Lightning Claw
Typically used in pairs, master artificers construct these fearsome weapons out of power fists, but add four short blades sheathed in the same energy field. The union combines the best traits of power fists and power swords in a scything package able to penetrate all but the thickest armour. These weapons have the Power Field and Unbalanced traits, and double the user's Strength Bonus for damage and hand strength. Owing to the protruding blades, they are even less suitable for dextrous tasks than power fists. When attached to Power Armour, this item looses the Unbalanced trait.

 Name   Class   Range   Dam   Pen   Special   Weight   Cost   Availability 
 Lightning Claw   Melee   —   1d10+3 E   6   Power Field, Unbalanced   20 kg   5000   Very Rare