space Marines was gifted to Belarius by the Primarch Sanguinus himself. Captain Leonatos carried the blade and lost it in combat against Orks on Sekundar Prime. He then recovered it in a Bloodquest with several of his brethren, returning it to the chapter. Only those of the blood of Sanguinius can activate and wield the blade.
BLADE OF THE SCORPION — Lord Commanders of the Red Scorpions wirld this ancient great sword as a symbol of office, though the disruption field generator on this blade makes it more effective than even a power sword.
BLADES OF REASON — This ancient device with the outward appearance of a knife with many honed, polished blades has neural wires etched into the blades inflicting agonizing pain whenever they cut through neural fibers.
BLANDISHMENTS OF HAND — A book concerning chaos by Inquisitor Silas Hand
BLANK — See: Untouchable
BLASTERS — This Eldar weapon is similar in function and effect to Imperial Las-guns.
BLEAK BROTHERHOOD — This Chaos force manned the bastion gates on Lycanthos Secundus, but were defeated by Lugft Huron during the Lycanthos Campaign in 780M41.
BLEAK YEARS, THE — This term refers to the period of 363-369M39, when the Angevin Crusade suffered setbacks at the hands of an Ork Waargh, xenos corsairs, and internal bickering.
BLINDER — Navigators use this somewhat derogatory term to refer to those without Warp sight.
BLIND GRENADE — These grenades produce an electro-statically charged cloud of smoke that conceals personnel from visual, thermal, and most other types of sensors.
BLIND KING — This rogue Tech Priest led the Apostles of the Blind King in their genocidal rampage, the Occlusiad. He was killed aboard his palace-warship by the battleship Dominus Astra, ending his decade-long progrom.
BLIND TOWER — This refers both to the compound of structures on Hydraphur that serve as both a Scholastia Psykana campus and a Navis Nobilite training area, and the space station in the outer reaches of Hydraphur, also serving as a Astropath base.
BLISSOUT — This drug induces a state of extreme euphoria.
BLLEK — An animal used for its supple and durable hide.
BLODEN KEEP — This fortress on Urthwart fell to Abaddon the Despoiler in under an hour.
BLOOD AXES — This Ork clan has adopted some human ways, such as camouflage and regular formations, and are regarded with slight mistrust by other Orks as a result. They have even been known to associate with other races and hire themselves out as mercenaries. Their Warlords tend to have a better understanding of grand strategy than other clans, and have even been known to retreat on occasion to learn from their mistakes. They trade with other races, parley, and even retreat from unwinnable battles - sometimes.
BLOOD NEBULA DISASTER — Imperial forces attempted to destroy an Eldar Craftworld, but the fiasco resulted in the loss of an entire sector fleet.
BLOOD PACT — This chaos army, commanded by and utterly loyal to Archon Urlock Gaur, was modeled off the Imperial Guard, and is capable of outfighting them on their own terms. Started from the warrior preisthoods of the Ghourra system, Gaur turned them into an elite Chaos fighting force. They only expose their hands, which have ritual scarring, and wear iron masques called Grotesques.
BLOODLETTERS — These lesser daemons of Khorne are known by a variety of other names, such as Khorne's Chosen, Teeth of Death, Naked Slayers, Takers of Skulls or Horned Ones.
BLOODSTONE — These dark, red-veined rocks are fist-sized and warm. They allow followers of Khorne to summon daemons.
BLOODTHIRSTER — These are daemons of Khorne. They are also known by a wide variety of other names: Fists of Khorne, Drinkers of Blood, Lords of Skulls, Eaters of Gore and Flesh, Deathbringers of Khorne, Blooded Ones, Guardians of the Throne or High-Handed Slayers.
BLOODTIDE — (Also: Return of the Bloodtide) In 876M41, damage to the Emperor's statue at the Basilica of Saint Mariel on Van Horne sets free the Lord of the Bloodtide, the Bloodthirster Ka'jagga'nath, who had been imprissoned in stasis there. The Khorne daemon spreads the Bloodtide across the entire planet in a mater of days, and Battle Sisters from the Order of the Ebon Chalice are unable to turn the tide. Grey Knights 4th Brotherhood arrive and kill the remaining Sisters, annointing themselves in the pure blood for protection. Three librarians lead the assault, and Brother Ordan sacrifices himself in combat with Ka'jagga'nath to banish the daemon back to the Warp.
BLUE VIPERS — A gang of the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda
BLUIES — Some Imperial citizens use this derogatory term to refer to the Tau.
BLUNT — Psykers use this slightly derogative term to refer to non-psykers.
BLUNTER — See: Pariah or Untouchable.
BOARBOYZ — This term refers to Ork cavalry, typically riding on boars, both natural and augmented with machinery.
BOC — This Heresy-era term refers to a type of tobacco, smoked in pipes.
BODY-BLOWER — This term refers to the super-dense ammunition produced by the hyper-gravity of the Lathes in the Calixis Sector. They pierce armor and can do large amounts of damage. This ammunition is very expensive and often bought by the single round.
BODYGLOVE — Assassins and other covert operatives often use these skin-tight suits. They can be armored or fitted with chameleon-like properties.
BOILING SEA — This body of horribly polluted water boarders the Fire Wastes and Phoenix Island.
BOKORE RIVER — This river flows down the valley of the same name on Voltemand. It is broad and slow flowing.
BOKORE VALLEY — This river valley on Voltemand is 4 kilometers wide and 12 long, and ends at Voltis City. It has steep hills on its western side and contains the river of the same name.
BOLT GUN — (Also: Boltgun, Bolter) These weapons fire ammunition that ejects a "bolt" from the muzzle, which then ignites a rocket motor. The end result is a virtually recoilless system.
BOLT PISTOL — A smaller, one-handed version of the Bolt Gun.
BONDED KNIGHT — (Also: Bonded Knight House) A Knight House bonded to a Titan Legio.
BOOK OF CAIN, THE — Alem Mahat, who fought alongside Commissar Cain as a Sergeant of the Tallarn 229th at Adumbria, wrote this book that espouses Cain as a prophet of the Emperor.
BOOK OF EIBEN — Inquisitor Quixos transcribed this infamous tome.
BOOK OF EXORCISMS — This book, part of The Verses of Inquisitor Enoch, deals with daemonic possession.
BOOK OF LAW — This term refers to the actual tome of Lex Imperialis that some Adeptus Arbites carry for its visual impact.
BOOK OF PROMEUS — This text, a collection of the writings and teachings of Promeus, served as the basis for the Promean faction of the Inquisition in M31-34, but also by the Horusians in M33-34. It detailed his efforts to resurrect the Emperor into his own body or another living vessel.
BOOK OF SALVATION — This book, controlled by the Dark Angels Grand Master of Librarians, lists the names of all the Fallen that have been recaptured by the chapter.
BOOK OF THE THOUSAND SONS — (Also: Book of Magnus) Magnus the Red compiled this book of arcane lore from across the galaxy in M30.
BOOM DOGS — Also known as Veteran Squad Secundo, this unit of General Creed's Mission Elite often drops demo charges out the hatches of their Valkyrie, the Lady Vengeance.
BOOTLICKER'S GALLERY — This is the second level of the town father's guild hall in Junktion in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda, so called for all the sycophants that moved into the spaces in an attempt to gain influence after all the original occupants were killed from an up-hive raid.
BORDER WARS — These conflicts saw heavy Imperial losses.
BOSPORIAN HIVE — Technically not a true, hollow hive, this urban sprawl grew up a mountain spur on Hydraphur. It encompasses the Augustaeum spire area. There is a fyceline foundry at its base. It's highest structures are the Cathedral and the Monocrat's Palace
BOSSBOY — This term refers to Ork leaders.
BOUCOLEON GATE — This Imperial Navy space station lies in orbit around Hydraphur.
BOY — (Plural: Boyz) This term refers to the average Ork warrior, if such a term can be said to apply to that race.
BRADE ENT CIE — A company doing business in the Helican subsector
BRAHMAPUTRA PLATEAU — This area of docking rings and landing fields could access the Imperial Palace on Terra via the Lion's Gate.
BRAINBOYZ — This legendary Ork subspecies is said to have been very intelligent, guiding and engineering the Ork race in the distant past. Seeing their inevitable doom in a generation-spanning plague, they were responsible for encoding the Ork genome with an innate understanding of technology, ensuring their long-term survival.
BRALUTHA STATION — The Ork Kill Kroozer Butcher looted this station during the Gothic War.
BRANCHES OF THE INQUISITION — The Ordo Redactus eliminated this document in 978M41. It outlined the founding date, strength, and purpose of many Inquisitorial Ordos.
BRASS PIT — A region know for it's armories and fighting pits in Junktion in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda
BRAUN IV TITHE WARS — This conflict arose over taxation to play for orbital platforms.
BREACH OF CORINTH — The Ultramarines fought in this battle.
BREACH OF THE AMALAS CONCOURSE — This hard fought battle with heavy Ork armor clained the lives of several Black Templars Space Marines in the siege of Helsreach Hive in 998M41.
BREAKBACK HILL — This battle was a disaster for the Catachan 2nd, and their commander Colonel Greiss was badly wounded and saved by Nork Dreddog.
BREATH OF FRESH AIR, THE — This bar, owned by a man named Squatz, was located in a contested area under three ventilation ducts in the underhive of Hive Primus in Necromunda.
BRIDES OF THE EMPEROR — This sub-sect of the Daughters of the Emperor were the personal bodyguards of Vandire during the Reign of Blood. When they recognized Vandire for what he really was, they killed him.
BRIDGE OF CARNODONS — A bridge over the River Drunner in Dorsay on Gudrun
BRIGHTFAST MOUNTAINS — A mountain range on Ichar IV
BROADSIDE BATTLESUIT — Designated XV88, these are heavy versions of the Crisis Battlesuit, adapted for heavy weapons and advanced sensors.
BROADSWORD STATION — This space station orbits Titan over the Grey Knights' fortress monastery, and serves as both an orbital weapons platform and home to their fleet.
BROODLORD — The first Tyranid genestealer to infiltrate a planetary system (Imperial designator Corporaptor Primus) is a more developed variety who becomes patriarch of the brood he fathers. They are extremely fast and have claws capable of tearing through the hardest materials.
BRONZE HALO — An award for gallantry and bravery
BROTHERHOOD OF THE HORNED DARKNESS — This chaos cult used the Tellurian Combine commercial venture as a front before the Ordos Calixis purged them in a covert war lasting from 428M41 to 430M41.
BROTHERHOOD OF THE WATCH — The Ordo Malleus established this ancient branch of the Imperial Cult to watch over the warded prisons of daemons. The branch on Tarsis fell under the sway of a Chaos daemon.
BROTHERHOOD ROAD — This road in the center of Junktion in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda passes by the town fathers' bunkerhouse.
BROUCHEROC — This city on XX was initially named Butcher's Rock, but the name degenerated over time. It is a central promethium processing station.
BRUDMARTEN — A small village in the Drunner region of Gudrun
BRUTE — This Ork ramship has superior maneuverability to most Ork designs and an array of drills, blades, and spikes on the bow.
BUBOE CHAOTICA — A chaos sigil related to a cult involving Murdin Eyeclone
BUCHARIAN — This term refers to followers of the Ecclesiarchal Cardinal of Gathalamor, Bucharis. After the Apostasy was put down, his surviving followers fled to the Eastern Fringe.
BUCHARIS APOSTASY — This Ecclesiarchal Cardinal of Gathalamor, along with confederates Admiral Sehalla and Colonel Gasto, maintained that Earth was lost to the faith and set out to form a theocracy centered on Gathalamor. The Space Wolves put down his bloody empire after he laid siege to the Fang for 3 years in 300M36.
BULK-LIFTER — These large starships carry bulk goods from planet to planet
BULLY BOYZ — This elite Ork group of Nobz form the core of Warlord Ghazghkull Thraka's Waaagh! Predominantly Goffs from his home world of Urk, he uses them to keep an eye on other Warbosses, but occassionally gathers them all together to engage truly elite enemy formations.
BURNA — This is the general term that refers to several Ork flame weapons.
BURNA BOYZ — These Ork Boyz use the flame weapons of their moniker.
BURST CANNON — This Tau weapon uses plasma-induction technology and uses multiple barrels to sustain a high rate of fire.
BYHATA — Also called the Vitrian Art of War, this sacred text contains the the philosophy and tactical practice of the Vitrian warrior class. It is a work of over eight-million characters, and is often gene-coded to its owner, disintigrating to anyone else's touch.


CABA — This plant/tree produces nuts that many eat toasted.
CABAL OF THE WHITE SORROW — This Dark Eldar pirate force raided the Periphery of the Calixis Sector from 552M40 to 570M40, eventually destroyed by a combined Battlefleet Calixis, Explorator and Rogue Trader force under the command of Rogue trader Kobras Aquairre.
CADIAN GATE — This is the area of stable space that provides a passage into and out of the Eye of Terror.
CADIAN INTERIOR GUARD — This is the Cadian name for their PDF.
CADIAN XVIII ARMY — Initially dispatched to support the Damocles Gulf Campaign, this army would arrive over 150 years later in 902M41. Castellan Crask led the army in an effort to retake the Tau world of Kel'shan for the Imperium. They allied briefly with the Tau upon the arrival of Hive Fleet Gorgon.
CADUCADES SEA — The islets of this body of water on Cadia serve as training sites for the Cadian Guard regiments.
CADUCAL HELIX — One of the holy symbols of the Adeptus Mechanicus
CAELIAN — A proto-hive on Vyaniah
CAFFEINE — (Also: Caf, Caff, or Recaf) Any of a number of coffee-like drinks that contain caffeine
CALDERA PRIMUS — The largest hive on Beta Garmon III. It's spire is built over a chemical gyser, protected by the fortified bridges that connect it to the rest of the hive.
CALDERON RIFLES — This Imperial Guard unit was miex, including both men and women in its ranks.
CALIXIAN PATTERN KILLINGS — In 742M41 the Tyrantine Cabal identified these serial killings that apparently spanned the period of 600M40 to 742M41.
CAMELEOLINE — Fabric or shrouding that provides active camouflage, breaking up visual and auspex returns.
CAMPAIGN BADGE — See: Army Badge
CANDLEMAS — This Imperial holiday celebrates the end of the year.
CAPITOL IMPERIALIS — This titan-sized tank also serves as a mobile command post.
CARAPACE ARMOUR — Often used by Imperial Stormtroopers, this armour consists of rigid armaplas or ceramite plates fitted to the wearer.
CARBIFIBRE — This cheap, easily made material is used in Flak Armour for impact absorption.
CARDINAL CLASS HEAVY CRUISER — An ancient Imperial Navy heavy cruiser design.
CARDINALS ASTRA — This senate of Ecclesiarchal Cardinals from across the Imperium lies in the Ophelia system.
CARDINALS CRIMSON — This secretive Ecclesiarchal order operates from the Crimson Basilica, and their honour guard is amongst the most skilled and devout in the Imperium.
CARGO-# — These are large, wheeled trucks, named for their number of wheels. Thus, a ten-wheeled vehicle would be called a Cargo-10.
CARNAGE — This venerable cruiser design allowed for long-range fleet support, but was plagued by technical difficulties related to powering the complex weaponry.
CARNIFEX — This large Tyranid bio-construct (Imperial designators Carnifex Primus, Carnifex Vorantii, Carnifex Ululare, Carnifex Arbylis, Carnifex Bilius, and others) is roughly the size of a Land Raider and may have developed with a combination of ranged and/or close combat weapon arms. Imperial troops have named some of the common types Thornbacks, Venomspitters, Screamer-Killers, Shovel-Tuskers, and Bile-Beasts.
CARNIFICINA — This infamous Cadian prison lies on a remote island of the Caducades group
CARNIVORA — A large circus in Formal G in Petropolis on Eustis Majoris
CARNODON — These large felid predators have squat builds, brush tails, and long, multi-tusked snouts. Adults can be over 6m long and weight more than 900kg. They are the heraldic animal of Gudrun. They have been hunted nearly to extinction.
CARNOSAUR — This term refers to any of a number of sauroid predators.
CARNYX — A beast with horns
CARRION BATS — A type of underhive animal
CARRION GULF — This city on Magnum Christi was at the center of the Torment Crusade. Two Chaos titans were burried nearby.
CARTHEGA TELEPATHICA — (Also: Diviner's Needle) This massive tower on Beta Garmon III is built upon one of its tallest mountains and touches space. It fell to a Legio Mortis assault in 788013M31, despite the brave defense of a small force composed of Legios Defensor, Astorum, Solaria, and Atarus.
CARTOGRAPHIA UNIVERSALIS — This ancient and ever changing text attempts to catalog the systems and planets of the galaxy.
CASH BRIDGE — This is one of the two bridges across the Sludge Canal in Junktion in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda.
CASOPHILIAN — This Inquisitorial faction focuses on the transition of the soul to the Warp and, in the case of Saint Casophili, back. They seek a successful means to bring a soul back from the Warp and invest it in a body, ultimately as a step to do so with the Emperor.
CASTELLAN — The Black Templars Space Marines use this rank instead of Captain for those who lead a company, but not a crusade.
CASTELLUM JERICHO — This Adeptus Mechanicus fortress on Mars boasts void shields for protection, and was the headquarters of the Dark Mechanicus traitor Magos Solomon Abbadon during the Horus Heresy.
CASTIGATIONS OF GOLGOTHA, THE — The Fire Hawks chapter fought throughout the Golgotha Wastes in thriteen Castigations (Crusades) through the region from 228M40-902M41, ranging in size from a single company to chapter strength.
CASTILE V MASSACRE — Lord Periclitor slaughtered missionaries and members of the Adeptus Sororitas in M33.
CASTLE MALACHITE — This jet-black fortress on Gudruntraille became a haven for a Chaos coven in 990M41. Though the 772nd Vitrian Dragoons had been assigned to defend the castle, a troupe of Eldar Harlequins infiltrated the bastion and killed every last inhabitant.
CASTRA EXERCITUS — This ancient Imperial document dictated that all Imperial Planets raise a Planetary Defense Force and an Adeptus Arbites Precinct.
CATACHAN DEVIL — This large, multi-legged, segmented predator, named for its planet of origin, is a match for many tanks, and considered on of the more dangerous life forms on Catachan. Some Imperial authorities feel that this creature might be a feral Tyranid subspecies that has become separated from the Hive Mind - descended from the Ravener strain.
CATACLYSM OF IRON, THE — In 010M31, Forge Worlds in the Belt of Iron, spanning sectors on the borders of Segmentums Tempestus and Pacificus, declare either for or against Horus. The Forge Worlds of Incunabula, Urdesh, Valia-Maximal, and Kalibrax declare for Horus and the Fabricator General. The forges of Graia, Arl'Yeth, and Atar-Median declare for the Emperor. Arachnis and Jerulas Station fall into civil war on the matter. Many surrounding worlds become battlegrounds for this conflict.
CATACLYSM OF SOULS — These religious wars in 975M35 between the Ecclesiarchy and the Ur-council of Nova Terra centered on their differences in the rebuilding of the Imperium as a religious state. The Astral Claws served with distinction during this conflict.
CATALEPSEAN NODE — This is the sixth implantation of 19 for Space Marine aspirants, and allows awareness and activity while other portions of the brain sleep. Hypno-therapy typically starts after this stage. It is sometimes known as the Unsleeping.
CATECHISMS OF COMMAND — These prayer-like mantras and psalms are tought to Schola Progenium students.
CATELEXIS HERESY — In the late 300s of M33, Cacodominus, an alien cyborg with incredible psychic powers, dominates over thirteen-hundred system. Black Templar Space Marines end the heresy, and Cacodominus' life in 401M34, causing The Howling.
CATHARSIS — The capital city of Hubris
CATHEDRAL OF THE EMPEROR ASCENDANT — (Also: The Cathedral) This great Ecclesiarchal structure stands at one end of the High Mese, opposite the Monocrat's Palace, in the Augustaeum of Bosporian Hive on Hydraphur.
CATHEDRAL OF THE EMPEROR DEIFIED — This giant Ecclesiarchal structure lies on Holy Terra.
CATHEDRAL OF THE FIFTH BLESSING — De Haan built this cathedral in the ruins of an Eldar Exodite settlement on the Galactic Fringe. The Word Bearers built a blasphemous fortress there, but were ultimately defeated by the Craftworld Varantha Eldar they were persuing.
CAVAE — A holding area for gladiatorial animals
CAWDOR — A ganger sect consisting of Redemptionists
CELEPHEL FIELDS — The Tau expansion into the third sphere suffered a setback here at the hands of the Orks, but was rallied by Aun'Va.
CELL-KIN — These Xenos produced an infection that actually pollutes the DNA of its host, reforming it inits own image, and is even potent enough to affect Space Marines to a certain extent.
CENOBYTE — These servitors assist Space Marine Chaplains or high-ranking officials of the Ecclesiarchy.
CENOTAPH TITANICUS — This monument at the base of the Nycron Wastes gives tribute to the Loyalist Titans that fell in the battles for Nyrcon City on Beta-Garmon II.
CENTURIO ORDINATUS — This organization within the Adeptus Mechanicus maintains the super heavy Ordinatus weapons platforms, including the Ordinatus Golgotha, Ordinatus Armageddon, and Ordinatus Mars. It is led by the Lord of the Cenurio Ordinatus.
CERAMITE — Hard substance used for personal armor and fortified buildings.
CERASTUS KNIGHT — These Knights were more rare than their Questoris cousins, generally faster and with better weaponry.
CERASTUS KNIGHT ACHERON — These Cerastus Knights were armed with Acheron-Pattern Flame Cannons and Reaper Chainfists. They tended to be fielded in mixed banners.
CERASTUS KNIGHT ATROPOS — The rarest type of Cerastus Knight, they were armed with the Atropos-Pattern Lascutter and graviton singularity cannon.
CERASTUS KNIGHT CASTIGATOR — These Cerastus Knights were armed with the Castigator-Pattern Bolt Cannon and Tempest Warblade. They tended to be fielded in mixed banners.
CERASTUS KNIGHT LANCER — By far the most common type of Cerastus Knight, they were armed with a Shock Lance and Ion Gauntlet Shield. They often formed entire banners of Lancers.
CERVAN-HOLMAN AFFAIR — Inquisitor Ravenor successfully prosecuted this case on Sarum.
CHAERON RIVER — This river on Armageddon was the rallying point of the defenders, assisted by the Space Wolves, against the forces of Angron and the World Eaters.
CHAIN FIST — This combination of glove and chainsword is typically employed by Space Marine Terminators.
CHAINSHIP — This is a common term referring to Q'Orl vessels, which are not warp capable, but can split into separate sections if endangered.
CHAINSWORD — (Also: Chainblade) A mechanical hand-weapon designed much like a chainsaw. A small power source drives a motor which spins a toothed chain. Variants include axes and practically any other bladed weapon.
CHAMBERPIT — The region just outside of Junktion, the underhive of Hive Primus of Necromunda, that contains the town's incinerators. It lies between Junktion and Mirror-Bitten
CHAOS SPAWN — These mindless abominations are the result of failed experiments or unsuccessful ascensions to daemonhood, a orderless combination of bestial anatomies.
CHAMBER OF EXEGETORS — Members of the Adeptus Ministorum discuss punishment for sinners in this chamber. The one in Bosporian Hive on Hydraphur is appointed with extravagant tapestries and statues.
CHAMBER OF HEROES — These rooms within the Imperial Palace on Terra hold mouments to the most epic conflicts in the Imperium. Many monuments hold the names of all who fought or perished in specific conflicts or campaigns.
CHAMBER OF OPTIKA — This covert society operated out of several Imperial Navy stations in the vicinity of Hydraphur. The Adeptus Arbites had them under surveilance.
CHAMBER OF TRIALS — This great chamber, part of the fortress monastery of the Grey Knights, serves as a launching point for Gatherers on their quest for aspirants and also as a starting point for the rites of passage that wean their numbers.
CHAMBER PRONATUS — The Eparch authorizes these temporary investigative bodies of the Ecclesiarchy.
CHAMBERS OF PURITY — Only Purifiers, senior and trusted brothers of the Grey Knights, walk these halls. They are quartered here in the oldest part of their fortress monastery on Titan, and protect it from the unspeakable, imprisoned evil beneath. They also contain the tomb of Malcador the Sigilite and the Terminus Decree.
CHAMPION PESTILENT — Certain Chaos Lords or Daemon Princes favored by Nurgle can earn this title.
CHANGELING — This power type of Tzeentchian daemon excels is disguise and deception, and can often single-handedly bring down entire systems through their devious plans.
CHAPEL OF BLAESILLA — This chapel on Sanagua Primar venerated the Living Saint of the same name.
CHAPEL OF BLESSED SEBASTIAN — This holy place is on the Palazzo of the Divine Ascension on the Ecclesiarchal shrine world of Gathalamor.
CHAPEL OF FALLEN HEROES — The Ecclesiarchy lights candles in this shrine to honor the recently fallen.
CHAPEL OF REST — This reliquary on Gallilenus III housed the remains of Saint Accillia, and was the sire of a firefight between Inquisitor Jaueg Dag and several Sisters of Battle.
CHAPLAIN — These Marines are the most spiritually devout of their chapter, and guide their fellow Marines in devotion to the Emperor. Their badge of office is the Crozius Arcanum, a deadly power weapon. According to Codex, their armor is black with a white skull decorating the right shoulder pad. In addition to administering to the spiritual needs of their fellow Marines, in many chapters they also act as historians, preserving its rites and traditions. They oversee ancient ceremonies of Initiation and Vindication for their chapters.
CHAPTER BARQUE — These massive vessels, often converted, militarized mass conveyors, serve as Chapter Fortresses for many space-based Marine chapters.
CHAPTER PLANET — These planets, sometimes chosen for their potential recruits, are the homeworlds of Space marine chapters, and thus exempt from all Imperial Tithes.
CHARISIAN GATE, INNER — An Imperial Navy Gate-Captain oversees this high-orbit fortress in the Hydraphur system.
CHARIOT OF FLAME — This Space Marine Rhino fought at the battle of Rynn's World in 989M41.
CHARTISTS' ALLEY — A street adjoining the guilder's hall in Junktion in the underhive of Hive Primus of Necromunda
CHASTENER — Members of this Adeptus Arbites position/rank sometimes wear a brown sash over their uniform.
CHASTENERS' TOWER — This structure of The Wall in Bosporian Hive on Hydraphur contained holding and interrogation cells.
CHIEF SIRDAR — This chaos rank is equivalent to Captain or leader of several patrols.
CHIME OF EONS, THE — The Technomagos Garbo Mojaro wrote this work positing that a man endures as long as his work endures.
CHIMERA — This armored troop carrier is the mainstay of the Imperial Guard. The standard version has a multi-laser for troop support, but there are many variations.
CHIRUGEON — A doctor or surgeon
CHIRUMEK — A chaos doctor practicing the fusion of biological and mechanical components
CHOLERIX HIVE — During the Eldar invasion of 786M41, this hive on the Gnosis Prime continent of Gnosis held out against many waves of Saim-Hann attacks.
CHOPPA SKWADRON — Though somewhat rare, these large groups of Deffcoptas can be highly effective in large engagements. The Screechin' Death Speed Freaks pioneered this concept during the Second War for Armageddon.
CHORAGIUM — The under-stage of a theater or gladiator arena
CHORISTER — This term refers to members of Astropathic choirs, be they the Astronomicon on Holy Terra or the multitude of Astropathic stations in need of additional power.
CHRON — (Also: Chronograph) This shortened form of chronograph means watch; thus wrist-chron or pocket-chron are also popular terms.
CHRONICLE OF ARMAGEDDON — This tome details the history of the war-torn Imperial world.
CHULAN — This word means "outsider" in Tanith's ancient tongue.
CHURCH OF THE RED REDEMPTION — (Also: Redemptionists) This militant sub-cult of the Imperial Ecclesiarchy believe the only way to purify the unclean is to kill them.
CHRYSALIS SHIPYARDS — These facilities in the Arimaspia system were the focus of many battles of the Gothic War
CHYMIST'S SEA — A caustic, polluted ocean on Beta-Garmon III
CILIX 225 CAMPAIGN — The end of this campaign saw the Sons of Malice go renegade after killing an Imperial force.
CITADEL OF HYDRA CORDATUS — This Imperial citadel was built by Perturabo and the Iron Warriors before the Horus Heresy. It was conquered by the Iron Warriors, who took the gene-seed from within, and the remains were destroyed by the Adeptus Mechanicus to destroy any damning evidence.
CITADEL OF THE PLUTOCRAT — This was a fortified city on Balhaut.
CLANSIRE — This is the rank and title of the leader of a Vessorine janissary mercenary unit.
CLASSICAL IMPERIAL — High, vertical walls, overhangs, imposing statues, and other intimidating elements typify this style of architecture.
CLAW OF THE DESERT TIGERS — The N'go tribesmen of Thoth decorated this power sword with precious materials and emblems.
CLAWED FIEND — These creatures are extremely dangerous.
CLEANSING OF ACRALEM — In 799M41, the daemon prince M'Kar the Reborn launches an attack on Acralem, seeking to use it as the heart of a new empire, but the Grey Knight Kaldor Draigo banishes him back to the Warp.
CLEANSING OF LAERAN — Fulgrim leads the Emperor's Children in the extermination of the xeno species Laer in M31.
CLEANSING OF VIGIL — Chapter Master Maclir led a force of Storm Wardens Space Marines against the Slaugth and their combat constructs in the subterranean passages of Vigil. There were many casualties, but many of those who survived were promoted to Maclir's honor guard for their strict adherence to the precepts of the Codex Astartes.
CLEMENTIA PACIFICATION — This event features in the trial histories of the Adeptus Arbites.
COBRA — This Imperial Navy destroyer class has outstanding speed and is typically employed in scouting, patrolling, or in anti-pirate patrols.
CODE OF THE REACH — This code, enforced by the Order of the Vigilants on Bonner's Reach specifies "Peace and Discourse," and no weapon may be used with a reach of longer than a human arm.
CODEX ASTARTES — This volume of organization and tactics, penned by the Ultramarines' primarch Roboute Guilliman after the Horus Heresy, is the doctrinal work that all chapters follow to varying degrees, some seeing it as the holy word of the Emperor, some seeing it as a guideline, and few disregarding it almost entirely. It dictated that the Space Marine Legions be broken into much smaller Chapters (see: Second Founding).
CODEX FERAE — This in an encyclopedic tome about animals native to various planets of the Imperium.
CODICER — This is the middle Space Marine Librarian rank, between Lexicanium and Epistolary.
CODIFIER — A small computer, from handheld to briefcase size
COGBOY — Some members of the Imperial Guard - and certain portions of the populace - use this mildly derogatory term in reference to Engineseers and Tech Priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus.
COGITATOR — A computer, from suitcase-sized to the main core and stacks of a starship or installation
COGNITAE — This term refers to an individual trained to use their mind, either normally or psychically, in a detached, logical manner.
COIL-BOW — This low-tech weapon fires a projectile with a heavy-gauge spring
COLD STEEL RIDGE — In the far north of Macragge, Marneus Calgar made this one of his primary lines of defense in the Battle for Macragge, but was eventually overrun.
COLD ZONE — This term refers to the non-temperature-controled and somewhat lawless areas of Cracia city on Pyrites.
COLLARS OF KHORNE — These studded iron and brass bands are worn by Fleshhounds and other hunting beasts of Khorne.
COLLEGIA TITANICA — (Also: Adeptus Titanicus, Colligia Titanicus) This is the division of the Adeptus Mechanicus responsible for the Titan Legions, and consists of four elements: Divisio Militaris, Divisio Mandati, Divisio Telepathica, and Divisio Investigatus.
COLLEGIATE TITANICUS — Prospective titan pilots attend this Adeptus Mechanicus school for over eight years.
COLUMN FOREST — A community in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda
COMA GULCH — This is a community in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda.
COMBAT-CANT — Mercenaries and combat specialists sometimes use this shorthand language to communicate during battle or to confound the uninitiated.
COMBAT SHIELD — These arm-borne shields for power armor, typically used by Space Marines, sometimes incorporate weapons.
COMBI-WEAPON — This term refers to a weapon artificer's combination of two weapon systems into one frame, such as a bolter and melta gun.
COMMANDER OF THE ARSENAL — This Space Marine title, usually held by an aged warrior past his prime, commands the chapter's armory. Techmarines sometimes assume the title.
COMMANDER OF THE FLEET — This Space Marine title, usually held by an aged warrior past his prime, commands the chapter's starships.
COMMANDER OF THE WATCH — This Space Marine title, usually held by an aged warrior past his prime, commands the chapter's fortress monastery forces.
COMMERCIA — A general term for the commercial merchant district of many cities
COMMISSAR — These political officers of the Departmento Munitorum enforce discipline and order in the Imperial Guard, authorized to execute any cowards or heretics within the ranks. They are outside the Imperial Guard command structure, but extremely few hold ranks in both organizations and can lead troops, such as Colonel-Commissar Gaunt. They are recruited from the Schola Progenium, complete basic Guard training, and then serve as Cadet Commissars under a more senior mentor for an indeterminate period of time. Their teacher eventually promotes the individual to the rank of Commissar. Very senior members of the organization hold the rank of Commissar-General.
COMMISSARIAT PROVOST — These troops are armsmen in support of Commissars in large units or cities.
COMMORRAGH — (Also: Comorragh) This city is one of those of the Dark Eldar, and lays in the webway.
COMPANY COLORS — In Codex-based Space Marine Chapters, each company has a specific color, usually used on the rims of their shoulder armor and on standards and organizational markings. They are: 1st Company white; 2nd Company yellow; 3rd Company red; 4th Company green; 5th Company black; 6th Company orange; 7th Company purple; 8th Company grey; 9th Company blue; and the 10th Company typically uses no color at all.
CONCLAVE — An Inquisitor with an issue beyond his means, which might range from Xenos invasion to a matter of protocol, will call a Conclave of Inquisitors together to address the concern.
CONCLAVE CONSERVATII — A puritan organization within the Ordo Xenos
CONCLAVE OF GATHALAMOR — Thousands of Imperial leaders, including the Chapter Masters of over eight hundred Space Marine chapters, reaffirm their loyalty to the Emperor at the tomb of the Great Confessor on the Day of Ascension at the start of M41.
CONCLAVE OF HAR — Inquisitor Czevak participated in this Inquisitional gather to discuss the Tyranid threat.
CONCLAVE OF THE BLOOD — Not a specific location, it refers to any gathering place of the Folk of Pure Blood on Baal Secundus.
CONCORDANCE OF THE HIGH LORDS — In 012M31, the Imperial Council and High Lords of Terra formally establish the Adeptus Mechanicus, as separate from the Mars Mechanicum, and the Adeptus Titanicus, made of loyalist Legios. Fabricator-General Zagreus Kane heads the Mechanicus, and the followers of Kelbor Hal are purged.
CONCORDIAST — These members of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica focus on soothing and assisting operating Astropaths. They typically wear cleam colored robes.
CONDEMNOR PATTERN BOLTGUN — This is a rare combination weapon, that joins a boltgun with a single shot crossbow. Typically used by the Ordo Hereticus of the Inquisition and the Adepta Sororitas, the crossbow fires an engraved silver stake that disrupts their connection to the Warp, sometimes causing it to spiral fatally out of control.
CONGRESS OF SELECTMEN — This is the planetary congress of Gunarvo
CONGRESSIUM XENOS — A puritan organization within the Ordo Xenos
CONQUEROR — This Imperial tank, a variant of the Leman Russ hull pattern has a XX
CONSIDERATIONS OF THE DIVINE — The author Nordwick wrote this chapbook of daily prayers and meditations for the devout.
CONSTANTA HIVE — This hive city on Hydraphur has an Adeptus Mechanicus foundry.
CONTEMPTOR — This Space Marine Dreadnought variant is armed with two heavy bolters on each arm.
CONTQUAL PURGINGS — The Ultramarines fought a combined armor and titan force during this conflict, and employed Terminus Ultra pattern Land Raiders.
CONTRACT THIRTEEN — This was and arrangement between Jader Trice's Ministry of Subsector Trade and a cartel of rogue traders that made runs into the Mergent Worlds to bring back cogitators and codifiers from Spica Maximal.
CONVENT PANACEAR — This base of the Adepta Sororitas Order of Panacear lies on Jenicae Delta.
CONVENT PRIORIS — This base of the Adepta Sororitas Order of Our Martyred Lady lies on Ophelia VII.
CONVERSION BEAMER — These extremely rare weapons from the pre-Heresy era fire a beam that destructively converts mass into energy. It is unusual in that it becomes more effective with range.
CONVERSION FIELD — This personal protective field converts incoming energy into light. The small device, which has an integral power cell, is typically worn at the belt.
CONVOY URDANETA — Twenty armed freighters and mass conveyors, led by the chartist liner Cardinal Urdaneta and protected by the Gothic cruiser Dreadchild, Marines Errant strike group, and sixteen other escorts, run afoul of an Astral Claws and Lamenters ambush at Vyaniah, led by Lugft Huron himself. Most of the convoy was captured in brutal boarding actions, with only the Marines Errant Strike Cruiser, Star Jackal, fighting free.
CORDIAL OF TZEENTCH — Made from water and the powdered claw or feather of a Lord of Change, they cause seemingly random increases or decreases in the subject's attributes.
CORDITE — An explosive propellant
CORINTHIAN CRUSADE — (Also: Corinth Crusade) Marneus Calgar leads a combined Space Marine force of Ultramarines, Lamenters, Marines Errant, Angels of Absolution, and Silver Skulls on a seven-year crusade against the Ork empire of Charadon in the years prior to the Badab War, which suffers a series of defeats. This delays the invasion of Waaagh Argluk by an estimated thirty years.
CORITANORUM — This is the capital city of Typhos Prime, which is also the capital of the sector, and a virtually impregnable fortress, built into the foundations of a mountain. The Last Chancers set its plasma reactors to overload after its leaders rebelled, destroying it and killing everyone in the titanic hive-fortress. Its inhabitants sometimes referred to it as "Corry."
CORONET TRIATIC MRA-47 — This Imperial Navy sentry station lies near on of Hydraphur's Warp transition points.
CORPSE STARCH — A foodstuff recycled from organic matter by reprocessing plants, typically on densely populated hive worlds
CORPSE TAKERS — These units of the Astral Claws chapter, raised by Lugft Huron, harvested gene seed from all fallen Space Marines on the battlefield, both friend and foe. They were indirectly responsible for the no-prisoners policy towards the end of the Badab War.
CORPUS PRESIDIUM CALIXIS — Lord Sector Drusus installed this sector-spanning legal code
CORSAIR BATTLELINE MANIPLE — A Legio Titanicus grouping of Reaver class Titans optimized for raid missions, using Reaver class Titans.
CORVACHIO — A mountain in the Atenate range on Gudrun
COUNCIL OF COLOURS — This high council, made up of delegates from the Noble Spectrum Houses on Hilarion, ratify the holdings on minor houses held in trust for the primary Spectrum Houses.
COUNCIL OF TERRA — This predecessor to the High Lords of Terra existed after the Unification Wars. Malcador the Sigillite led the Council.
COUNTERSEPTIC — (Also: Counter-septic) Any of a number of antiseptic liquids used to sterilize wounds.
COURT OF THE YOUNG KING — This is a warrior council on the Eldar craftworld of Biel-Tan whose council holds as much sway as that of the farseers.
COURTS TEMPORAL — Often preceded by a scope of jurisdiction, such as Segmentum Courts Temporal, these are the high-level courts of the Imperium, hearing cases where branches of the Adeptus Terra come into conflict, or cases against those outside it, such as the Adptus Astartes or Rogue Traders.
CRACIA — This is the largest and oldest city on Pyrites, and home to the Imperial Needle, a massive tower. It has advanced temperature regulation and energy shields that keep out the worst of the weather, except in the so called Cold Zones.
CRADLE OF IAPETUS — Refers both to the Omega Garmon mortuary planets and the specific burial site of the "ancestor-lords."
CRAFTWORLD — The Eldar constructed these titanic space-going world-vessels before the Fall, and they now contain the majority of the Eldar race
CRAWLER — Ubiquitous on many ice and jungle planets, these wide-tracked vehicles were roughly the size and shape of a Chimera troop transport and adept at moving quickly over snow and other uncertain ground.
CREED OF GYRAE — This Ecclesiarchal writing is used in preparation for the Mass of Saint Balronas.
CRIMSON BASILICA — This Ecclesiarchal stronghold is home to the Cardinals Crimson. Many pilgrims flock here to test their martial skills, hoping for acceptance into the honor guard of the basilica.
CRIMSON FORTRESS — The Space Wolves and Dark Angels conquered this fortress on the world of Dulan during the Great Crusade, killing the tyrant Durath.
CRISIS BATTLESUIT — Designated XV8, these versatile suits form the mainstay of the Tau Battlesuit forces, can be fitted with a wide variety of weapons and other systems, and have jump jets.
CRIXIAN LOCUST — These virulent insects virtually eliminate all foodstuffs.
CROSSFERRY — This is a district in the lower levels of Petropolis on Eustis Majoris.
CROTALID — These deadly animals are native to the mangrove swamps of Epsion Octarius.
CROZIAT-PATTERN HELM — These helms of the Adepta Sororitas completely cover the face.
CROZIUS ARCANUM — This power weapon, usually headed by an Imperial symbol, is the badge of office for Space Marine Chaplains.
CRUSADE — This term refers to large-scale military operations sanctioned by the High Lords of Terra.
CRUSADE MARK — The Black Templars Space Marines grant these awards for conduct above and beyond the call of duty. One type is for Valiant Conduct.
CRUSADE OF THE OPHIDIUM GULF — Sole survivor of the Garon Crusade, Castellan Raimer led his strike cruiser, the Ophidium Gulf into the Veiled Region of the galactic south in 998M41. In persecuting an alien empire that paid homage to the "Voice of the Emperor," he linked up with a Dark Angel force. He captured the Voice, a warrior clad in power armor devoid of insignia, and was forced under duress to turn the prisoner over to the Dark Angels. His cruiser has not been seen since.
CRUSADE OF SPITE — The Marines Errant were one of the key forces in this campaign beyond the Western Fringe in early M39.
CRUSADE OF WRATH1 — The Black Templars declare a crusade into the Maelstrom at the behest of Lugft Huron in 869M41, assaulting from the east while the Astral Claws, Lamenters, and Mantis Warriors attack from the south and northeast. Over many years, the combined actions purge no fewer than twenty-three Traitor or Xenos stronghold worlds, including several of the Word Bearers. It penetrated more deeply than any other campaign into the Maelstrom, exterminating the homeworld of the flesh-haunters. The Black Templars Space Marines won several systems near the Maelstrom from the Word Bearers in 888M41. The Crusade was redirected to support the Realm of Ultramar in the wake of the Tyranic War.
CRUSADE OF WRATH2 — Marshal Helbrecht of the Black Templars Space Marines leads a huge fleet of fifteen allied chapters against the advance of Hive Fleet Leviathan in the east of the Ultima Segmentum in 997M41, but is forced to fall back.
CRUSADE VERSES — This is a collection of Imperial hymns.
CRUSHING ORM OF KAMIR — After Captain Mogul Kamir lost his arm to minions of chaos, it was replaced with this powerful augmetic, granting him great strength in hand to hand combat.
CRUX ARGENTUM — A gemmed, silver badge for the Crux Terminatus, awarded for acts of extreme valor.
CRUX TERMINATUS — These badges, adorning the left shoulder of terminator armor, are carved from stone, and are said to each have a small fragment of the Emperor's own armor, in recognition of their service performed in the defeat of Horus. Veteran Marines who have fought in Terminator Armor wear smaller, metallic replicas of the symbol on the right knee of their power armor, and upon banners or weapons.
CRYO-BIN — A cold-storage unit for suspended animation
CRYOGENERATOR — These machines supply the necessary temperature for Hibernation berths.
CRYO-STACKS — An array of cryo-bins, usually on a starship
CRYSTAL SEER — These Eldar have become so engrossed in the Path of the Seer that they can no longer choose another.
C'TAN — The Necrons worship this group of godlike beings who feed off the life energy of living beings.
CUDBEAR — These large, dangerous animals are native to the death world of Cthella.
CULEXUS — An Imperial Ordo Assassinorum Temple
CULT MECHANICUS — This religion espoused by the Adeptus Mechanicus believes that knowledge is the supreme minifestation of divinity, and that the Emperor is the supreme object of worship because of his supreme knowledge. The Deus Mechanicus, the Machine God or Omnissiah, is their manifestation of that aspect of the Emperor.
CULT OF MARS — See: Adeptus Mechanicus
CULT OF THE MACHINE — An early term for the formative Machine Cult of Mars. See: Adeptus Mechnicus
CULT OF THE RED TALON — Brother-Captain Stern and a force of Grey Knights destroyed this cult in 855M41.
CULT OF VEILED OBLIVION — This cult rose to prominence in the Ybaric Cluster on the approach of Hive Fleet Naga in 801M41, and may have been Genestealer spawned.
CURATE OF THE FLAG — Curates serving with the Imperial Navy bear this unofficial title.
CURTAIN, THE — This wall ringed the Bastion Psykana station in Hydraphur. Long Dock Road formed its outer perimeter.
CURSE — This underhive Escher gang of Hive Primus on Necromunda teamed up with the Berserkers against the Firebrands.
CURSED FOUNDING — In the 21st founding, the largest since the Second, the Adeptus Mechanicus Genetor conducts unsuccessful experimentation to create improved Space Marines. The Fire Hawks, Flame Falcons, Black Dragons, and other chapters are created with this cursed gene seed. Some chapters mutate horribly. The Flame Falcons spontaneous and extreme physical corruption turn them into a race that is no longer human nor sane. The Grey Knights and White Consuls drive the Flame Falcons from their homeworld of Lethe after they are declared excommunicate.
CWLWHL — This is the martial art of the long-vanished Tanith Nalsheen, wood warriors
CYBER-MASTIFF — The Adeptus Arbites and affluent citizens utilize this servitor-equivalent based on a dog. They generally have superior tracking abilities and a mostly mechanical, armored skin.
CY-CARNIVORA — This heretic cult formed during the formative years of the Mechanicum. At the height of their power, their Mekwrights claimed much of Mars' wastelands. Three combined Orders of what would become the Collegia Titanica, the Triad Ferrum Morgulus, ended their threat.
CYCLE — Those on starships or in the depths of hives use this term to refer to a day.
CYCLIC ION BLASTER — This Tau weapon generates rapid-fire pulses of ion radiation for use against lightly armored targets.
CYCLONE MISSILE LAUNCHER — Marines arm Terminator Armor with this missile system to support long-distance strikes.
CYCLONIC TORPEDO — Imperial warships utilize patterns of these massive, ship-borne weapons to enact Exterminatus upon worlds.
CYCLOPS — This Squat, titan-sized war machine mounted a cannon highly effective in piercing the armor of titans, and was sometimes known as the Titan Killer.
CYCLOPS SQUARE — A region within Junktion in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda
CYNA BUN — A sweet pastry flavored with spice


D-16 WEST — This secret Adeptus Mechanicus facility in the wastes outside Helsreach Hive penetrated kilometers into the crust of Armageddon and its maze-like structure was defended by the most advanced physical and machine-spirit defenses imaginable, though all concealed. It guarded the Ordinatus Armageddon, a sacred relic of the First War for Armageddon, and the site was regarded as holy territory of the Mechanicus. On the surface, it consisted of a small armored compound, two landing pads sufficient for titan-sized landers, and a 100 meter wide ramp descending into the ground. It was built after the First War for Armageddon.
DA CHOPPIN' MENACE — This was a famous Ork Deffkopta Choppa Skwadron.
DA FLAMING SKULLS — This tribe within Waaagh! Snagrod consists of 18 Speed Freak Warbands at the Blattle for Rynn's World.
DA NOISE OF DEFF — This was a famous Ork Deffkopta Choppa Skwadron.
DA SKORCHED EARTH KREW — This clan of Waaagh! Snadgrod, the Arch-Arsonist of Charadon, has roughly 270 Skorchas and 24 Flamestompas at the Blattle for Rynn's World.
DAEMON — These powerful beings of the warp sometimes cross into the material realm, through a variety of means, to wreck havoc. The most favored of the Ruinous Powers, and the most powerful, are the daemon princes.
DAEMON WORLD — This term refers to a world that has been drawn in to one of the rifts between the physical universe and the Warp, such as the Eye of Terror. The laws of the material universe no longer hold sway and Chaos reigns.
DAEMONBLADE — These weapons, often used by the powers of Chaos or radical Imperial Inquisitors, contain bound daemon, or daemons. No two are alike, as they reflect the spirit of the bound entity. Even so bound, they pose a great threat to those without sufficient willpower to resist their whisperings.
DAEMONETTE — These large-eyed daemons of Slaanesh have human female bodies, but their arms end in pincers. They are also known as Children of Slaanesh, Bringers of Joyous Degredation, Givers of Indescribable Delight, Debauched Ones or Seekers of Decadence.
DAEMONHOST — These are a Warp spirit bound into the body of a mortal. They can be massively powerful, fickle, and difficult to control. The daemon will make every attempt to escape, misinterpret, and somehow exact revenge for their
DAEMONIFUGE — These are semi-mythical beings created to combat chaos. They are sometimes called Saints, and sometimes Heretics.
DAGAR INSURRECTION — Legio Astorum took part in this action.
DAKKA-DAKKA — (Also: Dakka) This Ork term can refer to combat, shooting things, things that shoot, or general mayhem.
DALLOWEN CANTONS — This is a region on the planet Hubris.
DAMAGE CONTROL TEAM — (Also: DCT) This term is commonly used by both the Imperial Navy and the Space Marines, referring to starship repair crews.
DAMNED COMPANY OF LORD CAUSTOS — A group of Space Marines declared Excommunicate by an Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus. They were forced to turn to chaos to survive, and now exist as mercenaries.
DAMOCLES GULF CRUSADE — After rediscovering the Tau circa 742M41, the Imperium found that they had crossed the Gulf into the Timbra Subsector. In retaliation, they invaded Tau space, making progress until stopped at the Sept world of Dal'yth by Commanders Farsight and Shadowsun. The growing Tyranid menace spelled the end of further support for the Crusade, and Imperial forces withdrew to their side of the Gulf.
DANAB JUNCTION — This main junction along Hel's Highway at Helsreach Hive on Armageddon was the site of fierce fighting between the Black Templars and a force of Ork dreadnoughts during the Third War for Armageddon, where it was used as a titan rearming site.
DANCE OF THE DEAD — This event on Kalf in 808M41 led to a clash between Inquisitorial factions of the Ordo Calixis, contributing to ongoing acrimony.
DANTE — This deep-space observation station gives warning to the Armageddon system.
DARIEN — This is the largest population center on the Hoarfell plateau on Periremunda.
DARK COMPLIANCE — This refers to the Traitor tactic of occupying Loyalist worlds and destroying any who dared rebel against them.
DARK FOUNDING — The 13th Founding of the Space Marines creates an unknown number of chapters whose ultimate fate remains a mystery. The Adeptus Terra maintained no record of the chapters or samples of their gene seed.
DARK IMPERIUM — See: Imperium Nihilus
DARK PATH OF THE FOREST, THE — This song, played on the Tanith pipes, is an old battle lament.
DARK REAPER — This Eldar aspect of Khaine wears heavy armor and bears a variety of heavy weapons.
DARK TONGUE — Sometimes also called Black Speech, this is the language of Chaos and its minions. It is partially pictographic and partially runic when written.
DARKSTAR — This Eldar fighter design boasts advanced inertial dampening and long duration crystal power generation. They are far more nimble than most Imperial fighters.
DARKSTATION — Imperial authorities alternately classify this station in the Priam sector as independent or rebel., as suits their needs. Imperial agents destroyed the Chaos vessel Initiate of Skalathrax here after the Gothic War.
DARTCASTER — This weapon, utilized by several imperial agencies shoots semi-silenced darts, which can be loaded with various substances.
DATA-ARC — These objects hold large amounts of data, essentially a mini-library.
DATA CRYSTAL — These are data storage devices, approximately the size of an almond, that can be encrypted.
DATA-LOOM — A large, powerful cogitator
DATA-SLATE — These boards hold and display moderate amounts of data.
DATASLAVE — A type of Adeptus Administratum worker.
DATA-SLUICE — Cables that carry large volumes of data
DATHAX CRUSADE — Marshal Tarrison lked this Crusade, supported by the 5082 Naval Wing. He granted the Wing permission to mark 16 of its fighters with the heraldic cross in honor f their cservice.
DAUGHTERS OF THE EMPEROR — This organization of female warriors on Ophelia VII became the Adepta Sororitas. During the Age of Apostasy, Vandire used them as his personal guard, only to be killed by their leader, Alicia Dominica, after she discovered his treachery.
DAUNTLESS — Imperial Navy light cruiser designed for scouting is fast and maneuverable, but still has enough firepower to deal with enemy escorts.
DAVIDAN PERIMETER — This defensive bulwark forged a key part of the defenses for the southern polar fortresses on Magragge, and was overrun during the invasion of Hive Fleet Behemoth in 745M41.
DAY OF ASCENSION — This holy Imperial holiday celebrates the Emperor's ascension to the Golden Throne and the Empyrean.
DEAD END PASS — A region of the underhive if Hive Primus on Necromuda
DEAD FIELDS — The Grey Knights inter their honored dead in these crypts beneath their fortress monastery on Titan
DEADLANDS — This icy region lies in the far south of Armageddon.
DEADLOFTS — These crumbling upper reaches of Stairtown are barely inhabited, due to the acid rain and radiation exposure. They consist of the top six to ten levels of every Stairtown stack.
DEATH COMPANY — Formed from those that have succumbed to the Black Rage or the Red Thirst, this Blood Angel company seeks death on battle and is used for difficult assaults. They wear black armor marked with red crosses, symbolizing the sacrifice and blood of their patriarch.
DEATH CRY — This Land Raider Helios of the 1st Company of the Fire Hawks had 4 surface-to-air and 7 armor kills at the Iblis Breakout.
DEATH CULT ASSASSIN — Cults on some Imperial worlds give rise to Death Cults devoted to killing in the name of the Emperor, fanatically dedicated to the Imperial Creed. These cults frequently venerate blades and melee weapons over ranged arms. These killers are much sought after bodyguards and Acolytes for Inquisitors and Ministorum officials
DEATHGAUNT — This creature of the Guant subspecies (Imperial classification yet to be established) utilizes a yet-unseen weapon-symbiote.
DEATH HEAD OF NURGLE — These grenade-like projectiles are made from the skull of a vanquished foe and filled with the pus from a greater daemon. They shatter upon impact, spraying Nurgle's Rot over an area.
DEATHKNELL — Chapter Master Ferran Valor of the Iron Hands Space Marines created this now widely used orbital assault tactic for the Forgan Conquests. It combines teleported Terminators with dreadnought drop pods.
DEATH-MASK — The Adeptus Ministorum places these penitent masks upon sinners.
DEATH MASK OF SANGUINIUS — This golden mask is an extremely lifelike representation of the Primarch, and is said to come to life during battle, projecting a golden halo.
DEATH OF INNOCENCE — This refers to the betrayal of Kelbor Hal, which pledged half of the Mechanicum to Horus during the Horus Hersy. Though the Mechanicum had more of its share of internal strife, this was the first time an outside force engineered a schism within it. It marks the beginning of the Age of Darkness.
DEATH OF TALLARN, THE — In 010M31, led by Perturabo himself, the Iron Warriors, Legio Krytos, Knight House Caesarean, and traitor Imperial Army regiments, invade the then-lush world of Tallarn. Taking both sides by surprise, Perturabo orders Exterminatus by life-eater virus barrage. Many of the defenders survive in extensive underground shelter networks. Legio Gryphonicus, Knights of House Megron, the Household army of Rogue Trader Sangrea, and armor elements of the Iron Hands, Imperial Fists, Ultramarines, and White Scar Legions conduct the largest armored engagements of all time across the now blighted surface of Tallarn. Though technically a loyalist victory, both sides suffered heavy losses.
DEATH SHADOWS — This Chaos Renegade faction retreated to the Sybari system after defeat in their bid to invade the Realm of Ultramar. As they prepared another invasion, Hive Fleet Behemoth arrived, destroying them and the entire system.
DEATHSHIPS — Chaos close air support craft
DEATHSKULLS — This superstitious Ork clan is known for scavenging and looting, and often has access to a variety of "found" items. Their totem is a horned skull, from which their name is derived. They are very superstitious, and often paint their skin bright blue for luck. Their Mekaniaks are particularly skilled at assembling new items out of scavenged parts.
DEATHSPITTER — This Tyranid bio-weapon fires a construct that sprays acid on its target.
DEATH TO THE DEVIANT — This is an older, though very recognizeabele tune within the Imperium.
DEATH TRAP — This man-eating plant native to Catachan lends it name to their Guard regiment's ambush patrols.
DEATHWIND — (Also: Deathwind Drop Pod) This class of Space Marine drop pods are armed with weapons for reducing defenses on drop zones.
DEATHWING — This is the name for the First Company of the Dark Angels. Their armor was black until a squad rescued their homeworld from a genestealer invasion, after which it was colored white to honor their memory.
DEATH WORLD — (Also: δτ-class, delta-tau-class) These worlds possess dangers so extreme that only limited populations can survive on their surfaces. Those that adapt to the harsh conditions are typically hardened by the experience. For this reason, the Imperial Guard often recruits from their populations.
DEC — This is the Tau time unit, 10 in each rotaa, roughly 1.5 Terran hours.
DECREE OF PARTITION — This Adeptus Administratum decree in the wake of the Bucharis Apostasy set up civilian or Administratum organizations in some systems, particularly Hydraphur, to counterbalance the Navy's power.
DECREE PASSIVE — This Imperial decree forbade the Ecclesiarchy from maintaining men under arms, such as they had under the Fratis Militia, after the Age of Apostasy in M36.
DEFENDER OF HADES HIVE — Honorific moniker given to Commissar Yarrick by the population of Armageddon
DEFFKOPTA — These crude, one-Ork helicopters are essentially bikes with whirling blades and lots of guns. While fast and effective, they are quite dangerous, and their users tend to have a short lifespan.
DEFFLORD'S BUZKOPTAS — This was a famous Ork Deffkopta Choppa Skwadron.
DEFF DREADS — Painboyz stick wires and probes into an Ork's brain in order to allow them to control these dreadnoughts armed with power shears, buzz saws, and cannons.
DEFF SKWADRON — Under the command of Kommanda Uzgob, this Fighta-Bomma squadron serves under Warboss Badthug, and has participated in the raid on Big Scrap Alley, the sinking of the battleship Grimlug, and many other engagements. They have fought the Imperial Navy Raptor squadron in defense of their space hulk.
DE KYP — (Also: De Kypp) This major merchantile house cenetered its operations on Demaris Primary and the surounding sector.
DELTA 9 MASSACRE — Asdrubael Vect, Supreme Lord of the Kabal of the Black Heart slaughtered the world of Delta 9.
DELAQUE — A ganger sect that practices subterfuge and deception
DELTAIRUM 276TH ARMOURED CORPS — These tank companies stationed at Delta-Garmon II were mostly destroyed by a Legio Lortis landing force during the campaign for Beta-Garmon.
DEMI-LEGION — This is a unit size for the Adeptus Titanicus.
DEMI-PACHYDERM — (Also: Demi-pach) These elephant-like beasts are a major source of meat in parts of the Imperium.
DEMOLISHER — This is a variant of the Leman Russ Imperial battle tank, armed with a Demolisher cannon, and is considered a siege tank.
DEMOLISHER CANNON — This heavy, vehicle-mounted siege weapon graces Space Marine Vindicators.
DENTCLEAN — The Imperial Guard issues this dental cleaner, which is swilled around the mouth for a period of time and spat out. The foaming liquid typically comes in a small foil pouch.
DEPARTMENT OF SPECIAL CRIME — A small part of the Departmento Magistratum in Petropolis on Eustis Majoris
DEPARTMENTO MAGISTRATUM — A sub-organization of the Adeptus Arbites tasked with solving local crimes and disputes.
DEPARTMENTO MUNITORUM — This organization encompasses the Imperial Guard and Navy. It is the war-machine of the Emperor.
DEPARTMENTO TACTICAE — This sub-organization of the Departmento Munitorium sets Imperial tactical policy.
DEREDEO — The Space Marine Dreadnought variant is armed with two heavy bolters and a missile launcher.
DESERT TIGERS — This is the name given to the 3rd Tallarn, who fought alongside the Tallarn 4th and 5th with Warmaster Solon during the Macharian Heresy. The name was earned, along with an Inquisitorial commendation, during the fighting against the rebels of Kallastin.
DESERT VULTURES — This is the name of the Armageddon 273rd Steel Legion. They defended the north gate of Helsreach Hive during the Third War for Armageddon. Their symbol is a vulture with an Imperial aquila in its talons. It was commanded by Colonel Nathett at that time, seconded by Majors Johan and Oros.
DESOLATOR — This battleship class from the earliest days of the Imperium mounts long-ranged weapons whose design has been forever lost to the Adeptus Maechanicus.
DESPOILER — This carrier-battleship class was the result of the Gareox Prerogative of M36, though only three were completed in Battlefleet Tempestus.
DESTINY GATE — The southern gate of the Citadel of Hydra Cordatus was bronze clad and four meters thick.
DET-PACK — An explosive satchel charge
DETH RAY — This special Mekboy weapon, typically only employed on Gargants, has the ability to phase through Void Shields without disrupting them or the beam.
DETOX PILL — This medicine counters many of the toxic effects of tainted or polluted atmospheres.
DEUS MECHANICUS — This is the Machine God of the Cult Mechanicus, who gave rise to all technology and has ultimate knowledge. The cult is tolerated within the Imperium because the Machine God is seen as an aspect of the all-knowing Emperor.
DEVASTATION — Chaos cruiser class employes several squadrons of attack craft.
DEVASTATOR SQUAD — This Codex unit consists of a sergeant and nine other Space Marines, four of which are typically armed with heavy weapons. These units are optimized for either long-range or penetrating firepower.
DEVAYNE FRATERNITY — This holy order lost its support from the Synod Calixis in 560M41, causing its transformation into the Devayne Incorporation.
DEVAYNE INCORPORATION — Founded from the remains of the Devayne Fraternity when they lost their writ from the Synod Calixis in 560M41, this commercial power became one of the most organized and powerful in the sector.
DEVILFISH — This Tau anti-grav armored personell carrier is technologically advanced and can carry up to 12 Fire Warriors. It is armed with a Burst Canon and two drones.
DEVILMAW MOUNTAINS — These mountains on the west of the Gnosis Prime continent on Gnosis anchors the west side of the Ulyxis Lines.
DEVOURER1 — This Tyranid bio-weapon shoots a hail of grubs that can eat through light armor and flesh with ease.
DEVOURER2 — Imperial Navy drop ship can hold entire regiments.
DHAWALAGIRI — This section of the Imperial Palace, housing the Annapurna Gate, was one of the last to be fortified during the Horus Heresy.
DIABLO — This industrial complex lay east of the Diabolus River on the continent of Armageddon Secundus.
DIABOLUS RIVER — This northeast to southwest running river flowed out the northern coast of Armageddon Secundus.
DIAGNOSTICATOR — Automated diagnostic machines
DIALOGS OF THE CONFESSOR — This Ecclesiarchal tome is used in religious readings.
DIAMANTINE — This is a crystalline-tempered alloy of adamantine, typically only used for the tips of armor-piercing shells.
DICTATOR — The Imperial Navy built this cruiser class based on the Lunar class hull, and as a stopgap measure, many damaged Lunar class vessels were retrofitted as Dictators. It carries several squadrons of attack craft. Successive builds included upgraded communications and auspex arrays for long-range control of attack craft.
DIEMOS — This valley on Fortis Binary was a hydro-electric industrial center. It served as the main battlefield between Chaos and Imperial forces of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade.
DIFFERENTIAL THEOREM OF DISPERSED ATTRITION — Colonel Van Cjester wrote this military work, which states that where one tank may be equal to an enemy vehicle, two tanks are three times more effective due to both the difference in firepower and the need for the outgunned tank to kill twice its number of opponents.
DIGI-LAS — These weapons, miniaturized las armament, are concealed or built into rings or the fingers or knuckles of gauntlets.
DIGITAL WEAPON — These weapons, sometimes of ancient Imperial or Jokaero/xenos manufacture are fitted into a ring, glove, gauntlet or augmetic. They lack range, but can be very accurate in close quarters.
DIMARIS CRUSADE — Marshal Ricard commanded this Black Templar Crusade before its integration into the Armageddon Crusade.
DIMENSIONAL FORGE — The Iron Grimoire reports that Janus, one of the first Grey Knights, found this xenos device that was said to project a light-years-spanning field that daemons could not enter. It was lost until agents of Inquisitor Valeria located an item that matched its description on Cavlock. If true, it was destroyed when Inquisitor Darkhammer declared Exterminatus on that world before the Valeria could recover the Forge.
DIRE AVENGER — This Eldar aspect of Khaine specializes close ranged attack and they wield Shuriken Catapults
DIS INDUSTRIAL SECTOR — The Azal Spaceport lay in this southwest region of Helsreach Hive.
DISC — These daemon steeds of Tzeentch, also known as Sky-Sharks of Tzeentch, are known as K'echi'tsnoae in the tongue of the Warp. In the immaterium, they are hunters, searching for souls to prey upon. When summoned as steeds they exist in both the material plane and that of the Warp, and can transport their riders from one to the other
DISPLACER FIELD — This ancient technology creates a field around an individual, which when broken by a high speed or high energy projectile will teleport them roughly 10 meters away. Remaining examples of this rare personal device are not well understood, cannot be replicated, and have varying dependability.
DISTAFF — This was a cadre of Untouchables, psi-inerts, assembled by Alizebeth Bequin and Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn in 270M41. They moved their headquarters to Messina, spire eleven in Messina Prime, but it was destroyed in 386M41.
DIVINE ARMY — This purity cult operated on Lastrati, introducing genetic viruses to purge those that deviated from "perfect humanity." They reduced the hive world's population from 14 billion to 2 and a half million before discovery and destruction by Marshal Gervhart of the Black Templars in 543M36.
DIVINE AVATAR — These are suitable vessels for the material presence of a divine being of the Warp. Thus, the Emperor is the Divine Avatar imbued by the God of humanity. Various factions of the Inquisition seek to either destroy, study, or enhance Avatars for their own purposes.
DIVINE PRIMER — This is the most basic text of indoctrination to the Machine God, and can be seen outside the Adeptus Mechanicus, though not commonly.
DIVINE PROCESSING ROUTINE — The Adeptus Mechanicus sect of the Imperio-Cognisticians use this term to describe the everyday activities of the Imperium, which they believe assist in the ultimate quest for knowledge.
DIVINE VESSEL — According to the beliefs of some Inquisitorial factions, a new living body for the Emperor will one day be born or created.
DIVINER'S NEEDLE — See: Carthega Telepathica
DIVISIO INVESTIGATUS — Operating from Mars, this section of the Adeptus Titanicus conducts research into improving Battle Titans and searches for scraps of STC related to the towering giants.
DIVISIO INVIGILA — This subsect of the Adeptus Mechanicus is responsible for the collection and purity analysis of the gene seed tithe of the Adeptus Astertes.
DIVISIO MANDATI — The orders within this group bring the Emperor's will to newly discovered worlds within the Imperium. The temple-forge ships of the order carry between two and five Emperor Titans, each containing Arbites, Ecclesiarchy, and Inquisitorial forces to bring the light of the Emperor back to these rediscovered worlds.
DIVISIO MILITARIS — The titan orders within this group have bases on forge worlds throughout the Imperium, and have extensive support installations, tech-priests, and ground support troops. Since the Horus Heresy, orders have not been allowed to have their own transports, which are now provided by the Imperial Navy.
DIVISIO TELEPATHICA — Only a very few of these orders exist, operating from secret forge worlds at the heart of the Imperium where they can react quickly to crisis. They operate the dreaded and extremely rare Psi-Titans.
DOMINATOR — The Imperial Navy designed this cruiser class for a fleet support role, and the shipyards of Kar Duniash and others in the Ultima Segmentum produce more of this design than in other regions.
DOMINATRIX — This titan-sized Tyranid (Imperial designator: Tyranicus Praepotens) has been observed as acting as a primary node to the Hive Mind for forces including titanic Hierophants and Hierodules. It is as intelligent as a Hive Tyrant, and more heavily armed than most super-heavy tanks.
DOMINION SCHISM — The Black Templars were involved in this XX.
DOOM OF ALL THINGS — This is another name for the Tyranid race.
DOOMFIRE — Chaos bomber design
DOOMRIPPER KRAKEN — This subspecies of the Kraken bio-ships that range ahead of Hive Fleets as scouts has dozens of strong tentacles. These tentacles lash onto enemy vessels in an inescapable grip, allowing the Kraken to grind through the hull. Doomrippers have been known to crush enemy hulls, even in their death throws.
DORAC ALPS — A mountain range in the uplands of Cadia
DORAPT — A Kroot clan
DORMANT PLAINS — This region contains the Hibernation Tombs on the planet of Hubris.
DORPALINE — This mountain in the Atenate range is one of the greatest on Gudrun.
DORSAY — The northern capitol of Gudrun straddles the mouth of the river Drunner where it flows into a lagoon. It is a city of canals, the city standing on massive basalt pilings.
DOWN TOWN — This is the colloquial name for the lower levels of many underhives.
DRACH'NYEN — Abbadon the Despoilers wields this powerful daemon blade.
DRACOLITH — These crystalline creatures are extremely dangerous.
DRAGON BASTION — This was the southern bastion of three at Tor Christo.
DRAGON'S MIGHT — This Hellhound tank was part of the HQ company, 6th Squadron, of the Mordant 22nd Armoured Assault Regiment.
DREADCLAW — Chaos assault-boarding craft uses phase-field technology to burn through the thickest hulls.
DREADNOUGHT — These ancient, huge suits of armor stand two to three times the height of a man and allow those Space Marine heroes near death to be interred into the sarcophagus, keeping their spirit alive and allowing them to continue to serve the chapter. They have interchangeable arm mounts that can be armed with a variety of heavy and close combat weapons. Space Marines sometimes refer to them as Old Ones in respect for their age and knowledge.
DREADNOUGHT, ORK — A Painboy and Mekaniak will combine their skills to implant an Ork into a large armed and armored mechanical body. There are two and four armed versions, though only the most intelligent and dexterous Orks can operate the latter. Because the Ork inside often becomes carried away with his newfound power, they favor arming the machine with close-combat weapons.
DREAM OF THE EAGLE, THE — An epic poem written in Old Gothic
DRIFTER'S WAKE — An underhive settlement adjacent to Scorchtown in Hive Primus on Necromunda
DRIPDOWN — A region of Mirror-Bitten in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda is known for their brewers and Wildsnake liquor.
DRONE — This is a common term for crude servitor-skulls and other small, semi-autonomous servitors.
DRONE — The Tau version of these autonomous machines are more independent come in Gun (Kor'vesa), Marker, Shield, and Sniper versions.
DROP POD — These orbital assault capsules allow the deployment of troops from orbit. The Space Marine version can hold ten troops, one dreadnought, or an array of remote weapons, the Deathwind Pod.
DROVERVILLE — A town along the West Banks on Flint where a beast-moot took place at the end of each season
DRUDFELLAD — These mythological spirits of Tanith folklore warded the trees.
DRUNNER, RIVER — The city of Dorsay lies at the mouth of this river on the northern continent of Gudrun.
DRUNNER REGION — This region, named for the river running through it, encompasses Menizerre, Dorsay, and Insume.
DRUSINE IMPERIAL CULT — This segment of the Imperial Cult reveres General Drusus of the Angevin Crusade as a Saint, confirmed by the Great Synod of Holy Terra in 502M39.
DRYSTAN CONSTRUCTION YARDS — These shipyards lie in the system of the same name.
DUELING BLADE — This Space Marine Rhino fought at the battle of Rynn's World in 989M41.
DUKE OF KSR GAUR — This is a Baneblade, tank 02, of a Steel Fury company of the Cadian 445th Superheavy Armoured.
DURATH'S HALL — This was the throne room of the tyrant Durath with in the Crimson Fortress on Dulan.
DURNANVILLE — This is a regional capital on Jumael IV.
DUST FALLS — This area in the lower underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda has holes through which the dust falls descend down nearly 2 km to Hive Bottom. It is one of the larges wells in the hive.
DUSTY HOLE, THE — The main bar and watering hole of the Dusty Falls area in the lower underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda
DYING GORGE — An underhive settlement in Hive Primus on Necromunda


EAGLE — This Eldar bomber has basic holofields and highly effective anti-ship armaments.
EAGLE CLAWS — This was the common name for the 1st Frigate Echalon operating in Battlefleet Gothic.
EAGLE'S WING — This bar in the Heights of Mayoh, the capital of Gravalax, catered to PDF troops and other Imperial loyalists.
EARTHBREAKER MISSILE — These Titan-scale missiles burrow into the ground before detonation, shaking the ground and sundering fortifications.
EARTH CASTE — This caste of the Tau, "Fio," consists of builders, artisans, and scientists.
EARTHSHAKER — Imperial Guard heavy artillery cannon typically mounted on a Basilisk chassis or as a fixed artillery piece.
EAST K STACKERS — This gang operated in Formal K in Petropolis on Eustis Majoris.
EBOLUS — This plague city is the capital of Nurgle's territory on the Chaos world of Eidolon, ruled by the Daemon Prince Bubonnikus.
EBON RING — Award for exemplary service
ECCLESIARCH — The highest member of the Adeptus Ministorum
ECCLESIARCHAL PALACE — This titanic structure on Holy Terra is the hub of Adeptus Ministorum activity for the region.
ECCLESIARCHAL PROSCRIPTIONS — These multiple volumes define forbidden actions for the common man.
ECCLESIARCHY — This is the common name for the Adeptus Ministorum, the church of the Imperium.
ECHO EYRIE — This tower of the Bastion Psykana gained its name for it extra large astropathic choir, necessary for large messages or inexperienced Astropaths.
ECLIPSE — This Eldar cruiser class has more speed and agility than any other attack-craft carrier.
EDICT OF OBLITERATION — Issued by the High Lords of Terra, this command compels all records on a person, organization, item or event to be stricken from Imperial records. It can sometimes take centuries for such orders to be fully executed, and even then, some elements, often including the Inquisition, will disobey the order.
EDICULE — This was the technological shrine about which the necropolis of Menazoid Epsilon was built, housing the corrupted STC and Men of Iron. It was five hundred meters in diameter and a thousand high, and housed an intact Standard Template Constructor that had been corrupted by its long proximity to Chaos.
EDRIAN PROVINCE — This region lies 60 km away from Ineuron Town, between it and the Lectica heartlands. Its borders saw fierce fighting during the chaos invasion.
EDRIAN TOWN — The capitol and main urban area of Edrian Provincene
ELANDRA CREMATORIUM — A funeral parlor in Formal E
ELDANAR — This term refers to the descendants of the Eldar demigod Eldanesh.
ELDAR PATH — To prevent themselves from the excesses that led to the Fall, Eldar commit themselves to one focus at a time, be that of the warrior of that of the builder, and engross themselves in mastering that art before moving on to another.
ELDRITCH RAIDERS — This was an Eldar Outcast pirate fleet of some renown.
ELECTOO — These sub-dermal metallic strips allow a Tech Priest to channel some of the energy from his potentia coil, shocking those who he strikes.
ELECTOR (OF TANITH) — This is the Imperial governor of Tanith.
ELECTRO-CANDLES — Small electric lights
ELECTRO-GAFF — This naval close combat weapon is designed for boarding actions.
ELUSIAN MAZE — This asteroid field lies in the Elusia Prime system, and is home to the Faithful's Deliverance starfortress.
EMERALD TRIPLEAF — This carnivorous plant can sense others of its kind nearby, and they coordinate to pump their waste materials, haematic fluids, into unoccupied areas. Their plate-sized leaves quiver, making a chinking noise before they strike.
EMP GRENADE — This Tau grenade generates a strong pulse of energy, burning out unshielded electronics.
EMPEROR1 — This class of titans were the largest ever built, armed with fearsome weapons such as the Hellstorm Cannon and Plasma Annihilator, of a strength normally only seen on vessels of the Imperial Navy. They stand 60 meters tall.
EMPEROR2 — This Imperial Navy battleship class features a number of weapons batteries and attack craft squadrons.
EMPEROR'S CHAMPION — This Marine's weapon and armor are always called the Black Sword and Armor of Faith, which are the best that the chapter can provide the warrior, who experiences a vision from the Emperor on the eve of battle. He seeks out champions of the enemy, or a leader if they have none, and challenge them to single combat. This tradition was begun by the Black Templars, but many other chapters practice it as well.
EMPEROR'S DAY — This is the first day of the year, and is an Imperium-wide holiday.
EMPEROR'S GRACE — This term refers to killing one who is mortally wounded to save them suffering.
EMPEROR'S MIRACLE — The Ecclesiarchy proclaims these miraculous events
EMPEROR'S PEACE — See: Emperor's Grace
EMPEROR'S TAROT — These divining tools are constructed from psycho-reactive crystal or similar material, and assist psykers with the gift of divination to express that gift.
EMPYREAN — This term refers to the warp medium through which starships travel. See also: the Warp.
EMPYREAN BRAIN MINES — Based upon ghost world technology, these mines attach to a target and and send energy pulses into their brain, typically immobilizing them from several seconds before the mine burns out.
ENDROVER — A town along the West Banks on Flint where a beast-moot took place at the end of each season
ENERGY CORE — A massive energy storage system
ENGINARIUM — This is the engine area of a starship, space station, or other large craft.
ENGINE IMPERIAL — This company, based in Petropolis on Eustis Majoris, manufactures items from licensed Adeptus Mechanicus designs.
ENGINE KILL — Members of the Adeptus Titanicus use this term for a titan-vs-titan kill.
ENGINSEER — These Tech Priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus work for other arms of the Adeptus Terra and the Imperial Guard. They specialize in communicating with the Machine Spirits of vehicles and other equipment.
ENSLAVER — This psychic race lives in the tides of the Warp and is drawn to the psychic light of living creatures of the material plane. They form a parasitic bond with their host and over time turn that host into a living warp portal, allowing the Enslavers to egress into the material world.
ENTIPAUL'S LOUNGE — This mid-hive bar of New Gevae on Gudrun is designed to look like an underhive dive.
ENTREVE — A market city on the edge of a wild woodland in the east of the Insume headlands on Gudrun
EPIDOTRICHITE — A tele-empathic crystal
EPIMA-OIL — A scented oil
EPISTOLARY — This is the highest Space Marine Librarian rank, above both Codicer and Lexicanium.
EPSCILION DEMISE — Inquisitor Van Dremen died in this incident, leaving his Interrogator, Valon, still alive.
EQUERRY PRIMARIS — This member of the High Lords of Terra confirms titles and territories of Imperial Lords.
ERESHT — A chaos term meaning package or parcel
ERIALE — This is the legislative capital of the Uvege on Durer.
ERIS TRANSFORM — The arch-heretic Julius Ateanos created this proscribed item in 103M41.
ESCHER — A matriarchal ganger sect that believes in female superiority
ESEMBO — A mountain in the Atenate range on Gudrun
ESTOC — A broadsword, tapered towards the tip to aid armor penetration
ETERNAL CRUSADE — This is the term by which the Black Templars refer to their history and their future duty to the Imperium.
ETERNIUM ULTRA — These rare relics of the Ultramarines mark great leaders and defenders of the Realm of Ultramar.
ETERNITY GATE, THE — This gate is the entrance to the Imperial Palace on Terra. The battle honors of the Emperor's finest warriors line the road to the gate. Iron Warriors and Imperial Fists fought there during the Horus Heresy.
ETHEREAL — This is the ruling caste of Tau society, "Aun," and the espousers of the Greater Good. They have influence over the other castes via a pheromone system
EUAN FAIRLOW'S MARCH — This traditional Tanith song, played on the Tanith pipes, was common to its taverns.
EUMENDES RIVER — This river flows past Hades Hive and empties into the ocean along the northern coast of Armageddon Secundus.
EVERGUARD — These warriors guard portions of Eldar Craftworlds.
EVERSOR TEMPLE — This temple of the Officio Assassinorum specialize in shock and terror tactics, instilling fear in their victims. Their primary targets tend to be rebel governors or planetary lords who have turned from the Emperor's light, but they frequently have orders to behead the entire organization with multiple targets. The temple uses genetic alteration and cybernetic enhancement to create superhuman killing machines, and also use an advanced range of combat drugs. As many become addicted to the drugs and the killing, they are kept in cryo-suspension when not on a mission. Recruits tend to be very young, as only they can survive the genetic alteration process, which includes a second heart and many techniques similar to those of the Space Marines. Only the modified cerebral cortex and hyper-immuno system of a living assassin can keep its highly modified body under control, and after death runaway failure leads to combustion or explosion.
EVIL SUNZ — This Ork clan is known for its bikes and buggies, and its association with the Kult of Speed. Their clan color is red, sometimes combined with yellow, with which they paint their vehicles and color their clothes. The clan has a higher percentage of Mekaniaks and Mekboyz than others. Their totem is a red Ogryn face ginning out of a sunburst.
EWL WYLA SCRYI — This is the Carthaen martial art of the sword, meaning "the genius of sharpness," that can also integrate psychic powers for those with the ability.
EXARCH — This is an Eldar who has become so engrossed on the Path of the Warrior that he can no longer follow any other. They tend the shrine of their aspect and often wear an ancient, advanced form of aspect armor that integrates the spirit stones of those who wore it before.
EXCOMMUNICATE TRAITORIS — This edict of the Inquisition marks the subject for death, bowing the considerable resources of the Imperium against them. It is often used internally, against other Inquisitors.
EXCUBITOR — A chaos foot-soldier
EXECUTIONER SHELL — This Adeptus Arbites shotgun ammunition has a limited ability to track its target.
EXECUTIONERS — This Eldar pirate group operated out of the Graildark Nebula, possibly assisted by a Craftworld in the area, during the Gothic War, causing difficulties for Imperial shipping in the sector.
EXERS — This underhive gang of House Van Saar renegades fought the Berserkers at Highshack Causeway in Hive Primus on Necromunda.
EXHORTATIONES PRINCIPIS TITANORUM — A training manual for Titan Princeps
EXOCRINE — The forelimbs of this titan-sized Tyranid bio-construct are fused together into a massive cannon suitable for long-range combat with other titan-sized foes.
EXODITE — This term can refer to either worlds recolonized by the Eldar since the fall, or those primitive worlds that were spared, or their inhabitants.
EXPLORATOR — These Tech Priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus are the exploratory arm of the Adeptus Mechanicus, with their own fleets. They search across the galaxy for knowledge.
EXPLORATOR GENERAL — This is the title of the Adeptus Administratum official in charge of exploration within and without the Imperium.
EXPURGATION OF THOTH PRIME — The Inquisition and Imperial forces eliminated the Eldar presence from the mining world of Thoth Prime in the mid-900s of M41. Inquisitor Balorodin created the Soulwatcher helm during the conflict.
EXTERMINATOR — The Imperial Navy designed this ship class to deliver the bombs to carry out Exterminatus.
EXTERMINATUS — A world so declared by the Inquisition, or other Imperial authority, will be utterly destroyed with fire, virus bombs, or some other weapon of total annihilation.
EXTREMIS DIBOLUS — Inquisitors of the Ordo Hereticus use this label for those found unpure and deserving of extreme sanction.
EYE OF PROMETHEUS — This hydrogen wellhead for the gas giant beneath the massive Theta-Garmon V space station served as a refuelng point for void ships. Legio Fureans Titans defended it against Legio Atarus during the Battle for Beta-Garmon.
EYE OF SELENE — This Space Station Hive orbits Necromunda.
EYE OF TERROR — The Cadian Gate defends this rift between reality and warp space in Segmentum Obscurus. It was created in the galactic cataclysm, the Fall of the Eldar. Deadly warp storms surround it, though the Gate of Cadia stabilizes a passage.
EYE OF THE FALCON — This augmetic replaced Captain Mogul Kamir's real eye after he lost it to Orks. It enables him to shoot with greater accuracy.
EYRIE OF BONES — Those serving in this Eyrie aboard the Blind Tower station in Hydraphur are part of the station Master's personal choir.
EZROPOLIS — This is one of ten-thousand shrine cities on Orbul Infanta, and lies in the heartland of its western continent.
EZZEL — This xeno meta-breed has several forms, including a scout-form.


FABIUS SCALE — A metric for the toxicity of substances named after the infamous Fabius Bile.
FABRICATOR GENERAL OF MARS — This High Lord of Terra leads the Adeptus Mechanicus and is also head of the Cult Mechanicus as Magos Mechanicus.
FABRICATORY — A manufactorium
FACEEATERS — A type of underhive animal
FACILTIATRIX — A title/rank of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica.
FAITH PAPER — This supposed curative for skin conditions on worlds with acid rain is blessed by a priest and infused with thistle, milkroot, and/or flodroxil.
FALCHION CLASS — Imperial Navy frigate class was armed with torpedoes. The design was an attempt to reconstruct that of the Infidel Class Chaos raider.
FALCON — These Eldar grav tanks are also troop transports and can be armed with a wide variety of weapons.
FALL, THE — This catastrophic event, caused by corrupt, pleasure-seeking societies of the Eldar, gave birth to the chaos god Slaanesh and shattered their advanced civilization.
FALLEN — This is the name given to those Dark Angels who sided with Luther and chaos at the end of the Horus Heresy. Some converted entirely to chaos, while some merely fight independently to recover their personal honor as mercenaries of pirates. The forces of chaos scattered them throughout space and time just before Caliban disintegrated, and the Dark Angels and their successors search for them to redeem themselves.
FALSE HOPE STATION — The personnel of this Imperial outpost on False Hope fell prey to the seduction of the God Plant.
FAMINE WARS — The Vitrian Dragoons fought in this conflict on Idolwilde in the latter part of M41.
FANG, THE — This is the Fortress Monastery of the Space Wolves.
FARCODER — These spy devices send the content of a data-line to a third party.
FARSEER — These warrior-mages guide the Eldar race.
FAUSTUS — Approximately seventy meters long, this interceptor and patrol vessel specializes in reconnaissance duties, and can be equipped with an astropath for detection or communication.
FEAST OF BLADES — Twelve Space Marine chapters send champions to this centennial tourney, including the Iron Knights.
FEAST OF RHETORES — This religious breakfast is part of the preparation for the Mass of Saint Balronas.
FEDRIAN ARBOREAL TRANSPORT — This unusual vehicle has six grasping legs and a low cabin for transporting hunters and passengers through the high canopy of Fedrid's forests.
FEDRID BRAID CLOAK — Made from braided strips of hide from a native herbivore, these cloaks are prized by native hunters.
FEDRID RAZOR DISC — Developed on the planet of the same name, this plate-sized disc has sharp edges and makes a humming sound when thrown. It can be very accurate in the hands of an experienced hunter.
FEDRID SMOKE FLARE — Constructed from plant spines and a cottony substance, these flares emit dense black smoke when ignited.
FERAL CLAWS — A House Escher gang on Necromunda
FERAL WORLD — (Also: φλ-class, phi-lambda-class) Colonized at some earlier portion of the Imperium's history, these worlds have fallen into of technological decay, often existing between the stone and iron ages. The Administratum places these in the lowest Imperial tithe grade.
FERELL SIDOR — Meaning Altar of the Sun, this tabletop mountain on Farness Beta is considered sacred Ecclesiarchy territory and has many Second Dynasty tholos tombs. It is in a remote area of the Hengav province and the heretic Quixor buried a pylon here.
FARSEER — These psychics assume the mantle of seer and leader in the Eldar society.
FAUSTUS ASSAULT — Iconoclast destroyers reduced the orbital defenses of the world of the same name before a landing led by the traitor cruisers Plagueclaw and Excessive during the Gothic War. The Imperial Navy vessel Dominion opposed the attack.
FERRO-BEAST — These animals, native to Epsion Octarius, feed on ferrous metals.
FERRUSVILLE — This township lies on the planet Jumal IV.
FERVIOUS BANDED ARMOUR — Artisans of Fervious construct this armour from laminated strips of very hard hide that are bonded or stitched to cushioned leather.
FERVIOUS KATANA — Smiths make this long, curved blade from particularly hard alloys, folded many times.
FERVIOUS NUNCHAKUS — The ends of these weapons are soaked in poison from the Fervious Serpent, and the staves are bound with tough sinew instead of chains. They require exceptional skill to avoid poisoning oneself.
FERVIOUS SERPENT — This highly venomous snake is native to the world from which it draws its name.
FETCH-HOUNDS — These chaos-bred semi-feral mastiffs have a very sensitive sense of smell, and can track pheromones and other minute trace scents, particularly blood.
FETH — A common curse among the Tanith First and Only
FEUDAL WORLD — (Also: μ-class, mu-class) Essentially a subset of Feral Worlds, these planets have developed feudal, iron-age societies where black power forms the limit of their technology. Knight worlds, a subset, have retained some technology as revered archeotech.
FEWELLS — An arms and armor shop in Hive Main of Hive Primus on Necromunda
FIDELIS — The planetary capital of Viridia's main lamdmarks were the Governor's Palace, Administratum Ziggurat, which also housed the main planetary cathedral to the Emperor, and the Mechanicus Shrine.
FIEND — These hunting beasts of Slaanesh are a mix of scorpion, reptile and human.
FIEROMANIACS — See: Big Mek Big'ead's Fieromaniacs
FIGHTA-BOMMA — Orks use this term to refer to their multi-use attack craft.
FIO'TAUN — This mountainous plateau on Tau hosted the mightiest fortress on the planet at the time. It was the location of the first recorded appearance of Ethereals at the end of M37.
FINAL WORD — This Space Marine Vindicator fought at the battle of Rynn's World in 989M41.
FINYARD — A northern seaport on Durer
FIRE CASTE — This caste of the Tau, "Shas," consists of warriors. Selective breeding has made them larger and stronger than other castes.
FIRE DRAGONS — This Elday aspect of Khaine specialize against heavily armored targets and are armed with Fusion Guns.
FIRE OF CADIA — This is a Baneblade, tank 03, of a Steel Fury company of the Cadian 445th Superheavy Armoured.
FIRE SHIP — These decommissioned military of merchant vessels are packed with incendiary and plasma charges before a skeleton crew pilots them their target, evacuating in an escape pod before detonation. The explosion causes massive damage to any vessel caught by the blast.
FIRE WASTES — This wasteland of Armageddon lies on the coast and is connected to Phoenix Island by Heliopolis Bridge
FIREBOMBING OF SACRISTAN — The Fire Hawks Space Marines, ordered to stand down from the Badab War, plasma bomb the surface of Sacristan, eliminating 90% of the population, in a petulant act of vengeance against the Mantis Warriors in 905M41, who felt the system was under their charge.
FIREBRANDS — (Also Volk's Firebrands) Volk led this House Cawdor gang of Redemptionists.
FIRESTORM — The Imperial Navy designed this variant of the venerable Sword class frigate with lance armament replacing some of its weapons batteries for additional range. They typically work in squadrons for mutual support.
FIRETIDE — This festival takes place on Bonner's Reach in the Vincies Subsector, and is named for the display of solar flares from the system's dying star that takes place every 35 months and lasts for 3 days.
FIREWASP — These insects live in nests.
FIREWATCH EYRIE — This is one of the spines of the Blind Tower space station in Hydraphur, so names because it focuses on the great light of Holy Terra.
FIRIOL — This spa resort lies on the southern face of Mons Fulco in the Atenate range on Gudrun.
FIRST ACTION — The First through Ninth Actions refer to Inquisitorial interrogation techniques. The First Action is questioning without duress. Second Action is interrogation under pain or threat of pain. Third Action involves psychic questioning, and so on.
FIRST AND ONLY — This moniker refers to the only regiment to escape the destruction of Tanith. They wear black fatigues and gear, as well as their signiature cammoufalge cloak. They excell in scouting and stealth.
FIRST BOOK OF HOURS — This Adeptus Arbites tome contains devotional sayings.
FIRST BOOK OF INDOCTRINATIONS, THE — This book tells of the evil of daemons.
FIRST COMPANY — (Also: Veteran Company) The first company of Space Marine chapters contain not only its valuable Terminator Armor, but also most of its veterans. Most become verteran Sergeants before induction, but a rare few are invited into the company due to acts of heroism.
FIRST FOUNDING — Generally regarded as taking place during M29, the Emperor and Imperial scientists created the Space Marines of the initial 20 Legions, based on the gene-seed of the Primarchs and the Emperor. They were: Dark Angels, No Record, Emperor's Children, Iron Warriors, White Scars, Space Wolves, Imperial Fists, Night Lords, Blood Angels, Iron Hands, No Record, World Eaters, Ultramarines, Death Guard, Thousand Sons, Lunar Wolves, World Bearers, Salamanders, Raven Guard, and Alpha Legion.
FLAK — Orks use this term to refer to anti-aircraft weapons and fire.
FLAK ARMOUR — Easily to produced by most industrial worlds and in wide use by the Imperial Guard, flak armour comprises several layers of ablative thermoplast and impact absorbent carbifibres.
FLAKBOARD — (Also: Flak-board) This cheap building material also gives some measure of protection from weapons.
FLAMER1 — This weapon projects a flaming stream of Promethium, or other flammable substance, which can have devastating effect on close-packed enemy formations.
FLAMER2 — These creatures of Tzeentch, K'Chanu'tsani'i in the language or daemons, are also called Burning Horrors and Fire Daemons of Tzeentch. They float on flechy skirts and their arms end in nozzles, from which issue the flames of Chaos. They have only rudimentary intellects, and Lords of Change control them.
FLAMESTOMPA — This sub-class of the small Ork Stompa titan has a variety of titan- and personal-scale flame weapons.
FLAMESTORM — (Also: Flamestorm Incinerator) These heavy assault weapons, typically mounted in the sponsons of vehicles, cast gouts of promethium, burning everything touched by their lethal cones of fire.
FLASH GITZ — This sect or Ork Nobz believes in arming themselves with the best, flashiest, and most Dakka arms and armor their Meks can provide. It is also a derogatory term to refer to an Ork showoff.
FLASHING BLADES! FALCHION CLASS FRIGATES IN ACTION — Leander Kasmides published this book on the naval vessel class in 126M42.
FLAYED ONE — This Necron troop type has extremely hard and sharp blades in place of fingers, and is unique in that they drape themselves in their victims skins - apparently as trophies.
FLECT — (Also: Look) This is the street name for a chaos/xeno-derived drug, consisting of small pieces of glass, which cause the user to relive pleasant memories. They are extremely addictive. Using one is often termed "a look."
FLEET DOSARI — This Imperial Explorator fleet clashed with a tendril of Hive Fleet Behemoth, ending in mutual annihilation.
FLEET HELIOS — This Imperial Fists fleet guards the Eye of Terror to the galactic south.
FLEET KAPPA — This combined Blood Swords and Star Dragons fleet guards the Eye of Terror to the galactic north.
FLEET SANCTUS — This combined White Templars, Relictors, and Subjugators fleet guards the Eye of Terror to the galactic southeast, outside the Cadian Gate.
FLESH-HAUNTERS — This species originated in the Howling Gyre within the Maelstrom, and plagued the Imperium from before the Age of Apostasy till Lugft Huron virus bombed the carcass vaults of their homeworld at the height of the Crusade of Wrath.
FLESHHOUNDS — These creatures beholden to Khorne are large quadripeds with a frill of flesh and spines. They are also known as Beasts of Khorne, Flesh-Renders, Hunters of Blood or Inevitable Ones.
FLESHTON — A town along the West Banks on Flint where a beast-moot took place at the end of each season
FLICK-BLADE — These small blades are inserted under the skin, and can be extended quickly, giving them their name.
FLORN — A flour-like substance used to make small cakes or biscuits.
FLUX-UNIT — A power conversion source.
FLYBOYZ — This term refers to the Ork pilots of Fightas and Fighta-Bommerz.
FOG FLATS — This area in Junktion in Hive Primus on Necromunda fills with chem-fog as the temperature drops.
FOLK OF PURE BLOOD — (Also: Blood, The) This nomadic tribe of Baal Secundus found the babe Sanguinius and took him in.
FONETTE PASS — One of a series of east-west passes that cross the Atenate mountain range on Gudrun houses a township of the same name in the shadow of Mons Fulco on the north and Uttes Major and Minor to the south.
FORCE PYLON — These vertical nodes can project a force field between adjacent pylons, though their field can be overloaded by sufficient firepower.
FORCE WEAPONS — These hand weapons are able to channel the psychic energy of their user through a phased crystal lattice, creating a formidable field similar in effect to a power weapon, but able to affect the most foul abominations of the warp.
FOREBODING, ARBITRATOR — This fictional character features in a popular holodrama of the same name. His catchphrase is "The Imperium never sleeps."
FOREST OF SILENCE — This is a location of deep spiritual significance on Craftworld Iyanden.
FORGAN CONQUESTS — Chapter Master Ferran Valor led the Iron Hands Space Marines against a well entrenched foe, defeating them within 48 hours.
FORGE GATE — This gate leads from lower Bosporian Hive into the Augustaeum on Hydraphur.
FORGE WORLD — (Also: φ-class, phi-class) The Adeptus Mechanicus rules these planet-wide factories that produce most of the Imperium's high technology. The Cult Mechanicus centers around these planets.
FORMAL A — These are districts of Petropolis on Eustis Majoris and are lettered A through X. Formals A and C house the government. Formal C is devoted to upper-class housing.
FORTHRIGHT DOCK SECTOR — This region of Helsreach Hive held the main docking quays for all sea-bound commerce into and out of the hive aside from promethium from the Valdez Oil Platforms. During the Third War for Armageddon, it was the sight of heavy fighting and enormous civilian casualties as the Orks forces invaded with a submersible fleet.
FORTRESS MALADON — Captain Cortez and his Crimson Fists defend the breach in the wall of this bastion for twenty-one hours of constant fighting.
FORTRESS OF ANGELS — This was the central bastion of the southern polar defenses on Macragge.
FORTRESS OF ARROGANCE — This was the personal Baneblade tank of Commissar Yarrick.
FORTRESS OF REDEMPTION — The Dark Angels Space Marines use this construction for many of their frontier fortresses, consisting of a bunker annex armed with twin lascannon, a main tower/missile silo, and a second bunker annex. They have multiple heavy bolter emplacements, and are considered valuable bastions against foes of the Imperium.
FORTRESS OF TEARS — This is a fortified location of spiritual significance on Craftworld Iyanden.
FORTRESS WORLD — (Also: ρ-class, rho-class) Sharing the classification with Research Stations, these range from planet-spanning defensive works to orbital fortresses to surveillance stations.
FOUNDING — This term is common to Space Marine Chapters and Imperial Guard regiments. Space Marine foundings are ordered by the High Lords of Terra and the Adeptus Mechanicus performs the actual process. Imperial Guard foundings are ordered by the Adeptus Munitorum.
FOUNDING FIELDS — This is the general term applied to areas where Imperial Guard regiments are first assembled on their home planets.
FRAG — A common curse word in both Imperial and Ork culture
FRAG GRENADE — These grenades are designed for anti-personnel use, bursting into a lethal cloud of splinters and shrapnel.
FRAG-SACK — Sadnbag
FRAK — (Also: Frakk) A common curse word in many systems of the Imperium
FRATERIS MILITIA — Before the Age of Apostasy in M36, this was the fighting arm of the Adeptus Ministorum, but after the Decree Passive forbade them maintaining men under arms, they are mostly non-militant.
FRATERIS TEMPLAR — Goge Vandire created this militant arm of the Ecclesiarchy from the Frateris Militia, using them to extend his Reign of Blood into the rest of the Imperium.
FRATERNAL ORDER OF THE AQUILA — The Ecclesiarchy used this semi-independent warrior group in an attempt to strong-arm a charter from a rogue trader fleet in orbit around Mayinnoch.
FREEBOOTER — (Plural: Freebooterz) Existing on the fringe of Ork Kultur, this class exists in small, roving bands that work as pirates, mercenaries, or bandits. Typically led by a Kaptin, they roam in whatever spaceship they can find. Ork Freebooter pirates adopt the sign of the Jolly Ork, essentially a skull and crossbones.
FREEZY STICK — A popular treat involving a wooden stick insterted into frozen fruit juice.
FUME PASS — This community in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda is connected by road to Mirror-Bitten.
FUNERAL LIGHTING — This Hydraphur pilgrim ceremony honors and mourns the dead.
FUNGUS BEER — Gretchin make this alcoholic beverage, widely consumed by Orks.
FURGESH TOWN — This town of forty-thousand was destroyed to the last man as a test of the first regiment of the Sons of Sek.
FURIBUNDUS — This Space Marine Dreadnought variant is armed with two heavy bolters and a lascannon.
FURIOUS — This Imperial Navy Grand Cruiser class had the firepower of some battleships.
FURULE JUNCTION — A district of Helsreach Hive.
FURY — This Imperial Navy space-borne interceptor has a crew of 2 to 4 men, and is maked by its oversized thrusters and attitude jets. They are built for speed and maneuverability and carry forward facing armament of lascannons and missiles.
FUSION BLASTER — This Tau Battlesuit weapon is a short-ranged for use against armor.
FUSION GUN — These Eldar weapons generate and channel a small fusion reaction to devastating effect on heavily armored targets.
FYCELINE — A propellant used for bolter and autogun shells
FYDAE STRAIN VIRUS — This chaos virus causes the dead to reanimate and kill others. The Vile Savants introduced it to Sutters Rock in 724M41.


GAK — A common profanity of the Verghast area and Vervunhive in particular.
GALAXIA DAEMONICA PERPETUA — This work by Jerome described Chaos and the Eye of Terror.
GALAXY CLASS TROOPSHIP — This starship design dated from the Age of Apostasy, with the means of building new vessels apparently lost. They are popular amongst troops and commanders due to their large deployment bays, which allow an entire regiment to deploy into landing craft at the same time.
GALLILENUS HERESY — Inquisitor Jaueg Dag and his agents attempted to clandestinely exhume the remains of several Saints for examination t forward his Thorian cause. To escape discovery he killed several Battle Sisters of the Adepta Sororitas.
GALLINATE — A city on Gudrun's southern continent
GAMPER — Thise name is given to those who hold umbrellas for others, shielding them from acid or toxic rain. The term is particular to Eustis Majoris.
GANESA MACULA — Passage through these lightless caverns under the crust of Titan, the hunting grounds of Glyphites, is the second trial for aspirants of the Grey Knights.
GANNAK'S CHARGE — In 426938M41 during the Spiron Campaign, Captain Gannack of the 3rd Calaman Hussars mistakenly charged an Ork artillery redoubt with his Sentinel troop. None survived the attack.
GANTBUSTA BOMB — These experimental weapons, developed by Mekboyz, were designed to take out Gargants and other titan-sized targets. Given the Orkish penchant for inaccuracy, they can bounce several times before striking their target and exploding.
GAREOX PREROGATIVE — In mid-M36, believing attack craft to be the ultimate space warfare weapons, Battlefleet Tempestus embarked upon a construction program of carrier-battleships. Their shipyards only completed three before they cancelled the program.
GARGANT — These titan-sized Ork constructs, built by mad Mekboyz in the image of their gods, Mork and Gork, wreck havoc on the battlefield. They often have force fields and a wide variety of enormous weapons.
GARGOYLE — This Tyranid geno-type (Imperial classification Gauntii Avius) is a flying variant of the Gaunt subspecies with barbed tails and almost vestigial lower limbs.
GARMONITE — Resident or of the Beta-Garmon star cluster
GARON NEBULA CRUSADE — Castellan Raimer and the strike cruiser Ophidium Gulf were the only survivors of this ill-fated crusade in late M41.
GARRISON WORLD — These planets are strategically important to the Imperium, and the Adeptus Munitorum and Imperial Guard control most aspects of their society. Cadia is one example.
GATEWAY OF THE GODS — There are three of these ancient Eldar artefacts, dating from before the fall. They are enormous black stone rings, many kilometers in diameter. One, the Cursus of Alganar, lies under the sands of Tallarn
GATHAMOL — The ruinous powers summoned a daemon in this city/system (?) by sacrificing the Imperial citizens there.
GATHARA STATION — This Imperial Navy dockyard fell to Chaos forces in the opening days of the Gothic War.
GATHERER — These are ancient or injured Grey Knights that scour the galaxy for recruits and aspirants to be brought back to the The Chamber of Trials.
GATLING BLASTER — This titan-scale weapon is essentially a huge assault cannon. It fires 150mm explosive shells from its rotating barrels and is ideal for destroying infantry and light vehicles.
GAUNTLETS OF ULTRAMAR — It is said that Roboute Guilliman himself won these weapons from a Champion of Chaos, and when not worn by the Lord of Ultramar, the reside in the Shrine of the Primarch. The Adeptus Mechanicus have never been able to penetrate their mysteries, which combine a power fist with storm bolter in each.
GEIGEER SINK — A device for harvesting radioactive energies from a star
GELLAR FIELD — This fields project a bubble of reality around starships as they travel through the Warp, protecting them from the denizens of that realm.
GENERAL SYNOD — These central hub of Ecclesiarchal power debate and decide on important matters of the faith. The largest and most influential is the General Synod of Holy Terra
GENE-SEED — The nineteen organs and implants used in the creation of Space Marines derive from the Chapter's gene-seed. It is harvested from mature Progenoid glands, or recovered from the fallen.
GENESTEALER — These infiltrators, Imperial classification Corporaptor Hominis, precede hive fleet invasions by creating cults on planets targeted by the hive mind. They share the six-limb body pattern of the Tyranids, and are of approximately human size, but they are both stronger and faster. They deposit eggs via an ovipositor in the tongue into subjects to perpetuate themselves and the cult. These are the most mutable of the Tyranid vanguard organisms, with many recorded mutations. They have a five-generation reproductive cycle that integrates into that of the infiltrated race, some of which involve Hybrid forms.
GENESTEALER HYBRID — One of the intermediate forms of the five-generation Genestealer reproductive cycle, these creatures look mostly like the infiltrated bioform, but have specific Tyranid features, which can be as varied as an extra limb, elongated head, Tyranid fangs or legs.
GENESTEALER MAGUS — A psychically active, second- or third-generation genestealer hybrid.
GERVAHRT REPEAL — During M36, this is the only time a winner of the Black Templars' ritual combat for the rank of Marshal was not approved by the High Marshal.
GHORALA SWARM — Inquisitor Kryptman lured this tendril of Hive Fleet Leviathan to the Ork system of Ghorala in the Empire of Octarius. The Orks nearly destroyed it in space, but it recovered after making planetfall eventually killing the Ork Pirate-Warboss by creating dozens of Lictors for that express purpose and luring him into an ambush. Using the biomass it consumed there, it was able to create new Hive Ships.
GHOSTFIRE — This rare flower, which can be grown only on a small number of worlds, generates pollen used in several combat drugs used by Penal Legions.
GHOST WARRIORS — This is the term used for the employment of Eldar spirit stones into Wraithguard and Wraith Lords. As this is the cultural equivalent of exhuming the dead, it is only done in times of the most dire need.
GHOST WORLD — These worlds, either through plague, warfare, or other disaster, have been devastated beyond the capacity to sustain life. The Imperial Guard sometimes employ them as training areas.
GHOUL BEND — This is a community in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda.
GIL PARK — A district in Formal B in Petropolis on Eustis Majoris with a mag-lev station
GILLAN'S ACRE — An abandoned settlement on Damask
GINNY FOWL — A bird raised for food
GIOVA FIELDS — These is the municipal starport for the city of Dorsay, which is built on an island in the lagoon. The volcanic rock of the island is honeycombed with ship berthing compartments.
GLACIER PEAK — The Valhallan 597th used this mining town of 30,000 souls on the dark side of Adumbria as a staging point prior to the Chaos invasion of that world in 937M41. One third of its population was directly involved in mining, and the rest were involved in other, supporting trades.
GLADSTONES — These small, round, smooth stones are mined on an outworld planet. They are psy-reactive and when held in the palm or under the tongue produce a pleasant, blissful feeling for days. They are illegal in the Imperium, but are still widely used.
GLAIVE CLASS ORBITAL TORPEDO — This class of missile is ground-facility launched for use against starships in orbit.
GLASS BAY — This shielded bubble of hyper-dense silica on the skin of the Mass Conveyance Vessel Absolom allowed individuals to view the Empyrean.
GLAVIAN LYRE — This instrument, so named for its system of origin, integrates with the circuitry imbedded in many Glavians' hands.
GLAYVA — This is a Cadian alcoholic drink.
GLOBES OF CHANGE — Created from the energy of the Warp made solid, they look like black glass spheres, often with the mark of Tzeentch upon them. They are thrown like grenades and discharge their energy upon the target, who mutates rapidly under its influence.
GLORY HOLE — This once prosperous hab-dome of Necromunda's underhive is now home to Hagen's Hole and is the gateway to the Ash Wastes
GLO-SLUGS OF DUSK — Native to the planet Dusk in the Calixis Sector, these slugs are unremarkable untill removed from water, at which point they emit a phosphorescent glow.
GLOSSIA — This is a verbal cipher used by Inquisitor Eisenhorn
GLOW GLOBES — General term for artificial lighting
GLYF — These semi-sentient chaos symbols are expressions of the warp. The runes represent some heinous concept or idea and shift and glow with ruinous power. They can be summoned by ordinals.
GLYPHITE — These creatures stalk the lightles caverns of the Ganesa Macula, killing many of the aspirants who pass through their territory as part of their second rite of passage.
GNASHER SQUIG — These Orkoid organisms have the Imperial classification Orkus ravenati.
GOD INCARNATE — The Thorians and other Inquisition factions believe that the Emperor is literally a God incarnate, a Divine Avatar of the god of humanity that resides in the Warp.
GOD-PLANT — This symbiotic plant creature on False Hope made up the majority of the area known as the Heart of the Jungle and lured the inhabitants of False Hope outpost to their doom. It perished from a combination of Colonel Schaefer's frag grenades at its heart and a later orbital bombardment.
GOFFS — This Ork clan is known for its particularly aggressive attitude and penchant for close combat. They typically wear black wargear, matching their totem of a black bull's head, and excessive color is considered offensive. They view other clans who utilize ranged weapons when they could get into the thick of things as somewhat cowardly. They often have more warriors than equivalent clans.
GOLDEN THRONE — This machine from the last days of the Golden Age uses stasis field and psi-fusion reactors to keep the Emperor alive, though it requires the sacrifice of thousands.
GOLGENNA CONSOLIDATION — During 353-358M39, forces of the Angevin Crusade consolidate their gains from the Reaping of the Emperor's Wrath.
GOLIATH — (Also: House Goliath) A ganger sect that believes in physical power and strength over other attributes. They graft vat-grown muscle to their frames, making them fearsome in both size and strength
GOMEK VIOLATION — Inquisitor Ravenor successfully prosecuted this case
GORK — This is one of the twin Ork gods, embodying the spirit of the Ork race. It is said that the two are never defeated, laughing as they shrug off the blows of other warp powers. Gork is the most aggressive and strong, master of the mighty blow.
GOSHRAN — An exotic dish served spiced in small bowls.
GOTHIC — This cruiser class bears the heaviest lance arrays of any comparable vessel and is the most common cruiser class in the Imperial Navy.
GOTHIC MONOLITH — This 20 meter tall stone monument honors all those that served during the Gothic War, inscribed with every name involved in the conflict. It resides in the Chamber of Heroes in the Imperial Palace on Terra.
GOTHIC WAR, THE — This primarily naval conflict in the sector of the same name pitted Abaddon the Despoiler against Lord Admiral Ravensburg and Battlefleet Gothic for possession of the sector's Blackstone Fortresses from 143M41 to 160M41.
GORTHRUL'S NEEDLE — This hive of Necromunda is a democratic city-state.
GRAND CANAL — One of the central "streets" of Dorsay on Gudrun
GRAND CONCOURSE — This was a large, common thoroughfare outside the astropath cloisters on the Bastion Psykana in Hydraphur.
GRAND HARVEST — This is a phrase refering to the tithe levied upon Imperial worlds by the Adeptus Terra.
GRAND MASTER — This is the name the Dark Angels give their Chapter Master, who also bears the title Keeper of the Truth because of his access to the deepest chambers of The Rock. He bears the Lion Helm and the Sword of Secrets.
GRAND WARLORD, THE — This Ork warlord presided over an Orkish region in the far north of the Ultima Segmentum.
GRANICUS RIVER — This is a horribly polluted river near Nemesis hive on Ichar IV.
GRAPPLEHAWK — An Adeptus Arbites handler controls this semi-autonomous device designed to capture fugutives. It resembles a mechanical bird of prey, has hooks and taser spikes for talons, a suspensor field, and the cortex of an Avignoran black eagle, which allows it to identify and track its prey. They have the strength to carry a grown man after capture.
GRAVALAX CAMPAIGN — Ciaphas Cain and the Valhallan 12 Field Artillery took part in this campaign against the Tyranids, a splinter of Hive Fleet Behemoth.
GRAVATUS PLATING — This Titan armor was more effective than standard plating.
GRAV CHUTE — An anti-gravity device that works as a parachute, to slow the fall of an individual or ordnance
GRAVITISTHESIA — Also known as Mazbur's Syndrome, this progressive disorder caused by exposure to exotic gravitational flux results in paranoia, memory loss, hallucination, and homicidal urges.
GRAVITY TRAP — This refers to the gravity well around a planet or other stellar body, from which translation to the warp cannot be made.
GREAT AWAKENING, THE — On 982999M41, a ripple travels through the Warp, causing thousands of latent psykers to emerge across the galaxy. These unprotected psykers cause warp rifts and gates for daemonic incursions.
GREAT BASTION — This structure on Boros was the site of intense fighting between the Ork and Ultramarines, the former driving the latter from its walls before the Legion of the Damned turned the day.
GREAT BETRAYAL, THE — See: Horus Heresy
GREAT BOOK OF JUDGEMENT, THE — This book encompasses the entire legal code of the Imperial within its pages, and is the central document of the Adeptus Astartes.
GREAT COMPANY — The Space Wolves, departing from the organization of the Codex Astartes, form Great Companies, each led by a Wolf Lord.
GREAT CRUSADE, THE — This was the Emperor's 200-year campaign to reunify the scattered colonies of humanity separated by the Age of Strife. This noble work ended with the Horus Heresy.
GREAT CULL, THE — The High Lords of Terra conduct a systematic extermination after the religious conflicts of M36.
GREAT DESPOT OF DREGRUK — This Ork Warlord leads a Waaagh! from the galactic north-east of the Eye of Terror towards the Eye.
GREAT DEVOURER, THE — This is a common name for the Tyranid race.
GREAT ENEMY, THE — This is an Eldar term for the chaos god Slaanesh.
GREAT FOUNDING, THE — This term refers to the massive influx of colonists from Segmentum Solar and the Mandragora and Gehenna Sectors to the Calixis Sector from 370-610M39.
GREAT HEALER, THE — An aspect of the Emperor's divinity, venerated by apothecaries and healers in the Imperium.
GREAT LIBRARY OF THOR, THE — This library on San Sebastian, rebuilt in M41, contains over 700 volumes concerning the life and works of the Imperial Ecclesiarch. It has stasis chambers for its most valuable tomes.
GREAT MALAGANTINE PURGE, THE — Five Space Marine chapters, known as the Manus Irae, including the Fire Hawks, Silver Skulls, and Charnel Guard, enact the Emperor's pogrom of the heretical Malagant Sector, scouring hundred of billions, including entire worlds from 770-791M38. The Fire Hawks are granted Cousteau XI as a new home world in recognition.
GREAT OLD WAR — This term refers to the wars between humanity and their constructs, the Men of Iron.
GREAT SCOURING, THE — In M31, after the defeat of Horus, forces loyal to the Emperor drive the traitors into retreat. Gradually, many of the Chaos forces flee into the Eye of Terror.
GREAT SLAUGHTER, THE — Circa 021012M31 to 740013M31, Imperial forces mass at the astropathic relay at Beta-Garmon. It becomes the largest gathering of Loyalist forces since the beginning of the war. Traitor forces respond in kind, and the resultant conflict becomes known as the Great Slaughter, encompassing the Titandeath and Sea of Fire Campaigns. The conflict severely depletes both Loyalist and Traitor ranks as countless Imperial Guard regiments and Titan Legios fall in battle.
GREAT STARVATION — A Traitor created incident during the start of the Great Slaughter in Beta-Garmon during the years of 007M31 to 010M31.
GREAT TITHE — (Also: Terra's Due or Grand Harvest) This term refers to the tithe that the Imperial levies from all its planets. In theory, each provides people, troops, or material in accordance with their capabilities, including nascent psykers for the Black Ships. However, there are many examples of the Administratum dictating completely inappropriate thithe grades due to simple error or changes over time.
GREAT TYRANT OF JAGGA — This Ork Warlord led Waaagh!s to the galactic north and south from the eastern border of the Ultima Segmentum.
GREAT UNCLEAN ONE — These greater daemons of Nurgle, Bahk'ghuranhi'aghkami in their own tongue, are also known as Plague Lords, Fly Masters, and Stench Lords. They are gigantic figures, bloated with decay.
GREAT VOYAGE, THE — Free Captain Mordercai Haarlock undertook this exploration into the Calyx Expanse, discovering xenos domains, stable warp channels, human worlds and a long-dead civilization from 723M36-736M36.
GREAT WEST MOOT — A town along the West Banks on Flint where a beast-moot took place at the end of each season
GREATER GOOD — Tau'va in the Tau language, this is the guiding principle by which the Tau have led their lives since the appearance of the Ethereals. Each Tau devotes himself to the greater good of the society.
GREEL — This creature eats flies.
GREEN EYRIE — This is one of the towers of the Bastion Psykana in Hydraphur. It gained its name from its use primarily for naval transmissions of Battlefleet Pacificus.
GREIMPLATZ — A central square in Junktion, and home to many of its businesses, in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda has the town's water spigot.
GREY PRISON — See: Penitential Calculus
GREY SENSEI — These immortal scions of the Emperor have turned to Chaos.
GREY WARRIOR — This was the name of the command Baneblade used by Colonel Sarren during the defense of Helsreach Hive in the Third War for Armageddon.
GREYS — This is the name given to the Greygorian Third Imperial Guard regiment, a capable and loyal unit.
GRIBBLIES — This Valhallan coloquial term refered to nerves or worries.
GRIFFON — This variant of the Chimera chassis serves as an armored weapons carrier, typically providing light artillery support.
GRIMLUG, THE — This enormous water-going battleship bore the name of Warboss Grimlug, and he used it in a big push against Warboss Badthug. It had a huge number of cannons, big shootas, and other things that go dakka.
GRIMOIRE HERETICUS — This text documented the Imperial units and Space Marine Legions that turned traitor during the Horus Heresy.
GRIMOIRE MALEFACT — This Inquisitorial tome contains knowledge of the Warp, and practices .
GRIMOIRE OF TRUE NAMES — Highly desired by Inquisitors of the Ordo Malleus, these books catalog the names of daemons of the ruinous powers. Many copies are incomplete or incorrect, resulting in risk to the user. One, the Malefact Maloreum is a complete and accurate rendition of the Imperium's knowledge.
GRINDHOLES — A region in Junktion in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda
GROTESQUE — The name for the iron masques worn by Blood Pact warriors
GROUNDCAR — Any of a number of vehicles that move on wheels along the ground.
GRUJ — This resort lies amongst the mountain lakes in the Esembo Pass on Gudrun.
GUARDIAN1 — These Eldar "conscripts" are drawn from non-warrior paths in times of need.
GUARDIAN2 — The local Arbitrators of the Viridia system used this general title.
GUARDSMAN'S DUTY, THE — This is a popular ballad on many Imperial worlds.
GUE'LA — This is the Tau word for the human race.
GUILD CHIPS — This form of currency, common in many hives with strong Guilder presence, come in "weights." A hundred-weight chip is worth approximately 100 Imperial Credits.
GUILD MENSURAE — This merchant's guild has offices in Dorsay on Gudrun.
GUILD SINESIAS — (Also: Bonded Merchant Guild of Sinesias) This merchant's guild has offices on Thracian Primaris and in Dorsay on Gudrun.
GUILDER'S HILL — This rise in Junktion in Hive Primus of Necromunda is home to the lamplighter's guild.
GUN-CUTTER — A very small, non-warp-capable starship, usually only used by VIPs and members of the Inquisition. They are approximately 70-100 meters long and mass approximately 150 tonnes.
GUNDOGS — The Latarii armored Imperial Guard regiment uses this name.
GUNNERY, THE — A weapons shop in the guilders area of Junktion in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda
GUNZ — The Orks use this term to refer to their starship weapons batteries. A varient, Heavy Gunz, have far more firepower but very short range.
GYLATUS WORLD FLOCK — This is the Imperial government that controlled Gylatus and its assortment of habitable moons.
GYRE AURUCON — This is the smaller of the two eliptics in the Hydraphur system.
GYRE MARMAREA — This is the larger of the two eliptics in the Hydraphur system.


HAAL-LORDEN — This trade guild operated out of the Tranch system in the Calixis Sector.
HAARLOCK GREAT CHARTER — Sebastian Thor granter this Roghue Trader charter to Free Captain Mordercai Haarlock in 307M36 for his service against the Fratis Templar fleets of Gorge Vandire.
HAB-BLOCK — (Also: Habs) This is the common name for any mass-housing complex in Imperial cities.
HAB ZONE — Massive clusters of buildings that house a hive city's population
HADES — Ancient heavy cruiser class armed with lance batteries and standard weapon arrays.
HADES HIVE — This hive on Armageddon saw the defeat of the Ork Warlord Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka's second Waaagh. It had protective Void Shields. Thraka destroyed it with an asteroid bombardment in 998M41, during his third invasion.
HAEMASTAMEN — This is the fifth organ implanted in aspiring Space Marines, often at the same time as the Larraman's Organ, and it enhances blood composition and efficiency. It is sometimes known as the Blood Maker.
HAEMONCOLYTE — Grown from a Tech Priest's own flesh, these small dwarfish creatures absorb impurities and poisons via a connecting umbilical cord. These poisons tend to age them rapidly.
HAGEN'S HOLE — a bounty hunter bar in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda
HAIR SQUIG — This Squig subspecies has tiny, sharp jaws and long, flowing, hair-like gills. Orks use them as hair, fastening them to their scalp, chin, and so forth.
HALATHEL'S SHRINE — This sanctum of the worldspirit of the Eldar Exodite planet Halathel was the center of several battles in 810 and 811M41. It finally fell to the Tyranids of Hive Fleet Naga in 811M41.
HALDWANI — This region near the Imperial Palace on Terra had massive earthwork defenses that fell during Horus' assault upon the Emperor.
HALFTOOTH — A liquor distilled in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda
HALL OF CHAMPIONS — Statues of the greatest heroes of the Grey Knights stand in this hall in their fortress monastery on Titan. It houses the trophies and relics from mortal foes, and serves as the hall for chapter feast days.
HALL OF SARCOPHAGI — This location within the Apothecarion of the Blood Angels' fortress monastery holds the golden Sarcophagi in which Aspirants receive the gene-seed and 19-stage operation of becoming a Space Marine.
HALL OF THE ASTRONOMICAN — From this structure near the Imperial Palace, a thousand psykers generate the beacon of the Astronomican.
HALLS OF JUDGEMENT — This enormous structure on Holy Terra is the headquarters of the Adeptus Arbites.
HAMADRYA — These winged serpents grow two to four meters in length and have been adopted as familiars in rare cases.
HAMMERHEAD GUNSHIP — This Tau anti-grav tank is based upon the Devilfish chassis typically mounts an Ion Cannon or Railgun, and has several options for secondary armament.
HANDRA-LAI — This was one of Jirrian's slum hives.
HANSON'S HOLE — This is a sub-community of Mirror-Bitten in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda.
HARLEQUIN — These Eldar have no Carftworld home and devote themselves to Cegorach the Laughing God. Rather than living in a Craftworld, they travel the webway, and supposedly guard its secrets. They are entertainers in peacetime, telling the mythic cycles of the Eldar. Their arrival is purported to herald great change.
HARPIKON UNION — This hive factory took place in the Hive Wars on Olympas. Their symbol is a twisted chain and eye in yellow on a dark red field.
HARPY — This Tyranid bio-construct is as large as a Trygon, though it is winged like a Gargoyle. It serves the roll of air superiority and ground attack, with an agility that puts even Eldar aircraft to shame. Like most Tyranid bio-forms, it may bear a variety of weapons, from bomb-like spore mines to scything talons to heavy venom cannons.
HARRIDAN — This titan-sized flying bio-construct carries large numbers of Gargoyles into battlezones. It is sometimes called a "Broodmother" to its flying "children."
HARVEST DOME — These remnants of the Dark Age of Technology allow food to be grown on airless worlds or those with hostile atmospheres.
HAULER'S WAY — This street in Junktion in the underhive of Hive Primus of Necromunda travels along the nine-ward wall of the dome.
HAWKWING — These void-capable craft were used alongside Stormbirds during the time of the Horus Heresy.
HAYNESTOWN — A city on Durer
HEART OF THE JUNGLE — The God Plant lived in this region of dense jungle on False Hope.
HEARTHOOD — This chaos cult led by Amel Sanx and dedicated to Khorne on Hasarna was also known as the Chimes of the World Clock. The cult was destroyed by Inquisitor Aedelorn and an Adepta Sororitas kill team.
HEAT SINK — Most hive cities use a tap through the planetary crust to generate heat and power.
HEAVY BOLTER — This is a larger, heavy version of the Bolt Gun, which fires XX ammunition.
HEAVY STUBBER — A larger, heavy version of the Stubber
HECUTER — This weapons manufacturer made handguns, including the Hecuter 10 Naval model and the Hecuter 6 holdout version.
HEDGERTON — This small community borders the Untill in the Lectica Heartlands on Gereon.
HEGEMON — This structure within the Precinct of the Imperial Palace on Terra had a kilometer-high roof. Much of the business of the Adeptus Terra took place beneath it.
HEGGORAN'S NIGHTMARES — This gang was beaten by the Firebrands at Wilhelm's Crossing
HELEDGAE, THE — This mountain in the Atenate range is one of the greatest on Gudrun.
HELESPONT — This city lay on the surface of Hephaestus, and the Black Templars fought the Eldar here.
HELICAN SCHISM — This eight month period was marked by chaos riots and uprisings throughout the Helican Subsector, all masterminded by the heretic House Glaw.
HELICAN SUBSID SHIPPING — A company doing business in the Helican subsector
HELIOPOLIS BRIDGE — This bridge that connected Phoenix Island to the Fire Wastes was destroyed by Orks.
HELISPEX ENGINE — These ancient Adeptus Mechanicus engines analyze genetic samples.
HELLBLADE — These blades, often carried by Bloodletters, are honed on souls dedicated to the Blood God.
HELLBLADE MOUNTAINS — The Crimson Fists constructed their fortress monastery in these inhospitable mountains on Rynn's World in early M40.
HELLBLASTER KRAKEN — These are the rarest of the Kraken bio-ship subspecies, the scouts that range ahead of the Hive Fleet. They generate enormous amounts of electro-static energy, and can discharge it into an enemy vessel, crippling its power plants and sensitive systems.
HELLBREAKER — This Imperial Guard artillery cannon is larger than an Earthshaker.
HELLEBORE — This Eldar escort vessel mounts as much weaponry an many light cruisers, armed with pulsar lance and torpedos.
HELLFIRE — This acidic-virus compound developed by the Adeptus Mechanicus burns through light armor and flesh with ease. Many types of rounds, from bolter shells to massive missiles use the substance against personnel.
HELLFIRE MISSILE — Typically employed by titans or the massive Ordinatus weapons platforms, these weapons primarily effect infantry and light vehicles.
HELLFIRE ROUNDS — This rare type of Bolt Gun ammunition has dual incendiary and fragmentation effect, making it very useful in anti-personnel roles.
HELLGUN — (Also: Hell-gun and Helgun) These high-power las weapons fire a more powerful charge, allowing for some armor penetration. They are favored by Imperial Guard stormtroopers and Imperial naval security.
HELLHOUND — These Imperial light tanks, based on the Chimera chassis, have a large promethium tanks and are armed with the Inferno Cannon, essentially an enormous flamethrower.
HELLHOUNDS — This armored regiment from Borkellid participated in the assault on Menazoid Epsilon during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade.
HELLRIFLE — This weapon, often crafted to resemble an antique firearm, fires shards of daemonic matter. It is used by radical Inquisitors.
HELL'S TEETH — This command Valkyrie carried Lord General Creed and the command squad for his Mission Elite, the Triple C's.
HELLSTORM CANNON — This multi-barreled, titan-scale weapon is only mounted on the largest Emperor class titans. It fires lances of energy at a rapid rate.
HELMAWR'S BRIDGE — This bridge crosses the Sludge Canal in Junktion in the underhive of Hive Primus of Necromunda.
HEL'S HIGHWAY — This enormous rockcrete highway acted as the transportation spine for Helsreach Hive on Armageddon, crossing from the Purgatori Refinery at the ocean to the far side of the hive.
HELESREACH CRUSADE — The Black Templars Reclusiarch Grimaldus led this difficult defense of Helsreach hive from the Orks during the Third War for Armageddon, ending at the Defense of the Emperor Ascendant, from which he would be the only survivor.
HELSREACH HIVE — This hive of Armageddon fought to the last, but fell to the Orks in the Second war of Armageddon. It was rebuilt and was the sight of hard fighting during the Third War for Armageddon. The titan-sized rockcrete road, Hel's Highway, served as the hive's transportation spine, from the Purgatori Refinery at the waterfront to the city's far side.Hlesreach Docks are the largest of their kind on Armageddon.
HELUKA — This term refers to the nomad encampments of the natives of Khedd 1173.
HEMLOCK — This simple Eldar destroyer design consists of a pulsar lance, engines, and little else
HEMLOCK RIVER — This north-south running river empties into the ocean to the northeast of Helsreach Hive on Armageddon. It was the site of intense fighting between the Orks and Imperial forces, including the Salamanders Space Marines and Legios Ignatum and Invigilata during the Third War for Armageddon.
HENGAV PROVINCE — This region on Farness Beta contained the holy site Ferell Sidor.
HEPHAESTUS CRUSADE — The Black Templars took part in this campaign, which included the Routing of Gologotha.
HERCUS — This syrup is added to caffine and gives it a smokey, malty flavor.
HERETICS OF SAINT SCARIF — This cult ritually severed its victim's hands and then made them write confessions with quills forced into the stumps.
HERGEST RIDGE — The Black Templars Space Marines fought Traitor Marines here at the Rout of Hergest Ridge.
HESTEN MANUSCRIPT — Inquisitor Hesten compiled the most complete version of Thorian beliefs, the Principles of the God Incarnate, in the Hesten Manuscript, a work of fifteen years completed in 465M40.
HEWSINK — A colloquial form of HW-sink, or Human Waste sink, refering to a congregating place for outcasts on Shexia.
HIDEBARTER — A town along the West Banks on Flint where a beast-moot took place at the end of each season
HIEROCRAT — Administrative rulers of the Imperium sometimes use this title.
HIERODULE — This class of Tyranid bio-titan approximates a Reaver Class titan in size, and includes bio-weapons that fire pyro-acid and cluster.
HIEROPHANT — Roughly equal in size to a Warlord Class titan, this Tyranid bio-titan uses razor claw, ripper tentacles, and bio-cannon.
HIGH ANCHOR — This naval term refers to ships in a high orbit or those at station far away from other bodies.
HIGH CONCLAVE — An Inquisitor Lord may call a larger-scale Conclave to deal with vast threats or broad reaching concerns.
HIGH GOTHIC — This is the language for most high-level, official dealings in the Imperium.
HIGH LORDS OF TERRA — Upon the interment of the Emperor into the Golden Throne after his mortal wounds at the hands of Horus, Roboute Guilliman and other Imperial visionaries established this council of twelve to provide guidance to the Imperium. These men are the voice of the Emperor and include the very highest authorities of the Inquisition, Munitorum, Administratum, and Mechanicus.
HIGH MARSHAL — This is the rank of the chapter master of the Black Templars Space Marines.
HIGH MESE — This huge causeway bridges the highest points of the Bosporian Hive Augustaeum, the Kathisma and the Cathedral of the Emperor Ascendant, on Hydraphur.
HIGH MORTEURGE — (Also: Lord Speaker of the Dead) This is the title given to the High Chaplain of the Executioners chapter of the Space Marines.
HIGH SEPTACIAN STATION — This Imperial Navy facility of Battlefleet Pacificus lies in Hydraphur.
HIGHBORN ROAD — A road coming into Junktion in the underhive of Hive Primus of Necromunda from the Twelveward Gate and the hive proper
HIGHDOME — A community in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda
HIGHSHACK CAUSEWAY — The Berserkers fought the Exers in this underhive region of Hive Primus on Necromunda.
HILL OF HERETICS — This was a place of pilgrimage on the hive world of Lastrati.
HIPPOCRASIAN AGGLOMERATION — This massive space station orbits Morwen VI in the Adrantis Nebula. A contingent of Imperial Guard, the Brontian Longknives call the station home.
HIPPODROME — A luxurious section of Lethe Eleven
HIVE BOTTOM — The lowest level of a hive, below which lie compacted strata.
HIVE CITY — The middle levels of a hive, between the underhive and the spires
HIVE FLEET BEHEMOTH — (Also: Hivefleet Behemoth) This Tyranid Hive Fleet arrived at the edge of the Ultima Segmetum in 745M41 and was shattered at the Battle of Macragge. This was the first known Hive Fleet, whose first conquest was the planet of Tyran. Inquisitor Kryptman pursued it throughout the Ultima Segmentum. [MAC] [EAF] [ULT]
HIVE FLEET DRAGON — (Also: Hivefleet Dragon) This splinter of Hive Fleet Kraken threatened the Typhos Sector of the Ultima Segmentum.
HIVE FLEET GORGON — (Also: Hivefleet Gorgon) This small but highly adaptive Hive Fleet invaded Tau space from 899-903M41, demonstrating more bio-forms than any other Tyranid force seen since to combat the Tau. The Tyranids adapted their carapace specifically to counter Tau weaponry.
HIVE FLEET HARBINGER — (Also: Hivefleet Harbinger) This was a splinter fleet of Hive Fleet Kraken from the battle at Ichar IV.
HIVE FLEET JORMUNGANDR — (Also: Hivefleet Jormungandr) While regarded as independent, some believe this Hive Fleet to be a splinter, and encroached on the Imperium near the Ghoul Stars. It employed different strategy than many others, surrounding the Thalassi Sector and isolating it before constricting. It also employed asteroids for orbital bombardment, sometimes in concert with Mycetic Spores, rather than engaging planetary defenses directly. A combined Imperial / Xenos fleet broke the hive's back in 995M41.
HIVE FLEET KRAKEN — (Also: Hivefleet Kraken) This Tyranid Hive Fleet arrived on the eastern fringe of the Imperium in the early 990s of M41. Unlike earlier fleets, it operated in many smaller splinters rather than as a single mass. Inquisitor Kryptman first discovered evidence of it on Kendrick's world. It destroyed Sotha, homeworld of the Emperor's Scythes. The Ultramarines and Battlefleet Bakka finally shattered the Hive near Circe. [MAC] [ULT]
HIVE FLEET LEVIATHAN — (Also: Hivefleet Leviathan) This Tyranid Hive Fleet's assault appeared to be spread over Ultima Segmentum, Segmentum Tempestus and Segmentum Solar, diverging from the previous pattern of concentration of force. It penetrated deep into the Imperial interior, completely destroying the Squat Leagues.
HIVE FLEET MAGALODON — (Also: Hivefleet Magalodon) This Hive Fleet grew from a tendril of Hive Fleet Kraken into a dire force of its own.
HIVE FLEET MEDUSA — (Also: Hivefleet Medusa) This small Hive Fleet, at first thought to be a tendril of Hive Fleet Leviathan, attacked the Imperium from the galactic north-west, in the vicinity of the Ghoul Stars.
HIVE FLEET MOLOCH — (Also: Hivefleet Moloch) This small Tyranid Hive Fleet approached from the northern portions of the Ultima Segmentum, though the Kiltor Sector and destroying the Tarellian Civilization.
HIVE FLEET NAGA — (Also: Hivefleet Naga) This Tyranid hive fleet was unique in several ways. It was much smaller than any other; Imperial scholars at first thought it might be a splinter of Hive Fleet Behemoth. It also primarily impacted Eldar worlds, including two maiden worlds and seven Exodite worlds, and was destroyed by the forces of the Malan'tai, Iyanden, and Idharae Craftworlds.
HIVE FLEET PERSEUS — (Also: Hivefleet Perseus) This small fleet was detected by the Ultramarines in 976M41 and was last encountered in 982M41 as it drifted out of the galaxy.
HIVE MEGAERA — This hive on the northern part of the Gnosis Parallel continent on Gnosis had substantial armed forces, though many were destroyed in an ambush at Auros Bridge in 786M41.
HIVE MIND — This gestalt intelligence guides the actions of the entire Tyranid race. Imperial scholars have been unable to fathom it secrets. Its influence is stronger in the vicinity of larger, independent bio-constructs, such as Warriors of Hive Tyrants, known as synapse creatures.
HIVE MORTIS — This hive on Necromunda has corpse-choked waste grounds.
HIVEPOX — This general term refers to many diseases that can run rampant in the enclosed area of a hive.
HIVE SECUNDUS — This tuined hive is infested with Genestealers.
HIVE SHIELDS — These Void Shields, remnants of the Dark Age of Technology, can protect an entire hive.
HIVE TYRANT — This Tyranid command creature (Imperial designator: Tyranicus Praefactor) is large, powerful, and deadly in combat. They have been seen acting as the primary node to the Tyranid Hive Mind for large swarms, and are the closest thing to a leader as has been observed among Tyranic bioforms.
HIVE WORLD — (Also: #&951;-class, eta-class) These Imperial worlds serve as home to billions of citizens, stacked into towering hive cities that can span continents. Their uncounted labor force serves as both a huge production resource and recruiting base for the Imperial Guard. The stretches between hives are often toxic wastelands or polluted seas. They typically require food and water imports from other worlds.
HIVE ULYX — This is the capital hive of Gnosis on the continent of Gnosis Prime, holding the government offices of Governor Ulyx.
HOARFELL — This very large plateau on Periremunda had a spaceport and a fairly high elevation, resulting in a cold climate. Its largest city was Darien. The Valhallan 597th were stationed here during an insurrection.
HOCWHEAT — This grain is frequently used to make liquor.
HOLDER OF THE KEYS — The Grand Master of Librarians of the Dark Angels bears this ceremonial title, signifying the Librarians' assigned duties of guarding the dungeons within The Rock.
HOLESTEAD — An independent home outside the major underhive communities, usually farming algae or hunting archeotech
HOLO — This term is both a shortened version of Hololith and a general reference to entertainments using it as a medium.
HOLODRAMA — These entertainments are quite popular on technologically advanced worlds, where the citizenry may have access to a hololith.
HOLOFIELD — The Eldar use this protective field, which confuses enemy sensors, visual and otherwise, to protect their starships, titans, and large vehicles.
HOLOLITH — A holographic viewer, essentially a three dimensional pict screen for watching newscasts or entertainment
HOLY ORB OF ANTIOCH — The Marine Artificer Antioch individually crafts these grenades, filled with both explosives and holy unguents.
HOLY SYNOD — (Also: Synod Ministra) This is the senate of the Adeptus Ministorum based on Ophelia VII.
HONORIFICA VALOURUM — These Space Marine honors signify great bravery in battle.
HONOUR BANNER — These banners hang from Titans, declaring their Legio and history. There are elaborate versions for ceremony and more abbreviated versions for battle.
HONOUR GUARD — The best of the 1st Company of many Space marine chapters sometimes form a Chapter Honour Guard to fight alongside the Chapter Master.
HONOURABLE DELIVERANCE — This Land Raider fought at the battle of Rynn's World in 989M41.
HOOD OF HELLFIRE — Chief Librarian Tigurius of the Ultramarines uses this powerful psychic amplification hood that draws upon both the power and aggression of the user.
HOOKBACK — This Adeptus Arbites term, semi-local to Hydraphur, refers to hired muscle, whom tend to be available on short notice and low on scruples.
HOOKFANG — These massive predatory felines of Korall will attack anything man-sized or larger that it sees.
HOPE — This was the heavily armored control tower that presided over Jericho Falls Spaceport
HORETH CRUSADE — A Black Templars crusade
HORMAGAUNT — These Tyranid bio-constructs (Imperial classification Gauntii Gladius) are specialised for close combat, armed with four scythe-like talons. Like all of the Gaunt subspecies, they have a number of possible biomorphs, and are one of the most numerous creatures in a typical Tyranid swarm.
HORNDEER — This ice-planet mamal is considered something of a delicacy.
HORN-HEAD — These large creatures, raised for their meat, are raised in the plains.
HORRORS — These lesser daemons of Tzeentch, called Tsani'kChami'i in their own tongue, are also known as Pink Horrors, Blue Horrors, Whirling Destroyers, Spinning Sourguts, Grumblers, and Screamers. They are made of the Warp, and can use this power much like a psyker.
HORUS HERESY — The Emperor's Warmaster, the most trusted of all the Primarchs, Horus rebelled, turned by chaos, taking half of the Imperial war machine with him. At the climax of the Heresy, as he laid siege to the Imperial Palace on Terra, the Emperor led a daring raid onto his battle barge. In the ensuing battle, Sanguinius sacrificed himself in combat against Horus to buy the Emperor time. Horus and the Emperor locked into mortal combat where Horus was killed, ending the rebellion, and the Emperor received grievous wounds that now confine him to the Golden Throne. This began the Age of the Imperium.
HORUSIAN — This Inquisition faction, considered a subfaction of Xanthism, developed in M33 from a splinter group of Promeans who studied Horus' possession by Chaos, and the potential to use similar means to reunite the Emperor's soul to his body or another living vessel. They rose to prominence in M34, were all but eliminated by the start or M35, but have re-emerged since. They believe that a "new Horus," created or cloned and vested with the power of the Warp, could lead humanity as opposed to enslave it.
HOSTEC LIVERY — This is a brand of auto-pistol
HOT-SHOT — This is the common term for a special power cell used in Long Las sniper rifles. Their charge batteries use liquid metal rather than the standard solid variety.
HOUSE ÆRTHEGN — This Traitor, Imperial-aligned House fought alongside Legios Suturvora and Fureans during the Beta-Garmon conflict. Their colors were red and white.
HOUSE ARAKON — Knights of this Loyallist Mechanicum-aligned House fought alongside Legio Atarus Titans during much of the Beta-Garmon conflict. Their colors are yellow and green.
HOUSE ATRAX — This Traitor, Mechanicum-aligned House fought alongside Legio Magna during the Beta-Garmon conflict. Their colors were black and red.
HOUSE BEAUMARIS — This Loyallist Mechanicum-aligned House fought alongside Legio Defensor in the Beta-Garmon conflict. Their colors are purple and white.
HOUSE CADMUS — This Loyallist Imperial-aligned House fought alongside Legio Gryphonicus in the Beta-Garmon conflict. Their colors are green and yellow.
HOUSE CAESAREAN — Knights of this Traitor Imperial-Aligned House fought at the Death of Tallarn (010M31-012M31) and in the Beta-Garmon conflict alongside Legio Krytos. Their colors are yellow and black.
HOUSE COL'KHAK — This Loyallist Mechanicum-aligned House fought alongside Legio Atarus in the Beta-Garmon conflict. Their colors are red and black.
HOUSE COLDSHROUD — This Loyallist Imperial-aligned House fought alongside Legio Gryphonicus in the Beta-Garmon conflict. Their colors are blue and yellow.
HOUSE DEVINE — This Imperial-aligned Knight House turned Traitor at a pivotal point in the Battle of Molech (009M31), dooming the Loyalist forces there. They also participated in the Beta-Garmon campaign alongside Legios Vulpa and Mortis. Their colors are purple and gold.
HOUSE FVABER — This Loyallist Imperial-aligned House fought alongside Legio Gryphonicus in the Beta-Garmon conflict. Their colors are grey and blue.
HOUSE GOTRITH — This Traitor, Imperial-aligned House fought alongside Legio Mortis during the Beta-Garmon conflict. Their colors were grey and white.
HOUSE HAWKWOOD — This Loyallist Mechanicum-aligned House fought in the Beta-Garmon camapign alongside Legio Astorum. Their colors are red and yellow.
HOUSE HERMETIKA — This Loyallist Imperial-aligned House fought alongside Legio Ignatum in the Beta-Garmon conflict. Their colors are red and black.
HOUSE HYBORAS — This Traitor, Imperial-aligned House fought alongside Legios Vulpa and Fureans during the Beta-Garmon conflict. Their colors were red and orange.
HOUSE HYPERION — This Loyallist Mechanicum-aligned House fought in the Beta-Garmon camapign alongside Legio Vulpa. Their colors are purple and blue.
HOUSE IOEDEN — This Traitor Mechanicum-aligned House fought alongside Legio Atarus in the Beta-Garmon conflict. Their colors are red and black.
HOUSE KEPSYDRA — This Traitor, Imperial-aligned House fought alongside Legio Krytos during the Beta-Garmon conflict. Their colors were white and gold.
HOUSE KLAZE — This Loyallist Imperial-aligned House fought alongside Legio Gryphonicus in the Beta-Garmon conflict. Their colors are silver and red.
HOUSE LAKAR — This Loyallist Mechanicum-aligned House fought in the Beta-Garmon camapign alongside Legio Metalica. Their colors are blue and white.
HOUSE MALINAX — This Traitor Mechanicum-aligned Knight House bonded to Legio Ulicon durig the Scouring of Arten's World. Scion Zholon-Kuthos led a Banner during that conflict. They fought alongside Legio Tempestus in the Beta-Garmon conflict. Their colors are grey and black.
HOUSE MAKABIUS — This Traitor, Imperial-aligned House fought alongside Legio Interfector during the Beta-Garmon conflict. Their colors were blue and grey.
HOUSE MEGRON — Knights of this Loyalist Imperial-aligned House fought at the Death of Tallarn (010M31-012M31). They also fought alongside Legio Solaria in the Beta-Garmon conflict. Their colors are silver and white.
HOUSE MORBIDIA — This Traitor Mechanicum-aligned House fought alongside Legio Mortis in the Beta-Garmon conflict. Their colors are red and gold.
HOUSE MORDRED — This Traitor Mechanicum-aligned House fought alongside Legio Suturvora in the Beta-Garmon conflict. Their colors are black and red.
HOUSE MORITAIN — This Loyallist Imperial-aligned House fought alongside Legio Astraman in the Beta-Garmon conflict. Their colors are black and grey.
HOUSE MORTIMER — This Loyallist Mechanicum-aligned House fought alongside Legio Astorum in the Beta-Garmon conflict. Their colors are yellow and purple.
HOUSE NIAGMA — This Traitor Mechanicum-aligned House fought alongside Legio Vulpa in the Beta-Garmon conflict. Their colors are grey and orange.
HOUSE ORHLACC — This Loyallist Imperial-aligned House fought alongside Legio Destructor in the Beta-Garmon conflict. Their colors are blue and gold.
HOUSE OROBORN — This Traitor Mechanicum-aligned House fought alongside Legio Mortis in the Beta-Garmon conflict. Their colors are grey and green.
HOUSE NIAGMA — Knights of this house fought alongside Legios Astorum and Defensor at the Second Battle for Nyrcon City.
HOUSE PERDAXIA — Knights of this Traitor Imperial-aligned House joined Titans of Legios Mortis, Fureans, and Vulpa in the assault on Nyrcon City during the Beta-Garmon conflict. Their colors are yellow and blue.
HOUSE PROCON VI — This Loyallist Mechanicum-aligned House fought in the Beta-Garmon camapign alongside Legio Solaria. Their colors are silver and black.
HOUSE RAJHA — This Traitor, Imperial-aligned House fought alongside Legio Fureans during the Beta-Garmon conflict. Their colors were orange and black.
HOUSE STERLUND — Knights of this Loyallist, Imperial-aligned house fought at the Battle for Caldera Primus with Legio Defensor. Their colors are red and green.
HOUSE TERRYN — This Loyallist Imperial-aligned House fought alongside Legio Astorum in the Beta-Garmon conflict. Their colors are blue and red.
HOUSE TURBIDOS — This Traitor, Imperial-aligned House fought alongside Legio Tempestus during the Beta-Garmon conflict. Their colors were silver and blue.
HOUSE VEXTRIX — This Traitor Mechanicum-aligned House fought alongside Legio Mortis in the Beta-Garmon conflict. Their colors are black and green.
HOUSE VORNHERR — Many Knights of this Loyalist, Imperial-aligned House were destroyed by Knight Banner Zholon-Kuthos during the Scouring of Arten's World. During the Beta-Garmon campaign, they fought alongside Legios Honorum and Atarus. Their colors are red and yellow.
HOUSE VYRIDION — This Traitor, Imperial-aligned House fought alongside Legio Vulturum during the Beta-Garmon conflict. Their colors were black and yellow.
HOUSE VYRONII — Knights of this Loyallist, Imperial-aligned house fought alongside Legios Defensor at the Second Battle of Paramar and Gryphonicus in other battles of the Beta-Garmon campaign. Their colors are green and white.
HOUSE XERATHON — This Traitor Mechanicum-aligned House fought alongside Legio Mortis in the Beta-Garmon conflict. Their colors are purple and black.
HOWLING, THE — The execution of the alien cyborg Cacodominus, whose mind was linked to the populations of 1300 systems, at the hands of the Black Templars, caused a shockwave through the Warp, burning out a billion Astropaths in 401M34. Millions of ships were lost as the upheaval distorted the signal of the Astronomicon.
HOWLING BANSHEE — This Eldar aspect of Khaine specializes in close combat and wears lighter armor for mobility. They are armed with Shuriken Pistols, blades, and masks that emit a powerful, paralyzing howl.
HUKE'S TOWN — A town along the West Banks on Flint where a beast-moot took place at the end of each season
HULL GHAST — These creatures prey upon vessels where the Warp-Materium barrier is weak or breached.
HUNDLEMAS AGRICULTURAL STOWAGE — This company operates a warehouse in the mid-rise district of Urbitane on Sameter.
HUNTER-KILLER MISSILE — These extremely long-ranged Krak missiles have a limited ability to track their targets
HURRICANE BOLTER — These arrays of three twin-linked bolters are used as sponson or turret weapons on an array of Imperial constructs. They have a high rate of fire and are devastating anti-infantry weapons.
HYBREAN HUNTERS — Colonel Marik commanded this feral world Imperial Guard regiment that specialized in combat mounted on giant lizards.
HYBRID — See: Genestealer Hybrid
HYDRA — An Imperial Guard anti-aircraft vehicle based on the Chimera chassis.
HYDROPONICUM — A chamber, typically aboard starships, for growing plants.


I WAS THERE… — Commissar Falkov published this memoir about the siege of Helsreach Hive and the heroic defense of the Jaega District during the final days of the conflict. It became required reading for Steel Legion officers.
IBIS REEF HARBOR — This Imperial port served Phoenix Island on Armageddon.
IBLIS BREAKOUT — The Fire Hawks fought free of the battle for Iblis with the aid of their strong fleet assets after encountering stronger-than-expected opposition from the Astral Claws.
IBLIS MASSACRE — The Fire Hawks suffered greatly against the Astral Claws when they encountered an extremely capable force defending the world of Iblis.
ICARUS LASCANNON — Often used in Imperial emplacements, this is a higher-powered version of the man- or vehicle-mounted versions.
ICE WEASEL — An animal common on Valhalla and other ice worlds.
ICHAR IV REBELLION — The Ultramarines crushed this rebellion in a campaign that lasted only three weeks in 993M41.
ICONOCLAVE — Also referred to as the Breaking House, Imperial citizens were forced to destroy statues here during the chaos occupation of Ineuron Town on Gereon.
IDEOSAVANT — A type of Adeptus Administratum worker.
IDLE MUSINGS — Jarvin Wallankot published this book in 605M41
IDOLATOR — This Chaos escort design originates from the excommunicated Xana II forge world, and is thought to incorporate Kroot, Fra'al, and other xeno technology, giving its batteres superior range.
IF I SHOULD FORGET THEE, O TERRA — A marching song popular amongst some Imperial Guard regiments.
IGNITER — This term refers to cigarette lighters.
ILLUMINATI — Members of this group have been possessed by Chaos entities, but have mastered themselves and have driven the Chaos beasts from within themsleves. After seeing the effects of possession firsthand, they commit themselves to fighting Chaos. The Illuminati seek to rejuvinate the Emperor and bring about the birth of the Star Child by sacrificing the Sensei - the Emperor's offspring - at the right moment.
ILLYRIUM — This rugged, mountainous northern land on Macragge was home to fierce warriors and considered lawless until the young Primarch Guilliman unified them with a brilliant campaign.
IL'WOLAHO — Aun'Va consulted with Shadowsun in these scortched forests during a campaign against Orks.
IMAGO — These bio-tech creatures, which serve as a living identification and restrictors, are grafted into the flesh of chaos slaves to ensure their obedience.
IMMATERIUM — This term refers to the warp medium through which starships travel. See: the Warp.
IMMATERIUM OBSERVEATORY — These bubbles on the experior of Warp vessels allow Navigators or, when properly shielded, others to view the Empyrean while in the Warp.
IMPERATOR BASTION — This is one of the four corner-bastions (northwest corner) of the Citadel of Hyrda Cordatus.
IMPERIAL CREED — This is the assemblage of holy writings of the Adeptus Ministorum.
IMPERIAL CROWN — This is the standard currency for the Imperium, also known as a Throne for its golden color.
IMPERIAL CULT — This term refers to the veneration of the Emperor as divine, and arose centuries after the end of the Horus Heresy. The Adeptus Ministorum exists, almost in entirety, to promote this religion.
IMPERIAL GUARD — This organization makes up the countless foot-soldiers of the Imperium's war-machine.
IMPERIAL KNIGHT — (Also: Questor Imperialis) A single pilot mans these giant mechanical war machines found on Knight Worlds. They have adamantium armor and Ion Shields that protect them from most small arms. The pilot bonds with the Knight's machine spirit in much the same way a Princeps bonds with the machine spirit of their Titan.
IMPERIAL KNIGHT CRUSADER — An Imperial Knight optimised for long-range combat, armed with Battle Cannon and Avenger Gatling Cannon.
IMPERIAL NIGHT ERRANT — An Imperial Knight armed with a Thermal Cannon and Reaper Chainsword
IMPERIAL KNIGHT GALLANT — An Imperial Knight optimised for close combat, armed with Thunderstrike Gauntlet and Reaper Chainsword.
IMPERIAL KNIGHT PALADIN — An Imperial Knight armed with Battle Cannon and close combat weapon, such as a Thunderstrike Gauntlet or Reaper Chainsword.
IMPERIAL KNIGHT WARDEN — An Imperial Knight armed with Avenger Gatling Cannon and Thunderstrike Gauntlet
IMPERIAL LAUREL — This is a Space Marine award for bravery and heroism, and is typically sculpted into a Marine's helmet or shoulder armor. The Codex Astartes demands that standard bearers have this award.
IMPERIAL LEGATE — The High Lords of Terra send these high-ranking judges to rule on their behalf when required.
IMPERIAL MUSTER AT BETA-GARMON — In 012M31, the Ruinstorm abates and navigation becomes possible, Imperial forces mass at the astropathic relay at Beta-Garmon. It becomes the largest gathering of Loyalist forces since the beginning of the war. Traitor forces respond in kind, and the resultant conflict becomes known as the Great Slaughter, encompassing the Titandeath and Sea of Fire Campaigns. The conflict severely depletes both Loyalist and Traitor ranks.
IMPERIAL NEEDLE — This huge structure towers over the city of Cracia on Pyrites.
IMPERIAL PALACE, THE — Terra's greatest masons built this palace for the Emperor after the Unification Wars. The Himalayan mountains form the roots of the structure, and its highest towers extend into space. It is not so much a building as a man-made landmass. Rogal Dorn fortified it during the Horus Heresy. The Emperor's Golden Throne lies within it in the Sanctum Imperialis.
IMPERIAL SENESCHAL — Term used for Governors and administrators during most ages of the Imperium.
IMPERIAL SHIELD — This is the formal, Tactica Imperialis name for Imperial Guard infantry companies, though few actually use it in practice.
IMPERIAL THREAT INDEX — A method of classifying threats to the Imperium employed by the Adeptus Munitorum.
IMPERIAL TITHE — (Also: Imperial Tithe Classification) The Imperium demands tithes from almost all of its worlds according to its needs and the world's resources and technology level.
IMPERIALIS, THE — This Space Marine honor is awarded for a righteous victory, and historically was the campaign badge for the Horus Heresy. It is a winged skull and is typically worn on the helmet, shoulder or chest armor.
IMPERIO-COGNISTICIAN — This sect within the Adeptus Mechanicus believe that the Divine Procesing Routine, the everyday actions of citizens of the Imperium will help bring their quest for knowledge to an eventual end. Members often see themselves as "antibodies" working against the diseases rampant within the body of the Imperium.
IMPERIUM NIHILUS — (Also: Dark Imperium) This refers to the area of the Imperium cut off from the Astronomicon by the Great Rift
IMPERIUM OF MAN — Commonly referred to simply as the Imperium, this stellar empire spans the entire galaxy, ruled from Holy Terra by the Emperor from his Golden Throne.
IMPERIUM SANCTIS — This refers to the area of the Imperium on the Astronomicon side of the Great Rift
INCINERATOR — This Heavy Flamer variant uses psychically impregnated promethium, burning far hotter than normal fire with a blue flame.
INDENTS — Common Imperial slang for indentured workers
IN EXTERMINATUS EXTREMIS — This Inquisitorial text discusses the use of Exterminatus.
INCARCERY — Prison or jail, frequently one of the Adeptus Arbites
INCARNATIONIST — Founded in M36, this Inquisitorial faction believed that the Emperor is not the Golden Throne, but the spirit that travels the Imperium, instilling his power into chosen vessels. They believed that this spirit awaits the discovery of creation of a new body.
INDICTOR — This fast cruiser design serves the Adeptus Arbites of major systems.
INEURON TOWN — This city lies along a river on the planet of Gereon and was home to a resistance cell when chaos forces occupied the planet.
INFERNAL THUNDER — Imperial Guard Lieutenant Drake commanded the HQ company, 6th Squadron, of the Mordant 22nd Armoured Assault Regiment, from this Hellhound tank.
INFERNO CANNON — This large-scale flamethrower weapon graces the Imperial Hellhound tank.
INFERNO GRENADE — These grenades spray an area with fire.
INFERNO HORDE — This is one name for the forces of the Arch-Arsonist of Charadon. Imperial experts estimate it to consist of 110 Warbands, 45 Speed Freak Warbands, and 16 Gargants.
INFERNO PISTOL — These weapons, some of which date from the Dark Age of Technology, are miniaturized melta-guns
INFERNO ROUND — Made for weapons varying in size from bolters to Demolisher cannons, they consist of a small explosive charge inside a volatile mix of highly flammable compounds, setting everything within their blast radius on fire.
INFERNUS HIVE — This hive on the continent of Armageddon Secundus fell to Ork forces during the Second War of Armageddon, and all of its citizens were made slaves. It lies at the juncture of the Infernus and Stygies rivers
INFERNUS MISSILES — These Titan-scale incediary missiles set fire to their targets.
INFERNUS RIVER — This river runs down from the Palidus Mountains south and east till it joins the Stygies river at Infernus Hive.
INFIDEL — Chaos forces stole this heavy destroyer design of M40 from the Monsk orbital shipyards.
INFINITY CIRCUIT — This network, made up of the wraithbone core of a Craftworld, receives and preserves the souls of fallen Eldar from their Spirit Srones, keeping them out of the hands of Slaanesh.
INHERITORS, THE — This is the name that the Storm Wardens Space Marines give their 1st Company, rebuilt after the Nemesis Incident of 945M36, signifying that they hold the position until the return of their brothers in stasis.
INNER CIRCLE — These Dark Angel Space Marines of the Death Wing, and some successor chapters, have full knowledge of the chapter's history and are granted the honorary title of Master. They also form the guard for the lowest dungeons of The Rock. All company commanders and most others in positions of great authority must be in this group. It's members consist of the Supreme Grand Master, all Grand Masters, Interrogator-Chaplains, Librarians, and those others elevated to Master.
INQUISITION — Malcador the Sigilite formed this shadowy organization in the final days of the Horus Heresy. He brought four individuals of unquestionable character and loyalty before the Emperor who became the first Inquisitors. They were granted unlimited authority to police the institutions of the Imperium. The Inquisition has since grown to Imperium-spanning size, with factions and individuals that often have widely different views on accomplishing their goals. It has neither official organization nor leadership beyond that which individuals choose to acknowledge.
INQUISITOR — Title of a member of the Inquisition. Females tend to use the same title as males, or more rarely Inquisitress.
INQUISITOR LORD — (Also: Lord Inquisitor or High Inquisitor) Proven Inquisitors of exceptional ability, experience, integrity, and loyalty may be nominated for this rank by another Inquisitor Lord. The nomination must be approved by two other Lords. The title is more of an honorific than rank, but they can call High Conclaves and generally have access to more of the Inquisition's resources and agents.
INQUISITOR LORD TERRAN — Inquisitors who have served as Master of the Inquisition with the high Lords of Terra may use this title.
INQUISITORIAL ORDO — This is a group of Inquisitors that have grouped together to accomplish a particular goal of field of study. The largest are the Ordos Malleus, Hereticus, and Xenos. However, even Ordos have internal factions that do not always agree.
INQUISITORIAL REPRESENTATIVE — See: Master of the Inquisition
INQUISITORIAL SEAL — (See also: Rosette) This is the symbol of the Inquisition and Inquisitors bear it as a badge of authority.
INSA PASS — This passage through the Atenates mountains contains a large freshwater lake that is the source of the Drunner river.
INSANGUINATION — This process, currently only employed by the Blood Angels, uses Space Marine blood to activate the gene-seed in aspirants.
INTERROGATOR — (Also: Approbator, Neophyte, Noviate) This is a title given to some apprentice Inquisitors, though it is one of many used, since each Inquisitor is free to pick their own. They may be elevated to the rank of Inquisitor with the consent of other Inquisitors besides their mentor, though some claim the rosette immediately if their mentor is killed, subject to possible repeal by other Inquisitors.
INTRUMENTALITY OF THE GYLATUS WORLD FLOCK — This Imperial government led the many moons of the Gylatus system.
INSUME HEADLAND — This region contains the capitol city of Dorsay on Gudrun.
INTERESTING PLACES AND TEDIOUS PEOPLE: A WANDERER'S WAYBOOK — Jerval Sekara wrote this book that contained entries on many systems in the Ultima Segmentum in 145M39.
INTERROGATOR-CHAPLAIN — Chaplains in the Dark Angels who have proven themselves worthy of veteran status are inducted into the Death Wing and granted this rank.
INTRUDER — Imperial Navy light frigate class
INVASION OF ORNSWORLD — A small Chaos force attempted to take the Eye of Night from this Ratling homeworld, but was driven off by the Imperial Guard recruiting force stationed there. This prompted a full-scale invasion by Traitor Marines that left millions dead.
INVESTIARY — This broad amphitheater, 2 kilometers in diameter and open to the sky, was set in the highest terraces of the Precinct in the Imperial Palace on Terra. It had statues of the twenty Primarchs in a circle. The second and eleventh statues had been removed by the time of the Horus Heresy.
INVINCIBLE SPEAR — This Predator Annihilator fought at the battle of Rynn's World in 989M41.
ION CANON — This vehicular Tau weapon uses electromagnetic fields to generate a stream of high-energy particles.
IRON DUCHESS — This Valkyrie carries the Thunderheads of General Creed's Mission Elite.
IRON GRIMOIRE — This book, constructed of Warp metal, holds the secrets of the founding of the Grey Knights. It lies within the Chambers of Purity, and only the Supreme Grand Master of the chapter may read its pages. It contains the secret of the evil imprisoned beneath the Grey Knights' fortress monastery on Titan. Within its pages is an account of Janus' discovery of an artefact, the Dimensional Forge.
IRON GUARD — This is the name for Guard regiments founded on Mordia. They wear brightly colored uniforms and are considered quite puritan.
IRON HALO1 — This addition power armor equipment projects an energy field around the wearer.
IRON HALO2 — This leadership award is given to Space Marines who demonstrate exceptional initiative, leadership, and strategy. In Codex chapters, a Marine must earn this award before becoming a squad leader.
IRON HAMMER CAMPAIGN — The Cadian Castellan Crask, denouncing the Tau as weak for their inability to deal with Hive Fleet Gorgon at Kel'shan, helped instigate this campaign against the Tau, the largest conflict between the two polities.
IRON MEN — During the Golden Age of Technology, humanity created artificially intelligent Iron Men as servants and warriors. Eventually they turned on their creators in the Great Old Wars, bringing a horrible end to the Golden Age. Like the Necrons, they are skeletal in appearance, but unlike them they tend to have glowing blue eyes.
IRON SKULL — This is both the Codex symbol for a Space Marine Sergeant and an award for leadership, and is typically displayed on the helmet or shoulder armor.
IRONTREE REAVERS — A House Goliath gang on Necromunda
IRON WHEEL — One of the holy symbols of the Adeptus Mechanicus
ISSTVANIAN — (Also: Istvanian) A radical Inquisitorial faction, named for the Isstvan III massacre, that believes that humanity is at its best when tested by war and strife. Inquisitors of this philosophy fan the fires of war and conflict where ever possible, believing that the conflict will make the Imperium stronger.
ITERVALLE — This mountain on the western side of the Insa Pass overshadows the city of Ravello.


JABIRU QUAY — Ork Fighta-Bommerz destroyed several Imperial gigatankers at their berths here in the fight for Phoenix Island on Armageddon.
JACK-L — A gang from Formal L in Petropolis on Eustis Majoris
JAEGA DISTRICT — This habitation region of Helsreach Hive had fortified storm shelters, and was one of the last holdouts during the siege for Helsreach Hive during the Third War for Armadeggon. It was the sight of some of the heaviest fighting during the last days of the conflict, defended by armored units.
JAHANNAM PLATFORM — Orks destroyed this sea-based promethium platform, part of the Valdez Oil Platforms, with submersibles on the 36th day of the siege of Helsreach Hive during the Third War for Armageddon. It housed 619 workers, and was one of the three major platforms.
JAKAI'S RAIDERS — This is the name for the Attilan 3rd, named after a notoriously savage former Colonel
JANISSARY — Vessorine mercenaries go by this title, which also stands for a unit of organization, equal to one clan, led by a Clansire, or approximately 800 men. They typically have tattoos that offer money for their repatriation to the clan. They train in three primary martial arts, one of which is swordsmanship.
JANISSARY BATTLELINE MANIPLE — This Legio Titanicus formation, consisting of Reaver and Warhound class Titans, is optimized for fighting alongside Knight Banners.
JANT NORMANIDUS PRIME — This fortress on Jant served as the first founding fields for the Jantine Patricians.
JANT NORMANIDUS MILITARY ACADEMY — This Schola on Jant trained the noble-born in military matters, and those that passed through its dueling school received ceremonial scars to cheeks and forearms.
JARELPHI PALACE — The Iron Warriors fought here.
JEHGENESH — These chaos bio-constructs act as a warp gate, transferring liquids, such as water or promethium, from one location to another, even between star-systems.
JERICHO FALLS SPACEPORT — This is the port serving Hydra Cordatus
JERULAS CRUSADE — The Black Templars, led by High Marshal Ludoldus, discovered the Land Raider Crusader design on this crusade in the Jerulas system, a prosperous enclave that the Missionarus Galaxia was attempting to bring back into the Imperial fold. The Black Templars, with the aid of the new design, finally brought down the well-fortified hive world.
JOILIQ — A type of hard liquor typically made from grain.
JOKAERO DEFENSE ORB — Housed within a Jokaero's back harness is a fabricator array for energy-refractive spheres that swarm about the owner and move to intercept incoming attacks.
JOLLY ORK — Ork Freebooterz use this sign, essentially a variation of the skull and crossbones
JOSMANE BASTION — This is one of the four corner-bastions (northeast corner) of the Citadel of Hyrda Cordatus.
JOYGIRL — A word for escort or prostitute
JUDGE — An Adeptus Arbites position/rank
JUDICAR-PRELATE — These overseers dispense justice to factorum workers.
JUGGERNAUT — These Steeds of Khorne are riding beasts for Champions of Khorne.
JUMP PACK — These packs, typically used by Space Marine Assault troopers, allow near-ground and aerial maneuvering by vented plasma.
JUNKTION — This underhive region in Hive Primus on Necromunda lies at the bottom of a shaft caused by a hive-quake.
JUSTICAR1 — This is the local name for law enforcement personnel on many Imperial worlds, including Periremunda.
JUSTICAR2 — This Grey Knight rank is equivalent to Sergeant.
JUSTICE GATE — This towering gate joins the Wall and the Adeptus Arbites compounds to the Augustaeum on Bosporian Hive on Hydraphur.
JUVENAT TREATMENT — Relatively common on civilized and advanced worlds and available to the rich, these are anti-aging treatments.


KABAL OF THE BLACK HEART — Asdrubael Vect led this Dark Eldar cabal.
KADYROV VOYAGE — The Marines Errant battle barge Vilamus was the sole survivor of this expedition into the Hazeroth Abyss.
KAELIS-RA — Eldar god
KAI'ROTAA — This is the Tau equivalent of a monthly division, consisting of 80 rotaa. There are 6 per Tau'cyr, and each is dedicated one of the castes, with the last dedicated to the race as a whole. It is equal to approximately 50 Terran days.
KALIKIN'S COMPANY — This acclaimed group of traveling actor hailed from Menizerre on Gudrun.
KALAKTHRAX TERMINATION — Grand Master Armaita led a Dark Angels Redemption Force in this action.
KAMENKA TROKIA — Legio Astorum took part in this campaign in M31.
KANE BASTION — This was the center bastion of three at Tor Christo.
KANNIBAL SKWADRON — This fighta-Bomma squadron serves in the Waaagh! of Warboss Badthug.
KAPTIN — The leaders of Stormboyz units or Freebooterz pirates use this rank.
KAPTIN BLACKGIT'S FREEBOOTERS — This Ork pirate escaped Jagga as Hive Fleet Behemoth destroyed it, but blundered into another portion of the fleet.
KARDIAN CAMPAIGN — Captain Cortez of the Crimson Fists fights through the entire campaign without resupply in 903M41.
KARNAGE SKWADRON — This fighta-Bomma squadron serves in the Waaagh! of Warboss Badthug.
KASAMAR — Commissar Cain assisted in supressing a minor civil insurrection in this city.
KASR BELLAN — A city on Cadia
KASR DERTH — This city was the largest castellum of its region and hosted the regional government of the Caducades area on Cadia. The Inquisitor General's Office of Cadia lies here, as does the Ministry of Interior defense.
KASR GESH — A city on Cadia
KASR PARTOX — A Cadian fortress
KASR TYROK — This city on Cadia boasts landing fields for starships.
KASRKIN — These are the elite of the elite in the Cadian Imperial Guard regiments.
KASSIROTH OFFENSIVE — (Also: Kasiroth Offensive) The Black Templars, including the Dreadnought Tankred, fought the Tau in this action.
KATHISMA — This holy building stands opposite the Temple of the Emperor Ascendant in the Augustaeum of Bosporian Hive on Hydraphur.
KATHISMA GATE — This passage links the Kathisma with the outer Bosporian Hive.
KAU'UI — Roughly equal in size to an Imperial Guard company, a "Cadre" consists of up to six Fire Warrior Teams, a variable number of Pathfinder, Stealth, and Battlesuit Teams, plus Hammerhead and/or Sky Ray tanks.
KAUYON — This Tau tactical concept is that of the "Patient Hunter," where a lure causes the enemy to expose himself, and thus be destroyed.
KAVAAL — Though translated as "Battle," it more properly means battle group. It is a temporary grouping of contingents used to achieve a specific goal, after which it is dissolved. It is the largest group the Fire caste has committed to the field.
KEDGEREE — An Imperial food dish that can be prepared with multiple substances, such as Salma Kedgeree.
KEEPER OF SECRETS — This is the name for greater daemons of Slaanesh. They are also known as Slayers of Slaanesh, Feasters of Pain, Base Ones, Despoilers of the Flesh or Great Horned Ones.
KEFFIA CAMPAIGN — Commmissar Cain fought with the 12th Valhallan artillery regiment in this series of battles against the Tyranids.
KENADIE — This is the main city-state of the planet Idolwilde.
KENDRAN FEATHER TREE — This tree protects itself by shooting spores.
KESNOUS — Eldar god
KETRA BLADE — A short, curved chaos blade
KHAINE, KAELA MENSHA — (Also: The Bloody-Handed God) The Eldar god or war fought Slaanesh upon her birth and was defeated, scattering his spirit to the hearts of each craftworld. This spirit calls craftworlds to war, and animates Eldar Avatars. The Dark Eldar worship his aspect as the Murder God.
KHAMRIAN — This Adeptus Mechanicus faction, founded by Magos Degio Khamrios in late M34, attempts to create of find AI, an act forbidden by the Imperium.
KHANASAN — The Lord of Attila rules the planet from its only city.
KHANJAR — A curved dagger
KHITAJ PENINSULA — This was the location of the fortress compound of the Damask brothers on Demaris Primary before it was destroyed by the Cadian 450th and Inquisitor Alastor.
KHORNE'S TWINS — These two semi-active volcanos lie several kilometers to the south of the False Hope settlement.
KILL KROOZER — This common Ork cruiser class mounts an impressive array of Gunz and Heavy Gunz.
KILL TEAM — These special Imperial units, made up of elite Guardsmen of Space Marines, undertake special missions such as sabotage, assassination, or reconnaissance.
KILLA KANS — Gretchin pilot these smaller dreadnoughts armed with power shears, buzz saws, and guns.
KILLCHOPPA'S BLITZ BRIGADE — Led by the Warboss Killchoppa, these 5 Warbands of Waaagh! Snagrod are flight capable, and fought at the Battle of Rynn's World.
KING OF A THOUSAND SKULLS — (Also: King of Khanasan, Lord of Attila) Named for the planetary tradition of a victor taking a vanquished man's skull, and making a drinking cup from it, this is the name of the ruling lord on Attila.
KINGDOM OF GLASS — This peaceful kingdom fell into disarray when Banelings unshrouded within it in 863M41.
KISS OF FIRE — This Valkyrie carries the Torchbearers of General Creed's Mission Elite.
KITH — This was the name for the fanatical, and often berserk, troops of Sholen Skara.
KLAVIER MAZE — These training buildings of the Adeptus Arbites utilize automata, servitors, and hulks, as well as various machines that duplicate a wide range of environmental conditions.
KLAWSTOMPA — Mechaniaks of the Goff Clan create these bull-headed, fire-belching titans, armed with giant klaws, flamebelchas, rokkits, and an array of other shooty weapons.
KLAYLWARE — This fat-rimmed, heavy style of ceramics is valuable to some collectors.
KLOM — Many Imperial Guard regiments, including the Valhallans, make use of this short form of kilometer.
KLYSIS — This augmented savant served in Inquisitor Voke's sizable retinue.
KNIGHT — See: Imperial Knight
KNIGHT WORLD — These technologically advanced worlds, typically with feudal societies, gave rise to the mechanical constructs known as Imperial Knights or Questor Imperialis
KNUCK — A common derogatory term for feces, though also used for decrepit or run-down, regional to Eustis Majoris
KOLAV RESIDENTIA DISTRICT — A group of housing and habitation blocks in Helsreach Hive
KOLOTH GORGE MASSACRE, THE — The Tau Commander Brightsword systematically destroyed a large Imperial Guard force in the narrow Koloth Gorge on Nimbosa.
KOMMANDO — This stealthy and cunning Ork troop type operates as scouts or behind enemy lines, equivalent to Imperial Kill Teams.
KONA PROVINCE — This region lies on Cartol.
KONIGSREIGN — An Imperial fortress
KORMISOSHI DOCKYARDS — This space station lies coreward of Tranch in the Adrantis Nebula.
KORSH 50 ASSAULT CANNON — This is a version of the weapon famed for use with Terminator armor and Space Marine Dreadnoughts.
KOSDORF — Chaos forces razed this city on Voltemand.
KRAK GRENADE — (Also: Krack Grenade) These grenades are designed for vehicles, bunkers, and other heavily armored targets concentrating their force on a very small area.
KRAK MISSILE — These man-portable missiles use the same warhead as the grenade of the same name, desinged for hardened targets and vehicles.
KROOZ MISSULL — So large that only Mega-Gargants mount them, these starship-scale missiles rain destruction over huge areas.
KRUSHER ARM — This Gargant-sized claw can crush even the most hardened armor and fortifications.
KUIPER BELTS — These asteroid belts lie in the double eliptics of the Hydraphur system.
KULT OF SPEED — (Also: Speed Freeks) These Ork warriors use vehicles to go as fast, and cause as much damage, as they can. The Evil Sunz clan tends to have a large proportion of these speed freaks. They create custom vehicles with supercharged engines and all manner of other Mekboy improvements. Speed seems to be more important than armament or armor, and painting the vehicles red to make them go faster.
KULTUR — This it the Ork term for their society, or culture, for those very few that use it.
KURSUS OF ALGANAR — This enormous Eldar artefact is a ring many kilometers in diameter and dates from before the Fall. It is one of three Gateways of the Gods, this one devoted to Slaanesh, and is located under the surface of Tallarn.
KUSTOM WEAPON — Mekaniaks often attempt to improve standard weapons in unique and occasionally successful ways, often taking days to accomplish. While their experiments improve some aspects, they frequently have drawbacks as well. They are greatly sought after by Nobz and Warlords.
KUX — This is the moon of Lethe Eleven.


LACHRYMA INSURGENCY — The Black Templars Space Marines fought the forces of Chaos during this conflict, which lasted well over a decade, including a daemon prince.
LACRYMAL — A sect of the Adeptus Mechanicus devoted to the creation of machine and flesh constructs.
LADY VENGEANCE — This Valkyrie carries the Boom Dogs of General Creed's Mission Elite.
LAMP-PACK — This Imperial Guard issue combination of lantern and flashlight has an internal battery sufficient for approximately six-hundred hours of use. In the field, the duration is somewhat less.
LANATRE FIELDS — The landing silos of this spaceport near the Northern Rift on Manzipor serviced the fighting vessels of Battlefleet Pacificus.
LANCE — This starship weapon is a high-energy laser, capable of penetrating several meters of armor.
LAND RAIDER — This Space Marine tank is one of the most powerful in the Imperial inventory, and is used for delivering Terminator squads into the worst possible conditions. It is named after its discoverer XX Land. It can carry 10 Marines or 5 suits of Terminator armor.
LAND RAIDER CRUSADER — A variant of the Land Raider developed by Marine-Artificer Simagus of the Black Templars chapter during the Jerulas Crusade. It replaces the sponson weapons with Hurricane Bolter Arrays, and arms the hull-mount with . The Adeptus Mechanicus recognized this pattern of Land Raider, armed almost exclusively with heavy bolters, in 763M39.
LAND RAIDER REDEEMER — This assault variant of the trusted Land Raider design has Flamestorm Incinerators in the sponsons.
LANDSPAR — This very dense and resilient stone is psi-inert, making it difficult for psykers to use their abilities through large quantities of it.
LANDSPEEDER — This SCT vehicle is famous for its military roll as an attack vehicle for Space Marines, but it is also used for law enforcement and transportation on technologically advanced worlds.
LANSCAR'S CITADEL — The Imperial Guard stormed this fortress on the ice world of Fortuna II.
LANTERN EYRIE — One of the towers of the Bastion Psykana, it gained its name from its excellent shielding and use by the Silent Watch, who scan the heavens for unsceduled astropathic communication.
LAPIDAS LANDING — The battleship Divine Right took part in this action in 130M38.
LAPIDORONTIUM — A psychically conductive metal
LARISEL — These small rodents, native to Tanith before its destruction, had fine pelts and lived in the nalwood forests.
LARRAMAN'S ORGAN — This is the sixth implantation of 19 to create a Space Marine, often at the same time as the Haemastamen, and it enables instant scar tissue growth over wounds. It is sometimes known as the Healer.
LA'RUA — This is the smallest Tau military unit, roughly translating to "Team." It consists of six to twelve fighters.
LAS CANNON — (Also: Lascannon) Heavy laser weapon
LAS-CUTTER — This is a cutting torch based on las technology.
LAS-LANCE — A heavy, vehicular las weapon similar to a las cannon.
LAS-LOCK — This is a primitive chaos version of a Las Rifle. It fires only a single shot between reloads, much like a musket, but is quicker to reload.
LAS PISTOL — (Also: LASPISTOL) This common hand-weapon based on a solid-state laser is common, dependable, and rugged.
LAS RIFLE — (Also: Lasgun) The most common weapon in the Imperium, famed for its use in the Imperial Guard, is relatively lightweight, durable, and easy to use.
LASHWORM — A type of underhive animal
LAST CHANCERS — This is the colloquial name for the 13th Penal Legion led by Colonel Schaefer, so called for the offer of a pardon if they prove themselves.
LATTIMAR IND — This Imperial company built bulk lifter starships
LEAFERING — This larger community borders the Untill in the Lectica Heartlands on Gereon.
LEAGUE OF BLACKSHIPS — This organization operates the infamous Black Ships.
LECTICA — A continent on the planet of Gereon
LECTICA BASTION — The main continental fortress for the region of Gereon
LECTICA HEARTLANDS — This area is the proverbial breadbasket of Gereon
LEGATUS — This Rhino APC varient has an extended chassis and serves as a command vehicle for some Adeptus Arbites detachments. It has a greatly enhanced vox and antenna array.
LEGIO TITANICUS — This branch of the Adeptus Mechanicus commands the giant Titan warmachines.
LEGION — This is an archaic term for the pre-Horus Heresy Space Marine organizations and also a unit size for the Adeptus Titanicus.
LEMAN RUSS TANK — The primary tank of the Imperial Guard, this armored vehicle forms the mainstay of the Imperial armored corps. It has a rugged design that is easy to repair. It has a main weapon turret, hull-mounted secondary weapon, and two side-mounted sponsons whose armament depends on the variant.
LEPTON'S — This chain of family-run restaurants serviced the Formal D region of Petropolis on Eustis Majoris.
LESPER STREET — A street of shops in Formal B of Petropolis on Eustis Majoris
LETHE MAJEURE — This city on Lethe Eleven lies in the Tito Basin.
LEVIATHAN — This titan-sized command vehicle is similar to the larger Capitol Imperialis.
LEX IMPERIA — This term refers to the body of law in the Imperium and those that serve it.
LEXICANIUM — This is the lowest Space Marine Librarian rank, beneath both Codicer and Epistolary.
LEXICUS PLANETARIUM — This work of M38 catalogued the known systems of the Imperium.
LEXIGRAPHER — An augmetic servitor that records words
LHO STICK — This cigarette is a mild narcotic.
LIBER HERESIUS — First penned during the Age of Apostasy, the tome contains the wisdom and knowledge of thousands of Ordo Hereticus Inquisitors. Over the centuries each owner has added their own notes on its wide margins. It has allowed many Inquisitors to predict and counter the plots of renegades and traitors.
LIBER MONUMENTA — This book details important monuments and historic locations in the Imperium.
LIBER PRODITOR ARMOURUM — Imperial Fists Techmarine Suprema Lysol Blane wrote this dissertation on the Traitor Legions' use of armored vehicles.
LIBER TEMPEST — This document of the Storm Wardens Space Marines was one of the only to survive the censure of the Nemesis Incident of 945M36. It suggests that Chapter Master Glendwyr and the entire 1st Company were placed in stasis vaults along with the rest of the chapter's history.
LIBRARIAN — The psychic warriors of the Adeptus Astartes often wear psychic hoods on their armor to enhance their power or bolster their defenses against the warp. By the Codex, their armor is blue with gold trim regardless of chapter affiliation, though the left shoulder pad carries the chapter's colors and symbol as usual. They bear the rank, from lesser to greater, of Lexicanium, Codicer, and Epistolary.
LIBRARIUM DAEMONICA — Possibly the greatest trove of proscribed knowledge in the Imperium, this special library within the Sanctum Sactoum of the Grey Knights has triple walls of adamantium as well as psychic wards and protections. Its innermost chamber is protected by three portals: a cypher-locked blast door, spatial displacement field, and psychic vortex, each also guarded by a librarian.
LIBRARIUM HERESIUS — Inquisitor Lichtenstein pursues this artefact with single-minded determination. He believes it to be a weapon against a race of death-worshipping machines bent upon enslaving the human race.
LIBRARIUM TECHNOLOGICUS — In the time of the Emperor, this library stored the amassed technological wisdom of the Imperium. It was destroyed in Horus' siege on Terra.
LIBRARIUS OLYMPUS — A library on Macragge
LIBRARY OF KNOWING — The family of the planetary governor of Fenksworld, currently House Vaahkon, runs this library outside of Imperial jurisdiction. It is considered second only to the one at Prol in the Calixis Sector.
LIBRARY OF OTHELLA — Inquisitor Quixoz stole the Malus Codicium from this library on Zandrini Prime.
LIBRAXUS TITANICUS — A book on the employment of Titan Legios.
LIBERATION SQUARE — A statue of Commissar Cain stands in this sqaure on Talethorn, in commemoration of his actions there.
LIBRIUM MALLEUS — This library contains much of the information and knowledge of the Ordo Malleus of the Imperial Inquisition
LICTOR — This Tyranid sub-species (Imperial classification Tyranicus Chameleo) are infiltrators who can change color at will. The spines on their upper claws extrude poison. They also have a limited ability to hypnotise their prey.
LIFE SIGNS MONITOR — This subsystem of Space Marine armor includes much more than monitors. It also has an auto-medicae with painkillers, stimulants, anti-venoms, and other injectables.
LIFEEATER VIRUS — (Also: Life-Eater Virus) Typically delivered from orbit, this virus scours all life from the surface of a planet. Typically used in Exterminatus.
LIFETAKER — This massive, black-bladed power axe is the symbol of the Chapter Master of the Executioners chapter of the Space Marines.
LIFTER — This term refers to any planet-to-orbit craft for moving cargo or personnel.
LIGHTNING — This is the mainstay fighter for the Imperium. It is small, nimble, atmosphere and space capable.
LIGHTNING CLAWS — This is a power fist combined with multiple power-blades that extend from its "knuckles."
LIKE A PHOENIX FROM THE FLAMES — (Also: Like a Phoenix from the Flames: The Founding of the 597th) General Jenit Sulla penned this memior in 097M42.
LIKE A PHOENIX ON THE WING — (Also: Like a Phoenix on the Wing: The Early Campaigns and Glorious Victories of the Valhallan 597th) This was the second volume of memoirs by General Jenit Sulla, published in 101M42. Many Imperial scholars feel her prose is of dubious quality.
LILIEN — Eldar goddess
LIMITER — These devices cancel the power of untouchables, and are typically worn voluntarily, especially on powerful individuals. The individual's ability works normally when the device is removed.
LINDWYRM ARMOURY — This facility on Lind produces grenades.
LING'S BERG — A town along the West Banks on Flint where a beast-moot took place at the end of each season
LION HELM — Along with the Sword of Secrets, this winged helm is the badge of office of the Supreme Grand Master of the Dark Angels Space Marines. The helm generates a force field around the wearer, and is said to have been worn by El'Jonson himself.
LION'S GATE — This gate into the Precinct of the Imperial Palace on Terra lay adjacent to the Docking rings and landing fields of the Brahmaputra Plateau. Its arches were two lions rearing up to lock claws in combat before it was fortified during the Horus Heresy.
LITANIES OF HATE — Used by several Space Marine Chapters, Marines will chant them as they battle against their foes.
LITANY OF COMMAND — Commissarial Cadets use this text in their learning.
LITH, THE — This sentient hyper-dense geode was 4 meters in diameter, massed seven-hundred tonnes, and was infused with chaos. Inquisitor Eisenhorn killed it.
LITHESH SECTOR CRUSADE — The Imperium tried to restore its grip on string of sub-sectors stretching between the Damocles Gulf and the Perdus Rift Anomaly.
LIVING WORLDS, THE — Inquisitor Czevak wrote this scholarly work on Eldar Craftworlds.
LO METALWORKS ARMOURY — This weapons manufacturer operates in the lo system.
LOCASTRE — This city lies east of the Fonette Pass in the Atenate range on Gudrun.
LOGEUMS — A performance stage
LOGIC MILL — This name is given to large, powerful cogitators.
LONG-GONE CIRCLE — This street near the center of Junktion, in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda, is home to most of its derelicts and beggars.
LONG DOCK ROAD — This tunnel/passage skirted the Curtain, connecting the three docking modules of the Bastion Psykana in Hydraphur.
LONG LAS — This sniper weapon can be loaded with standard power cells, or with hot-shot cells that give it extra power and penetration for sniping.
LONG MARCH — This refers to humanity's early colonization efforts using huge arc ships. Though the failure rate was very high, successes laid the ground work for future Forge and Knight Worlds.
LONG MIDNIGHT, THE — Eldar pirates, using ancient technology that cloaks their targets in utter darkness, pillages many systems in the Persya Sector, including the hive world of Persya itself, till driven away by Imperial Patrol Praxion IN 891M41.
LONG SERPENT — This Imperial Nacy cruiser class had powerful engines and excellent speed.
LONG WAR — This is the name that Chaos Marines give to their efforts to destroy the Emperor and the rest of humanity till chaos rules over all.
LONG WATCH — This group of Sensei, recruited by members of the Illuminati, prepare for the last battle against Chaos.
LONGKNIVES — This is the name of a Brontian Imperial Guard regiment.
LONTWICK ARCH — A location in Formal B in Petropolis on Eustis Majoris
LORD — (Also: Planetary Lord) These individuals control a system within the Imperium, and are responsible for raising PDF forces and tithing materials and/or Imperial Guard regiments when required.
LORD COMMANDER — This Departmento Munitorum rank is in charge of the Imperial Guard assets of a Segmentum.
LORD COMMANDER MILITANT — This High Lord of Terra commands the Imperial Guard and Navy.
LORD MACRAGGE — This is another title held by the Chapter Master of the Ultramarines, acknowledging that he is also ruler of Macragge and the Realm of Ultramar.
LORD OF CHANGE — These greater daemons of Tzeentch, Chi'khami'tzann Tsunoi in their own tongue, are also known as Eyes of Tzeentch and Feathered Lords. They possess wisdom and cunning.
LORD OF DEATH — Mephiston earned this title by defeating the Red Thirst within himself.
LORD EXECUTIONER — The Executioners Space Marines use this title for their Chapter Master, and he wields the black-bladed power axe, Lifetaker, as a symbol of office.
LORD OF FENRIS — The Chapter Master of the Space Wolves holds this title, first claimed by the primarch Leman Russ.
LORD OF THE FIRE-BORN — This is the title by which the Salamanders Space Marines call their Chapter Master.
LORD SPEAKER OF THE DEAD — See: High Morteurge
LORGAMAR REBELLION — Honsou led an Iron Warriors force to victory here.
LORIN ALPHA WARP CONDUIT — This Warp conduit allows travel from the Beta-Garmon cluster toward Sol.
LOST HOPE — This is a community in the lower levels of the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda, occasionally attacked by Scalies.
LOW ANCHOR — This naval term refers to starships in low orbit, or in the case of airless bodies those stationed closest to the asteroid, etc.
LOW GOTHIC — This is the common man's language within the Imperium. Though long-removed settlements may have particular or exotic dialects, most can still communicate with one another.
LOWDOCK TOWER — This Adeptus Arbites facility directs official traffic for the lower reaches of Bosporian Hive on Hydraphur.
LUCID COURT — This is the seat of the Lord Sector of Calixis, in Hive Sibellus on Scintilla.
LUCIDIA — This drug XX
LUCIFUS PLATFORM — Orks destroyed this sea-based promethium platform, part of the Valdez Oil Platforms, with submersibles on the 36th day of the siege of Helsreach Hive during the Third War for Armageddon. It was the largest of the three major platforms.
LUCKY DOGS — This is the colloquial name for the Cadian 23rd.
LUCKY SPACE — This region of space, in Vincies Subsector, is famed for it lawlessness and harshness.
LUKITAR STATION — This Adeptus Mechanicus naval research station orbited a gas giant in the Lukitar system, researching weapons, shielding, and power systems. Abaddon ravaged it in 144M41.
LUMIN-PANEL — This generic term refers to any light-generating panel.
LUMINA FLARES — These Tau weapons, when used in concert, light the entire sky with blinding light, fouling optical sensors.
LUMINANT — See: Servo-Skull
LUMINATOR — Short for Illuminator, they are any of a number of cell-powered devices that produce light in a beam or across a broad area.
LUNAR — This class of Imperial Navy cruiser forms the mainstay of many squadrons owing to its ease of manufacture and maintenance.
LUNGROT — This disease, native to False Hope and other humid jungle worlds, progresively attacks the lungs and is typically fatal if not treated.
LUPERCAL LIGHT MANIPLE — This Adeptus Titanicus group consists entirely of Warhound class Titans, and is effective at pack hunting.
LYCANTHOS DRIFT CAMPAIGN — Lugft Huron personally led a large force of Astartes and Guard forces, including the Astral Claws, Fire Hawks, White Scars, Celestian Guard, regiments from Krieg and Kol-Sec, and Legio Venator titans, against the Traitor forces in and around the heavily fortified Lycanthos system in 780M41.
LYMAN'S EAR — This implantation, the eleventh of 19 for Space Marines, can filter or block noises, and provides improved balance, even in zero-gravity. It is sometimes known as the Sentinel.
LYME FISH — This fish is considered a delicacy on Demaris Primary.


MACHARIAN HERESY — After the death of the great Warmaster in 400M41, several of his conquests revolt in a fight for succession in early M41. It would last for almost 70 years, and the Crusade ending it involved almost one hundred Space Marine chapters.
MACHARIUS REQUIEM — This rousing orchestral piece is famous throughout the Imperium.
MACHINA OPUS — This half-skull, half-cog symbol is the sign of Tech-Priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus to whom it is awarded upon completion of their training on Mars. Bearers are accorded great respect, and are the only ones allowed free passage through the Ring of Iron into the great Mars hive workshops and foundries.
MACHINE GOD — See Omnissiah
MACHINE SPIRIT — The Adeptus Mechanicus believes that every complex machine possesses a spirit, which the proper rites will placate, allowing it to function properly.
MACRAGGE CITY — This city is the capital of the planet and system of Macragge.
MACROSCORPS — A type of underhive animal
MADAM NORITAKE'S HOUSE OF FUN — A brothel in Hive Main of Hive Primus of Necromunda
MADBOY — Orks use this term to refer to those with various insanityes, which considering Ork Kultur, would indicate a very severe disorder.
MADUA — A chapel town in the east of the Insume headlands on Gudrun
MAELSTROM — This rift between reality and warp space in the Ultima Segmentum rivals the Eye of Terror in its severity.
MAG-CUFFS — Shackles or handcuffs
MAGENTA — This is the second-highest security/encryption level used by Imperial military forces, below Vermilion.
MAGI — These philisophical descendants of Moriana seek the resurrection of the Emperor, or more sinister beings, into suitable Divine Avatars.
MAGIR — A term of respect to some chaos military forces
MAGLEV — Trains on technologically advanced worlds still use magnetic levitation for trains and cargo transports.
MAGLOCK — This security system for doors is an advanced form of lock, using a magnetic mechanism rather than mechanical tumblers.
MAGMA BOMB — These starship munitions are used in planetary bombardment and use a melta/fusion technology.
MAGNAMINA LIBER — This was a collection of essays concerning holy works.
MAGNOCULAR — (Also: Magnoculars) Binoculars
MAGNOPTICS — These systems, typically found on large vehicles or starships, amplify and magnify.
MAGNOT FOUR-ZERO — This Cadian bastion fell to Iron Warriors led by Honsou.
MAGOS — These high-ranking techpriests are experts in their realm of study and rarely leave their shops or forge worlds
MAHABARAT — This region outside the Imperial Palace on Terra was fortified with great earthworks during the Horus Heresy.
MAHISH — The fat from this massive, whale-like sea mammal native to Khedd 1173 can be used to protect one's skin from the sun.
MAIDEN WORLDS — These worlds, said to be some of the most beautiful of the ancient Eldar empire, were engineered to varying degrees. Though most were consumed by the birth of Slaanesh and became the Eye of Terror, some on the fringes of the galaxy yet survive. They are also called Lileathan worlds, after the Eldar moon goddess.
MAILER'S YARDS — A town along the West Banks on Flint where a beast-moot took place at the end of each season
MALANTHROPE — This titan-sized Tyranid bio-construct may be a evolved form of Zoanthrope, sharing its psychic ability and vestigial limbs. One of the final constructs seen in the consumption of a world, the reabsorb DNA, allowing the hive to adapt and improve with each conquest.
MALEFACT MALOREUM — This tome is the only complete and accurate Grimoire of True Names, cataloguing known true names of daemons of the Warp.
MALEFACTOR — This titan-sized Tyranid species acts as an assault and transport beast, carrying lesser broods into combat. They have large talons and fragmentation spines.
MALUS CODICIUM — The heretic Quixos srtole this tome from the Library of Othella on Zandrini Prime and used the arcane knowledge of this forbidden tome to create daemonhosts. It came to Inquisitor Eisenhorn after he killed Quixos.
MALYGRISIAN TECH-HERESY — In 742M41, Explorator Archmagos Umbra Malygris and hundreds of his Adepts go renegade after clashing with the High Fabricator of the Lathes in the Calixis Sector. He unleashed a number of forbidden weapons against seemingly random opponents to further his research and gain secrets from vanquished foes. The Mechanicus Dragon Secutarii destroyed him in 770M41, but his lore still plagues the Mechanicus.
MAMZEL — This is a general honorific for formal address of women, widely used throughout the Imperium.
MANCHENKO PURGE — In 740M41 the Inquisition discovers that much of the Commercia Great House Manchenko was corrupt. The resultant purge left the Manchenko Dynasty weak and vulnerable, and they spent the following decades rebuilding their influence.
MANDATIO — This is one of the suits of the Emperor's Tarot.
MANTA — These titan-sized Tau fliers can carry an array of troops and vehicles, in addition to being capable engines of war in their own right. They are space, atmospheric and underwater capable.
MANTICORE — The Imperial Guard uses this XX for long-range fire support.
MANUS IRAE — This term refers to the five Space Marine Chapters, which included the Fire Hawks, Silver Skulls, and Charnel Guard, that scoured the Malagant Sector in the Great Malagantine Purge.
MARAUDER — This is the mainstay fighter-bomber for the Imperium. It is atmosphere and space capable.
MARCH OF THE PRIMARCHS — This piece of music is a stately march for processions
MARGIN CRUSADE — The Synod Obscurus declareD this crusade in the Margin region, far to the Spinward of the Calixis Sector. The Crusade continues 30 years later.
MARK OF CHAOS — This term refers to the marks or symbols with which the Chaos gods mark their chosen followers. In addition to the marks of Khorne, Slaanesh, Tzeentch, and Nurgle, there also exists a mark for Chaos undivided.
MARKERLIGHT — This Tau system acts as a target designator, making it easier for other units to acquire and strike marked units.
MARKING DAY — On this day, annually, all the babies born into the Phrax Rogue Trader fleet were marked with a ritually branded across the stomach.
MARKSMAN'S HONOR — Awarded for consistent, excellent marksmanship in combat, these Space Marine awards are typically made of gold plated Bolter shells.
MARS — The Mars shipyards ceased production of this Imperial Navy battlecruiser, armed with Nova Canon and launch bays, in mid M39.
MARS BASTION — This was the northern bastion of three at Tor Christo.
MARTIAN TECH GUARD — This elite organization of Skitarii defends Mars and the interests of the Adeptus Mechanicus.
MASH PIT — A region of Mirror-Bitten in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda is known for its alcohol manufacture.
MARSHAL — Roughly equal to the rank of Captain, Marshals of the Black Templars lead individual Crusades.
MARSHAL ISOLATE — Commanders of the Adeptus Arbites operating in isolated circumstances wear a red and gold badge that symbolizes their authority.
MARTIAL HONOUR — This Space Marine Rhino fought at the battle of Rynn's World in 989M41.
MASQUED — Members of this cult, consisting of the nobles and powerful of Malfi, wear colorful masks and revel in intrigue, falsehood, and debauchery.
MASS OF BALRONAS — This festival on Hydraphur honors the Imperial Saint of the same name.
MASS-DRIVE REGULATORS — This starship system is essential for propulsion.
MASSACRE AT SANCTUARY 101 — In the first recorded contact with Necron forces by the Imperium, Necrons massacred Battle Sisters of the Adeptus Sororitas.
MASSACRE OF HO'SARN — Prowler drone ships ambushed the Tau evacuation fleet from Ho'sarn in 235902M41, destroying over 300 vessels. Several ships escaped to an abandoned mining post at the outskirts of the system, but the pursuing Tyranids exterminated them two days later.
MASTER — This Dark Angel Space Marine rank is equivalent in seniority and responsibility to Captain.
MASTER CHASTENER — Those of this Adeptus Arbites rank, senior to regular Chasteners, wear brown and black uniforms.
MASTER-CRAFTED WEAPON — This is the general name given to any weapon hand forged by one of the great artisans of the Imperium. They are generally very ornate and have greater accuracy and power than their standard counterparts.
MASTER OF FISYK — This is the chaos Blood Pact term for a skilled medicae/interrogator.
MASTER OF ORBITS — This position controls the starship and local traffic in Hydraphur, though the same position exists in many Imperial systems.
MASTER OF SANCTITY — This is the rank given to the most senior Chaplain of some Space Marine Chapters, particularly the Black Templars.
MASTER OF THE ADMINISTRATUM — This High Lord of Terra leads the legions of the Adeptus Administratum.
MASTER OF THE CALCULUS — This hereditary position, held for over twelve-hundred years by the Narranze family, supervises the Penitentiary Calculus in the Hydraphur system.
MASTER OF THE DEATHWING — The Dark Angels Space Marines grant this ceremonial title to the captain of their elite first company.
MASTER OF THE INQUISITION — This is the title of the Inquisitorial representative for the High Lords of Terra. The position is nominated from the Inquisitor Lords in the sectors surrounding Terra. An Inquisitor that has filled this role gains the title Inquisitor Lord Terran. The maximum tenure at this post is 5 years. The Inquisition's philosophy is to have this be a highly visible position, capturing the attention of the High Lords and Senate, allowing covert Inquisitors to operate more effectively.
MASTER OF THE RAVENWING — The Dark Angels Space Marines grant this ceremonial title to the captain of their special mobile second company.
MASTER OF THE VIGIL — This individual, selected from outside the Ecclesiarchy for historical reasons, plans and supervises the Vigil and Sanguinala on Hydraphur.
MATERIUM — (Also: Realspace) This is the term used for realspace, which lies in parallel to the Warp.
MAWLOC — This huge Tyranid creature borrows along the flanks and behind enemy forces to wreck havoc on their rear echelon. Like the Trygon, it is serpentine, but has smaller limbs. It is unique for its oversized jaws and mandibles, capable of swallowing many creatures whole.
MAYOH — This city was the capital of Gravalax.
MEAN COMMERCE AVERAGE — The Adeptus Administratum uses this figure as calculate the productivity of systems, subsectors, and sectors.
MEATBAG — The Adeptus Mechanicus use this term as an insult to the unaugmented.
MECHADENDRITES — These augmetic appendages are common amongst the Adeptus Mechanicus, resembling metal tentacles.
MECHANIAK — See: Mechboyz
MECHANICLIGUA — This is a family of languages used by the Adeptus Mechanicus, subdivided by letters, such as Mechanilngua-A or ?.
MECHANICUM — (Also: Mechanicum of Mars) This organization ruled Mars and preserved technology during the Age of Strife. The Emperor forged an allaince with them after uniting Earth, using their equipment and weapons to equip his legions and adding their Titans to his armies. Much of the Mechanicum sided with Horus under the leadership of Kelbor Hal. The Loyalist portion became the Adeptus Mechanicus in 012M31, under the leadership of the first Fabricator-General Zagreus Kane, after the Concordance of the High Lords.
MECHANICUM DOMINI — This term refers to senior Mechanicum leaders and administrators used to manage pacified worlds prior to the Horus Heresy.
MECHANICUS ZIGGURAT — This structure in the spire of Bosporian Hive on Hydraphur houses the senior Adeptus Mechinicus presence on the planet.
MEDALLION CRIMSON — The suffix "Mundanus" is added to this Imperial medal if the recipient is not a member of the Adeptus Munitorum.
MEDICAE — Doctor or physician
MEDITATIONS OF THE SAINTS — A religious book used in the Imperium by the particularly devout.
MEDUSA'S ANVIL — During the Contqual Purgings, the Terminus Ultra pattern Land Raider claimed 40 vehicle and 3 titan-class kills.
MEGADON — These beasts, which live upon some Eldar Exodite worlds, are commonly known to many Eldar and humans as dragons. The Exodite settlers have spread them throughout their worlds, so they are fairly common.
MEGA-GARGANT — Similar in size to Emperor Class titans, these massive Ork constructs represent the pinnacle of Ork ideals, huge representations of Mork or Gork bristling with weaponry.
MEGANOBZ — These Nobz have encased themselves in massive steel mega-armor.
MEGARCHY — This group of hive rulers on Thruskus formed a council of elders, swaying the entire world away from the Imperial Creed before a surgical strike by the Raven Guard ended their rule in a single day.
MEKBOYZ — (Also: Meks) This class of Ork possesses a basic innate knowledge of mechanical devices, and seems particularly adept at assembling new devices out of seemingly random parts. Some theorize that their creations work only because the Orks believe that they will.
MELANCHROME — The thirteenth implantation of 19, this organ monitors radiation levels and adjusts skin pigmentation accordingly. It is sometimes known as the Skinshield.
MELTA GUN — (Also: Meltagun) This heavy weapon uses a two-part injection system to sub-atomize pyrum-petrol, which will vaporize virtually any target, including heavily armored ones, from close range.
MELTA ROUND — These shells, typically only available for large artillery pieces or heavy tanks, contain a melta charge to defeat heavy armor.
MELTABOMB — These explosive charges are based on melta technology, giving them great power and armor penetration.
MEME-VIRUS — These diseases affect human and mechanical brains, compelling them to continuously collect information.
MEMOGRAPH — (Also: Cerebral Memograph) This Adeptus Mechanicus Implant serves as a supplemental memory source with instant, perfectly accurate recall.
MEMOIRS — This book, penned by Lord Militant Gresh, is an instructional book of the Schola Progenium.
MEN OF IRON — See: Iron Men
MENIZERRE — A city on Gudrun
MERCONIUM — The Imperium mines this naturally occuring substance, which has the ability to bond permanently with almost any other substance.
MERITECH WARS — In 211M41, the clans of the Meritech systems of the Calixis Sector secede from the Imperium, but Lord Sector Myram Harvala eventually crushes the rebellion in 226M41. The Logicians cult were found to be the cause of the conflict.
MEROVECH COMBINE — This organization is based on Merov in the Calixis Sector.
METRICULATOR — A large computer
MEXLEY HILL — This suburb of the agricultural district is on the divide between Ineuron Town and the outlying agri-complexes on Gereon.
MICROBEAD — These advanced vox communication devices fit in the ear but have a fairly short range.
MICRO-SERVITOR — These tiny machines can be directed for delicate surgical or mechanical work.
MICROWIRE — This term refers to small monofilament weapons and cutters, often disguised as bracelets or other jewelry.
MILLENIAL — A Space Marine Legion force of 1000, used before the break up of the Legions.
MILLIASAUR — A type of underhive animal
MILLVALE — A small town in Edrian Province
MIND-IMPULSE UNIT — These devices link mind and machine, most commonly in Adeptus Titanicus titans, but also in Imperial Navy fighters and certain other complex systems.
MINDLOCK — This process closes a mind to interrogation, particularly psychic interrogation, to protect valuable minds from the enemy. Though many agencies make use of the technique, the Inquisition and Commissariat among others, the psykers of the Guild Astropathicus of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica actually place the lock.
MINING WORLD — (Also: ιο-class, iota-omikron-class) These worlds provide minirals, ore, promethium, and other raw materials needed for the manufactorums and Forge Worlds of the Imperium.
MINISTORUM SYNOD — The Ecclesiarchal council for a sementum
MIQUOL — There was once a PDF listening post on this northern polar island on Durer. It had been used as a chaos titan pen during the occupation of Durer, and three of the machines remained after the liberation.
MIREWOODS — This area on Voltemand was a semi-swamp forest.
MIRROR-BITTEN — This is a community nearby Junktion in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda. It takes it's name from the reflective, toxic stalagmites that form in the area. The two roads from it connect to Fume Pass and Junktion.
MIRROR OF SMOKE, THE — Inquisitor Ravenor penned this poetic examination of man's interaction with the warp-state that became a classic.
MISSION ELITE — Lord General Ursarkar E. Creed formed this special force, consisting of the command unit "Triple C's" and Squads Prime (Thunderheads), Secundo (Boom Dogs), Tertio (Torchbearers), and Quadro (Pyro Brigade). They assaulted the Voice of Godhood on Youth's End in 997M41.
MOB — Roughly approximate to a human squad, this Ork unit is led by a Nob or Boss
MODERATI — This is both rank and position of the weapons officer of a titan.
MOLIN — A fruit
MONETARIAT — This sub-division of the Adeptus Administratum oversees monetary transactions.
MONITOR — (Also: Defense Monitor) These vessels sacrifice engines and maneuverability for increased firepower, and are typically used in the defense of large systems.
MONOCRAT — This position leads the Adeptus Administratum presence on large planets or sector capitals.
MONOCRAT'S PALACE — This great structure stands at one end of the High Mese, opposite the Cathedral of the Emperor Ascendant, in the Augustaeum of Bosporian Hive on Hydraphur.
MONODOMINANT — This puritan Inquisitorial faction is very rigid, and believes that any heresy, not matter how small, must be destroyed or killed. They believe that by killing all heretics, xenos, psykers, etc. that humanity will rise by natural selection. Inquisitor Jeriminus of Paetulia founded the philosophy based upon the M33 works of Inquisitor Goldo.
MONOFILAMENT SWORD — A sword whose leading edge is a suspended monofilament that is far more sharp than standard blades.
MONS FULCO — A mountain in the Atenate range on Gudrun
MONT'AU — Both a historical and mythical term, it refers to a time when the Tau race risks self-destruction through barbarism.
MONT'KA — This is the Tau tactical concept of the "Killing Blow," identifying a target and destroying it quickly.
MONT'YR — This battle dome is the primary training site for Fire Warriors of the Tau Empire
MONUMENT OF THE ECCLESIARCH — This giant edifice serves as the central Ecclesiarchal chapel of Hive Primaris on Thracian
MOODY HAMMERS — (Also: Stack Muscle) These hired thugs graft slabs of muscle tissue upon themselves, and are so called for their ill temperament. The term is somewhat local to Eustis Majoris.
MOOT — A meeting-place, often for commerce
MORATOR CRUSADE — High Marshal Ludoldus instigated this eternal crusade of the Black Templars in M39.
MORI BASTION — This is one of the four corner-bastions (southeast corner) of the Citadel of Hyrda Cordatus.
MORIPATRIS — (Also: Mass of Doom) Often during this ceremony of faith for the Blood Angels, a small number may be overcome by the Black Rage, and are taken away by the Chaplains to join the Death Company.
MORITURI DEATH CULT — This cult produced blade-gymnasts
MORK — This is one of the twin Ork gods, embodying the spirit of the Ork race in the warp. It is said that the two are never defeated, laughing as they shrug off the blows of other warp powers. Mork is the master of low cunning.
MORPHIA — Morphine
MOUNT AMALATH — This mountain is next to the Tomb of the Great Confessor on Gathalamor
MOUNT ANARCH — The fortress monastery of the Grey Knights lies in the shadow of this mountain above the methane seas and ice sheets on Saturn's moon of Titan.
MOUNT ATENA — This mountain whose name is given to the Atenate range is one of the greatest on Gudrun.
MOUNT OF SLAANESH — These bipedal steeds are granted to dedicated followers of Slaanesh.
MOUNT RESYDE — Colonel-Commissar Gaunt's childhood home stood on the summit of this mountain on Manzipor.
MUCRANOID — This organ, the sixteenth implantation of 19 for a Space Marine, creates glands in the skin that secrete a protective oil for protection in extreme environments. It is sometimes known as the Weaver.
MUD-DEVIL — These creatures are native to Wuzziti Prime.
MULTI-KEY — This device is akin to a physical and electronic lock pick.
MULTILASER — This Imperial Guard heavy weapon cycles several las barrels, much like a gatling gun, to achieve a higher rate of fire.
MULTI-LUNG — This is the ninth step of 19 in the Space Marine implantation process, often placed at the same time as the Omophagea and Preomnor, and it allows Marines to breath atmospheres normally poison or deficient in oxygen. It is sometimes known as the Imbiber.
MURDER — This cruiser class was the mainstay of Battlefleet Obscurus before the development of the Lunar class cruiser. 500 were built between M33 and M37, mounting the most effective plasma batteries developed by the Adeptus Mechanicus.
MURITAN CHOLETTIA — This disease is capable of wiping out entire ship crews if it spreads unchecked.
MUSINGS UPON THE WILL OF THE EMPEROR — Lord Inquisitor Theodre the Questioning penned this basis for the Incarnationist faction of the Inquisition in M36. It also influenced the establishment of the Thorians.
MYCETIC SPORE — These are the drop pods of the Tyranids, capable of carrying spores or any of the wide range of Tyranid bioforms.
MYRMIDON BATTLELINE MANIPLE — This Titan Maniple consists of two or three Warlord class Tians and one or two Reaver class Titan, and supporting units.
MYRMIDON CULT — A particularly warlike sect of the Adeptus Mechanicus.
MYSTIC — These minor psykers have the ability to generate a psychic beacon, similar in nature to the Astronomicon, but of far less power. Navigators and other psykers can home in on this beacon.
MYSTIC PATH — The heretic Quixos orchestrated this chaos cult in his operations on Farness Beta and elsewhere.
MYTHOS ANGELICA MORTIS — This text detailed the Space Marine Chapters of M37, including those of the 23rd Founding.


NADALA GORGE ORE MINE — This Imperial drift mine on Phoenix Island supplies Armgeddon with crucial resources
NAFAR BISQUITS — An expensive food to be served with tea
NAHREN TOWN — This town of 16-thousand was destroyed to the last man as a test of the first regiment of the Sons of Sek.
NAIAD CLASS CRUISER — This is an Eldar starship class.
NALSHEEN — This martial brotherhood from Tanith lived secretly in the Nalwood forests. They were martial masters, practiced in the art of cwlwhl.
NALWOOD — (Also: Naalwood) This wood, native to Tanith, is highly regarded for building and also used in aging fine amasec. The nalwood tree is semi-motile, able to move at slow speeds.
NARTHECIUM — This instrument contains an automated collection of sensors, probes, drugs, and chemicals. Medicae from many of the Imperial services utilize these gloves, including the Adepta Sororitas and Imperial Guard. Space Marine Apothecaries use them to harvest the Progenoid gland from fallen battle brothers.
NARTHECIUM SCANNER — A handheld medical device able to perform a variety of diagnostic functions
NARVHAL — This lightly armer and armored Tyranid scout vessel uses many monofilament "spines" to sense gravity wells at enormous distances. It can also use these gravity sources to create a compressed-space transit corridor through which it, and accompanying Hive Ships, can travel. However, it cannot use this ability in close proximity to a gravity well. The space-compression has the side effect of causing earthquakes, solar flares, and other tidal effects on the target system.
NAUGA — This species native to the hot side of Adumbria is prized for its durable hide.
NAVIGATOR — This sub-species of humanity has the navigator gene, gracing them with the warp-eye, able to see into the Warp and sense its tides and currents, allowing for navigation through the Empyrean, and can kill those who gaze directly into it. The gene is not gender-specific, and the Navis Nobilite provides both male and female Navigators.
NAVIGATOR GENE — This gene, which only breeds true if both parents possess it, gives rise to the navigator's warp-eye.
NAVIS NOBILITE — This term refers to the great families possessed of the navigator gene, which gives rise to the Third Eye, granting Warp sight and the ability to navigate through the Warp. Navigators have a higher incidence of mutation, though this is either hidden or tolerated due to their great usefulness. Many have ancient contracts of patronage and service to other organizations of the Imperium, from the Imperial Navy to Rogue Traders to Space Marine chapters.
NECRONTYR — This term refers to things pertaining to the Necron race.
NECROTEUCH — The heretical Glaw conspiracy searched for his forbidden, profane tome. It is a small book, the size of a bolter magazine, bound in Saruthi metal. Inquisitor Eisenhorn destroyed it on KCX-1288.
NEEDLE PISTOL — (Also: Needler) These weapons fire needles which can be imbued with toxins or other drugs. They have limited ability to penetrate armor.
NEEDLE RIFLE — These are larger, more powerful versions of the Needle Pistol. They have significant penetration power, and are often used as sniper weapons.
NEMESIS BRIGADE — A Loyalist unit that fought at the Second Battle of Nyrcon City.
NEMESIS DAEMON HAMMER — The Ordo Malleus imbues a Thunder Hammer with banishing runes. Its ruinous blows cause terrible physical damage, but can also strike daemons back to the Warp.
NEMESIS HIVE — The first Tyranid wave of Hive Fleet Behemoth struck at this hive on Ichar IV, which was defended by the Imperial Guard and Ultramarines.
NEMESIS INCIDENT — In 945M36, Space Marines of the Storm Wardens chapter worked with the Inquisition against an Enslaver infestation in the Steropes Cluster. After the operation, Chapter Master Owin Glendwyr and the overseeing Inquisitor Lord of the Ordo Xenos ordered that the chapter's entire history be sealed in stasis vaults, and that their home world of Sacris be quarantined from the Imperium. The only surviving record, the Liber Tempest, suggests that the Chapter Master and the entire 1st company were sealed into the vaults along with their history.
NERGAL DISTRICT — This region of Helsreach Hive was the site of heavy fighting between the Orks and Space Marines of the Black Templars and Salamanders chapters during the Third War for Armageddon.
NERO — The Imperial Guard, including the Tanith First and Only, liberated this city on Caligula from Chaos forces. It rested in a caldera-like depression.
NEURAL SCOURGE — This strousine device inserts into nerve nodes, both causing extreme pain and eventually burning out the neurons.
NEUROGLOTTIS — This Space Marine organ is implanted in the throat, and can assess the toxicity of atmospheres or foods by perceived taste. It is the fifteenth implantation of 19. It is sometimes known as the Devourer.
NEUTRON BLASTER — This Vespid weapon uses crystals from their planet, harmonized by vibrations from their wings, to generate a powerful neutron blast.
NEW GEVAE — This city is the southern capitol of Gudrun. It is a cluster of hives covering the Sanas River delta.
NEW MAN — This term refers to the semi-legendary first humans, the shamans of pre-history, to have a connection with the Warp, and also knowledge of reincarnation. Seeing the potential doom of humanity due to its own rage, greed, and lust, they pooled their reincarnated energies into one being, and the Emperor was born.
NEW RYNN CITY — This hive lies on Rynn's World, home of the Crimson Fists, and was the site of a desperate battle between the depleted forces of the Crimson Fists and Waaagh! Snagrod in 989M41.
NEXUS STATION — This shipyard facility of Port Maw is the largest in Gothic Sector.
N'GO — This desert tribe of Thoth stayed pure in the face of the planet's psychic population turning to chaos, and assisted the Imperial invasion force.
NIGHT GAUNT — A void-shield equipped chaos titan
NIGHT OF A THOUSAND REBELLIONS, THE — On 992999M41, a tide of uprisings and rebellions sweep across the Imperium, including many supposedly stable systems. The Imperium looses contact with large portions of Segmentum Pacificus.
NIGHTBRINGER — This Necron star-god is also known as the Master of Death.
NIGHTSHADE — This Eldar destroyer mounts torpedos in addition to other armaments, unusual for such a small vessel.
NIGHTSPIRE HIVE — A giant force sphere surrounded this hive on the Gnosis Prime continent of Gnosis in 786M41, as a rift to the Dark Eldar city of Comorragh opens at its core. The Dark Eldar pirates pour through the rift, savaging the hive and its citizens.
NIMBOSA CRUSADE — The Black Templars fought alongside other Space Marine chapters, including the Imperial Fists, to reclaim the world of Nimbosa from the Tau.
NINEWARD SUMP — This swampy area lies at the downslope side of the Sludge Canal in Junktion in the underhive of Hive Primus of Necromunda.
NINKER — This derogatory term roughly translates to idiot or simpleton.
N'KELL MASSACRES — Necron executed raids in the Roian Strait of the Segmentum Obscurus in 785M41.
NOB — (Plural: Nobz) This is the general term for Ork nobles, who have risen to a position of leadership through success in battle. They grow larger than regular warriors, and are well armed and equipped due to their success and affluence. Nobz strive to become a Warboss or Warlord.
NOBLE SPECTRUM HOUSE — This houses preside over the agri world of Hilarion, and their delegates make up the Council of Colours
NORD MERICA — Hives cover this region of Holy Terra.
NORN QUEEN — This Tyranid sub-species (Imperial designation: Tyranicus Primogenitor) may be the controlling influence of the hive mind, but Imperial forces have been unable to observe one, alive or dead, for long-term study.
NORTH QUALM — This mining settlement on Damask had been enslaved by a chaos cult and partially consumed by a volcanic activity triggered by mining.
NORTHERN RIFT — Spectacular waterfalls fell down some of the eight kilometer deep chasms of this canyon system near Mount Resyde and the Lanatre Fields on Manzipor.
NOVA CANNON — This starship weapon adapted for ground use siphons a small amount of plasma from a reactor and focuses it either in a rapid-fire burst of destructive bolts or in one concentrated blast capable of penetrating even a titan's armor. It was mounted on the Ordinatus Armageddon.
NOVA TERRA INTERREGNUM — During mid-M35, the tenth Space Marine Founding took place to counter this contraction of the Imperium due to an interruption in governance as Nova Terra broke with the Imperium.
NOVENA — (Also: Holy Novena) An Imperial celebration
NULL ROD — These obsidian devices absorb Warp energy, preventing psychic powers from affecting the holder. A blow from one of these rods can cause extreme nervous system damage to a psyker. They must be periodically drained of their absorbed power, lest they create a Warp rift.
NULL-SHIP — These psychically shielded ships of the Inquisition are used to probe chaos worlds in the Eye of Terror or Maelstrom.
NURGLE'S ROT — This Warp-spawned disease combines the worst of every disease imaginable. It is incurable, and those that perish from it forfeit their souls to Nurgle, becoming Plague Bearers. The Rot takes several months to run its course, and the bearer can infect others during this time.
NURGLINGS — These minor daemonic servants of Nurgle, called Khan'Gurani'i in their own tongue, grow inside the bodies of Great Unclean Ones, or inside the bodies of mortals infected by the pestilence of one of these greater daemons. They are both malicious and gregarious, and feel paternal loyalty to Father Nurgle.
NUTRIENT RESERVOIR — This Power Armor subsystem contains a self-replenishing, high-energy liquid food source that can sustain a Space Marine's metabolism for extended periods.
NYMPH RECON FLYER — This semi-helicopter model is used by the Imperial Guard.
NYRCON — The capital city of Beta-Garmon II and the entire Beta-Garmin Cluster. The Anvil, a geostationary space fortress hung above it. A Nemesis Cannon formed part of its defenses.
NYRSIS — These mythological spirits of Tanith folklore warded the rivers and streams.


OBERON — Imperial Navy battlecruiser class
OBLITERATOR — These terminator-sized chaos warriors have been infected with a techno-virus that merges their mechanical and organic parts.
OBSCURA — This highly addictive drug, typically smoked, numbs the mind, having the side effects that psykers cannot probe them, and they tend not to feel pain, or anything else.
OBSCURAS HONORIFICA — High award of Segmentum Obscuras
OBSERVATOR STATION — This term referes to any of a number of
OCCLUSIAD — (Also: Occlusiad War) Rogue Tech Priests called the Apostles of the Blind King, seeing humanity as an affront to the Machine God, set off supernovae in the north-western fringe of Segmentum Obscuris, starting this decade-long war of terror. They used artefacts from the Dark Age of Technology to cause stars of populated systems to go critical. Navigator Joyre Macran discovered the palace-warship of the Blind King hidden in Warpspace and guided the battleship Dominus Astra back to it, ending this war.
OCCULOBE — The tenth step of nineteen to create a Space Marine, this gland creates far greater efficiency in the eyes, including enhanced acuity, low-light and vision outside the normal visual range. It is sometimes known as the Eye of Vengeance.
OCCULLUM TEST STATION — The Emperor would have built these machines near the end of the Great Crusade. Along with Psy-Engines, they would search out latent psykers within the Imperial populace.
OCEAN HOUSE — This was Inquisitor Eisenhorn's base on Thracian Primaris, located in a select quarter of Hive Seventy, 2km below the ocean.
OCEAN POINT — A town along the West Banks on Flint where a beast-moot took place at the end of each season
OCEANOS HIVE — The first Tyranid wave of Hive Fleet Behemoth struck at this hive on Ichar IV.
ODDBOYZ — (Also: Know-Wots) This term refers to the various Ork classes with specialized racial knowledge and roles. The most important are Mekboyz, Painboyz, Runtherdz, and Weirdboyz, but also include Brewboyz, Diggerz, Sumboyz, and Yellerz. They all possess an intuitive knowledge of a complex technical subject without instruction. The knowledge is bound within artificial elements of their DNA, which expresses itself as they mature.
OFFICIO ASSASSINORUM — These temples provide the surgical killers of the Imperium, shape shifters from Callidus, snipers from Vindicare, the altered and psychic of Culexus, and others. It is answerable only to the High Lords of Terra.
OFFICIO COMMISSARIAT — This is the department of the Imperial Guard responsible for commissars.
OFFICIO INQUISITORUS PLANETIA — This is the name for local, planet-based offices of the Imperial Inquisition.
OFFICIO MEDICAE — This organization comprises the medical personnel of the Imperium.
OGRYN — This subspecies of humans, Homo Sapiens XX, is know for its resilience, strength, size, and often simple mind.
OLD GOTHIC — This is the proto-language, spoken during the Age of Expansion, which spawned both Low Gothic and High Gothic.
OLD IRASCIBLE — This is the command Baneblade, tank 01, of a Steel Fury company of the Cadian 445th Superheavy Armoured.
OLD MAN OF ARMAGEDDON — Honorific moniker given to Commissar Yarrick by the population of Armageddon
OLICET TEA — A particularly good tea
OLIGARCHS OF TRANCH — These brutal rulers of the system of the same name fell to a mutant uprising, led by the Pale Throng and the Shroud Council, in 807M41.
OLIGARCHY GATE — Gaunt led the Hyrkan regiments in liberating this key area on Balhaut.
OMICRON RANGERS — This was a mixed Imperial Guard unit, with both men and women.
OMNISSIAD — This faction of the Adeptus Mechanicus believe that a suitable host can be created for the Omnissiah, allowing Him to walk amongst the devout. They have similar beliefs to Inquisitorial Thorian factions.
OMNISSIAH — (Also: Machine God) The priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus believe that this aspect of the Emperor is both perfect knowledge and the ideal combination of man and machine.
OMOPHAGEA — The eighth implantation of 19, often at the same time as the Preomnor and multi-lung, allows the absorption of memories through the digestion of genetic material. It is sometimes known as the Remembrancer.
ONCE PURE HIVE, THE — Catuldynas wrote this epic verse whose hero was Vownus, a rogue hero.
ONGRES CLOISTERHOOD — This group sang devotional chants popular throughout the Imperium.
ON MILITARY MATTERS — Kolton Phae wrote this book in 739M41.
ONSLAUGHT — This Ork attach ship design lacks maneuverability and armor on any facing other than its front.
ONTRE — A town on the eastern side of the Esembo Pass in the Atenate mountain range
ONZIO — This mountainous region lies on Eustis Majoris. Amasec is produced there.
OOLITIC KIDNEY — This organ, the fourteenth implantation step of 19 in the creation of a Space Marine, often implanted at the same time as the Neuroglottis, greatly enhances blood filtration and detoxification. It is sometimes known as the Purifier.
OOSKIN CANAL — This canal lies in the merchant's district of Dorsay on Gudrun.
OPERATION BELLEROPHON — The Ordo Hereticus of the Calixis Sector led this Purge of the Pale Throng and Shadow Couil of the Tranch Insurrection in 807M41.
OPERATION HARVEST — This was the name given to a number of battles and campaigns undertaken by the Last Chancers 13th Penal Legion to whittle them down to the toughest fighters.
OPERATION SEDNA — In 906M41, loyalist forces on the Salamanders battle barge Pyre of Glory and the Raptors battle barge War Talon mounted an assault to liberate the contested world of Surngaard during the Badab War. Though initially repelled by system defenses, the Raptors successfully landed a covert force that disabled the main orbital defence complex, allowing the two battle barges to bombard the remaining Astral Claw defenders into submission.
OPHELIAN PSALMS — Ecclesiarchal writings
OPHIDIAN CAMPAIGN — This cleansing of the subsector, also known as the Purge Campaign, of the same name was led by Warmaster Honorius and lasted from 240M41 to 338M41.
OPTICON — A remote camera or visual sensor. The Imperial Navy has opticon stations near the Warp points of key systems.
ORAR RAID — The battlecruiser Imperious wrecked the drives of the Soulless and destroyed her in this naval engagement of the Gothic War. The Exterminators, a squadron of Infidel-class vessels, also took losses in the battle.
ORBITAL STRIKE RELAY — This device allows for accurate orbital bombardment, providing orbiting starships with precise targeting data.
ORDER, THE — This knightly order on Caliban was dedicated honesty and martial skill. Luther, one of its members, discovered the feral Lion El'Jonson.
ORDER OF MERIT OF GRAVALAX — This medal, which has both first and second class variations, was awarded to Commissar Cain after he saved the Governor, in its second class version.
ORDER OF THE ARGENT SHROUD — This Order Militant of the Adepta Sororitas founded in 378M36 by Saint Silvana.
ORDER OF THE BLESSED INQUIRY — This order sought knowledge, and discovered a Keeper of Secrets on Parnis. They studied it there till it freed itself and constructed them all into the Screaming Cage. Ephrael Stern is tha last of the Order.
ORDER OF THE BLOODY ROSE — This Order Militant of the Adepta Sororitas founded in 788M38.
ORDER OF THE EBON CHALICE — This Order Militant of the Adepta Sororitas founded in 378M36.
ORDER OF THE ETERNAL GATE — This Order Pronatus of the Adepta Sororitas tracks down, obtains, and returns to the Ecclesiarchy holy relics.
ORDER OF THE FIERY HEART — This Order Militant of the Adepta Sororitas founded in 378M36.
OEDER OF THE GOTHIC STAR — Membership in this order is a high honor of the Gothic sector. The suffix "Mundanus" is added if the recipient is not a member of the Adeptus Munitorum
ORDER OF THE GOTHIC VOID — Membership in this order is a high honor for non-naval personel serving aboard ships of the Imperial Navy in Gothic sector. The suffix "Mundanus" is added if the recipient is not a member of the Adeptus Munitorum
ORDER OF THE IMPERIAL LIGHT — This monastery of the Imperial Cult lay outside the landing barricades of the Skitterfall starport on Adumbria. They farmed squinches in addition to their devotions to the Emperor.
ORDER OF THE KNIGHTS OF CYPRA MUNDI — Membership to this Imperial Navy order is a high honor in Segmentum Obscuras.
ORDER OF THE SACRED ROSE — This Order Militant of the Adepta Sororitas founded in 788M38.
ORDER OF THE SACRED COIN — This Order Famulous of the Adepta Soroitas teaches and oversees the spiritual health of the great families of the Imperium.
ORDER OF THE TAPER — This Hydraphur organization collapsed in an Ecclesiarchal fued, taking the fortunes of the Tell-Kerligan family/cartel with it
ORDER OF THE VALOROUS HEART — This Order Militant of the Adepta Sororitas founded in 378M36.
ORDER OF VIGILANTS — These are the guardians of Bonner's Reach. They only intervene in a dispute if the combatants use ranged weapons. They carry hand-and-a-half swords and wear a sleeveless gown of ribbed armour, baggy black pantaloons, and have either bionic or armoured arms. They are consummate close combat fighters and the skin of their heads are covered with flame tatoos.
ORDINALS — These are the senior administrators for chaos worlds.
ORDINATUS ARMAGEDDON — This nearly titan sized weapons platform of the Centurio Ordinatus employs the Nova Cannon, a starship weapon that uses superheated plasma from its reactor to achieve penetration through even titan armor. It was first deployed during the First War for Armageddon against chaos titans and war machines. Geronimus Undersen developed the design based on the Squat Cyclops titan-killer. After the first war, the Mechanicus hid it underground, in a secret and sacred facility known only as D-16 West. The Tech Marine Jurisian of the Black Templars awoke it during the Third War for Armageddon. It was 50 meters long and approximately 12-15 meters wide. It had three segments: a smaller helm segment that included an armored control chamber, a thorax segment that held half the weight of its massive weapon, and an abdomen segment, carrying the other half of the load. The latter two segments were further broadened by side-mounted power generators that supplied its anti-grav generators.
ORDINATUS GOLGOTHA — First deployed on the Squat world of the same name against the Orks, this nearly titan sized tracked platform of the Centurio Ordinatus has six Hellfire missiles and is protected by a void shield.
ORDINATUS MARS — Equipped with the Sonic Disruptor, this nearly titan sized tracked weapons platform of the Centurio Ordinatus can shake apart buildings or tanks, and has a devastating effect on infantry. It was named for its actions on Mars, destroying the walls and defenses of Castellum Jericho. The Mechanicus also call this machine The Bringer of Woe.
ORDINATUS PRIAM — This enormous, titan-sized tunneling machine breached the city of Priam during the Horus Heresy. Only one was constructed, and irrevocable damaged during the assault.
ORDO AEGIS — This Ordo Minoris founded in M40 deals with the Cadian Gate.
ORDO ASTARTES — This Ordo Minoris, founded in M32, deals with the Adeptus Astartes.
ORDO ASTRA — This Ordo Minoris, founded in M34, deals with stellar cartography.
ORDO BARABARUS — This Ordo Minoris deals with pre-industrial and savage worlds.
ORDO CHRONOS — This small, and extremely secretive Ordo deals with the effects off the Warp on time, including the potential for time travel through the Warp. They also combat any anomalies that might result from such temporal discord. However, the entire Ordo vanished, taking their secrets with them.
ORDO CUSTODUM — This Ordo Minoris, based upon Terra and founded in M35, deals with matters on Terra.
ORDO DESOLATUS — This Ordo Minoris was listed in the document, Branches of the Inquisition, as having only 1 member.
ORD EXCORIUM — This Ordo Minoris examines instances of Exterminatus.
ORDO HERETICUS — This Ordo Majoris of the Imperial Inquisition persecutes heretics. It was considered a myth until the Age of Apostasy in M36, after which they became much more overt in their persecution. Ordo Hereticus Inquisitors may call upon the Adepta Sororitas as their militant arm.
ORDO MACHINUM — Inquisitors of the Ordo Machinum oversee the Adeptus Mechanicus, STC recovery and integration, and Xenos technologies. They often work closely with Mechanicus Explorator expeditions or with members of the Ordo Xenos.
ORDO MAJORIS — These are the three major Inquisitional Ordos whose tasks are considered perpetual: The Ordos Hereticus, Malleus, and Xenos.
ORDO MALLEUS — This Ordo Majoris of the Imperial Inquisition persecutes daemons and the warp and knowledge concerning them. Inquisitors of the Ordo Malleus can call upon the Grey Knights Space Marines for assistance.
ORDO MILITARUM — This Ordo Minoris, founded in M35, examines the Imperial Guard.
ORDO MINORIS — These Ordos of the Inquisition have specific or transient tasks that may not require the constant attention devoted to the three Ordo Majoris.
ORDO NECROS — This Ordo Minoris was founded in M37.
ORDO ORIGINATUS — This minor branch of the Imperial Inquisition studies the origins and history of the Inquisition itself.
ORDO REDACTUS — This minor branch of the Imperial Inquisition works to erase or obscure the history of the Imperium to prevent that knowledge from being used against it.
ORDO SANCTORUM — This Ordo Minoris, founded in M36, looks at the Ecclesiarchy.
ORDO SCRIPTORUM — One of 17 Ordos based upon Terra, the Ordo Scriptorum studies records and communications, looking for errors, intentional and otherwise.
ORDO SCRIPTUS — This small Ordo Minoris, founded in M38, examines the Officio Historica on Terra.
ORDO SENATORUM — This Ordo Minoris was founded in M33.
ORDO THANTOS — Ordo Minoris of the Imperial Inquisition
ORDO VIGILUS — This Ordo Minoris, founded in M37, oversees the Ordo Necros
ORDO XENOS — This Ordo Majoris of the Imperial Inquisition deals with knowledge of and combat against aliens. Inquisitors of the Ordo Xenos can call upon the Deathwatch Space Marines for support.
ORDOS HELICAN — The Inquisitorial branch of the Helican Subsector
ORDOS SEPULTURUM — This new Inquisitorial branch was formed before the 13th Black Crusade to deal with Chaos plagues, notably the Zombie Plague in sectors around Segmentum Obscurus around the Cadian Gate.
ORDOS SICARIUS — Inquisitor Jaeger created this minor Ordo to monitor the Officio Assassinorum after its internal wars in the wake of the Age of Apostasy in M36.
ORKUNU — A meat animal
ORLOCK — A ganger sect that believes in industry
ORNITHON — A poultry farm complex
ORPHANARIUM — This is a lesser-used term for an orphanage.
ORTOG PROMETHIUM — This mining guild had operations on Chinchare.
OSSCIL — It produces scented oil
OSSMODULA — The second of 19 implantations used to make a Space Marine is a gland that increases the size and strength of the skeleton. It is usually implanted at the same time as the secondary heart and Biscopea. It is sometimes known as the Ironheart
OSSUARY — A room that contains the bones of the dead
OUR FRIEND PROMETHIUM — This educational book, published by Imperial Educational Press, featured the character Pyrus the Flame and taught of the many uses of promethium.
OUSLITE — This very durable stone is a favored building material for many large structures in the Imperium.
OUTCAST — Some Eldar rebel from the rigid path system of the Craftworlds and spend a time on the "Path of the Outcast." Some become Rangers, pirates, or explorers.
OVERFIEND OF OCTARIUS — This Ork Warlord led multiple Waaagh!s along the border of Segmentum Tempestus and the Ultima Segmentum.
OVERFLOAT — The region of Petropolis that grew out over pilings in the river estuary.
OVERLORD — The Imperial Navy designed this battlecruiser class with weaponry that packed the punch of a battleship. Their construction is complex, and they are thus rare.
OXIDHIVE — This hive lies in the the north of the Gnosis Parallel continent on Gnosis.


PACIFICUS WAR — Warmaster Terfuek commanded this campaign in that segmentum.
PAINBOYZ — (Also: Doks) These Ork Oddboyz have an innate knowledge of the Ork physiology, and can effect crude repairs to almost any injury, including head transplants, due to the extremely robust nature of the Ork anatomy.
PALACE OF THE INQUISITION — (on Thracian Primaris) This building has the primary offices for the entire subsector, and is located in the cloud-tiers of Hive Fourty-Four. It has a permanent staff of over sixty thousand.
PALACE OF THORNS — Huron Blackheart built this structure upon the ruins of the old ruling class' citadel, covering 20 square miles on a volcanic mountain range on Badab, creating an impregnable fortress. Captain Androcles of the Star Phantoms finally overcame it with a drop pod and Thunderhawk assault in the final days for the Badab War in 912M41. Inquisitorial Stormtroopers of the Ordo Hereticus assisted after the Marines destroyed the power generators supplying the orbital defense batteries.
PALADIN — These veteran Grey Knights for the badyguard of the Chapter Grand Masters.
PALATINE CRUSADE — Saint Celestine fought in this campaign.
PALATINE HIVE — This hive lies on Necromunda, and is the sole recruiting location for the Necromundan 8th Imperial Guard regiment, the Spiders.
PALAZZO OF THE DIVINE ASCENSION — This square on the Ecclesiarchal shrine world of Gathalamor boarders the Chapel of Blessed Sebastian.
PALE THRONG — This mutant led organization led the Tranch Insurrection in 807M41 along with the Shroud Council. Though shattered by the Ordo Hereticus, its members have started other Pale Throngs amongst the mutant populations in neighboring systems.
PALIDUS MOUNTAINS — This mountain range ran east to west across the center of the Armageddon Secundus continent.
PANCRYPTA DUST CLANS — These natives of the Beta-Garmon II wastelands fought in the Second Battle of Nyrcon City.
PANOPTICON — These chart rooms, often found on large starships, have hololiths or holospheres that project galactic charts in three dimensions.
PARADOX OF DUALITY — Aun'Va wields this ceremonial staff that inspires all around him.
PARAMAR WARP CONDUIT — This stable Warp conduit connects the Beta-Garmon cluster with Paramar.
PARIAH1 — (Also: Untouchable) A psi-inert individual who not only cannot be detected by psykers, but also completely deaden psychic powers within a certain radius. They affect the electrical impulses of the synapses of the human mind, blunting them. This is also why they cause discomfort and revulsion from even non-psykers, as portions of their mind are affected as well.
PARIAH2 — These Necron warriors create a tangible aura of hopelessness and fear that renders many of their enemies ineffective.
PASHA — An after-dinner liqueur
PASSION OF DOLAN — This work of art, a frieze, decorates the main Ecclesiarchy Cathedral of the upper Bosporian Hive, celebrating the Imperial Saint.
PASSION REDEMPTOR — Part of the Vigil of Saint Balronas and other holy events, citizens burn a written confession prior to scourging themselves for absolution.
PATH OF FATE — This obstacle course on Stygies has a number of dangerous and lethal traps, and the contestants may attack each other in the final stretch.
PATHFINDER — These Tau scouts, shas'la in their own tongue, ride Devilfish transports for mobility when required, use the markerlight system, and act as the eyes and ears of Tau commanders. They are skilled scouts, and also perform all manner of reconnaissance duties.
PATHS TO DAMNATION — Caddaway wrote this Redmptionist text, which was doubtlessly impassioned but of dubious quality.
PATRICIANS — This Jantine Imperial Guard regiment is one of the oldest of the Sabbat Crusade, with a long, esteemed history. They have purple uniforms, accented by chrome.The First regiment of the Patricians is known as the Emperor's Chosen.
PAVIS CROSSROADS — This intersection of Metis Road, from Voltis City, and the Mirewood track is an entrance to the Bokore Valley on Voltemand.
PDF — See: Planetary Defense Force.
PEARL MOON, THE — This moon of Karrik in the Calixis Sector is an ocean "world" with no land masses. It produces food for many worlds of the sector. Small populations of Ogryn and Ratlings work on the ocean rigs.
PEELGUT — These fungus and algae farms service the community of Junktion the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda.
PEELGUT GATE — This is the eastern gate leading into the community of Junktion the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda.
PENAL LEGION — These regiments of the Imperial Guard have two types, those where offenders serve a specified term in accordance with either military or Adeptus Arbites judgement, and those where the troopers serve until death or pardon by the commanding officer.
PENANCE OF THE ELDER GODS — An alternate name for the Tyranid race
PENDANTICUM — A type of Adeptus Administratum worker.
PENITENTIAL CALCULUS — (Also: Grey Prison) This algorithim of ciphers and codes gives the location of all the prisoners and transportation assets in the Hydraphur penal system, making it nearly impossible to locate a specific prisoner at any given time.
PENMAN'S DEEP — A community in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda that pumps water to many of the other regions, including Junktion.
PENSHEL SEEDS — A mild stimulant when dried, ground, and smoked
PEREMPTORY — This Space Marine Rhino fought at the battle of Rynn's World in 989M41.
PERFECTUS COMMAND — The command organization of Legio Astorum during the time of the Beta-Garmon campaign
PERFIDIAN WARS — The Astral Claws took part in this famous campaign during late-M35.
PERSEUS HIVE — A hive on the world of Olympas.
PETITIONERS — These minor criminals are punished by scrawling symbols until they hit upon a chaos glyph, signifying that they are favored by chaos, or perish at the attempt.
PETROKIA ISLE — This island to the northeast of the Gnosis Prime continent on Gnosis had a giant promethium refinery. During the Eldar invasion of 786M41, the Saim-Hann forces used their grav vehicles to cut this island off from the mainland and any possible support.
PETROPOLIS — This is the capitol city of Eustis Majoris.
PETROSTOK — General Bukhain of the Imperial Guard managed to repulse the siege on this city with the help of the tank production lines located within.
P'GLAO CONSPIRACY — This case was successfully resolved by Inquisitors Eisenhorn and Gladus.
PHEGUTH — This chaos term refers to one for whom betrayal has become a habit, and is typically reserved for turncoats and traitors who are too valuable to kill.
PHETAMOTE — These so-called "thrill pills" are an addictive drug, illegal in the Imperium.
PHOENIX ISLAND — The Steel Legion and Black Dragons Space Marines fought the Orks on this island in the Boiling Sea of Armageddon. It is connected to the Fire Wastes by the Heliopolis Bridge.
PHORYDNUM — An ultra-rare metal used in starship engines
PHOTOLAMP — This word refers to many devices that give off light, but is mostly used for flashlights.
PHOTOLENSES — These allow sight in low light, into the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum, as well a damping any bright flashes. They are integrated into the helmet of Space Marine power armor.
PHOTO-LUMIN LAMP — A high-powered, often surgical, lamp
PHOTON GRENADE — These grenades generate an intense burst of light and sound over a broad spectrum of wavelengths, stunning those in close proximity.
PHOTONIC MIRRORS — Essentially solar collectors
PHRAX CHARTER — This ancient and powerful Rogue Trader Charter bound the Phrax family to Hydraphur by requiring the hereditary transfer of the Charter to be executed in that system. It was executed during the Great Crusade by the Emperor himself. It granted immunity from much Imperial authority save the Inquisition and a few others.
PHYO — Artisans prize this coastal amphibian of Hydraphur for its resinous cocoon shell, which when properly applied to soft metals produces a prized burnished color.
PICT — This is the common name for any artificial image, usually displayed upon a screen, but sometimes in hardcopy as well.
PICT-CAST — This is a remote view of an event either transmitted live or recorded.
PICT-SCREEN — This is any of a variety of technologies used to display images.
PICUS OFFENSIVE — These engagements took place during the Gothic War, involving Imperial and Eldar vessels. Both the Fortitude and the Sword of Orion received grave damage.
PILGRIM ROUTE — Pilgrims follow these "trade" routes going from shrine world to shrine world in their devotion to the Emperor.
PILGRIM'S GATE — This gate, one of four, provides passage from the main body of Bosporian Hive to the Augustaeum of the upper spire on Hydraphur.
PILGRIM'S LETTERS — This book by the Imperial Missionary Gilamet recounted his journeys, which included the Mass of Balronas and Sanguinala on Hydraphur
PILOT DRONE — These small, brightly lit drones assist ships in navigating into docking bays or through obstacles.
PILOT-HUNTER — These pilots native to Glavia often had circuitry imbedded in their palms, allowing them to directly interface with their craft.
PINKY'S PARLOUR — An establishment in the lower underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda.
PIRANHA — These Tau light skimmers are highly mobile, mount a hull-based burst cannon, and can be armed with a variety of weapons.
PLAGUEBEARERS — These lesser daemons of Nurgle, Aghkam'ghran'ngi in their own tongue, are also known as Tainted Ones, Moggotkin, Rotbearers, and Nurgle's Tallymen. These foul creatures bear the disease Nurgle's Rot.
PITERRO — A small island in the Bay of Bisheen on Gudrun
PLAGUEBEARER — Swarms of flies typically surround these cyclopean, single-horned daemons of Nurgle. They fight with rusted, but effective, hand weapons.
PLAGUE OF UNBELIEF — This term refers to the period when Hydraphur fell uder the thrall of the apostate Cardinal Bucharis.
PLAGUE-ZOMBIE — An individual so overtaken with sickness or underhive toxins that they resemble the walking dead
PLAIN OF PURITY — This was a place of pilgrimage on the hive world of Lastrati.
PLANET KILLER — Abaddon the Despoiler completed this dreadnought-sized vessel in the Eye of Terror in 139M41.
PLANETARY DEFENSE FORCE — Every planetary governor must raise his own regiments of PDF for self-protection and preservation.
PLASMA ANNIHILATOR — (Also: Sunfury Pattern Plasma Annihilator) This huge titan-scale weapon is only mounted on the largest Emperor class titans. It channels plasma from the reactor core and unleashes it in a wave of destruction.
PLASMA CANNON — This is a larger, heavy version of the Plasma Gun. It also refers to the titan-scale weapon.
PLASMA COIL — This element is integral to the power systems of starships.
PLASMA GRENADE — These grenades use plasma technology to cut through heavily armored targets.
PLASMA GUN — This weapon fires a concentrated plasma stream from a containment flask
PLASMA RIFLE — The Tau version of this weapon sacrifices some power for additional safety.
PLASTISTEEL — This variation of plasteel can be made clear and used for goggle lenses.
PLASTEEL — This building material of combined polymers and iron can also be transparent.
PLASTEEN — This flexible material is used for medical purposes, such as replacing damaged eardrums.
PLASTEK — A treated plastic designed to be resistant to corrosion.
PLOIN — This soft, green-skinned, sweet fruit grows on trees and is very versatile in cooking. It has pink flesh and many black seeds.
PLOUGHFOOT — These large, long-haired quadripeds, native to the ice-world Kragmeer, have large paws with horny protrusions to break through snow. They can be ridden or used as a draft animal.
PLUTUS — A meandering river in the center of Armgeddon Secundus
PODWHEAT — This hardy wheat adapts to a wide variety of climates and variations of it can be found throughout the Imperium. Local varieties take on the name of the planet, such as Kragmeerian Podwheat.
POLAR IMPERIAL — This was one of the best hotels in uptown Cracia on Pyrites. It was located near the city's Administratum complex.
POLARIST — This faction believes that humans and psykers are separate, only combined in the divinity of the Emperor. Thus, they see psykers as less than human, believing that they should be lobotomized and reduced to servitor status to serve the Emperor. Their beliefs are summed up the the monograph of Eparch Kvander Tonnabi.
POLIA — This factory city on Nimbosa was the site of heavy fighting between the Imnperial Guard Vostroyan Firstborn IX and the Tau
PONTIFEX MILITAS — The highest ranking Ecclesiarchy offcial serving with the Segmentum Imperial Navy bears this title.
PONTIUS — A jagged gem, roughly the size of a fist, with inlaid gold circuitry held the spirit of the heretic Pontius Glaw.
PORT IMPERIAL — This Imperial Navy dockyard fell to Chaos forces in the opening days of the Gothic War.
POWER ARMOUR — Developed just before the Great Crusade, these suits were designed to give Space Marines the best armour available. They have evolved from the Mark I, used by the techno-barbarians of early Terra, to Mark II Crusade Armor, Mark III Iron Armor, Mark IV Maximus Armor, Mark V Heresy Armor, Mark VI Codex Armor, Mark VII Aquila, which is most common in M41, and finally the advanced Mark VIII Errant type. Use of this armor type requires a neuro-interface to control its augmetic muscle fibers. A typical suite weighs over 110 kg, but electrically motivated fiber-bundles and gravitic dampers make its weight seem like nothing to trained users with the correct interface. Powered by a stacked atomic chain in the backpack, most suits provide life support, gas and fluid recovery, and basic medical functions. A helmet adds visual and audio enhancement and damping. Subsystems include Auto-senses, Photolenses, Respirator Vox Grill, Auto Responsive Shoulder Plates, Chestpiece, Backpack Power Unit, Life Signs Monitor, Temperature Regulator, Nutrient Reservoir, and Reinforced Greaves.
POWER-CART — These large rubber-tracked carts are typically powered by electricity and are used to caravan goods from community to community in hives and underhives.
POWER FIST — This glove discharges a large XX upon impact, greatly increasing the damage done.
POWER MAUL — This mace-like weapon, often used by senior Adeptus Arbites, discharges its power field into its target upon contact.
POWER SWORD — An energy field radiating the length of the blade drastically increases the strength and cutting power of the sword. Variants are made in nearly any bladed weapon imaginable. Older, more advanced models simply project a blade of pure coherent light from a physical hilt. Newer models project a field around a physical blade.
PORTREIN RAID — The World Eaters Space Marines destroyed a loyalist armory on Portrein in 960M41.
PRAETORIAN — These Adeptus Mechanicus constructs are servitors fitted with heavy weapons and often with track units to move their increased weight.
PRAETOR — A common name for local law enforcement officers on some planets of the Imperium
PRECEPTORY — A compound of the Adepta Sororitas
PRECINCT, THE — (Also: Kath Mandau Precinct) The Adeptus Terra used this terraced area within the Imperial Palace to do their work.
PREDATOR — This Space Marine light support tank based on the Rhino chassis has many variants according to armament. Its enclosed turret and support systems eliminate any troop carrying capacity.
PREDATOR ANNIHILATOR — This Predator variant mounts twin-linked lascannon.
PREDATOR DESTRUCTOR — A Predator variation armed with autocannon
PREOMNOR — This organ is the seventh of 19 Space Marine implantations, often placed at the same time as the Omophagea and multi-lung, and it identifies and neutralized poisons. It is sometimes known as the Neutralizer.
PRIDE OF HERA — This Baneblade super-heavy tank was central to the early fighting during the Battle for Macragge, supported by the Ultramarine's 2nd Company, but the Swarmlord separated it from its defenders and tore it apart with a Carnifex brood.
PRIMARCH — The Emperor created the genetic templates for twenty Primarchs, imbuing each with superhuman powers: Lion El'Johnson, Fulgrim, Perturabo, Jaghatai Khan, Leman Russ, Rogal Dorn, Night Haunter, Sanguinius, Ferrus Manus, Angron, Robert Guilliman, Mortarion, Magnus the Red, Horus, Lorgar, Vulkan, Corax, and Alpharius, but they were scattered across galaxy by the Chaos powers while still in embryonic development. They were forced to fend for themselves upon whatever planet they found themselves until reunited with the Emperor during the Great Crusade. They were the commanders for the Space Marine Legions during the Great Crusade.
PRIMARIS PSYKER — (Also: Primaris Battle Psyker) These psykers out of the Scholastia Psykana have the strength to operate with Imperial Guard units, using their abilities in combat. The are assigned to a lieutenant or other officer, who can direct their abilities.
PRIME HELIX, THE — Space Marine Apothecaries wear this red helix design upon their shoulder armor. The design, sometimes winged, represents the gene-seed and its significance to the future.
PRIMOGENITOR — Meaning "first sons," this is the term used to refer to the 23 Second Founding Chapters from the Ultramarines Legion.
PRIMUS GATE — This was the main gate to the Imperial Palace on Terra. It fell during Horus' assault.
PRIMUS RAVELIN — This structure protects the Destiny Gate of the Citadel of Hyrda Cordatus.
PRINCEPS — This is both rank and position of the commander of a titan who interfaces with its machine-spirit.
PRINCIPIA MONS — This is the capital city of the planet Periremunda.
PRINCIPIA URBI — This city built on the Principia Mons plateau eventually became synonomous with it.
PRIVACY FIELD — These fields, small enough to be employed in vehicles or rooms, block all visual and audial wavelengths from the inside out or vice versa.
PROBLEMS OF ORGANIC THINKING — This text of the Mechanicus expounds the virtues of machine spirits over the basic human mind.
PROCURATOR — This is the title given to the members of the ruling councils of the Adeptus Administratum.
PROGENA — (Also: Progeni) This term refers to the students of the Schola Progenia.
PROGENOIDS — This eighteenth implantation of 19 collects genetic material from the Space Marine and matures into gene-seed that can be grown into another set of the nineteen implantable organs. Space Marines have two, one located in the throat area and the other in the chest. They are sometimes referred to as Gene-seed.
PROGNOSTICAR — These psykers of the Grey Knights work within the Augurium atop their ofrtress monastery to fortell where the forces of Chaos will act next, allowing the small number of Grey Knights to protect the bredth of the Imperium.
PROMEAN — These Inquisitorial followers of Promeus looked for means of reuniting the Emperor's soul with a living vessel through means not associated with the Warp or psykers. They eventually evolved in to the Thorian faction.
PROMETHIA — This Valkyrie carries the Pyro Brigade of General Creed's Mission Elite.
PROMETHIUM — This general term covers most flammable fuels derived from crude promethium in the Imperium. It is used as a fuel for most Imperial vehicles, and in weapons such as flamers. It is also essential in the production of plastics and synthetic materials, as well as certain drugs and dyes.
PROMETHIUM FURY — This Hellhound tank was part of the HQ company, 6th Squadron, of the Mordant 22nd Armoured Assault Regiment.
PROPHETICUM HERETICUS TENEBRAE — The Tyrantine Cabal assembled this work on the Tyrant Star in 126M41. It is housed at the Bastion Serpentis.
PROSELYTES — These people are new converts to chaos, having given up their faith in the Emperor.
PROSPERING HAVEN — A group of hab blocks in Helsreach Hive
PROTEUS CLASS BUNKER — This STC defensive bulwark design is common in large-scale defensive fortifications.
PROVOST OF INX — An Ecclesiarchal figure
PROVOST'S WREATH — This is a high award of the Adeptus Arbites.
PSAMATHEAN LIBRARIES — These libraries hold a wealth of information on xenos races.
PSAMATHIAN GATE — This well-travelled passage to one of the major warp points in the Hydraphur system lies between several large asteroid fields.
PSI-DAMPNER — These fields dampen psychic powers, effectively blocking all but the most powerful psykers.
PSI-FUSION — Reactors employing this Dark Age technology employ psychic energies to create extremely powerful reactions.
PSI-SHIELD — These fields dampen psychic powers, effectively blocking all but the most powerful psykers.
PSI-TITAN — Armed with macro psi-cannons, these titans operate in the secretive titan orders of the Divisio Telepathica.
PSYBOLT AMMUNITION — Used by the Inquisition and Grey Knights in their bolt weapons, these shells are silver-tipped and psychically charged for great efficacy.
PSYCANNON — These special weapons fire psychically prepared ammunition and are particularly effective against daemons and creatures of the Warp. As its ammunition must be psychically activated, they are typically only used by strong psykers.
PSYCHIC HOOD — Worn by Space Marine Librarians and a few members of the Inquisition, this mesh of crystal and wires set into a helmet or cowl amplifies a psyker's abilities.
PSYCHIC QUOTIENT — (Also: PQ) Similar to IQ, this is an estimation of an individuals psychic potential.
PSYCHNEUEIN — This wasp-like race dwells in the Warp, but preys upon individuals where the realspace barrier is weak.
PSYCHON — A combat drug
PSYCHOTROKE GRENADES — These grenades release a sweet-smelling nerve gas that causes violent visions of those in proximity. As the gas is psycho-reactive, masks and sealed armour does not block its effects.
PSY-ENGINE — The Emperor would have built these machines near the end of the Great Crusade. Along with Occullum Test Stations, they search out latent psykers within the Imperial populace.
PSYFLAME AMMUNITION — This is psychically impregnated promethium, which burns far hotter than normal fire and a blue flame.
PSYK-CAGE — This material dampens or redirects psychic power. It can ce incorporated into buildings or walls.
PSYK-OUT — This rare substance, impregnated with psychic material rendered from by-products of the Golden Throne or Sensei, can be put in grenades or missiles, and has the effect of negating psychic or Warp energy, sometimes permanently reducing ability in psykers. It has no effect on non-psykers.
PSYKER — These psychically gifted individuals can be both boon and threat. They attract the predations of warp creatures, but properly harnessed can do great good for the Imperium. They are able to draw power from the warp for various tasks according to their talents. They are classified according to the Greek alphabet: Alpha, the most potent level a human can attain, Beta, etc. The Imperium collects them with the Black Ships, which take them to Terra, where they either feed the Emperor and Astronomicon, are soul-bound, or trained as Astropaths or other sanctioned posts.
PSYOCCULUM — This visor, made of psychically-treated lenses, circuitry and amplifiers, allows the user to track psykers by their psychic emanations.
PTERASQUIRREL — A small, skittish creature
PULSAR LANCE — This Eldar starship weapon is far more advanced, but similar in effect to Imperial lances
PULSE CARBINE — This short variation of the Pulse Rifle has a shorter range and typically an underslung grenade launcher.
PULSE PISTOL — A light version of the Pulse Rifle
PULSE RIFLE — This Tau weapon generates plasma pulses at a fairly high rate of fire.
PULVERIZER WHIP — This was a form of experimental weapon being developed on the forge world of Megyre prior to its destruction by Hive Fleet Jormungandr.
PUNISHER — Imperial Navy cruiser class
PURGATION OF JHANNA — Marneus Calgar leads two Ultramarine companies to recapture the oceanic cities of Omon and Vorlencia against renegades and Chaos marines in 807M41.
PURGATORI REFINERY — This region on the east side of Helsreach Hive, adjacent to the ocean, served as inflow and processing plant for the promethium output of the Valdez Oil Platforms.
PURGE, THE — This group of Chaos renegades killed 14 billion citizens at Vaxhilla in 926M41.
PURGE OF THE SARPETAL HIVES — The anniversary of this event prompts a rise in cult activity in the Helican Subsector.
PURGE THE GUILTY — (Also: Purge the Guilty!) Stententious Logar published this account of the liberation of Gravalax in 085M42.It cautions about the peril of the Xeno.
PURGING OF LASTRATI, SECOND — Marshal Gervhart of the Black Templars purged the planet of Lastrati upon discovering the purity cult, called the Divine Army, had turned to blood rituals in 543M36.
PRIFIER — These trusted, proven battle-brothers of the Grey Knights are entrusted with containing the imprisoned evil beneath their fortress monastery. They are the only ones alloed in the Chambers of Purity.
PURITAN — This general term refers to Inquisitors that prefer conservative methods of fighting the enemies of the Imperium. Those of the radical philosophy often find them uncompromising and closed minded.
PURITY SEAL — Chaplains of the Space Marines or Ecclesiarchy officials of other organizations may bestow this blessing upon warriors or machines. Traditionally made of parchment and red wax, they are sometimes cast in electrum and other more durable materials for Marines and others going into prolonged combat.
PYRALINE — A tele-empathic crystal
PYRMONDINE SPUR — A geographic region on Hydraphur.
PYRO-BOMMAS — This term refers to an Ork Bomma armed almost exclusively with various incendiary weapons.
PYRO BRIGADE — Also known as Veteran Squad Quadro, this unit of General Creed's Mission Elite specializes in assaults and flame weaponry, and travels aboard the Valkyrie, Promethia.
PYRUS THE FLAME — This was the main character of the educational book Our Friend Promethium.


QUACKSTOWN — This region adjacent to Greimplatz in Junktion in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda is known for its fortune tellers snake-oil sellers and other cons or frauds.
QUAD-GUN — These Imperial anti-aircraft weapon is a combination of four rapid-fire autocannons.
QUARANTINE WORLD — These worlds have been restricted by the Imperium for a variety of dangers. Some wait a suitable force for exploitation, but others house dangers too horrid for even the might of the Imperium.
QUAESTOR — This is the title given to the senior Adeptus Administratum official in some systems.
QUEST FOR KNOWLEDGE — This is the path of the Adeptus Mechanicus, a road to enlightenment through both study and biological-mechanical symbiosis.
QUESTORIS FAMILIA — (Also: Knight House) A general term encompassing Knight Households
QUICKLIME ROAD — An internal Junktion road from its six-ward gate


RAD GRENADE — These grenades explode with a shower of radioactive particles with a half-life of milliseconds. This allows the grenade thrower to charge after it without fear of being affected.
RAD MIRROR — A device for collecting a star's energy
RADICAL — This general term refers to Inquisitors that prefer radical methods of fighting the enemies of the Imperium, often using the tools of the enemy against them. Those of the puritan philosophy often find them dangerous and contaminated by their knowledge.
RAIL RIFLE — This weapon represents the cutting edge of Tau technology and is a personal version of the Railgun.
RAILGUN — This Tau weapon uses linear accelerators to launch a solid slug at hypervelocity.
RAIN-BOW — (Also: Reynbow) These crossbow-like weapons of the Untill partisans on Gereon propel a metal bolt from a central hollow tube. The swept-back bow is actually a magnetic field generator. It operates somewhat like a crude Shuriken Catapult.
RAIN OF PLASMA — A Traitor created incident during the start of the Great Slaughter in Beta-Garmon during the years of 007M31 to 010M31.
RAMILIES — This is a class for very large Imperial orbital star-forts.
RAMSMITER KRAKEN — This is the most common subspecies of the Tyranid Kraken bio-ships that act as scouts ahead of the Hive Fleet. They have hooked beaks that can pierce the strongest hull, and carry Genestealers and Hormagaunts for boarding enemy vessels.
RANGER — These Eldar Outcasts have become proficient scouts and explorers, and in times of need may act as scouts for a Craftworld war host.
RAPIER — (Also: Rapier Laser Destroyer) This is a mobile remote weapons platform armed with an array of lascannons which normally requires the attention of a Tech Adept or Techmarine to operate.
RAPTOR SQUADRON — This Imperial Navy squadron attacked a space hulk carrying the Orks of Deff Skwadron and their Waaagh!
RATION BAR — This ubiquitous form of Imperial Guard rations has
RATSKINS — A group/tribe inhabiting the wastes of the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda known for their attire.
RAVAGER — This Ork attack ship design employs torpedos, but frequently operates in mixed squadrons of other attack ships rather than dedicated ones.
RAVAGERS1 — This Imperial Guard infantry regiment from Afghali participated in the assault on Menazoid Epsilon during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade.
RAVAGERS2 — This Choas raiding force had significant fleet assets in addition to its ground forces, conducting hit-and-run raids near Tua space in the Ultima Segmentum. The Imperial Navy brought them partially to heel in the Salomine system, but their remains fell upon the Adumbria system in 937M41.
RAVELLO — This hill town lies in the foothills of the western Atenate Mountains in the Insa Pass on a large freshwater lake on Gudrun. It has a small universitariate specializing in medicine and philology.
RAVENER — This Tyranid subspecies (Imperial designation Tyranicus Ophidius Subterra) combines the size and ferocity of a Warrior with the speed of the Gaunt sub-genus. Their lower bodies are snakelike, and they have the ability to burrow quickly underground with their talons.
RAVENSBROST — A city on Carlille Two
RAVENWING — This is the name of the Dark Angels Space Marines Second Company, equipped with bikes or speeders. All this company's armor and equipment is colored jet black.
RAXOS CIVIL WAR — In 841M41, the Imperial Governor of Raxos, later revealed to be a Tzeentch Changeling, starts a civil war on his own planet and uses the resultant psychic energy to open three Warp Gates. Inquisitor Karamazov alerts the Grey Knights, who send four full Botherhoods under Grand Master Drystann Cromm to staunch the flow of daemons into the material universe. Cromm seals the portals while Brother-Captian Stern secures off-world access and the space port. The Changeling manages to slip aboard one of the refugee vessels, and Stern orders the Battle Barge Bright Sword to destroy them all rather than risk the daemon reaching another Imperial world.
RAY OF HOPE — Some Imperial Navy and Navis Nobilite personnel use this term to refer to the Astronomicon.
RAZORBACK — This variation of the Rhino chassis mounts twin-linked heavy weapons, typically heavy bolters or lascannon, in an open turret with a blast shield. The Codex symbol for this Space Marine vehicle is a forked lightning bolt.
RAZORS — A gang of the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda
REALSPACE — See: Materium
REAPING OF THE ERMPEROR'S WRATH — This portion of the Angevin Crusade saw the two prongs of the crusade sweep together, conquering as many worlds in 341M39-345M39 as had been defeated in the last two decades.
REAVER — This medium class Imperial titan is fairly rare in the Legio Titanicus. They have three weapon mounts, two on the arms and one carapace mount that typically holds a missile launcher. The Mars Pattern of the Reaver stands 25.21 meters tall.
REBREATHER MASK — These masks remove carbon-dioxide and add oxygen as necessary to allow breathing in hostile or airless environments.
RECAF — Coffee. See: Caffeine.
RECLUSIARCH — This is the rank given to veteran Chaplains of some Space Marine Chapters, particularly the Black Templars.
RECLUSIARCH OF THE ETERNAL CRUSADE — The Black Templars Space Marines grant this title to the Master of the Reclusiam, the leader of their chaplains.
RECLUSIAM — Some chapters, particularly the Black Templars, refer to the Chaplaincy by this name. It is also the name tey give their temples.
RECOLLECTIONS OF DOOM — Princeps Seniores Helite Dae of Legio Atarus wrote this accounf of the War for Beta-Garmon
RECONGRENATOR — This Inquisitorial faction believes the Imperium has become corrupt and decayed, and must be torn down and rebuilt. By great upheaval and change, they feel they can build a better Imperium. They are often found in the Ordo Hereticus. They are directly opposed to Amalathians, who want stasis.
RED GRAIL — (Also: Sanguinary Chalice) Sanguinary Priests of the Blood Angels give the blood of Sanguinius to Aspirants from this ceremonial goblet that was once used to preserve the blood of the primarch.
RED PILE — This pile of hive-quake rubble in Junktion in Hive Primus on Necromunda consists of rusted metal.
RED THIRST — This term refers to the flaw in Blood Angels gene-seed that creates a craving for blood, often accompanied by visions of death. Many join the Death Company voluntarily before the thirst consumes their rationality.
RED VAULTS OF LUGGNAM — This was the lair of the arch-heretic Myrchella Sinderfell on Luggnam in the Calixis Sector before her discovery by an Adeptus Arbites force.
REDEMPTION FORCE — This name is given to Dark Angel Space Marine units that hunt for the Fallen. They are led by a Master or greater so that their secrets may be kept from the eyes of others.
REDEMPTIONIST — See: Church of the Red Redemption
REDEMPTOR PRIEST — These senior members of the Church of the Red Redemption only believe in purifying others through death.
REDUCTOR — A medical tool used by medicae
REFLECTIONS ON THE HIVE STATE — Inquisitor Ravenor penned this widely regarded written work.
REFRACTOR FIELD — This field distributes the energy of incoming attacks over its entire surface. When functioning, it produces a hazy aura of light, making it impossible to conceal.
REGENT OF AMAR — The Howling Griffons Space Marines put an end to the insane rule of this leader.
REGIA BATTLELINE MANIPLE — This Legio Titanicus grouping, consisting of Warlord and Warhound class Titans, is modeled off a King and Queen and their court.
REGICIDE — This complex game of skill is similar to chess, though more complex. There are many variants, including three dimensional boards, games played in reverse, and wild pieces. Pieces include militants, sentries, basilisks, raptors, and yales.
REGIMENT — (Also: Imperial Guard Regiment) Planetary Lords provide regiments to the Imperial Guard by direction of the Departmento Munitorum. A regiment initially comes from a single planet, and varies in size depending on purpose, equipment, and a number of other factors, numbering anywhere from hundreds to hundreds of thousands. They derive their name from their planet of origin and a number, such as the Cadian 9th.
REINFORCED GREAVES — This Space Marine armor element has power units and gyroscopic stabilizers the supplement a Space Marine's already impressive balance. They can also magnetize the Marine's boot soles for zero or low-G environments.
RELIEF OF BRANDSTAT — In 011M31, a Traitor force of Emperor's Children Space Marines, Legio Cybernetica, and Legio Mortis liberate the world of Tarren from the Titans of Legio Defensor and the Tarren Supression.
RELIEF OF HELESPONT — The Black Templars Space Marines fought the Eldar in ths battle during the fifth year of the Hephaestus Crusade.
REPRESSOR — The Adeptus Arbites use this riot tank, whose turret is often armed with flamers.
REPULSIVE — This grand cruiser class was developed in M34, but was abandoned in favor of either battleship or battlecruiser designs after the sercrets of it more powerful engines were lost.
REQUIEM MALESENT — Saint Kybra penned this work that detailed the millenia preceding M37. It includes evidence that fifty-seven Space Marine chapters had been destroyed, lost or turned traitor during the Reign of Blood, Plague of Unbelief, Cursed Founding, and other horrific events of the time.
RESEARCH STATION — (Also: ρ-class, rho-class) Sharing the classification with Fortress Worlds, research stations often colocate with surveillance posts and defensive outposts.
RESPIRATOR VOX GRILL — This subsystem of Space Marine armor acts as a toxin/particle filter, and can also amplify a Marine's voice to deafening levels.
RESURRECTIONIST — This label applies to members of the Inquisition that believe the Emperor can be born again, or his soul restored, to the proper body. They formed the initial basis of the Inquisition, and eventually became the Promean, Horusian, Thorian, and other factions.
RETALIATORS — Lugft Huron hand-picked these assault units for their brutality and obedience. They acted against dissidents within the Tyrant's realm when not leading the most difficult assaults.
RETRIBUTION — This Imperial Navy battleship class has lance and torpedo batteries in addition to regular armaments.
REVIVIFICATOR — This Inquisitorial faction focused their studies on the transition of the soul to the Warp at death, and how to slow or stop the process. They study both Eldar and Dark Eldar techniques and technologies, and tend to be quite long lived.
RHINO — This Imperial armored vehicle is in common use for Space Marines, Adepta Sororitas, and several other forces of the Imperium. It carries a full squad of 10 individuals.
RIGHTEOUS BLADE — This Predator Annihilator fought at the battle of Rynn's World in 989M41.
RILLIETANN — This is the Eldar name for Harlequins.
RING, THE — This space station encircles Hydraphur and houses the personnel of Battlefleet Pacificus. It bends and flexes with the gravitic stresses of the system, gravitic generators damping the worst shocks. Adeptus Mechanicus gravitic engineers from the Ring are much sought after.
RING OF IRON — This huge fortress wall surrounds the great hives and foundries of the Adeptus Mechanicus on Mars, and only those bearing the Machina Opus are allowed free passage.
RING OF STEEL — This refers to the space-based defensive rings built in the Badab system by Lugft Huron.
RIP-FISH — These eels from Antigula can strip a man of flesh in seconds.
RIP-WORLDS — These worlds are home to dangerous predators, often captured for use in game-pits.
RIPPER — This small Tyranid bio-construct, Imperial classification Tyranicus Omniphagea, exists solely to eat and reproduce and return to their spawning pools to be consumed after they have collected adequate resources.
RIPPER GUN — Ogryn use these large-scale, automatic combat shotguns.
RISE OF MAN, THE — Dionerius' work describes the Wulfen, the 13th comany of the Space Wolves, and how they entered the Eye of Terror to pursue the traitor legions at the end of the Horus Heresy. Primarchs Guilliman and Dorn did not want to lose Marines to such a campaign and advised against it. To this day it is unknown if the Space Wolves Primarch Leman Russ sent the Wulfen into the Eye or if they went of their own accord.
RITE OF MAJORITY — Glavians undergo these rites to signify their passage into adulthood.
RITE OF PURE THOUGHT — This procedure replaces the right hemisphere of a Tech Priest's brain with a cogitator.
RITE OF REAFFIRMAMENT — The Adepta Sororitas perform this sacred rite to bring a Sister back into the convent. Typically used for those missing in action, it may also be used for those estranged from the Sororitas.
RITUAL OF TWELVE BLOODY SWORDS — This Grey Knight ritual can drain daemons of power.
RIVER CRACIA — This river flows through the city of the same name.
RIVER HEORT — A river on Khedd 1173 lay in the glacial uplands.
RIVER PRYZE — A river on Tanith before the planet's destruction
RIVER AUROS — This river, spanned by the Thurian and Auros bridges, separates the Gnosis Prime and Gnosis Parallel continents on Gnosis. Its waters were choked with oily sludge, and were set on fire by an Eldar Avatar during the invasion of 786M41 when it fell from the crumbling Thurian Bridge, which was collapsed by combined Imperial fire.
RIVER VITUS — Commander Chenkov once clogged this river on Ksatella with so many Imperial dead that it poisoned the Chaos water supply IN 997M41.
ROCKCRETE — (Also: Rockrete) This common building material is essentially concrete.
ROD OF TIGURIUS — The Chief Librarian of the Ultramarines built this extremely potent force weapon that bears his name.
ROD OF TZEENTCH — Topped with a brilliant, often glowing, blue gem cut into the symbol of the Chaos god, these long staves can transfix those who gaze upon them at close range.
ROGUE TRADER1 — These often flamboyant individuals carry hereditary Charters, sometimes also known as Warrants of Trade or Letters of Marque, allowing them to explore and claim new worlds in the Emperor's name. The ancient charters, some penned by the Primarchs during the Great Crusade, were hereditary and granted the bearer great powers. Modern charters are much more restrictive, and expire upon the treader's death.
ROGUE TRADER2 — This term refers to trade vessels and/or their captains who operate at the fringes of Imperial space, or some of the grey areas within it.
ROK — These hallowed out asteroids serve as crude spacecraft for the Orks, who fit them with drives, weaponry, and force fields.
ROSARIUS — These small amulets are extremely rare and valuable, and project a protective conversion field around the wearer.
ROSETTE — (See also: Inquisitorial Seal) This is the symbol of the Inquisition and Inquisitors bear it as a badge of authority.
ROSTORIK IRONWORKS — This industrial region lay at the core of Helsreach Hive, and produced much of its industrial output, including tanks for the Steel Legions and lasguns.
ROTAA — This is the Tau equivalent of a day, consisting of 10 decs. There are 80 rotaa in a kai'rotaa, and 480 in a tau'cyr. Each rotaa is equal to 15 Terran hours
ROTATOR CANNON — This is a personal variation of the gatling-style assault cannon.
ROUGH RIDERS — Though the famed horsemen of Attila are most renowned, these riders come from several Imperial savannah worlds and are typically fielded to other Guard units, though dedicated Attilan regiments exist.
ROUTING OF GOLOGOTHA — The Black Templars Space Marines routed an Ork force in this battle of the Hephaestus Campaign.
RUIN OF MAERDAN, THE — In 008M31, over 200 Battle Titans fight over the once verdant world of Maerdan, at the edge of Segmentum Solar, destroying its cities and laying waste to the planet. Loyalist Legios Gryphonicus, Metalica, and Destructor fight Traitor Legios Mortis, Argentum, and Vulturum. All sides incur heavy losses, and the battle is a draw, withdrawing as the battle lines move to other systems. This stokes the still standing hatred between Legio Gryphonicus and Legio Mortis. Knight House Perdaxia was among the Traitor forces.
RUINOUS POWERS — A term referring to the four chaos gods.
RUINSTORM — A Warp storm engineered by Lorgar and Erebus during the Horus Heresy that split the Imperium in two in 007M31, isolating many Loyalist forces, including the Dark Angels and Ultramarines.
RUNTHERD — This class of Ork works at breeding, raising, and training Snotlings to harvest fungus, tend Squigs, and other tasks within their limited intelligence.
RUZGUT'S BLITZERS — This was a famous Ork Deffkopta Choppa Skwadron.
RYNN'S HAMMER — This Space Marine Rhino fought at the battle of Rynn's World in 989M41.
RYNN'S WORLD RECLAMATION — Commander Cantor led the Crimson Fists crusade to reclaim their homeworld.


SABATINE INCIDENT — Imperial and Chaos navies clashed during this conflict in 937M41.
SABBAT WORLDS CRUSADE — This crusade, undertaken in 756.M41 by Warmaster Macaroth, fought the chaos forces of Archon Urlock Gaur and his lieutenants, Enok Innokenti and Anakwanar Sek, throughout the Sabbat Worlds, including the Carcaradon Cluster, Erinyes Group, and many others in Segmentum Pacificus. The campaign lasted decades and was considered one of the major Imperial campaigns of M41.
SABLIST — This local term to Adumbria refers to a state of almost total darkness with only the barest hint of light.
SABLIST IN SKITTERFALL: A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE CHAOS INCURSION — Dagblat Tincrowser penned this historical book concerning the conflict on Adumbria in 957M41, twenty years after the conflict. It references a number of official records and is considered substantially accurate.
SABRE-CLASS DEFENSE PLATFORM — This artillery platform is designed for fixed locations, such as fortifications or hives.
SACK OF PENURY IV — Tau Fire Warriors fight alongside pirate forces in a raid on Penury IV.
SACRED STANDARDS — The three sacred standards of the Dark Angels Space Marines consist of the Standard of Fortitude, the Standard of Devastation, and the Standard of Retribution. Tthey date from the Great Crusade, and only one leaves the Great Hall of the Rock at one time.
SACROSANCTORIUM — These astropath sanctums are screened and shielded from all possible intrusions, both material and the Warp. They are reserved for astropaths only, and non-psykers could enter only by invitation.
SAINT CYLLIA MASSACRE — The Adamant Fury Titan Legion turns to Chaos, destroying many PDF regiments before escape in 863M41.
SAINT GERMANICUS — This wide boulevard passes through the ceramics quarter in Petropolis on Eustis Major.
SAINT TRYNIA ACADEMY FOR THE DAUGHTERS OF GENTLEFOLK — This academy on Slawkenberg was subverted by Slaaneshi cultists during the fighting with the Imperial Guard circa 920M41. Commissar Cain and his entourage encountered it during his tour of the front lines, and obliterated it with an artillery barrage after its true nature became apparent.
SALAMANDER — This variant of the Chimera troop transport had an open troop compartment and pintle mounted heavy weapon. They were often used as scouting or command vehicles, and had variants specializing in each.
SALIUS BIEGEL — This village on Biegel 9 was founded in 785M41
SALMA — A foodstuff
SALTHOUSE — A town along the West Banks on Flint where a beast-moot took place at the end of each season
SAMEC — This food item makes a sauce somethimes served with Grox.
SAMETER AGRICULTURAL FRATERNITY — This organization had a guildhall in the mid-rise district of Urbitane on Sameter which was used as a founding hall for the Sameter 9th Infantry.
SANAS RIVER — The seaward delta of this river in southern Gudrun hosts the hives of New Gevae.
SANCTA ADEPTORUM — A series of books of hymns and songs
SANCTORUM — The Adepta Sororitas use this term to refer to a minor holding of one of their orders.
SANCTORUM OF THE ORDER OF OUR MARTYRED LADY — This Adepta Sororitas hold fell to the Orks along with the rest of Tempestus Hive during the Third War for Armageddon.
SANCTUM IMPERIALIS — Only the Adeptus Custodes may tread the halls of the Emperor's inner sanctum.
SANCTUM SANCTORUM — This library of the Grey Knights holds the history of the chapter, ritual and knowledge of both their psychic and tecnnological lore, the Librarium Daemonica, and the Vault of Labyrinths.
SANGUIN LIBERATION — Black Templars Space Marines liberate Kilhaven
SANGUINALA — This holy time, celebrated to varying degrees throughout the Imperium, honors Sanguinius' sacrifice. It is a week-long celebration on Hydraphur.
SANGUINARY PRIEST — These apothecaries of the Blood Angels were infused with small samples of Sanguinius' blood upon his death, and they pass that blood on to subsequent generations and oversee ceremonies involving the Red Grail, which holds the blood of Sanguinius, supplied by the Sanguinary Priests.
SAPFINCH — A yellow bird found on Orbul Infanta.
SARISSA — This spike or bayonet mounts to a weapon, and has a power field much like that of a power sword.
SARKY — Being a wise ass
SAURAPT — A carnivorous saurian raptor
SAVAGE — This Ork attack ship design has poor maneuverability, poor armor on any facing except the front, and has short ranged weaponry, making it suitable for ambushes and little else unless emplyed en-masse.
SCALY — These Ogryn-sized creatures live deep in the toxic areas of the underhive. Their skin is frequently covered in scale-plates that act as armor.
SCARLET NIGHT — In the depth of night, a troupe of Eldar Harlequins infiltrates the Castle Malachite on Gudruntraille IN 990M41, killing every single one of the inhabitants, who had formed a coven to the Ruinous Powers. The 772nd Vitrian Dragoons, ordered to defend the castle, fail to do so.
SCARNO — This mountain in the Atenate range is one of the greatest on Gudrun.
SCARNO GORGE BRIDGE — The Transcontinental-Express train line crossed this high-mountain passage close to the mountain of the same name.
SCARTIX COIL — (Also: Scartix Engine Coil) Produced at Sethelan forge world before the Dutiful turned renegade and destroyed the only construction facitlity, these coils provided thrust superior to current Adeptus Mechanicus designs.
SCAVVY — These people have been mutated or diseased by the toxics of underhive sumps or poisoned wastelands.
SCEPTRE OF VICTORY — This segmentum-level award is given in recognition of extensive service to the Imperium, and can be given to organizations such as Space Marine chapters.
SCHARNHORST CONFLICT — The Chaos Eternus escaped for the fourth time during this naval campaign.
SCHISM OF MARS, THE — in 005M31, Kelbor Hal, the Fabricator General of Mars, declares for Horus, plunging Mars into civil war. Titans of Legio Mortis work to scour the planet of loyalists, but are opposed bitterly by many Knight houses and Legio Tempestus.
SCHOLA PROGENIUM — These schools spread throughout the Imperium tutor literal orphans whose parents were killed in Imperial service, and figurative orphans whose parents still serve the Emperor.
SCHOLA PROGENIUM PRIME — These rare Schola Progenium locations serve sector or segmentum capitals and admission into one is considered a great honor.
SCHOLAM — Any of a number of instructional facilities on planets of the Imperium
SCHOLAR — Progena of the Schola Progenium use this honorific when addressing each other.
SCHOLARIUM — Another term for schools and instructional institutions within the Imperium
SCHOLASTIA PSYKANA1 — Those psykers off the Black Ships deemed strong enough to live without soul binding are trained at this Imperial institution that teaches them to harness their powers and avoid the predations of Warp creatures.
SCHOLASTIA PSYKANA2 — The largest of the Scholastia Psykana lies on Holy Terra, a sprawling institution that takes up a considerable portion of a continent.
SCHOLASTICA CORPUS — This body of records lies on Cyprus Mundi.
SCION SENIORES — Rank for a senior member of a Kight Household
SCORCHTOWN — An underhive settlement adjacent to Drifter's Wake in Hive Primus on Necromunda
SCORPION-ANT — A hand-sized insect with a tail-stinger
SCOURGE CAMPAIGN — From 640M41 to 651M41, the Warder Chapters - the Astral Claws, Mantis Warriors, Lamenters, and Charnel Guard - engage in a campaign into the Maelstrom, enjoying great success till the Adeptus Terra called away the Charnel Guard chapter in 651M41, severely weakening the campaign force.
SCOURGER — These are the Commissar equivalent in the chaos Sons of Sek forces, who are recruited from veterans.
SCOURING, THE — This term refers to the years immediately following the Horus Heresy, when the Traitor Legions were pursued into the Eye of Terrror and humanity was hard-pressed on all fronts.
SCOURING OF THE OLLANZ CLUSTER — In 012M31, Priceps Seniores Varr Harax of Legio Astorum launches a daring attack over treacherous terrain to break the siege of Borman IV's capital. A diversionary attack in the volcanic Yrevendi Desert north of the capital makes this possible. This turns the tide of the Traitor assault on the resource worlds of the Ollanz Clutser.
SCOURING OF QUINTARN — Marneus Calgar drives Ork scavengers from triple system of Quintarn, Tarentus and Masali in 759M41.
SCOURGING OF CYGNAX — From 908M41-910M41, the Sons of Medusa, supported by a company of Exorcists Space Marines, eliminated the secessionist forces on Cygnax, who had hidden in the radioactive ruins of the hive cities there. The Exorcists were withdrawn after conflict with the Sons of Medusa over the effective execution of the campaign.
SCOUT — Space Marine recruits and aspirants serve in the 10th Scout Company after they have completed the majority of their transformation in most Codex chapters. They typically work in 5-man squads led by a Sergeant. When they have completed their training and proven themselves, they receive the 19th implant, the black carapace that allows full integration with power armor, and become full battle brothers. Their light armor makes them ideal for scouting, ambushes, sniper duty, and other stealthy pursuits.
SCRAPEBEETLE — This stinging insect is native to the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda.
SCRAP CODE — This term refers to contaminated or garbled binary communication, sometimes laden with viruses. It is typically used by the Dark Mechanicum.
SCRAP-HEAD — A junkie or user who searches for scrap to sell to supply his habit.
SCREAMER-KILLER — This variant of Tyranid Carnifex is so named for the noise it makes while spitting out a ball of bio-plasma.
SCREAMING CAGE — The Slaaneshi daemon Asteroth formed this master work from the remains of over a thousand Sisters on Parnis.
SCREECHIN' DEATH — This group of Speed Freaks pioneered Chappa Skwadrons during the Second War for Armageddon.
SCRIPTORIUM — In these halls or buildings, servitors or adepts write and copy books, data, and/or statistics.
SCRIPTORUS MUNIFICANTUS — One of the holy writings of the Adeptus Ministorum
SCRUBTANGLE — This is a community in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda.
SCRUMBALL — Students of the Schola Progenia, and other Imperial institutions, played this rugby-like sport.
SCYRENE CAMPAIGN — The Black Templars Space Marines fought Traitor Marines during this conflict, which included the Rout of Herghest.
SCYTHIAN VENOM TALON — Native to Scythian warrior monks, the poison in this dagger-like talon can incapacitate opponents with only a scratch.
SEABRUD — A small city in the Drunner region of Gudrun
SEA OF BLOOD — This sea on Eidolon defines the territory of the daemon prince of Khorne. His forces fight endless naval battles to prove their worth and weed out the weak.
SEA OF FIRE — (Also: Battle of the Sea of Fire) In 919012M31, massive Traitor and Loyalist fleets clash between Beta-Garmon II and III.
SEA OF KANSK — A body of water on Cadia
SEA OF SOULS — This is another term for the Empyrean or Warp space.
SEAL OF CYPRA MUNDI — A high recognition of service to Segmentum Obscuras
SEAL OF MARS — A high recognition of service in the Adeptus Mechanicus
SEAL OF TERRA — A high recognition of service to the Imperium
SEASON OF FIRE — The extreme conditions during this season on Armageddon bring most activities to a standstill.
SECOND BEST — A hard liquor common in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda.
SECOND FOUNDING — The loyal Space Marine Legions were broken up into smaller Chapters of one thousand marines in 021M31under the guidance of Roboute Guilliman of the Ultramarines to prevent one man from wielding too much power in the Imperium. Initially Dorn, Russ, and Vulkan opposed the move to break up their Legions. The Ultramarines, having been spared the worst fighting of the Horus Heresy, spawned the most chapters under the reorganization.
SECONDARY HEART — This organ is the first of 19 to be implanted in aspiring Space Marines. The secondary heart boosts blood supply to the tissues, allows for increased metabolism, and allows the individual to survive low-oxygen environments. It is typically implanted at the same time as the Ossmodula and the Biscopea. It is sometimes known as the Maintainer.
SECTOR — This Imperial division of space is approximately 200 light-years to side, containing anywhere from roughly 4 to 12 subsectors depending on stellar density.
SECTORIS STABILIS MANDATE — This document laid down tolerance limits for raiding activity.
SEEKER MISSILE — This Tau indirect support weapon can guide off the signal of markerlights.
SEGMETAE MAJORIS — Imperial mapping convention divides the galaxy into five Segmentum: Solar, Obscurus, Tempestus, and Ultra
SEIGE OF BELIOS — The Ultramarines fought in this conflict in 362M41
SEIGE OF MALODRAX — The Iron Warriors Warsmith Shon'tu took part in this action.
SEIGE OF ZALATHRAS — Marneus Calgar holds the gate of this city alone for a night and day against an Ork horde in 797M41.
SEKERRY — This Glavian fruit has pits the size of a pearl.
SELENA SECUNDUS — This Adeptus Arbites fortress lies on Galata, Hydraphur's moon
SENATORUM IMPERIALIS — (Also: Senatorium Imperialis) This is the supreme congress of the Imperium, though in truth it is beholden and beneath the High Lords of Terra.
SENSEI — These legendary offspring of the Emperor are both immortal and infertile. Not all of his ancestors are Sensei, and it is theorized that they are only those born with genetic structure similar to his. They are immortal in terms of aging, and though they typically have amazing powers of recovery, they can be killed. They have the ability to channel pure Warp energy, untainted by the hate, disease, or anger of the Chaos powers. They radiate confidence and harmony. Since they cannot feel or channel any of the emotions of Chaos, they are invisible to the Ruinous Powers and safe from their predation. The Imperium often views them as heretics owing to their psychic abilities. Some are influenced by the Illuminati to take part in the Long Watch, preparing for the last battle against Chaos. A very few choose to use their abilities for Chaos, becoming Grey Sensei.
SENSEI MASTER — These legendary Sensei become so attuned to the Emperor's energy in the Warp, achieving Apotheosis, that they have the equivalent potency of a Greater Daemon of the Ruinous Powers.
SENSORIUM — This is the main auspex and sensor array for a starship.
SENTINEL — These light-armored walkers serve as scout and reconnaissance vehicles for the Imperial Guard. There are many variants, some providing close or long-range support.
SEPT — These societal divisions of the Tau, typically associated with a particular world, provide generalizations on their character: old Septs are seen as wise, while newer ones are viewed as dynamic or practical.
SEPULCHRE — This tower stood to the northwest of the Citadel at Hydra Cordatus, and contained the bones of every one of its commanding Castellans in ossuary chambers.
SERAPH OF LAOACUS — A chaos sigil related to a cult involving Murdin Eyeclone
SEREBITE — This obsidian-like gloss-stone is in demand throughout the Imperium. It is extremely similar in composition to the material of the Cadian pylons and can be found on Serebos.
SERMONS OF SEBASTION THOR, THE — This multi-volume epic work recounts the sermons of the great leader, and is a common text of the Ecclesiarchy.
SERPENTS — This is the common name for the Ketzok 17th Armoured Regiment, giving rise to the colorful flame and feather "camouflage" of their Basilisk artillery vehicles. Colonel Ortiz commanded them at Voltemand during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade.
SERVICES OF THE QUILLS — This religious observance is part of the preparation for the Mass of Saint Balronas.
SERVITOR — This term refers to semi-human, semi-augmetic constructs that perform all manner of tasks, from cooking to mechanical repair. Most are barely intelligent, having the capacity to perform their assigned task and little else. They are most often employed by the Adeptus Mechanicus. They are often categorized as multi- or mono-task, depending on their complexity, though some are capable of intricate and advanced tasks.
SERVITOR, COMBAT — These mono-task servitors have weaponry for fighting in close combat.
SERVITOR, GUN — The Adeptuas Mechanicus installs ranged weapons on these mono-task servitors.
SERVITOR, PRAETORIAN — Sometimes based upon the Ogryn bio-form, these servitors are heavily armed and armoured, intended to provide complete protection to a Tech Priest. They typically have twice the bulk of a human and sometimes utilize tracks of mechanical legs to support their great weight.
SERVITOR, TECHNICAL — Mono-task servitors of this type often serve as lifters, cranes or auto-scribes.
SERVO-ARM — These supplemental limbs, used by the Adeptus Mechanicus and Techmarines allow for the use of specialized tools and weapons.
SERVO-HARNESS1 — Worn by Techmarines, they incorporate a variety of tools and weapons, including las-torches, vibrosaws, and drills.
SERVO-HARNESS2 — These exo-skeleton's give Tech Priests superior strength at the cost of speed.
SERVO-SKULL — Certain esteemed servants of the Emperor may continue service after death by having their skull fitted with suspensors and tools. They act as servitors.
SEVASTAVORK — Honsou of the Iron Warriors broke a siege here.
SEVENTEEN HOLY MARTYRS — This term refers to the small Adepta Sororitas force that fought to the last to defend the agri-colony of Glowglass in the Malfi System of the Calixis Sector in 385M41. A shrine was erected in their honor.
SHAADOM — The warriors of this Dark Eldar city raided the world of Elevoc in the Pleuris system, taking thousands of pilgrims in 761M41.
SHADOW — This Eldar cruiser class has the speed of an escort and mounts a formidable torpedo array.
SHADOW FIELD — This piece of equipment covers its wearer in shadow.
SHADOW IN THE WARP — This is both a name for the Tyranid race and the psychic phenomenon that precedes the arrival of a Hive Fleet like a bow wave. This psychic field causes feelings of terror and dread in most beings, but the effect is far worse on psykers, preventing communication via the Empyrean.
SHADOWSWORD — This super-heavy tank mounts the Volcano Canon in a fixed mount and is typically employed against titans.
SHAMBLE — This is an underhive term for large mounds of collapsed buildings and/or rubble.
SHAMBLING MAMORPH — These huge, but deadly creatures native to Catachan live in the volcano lands.
SHAN'AL — Tau for "Coalition," an Ethereal, or a council of Ethereals leads this grouping of Commands from the four castes at a given location.
SHAPER — These leader of the Kroot kindred direct their intake of genetic material, and thus their own evolution.
SHARK — This Imperial Navy assault boat primarily consists of a central engine and armored troop compartment. It has magnetic clamps and melta-charges for breaching enemy hulls.
SHATTERSTORM RIFLE — This was a form of experimental weapon being developed on the forge world of Megyre prior to its destruction by Hive Fleet Jormungandr.
SHEDIM DRIFTS CAMPAIGN — Horus sacrificed dozens of Legio Atarus Titans to attain a victory during the Great Crusade. The Legio still holds a grudge.
SHEDOWTONLAND CROSSROADS — This area is a divide between the urban area of Ineuron Town and the outlying agri-complexes on Gereon in the Sabbat Worlds.
SHEEN BIRD — There are thousands of these mechanical birds in Petropolis on Eustis Majoris. They were originally commissioned from the Guild Mechanicus by Petropolis' founders, but are now feral.
SHELL — The outer skin of a hive consists of defenses against both the surrounding environment and potential invaders. Despite the name, it is not typically solid, riven with ducts, passages, thoroughfares, and other means of getting people, light and air further into the hive.
SHEOL PLATFORM — Orks destroyed this sea-based promethium platform, part of the Valdez Oil Platforms, with submersibles on the 36th day of the siege of Helsreach Hive during the Third War for Armageddon. It was one of three major platforms.
SHEQUA ARCHIPELAGO — This island chain on Hydraphur produces flavored syrups for caffeine.
SHIELD NODE — These projectors produce void shields on starships or titans.
SHINING BLADE — Commander Farsight formed this elite force of eighty Crisis Battlesuits and used them in hit-and-run raids against Hive Fleet Kraken in 997M41.
SHINING FALLS — This community in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda is connected by the Shining Falls Road to Junktion.
SHIPMAN — This is the common term for a ship hand on a starship.
SHIPMASTER — This title, common in many Space Marine chapters, refers to the commander of a starship to avoid confusion with the Astartes rank of Captain. It is also sometimes used for merchant vessels.
SHOCK FLAIL — A weapon based on the same concept as the power maul
SHOCK-TEAM — This Adeptus Arbites squad carries roit shields with integrated suppressor charges.
SHODAMA CURRENT — This Warp current flows from the Ultima Segmentum to the Pacificus Segmentum, allowing for rapid passage.
SHOOTA — This Orkish word is used to describe nearly any firearm, and is likely borrowed from Gothic.
SHRINE, THE — This 5000m tall structure on the souther continent of Sentinel is dedicated to Saint Drusus. Pilgrims from throughout the Imperium come to live and die in its shadow.
SHRINE OF ASURYAN — This is a location of spiritual significance on Craftworld Iyanden, honoring Phoenix King.
SHRINE OF THE PRIMARCH — Considered on of the most holy places in the Imperium, the body of Roboute Guilliman lies under stasis fields beneath a titan-scale cathedral topped by the largest stained glass dome ever recorded. Some say that the Primarch slowly heals within the stasis field, but most discount such tales.
SHRIVEN — This Chaos force opposed the Imperium on Fortis Binary in the latter part of M41. The respirators and worksuits of their forge world were sewn into their skin after their corruption.
SHROUD COUNCIL — This mutant led organization, populated by powerful witches and mutant psykers, helped lead the Tranch Insurrection in 807M41 along with the Pale Throng. The Ordo Hereticus destroyed them in Operation Bellerophon.
SHROUD OF SANGUINIUS — Held in an iron stasis strongbox, this is the last remains of the battle standard the Emperor used as the death shroud of the Primarch after Horus killed him. It is a sacred relic of the Blood Angels, and its presence compels them to greater efforts. It is guarded by the most senior Sergeant of the chapter. It exudes a powerful psychic aura.
SHURIKEN CATAPULT — This elder weapon uses a magnetic field to propel hundreds of tiny, razor-sharp discs. It is particularly effective at close quarters and against infantry.
SHYAWAY — This is a sub-community of Mirror-Bitten in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda.
SIEGE OF HALATHEL'S SHRINE, FIRST — The defenders of the worldspirit shrine of the Eldar Exodite world of Halathel hold off the attrition forces of the hive fleet, mainly Termagants and Hormagaunts, for four days in 810M41. Tyranid forces retreat on the fourth day.
SIEGE OF HALATHEL'S SHRINE, SECOND — A Tyranid force of Hive Fleet Naga overrunS the worldspirit shrine of Halathel IN 810M41, using Carnifexes to breach the walls. Exodite Lord Wei-yannil slays the Hive Tyrant leading the force, trying to buy time for aiding Craftworld Guardians and Aspect Warriors to withdraw, but is in turn slain by its Tyrant Guard. The swarm looses its focus upon the death of its leader, but the damage is already done.
SIEGE OF HELSREACH HIVE — During the Third War for Armageddon, the Ork invaders assaulted this hive city in great force. Over the course of approximately two months, the Steel Legions, Black Templars and Salamanders Space Marines, and titans of the Legio Invigilata sold their lives in resistance against the tide of Orks. It climaxed in the last stand of the Guard and Reclusiarch Grimaldus at the inner sanctum of the Temple of the Emperor Ascendant.
SIEGE OF PERLIA, FIRST — Commissar Cain participated in this campaign with the Valhallan 597th.
SIEGE OF SAINT THOR'S CONVICTION — Graf Gurnzeig died during this battle leading the Vostroyan Firstborn 112th.
SIEGE OF TULWA — Marneus Calgar leads an infiltration force that destroys the Fortress of Pain, a bastion of the Iron Warriors Legion.
SIEGE OF VAXANIDE, FIRST — An Ork fleet besieged the Vaxanide system from 410M41 to 412M41, but was repulsed by Battlefleet Calixis.
SIEGE OF VAXANIDE, SECOND — The Ork hulk Pinnacle of Savagery leads an assault on the Vaxanide system in 507M41. Though destroyed by Battlefleet Calixis, some Orks make it through to make landfall.
SIEUR — This is a general honorific for formal address of men, widely used throughout the Imperium.
SILENT VIPERS — A Delaque gang in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda
SIGGY — This term, obliquely refering to the Imperial Guard sanitorium on Sigma Pavonis, is coloquially used for those going mad or insane.
SIGN OF THE AQUILA — One makes this gesture, typically used superstitiously, by crossing one's hands across the chest with thumbs interlocked, making a semblance of the Imperial Eagle.
SIGNUM — These communication devices allow the bearer to pass on tactical information to others with appropriate gear to receive and display the signal.
SILENT WATCH — Astropaths of this subset keep on the lookout for unscheduled communicatrions, such as distress calls or emergency signals.
SINKS — This hive term refers to any level far down enough in the hive to have sunk due to the weight of the levels built upon it.
SINNABAHR HIVE — The Black Templars Space Marines fought
SINQUA — A meat animal
SIRDAR — This Blood Pact rank is roughly equivalent to Lieutenant or patrol commander.
SIROCCO STARPORT — One of the primary starports on Ultramar, it lies in the norther hemisphere and was overrun by Tyranids during the Battle for Macragge.
SISTERS OF SILENCE — These psychic blanks, Untouchables, formed an elite cadre during the Horus Heresy, and still man the Black Ships in M41.
SKALATHRAX LANDING — The traitorous Murder class vessel Relentless destroyed half of the landing transports in this ill-fated operation in M37. Choas renegades on the surface killed the remainder.
SKANDABURG — This city was capital of one of the smaller northern continents on the planet of Keffia.
SKAR FLEET — This fleet, led by the Pirate-Warboss Skarfang, terrorized Imperial shipping in the vicinity of Octarius. It shattered the Hive Ships of the Ghorala Swarm, though its leader was killed in the ground fighting.
SKARGUL PATROL — This famous destroyer squadron of Battlefleet Gothic, led by Captain Walker, destroyed 17 pirate vessels during 138M41, and also destroyed the Eldar carrier Stardeath after a pursuit throught the Graildark Nebula.
SKELETUS — This river flows from the easter wastes of Armageddon Secundus to the southern coast.
SKIMMER — This class of vehicles, Imperial and otherwise, employ various propulsion methods to hover above the ground. Though they can climb to low altitude for very short periods, they primarily stay close to the ground.
SKINNED KNEE — This is a community in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda.
SKITARII — These are the elite warriors of the Adeptus Mechanicus Tech-Guard, and are very well equipped. They form regiments on most forge worlds, and can be found throughout the Imperium bolstering the Titan Legions or the Centurio Ordinatus. They use carapace armor.
SKITTERFALL — The capital city of the planet Adumbria served as the primary spaceport and lay on the equator in the Twilight Zone. It's name is the local dialect word for the specific shade of twilight in which it resides.
SKORCHA — (Also: Scorcha) This term refers to Ork heavy flame weapons.
SKULLCRUSHA — This Ork Gargant mega-cannon fires two types of ammunition, Bangerz, an area effect shell, and Klangerz, an armor-penetrating shell
SKYHAMMER — This is the name given to Space Marine orbital strike forces utilizing drop pods.
SKY RAY GUNSHIP — This variant of the Hammerhead Gunship mounts six Seeker Missiles and has two integrated markerlights.
SKYSHIELD LANDING PLATFORM — (Also: Skyshield Landing Pad) These landing platforms have armored edges that can be raised to protect deploying troops. Large enough to handle a single craft up to the size of a Thunderhawk, they typically stand on four reinforced stanchions.
SKY STEEPLE — This term refers to the hives of Ashek II. Retaking them from Chaos forces during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade was termed "Burning the ladders to Hell"
SLAANESH — One of the four Ruinous Powers, this god was creates in The Fall of the Eldar, and is the chaos god of pleasure/pain and decadence.
SLATE — These cheap data-storage devices are common throughout the Imperium. They essentially replace books.
SLATE OF ORGANIZATION AND EQUIPMENT — (Also: SOE) Some Imperial Guard regiments still employ this archaic term for the listing of personnel and equipment in a unit.
'SLAUGHT — This combat drug, whose name is short for onslaught, induces a frenzied state.
SLAUGHTER — This ancient naval cruiser design used the Scartix engine coil, providing superior thrust.
SLAUGHTER FAMILY — This term refers to one of the ruling families on Snowden's World.
SLAUGHTER GUILD — This is the guild in charge of killing animals for meat on many Imperial planets.
SLEEPWALKER — These partisans from a revolutionary war shortly after the colonization of Gereon now live in the jungles, swamps, and perpetual dark of the Untill. They are very sensitive to light.
SLIGAN GANG — This Goliath gang resided in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda.
SLUDGE CANAL — (Also: Soiled Creek) This toxic canal bisects the town of Junktion in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda.
SMARTBOY — Unrelated to the legendary Ork Brain Boyz, Smartboyz have higher than average know-wotz (intelligence), and thus often serve as advisors, navigators, and other postings requiring more thinking than typical for most Orks. They are normally of slightly smaller stature than most Boyz.
SMILE-GIRL — This term refers to any person whose sole purpose is to look good for clients. They are also often courtesans.
SMOKE GARDEN — This tunnel on the Bastion Psykana in Hydraphur held a garden of scents, inscence and aromatic oils, for Astropaths.
SNAKEBITES — This Ork clan shuns most technology and believes in traditional Orkish ways, preferring crude but effective weapons and tools. They distinguish themselves with tattoos, crude clothes, furs, and other elements that contribute to a somewhat primitive appearance to other Orks. Initiates are bitten by a poisonous snake as a rite of passage and must suck out the venom to prove their toughness. They are more nomadic than other clans, and bring a selection of dangerous snakes wherever the roam, just in case the local variety prove too docile. They have large numbers of Runtherdz, Grotz and Squigz.
SNAPTOOTHS — A gang of the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda
SNOW-OX — These large meat animals thrive in cold climates.
SOCIETY OF THE FIFTY-EIGHTH PASSAGE — This heretical religious organization preaches that the Emperor is in all things and that the Ecclesiarchy is a perversion.
SOLAR AUXILIA — An elite unit of the Imperial Guard that fought at the Second Battle of Nyrcon City on Beta Garmon II.
SOLAR HONORIFICA — High award of Segmentum Solar
SOLAR VAULT — A massive energy storage system
SOLDIER-HORNETS — These aggressive colorful insects can reduce large animals to bones in a span of hours.
SOLDIERS OF THE THRONE — An inspirational martial song common in the Imperium, known to many Imperial Guard and PDF regiments.
SOLENHOFEN — A region of Volpone
SOLIAN TEA — An expensive variety of tea
SONAMBULIN — This drug is a sedative, and is used by Techmarines to tranquilize Dreadnoughts.
SONEGRAPH 160 — These large, non-portable voxcasters are used in communications hubs. It is a very old design and has been replaced with newer models in most cases. It uses a physical key to unlock its cryptographic cypher.
SONIC DISRUPTOR — This rare titan-scale weapon can shake apart buildings, fortifications, or tanks, and can devastate infantry units.
SONS OF SEK — These chaos troops raised by Mabbon Etogaur at the behest of Anakwanar Sek were trained similar to the Blood Pact, enabling them to compete with the Imperial Guard on their own terms. Unlike the Blood Pact, they have Commissar equivalents, the Scourgers.
SOUL BINDING — Psykers are bound to the Emperor by this process, giving them a miniscule amount of the Emperor's power and rendering them safer from the predations of chaos. The ordeal often blinds those bound.
SOULES — This is the loca currency on Iocanthos in the Calixis sector, so named because they believe everything is bought with the blood of warriors.
SOUL PLAGUE OF THETA-GARMON — A Traitor created incident during the start of the Great Slaughter in Beta-Garmon during the years of 007M31 to 010M31.
SOUL-SCOURING — This process of the Adeptus Ministorum removes the sin from heretics.
SOULWATCHER HELM — Inquisitor Balorodin and Magos Psykana Alendrixa combined Imperial and Eldar technology with an Eldar Spirit Stone to create this device in the late-900s of M41 at the Expurgation of Thoth Prime. It allows the user to perceive the world through the warp-sight of the stone and subconsciously communicate with the spirit within. This allows the user to detect falsehoods, moods, and other feats of perception.
SOUTH OVERFLOAT SHADES — A moody hammer gang from the lower levels of Petropolis on Eustis Majoris
SOYLENS VIRIDIANS FOR THE MACHINE SPIRIT — Magos Yaffel of the Adeptus Mechanicus penned this book, intended to make the principles of the Mechanicus accessible to the layperson. It was regarded as too complex for the uninitiated and too simplistic for those of the Cult Mechanicus, thus well received by neither.
SPACE MARINE — See: Adeptus Astartes
SPAETON HOUSE — This was Inquisitor Eisenhorn's estate on Gudrun, a villa with extensive grounds and facilities on the Bay of Bisheen in the Insume headlands.
SPAN — This outworld unit of measurement is approximately equal to a meter.
SPARK-GLIDER — Native to Vassilia, these animals have chitin-quills, which are symbols of the Rogue Trader Phrax fleet.
SPARTAN WAR — Pirates captured the stricken battleship Torment durting this campaign.
SPATIAN GATE — This memorial gate, so large that even titans could pass it, was raised along the Avenue of the Victor Bellum in Hive Primaris on Thracian Primaris in honor of Admiral Lorpal Spatian.
SPAWNGOAD — These electrified plasteel staves are used to guide Chaos Spawn.
SPEAR OF TWILIGHT — This hallowed Eldar weapon of Iyanden Craftworld, normally remains locked in stasis. It gives its bearer great power, but uses their life force and immortal soul to do so. Prince Yriel used it against the Hive Tyrant that had invaded the craftworld.
SPEED FREEKS — See also: Kult of Speed. This term refers to Orks whose obsession with going ever faster, and often doing more damage along the way, has driven them to join the Kult of Speed.
SPHERES OF LONGING — Inquisitor Ravenor penned this widely respected work of multiple volumes, considered his finest.
SPIDERS — This is the name of the Necromundan 8th, which recruits only from Palatine Hive.
SPIGER — This three meter long felid has eight legs and a segmented body. They are very dangerous
SPINEGAUNT — One of the most simple and most numerous Tyranid fighting creatures (Imperial designation Gauntii Spinodactylus) they use the Spinefist weapon-symbiote.
SPIRE GATES, THE — These barriers separate the spires of Primus Hive from lower areas.
SPIRES — This is the common terminology for the highest, richest levels of a hive.
SPIRIT STONE — Every Eldar wears a psycho-receptive crystal upon their chest that absorbs their soul upon death to keep it out of the hands of Slaanesh. The stones are then either placed against the wraithbone or standing stones of the Infinity Circuit or World Spirit.
SPIRON CAMPAIGN — This campaign of the 920s of M41 against the Orks was notable for the ill-fated Gannack's Charge by the 3rd Kalaman Hussars.
SPLINTER BOMB — The Dark Eldar make use of this variety of grenade.
SPLINTER WINDS — This phenomenon, native to Baraspine, is 700 km/hr force winds carrying minute shards of ceramic material. They can strip an unprotected man to the bone in less than a minute.
SPOLIARUM — An area for dead bodies, be they animals and gladiators
SPOOK — Some in the Imperial Guard use this derogatory term for Sanctioned Psykers.
SPOOR MINE — This Tyranid construct (Imperial designator Boletus Minoris) can be shot from the Biovore subspecies and space-based genotypes. They come in explosive, toxic, bio-acid, and other varieties.
SPURRA — This yellow mountain flower of Gudrun is the emblem of Saint Calwun.
SPYGLASS — The watchtower atop Black Pile in Junktion in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda
SPYRER — These are scions or nobles that prey upon the gangs of the underhive.
SQUIG — This widely diverse species engineered by the long-extinct Brain Boyz serve the various Orkoid races, from face-biter squigs (Orkus ravenati) to giant Squiggoths (Orkus giganticus). They have animal intelligence at best, and serve the Orkoid races as a source of food, medicine, fuel, pets, steeds, and almost any other purpose imaginable. They grow and breed very quickly in the cesspits and tunnels surrounding Ork settlements, living off trash and anything else they can find.
SQUIGEON — This subspecies of squig shares the round shape of its ground-bound cousins, but has feathered wings and can fly. Carrier squigeons can be trained to carry messages from one place to another.
SQUIG-HAWK — This squig predator subpecies are relatively small, and prey upon Squigeons and other smaller subspecies. They are sleek and have featherless, leathery wings.
SQUIG-SHARK — This aquatic squig sub-species can grow very large and is equipped with an impressive array of teeth, more than capable of eating an Ork.
SQUINCH — This vegetable is a food crop. It was grown on Adumbria, one of the few plants that adapted well to the perpetual twilight of the habitable zones there.
STABLIGHT — A spotlight
STACKS — This is a common Inperial term for any tall, clustered groups of buildings, particularly in hives. It implies a degree of shabbiness.
STAEBES — This high-rise section of Formal B in Petropolis on Eustis Majoris was ironically designed to look like lower-hive hab-blocks.
STAFF OF NURGLE — Constructed from the bones of a plague victim or a diseased tree, priests of Nurgle use tham to assist their foul magics.
STAIRTOWN — This portion of Petropolis grew up into the hills. Originally built for the affluent, the pollution and radiation exposure soon turned in into a slum.
STALKING DEVILS — This is the name for the 222nd Catachan Jungle Fighters.
STANDARD OF DEVASTATION — One of the three Sacred Standards of the Dark Angels Space Marines, this one reminds them that any attack must be met with devastating retaliation.
STANDARD OF FORTITUDE — One of the three Sacred Standards of the Dark Angels Space Marines, this one reminds them that the enemies of the Emperor may never be forgiven, and inspires them to greater effort no matter the odds.
STANDARD OF RETRIBUTION — One of the three Sacred Standards of the Dark Angels Space Marines, this one celebrates the courage and tenacity of the chapter.
STANDARD TEMPLATE CONSTRUCTOR — Abbreviated STC, these vast fabrication libraries from the Dark Age of Technology used local materials to construct anything colonists might need. There are no surviving operational systems, and even single items from their libraries are priceless treasures. The Imperium locates some lost STC data or a partially intact constructor, allowing them to recover some small portion of lost technology.
STAR CHAMBER — This location within the Citadel of Hydra Cordatus XX (involved with communication)
STAR CHILD — This term refers to the god that might be born of the Emperor's soul within the Warp. Some theorize that the birth of the Star Child will spawn another race of psychically attuned New Men. An organization within the Imperium, the Illuminati, work to bring about this birth through the sacrifice of the Emperor's offspring, the Sensei.
STARFARER'S PSALMS — This is a common devotional book among missionaries and pilgrims.
STARHAWK — This Imperial Navy bomber typically carry payloads of plasma bombs and armor-piercing missiles for anti-shipping missions. They have comparatively large crews due to numerous close-in defense turrets.
STAR KRUMPAS — This group of Ork pirates operated out of the Jagga system, had a large Kill Kroozer fleet, and was destroyed by Hive Fleet Behemoth in 745M45.
STARNOVA CLASS ORBITAL WEAPONS STATION — This orbital weapons platform design packs the firepower of a battleship, and were employed in orbit around Macragge to defend against Hive Fleet Behemoth.
STASIS BOMB — This extremely rare example of Imperial technology creates a short-term stasis field around its target upon detonation.
STASIS CLERK — A type of Adeptus Administratum worker.
STASIS FIELD — These fields from the Dark Age of Technology have the ability to essentially freeze time within their confines when activated. Most examples still in existence are small, chest-sized boxes, though the mighty Golden Throne also employs this technology to preserve the Emperor.
STEALTH BATTLESUIT — There are two versions of this small Tau infiltration armor, the older XV15 and newer and larger XV25.
STEELEYE REAVERS — This was an Eldar Outcast pirate fleet of some renown.
STEEL FURY — Three super-heavy Banblade tanks form Steel Fury companies. Colonel Van Cjester formalized the formation in the Tactica Imperium. These companies are typically formed to deal with titans or other super-heavy armour.
STEELHEADS — This Goliath gang wears steel-shod boots and favors gunmetal-colored tattoos, particularly on their heads.
STEEL ELITE — This is the name given to Stormtrooper units of Armegeddon Imperial Guard units.
STEEL LEGION — This is the general name given to Imperial Guard regiments raised on Armageddon.
STeG 4 — A highly mobile, wheeled armoured car
STERN CODEX — This tome was penned by Ephrael Stern on Parnis, encompassing the secrets given to her from the Order of the Blessed Inquiry of the Adepta Sororitas. Its encrypted pages detail the strengths and weaknesses of Slaanesh.
STIGMA — A mark placed on the face of those on occupied worlds.
STIKKBOMB — Orks build and use these crude grenades, so named for the attached stick use to aid throwing.
STINGMOSS — This carpet moss ejects soporific pollen when disturbed, which is potent enough to daze and stagger a full-grown man. Contact with the moss itself causes jitters in small amounts or convulsions in larger doses.
STINGWING — This is the common name for Vespid warriors.
STILT HILLS — Glavians pilot long-prows through the vortex rapids of these hills as part of their Rites of Majority.
STIMM — Slang for stimulant, they exist in a wide variety of forms, injectable, pill, dermal, etc.
STOMPA — Ork Meks build this smallest class of Ork titan as an effigy of their gods, Mork and Gork. They are typically armed with a bewildering array of massive close combat and projectile weapons.
STORM BOLTER — These large Bolt weapons are typically wielded by Space Marine Terminators.
STORMLORD — This super-heavy assault tank, based on the Shadowsword chassis, mounts a Vulcan Mega-Bolter and has a troop compartment with a capacity of up to 40 troops. They are rare, but sought after my mobile Guard commands.
STORM OF THE EMPEROR'S WRATH — This violent storm and rift in the warp lies on the border of Segmentae Obscurus and Ultima. It destroyed Vandire's assault force meant to eliminate Sebastian Thor.
STORM SHIELD — This small shield, typically used in combination with a Thunder Hammer in Terminator Armor, generates a small power field that can deflect all but the most powerful weapons.
STORM TROOPER — Though most Imperials equate these elite Imperial Guard units with the Cadian Kasrkin, other planets found units as well. The Adeptus Munitorum typically draw their numbers from the Schola Progenium. They are armed with Helguns instead of the ubiquitous Las Rifle and wear carapace armor instead of Flak armor.
STORMBOYZ — (Also: Stormboyz Korpz) These young, rebellious Ork warriors wear uniforms and adopt military formations and tactics. A Kaptin leads these units. Orks typically grow out of this phase as they become larger. They are assault troops, often equipped with Rokkit Packs.
STORYBOYZ — These Orks pass on an oral tradition in the form of stories, securing the "immortality" of the biggest, baddest, and most crazy Orks.
STOUP OF ELUCIDATION — This huge, black-iron bowl stands at the doors of the inner sanctum of the Temple of the Emperor Ascendant in Helsreach Hive, and is filled with thrice-blessed water. Those entering the sanctum dip their fingers in it to ritually cleanse themselves when entering.
STRANGLEWEB — This deadly plant has an intricate net of barbed vines that constrict around its prey with enough strength to cut through flesh. Mature specimens can bring down man-sized prey and larger.
STRATEGIUM — This portion of the bridge of a starship, or command deck of a Capital Imperialis, usually houses an actuality sphere.
STRIKE CRUISER — This Space Marine vessels typically carry a full company of battle brothers to where they're needed most. They are designed for assault operations and survivability.
STUB-PISTOL — A small projectile weapon
STUBBER — These weapons fire solid slug projectiles, propelled by a casing filled with black powder or some other explosive chemical.
STYGER — This beast of burden native to Fervious in the Calixis Sector makes a highly nutritious, viscous fluid to feed its young.
STYGER MILK — The milk of the Styger coats the surfaces of the digestive track, making one far less susceptible to poisons.
STYGIA HIVE — During the Third War for Armageddon, an Ork force led by the Mega-Gargant Godbreaker razed this hive that lay to the north of Helsreach Hive.
STYGIES RIVER — This river on the continent of Armageddon Secundus runs from the Diablo mountains in the north all the way to the southern coast, merging with the Infernus River at the hive of the same name.
STYX1 — This cruiser class, developed in M32 and widely used in the Ultima and Obscurus Sementae in M32 and M33, was phased out in favor of newer designs.
STYX2 — This river runs south from the Palidus mountains to the southern coast of Armageddon Secundus.
SUBSECTOR — Ranging from 10 to 20 light years in diameter, these Imperial divisions of space center on densely populated clusters, important systems, or the crossroads of Warp trade routes.
SUCCUBAE GATES — The Necrons assaulted the Black Templars here on Kilhaven, but the Space Marines were victorious.
SULFA COMMERCIA — This district of Helsreach Hive was west of the docks and east of the factoria, serving as a trading hub for the hive. It had affluent, broad avenues and many warehouses. It was used as a militia command center and civilian shelter during the siege of Helsreach during the Third War for Armageddon.
SUMP — Common name for the very lowest levels of the underhive
SUMP HOLE — One of the lowest regions in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda
SUPRESSOR CHARGE — The Adeptus Arbites use these electrical weapon for riot control. They build the charges into specialized riot shields.
SUNBLITZ BROTHERHOOD — This was an Eldar Outcast pirate fleet of some renown.
SUN-DOME — The Custodians, the 1% of the population not in hibernation during Dormant on Hubris, live here during the planet's 11-month cold season. It is kept in the constant noon-time light of a plasma globe set high in the enormous dome.
SUNSABLE'S TOURING FAIR — This company provided carnival-style games, rides, and diversions. They are based out of Menizerre on Gudrun.
SUN-SHADES — Sunglasses
SUPER LIFTA DROPPA — Usually found on Mekboy Gargants, this giant crane-like arm does exactly what its name implies.
SURFACE E — This surface area of Formal E in Petropolis on Eustis Majoris is a popular nightspot for the affluent.
SURVEYOR — A remote sensing device, often part of a defensive network
SUSAN MEMBRANE — The twelfth implantation of 19, and missing in some Space marine chapters' gene-seed, it allows the body to enter a state of suspended animation in severe trauma, be it wounds or prolonged exposure to vacuum. It is sometimes known as the Hibernator.
SUSPENSOR FIELD — These counter-gravity fields are extremely rare, and allow for both the flying ability of landspeeders and the weight reduction of heavy weapons for Terminator Armor and other uses.
SWEEPER — Short for minesweeper in Guard parlance
SWEETBRIAR — This sweet-tasting plant is used in cooking.
SWIFTDEATH — This Chaos fighter design excelled at destroying Imperial torpedo waves.
SWOOPING HAWK — This Eldar aspect of Khaine utilizes hawk-wings for flight and mobility, and is armed with Blasters, which are similar in function and effect to the Imperial Las-Rifle.
SWORD — This Imperial Navy frigate design is one of the oldest and most reliable. They typically operate in squadrons for mutual support.
SWORD BRETHEREN — The veterans of the Black Templar Space Marine Chapter form into a single unit and serve the High Marshal directly.
SWORD CLASS FRIGATE — This Imperial Navy vessel class is roughly 2.1 km in length.
SWORD OF BELARIUS — See: Blade Encarmine
SWORD OF SECRETS — Along with the Lion Helm, this power-sword forms the badge of office for the Supreme Grand Master of the Dark Angels Space Marines. Created after El'Jonson's disappearance, it was cut from a single block of obsidian and has not chipped nor lost its edge since. It is also a key to the secret chamber within The Rock that contains the heretic Luthor.
SWORD OF THE HIGH MARSHALS — This weapon is the symbol of authority of the High Marshal of the Black Templars, and is said to contain fragments of the blade Rogal Dorn carried aboard Horus' battle barge, breaking across his kneee after failing to protect the Emperor. High Marshal Sigismund directed that it be carried by all High Marshals to remind them of their duty of atonement.
SWORD OF VORD — This power sword is historically wielded by the Captain of the 1st Company of the Red Scorpions chapter.
SYNAPSE CREATURE — These Tyranid bio-constructs serve as relays for the Hive Mind, directing its control over lesser, base bio-forms. These creatures include many larger creatures, such as Warriors and Hive Tyrants.
SYNOD — This is a gathering of Ecclesiarchy to make policy or other decisions.
SYNOD IMPERIALIS — This is the chamber of highest authority of the Adeptus Ministorum.
SYSTEM SHIP — This term refers to civilian vessels pressed into military service for defense of a system.


TABAC — Tobacco
TACTICA IMPERIUM — This body of knowledge serves as a guide for the fighting forces of the Imperium.
TACTICAL SQUAD — This Codex unit of Space Marines consists of a Sergeant and nine other Space Marines, up to two of which may be armed with heavy weapons depending on the mission. They may also be mounted in a Rhino when the situation calls for it. The unit is designed for overall tactical flexibility.
TAKTIK — Ork word for "tactic," though those that use them are viewed with some distrust by their fellows.
TALLENHALL — A central square in Ineuron Town on Gereon
TA'LISSERA — In this Tau bonding ceremony, a group pledges support and community to one another. Within these groups there is additional trust and a degree of informality.
TALIX TREE — A tall, slender tree native to Gereon
TALLY POINT — A town along the West Banks on Flint where a beast-moot took place at the end of each season
TALON OF HORUS — Abbadon wields the power fist that once graced Horus' hand.
TALON WING — A unit of Thunderhawk gunships of the Hawk Lords chapter. Other Space Marine chapters second pilots to this elite unit to hone their skills.
TANGLEY TOWER — A tower in Formal E in Petropolis on Eustis Majoris
TANINIM CRUSADES — These campaigns took place between 678-714M37 after the Occlusiad War, where elven crusading Space Marine chapters were tasked with retaking Imperial territory on the northwestern fringe. Named after the Taninim Expanse, foes included Orks, Eldar, and other Xenos races.
TANIS INCIDENT — In 709M40 The black Tyrant Star appears over Tanis, and within weeks over a billion are dead or missing. The inquisition deletes the world from sector records.
TANITH ATTICA — A city on Tanith
TANITH FIRST AND ONLY — This Imperial Guard unit, the only to escape the doomed Tanith system through the actions of their leader Colonel-Commissar Cain, was a mixed, male/female unit.
TANITH MAGNA — This city on Tanith had very hot summers, and was constructed of dark-grey stone.
TANITH ULTIMA — A shrine city on Tanith
TANITH PIPES — This instrument is native to Tanith, and used as a regimental instrument by the Tanith First and Only.
TANKBUSTA — This Ork caste is obsessed with hunting enemy tanks.
TANNA — This fragrant, tea-like beverage is brewed from Tanna leaf. Native to Valhalla, it has a somewhat bitter taste and is considered an acquired taste by most.
TARANTULA — This is a mobile remote weapons platform that normally requires the attention of a Tech Adept or Techmarine to operate.
TARASK — A common class of merchant vessel
TARGETERS — These devices accurately track and predict motion, allowing weapons to be used with greater chance of hitting moving targets. They also act as range-finders and scopes.
TARK ISLANDS — A region on Balhaut.
TARREN SUPRESSION, THE — In 011M31, a loyalist fleet and Titans of Legio Defensor occupy this the capital of this world, Brandstat, after it declares for Horus, making examples of rebellious cities by reducing them to ruins. A Traitor force of Emperor's Children Space Marines, Legio Cybernetica, and Legio Mortis liberate the world later in the Relief of Bradstat.
TARSIS CAMPAIGN — Ultramarines fought Tyranids
TARTARUS HIVE — This hive lies along the Skeletus River in the eastern wastes of Armageddon Secundus.
TARVO — This community in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda is ruled by an Orlock gang.
TARVO TRAIL — The road between Junktion and Tarvo is well lit due to the efforts of the Junktion lamplighters, the Berserkers, and the Orlock gang that controls Tarvo.
TAU'CYR — This is the Tau annual cycle, 297.74 Terran days, consisting of 6 kai'rotaa or 480 rotaa.
TAU'VA — This is the Tau life-path, which essentially translates into a commitment to the common good
TAYWHIE LAKE — A body of water on Glavia
TECH-GUARD — These are the military arm of the Adeptus Mechanicus, both ground and naval forces.
TECHMARINE — These Marines are sent to Mars for many years to learn the mysteries of the Machine God. They then return to their chapter to minister to its arms, armor, and vehicles, and typically have a small retinue of servitors to assist them. They can make use of a servo-harness that incorporates tools and weaponry. Their armor is often highly modified, and they wear the Machina Opus on their right shoulder pad. They typically create several servitors to assist them in their tasks.
TECHNA-LINGUA — This is a language used by Tech Priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus.
TECHNOARCANA — This is the body of technical lore searched for and studied by the Adeptus Mechanicus.
TECHNOMAGI — This is another means of referring to followers of the Adeptus Mechanicus.
TECHNO-MAT — These servitor attendants monitor and service the biological functions of a Tech Priest.
TECHPRIEST — (Also: Tech-Preist) These are experts in their own technical fields, serving the Emperor in the Adeptus Mechanicus and furthering the Machine Cult.
TEEF — In human terms, teeth form the basis of the Ork monetary system, the larger and more intact the specimen, the higher the worth.
TEFRA — A hardwood tree whose wood is prized for its beauty
TELEKINE — A common Imperial name for telekinetic psykers
TELEPINE WAY — This main traffic artery carries most of the vehicles for the south-west slope of Bosporian Hive on Hydraphur and links to the Augustaeum.
TELEPORTA — This Ork version of teleport technology first came to Imperial attention in 997M41 on Piscina IV, though it undoubtedly existed beforehand.
TELEPORTARIUM — These very rare and holy pieces of technology allow for teleportation of small groups, usually with the aid of a homer to fix the end location.
TELEPORT BARRAGE — This tactic, first used by the Iron Hands to take a Chaos-held bunker, involves a Tech Priest using a wide-spectrum teleport beam to scramble the molecules of the target area.
TELEPORT HOMER — These devices allow for increased accuracy with teleporters, which are otherwise to unreliable for common use. They are integrated into suits of Terminator armor of the Adeptus Astartes.
TELLURIAN COMBINE — The Brotherhood of the Horned Darkness used this commercial venture as a front before the Ordos Calixis purged them in a covert war lasting from 428M41 to 430M41.
TEMPERATURE REGULATOR — This Space Marine armor subsystem maintains the temperature inside the suit, venting through the backpack power unit's nozzles. It allows Marines to function in environments from vacuum to inferno.
TEMPEST — (Also: Land Speeder Tempest) This variation of the basic Land Speeder design added enclosing armor and forward-mounted heavy weapons, serving Space Marine forces as a small gunship.
TEMPEST OCEAN — This Ocean borders the southern coast of the Armageddon Secondus continent, including Helsreach Hive.
TEMPESTUS HIVE — (Also: Tempestora Hive) This hive fell to the Orks during the Third War for Armageddon.
TEMPLE OF DORN — This chapel aboard the Black Templar ship, Eternal Crusader, houses fragments of Rogal Dorn's armor, the first Black Sword of Sigismund, the first Emperor's Champion, and the banner of Captain Navarre from the siege of the Imperial Palace during the Age of Apostasy. I also contians a host of other artefacts from the Black Templar's long history.
TEMPLE OF THE EMPEROR ASCENDANT — This vast basilica has stood since the first days of colonization on Armageddon, the first church built there in honor of the Emperor. It consisted of a fortress-like outer wall surrounding acres of graveyards for the city's most ancient and revered dead, and a central keep, defended by a sizable force of Battle Sisters of the Order of the Argent Shroud. Black Templar Chaplain Grimaldus was the sole survivor of a two-month battle around this temple of Helsreach Hive during the Third War for Armageddon in 998M41.
TEMPLUM — A term used to describe places of worship within the Imperium
TERMAGANT — These Tyranid bio-constructs (Imperial classification Gauntii Virago) have short-range weapon-symbiotes and have a bewildering array of biomorphs with slightly varied characteristics. They are one of the most common and numerous Tyranid breeds.
TERMINATOR ARMOR — (Also: Tactical Dreadnought Armor) These ancient suits of armor represent the pinnacle of Imperial individual offensive/defensive prowess, many dating back to the Dark Age of Technology. They are the combination of power armor and environmental exo-armor and are made of plasteel and ceramite. Additional electromotive fiber bundles and adamantine rods support the weight of additional armor and weapons. The design was derived from armored environmental suits designed for industrial work in plasma cores or volcanic forges. Originally meant to replace power armor, they proved too cumbersome for most purposes and the production rate was far too slow. They became available just before the Horus Heresy. Modern suits include a teleport homer, allowing teleportation with some degree of accuracy. Only proven veterans of the first company may wear these valuable suits and their use requires extensive additional training. They are traditionally armed with a storm bolter and power fist, but may also be equipped with lightning claws or thunder hammer and shield for close combat work, or the Cyclone missile launcher for long-range support.
TERMINATOR HONORS — See: Crux Teminatus
TERMINATOR SQUAD — This Codex unit consists of a Veteran Sergeant and four veteran Space Marines in Terminator Armor. They are the most heavily armed and armored unit in a chapter, and their weapon load varies widely depending on mission. They may be mounted in a Land Raider if the situation dictates.
TERMINUS DECREE — This ultimate sanction, to be opened by the Supreme Grand Master of the Grey Knights only if all hope for humanity is lost, lies within a simple wooden box bearing the same seal as that on the Golden Throne itself. This box lies within the tomb of Malcador the Sigilite in the Chambers of Purity, beneath the Grey Knights' fortress monastery on Titan.
TERMINUS ULTRA — This variant of the Land Raider gives up its troop capacity for capacitors and power cells for eight las cannons, and is typically used in an anti-titan roll.
TERRA REDUX: A HISTORY OF THE EARLY INQUISITION — Inquisitor Ravenor penned this study of warpcraft that has become a standard primer.
TERRA'S DUE — This is another phrase refering to the Imperial tithe on its worlds.
TERRA'S MESSENGER — This Space Marine Vindicator fought at the battle of Rynn's World in 989M41.
TERROR SHIP — This Ork Cruiser design carries a variety of attack craft.
TERSEGOLD QUARTER — This region of Dorsay on Gudrun is famed for its taverns and clubs.
TESLA-SPINE — These structures, often kilometers in length, transmit energy across the void.
TESSERACT LABYRINTH — These fist-sized xenos devices can imprison a being of pure energy, such as a Warp daemon, and Grey Knights use them to bind daemons, preventing their result to the Warp upon the destruction of their physical minifestations. The Grey Knights are currently on hostile terms with that Xeno race.
TETRAGATE — These Saruthi constructs bent time and space, sometimes requiring many and sometimes requiring only one for passage.
TETRARCH — This is the position of hive-lord of the pyramidal hives of Mordia.
TETRASCAPE — This is a 4-dimensional environment constructed for a period of time, typically referring to the Saruthi.
THALIOS FEAVER — This disease is capable of wiping out entire ship crews if it spreads unchecked.
THAMM — One of the lamplighters in Junktion in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda
THANE GILIAD SPIRE — There was a Black Templars keep here, and the Black Templars fought the Tyranids.
THAW-VIEW — This upscale, aristocratic community lay at the edge of the Sun-Dome, so residents could open shutters to either the plasma-lit interior, or the exterior seasons.
THAWLY VILLAGE — This small community borders the Untill in the Lectica Heartlands on Gereon.
THERMAL CANNON — This was a form of experimental weapon being developed on the forge world of Megyre prior to its destruction by Hive Fleet Jormungandr.
THERMAL SINK — A system used for harvestng energy on some planets with large heat differentials.
THERMOPLAST — This cheap, easily produced armour material provides moderate ablative protection to the wearer.
THESEAN MARTYRS — These men and women of the Imperial Navy refused to submit to the apostate Cardinal Bucharis at Hydraphur and were killed for their resistance.
THIRD FOUNDING — This Space marine founding took place on Emperor's Day, 001M32.
THLAK — The nomad hunters of Khedd 1173 hunt these beasts.
THOR'S EPISTLE TO THE DANNITES — This Ecclesiarchal writing is in verse.
THORIAN — This puritan Inquisitorial faction is devoted to the teachings and life of Sebastian Thor, but their roots can be traced to those that sought to invest the Emperor's soul into a new vessel or body. They believe that the body in the Golden Throne is not the Emperor, but that his spirit works through vessels that can only hold a fraction of his power. In theory, a body strong enough for all his power might allow his rebirth. Most believe psykers to be heretical, including those trained and sanctioned by the Imperium.
THRALL WIZARDS — This term refers to an underclass on the Planet of Wizards, slaves brought back from conquests of the Thousand Sons to serve them on their daemon world. Occasional champions rise from their ranks.
THRANIAN SEA — This sea on the east coast of the Gnosis Prime continent on Gnosis anchors the east side of the Ulyxis Lines. The River Auros empties into this sea.
THUNDER HAMMER — These power weapons act similarly to power fists, delivering crushing energy at the point of impact for their blows, and are typically used by close combat Terminators.
THUNDERHAWK — An armed and armored Space Marine flying craft, capable of airlifting up to 30 Space Marines into disputed drop zones. There is a variant for carrying ground vehicles and armor. They are space, atmospheric, and underwater capable. They are typically armed with a Turbo Laser and multiple Heavy Bolter turrets.
THUNDERHEADS — Also known as Veteran Squad Prime, this unit of General Creed's Mission Elite specializes in melta weaponry, and travels aboard the Valkyrie, Iron Duchess.
THURIAN BRIDGE — This bridge spans the Auros rivier. Imperial forces destroyed it, plunging the Eldar Avatar upon it into the oil-choked waters and setting them alight in the combats of 786M41.
TIBERIAS CONCLAVE — Inquisitor Helstern held this Thorian Conclave.
TIBERIOR CRUSADE — Marshal Amalrich commanded this Black Templar Crusade before its integration into the Armageddon Crusade.
TIKK — Those of the Phrax Rogue Trader fleet used this term to refer to anyone not of the fleet. Its use may have carried over to other fleets.
TILLAGE STREET BUNKERS — A series of storage buildings on the edge of the manufactory district in Ineuron Town on Gereon.
TIO'VE — A Tau "Contingent" consists of three to six Cadres and is roughly equal in size to an Imperial Guard regiment.
TIROYERE — This small town lies in the western Esembo Pass
TITAN — (Also: God Machine) These are the largest ground war machines of the Adeptus Mechanicus, embodiments of the Machine God. They are also some of the oldest, many dating back to before the Horus Heresy and very few to the Age of Strife. Titans have a Machine Spirit, a crude sentience, that bonds with its commanding Princeps, giving each titan a unique personality that sometimes strains against the commands of the Princeps.
TITANDEATH1 — Term used by Titan crews for the death of one of God Machines
TITANDEATH2 — Term used to refer to the War for Beta-Garmon, and more specifically the final battle for Nyrcon City on Beta-Garmon II, which reduced the strength of Titan Legios to a fraction of their former power. It most commonly refers to the Battle for Nyrcon City on Beta-Garmon II in 356013M31.
TITAN ORDER — An organizational unit of Titans, much like a Space Marine Chapter, led by a Princeps Senioris. In the early days of the Mechanicum, prior to the Horus Heresy, Orders consisted of between 200 and 300 Titans. Orders typically have a High Gothic name (e.g. Legio Pallidus Mor), a Low Gothic name (e.g. Pale Riders), as well as Order colors, heraldry, iconography, etc.
TITAN'S GRAVEYARD, THE — Book written by Princeps Gayran about the Battle of Beta-Garmon.
TITHE FLEET — These fleets collect and distribute the Great Tithe.
TITHEPROCTOR SUPERIAN — These overseers ensure that Imperial factorum contribute their appropriate tithe to the Emperor.
TITO BASIN — This region is home to Lethe Majeure.
TOMB OF THE GREAT CONFESSOR — This tomb lies in the shadow of Mount Amalath and was host to the Conclave of Gathalamor on the Day of Ascension in early M41.
TOMB POINT — This region on Hubris lies near the hibernation tombs.
TOME OF VETHRIC — Penned by Macavius Vethric of the Ordo Xenos, this tome is a compendium of xenos strategy and practices. Other Ordo Xeno Inquisitors have annotated and expanded the work, making it the Imperium's most complete work on xenos strategy. It also suggests countermeasures and counter-strategies. However, deciphering Vethric's penmanship can prove a challenge.
TOR CHRISTO — This sub-citadel lay on a rocky promontory above and to the south of Hydra Cordatus. It was taken by the Iron Warriors and then destroyed by an orbital torpedo fired by the Imperials in the Citadel.
TORCHBEARERS — Also known as Veteran Squad Tertio, this unit of General Creed's Mission Elite specializes in flamer tactics, and travels aboard the Valkyrie, Kiss of Fire.
TORMENT CRUSADE — Marshal Korneliusz led a company of Black Templar Space Marines in this campaign that included the Battle of Carrion Gulf against the forces of Chaos. The goal of the Chaos forces was burried Chaos titans, shielded by amplified untouchables.
TORRUS HOPE — This city was the southern industrial capitol of Stemivari Factoris
TORSHAV REFUELLING COMPLEX — A district of Helsreach Hive.
TO SERVE THE EMPEROR: A COMMISSAR'S LIFE — Ciaphas Cain wrote this autobiography, chronicaling his rather unusual life as an Imperial Commissar, in 104M42.
TOWARDS AN IMPERIAL UTOPIA — Inquisitor Ravenor penned this widely regarded collection of essays.
TOWER OF STEEL — This central spire of Castellum Jericho on Mars fell to the attack of an Ordinatus Mars during the Horus Heresy.
TOWER OF THE PLUTOCRAT — Gaunt's Hyrkan regiments took this key structure on Balhaut.
TOX-BOMB — These shells filled with the worst toxic chemicals available in the underhive are used by Scavvy gangs.
TOXINHIVE — This hive city on the Gnosis Prime continent on Gnosis was one of the first to fall to the Eldar Autarch Zephyrblade in 786M41, who feigned an attach from the northeast before Aspect Warriors attacked through the Webway from the south and east, and dominating the urban fighting.
TOX-STICKS — These are one of the many forms of fungal stimulant/inebriants designed to be smoked like a cigarette. These are common on Necromunda.
TRACKER — These electronic devices allow a sensor unit to locate the tracker. They vary in size from a dinner plate to a sub-dermal implant.
TRAILEND — A town along the West Banks on Flint where a beast-moot took place at the end of each season
TRAITOR LEGION — These are the Space Marine Legions that sided with chaos in the Horus Heresy.
TRAKI — This slow moving creature native to Valhalla is slow moving and prized for both its meat and pelt. However, most hunters do not consider them a challenge.
TRAKTOR KANNON — This Ork weapon uses their innate grasp of force field technology to push, pull, squash, or otherwise immobilize a target.
TRALITO — A sea-coast city on Caelun Two
TRANQ — This term refers to a number of drugs used as tranquilizers.
TRANCH INSURRECTION — A mutant uprising IN 807M41, led by the Pale Throng and the Shroud Council, toppled the brutal Oligarchs of Tranch. The Ordo Hereticus launched Operation Bellerophon to kill the witch leaders of the rebellion as Lord Sector Hax declared a massive counter invasion. The Pale Throne splintered into the surrounding systems, and Tranch remains a war zone, providing a baptism by fire for many Guard units.
TRANSCODING — A process by which psykers remove mindlock
TRANSLATION POINT — This naval term refers to optimal locations to enter the warp, usually far removed from gravity wells.
TREACHERY OF DALMARK — This conflagration covered much of Segmentum Solar. The Black Templars contributed fourteen crusades to its resolution
TREATISE ON THE NATURE OF WARFARE — This work by Warmaster Slaydo is required reading for command cadre candidates in the Imperial Guard of Segmentum Pacificus.
TREATISE ON THE SOULTHEFT METHODS OF ELDAR PIRATES — Lord Inquisitor van Hinkel penned this work that incorporated the interrogations of a Dark Eldar captive and the collection of other information from Inquisition sources.
TREATISE ON TITANIC WAR — Arch-Magos Hexagalos penned this work on the use of Titan Legios.
TREATY OF CERES — The Adeptus Mechanicus and Adeptus Terra reforged their alliance after a series of apostasies wracked the Imperium.
TRIAD FERRUM MORGULUS — Three Titan Orders combined forces to end the threat of the Cy-Carnivora and their Mekwrights to the formative Mechanicum of Mars. This organization became the template for other Titan Orders.
TRIAL OF CASTIGATION — An Adeptus Ministorum method of redeeming sinners.
TRIBE — This unit or Ork organization, usually imposed by Imperial scholars, consists of a number of warbands, numbering from thousands to millions of Orks, depending on the strength of the leader.
TRIBUNAL — When a member of the Commissariat is accused of a crime or dereliction of duty, a tribunal of senior Commissars is asembled to determine the veracity of the charges, and also to pass judgement. This is the means by which the Commissariat polices itself.
TRICORN PALACE — This structure is the seat of Inquisitorial power on Scintilla and the Calixis Sector. It is the home of the Ordo Calixis.
TRIKALI — These crystals, mined from the Corain system among others, are used in the anti-magnetic containment fields of warp generators and plasma reactors.
TRIPLE C'S — (Also: Creed's Triple C's) This is the command unit of Ursarkar Creed's Mission Elite, which includes Creed himself and his assistant Jarran Kell. They travel aboard the Valkyrie, Hell's Teeth.
TRIPOL DOCKS — This Imperial Navy dockyard fell to Chaos forces in the opening days of the Gothic War.
TROJAN — A class of Imperial tank-tractor
TRONVASSE — This company makes handguns, particularly compact snub autos, and autorifles. It's larger bore weapons include the Tronvasse 50, and its more moderate offerings the Tronvasse 38. They typically utilize caseless rounds.
TROPIS CRATER NINE — Commissar-General Oktar and the Hyrkan regiments overcame the last Ork resistance in this region of Gylatus Decimus.
TRUESILVER ARMOUR — Sanctified silver and iron have been woven into this armour, typically used on vehicles, making it abhorrent and injurious to daemons and psykers.
TRYGON — A class of nearly-titan-sized Tyranid bio-construct that Imperial authorities suspect is part of the Ravener genus, sharing its ability to burrow through the ground at high speeds. The plates of its carapace build bio-static charge, which it can unleash in a massive discharge, aided by ionizing spray from its gills. This, combined with its formidable claws, make it a fearsome close combat fighter.
TRYGON PRIME — Differentiated from Trygons by larger jaws and additional spines that help it better contain and direct electrical discharge, these creatures also have a very strong connection with the Hive Mind.
TRYLAN TOR — This Adeptus Arbites precinct fortress completely dominates the synonymous island upon which it was built. Its walls rise directly from the cliffs of the plateau island, part of an isthmus in the ocean of Hydraphur.
TUBE-CHARGE — This explosive device is similar in effect to a krak-charge.
TUMIN — This fruit grows on white-barked trees.
TUMULUS HIVE — Sisters of the Order of the Valorous Heart purged this hive on Farglum in 085M41.
TURBO LASERS — This titan-scale weapon is common among Warhound class titans. They are often quad- or twin-mounted and are ideal for multiple armored targets. They are also employed on Space Marine Thunderhawks.
TUSK VERGE — A town along the West Banks on Flint where a beast-moot took place at the end of each season
TWENTY-FIRST FOUNDING — See: Cursed Founding
TWENTY-SIXTH FOUNDING — This is the most recent founding as of 999M41.
TWIST — This is a common colloquial term for mutants in the Imperium.
TWODOG — An underhive settlement in Hive Primus on Necromunda whose inhabitants typically wear masks to keep out lichen-mites.
TYGRANESE PUFFERFRUIT — This plant can grow to a large size when properly fed. It is native to the Tygra system.
TYPHOS SUPREME GUARD — This elite Imperial unit from Typhos Prime was excused from all off-world service by ancient decree so long at thier fortress-capital, the Coritanorum, still stood.
TYRANIC WAR, FIRST — A Tyranid Hive Fleet destroys the Tyran and Thandros systems before advancing upon the Realm of Ultramar. Marneus Calgar and the Ultrmarines held out against Hive Fleet Behemoth in 745M41 until the combined fleets of the Ultramarines and Battlefleet Tempestus could engage and repel the Tyranid menace.
TYRANIC WAR, SECOND — In 992M41, Hive Fleet Kraken nearly destroyed Iyanden craftworld and the Lamenters chapter of the Space Marines. The war badly depleted the Scythes of the Emperor, who lost their homeworld.
TYRANIC WARS, THE — Ever since the Imperium's first encounters with the Tyranid race, Hive Fleet Behemouth, in 745M41, they have been at war with this alien race. Hive Fleets Kraken and Leviathan have developed more advanced strategies, and countless splinter fleets have formed from the shattered remnants of main thrusts defeated at great cost.
TYRANID WARRIOR — This large Tyranid sub-species (Imperial classification Tyranicus Gladius or Tyranicus Gladius Avius for winged specimens) has many different variants, armed with a mixture of bio-weapons. They are large and effective fighters, but also act as Synapse creatures, focusing the will of the Hive Mind in lesser creatures.
TYRANNOFEX — This massive Tyranid bio-construct acts as a living artillery piece.
TYRANT CLASS — Artisan Magos Hyus N'dai designed this Imperial Navy cruiser class with superfired plasma weaponry, boasting longer range, in M38, and the design became very popular in M39.
TYRANT GUARD — This Tyranid subspecies (Imperial designator: Tyranus Scutatus) exist to protect Synapse creatures, and are essentially living shields. They are blind and receive their sensory input from the creatures they protect.
TYRANT OF BADAB — Lugft Huron, Chapter Master of the Astral Claws, half-jokingly gave himself this moniker after purging the rebellious ruling class of Badab Prime and installing himself as planetary and sector governor. The name would become increasingly accurate over the course of the Badab War.
TYRANT'S LEGION, THE — Lugft Huron and the Astral Claws trained the assorted PDF forces of the Badab Sector after taking control, turning them into a unified and effective fighting force over 50 years - loyal to the "Tyrant."
TYRREL'S LAMENT — A battle involving Legio Astorum.
TYRNATINE CABAL — Select members of the Ordo Calixis form this secret organization in response to the Tanis Incident in 709M40 to study the Tyrant Star.
TZAANGOR — These rare beastmen of the Planet of Sorcerers form a warrior-slave caste, fighting alongside the Thousand Sons Traitor Marines.


UASH'O — Tau for "Command," this is the term for all the troops of a given caste at a given location. Thus, Fire Caste Command Nimbosa represents all the Fire caste warriors on the planet of Nimbosa.
UHLREN'S POX — A virulent and fatal disease
ULLANOR CAMPAIGN — The Warmaster Horus' success in this campaign caused the Emperor to rename the Lunar Wolves to the Sons of Horus.
ULTRAMAR DEFENSE AUXILIA — This is the name for the Ultramar Planetary Defense Force.
ULUMEATHI PLASMA SYPHON — This array of xenos crystals creates a plasma-distorting field that makes accurate fire with plasma weaponry virtually impossible.
UNAT AKIM — This is a city on Kuuma.
UNFORGIVEN — These Second Founding chapters from the Dark Angels Legion strive to make right the tragedy of the Fallen. They include the Dark Angels, Angels of Absolution, Angels of Redemption, and Angels of Vengeance
UNITY — This was the name given the government of the Emperor after the Unification Wars, but before the Great Crusade.
UNIVERSAL LAW, 1ST — Life is Directed Motion
UNIVERSAL LAW, 2ND — The Spirit is the Spark of Life
UNIVERSAL LAW, 3RD — Sentience is the Ability to Learn the Value of Knowledge
UNIVERSAL LAW, 4TH — Intellect is the Understanding of Knowledge
UNIVERSAL LAW, 5TH — Sentience is the Basest Form of Intellect
UNIVERSAL LAW, 6TH — Understanding is the True Path to Comprehension
UNIVERSAL LAW, 7TH — Comprehension is the Key to All Things
UNIVERSAL LAW, 8TH — The Omnissiah Knows All, Comprehends All
UNIVERSAL LAW, 9TH — (Also: Xenos Testamenta, Prime Warning) The Alien Mechanism is a Perversion of the True Path
UNIVERSAL LAW, 10TH — The Soul is the Conscience of Sentience
UNIVERSAL LAW, 11TH — A Soul Can be Bestowed Only by the Omnissiah
UNIVERSAL LAW, 12TH — The Soulless Sentience is the Enemy of All
UNIVERSAL LAW, 13TH — The Knowledge of the Ancients Stands Beyond Question
UNIVERSAL LAW, 14TH — The Machine Spirit Guards the Knowledge of the Ancients
UNIVERSAL LAW, 15TH — Flesh is Fallible, but Ritual Honours the Machine Spirit
UNIVERSAL LAW, 16TH — To Break with Ritual is to Break with Faith
UNIVERSAL LAWS — (Also: Sixteen Universal Laws) These sixteen commendments of the Adeptus Mechanicus for the basis of their cult and help guide their Quest for Knowledge. The first eight are often called The Mysteries, and the last eight The Warnings.
UNTILL — This region transitions from dense, old forest, to jungle, to swamp and lies beyond the agri-complexes on Gereon. It is home to partisans, called Sleepwalkers, from a revolution just after the planet's colonization.
ULTIMATE GATE, THE — This gate protects the last bastion of the Imperial Palace on Terra.
ULUMEATHIC LEAGUE — This group of allied star systems to the galactic east of Ultima Segmentum lay in the path of Hive Fleet Naga, and were some of the first casualties in 801M41.
ULYXIS LINES — The planetary governor of Gnosis, Governor Ulyx, built these defensive bastions and works across the primary continent of Gnosis Prime on Gnosis. The flanks of these defenses were protected by the Devilmaw Mountains and Thanian Sea. They were overcome by the Eldar Autarch Zephyrblade's invasion of 786M41 and his highly mobile form of warfare.
UNTOUCHABLE — (Also: Blank, Pariah) A psi-inert individual who not only cannot be detected by psykers, but also completely deaden psychic powers within a certain radius. They are essentially a void in the Warp. They affect the electrical impulses of the synapses of the human mind, blunting them. This is also why they cause discomfort and revulsion from even non-psykers, as portions of their mind are affected as well. They are far more rare than psykers.
URBITANE — The second city on Sameter
URCHIN-RAY — These creatures are native to Corleone.
UR-COUNCIL — This council on Nova Terra opposed the Ecclesiarchy, causing the war known as the Cataclysm of Souls in 975M35.
URSADON — A fast ursoid riding beast.
USTRINUM — Furnaces or fire pits where bodies and/or offal are burned.
UTTES — These two mountains, Minor and Major, lie to the south of the Fonette Pass.
UVEGE — This region lies in the southwest of Durer's third largest landmass.


VADA — Also known as the City of Forbidden Pleasures, this city in the desert served as the capital of Slaanesh's territories on Eidolon.
VALDEZ OIL PLATFORMS — These ocean-based platforms in the seas to the south of Helsreach Hive provide the promethium supply for most of the hive cities on Armageddon
VALE OF FIEGG — This region south of Menizerre on Gudrun was home to the Froigre estate.
VALEDICTOR GATE — This gate was the last defense of the Citadel of Hydra Cordatus, protecting the underground caverns of the fortress.
VALKYRIE ASSAULT CARRIER — This Imperial Guard flyer can carry a squad of troops, has a chin-mounted multi-laser, and has assault doors which can also be rigged with door-guns.
VALKYRIE BAY REFINERY — Black Dragons Space Marines defeated Orks at this essential Phoenix Island ore refinery on Armageddon, though it was destroyed in the process.
VALOUR CREST — Space Marines earn these crests worn on their helmets with near-suicidal acts of bravery.
VAMPYRE — A creature of the warp
VAN SAAR — A ganger sect that believes in technology
VARENTIS CAMPAIGN — Grand Marshal Tirnas Kirchan fought in this conflict.
VARL CRUSADE — This Black Templar crusade aimed to expunge a past dishonor.
VARREYA — This government to the galactic east of the Imperium, fell prey to Genestealer infestation after receiving refugees from the Ulumeathic League in 801M41.
VASTENER'S SPUR — A location in the nobles quarter of Bosporian Hive on Hydraphur
VAUL — Eldar god
VAULT OF LABYRINTHS — This stasis vault within the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Grey Knights' fortress monastery contains hundreds of tesseract labyrinths, each imprisoning the soul of a defeated daemon.
VAXHALLIAN GENOCIDESVaxhallian Genocides. The Purge, a group of Chaos renegades, slaughter 14 billion Imperial citizens IN 926M41.
VELDET — A very large animal living on Archandor and other planets
VENATOR LIGHT MANIPLE — A Titan Maniple consisting of one Reaver class and two to four Warhound class, along with supporting units.
VENGEANCE CRUSADE — The Howlojng Griffons Space Marines took part in this crusade.
VENGEANCE EMBODIED — This Space Marine Rhino fought at the battle of Rynn's World in 989M41.
VENGEANCE STATION — Loyalist Space Marine forces in the Badab War establish this base of operation is the Hallows Point system, using it effectively to project their force deeper into the Maelstrom Zone.
VENOM CANNON — Tyranid heavy weapon
VERDIKINE — A grazing meat animal
VERDIS TITAN MANIPLE — Titan Maniple used by the Legio Astorum.
VIRIDIAN CAMPAIGN — The Relictors Space Marines, accompanied by Commissar Cain, took part in the purge of a genestealer-led rebellion in the 920s of M41 in the system of the same name.
VERIFIX MAJORIS — High honor of the Adeptus Machanicus
VERISPEX — An Adeptus Arbites rank/position assigned to forensic analysis
VERISPEX LABORITORIA — These advanced Adeptus Arbites crime and evidence labs only grace larger facilities.
VERMILION — This is the highest security/encryption level used by Imperial military forces, above the sequence of Cyan, Scarlet, Magenta, and Obsidian.
VERSES OF INQUISITOR ENOCH — Inquisitor Enoch penned these books dealing with daemons, one of which was The Book of Exorcisms.
VERVUNHIVE — This hive on Verghast XX
VESPER — This mountain in the Atenate range is one of the greatest on Gudrun.
VICE SIRDAR — This chaos rank is equivalent to a Captain's second in command or assistant leader of several patrols.
VICTOREX ALPHA — These Space Marine honors are granted for valor and victory in the face of insurmountable odds.
VICTORINUS AIRFIELD — This spaceport lies on Phoenix Island on Armgeddon.
VIGILANT SWORD — This Predator Annihilator fought at the battle of Rynn's World in 989M41.
VILE SAVANTS — This chaos cult introduced the Fydae Strain Virus to the asteroid colony of Sutters Rock, causing the dead to reanimate. It killed all 12000 colonists in just hours.
VINCARE BASTION — This is one of the four corner-bastions (southwest corner) of the Citadel of Hyrda Cordatus.
VINCHY WAREHOUSE — Rawne, Corbec, and Feygor killed twenty of Geel's thugs in this warehouse in Cracia City on Pyrites.
VINCULUS CRUSADE — Inquisitor Vinculus, along with detachments of the Order of the Bloody Rose and the Black Templars pursued an assassin cult to Peleregon IV in 833M41. After killing the cult leader and receiving wounds in return, the Inquisitor was possessed by a daemon and had to be destroyed by High Marshal Ludoldus, Emperor's Champion Ulricus, and Canoness Jasmine in the Battle of Fire and Blood.
VINDICATOR — This Space Marine siege vehicle, based on the Rhino chassis, is armed with a Demolisher Cannon.
VIRENUS GAMBIT — Inquisitor Dahwrin and Magos Lurd attempted to create a divine vessel for the Emperor by using hyperpolymorphine on Callidus Temple initiates. The most promising subject, Asaid Virenus, escaped when Magos Lurd betrayed Dahwrin attempted to remove her to the nearest forge world.
VIRIDIA CAMPAIGN — The Reclaimers Space Marines fought in this action while Commissar Cain was attached to them as a Guard liaison in 928M41. They were relieved by an Imperial Guard force consisting of Tallarn, Vostroyan, and Caledonian regiments while the Reclaimers pursued the Space Hulk, Spawn of Damnation.
VIRIDIAN KNIGHTS — This force of Eldar Exodite dragon riders repelled a Dark Eldar invasion of their home world, Ishareq, but died along with it after it's World Spirit was poisoned by the invaders.
VIRUS OF BETRAYAL: THE CLEANSING OF VIRIDIA AND IT'S AFTERMATH, THE — Lady Ottaline Melmoth penned this account of the genestealer rebellion of 928M41 in 958M41.
VISTA-CASTER — Video communication unit
VISTA-PLATE — Viewscreen
VITIFER — These individuals, working for the Astra Telepathica, are conditioned to constant attentiveness and stand ready to kill any Astropaths that loose control or show signs of Warp taint.
VOICE OF DOOM — This Space Marine Vindicator fought at the battle of Rynn's World in 989M41.
VOICE OF GODHOOD — This term referred both to the fort and the massive cannon within it on the planet of Youth's End. Fabius Bile captured it in 997M41, but Lord General Creed rapidly recaptured it with his Mission Elite.
VOIDFARER, THE — An epic poem written in Old Gothic
VOID-DOCK — This is an internal docking bay, shielded and kept pressurized by a void-field.
VOID-FIELD — A smaller, less powerful version of the titan- or starship-based energy shields of similar name
VOID-HATCHES — These are large-scale bay doors, such as those used for small craft hangars on starships.
VOID-SHIELD — This is the energy field used as protection on large starships and titans. They collapse when overloaded, sometimes burning out the generators themselves, but otherwise they can be re-raised after resetting their systems.
VOID-VOYAGER — This term applies to individuals or starship that make a life traveling the warp.
VOLCANO CANNON — (Also: Belicosa Volcano Cannon) This titan weapon is one of the most powerful available for the Warlord-class or larger titans. It is an enormous laser-based weapon, has a slow rate of fire, and is powerful enough to puncture the armored hides of fortresses and other titans. Mars pattern is common.
VOLTIS CITY — This old capitol of Voltemand at one end of the Bokore Valley was an old fortress, with 30 meter basalt walls.
VORDER LEAVES — A particularly luxurious food
VORPUS SABREFANG — This now-extinct alpha-predator native to the Yythe system is beloved of Legio Vupla, forming part of their heraldry. Some Vulpa Princeps keep bio-engineered facsimilies as pets.
VORTIGEN CRUSADE — The Crimson Fists Space Marines were granted Rynn's World as their home as a reward for this campaign.
VOX — This is the common name for a wide variety of radio-band communications devices.
VOX-CASTER — A radio transmitter
VOX-DRONE — These small drones deliver messages based on an individual's pheromone trace on highly-technological worlds.
VOXMAT — A facility devoted to vox transmissions
VOX-PONDER — These devices transmit and receive IFF and provide warning when locked onto.
VOX-SCREEN — A field that blocks vox transmissions
VOX-THIEVES — These devices are high-tech bugs that can capture both simple sound and vox transmissions in their vicinity
VOX-VISTA — A communication device that transmits both audio and video signals.
VULCAN BOLTER — (Also: Vulcan Mega-Bolter) This titan-scale weapon is common among Warhound class titans
VYANIAH RAIDS, THE — In 906M41, strike forces from thre Red Scorpions, Marines Errant, and Novamarines conducted a series of raids against the Vyaniah system in an attempt to liberate it from the Tyrant of Badab. Though they inflicted massive casualties on the Tyrant's Legion forces defending the system, resistance was stronger than anticipated, and the system remained in the Tyrant's hands.
VYL — A creature whose smoked meat is considered a delicacy.


WAAAGH! — As an Ork Warlord becomes more powerful and successful, others clamor to join his warband. When this group reaches a critical mass, the collected psychic energy propels the living tide on a Waaagh! of conquest. They last until defeated or they run out of things to fight, at which point the Orks tend to divide into mutually antagonistic tribes.
WAAAGH! BORK — This Waaagh! originating in the Ghost Stars is moving into the Ultima Segmentum.
WAAAGH! DETHZARKA — The Imperial Fists have engaged elements of this force to the galactic west of the Maelstrom.
WAAAGH! DRILLAKILLA — This Waaagh! conquered the Imperial planet of Periliac Prime in 832M41.
WAAAGH! GHAZGHKULL — Led by the infamous Mag Uruk Thraka Ghazghkull, this Waaagh! focusses on Armgeddon from the galactic east.
WAAAGH! GHRAX — This Waaagh! advances towards Jagga in the Ultima Segmentum from the galactic southeast.
WAAAGH! GORBAD — Within the Veiled Region, this Waaagh! attacks Hive Fleet Behemoth and its splintrers.
WAAAGH! GROG — This Waaagh! assaults the Tau Empire from the galactic west.
WAAAGH! NAZDREG — This Waaagh! has moved from the galactic east on Armageddon, along with Waaagh! Ghazghkull.
WAAAGH! SKULLKRAK — This Waaagh! is operating in the vicinity of the Targus system.
WAAAGH! SNAGROD — In Loki Sector, this Waaagh! overran much of the sector, including the Crimson Fist's home of Rynn's World.
WAAAGH! URGOK — This Waaagh! in the vicinity of Catachan is moving to the galactic south.
WAAAGH! WAZDAKKA — This Waaagh! originating in Segmentum Pacificus seems to be moving towards Armageddon through Segmentum Solar.
WAAAGH GRAGNATZ — This Ork Waaagh has invaded the Cabulis system of Segmentum Pacificus.
WAILING DOOM — This powerful psycho-reactive blade is wielded by Eldar Avatars.
WALK — Those of the Legio Titanicus use this term in place of the terms fight or battle (e.g The Legio will walk.)
WALKING MAN — A region of Mirror-Bitten in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda dug into one of the hive pilings. It is known for alcohol manufacture.
WALL, THE — This is the name of the Adeptus Arbites fortress joined to the Augustaeum in Bosporian Hive on Hydraphur by Justice Gate. It runs vertically up the Hive, from the hab-stacks at the base to the Augustaeum at the top. A cable car transport system runs its length for Arbites use.
WALPURGIS ATTACK — During this conflict in the Gothic War, the Eldar carrier Silent Warrior captured the Vigilant, forced her to give the all clear to the penal legion transports on the Lethe, and then destroyed the transports as they ascended for rendezvous.
WALTRAB'S WILDE — This tavern song, native to Tanith, encourages drinking and merriment.
WAR FOR ARMAGEDDON, FIRST — Space Wolves and Grey Knights beat back a Chaos incursion led by Angron and his World Eaters in 891M41.
WAR FOR ARMAGEDDON, SECOND — Ghazghkull launches a massive Waaagh, which began with a bloody invasion of Armageddon Secundus in 941M41. Commissar Yarrick's heroic actions kept the Orks at bay after Lord Herman Von Straub's folly. Salamanders, Ultramarines, and Blood Angels arrived to turn the tide at the end of the conflict.
WAR FOR ARMAGEDDON, THIRD — Ghazghkull launches the largest Waaagh ever recorded by the Imperium in 998M41, which was never entirely defeated, though Ghazghkull was forced to flee in a space hulk. Three Crusades of Black Templars fought for the Imperial forces, along with forced from the Space Wolves, Angels of Fire, Salamanders, and others. High Marshal Helbrecht took command of the combined Imperial Navy and Space Marine fleet. Helbrecht and Commissar Yarrick pursued Ghazghkull when he fled. The war began with the orbital bombardment of Hades Hive, completely obliterating the site of Ghazghkull's former defeat.
WAR FOR BETA-GARMON, THE — (Also: Titandeath)
WAR FOR KVARIAM ALPHA — Space Wolves Space Marines assault the Tau water world of Kvariam Alpha, both on land and in the depths of the seas. Thunderhawks battle Hammerhead and Manta gunships deep beneath the waves.
WAR FOR OCTARIUS — In 718999M41 Hive Fleet Leviathan invaded the Octavius system and battled the Ork Boyz of the Overfiend of Octarius. The Tyranids utilized millions of mycetic spores in their assault.
WAR IN HEAVEN — This Eldar myth refers to the ongoing conflict between the gods Vaul and Khaine.
WAR OF ASSASSINS — The fledgeling Temples of the Officio Assassinorum clash in 228M36
WAR OF ATTRITION — This naval campaign took place in the Augustus Sector and Caffre Sub-Sector.
WAR OF DAKKA — This term refers to the conflicts between Orks and the Tau, circa 815M41, led by the Ork Warlord Grog.
WAR OF BRASS, THE — The "Emperor of Brass" leads the hive worlds of the Gelmiro Cluster into sedition and rebellion IN 738M40. Adeptus Astartes and titans of Legio Venator reduce the system to rubble. WAR OF HUBRIS, THE — The independent system of Sinophia fights a covert trade war against the emerging economic powers of the Calixis sector from 550M39 to 760M39. The loss leaves it a shadow of its former power, dooming it to slow financial starvation.
WAR OF THE PLACE OF UNION — A Tau fleet discovered the Kroot fighting off an Ork raiding fleet at Krath, one of their enclaves, during their first sphere of expansion. In the ensuing ground and naval battle, both races became embroiled in the conflict and eventually repelled the Orks. This is the reason for the close relationship between the Tau and the Kroot.
WAR OF VINDICATION — Tziz Jarek of the Callidus Assassins, under the orders of Vandire, killed the Grand Master of Assassins and assumed his identity. The Grand Master had actually replaced himself with a double, and emerged to gather assassins loyal to him and wage war against this usurper. Both sides utilized horrible weapons and abhorrent methods. Finally, the Grand Master succeeded in assassinating Jarek, disappearing afterwards into self-imposed exile.
WAR ON TERRA — Generally considered the end of the Reign of Blood and High Lord Vandire, loyalist forces were forces were forced to attack the Imperial Palace.
WARBAND — Though only an approximate measure, this Ork unit, commanded by a Warboss, is roughly equivalent to a company. It consists of a number of Mobs.
WARBOSS — See: Warlord
WARDEN — These Adeptus Minitorum officials of the Ecclesiarchy's Ordeatic Chamber observe penitents to ensure their contrition.
WARDERS OF THE MAELSTROM — (Also: Warder Chapters and Warders) The High Lords of Terra pronounced an Edict Imperialis in 338587M41 to station several Space Marine Chapters in the Maelstrom Zone, led by the Astral Claws and initially including the Mantis Warriors, Lamenters, and Charnel Guard chapters.
WARHOUND — These small titans of the Legio Titanicus are often used for scouting or flanking duties. While their weapons are somewhat smaller than those of their larger relatives, they are still devastating. The Mars Pattern of the Warhound stands 17.08 meters tall.
WARBOSS — See: Warlord
WARLORD1 — This class of large Imperial titans form the mainstay of the Legio Titanicus. These titans were designed before the age of the Imperium for continuous frontline use in any warzone. The Mars Pattern of the Warlord stands 32.76m tall and have a crew of fifteen officers and servitors.
WARLORD2 — (Also: Warboss) The largest, most intelligent, and most violent Orks can only ascend to such a position by genius in battle and the personal size and combat ability to cow others. Though other methods are used, such as assassination, the most common means for succession is a pit fight with the challenger for the position. Warbosses tower over even regular Orks, standing up to 3 meters in height.
WARP, THE — This is an alternate dimension that mirrors the material realm in some aspects. The laws of the universe do not apply there. Its currents and tides reflect emotions and desires of creatures of reality. Souls appear as fireflies in this realm, but psykers are glowing beacons. Like oceans of old, storms sometimes make navigation difficult or impossible.
WARP CANNON — Employed by Blackstone Fortresses, these starship-sized weapons unleash a beam of pure immaterium.
WARP ENGINE — These machines allow starships to breach the wall between reality and the Warp where they can ride the tides and currents of the immaterium, essentially moving far faster then light.
WARP EYE — This organ, seated in the forehead of those with the Navigator gene, causes death by its gaze in several seconds.
WARP NEXUS — Originally created by Malcador the Sigilite to hide Titan during the last days of the Horus Heresy, the Grey Knights maintain it as an artefact of Malcador, though their knowledge is insufficient to translate Titan back to the Warp.
WARPSPAWN — A general term for creatures of the Warp
WARP STORM — Warp-space sometimes becomes dangerously turbulent, making it difficult or impossible for ships to navigate. Ships can be thrown wildly off course, or even out of the normal time-stream. They are classified as to their location and strength, such as "Mid-Calvius CVII."
WARRANT OF TRADE — These hereditary charters are issued to rogue traders, allowing them to explore and claim worlds in the name of the Imperium.
WAR-RENA — This deathsport simulates battles in large arenas.
WARRIORS' CREED — This Space Marine Rhino fought at the battle of Rynn's World in 989M41.
WARRIORS OF PECH: THE SAVAGE SOPHISTICATES — The Imperial xenologist Zigmund penned this restricted book on the Kroot race.
WARSMITH — This is the title of the Chapter Master of the Iron Warriors
WASTER — This term refers to anyone who is so addicted to drugs that they allow their bodies to waste away.
WASTREL'S STRATAGEM, THE — The Imperial playwright Argun Slyter penned this play.
WATCH BASTIONS — Lugtf Huron established these centers of power throughout the Badab Sector after taking control in 718M41, modeling the Realm of Ultramar, and essentially taking control of the Badab Sector.
WATCHER IN THE DARK — Though unclear if these are creatures or constructs, they have the Pariah-like ability of nullifying psychic powers in their vicinity. One of these creatures serves the Supreme Grand Master of the Dark Angels Space Marines.
WATER CASTE — This caste of the Tau, "Por," consists of traders, merchants, bureaucrats, administrators, and diplomats.
WATER-MILL — A water-powered structure, often harnessed to grind grain into flour
WAVE SERPENT — This variant of the Falcon grav tank employs force-generators to create a deadly field.
WAVEBOARDING — This sport, practiced on many Imperial worlds graced by oceans, involves balancing on a shaped board that is being carried along by waves or currents.
WAXSWEAT MUSHROOM — This man-sized fungus grows in some underhive locations
WAYSTATION — These compounds serve as rest stops and safe havens for Navis Nobilite navigators. They can be found in major systems or those at the nexus of trade routes.
WEBWAY — A system of tunnels through the warp developed by the Eldar in their golden age under the tutelage of the Old Ones. It is crafted of the Warp and reality, yet it belongs to neither. It is used to transport their people, vehicles, or starships, depending on the size of the portal. At locations within its ways, time is said to stop, stand still or even reverse. The Black Library lies within its confines.
WEBWAY PORTAL — A gateway into the Webway, tunnels through the warp created by the Eldar at their height of power.
WEIRDBOY TOWER — These copper-insulated constructs allow a Warlord to control when a Weirdboy unleashes the power of the Ork collective psyche. Only very large vehicles and Gargants can transport their weight.
WEIRDBOYZ — While all Orks have some latent psychic awareness, Weirdboyz naturally channel Orkish psychic energy into various, usually destructive, abilities. Because of their lack of control, Ork clans keep them locked in copper-shielded structures when not needed.
WELL WHAT DID YOU EXPECT? — The comedic playwright Argun Slyter wrote this play.
WEST BANK — A town along the West Banks on Flint where a beast-moot took place at the end of each season
WEST TRAIL — A town along the West Banks on Flint where a beast-moot took place at the end of each season
WEST WALKAWAY — A town along the West Banks on Flint where a beast-moot took place at the end of each season
WESTERN BANKS, THE — This region, along the western edge of Flint's largest continent is home to the planet's beast-moots.
WHEATHEAD — A small town in Edrian Province
WHERRY DOCK — This is a crossroads in the overfloat under Petropolis on Eustis Majoris.
WHIRRGUB'S MAGNIFICAL FLYIN' MACHINES — This was a famous Ork Deffkopta Choppa Skwadron.
WHIRLWIND — This variant of the Rhino provides long-range fire support with the Whirlwind Multi-Launcher. The Codex marking for this Space Marine vehicle is crossed lightning bolts. A Techmarine typically ministers to the vehicle.
WHIRLWING MULTI-LAUNCHER — Typically mounted in a turret to afford a universal arc, these 6 or 10 rocket pods fire salvos of 2 solid-fueled rockets with high explosive fragmentation warheads.
WHITE CHOKE — A spoor-borne wasting disease common to the underhives of many hive cities.
WHITE FLAME CORSAIRS — Led by Pince Morvaal, they defeated the Imperial Navy at the Battle of Lithore.
WHITE SAR POINT — A district of Helsreach Hive.
WHITE WASTES — This underhive dust sink in the lower underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda was home to Goliath slime farmers and Scavvies, and was lit by phosphoric fungus that grew amongst the pipes along its roof.
WHITROC CITADEL — This PDF officer trianing academy lies on the Escarpine Lock on Gunarvo.
WIDOWMAKERS — This is the name of the Battlefleet Gothic's 24th Destroyer Squadron, which sacrificed most of their weaponry for long-range detection gear.
WILDBOYZ — This term refers to Orks that hatch in remote areas, far from other Orks, and they often form crude tribal bands with weapons formed from whatever materials can be found.
WILDCATS — An Escher gang in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda. Their headquarters is in a burned out bistro.
WILD RIDERS — These are the highly mobile, mechanized forces of the Saim-Hann Eldar.
WILDSNAKE — A drink common in the Underhive of Necromunda, so named for the small snake at the bottom of every bottle, that can be distilled to varying strength, from ale-like to hard liquor.
WILHELM'S CROSSING — This is a community in the underhive of Hive Primus on Necromunda.
WILLAN'S FERRY — This is a township on Jumael IV.
WINCHNEST — These platforms act as way-stations for hauling materials and people from underhive areas to the main hive.
WINGS OF SANGUINIUS1 — This constellation is now know as the Grendl Stars, and is home to the Barghesi race.
WINGS OF SANGUINIUS2 — Young warriors on Baal would construct wings of wood and hide for this rite of passage. They jump from cliff tops into the cyclones of dust storms and attempt to ride the wild air currents.
WIREWOLVES — These psycho-mechanical chaos constructs are constructed of metal parts and wire, which are filled with glowing warp energy, msking them appear to glow from within, and are adept at tracking, but do not have the endurance for prolonged pursuits. Despite their name, they are generally humanoid.
WIRON — Similar to neon-tubes, these emit light with the application of electric current.
WITCHBLADE — These psychically attuned weapons of the Eldar channel their psychic powers into a field surrounding the blade, making if virtually unstoppable.
WITCHROOST — This colloquial term refers to the Blind Tower on Hydraphur, usually by the prejudiced.
WOLF PACK — The Imperial Navy uses this term for bands of small human pirate ships that prey upon shipping during times of strife.
WORLD SPIRIT — This network, made up of a network of brurial barrows on an Exodite world, receives and preserves the souls of fallen Eldar from their Spirit Srones, keeping them out of the hands of Slaanesh.
WRACK WAR — The Mailce system in the Calixis Sector is the front line of this conflict.
WRAITHBONE — This psychically resonant material is the primary building material of the Eldar. It is both light and strong.
WRATH OF RYNN — This Land Raider fought at the battle of Rynn's World in 989M41.


XANADU REGIO — A pilgrimage across these hanted plains on Titan is the first trial in selscting which ones will become Grey Knights.
XANTHANITE — This radical Inquisitorial faction believes that the Warp is a part of humanity, and that it should be used as a tool for the betterment of mankind and a weapon against those opposed. It is also one of the oldest philosophies, formed in M32 by Inquisitor Zaranchek Xanthus. It has a subfaction, Horusian, that is even more extreme.
XENARCHS — This race or political entity (?) of the Sigilare Nebula was subjugated by the Black Templars in 989M41.
XEN-OPS — Adeptus Arbites term for cases involving aliens
XENOS — Aliens
XENOS MALEFICORUM, DE — This tome of the Inquisitorial Ordo Xenos describes the tactics of various alien races.
XENOSAVANT — These scholars devote much of their lives to study of aliens.
XIGAZE — This region near the Imperial Palace on Terra had massive earthwork defenses that fell during Horus' assault upon the Emperor.
XV22 BATTLESUIT — These experimental suits represent the cutting edge of Tau technology and are only issued to commanders.


YANGARA INSTALLATION — An area of Helsreach Hive on Armageddon
YEAR OF GHOSTS — In 831M33, the Imperium's honored dead rose throughout the galaxy to defeat creatures of the Warp.
YMGA MONOLITH — This artefact lies on Ymgarl
YMGARL STRAIN — Imperial authorities suspect that this species might be an ancient Tyranid swarm that became stranded and effectively feral. They are a distinct Genestealer strain of a yet-unidentified source, and even though they have been eradicated from Ymgarl, they have spread throughout the Imperium via tramp freighters and space hulks.


ZANDIS BELT — The Last Chancers 13th Penal Legion fought pirates in this planetary region.
ZANTHROCLASE — A tabular form of this silicate is used in mind-impulse devices.
ZENDOCAINE — This psycho-reactive drug is a synaptic enhancer but has an opiate-like effect as well.
ZHARTH-OMOG TRINITY — The Fire Hawks Space Marines, in full chapter strength, defeated this xenos empire in the Third Castigation of the Golgotha Castigations.
ZOANTHROPE — This Tyranid bio-construct (Imperial designation Tyranicus Animus Aborrens) can focus the psychic potential of the Hive Mind into devastating Warp blasts. They have enormous heads and atrophied bodies, using their psychic powers for locomotion.
ZOAT — This Tyranid creature was only seen in early encounters with the Tyranids


216th SOLARF AUXILIA — This unit, which fought at the Second Battle of Nyrcon City during the Beta-Garmon conflict, was a Titan-killer regiment.

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