Ordo IgnisContrary to the "Ordo" within its name, the Ordo Ignis is not an organizational division of any of the Inquisitorial Ordos, but a faction within the Ordo Hereticus, operating within portions of the Segmentae Obscurus, Pacificus, and Solar. Somewhat Puritan in disposition, they differ from many of their more restrictive brethren in that they openly sanction the use of psykers in their ranks. Many suspect that the origin of their name lies in the propensity of its members to arm themselves with Flamers, Meltas, and other "cleansing" weapons. Many refuse to use it, claiming that it gives the faction a false legitimacy and using the term Ignians instead.


The origins of the Ordo Ignis lie in the Age of Apostasy and the Puritan movements that gained strength in the Imperium after the death of Sebastian Thor. More moderate Inquisitors suddenly found themselves labeled Radicals, and in more extreme cases were hunted by their erstwhile brethren.

A counter movement emerged that embraced more inclusive means of purging heretics within the Imperium, though they were no less fervid in their pursuit of the damned. Many of the persecuted began to spread into the more tolerant fringes of the Imperium, particularly the borders of the Segmentae Obscurus and Pacificus.

The movement only gained cohesiveness under the impassioned leadership of Lord Inquisitor Kiiko Ardescus — also first to coin the term Ordo Ignis. A powerful orator, astute politician, and pyrokine of no mean power, Ardescus used the Darkhold Conclave of 723M37 as a means to recruit other Inquisitors of like mind and temperment.

Due to selective recruiting practices — new members must be carefully vetted — the faction has never boasted large numbers, nor spread too widely beyond its initial bounds.