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Segmentae Majoris

OBSCURUS [OBS] — This segmentum lies to the galactic-north of Terra. Cut off by EOT. Segmentum headquarters is Cypra Mundi. The traditional color of Battlefleet Obscurus is red.
PACIFICUS [PAC] — This segmentum lies to the galactic-west of Terra. Segmentum the headquarters is Hydraphur. The traditional color of Battlefleet Pacificus is green.
SOLAR [SOL] — Holy Terra lies in this region. Segmentum headquarters is Mars. The traditional color of Battlefleet Solar is black.
TEMPESTUS [TEM] — This segmentum lies to the galactic-south of Terra. Segmentum headquarters is Bakka. The traditional color of Battlefleet Tewpestus is blue.
ULTIMA [ULT] — This segmentum lies to the galactic-east of Terra. Contains the galactic gore systems and is by far the largest segmentum. Segmentum headquarters is Kar Duniash. The traditional color of Battlefleet Ultima is grey.


ADRANTIS NEBULA [ADR] — This area is also a subsector of the Calixis Sector. It was the home of the Adranti. [CAL] [OBS]
ANSEELIE DRIFT — This area of space lies between Segmentum Solar and Segmentum Pacificus.
BLOOD NEBULA — Imperial forces assaulted an Eldar Craftworld here.
BROADHEAD CLUSTER — This region at the edge of Segmentum Pacificus is famed for strong, riptide-like Warp currents. It lies coreward of the Deunoff subsector. [PAC]
CABAL SYSTEMS [CAB] — This group of 30 systems is central to the Sabbat Worlds, and were the focus to some of the most decisive battles of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. [SAB] [PAC]
CADIAN GATE — This area near Cadia is the easiest access into or out of the Eye of Terror. It is a wilderness space populated by numerous alien artifacts, some larger than worlds. 10 Space Marine chapters and 3 Titan Legions are stationed in the area. [EOT]
CALYX EXPANSE — Rediscovered by Free Captain Mordercai Haarlock in late M36, this regions would eventually become the Calixis Sector. [OBS]
CARCARADON CLUSTER — This group of systems is adjacent to the Khan Group and Erinyes Group, and saw fighting in the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. [SAB]
CRONE WORLDS — This group of Eldar home worlds was lost in the Eye of Terror (Waystone mines). [OBS]
DAMOCLES GULF [DAM] — This relatively barren area of space lies in and adjacent to the Lithesh Sector. [LIT] [ULT]
DENE STELLAR DRIFT [DSD] — This region of space lies on the galactic southwest border of the Maelstrom Zone [MLZ] [ULT]
DOMINION OF STORMS — This region lies just south and east of the galactic core. [ULT]
DRASANAC NEBULA — This region lies to the galactic east of Macragge. The Ultramarines fought Eldar pirates in this area.
DREWLIAN GROUP — This group of worlds lies in the Antimar Subsector [ANT] [SCA] [OBS]
EASTERN FRINGE [EAF] — This is the large zone to the galactic-east of Ultima segmentum.
ENDYMION CLUSTER [ENY] — Part of the Maelstrom Zone, this grouping of ancient systems lay along the barder of the Maelstrom and many were under the ward of the Mantis Warriors. [MLZ] [ULT]
ERINYES CLUSTER — This group of systems is adjacent to the Khan Group and the Carcaradon Cluster, and saw fighting in the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. [SAB]
EYE OF TERROR [EOT] — This rift between real-space and the warp was created by fall of Eldar. [OBS]
FARSIGHT ENCLAVES [FAR] — Commander O'Shova established these colonies on the Imperial side of the Damocles Gulf. [ULT]
FORMOSA CLUSTER — The opening moves of the Gothic War took place in this region. [OBS]
HALO STARS [HAL] — This region outside the Imperium lies to the galactic north-west of Segmentum Obscurus.
HALO ZONE [HAZ] — This region constitutes the broad area to the galactic-west of Segmentum Pacificus and contains some of the oldest stars in the galaxy.
HELL STARS — This group of stars resides in the Garon Nebula [TEM]
GARON NEBULA [GAR] — This nebula encompasses the Hell Stars, and was the site of the ill-fated Garon Nebula Crusade of the Black Templars. [TEM]
GATES OF VARL — This region lies just north of the galactic core. [ULT]
GHOST STARS [GHO] — (Also: Ghoul Stars) This area of space lies far in the galactic north-east of Ultima Segmentum. [ULT]
GILDAR RIFT [GIL] — The Gildar system is the namesake of this barren area of space. [ULT]
GOLGOTHAN WASTES [GOW] — This region, centered roughly on the Golgotha system, was a troubled area of xenos empires.
GRENDL STARS [GRE] — These stars on the edge of Ultima Segmentum on the Eastern Fringe were once known as the constellation Wing of Sanguinius, and are home to the Barghesi race.
HAMMERHEAD DEEPS [HHD] — This region lies in the Gothic sector. [GOT] [OBS]
HYBRAXIS NEBULA [HYB] — This region within the Maelstrom Zone lost some of its border worlds to an Ork Waaagh! in the late 700s of M40. [MLZ] [ULT]
JORGURD CLUSTER — The Imperial Fists, under Captain Lysander, pacified this cluster of systems.
KHAN GROUP [KHA] — This cluster of systems is adjacent to the Carcaradon Cluster and the Erinyes Group, and was one of the pivotal battlefields of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. [SAB]
KHYMARAN DRIFT [KHY] — This region of space, and attendant systems, lay at the western edge of the Maelstrom Zone [MLZ] [ULT]
KREEL NEBULA [KRE] — This nebula hides a number of corrupt worlds, home to pirates and renegades. Three Space Marine Chapters cleansed the nebula in a crusade. The Sapce Wolves faced the arch-deviant Kabboki's legions at his impregnable fortress at Mo-Shan. An unnamed, semi-industrial world near the Kreel Nebula was invaded by Tyranids from Hive Fleet Kraken, and was witnessed by the renegade Genetor Van Leedrix of the Adeptus Mechanicus. [ULT]
LUCKY SPACE — This ia a border, lawless region in the Vincies Subsector [VIN] [OBS]
MAELSTROM [MAL] — While smaller than the Eye of Terror, the Maelstrom is many hundreds of light years across and qualifies as a Majoris Grade Warp Anomaly. Traitor Legions, Dark Eldar, and all manner of pirates, xenos, and outcasts shelter within it. It lies to the west of the galactic core. [ULT]
MAELSTROM ZONE [MLZ] — This area of space lies to the galactic southwest of the Maelstrom itself, and contains the Endymion Cluster, Magog Cluster, Khymaran Drift, The Pale Stars, and the Badab Sector. It consists of vast areas of open space, lying otside the galactic spiral arm, but many of its systems boast impressive resources. To its galactic north lies the Golgotham Wastes, and to the west the Karthago Sector. [ULT]
MAGOG CLUSTER [MAG] — This cluster of semni-stable systems lies at the galactic southwest edge of the Maelstrom, sometimes within and sometimes without as the anomaly swells or shrinks.
MENAZOID CLASP [MEN] — This region contains a cluster of war worlds in the Newfound Trailing section of the Sabbat Worlds. [NWT] [SAB] [PAC]
MERGENT WORLDS [MER] — These worlds of the Vincies Subsector were cut off and mostly destroyed by the warp storm of 085.M41. Travel to them is now forbidden as they were all tainted by the storms. [VIN] [SCA] [OBS]
MORDANT ZONE [MOR] — This region lies on the south-east spiral arm of the galaxy, along the border with Segmentum Tempestus. [ULT]
NEWFOUND TRAILING [NWT] — This region contains a full third of the trailing systems of the Sabat Worlds. [SAB] [PAC]
NORTHERN RIM [NOR] — This region consists of the unexplored space to the galactic north of Segmentum Obscurus.
NUBILA REACH — This nebula formed the border of the Sabbat Worlds. [SAB] [OBS]
OLLANZ CLUSTER [OLA] — This region held a number of resource rich worlds.
OPHIDIUM GULF [OPH] — This region lies in the glactic south of Segmentum Tempestus. [TEM]
PALE STARS, THE [PAL] — This region to the galactic southwest of the Maelstrom Zone, had scattered mining outposts that supplied a wealth of ores and crystals. [MLZ] [ULT]
PELEREGON CLUSTER [PEL] — This cluster contains the system of the same name, and lies in the glactic north-east of Segmetum Obscurus. [OBS]
PERDUS RIFT [PER] — This barren area of space to the galactic-north of the Tau Empire contains the Perdus Rift Anomaly and the Medusa system. [LIT] [ULT]
PERIPHERY, THE [TPR] — This region contains the scattered stars to the galactic north of the galaxy.
QUINROX SOUND [QIN] — The Planet Killer was destroyed in this region of the Gothic Sector. [GOT] [OBS]
RASMAWR GULF — This area of space lies in the vicinity of Hydraphur. [PAC]
REALM OF ULTRAMAR [ROM] — These are the worlds governed from Macragge, home of the Ultrmarines. [ULT]
SABBAT WORDS [SAB] — This group of almost 100 inhabiteed systems lie along the edge of Segmentum Pacificus. Saint Sabbat visited may of these worlds during her travels, and hosted large-scale conflict between Imperial and chaos forces in the latter portion of M41. [OBS]
SALIES PROVINCE — This is a region in the Ophidian subsector known for its slave worlds. [OPH] [SCA] [OBS]
SIGILARE NEBULA — This region was home to the Xenarchs prior to their subjugation by the Black Templars in 989M41.
SLAVE WORLDS [SLA] — This group of four worlds lies in the Ophidian Subsector [OPH] [SCA] [OBS]
SPIWARD DRIFT — A region of the Ultima Segmentum. [ULT]
STORM OF THE EMPEROR'S WRATH [SEW] — A warp storm which spans the border of two adjacent segmentum [ULT] & [OBS]
TANINIM EXPANSE [TAN] — This region on the north-western fringe of the Imperium contains the Naraka Subsector and the Naogeddon and Alaks'tar systems.
TAU EMPIRE [TAU] — This surprisingly compact group of systems lies in the eastern portion of the Ultima Segmentum, extending into the Eastern Fringe. [EAF] [ULT]
URSORIDAE REEF — This cluster lies near Thracian Primaris. [SCA] [OBS]
VEILED REGION, THE [VEL] — This region lies in, and to the galactic south of, Segmentum Tempestus. [TEM]
WHEEL OF FIRE [WOF] — The Wheel is an isolated group of 500 worlds in eastern spiral. It also lies near the Ork empire of Charadon. Campaign: Legio Destructor, Orks. [ULT]
YAROKIN VEIL [YAR] — A region containing the Parnis system. [TEM]
YBARIC CLUSTER [YBA] — This group of Imperial systems came under attack by Hive Fleet Naga in 801M41 while isolated from the Imperium by Warp storms. They were all scoured of life before the Eldar destroyed the Hive Fleet. [ULT]
YURIS CLUSTER [YUR] — Tyranids invaded this region.

Sectors & Subsectors

ADRANTIS NEBULA SUBSECTOR [ADR] — This subsector of the Calixis Sector was the home of the Adranti. [CAL] [OBS]
AGRIPNAA SECTOR — This sector takes its name from the Forge Worl of the same name [OBS]
AMERIKON SECTOR [AME] — The battleship Merciless Death disappeared in this sector. [TEM]
ANGELUS SUBSECTOR [ANG] — Eustis Majoris is the capitol of this subsector. Antimar subsector lies trailing; Ophidian subsector lies spinward; and Vincies subsector lies rimward. [SCA] [OBS]
ANTIMAR SUBSECTOR [ANT] — Sarum is the capitol of this subsector. Angelus subsector lies spinward and Vincies subsector lies rimward. [SCA] [OBS]
ARDEKKA SECTOR [ARD] — This sector lies close to Gothic sector. [OBS]
ARTEMIS SECTOR [ART] — The Divine Right was flagship of this sector's fleet before moving to Gothic Sector. [XXX]
ATHENA SECTOR [ATH] — This sector is adjacent to the Eye of Terror. The Imperial Navy found vessels wiped out by plague here prior to the Gothic War. [OBS]
AVARANI SECTOR [AVA] — This sector was invaded by a hive fleet.
BADAB SECTOR [BAD] — This sector, central to the Maelstrom Zone, became infamous during the Badab War. [MLZ] [ULT]
BHEIN MORR SUBSECTOR [BHM] — Abaddon's Planet Killer destroyed worlds in this subsector, and a giant Warp predator hunts ships there. Fra'al raiders have operated in this area. It contains the systems: Balaam, Bhein Morr, Duran, Elysium, Fularis, Kharlos, Krool, Luxor, Mastado, Oechalia, and Stranivar. [GOT] [OBS]
CADIA SECTOR [CAD] — This sector is infamouos for the Eye of Terror. [OBS]
CALIXIS SECTOR [CAL] — This sector lies far to the galactic north and is adjacent to Scarus Sector to the north-east, and Finial Sector to the east. Free Captian Mordercai Haarlock rediscovered this area in late M36, first calling it the Calyx Expanse. [OBS]
CARADRYAD SECTOR [CAR] — This sector to the galactic west of Ophelia lies on the Caradryad Warp Fault and contains the Storms of Judgement. [TEM]
CHARADON SECTOR [CHA] — This sector lies to the north-west of the Realm of Ultramar. [ULT]
CHELIO SECTOR [CHE] — This is an Ork-dominated sector. [XXX]
COLONNA SECTOR [COL] — This sector [PAC]
COPTIS SECTOR [COP] — This sector lies in Tempestus Segmetum. [TEM]
CROW'S WORLD SUBSECTOR [CRW] — The Fire Hawks were lost in this subsector. [PAL] [MLZ] [ULT]
CYCLOPS CLUSTER SUBSECTOR [CYC] — This subsector lies in the Gothic sector, and contains the following systems: CCX-104, Denerair, Halemnet, Lithore, Mezoa, Misere, Moab, N'Man, Numitor, Platea, Rebo, Slade, Thanet, and Verstap. There is a large Ork presence in this area. [GOT] [OBS]
DAMOCLES GULF SECTOR [DAM] — This relatively barren sector lies adjacent to the Lithesh Sector and Tau Space. [ULT]
DEUNOFF SUBSECTOR — Along the edge of Segmentum Pacificus, the Hadekuro Crusade cleared this subsector of Orks. [PAC]
DONIAN SECTOR [DNN] — This sector was the subject of a Black Templar crusade.
DONORIAN SECTOR [DON] — This sector is home to several alien races, including the K'Nib and Clawed Fiend. [UNK] possibly [SOL] or [TEM]
DRUSUS MARCHES SUBSECTOR [DRU] — This subsector was named after the General, and later Saint, Drusus. [CAL] [OBS]
DUROS SECTOR [DUR] — The Ork Warlord Thogza led an extended Waaagh! into this sector.
ENDORIAN SUBSECTOR [END] — Purged of false gods by Inquisitor Quixos [XXX]
FEAREACH SECTOR — Inquisitor Antrecht led an anti-psyker campaign in this Sector. [XXX]
FINIAL SECTOR [FIN] — This sector, north of the Eye of Terror, lies next to Calixis Sector to the west and Scarus Sector to the north. [OBS]
FORMOSA SECTOR [FOR] — Inquisitor Coteaz presides as Protector of Formosa after the execution of Inquisitor Laredian, former holder of the title.
GANGLAX SECTOR [GAN] — This sector lies near the Eye of Terror. [EOT] [OBS]
GEHENNA SECTOR [GEH] — This sector lies near the Calixis Sector to coreward. [OBS]
GETHSEMANE SECTOR[GET] — This sector witnessed the Battle of Gethsemane, turning point of the Githic War. It contains the systems: AFR-74, Drakulu, Erebus. Fier, Gath, Gethsemane, Lashattau, Sherys, Toya-Tama, Yama Enda, and Zpandex. [GOT] [OBS]
GOLGENNA REACH SUBSECTOR [GOL] — This subsector lies in the Calixis Sector. [CAL] [OBS]
GOTHIC SECTOR [GOT] — This is the famous home of Battlefleet Gothic, and adjoins the Eye of Terror and Tamahl sector. Port Maw is the sector capital. [OBS]
HAZEROTH ABYSS SUBSECTOR [HAZ] — This subsector lies in the Calixis Sector. [CAL] [OBS]
HELICAN SUBSECTOR [HEL] — Gudrun is the capitol of this subsector, which is part of the Scarus Sector in Segmentum Obscurus [SCA] [OBS]
HERACLES SUBSECTOR [HER] — Salamanders Space marines are searching for and destroying Necron Tomb worlds in this subsector on the Segmentum Tempestus border with Ultima Segmentum. [TEM]
HODUR SECTOR [HOD] — The Swarmlord orchestrated a campaign in this sector during the incursion of Hive Fleet Leviathan [ULT]
INCA SECTOR [INC] — This sector has had several Guild Wars. [XXX]
IXANIAD SECTOR [IXA] — This sector lies coreward of the Calixis Sector and adjacent to Scarus Sector. [OBS]
JOBE SECTOR [JOB] — This sector lies along the northern rim. [OBS]
JOSIAN REACH SUBSECTOR [JOS] — This subsector lies within the Calixis sector. [CAL] [OBS]
KARTHARGO SECTOR [KAR] — Ruled by Karthan Lords, this sector to the galactic west of the Maelstrom Zone held a charter to distribute the tithe of that neighboring region. [ULT]
KILTOR SECTOR [KIL] — Hive Fleet Moloch devoured much of this sector. [GHO]
LITHESH SECTOR [LIT] — This sector lies between the Damocles Gulf and the Perdus Rift Anomaly in Ultima Segmentum. [ULT]
LOKI SECTOR [LOK] — This sector lies in the Tempestus segmentum. [TEM]
LYSADES SUBSECTOR [LYS] — Abaddon's Planet Killer ravaged this subsector, which was almost entirely overrun by chaos forces during the Ninth Black Crusade. It contains the following systems: Arimaspia, Bladen, Boetia, Coimbra, Corlini, Saviour, Schindlegeist, Sicyon, Skagerrak, Tarantis, and Vindalex. [GOT] [OBS]
MALAGANT SECTOR [MLG] — The Emperor called down the wrath of five Spacer Marine Chapters on this heretical sector from 770-791M38.
MALFIAN SUBSECTOR [MAL] — This subsector lies in the Calixis Sector. [CAL] [OBS]
MANDRAGORA SECTOR [MND] — This sector lies near the Calixis Sector to coreward. [OBS]
MARKAYN MARCHES SUBSECTOR [MAR] — Lies in the calixis Sector. [CAL]
NARAKA SUBSECTOR [NRS] — This subsector is part of the Taninim Expanse, just within the Imperium. [TAM] [OBS]
NIAIDES SUBSECTOR [NIA] — Maginor is the capitol of this subsector that harbored the heretic Quixos. [VIC] [ULT]
NOVANJIDE SUBSECTOR — This subsector was home farmship syndicates. [PAC]
OCTARIUS SECTOR [OCT] — This sector is home to the Ork empire of the Overfield of Octarius. [ULT]
OPHIDIAN SUBSECTOR [OPH] — Ophidia is the capitol of this subsector. Angelus subsector lies trailing and Vincies subsector lies rimward. [SCA] [OBS]
OPTIMUS SECTOR — Inquisitor Antrecht led an anti-psyker campaign in this Sector. [XXX]
ORAR SUBSECTOR [ORA] — This subsector contains the following systems: 201/23/GS/N.35/4, AG106/GS/N, Anvil 206, Bligh, Corain, D'Gruppa, Gile's World, Helwurld, Lemnos, Orar, Picus, and Skargul. [GOT] [OBS]
PERSYA SECTOR [PRS] — This sector suffered Xeno raids, called the Long Midnight, in 891M41.
PORT MAW SUBSECTOR [PTM] — The fames Port Maw naval base, home to Battlefleet Gothic, lies in this subsector. It contains the following systems: Acre, Aeolus, Bretz, Electris, Kiliman IV, Kueghan, Lethe, Marinas, Ortho, Port Maw, TR/0524/GS/PW-L and Walpurgis. [GOT] [OBS]
PRIAM SECTOR [PRM] — The independent/rebel Darkstation lies in this sector. [OBS]
PROMETHIUS SUBSECTOR [PRM] — This sub-sector contains Herodian IV. [XXX]
QUINROX SOUND SUBSECTOR [QRS] — This subsector contains the following systems: Brigia, Corilia, Delos, Eziam, Loac, Melos, Naxos, Phroti, Savaven, and Thera. There is an Ork presence in this area. [GOT] [OBS]
REAVER [REA] — This sector lies adjacent to the Scarus sector. [OBS]
REDUCTUS SECTOR [RED] — This sector lies near the border with the Ultima Segmentum [TEM]
SAERAPHII SECTOR [SAE] — This sector is home to the Thyrrus xeno race. [PAC]
SCARUS SECTOR [SCA] — This sector, in Segmentum Obscurus, contains the Angelus, Antimar, Helican, Ophidian, and Vincies Subsectors. It lies adjacent to Calixis Sector to the south-west, and Finial Sector to the south. [OBS]
SECTOR 51 [S51] — The Imperium has found xeno technology in this sector in the distant past, and it contains the Portis Cthulhus. [XXX]
SPARTUS SECTOR [SPA] — This sector has been hit by an increasing number of Dark Eldar raids. [TEM]
TAMAHL SECTOR [TAM] — This sector lies adjacent to Gothic Sector. [OBS]
THALASSI SECTOR [THA] — Hive Fleet Jormungandr encircled and cut off this sector from the rest of the Imperium.
THRACE SECTOR [THR] — This sector lies near Gothic sector in Segmentum Obscurus [OBS]
TIMBRA SUBSECTOR [TIM] — This subsector lies on the Imperial side of the Damocles Gulf and is known for dissidents. [ULT]
TROJAN SECTOR [TRO] — This sector contained an Eldar Warpgate. [XXX]
UHULIS SECTOR [UHU] — This sector lies near the border of Segmentums Tempestus, Pacificus, and Solar. [TEM].
ULIK SECTOR [ULI] — This sector lies in the Veiled Region to the galactic south of Segmentum Tempestus [VEL]
VICEROY SECTOR [VIC] — This sector lies in Ultima Segmentum. [ULT]
VIDAR SECTOR [VID] — The Lentrel Prime forge world lies in this sector.
VINCIES SUBSECTOR [VIN] — Spica Maximal was capitol of this subsector that lies rimward of Ophidian, Angelus, and Antimar subsectors. [OBS]

System & Planet Listing


A 1709 — A research station that is also home to a Space Wolves base. [UNK]
ABANDONED HOPE — Access to this world has been forbidden by the Inquisition. [CAL] [OBS]
ABL 1034 — A primitive world with low gravity, originally colonized during Dark Age of Technology. One of its native life forms is the Archeosaurs, a giant 8-legged sauroid trained by the natives that can pose significant threat. Unusual ribbed cloud formations span the entire planet.
ABSOLOM — Titans of Legio Audax and Legio Castigatra fought on this hive world within the Gorgonopsii Maestrale during the Horus Heresy.
ACANON — Lieing close to holy Terra, this planet was home to the Emperor's Blades death cult. It was also the supposed site of a battle between Emperor and the forces of chaos before the Horus Heresy. [SOL]
ACCATRAN — An Imperial forge-world. [ULT]
ACHERNAR — A glacier world. Battle: Blood Angels, Orks. [UNK]
ACRALEM — The Daemon Prince M'Kar the Reborn assaulted this world in 799M41, but the Grey Knight Kaldor Draigo banished him back to the Warp.
ACRE — Imperial system [PTM] [GOT] [OBS]
ACREAGE — Imperial feudal world [JOS] [CAL] [OBS]
ADELPHOS V — A planet with a dense atmosphere. Battle: Chaos Marines (posessed), Imperial Guard.
ADIEMUS ULTIMA — An Apotropaic Council was held here in 883M40 to exampine the Ezzel scout-form.
ADRANTIS V — This was a world of hyper technology that had grown apart from the the Imperium and resisted reintegrateion when Macharius arrived. Macharius' 3rd Army Group destroyed it with a redirected comet in 395M41. [HAZ]
ADRI'S HOPE — Some refugeees from the Tyranid invasion of Devlan landed on this remote world, along with at least on Tyranid organism that had killed everyone aboard one of the freighters. The "Beast of Devlan" quickly began killing the inhabitants here as well. [ULT]
ADUMBRIA — The primary planet in this Imperial system is rotationally locked, creating a hot side, cold side, and Shadow Belt, where temperatures are tolerable by humans. The twilight region is also sometimes called the sunset belt due to the perpetual red sky. The Imperial Guard, including the Valhallan 597th and Commissar Cain, arrived in 937M41 to defend it from a Chaos force known as the Ravagers, though it was also assaulted from within by a Slaaneshi cult. It is in the vicinity of Tau space, and has no moon. Its capital city is Skitterfall on the equator. It is in the vicinity of the Damocles Gulf. [DAM] [ULT]
AEOLUS — Imperial system [PTM] [GOT] [OBS]
AERIUS — This hive world of giant factories is the homeworld of Inquisitor Sternberg. Also at this site, Botchulaz, a greater daemon of Nurgle, was imprisoned by the Eldar in a Black Pyramid. It is home to the Talisman of Lykos.
AEXE CARDINAL — Guant's Ghosts fought on this world
AFGHALI — Imperial Guard infantry regiments, the Ravagers, from this system participated in the assault on Menazoid Epsilon during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade.
AFR-74 — The grand cruiser Foe-Reaper destroyed an Adeptus Mechanicus outpost on a satellite of this system with a metha-nitrous atmosphere. [GET] [GOT] [OBS]
AGATHEA — Home of St. Lucius.
AGGAVARIA — The underhive if this Imperial hive world was home to a Hrud colony.
AGNI — This forge world manufactures power mauls of the same pattern name. [PAC]
AGRAX — This Imperial world lies near the border with Segmentum Tempestus. [ULT]
AGRIPNAA — Forge World in the sector of the same name [AGR] [OBS]
AGUILANA — This system has a naval station and Imperial Navy space station.
AHANZOK — A jungle moon. Battle: Imperial Guard, Orks.
ALANTOR X — Site of the ambush of the Angels of Retribution.
ALAKS'TAR — Astral Claws Space Marines defeated Xenarch enclave forces in this system during the Taninim Campaigns. [TAM] [OBS]
AL-ARACH — A cult world. (IG)
ALCHONIS — Campaign: Blood Angels.
ALBERT IV — Forge World
ALBIA — A system under control of the Space Wolves [OBS]
ALENA THREE — This feral world fell under the sway of chaos powers. Saint Casophili was killed and reborn here.
ALEPH SIGMAR — Prefect Vertex evacuated this system upon the arrival of the splinter-fleet, Hivefleet Harbinger in 994M41. [ULT]
ALEUSIS — Imperial system [TEM]
ALGANAR — (Also: Curses of Alganar) Eldar system [TEM]
ALGOL NINE — Bjorn defeats the daemon Thran'saba and saves the planetary governor.
ALIOS — Imperial system involved in naval battles of the Gothic War. [OBS]
ALMANADAE — Inquisitor Eisenhorn witnessed the White Scars Space Marines take this system when he was young. [SCA] [OBS]
ALPHEX — A warp-cult in this system removed their victims' hands and tongues, organs of communication.
ALPHON — Imperial system [SOL]
ALRIS CORVIN — Orks invaded this Imperial planet.
ALSOR — This world is the Angelus Subsector. [ANG] [SCA] [OBS]
ALTAIR VII — Research world.
ALTANIST VI — A planet of sea dwellers. [HAZ]
ALTHOR IV — Location of a sighting of the Legion of the Damned in 298M41.
ALVATINE — A desert world that was home to the Flesh Eaters suppression.
AMBOLD ELEVEN — The Iron Snakes chapter of the Space Marines won victories here during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. [SAB] [PAC]
AMERIGO SECUNDUS — The Wolverine regiment overthrows the Jyokoroi tyranny.
AMION — (May be the name of a city rather than a planet.) The Red talons combat rebels under the King of the Further Reaches.
ANARK ZETA — An Ogryn world with high gravity.
ANATHASIA — Zhar the Conqueror destroys Ramnion.
ANAXIMANDER — This system in the Sabbat Worlds was strategic due to its promethium supplies. [SAB] [PAC]
ANCREON SEXTUS — This planet served as the HQ for General Van Voytz Crusade Fifth Army during the latter years of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. [SAB]
ANEMAE GULFWARD — Inquisitor Eisenhorn hired the astropath Tasaera Ungish in this backwater system.
ANGELIS — Location of the first human discovery of Necron Tomb Complexes, it was also the crash-site of the Ork Hulk "Gorka Morka." Orks fight Orks over scrap. The previous human inhabitants, originally part of an Explorator team, become the feral Diggas. It was first surveyed by the Imperium in 334M35. [ULT] [GHO]
ANGSTROM — This Mechanicus-dominated system produced refined ores and advanced weaponry, tithing to the Imperium every three years. During the Badab War, they continued this process, regarding the secessionist forces as Imperium representatives till loyalists ambushed a tithe transfer in 908M41. The Mechanicus forces here are extremely isolationist. Angstrom II has been a sovreign Mechanicus enclave since at least the Age of Apostasy, and has an artificial moon that is believed to be a weapon plstform. Other significant system bodies include an Explorator Fleet anchorage at Angstrom IV, pyro-chem extraction facilities around the gas giant Angstrom VIII, a defense response facility at Angstrom X, and a trans-volcanic mining station on Angstrom XIII. It ship rare ores in mass-conveyors to other forge worlds once per decade. [MLZ] [ULT]
ANPHELION — This Imperial system lies in the Realm of Ultrmar. [ROM] [ULT]
ANTAGONIS — This Imperial system lies in the far south-east of Segmentum Tempestus [TEM]
ANTAX — Forge World [VID] [ULT]
ANTIGULA — This planet is home to rip-fish, voracious eels that can strip a man's flesh in seconds.
ANTILLIS IV — Imperial world. Battle: Avenging Sons Space Marines, Chaos. Apothecary Korpus recovers the gene-seed of the 2nd company.
ANTOZIR PROXIMA — This barren system had no planets, only gas clouds. Imperial traders used it as a rest place when warp currents became rough.
ANTRO — A mining operation, and prior Squat Stronghold, it has a labyrinthine maze of tunnels. Battle: Marine, Squat. Sagramoso retreated here after Karkason. Tzeench possession(?).
ANVIL 206 — Blackstone II lay in this Imperial system. [ORA] [GOT] [OBS]
ANVILUS 9 — Forge world. It produced nothing but Land Raiders prior to the Horus Heresy. During the Heresy, it was overrun by renegade tech priests (HH).
AONDRIFT NOVA — This system in the Sabbat Worlds was strategic due to its promethium supplies. [SAB] [PAC]
APPELOR VII — Origin of a report on an Ork subspecies.
APOW — A "peasant alliance" was put down by Stugen Deathwalker.
AQUILON — (Also: Stygia-Aquilon) This was one of the two home worlds of the Executioners Space Marines before their forfeiture due to their actions in the Badab War.
AR45#33 — This barren world at the edge of the Eye of Terror was home to ruins of an ancient possible Eldar Crone world. The Explorator expedition was diven off by Dark Eldar raids. [EOT] [OBS]
ARACHNIDAE — Human cult of Spider Goddess Vs. Orks.
ARACHNIS — This lesser Forge World descended into civil war during the Cataclysm of Iron at the start of the Horus Hersy in 010M31.
ARANDRA FIVE — The Imperial Guard, "Waiting Death," builds a mile wide trap over Helssmouth Gorge to catch the Orks. Battle: Orks, Catachan XXIV Imperial Guard.
ARBRENIA — This feral world, on which the Imperium has faded into legend, birthed Umberco Eto in M41.
ARCADIA — This system is home to an Imperial Guard Regiment.
ARCADIA SECUNDUS — Inquisitor Vail rooter out a Chaos cult on this Imperial world.
ARCADIUM — The capital city of this planet was the site of a Dark Angels vs. Genestealer hybrid conflict. Battle: Dark Angels, Genestealer.
ARCADUS V — This agriworld was an Imperial Guard founding world
ARCATA — Site of an uprising suppressed by the Flesh Tearers' vindictive assaults on entire planetary populations in M39.
ARCHANDOR — This planet was home to veldets and soldier-hornets
ARCHONA — Imperial hive world and Imperial Guard founding world. [ULT]
ARCONAR — Site of a battle between the Ultramarines, led by Calgar, against Eldar Raiders in 861M41. Battle: Ultramarines, Eldar.
ARCTURA — This planet is a frontier world in which aliens circulate openly. An Inquisitor deals with an alien named Krashrak from K'lashan.
ARCTURAS — This system is home of Arcturan Great Eels.
ARCTURUS — (Bleeding of) Blood Angels.
AREBRUS MAJOR — A hive world where the daemon prince Ak'lorazoth is transfixed in stone at the base of Cansii hive.
ARDEN IX — This system was ruled by the renegade Lord Tyrell, a servant of Slaanesh. Fabius Bile escaped the wrath of the Salamanders Space Marines here.
ARENXIS MINORIS — A forge-world that is the homeworld of Magos Delphan Gruss. It lies far in the galactic-south.
ARGASTAS — Regiments form this Imperial world fought on Dacemon against the Orks.
ARIACH — Plagued by ork pirates of Da Yellow Moon, this double binary star lies in wilderness space near Arimaspia in Lysades sub-sector. [GOT] [SOL]
ARIADNE — This system in the Sabbat Worlds was strategic due to its promethium supplies. [SAB] [PAC]
ARIMASPIA — Abaddon's planet killer attacked this system as a diversion in 151M41, destroying 2 of the 5 planets in the system. The Chrysalis shipyards here were the focal point of many battles during the Gothic War. [LYS] [GOT] [OBS]
ARKUNASHA — The Tau Commander Farsight earned his moniker fighting Orks in this system. [DAM] [ULT]
ARL'YETH — This lesser Forge World declared for the Emperor in the Cataclysm of Iron at the start of the Horus Hersy in 010M31.
ARMAGEDDON — This binary system supplies many Imperial Guard regiments, known throughout the Imperium as the Steel Legions. It is the navigational, economic, and manufacturing center of the subsector and sector. The deep-space observation station, Dante, watches the incoming Warp transition points. [SOL]
ARMAGEDDON PRIME — Chaos forces, led by the primarch Angron, invaded 500 years before the Ork invasion. The Armageddon System contains the following planets, listed from innermost to outermost: Kernbright (flare zone), Verity (mercurial), Gaval (desert world), Armageddon (hive world), Chosin (ice planet), Saint Jowens Dock (naval base), Namara/Mamayev (corrosive), Gramaul (gas giant), Pelucidar (terraformed subterranean jungle), Iandai (gas giant). There are also 3 outer-system monitoring stations: Yarrick, Dante, and Mannheim, established in 946M41. The Adeptus Astra Telepathica established an Astropath choir here during The Forging in M32-34. It has two main continents: Amageddon Prime, consisting mostly of deadlands, and Armageddon Secundus. [SOL]
ARMAGEDDON SECUNDUS — Herman Von Straub is the Imperial Lord over this system from the capitol hive of Kravaster, where Born Tahal combated Orks. Its hives include: Acheron, Tartarus, where Thraka was killed, Hades, the heroic site of Commissar Yarrick's stand and the site of the Blood Angel Mephiston's transformation, Infernus, the location of a battle between Ultramarines and Genetealers after the Orkish invasion of Thraka, and Helsreach. Its surface is virtually devoid of native life, most species having long since succumbed to the pollution there. [SOL]
ARMATO — This system is home to the Sone of Orar Space Marines chapter. [ULT]
ARMINIUN — A barren, airless world that produces sphinxium diamonds (IG)
ARNOT'S LANDING — Imperial planet rebelled during the Regime of Iron. [OBS]
ARRIVA — In this system, the Emperor class battleship Legatus Stygies destroyed chaos battleship Black Pain. [OBS]
ARTEMIA — Imperial forge world produces armored vehicles.
ARTEMIS — A chaos rift appeared on this world, spawning titan-sized daemons. Imperial titans fought chaos titans and daemons and succeeded in sealing the rift.
ARTEN'S WORLD — Iyanden Vs. Chaos (HH)?
ARTHAS MOLOCH — The Scythes of the Emperor purged this shrine world on the edge of the Damocles Gulf of a pre-human civilization in M39. An Ork Waaagh would eventually conquer it, only to be taken by the Tau Commander Farsight for his fledgeling empire. [DAM][ULT]
ARTUM — Inquisitor Quixos purged daemons from this system.
ARX — An Imperial research outpost and monitoring station that watches the Arx Gap, an alternate route out of the Eye of Terror that bypasses the Cadian Gate. Abaddon took his completed Planet Killer through the Arx Gap after destroying the monitoring station. [OBS]
ASGARD — Imperial Guard founding worlkd and home to the 4th Asgardian. [ULT]
ASHEK II — This system at the rimward, trailing edge of the Sabbat Worlds saw a three month battle between the war machines of Heritor Asphodel and Imperial titan legions. Marshal Blackwood fought amongst the hive Sky Steeples during the conflict of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade [SAB] [PAC].
ASHERKIN — This Imperial system had an Imperial Missionaria training center.
ASKANDAR — The capitol of this planet is Askandargrad. Battle: Emperor's Children, Raven Guard.
ASPEN II — This Imperial Guard founding world lies near the Storm of the Emperor's Wrath. [ULT]
ASSUMPTUS V — Palace of Caleb. Alcayde of the K'nib was slain by Atemis of the Deathwatch. Lies in the Donorian sector. Battle: Kaslon Imperial Guard Regiment, K'Nib.
ASSYRI — An ex-Eldar world, whose Eldar name was Taqamathi. Its capitol is Guyan Sethe. The Eldar lost the world during The Fall, and humans discovered it some time later. When the humans excavated the Palace of Tranquility, they discovered the Akliamor, terrible weapons the Eldar used to conquer and destroy. Guyan Sethe violated negotiations with Eldar, bringing war to the planet including Morrian, Saim-Hann, Alaitoc, and Zandros warriors. Guyan Sethe was sent to Commoragh as punishment. The Akliamor were set to self destruct.
ASSYRION — This planet is home to a ruined pleasure city and is the sole source of Lacrymata.
ASTEROTH — This mining colony went into rebellion and mass suicides after a visitation by the Tyrant Star in 389M41. [DRU] [CAL] [OBS]
ASTHERAX — High Lord Khouron rules over this system until he was tortured and killed by Dark Eldar.
ASUR — This was one of the Eldar homeworlds, lost in the Fall. It was Asumen's home.
ASYLUS — This Imperial system lies at the eastern border of Ultima Segmentum. [ULT]
ATAR-MEDIAN — This lesser Forge World declared for the Emperor in the Cataclysm of Iron at the start of the Horus Hersy in 010M31.
ATARI VO — The Ork Warlord Grug destroyed this planet's capital city with a dagger-shaped Rok meteor during the War of Dakka in 815M41.
ATEN III — This Imperial manufactorum world is also an Imperial Guard founding world. [OBS]
ATHONOS — Imperial Guard founding world. [TEM]
ATH-ETHON — Eldar system [ULT]
ATRIA — Imperial Guard founding world.
ATTICA — Chaos Marines raided Attica II and IV, but left Attica Prime untouched.
ATTILA — This is a feudal, nomadic society that is home to the famous Imperial Guard Rough Riders and ruled from Khanasan, the only city. The planet has one giant continent, mostly consisting of savannah, covering half the planet that is subject to temperature extremes. Space Marines occasionally recruit from this world. [ULT]
AUGUSTUS — The Hammer of Thor participated in a naval battle over this sector capitol in 977M41. [TEM]
AURENT — General Ursarkar Creed annihilated an Ulthwe craftworld raid against the Cadian holdings here.
AU'TAAL — This Sept verdant world of the Second Sphere is one of the most beautiful in the empire. Because of the more relaxed attitude of its natives, they are sometimes regarded as lazy by other Tau. [TAU] [ULT]
AVALANE VI — This is a forest world that is home to the Knight Household of Khord.
AVAR III — Horse riding privileged class (Rough Rider Recruiting?)
AVELLORN — This hive world was home to battles during the Horus Heresy. Battle: Iron Warriors, Loyalists (HH). [SOL]
AVER — Conquered by Macharius. [PAC]
AVIGNOR — Cardinal Armandus, Diocese of Armandus Helfire, rules this Ecclesiarchal system and possesses the Sceptre of Avignor, a holy relic. The system lies near the EOT. [OBS]
AVITOHOL — This system of the Calixis Sector is held by Orks. [CAL] [OBS]


BAAL — This planet of rust deserts and its two earth-like moons were forever changed by a war at the end of the Dark Age of Technology involving nuclear and biological weapons, and became apocalyptic deserts. The planet's two moons are named Prime and Secundus. Baal Secundus was the landing site of Sanguinious, primarch of the Blood Angels Space Marines. Baal Prime was recolonised after the Horus Heresy. The main planet serves as the home for the Blood Angels and their fortress monastery. [ULT]
BADAB — This system central to the Maelstrom Zone emerged as an essential trade conduit for the region during M38 and M39, and formed one of the important Imperial bulwarks against forces within the Maelstrom itself. Badab Primaris is the primary world in the system. It would be made infamous by the Badab War Revolt, where Lufgt Huron of the Astral Claws and four rebel chapters would rebel against the Imperium. The revolt was put down and the system eventually cleansed. Lufgt Huron constructed the Palace of Thorns, from which he ruled during the rebellion. The system planet of Rigeal had shipyard facilities capable of producing light strike vessels. [BAD] [MLZ] [ULT]
BADAB PRIME — This planet once made psychic weapons.
BADLANDING — This agri-world is an arid planet with dust seas, among which are Uzrieth & Lincos, and its deserts build dangerous electrostatic charges. Its capitol is Krugerport. The planet was invaded by Warlord Snagrod, Arch-Arsonist of the Charadon Empire, who went on to invade nearby Rynn's world. [LOK] [TEM]
BAGRIN FEX — This isolated Imperial system near the galactic core has a research facility on an arid moon. [ULT]
BAJI IV — This renegade forge world was ruled by Lord Teknos until he was overthrown by Abaddon in 978M40, who used its captured tech priests to create the Planet Killer.
BAKKA — Segmentum Tempestus headquarters and home to Battlefleet Tempestus. The Adeptus Astra Telepathica established an Astropath choir here during The Forging in M32-34. Inquisitor Corteaz operated here. (SGC) [TEM]
BALAAM — Imperial system [BHM] [GOT] [OBS]
BALANOR — The daemon warpship Accursed Eternity was sighted in this system at the border of the Eye of Terror. [EOT] [OBS]
BALHAUT — Warmaster Slaydo won a great victory here, making great gains for the Sabbat Worlds Cursade, but also fell to poison in the aftermath of the victory. Gaunt's Ghosts fought here, killing Nadzybar, then Archon of the chaos host. The natural atmosphere is caustic. Regions include: Western Plains, Ascension Valley, Balopolis, Tark Islands, and the Citadel of the Plutocrat. [SAB] [OBS]
BALOR SECUNDUS — Imperial Titans fought Ork gargants and scoured this world of dune seas of Orks. [ULT]
BALTHON — This is a moon of the planet Fir. Battle: Lirithion, Emperor's Children.
BALTHOR SIGMA — This is a moon of the planet Fir. World Eater Space Marines and Titans of Legios Osedax fought here on 012M31. Eldar Titans entered the battle on the side of Legio Osedax, and only the intervention of Legio Fureans titans prevented a total World Eater defeat.
BALUR — This Ork world has been the subject of several campaigns to cleanse it of Orks. Battle: Imperial Guard, Orks. Ogryn Nork and Commissar Greiss [ULT] [EAF]
BANELUND XI — This colony was attacked by the Dark Eldar, slaying all 1,200 colonists, and was the site of an Eldar warp portal artifact. [TEM]
BANISH — This system is home to the Exorcists Space Marines. [PAC]
BANNA — Imperial Guard founding world. [SOL]
BANTAX — This is a desert and was assaulted by the Blood Angels.
BANTOR III — Battle: Legion of the Damned, World Eaters.
BARAC — This system raised an Imperial Guard Regiment for the Ryza Campaign against the Orks [SOL]
BARASPINE — This small hive world with a population of 2 billion is home to the Splinter Winds, and exports ceramics and cogitator cells. [ADR] [CAL] [OBS]
BARBARIUS — An Imperial world where Tech Adepts stole Eldar artifacts from the Maze of Kulhucan and later die. Uprisings start, but are quickly put down. Battle: Xenophon Imperial Guard, Alaitoc Eldar.
BARBARUS — This planet of toxic poisons was home to the Death Guard. (HH).
BARBARUS COSTA — This remote system was home to a confederacy of nearly two-dozen pirate bands before Admiral Mourndark destroyed their base during the Gothic War. [GOT] [OBS]
BARBARELLUS 4 — This system is home to a penal colony.
BARNARDI PRIME — This system, and those surrounding it, were home to the Narnardi Conflict, which involved the Chaos battleship Merciless Death. [TEM]
BARYATIN II — This Imperial world was home to the subsector Prefect of the Adeptus Administratum. [PAC]
BASSUS PRIME — This system is home to a penal colony.
BATRISTA — This Imperial system lies in close vicinity to Hydraphur [PAC]
BAZTEL III — This planet's capitol, Rykstag, was the site of a battle between the Space Wolves and the Emperor's Childeren. Battle: Space Wolves, Emperor's Children.
BECUBA'S HOPE — This Imperial colony world was abandoned in the face of Tau advances. [ULT]
BEDAB — This massively fortified system was home to the renegade Astral Claws. It was finally pacified by the Imperium in 912.M41. [MAL]
BEISHI — An Eparch ruled this Imperial system.
BELAMI — This system is home to a feral world.
BELIOS — Sergeant Severus commanded a squad of Ultramarines here.
BELLEROPHON'S FALL — (Also: Fall, The) This moon was once a prosperous ore processing center for the Maelstrom Zone (classified as an Industrial Processing World). However, after the destruction of Cygnax in 577M41 and a susequent slave uprising, it has degenerated into a poisoned, toxic wasteland. Its once thriving population of 120M is now suspected to number only 9-20M. Mantis Warriors and Marines Errant forces clashed in the Rust Zones of this moon during the Badab War. [MLZ] [ULT]
BELLICAS — The Emperor's Swords Space Marines chapter calls this their homeworld. [ULT]
BELLIS XIV — This agri-world rebelled against Bucharis' tyranny during the Apostasy.
BELIAL V — Genetor-Major Anzion reported from this system on Orkish blood. The message was received on Gyndra through the Astropath-terminus Holroyd.
BELIS CORONA — This Imperial system lies to the east of the Eye of Terror. [OBS]
BELISAR ALPHA — Titans of Legio Audax and Legio Castigatra fought against each other on this world during the Horus Heresy.
BELSHIIR BINARY — Urlock Gaur retook this system during Warmaster Macaroth's assault on the Cabal Systems. [SAB] [PAC]
BENDERCOOT IV — This system is the site of an orbital Imperial shipyard. [SOL]
BENEFAX — Imperial world
BENALRII — Inquisitor Brek and his student Antigonus Balorodin uncover and destroy the Cult of the Reconciled here in 936-938M41.
BETA 54 — Ultramarines suppressed an uprising here, after which there was a Court of Inquiry into Marneus Calgar's actions, though he was exonerated of all charges.
BETA-COPLIN XXI — The Thangod colony in this system attacked by Dark Eldar, becoming the source of the legend of Devilnacht.
BETA-HYDROPOLIS 9 — This system pacified by the 23rd Bruttiam Imperial Guard Regiment during the Third Araklionid War in 983M40. Notable eventws included the Battle of the Hanging Gardens and the siege of the Palace of Ice.
BETA-GARMON — This planet witnessed the Imperial Muster at Beta-Garmon in 012M31, the largest gathering of Loyalist forces after the start of the Horus Heresy. Traitor forces responded in kind, resulting in the Great Slaughter, which encompassed the Titandeath and Sea of Fire campaigns. The Nova Guard and Death's Head Titan Legions fought here. Other forces have included Salamanders, Warp Hunters, and Emperor's Children.
BETALIS IV — Battle: Mjolnir Squats, 14th Borodian Imperial Guard Regiment.
BETHAMOR — The forge world of Castaburg in this system fell to an Ork attack, but was retaken by the Death Corps of Krieg.
BEZNOS — Famines in 019M41 kill billions in this system.
BHEIN MORR — This Imperial system is capitol of the subsector of the same name. [BHM] [GOT] [OBS]
BIEGEL 9 — This small, hot planet held a secret research station of the Ordo Xenos that was bombarded by the Inquisitorial cruiser Umbrarius Inquis.
BIMUS TERTIUS — Harlon Nayl had adventures here in 343M41.
BIRMINGHAM — This culturally isolated system is also referred to as "The Black Planet". Dark Eldar raiders massacred most of its population in 849M41. The daemon Skulltaker attempted to turn it into a Daemon planet in 888M41, but was defeated by Grey Knights led by Castellan Garran Crowe.
BLACKREACH — (Also: Black Reach) This Imperial System lies in the Realm of Ultramar. It is a manufactorum and Imperial Guard founding world. [ROM] [ULT]
BLACKSHARD — The Tanith First and Only fought on this desolate world against the forces of Chaos. [SAB] [PAC]
BLACKWATER — The Crimson Fists use the system for recruiting initiates in a yearly Festival of the Bloodied Fist.
BLADEN — Chaos forces attacked this Imperial system in the opening days of the Gothic War. [LYS] [GOT] [OBS]
BLIGH — Imperial system [ORA] [GOT] [OBS]
BLOODY BONES — The Astral Claws Space Marines struck at trgets in this Warp tainted system on the edge of the Maelstrom. [MAL] [MLZ] [ULT]
BOAB — Orks fought Mordian Imperial Guard and the Dark Angels Ravenwing on this ice planet. [OBS]
BOETIA — This system has an Adeptus Astra Telepathica facility in its asteroid belt, which was destroyed by Abaddon in 150M41. [LYS] [GOT] [OBS]
BOKUR — The rebellion here was suppressed, and the prisoners were sent to Savlar to work in the mines.
BONAVENTURE — This system was the birthplace of Bequin, a psychic blank recruited by Inquisitor Eisenhorn. [HEL] [SCA] [OBS]
BONNER'S REACH — This airless planetoid in Lucky Space of the Vincies Subsector is home to the Firetide festival. Long before human discovery, some agency scooped out The Lagoon, a smooth bowl, and a network of chambers and tunnels below the surface. It also has many void-docks and internal hangars for starships and lifters. The system's star puts out a storm of solar flares every 35 months, giving rise to the festival.
BOREA — This feral world lies on the edge of Ultima Segmentum and has fierce tribemen. [ULT]
BOREALIS REACH — The starship Promethian, under the command of Vaden Awl, was supposedly taken by Eldar renegades here. [SCA] [OBS]
BORKELLID — An Imperial Guard armored regiment, the Hellhounds, from this system participated in the assault on Menazoid Epsilon during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade.
BORMAN IV — This planet saw a pivotal battle during the Scsouring of the Ollanz Cluster in 012M31, between Legio Astorum and Legio Fureans. [OLA]
BOROS — This system devastated by the Balur Crusade, led by Marneus Calgar. During an Ork incursion here, contested by the Ultramarines, the Legion of the Damned appeared to turn the tide. (IG) [EAF] [ULT]
BORAS MINOR — This system is a feudal world. During the Apostasy, under Lord Vandire's orders, the farm lands were invaded and females under age 12 enslaved. [ULT]
BORK'AN — This Tau Sept world in the First Sphere is a center of learning, and is known for its Earth caste. [TAU] [ULT]
BOSTOL — This world is in the Outer Worlds of the Angelus Subsector. [ANG] [SCA] [OBS]
BOUCHERIN — Imperial hive world served as an Imperial Guard founding world. [ULT]
BOVAN — This Imperial world was a founding world for the Imperial Guard, tithing the Bovanian Ninth mechanized regiment. [PAC]
BRADELL'S WORLD — This planet is rules by the Adeprus Ministorum. Inquisitor Eisenhorn and Witchfinder Tantalid clashed in this system in the Helican Subsector. [HEL] [SCA] [OBS]
BRADUR IV — Battle: Blood Drinkers, Rebel 3rd Vorradion Regiment.
BRAUN IV — This world was known for the Braun IV Tithe Wars
BRAY — Marines assaulted this Imperial outpost and Fabius Bile made an appearance here. Taxation for orbital defense on this world sparked a civil was in the Trans-Kurani subsector. [TKU] [OBS]
BRAK'HIR — The Dark Eldar Dracon Khireraq raided this system.
BRAKKA SKAR — This system is an Ork world.
BRAXIS — This Imperial system fell to Chaos forces and Fabius Bile, but was liberated by Blood Angels Space Marines.
BREDO ROCK — This system served as a major staging point for vessels traveling to the north portions of the Ultima Segmentum and had over a dozen space stations. [ULT]
BRETTARIA — A cult in this sytem scooped out the brains of their victims.
BRETZ — Imperial system [PTM] [GOT] [OBS]
BRIGHTWATER — Macharius conquered this planet. [HAZ]
BRIGIA — This system contained Balckstone IV and the planet Brinaga. [QRS] [GOT] [OBS]
BRIMLOCK — Imperial Guard founding world generated the 17th Brimlock Dragoons.
BRINAGA — Contact was lost with this planet after Abaddon assaulted the nearby Blackstone VI in 144M41. The Planet Killer destroyed this planet in the Brigia system. [GOT] [OBS]
BRONT — This Imperial agri world is home to the Imperial Guard Brontian Longknives. [CAL] [OBS]
BRONTA-MEDIAN — This Forge World is home to Legio Perennia and its Gallilean Temple-Forge. It lies on the Dextura shipping lane to Sol. [SOL]
BRONTOTAPH — This world is in the Antimar Subsector. [ANT] [SCA] [OBS]
BRUTTIAM — Imperial Guard regiments from this system, including the 23rd, fought in the Third Araklionid War.
BRYCANTIA — This system is home to the Iron Knights Space Marine chapter. [OBS]
BUBONICUS — This Nurgle world has a boiling blood sea and a dancing equatorial chain. [EOT]
BUCA III — An Ork asteroid base, with Warlord Ghazghkull Thraka on board, annihilated the Imperial base on this planet in 962M41 by bypassing the system sensors.
BUCEPHALON — Chaos forces, led by Nokad the Blighted, rebelled against Imperial forces on this Imperial world. The Tanith First and Only was one of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade forces detailed to liberate it. It had been rules by a group of 32 noble families prior to the rebellion, and was considered one of the proud, old systems of the sector. [SAB] [PAC]


CABAL — Warmaster Macaroth commanded a multi-headed assault on this system against the Chaos general Orlock Gaur. [CAB] [SAB] [PAC]
CABELLAS — This is an ancient Slaan world, colonized during the age of strife and may have been declares Exterminatus by Inquisitor Valdez. Battle: Inquisitor Valdez, Nurgle cult.
CABULIS — This binary system lies near the border with Segmentum Solar. Celestra, the secondary star of the system, slowly leaches stellar material from the primary. From innermost to outermost, its planets are: (1) Celestra - binary parasite star, (2) Gloriam - weapons testing facility, (3) Crux - Capital world and munitions core, (4) Temperis - Hive world, (5) Boonhaven - Agri-world, and (6) Emele - Maiden World and Forbidden Zone. Waaagh Gragnatz has recently invaded this system. [PAC]
CADIA — This system, sometimes called the Gatehouse of the Imperium, has been made famous by its Imperial Guard shock troops. Ancient pylons on the planet may make access to Eye of Terror easier. It is also home to the "impregnable" Magnot Four Zero line broken by Iron Warriors. Battle: Cadian Imperial Guard Regiment, Iron Warriors [CAD] [EOT]
CAELUN TWO — This Imperial world had endless mica dunes bordered by a slow sea. Inquisitot Eisenhorn spent a summer here recovering from injuries.
CAFFRE PRIME — The Hammer of Thor participated in a naval battle over this sub-scetor capitol in 802.M41. [TEM]
CAGE TWENTYTWENTY — This deep-space Adeptus Arbites prison houses only the most dangerous criminals, both in terms of violent and heretical capacity. [ULT]
CAIUS INNATE — Urlock Gaur retook this system during Warmaster Macaroth's assault on the Cabal Systems. [SAB] [PAC]
CALADEN — This is the founding world for the Caladenian Imperial Guard Regiment.
CALALAIN — This system is inhabited by decedents of wrecked penal vessel. It is widely considered ungovernable and is under an Imperial curfew.
CALANA VII — This planet was virus bombed under the orders of Lord Vandire during the age of apostasy.
CALCIFRIE — Eldar reavers persued Commissar Cain into a firewasp nest here. [ULT]
CALDERIA — Imperial Guard founding world [TEM]
CALERON — This Imperial world founded the Calderon Rifles, a mixed regiment.
CALENDIA — Calendites believe the Emperor has always been a living god. The system lies in the galactic-west of Segmentum Solar. [SOL]
CALEDONIA — This hive world was invaded by Orks, with combat between Imperial fighters and bombers against Ork fighta-bommas. Natives have a distinctive burr in their accent.
CALIBAN — This forest deathworld, whose animals were touched by chaos, was home a feudal society rules by a warrior elite before it became home to Lion El'Jonson and the Dark Angels. It was destroyed during fight between Lion El' Jonson and Luther and a portion of it became the Rock. [OBS]
CALIGULA — The Tanith First and Only fought on this hive world, whose surface consisted mostly on barren pumice, but it had many volcanic depressions that had thick jungle vegetation. [PAC]
CALIOPE 9 — The Iron Hands Space Marines first used a "teleport barrage" against a Chaos bunker on this world.
CALLAVELL — This Imperial planet rebelled during the Regime of Iron. [OBS]
CALTH — This cavern world lies too close to the Macragge system's blue sun and deadly rays. Airless, the populace lives in underground cities and caves. Though it is self sufficient, food is shipped in from Iax. The system is also famous for its prolific shipyards. [ROM] [ULT]
CALTHOR IX — A combat took place here between the Dark Eldar, led by Kruellagh, against the Valhallan 394th Rifles. Battle: Dark Eldar, Valhallen 394th Imperial Guard.
CALVERNA — This Ork world along the Segmentum Pacificus border has generated Waaagh!s moving to the galactic north and south, led by the Arch-Maniac of Calverna. [SOL]
CALYDON — Site of battle between Imperial, Chaos fleets. Planetary locale includes moon, asteroid fields, ion clouds. [GOT]
CALYSTO PLATINUM — This planet had massed tank battles, including early use of the Land Raider, at the start of the Great Crusade.
CANA — Relatively intact STC templates were discovered in this system during The Forging of M32-M34, slowing the decline of Imperial technology significantly.
CANAK — This jungle death-world was visited by the White Scars.
CANDO — The plagueship Terminus Est arrived in this system in 969M41, spreading the Zombie Plague.
CANEMARA — The Tanith First and Only Imperial Guard regiment won victories here during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. [SAB] [PAC]
CANTA IX — Imperial manufctorum world and Imperial Guard founding world. [ULT]
CARCASSON — The 9th Cadian regiment faced Hive Fleet Scarabus at Fortress Carcasson.
CARLILLE TWO — The Last Chancers dicovered corpses in the city of Ravensbrost on this Imperial world. [ULT]
CARPATHIA — Inquisitor Kryptman led several Deathwatch teams into this Labyrinth World, capturing a Genestealer brood in stasis, though at great expense in lives and equipment. [TEM]
CARTHAE — This Imperial world was birthplace of Arianrhod Esw Sweydyr.
CARTOL — This Imperial world is in the Ophidian Subsector. [OPH] [SCA] [OBS]
CARUANA IV — Imperial world with a small Astropathic choir in Segmentum Pacificus. [PAC]
CASSANDRAN — This site hosted vampire covens.
CASSELL — From the capitol of Port Cassell of this agir-world, Supreme Pontiff Skalin led the cult known as the Way of the Emperor's Flesh. The "Six hour rebellion" was suppressed by the 16th Armageddon Steel Legion, killing Skalin.
CASTABURG — On this planet in the Bethamor system, the Orks, led by Skarmork fought the Death Korps of Krieg around the forge refineries Terhar Prime and Meghan. The Mount Haemek sensor outpost also lies on the surface of this world.
CASTILE V — Lord Periclitor slaughtered missionaries and members of the Adeptus Sororitas here in M33.
CATACHAN — The Catachan System is home to one of the most virulent jungle death-worlds in the entire Imperium. The Imperial Guard recruits its famed Catachan Jungle Fighters from this system. The death-world hosts a dizzying array of dealy floar and fauna, including the Catechan Devil, Brainleaf, Face Eater, Mantrap, Heretic Ant, Vein Worm, Spiker, Flying Swamp Mamba, Coiling Death Cobra, and Catachan Blackback Viper (Also called: Catechan.) [SOL]
CATHALIN — During a Crusade on this world, the Elysian Drop Troop Colonel Prinz was promoted to Warmaster.
CATHORIA II — Officials discovered broken Eldar weapons in the underhives of this Imperial hive world.
CAXTON — This is an Imperial hive-world.
CCX-104 — Imperial system [CYC] [GOT] [OBS]
CENTIUS PRIME — This abandoned mining colony witnessed battles between the Orks, led by Squigbreff, and Chaos. Battle: Ork, Chaos
CEPHIAN IV — Imperial hive world fell under control of a warp vampire until it was slain by then-Initiate Helbrecht. It holds a Black Templars keep. [ULT]
CERES — This system was invaded by Tyranids and was the site of a treaty between Terra and Mars.
CERVATES — Imperial forge world produced the Cervates pattern combat knife. [ULT]
CESTUS IV — This planet was the source of a report on the Eldar compiled by Chronal Dirge.
C'GATAW PENITENTIARY — This is a penal colony.
CHAEMOS — Home to a rebellion led by Duke Mormant in 35th millenium. It is 10 light years from Tallarn. Battle: Tallarn, Mormant. [TEM]
CHAOKU-MINOR — This Imperial world had oceans.
CHARAXADIS — In this system, the Battle of Charaxadis took place during Macharius campaign. Macharius' battlecruiser Pax Imperium was nearly destroyed and he was forced to fly the flag from the battleship Lord of Light. [HAZ]
CHARADON — This Ork world was part of the Charadon Ork empire, led by the Arch-Arsonist of Charadon. [ULT]
CHAROS — The space hulk Inculcate Evil was captured in this system in M36. [OBS]
CHBAL — This feudal world is home to the Bouncers, an alien creature.
CHEMOS — This system was home to the Emperor's Children, but has now been destroyed.
CHERAUT — The Imperium first pacified this system in 826M29. Konrad Curze nearly killed Rogal Dorn here.
CHIANCO — This system, ruled by Lord Xian Torus, had a major space port. It is sometimes called the "World that died in one night" as it was lost to a Tzeench cult revolt. [ULT]
CHICANO — Originally at the center of a prosperous sector and ruled by the Lord Xian Torus, this planet was famed for its lucrative mining operations. Tzeentch cultists rose and destroyed it in one night, and it is now a nearly barren rock with scattered barbarians. It is also known as The World That Died In One Night. [ULT]
CHIGAND — This Imperial system is the seat of an Ecclesiarchal Diocese. [PAC]
CHIGON 17 — Orks led by GhazGhkull Thraka overrun the Imperial agri-world of Chigon 17 using guerilla tactics in 972M41. Battle: Orks, Imperial Guard.
CHINCHARE — This rogue star lies on the edge of Imperial space, near the Halo Stars. In M41 it is locked into the gravity wells of Pymbyle Minor and Major. It is home to an Adeptus Mechanicus mining colony for the extremely rare metals that lie within it. [HAL] [OBS]
CHIROS — An agri-world with forests, it exports several luxury goods, including furs and narcotics. It resisted Bucharis' rule during Apostasy, and was the home world of Confessor Dolan. It is also a Cardinal world and part of a holy missionary trail of systems. It lies near the border with Segmentum Tempestus. [PAC]
CHOGORIS — This system is home to the White Scars Space Marines chapter. A Traitor Marine fleet under the command of Huron Blackheart laid siege to this system in 999M41. [ULT]
CHOREK — This is an Imperial Guard founding world.
CHOSIN — This ice world was plagued by Orks. [ARM]
CHRISIOS — The Arch-Killa of Chrisios led a Waaagh! to the galactic north from this system in the far east of Segmentum Obscurus. [OBS]
CHRISTOS — This system was conquered by Macharius. [PAC]
CHTONIA — This system was home to the Lunar Wolves before it was destroyed. (HH)
CILIX — This system saw the conclusion of the Cilix 225 campaign and the Excommunication of the Sons of Malice after they sacrificed Inquisitress Pietas and defeated her force of Adepta Sororitas Celestians.
CIRCE — This ringed planet is on the edge of realm of Ultramar. The Ultramarine and Imperial Navy Bakka fleet destroyed hive fleet Kraken in nearby space. [MAC] [ULT]
CIRCUDUS — Imperial fleets of Battlefleet Pacificus had a thrity-six hour battle with Chaos forces here after Balhaut during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade [SAB] [PAC]
CIRILLO PRIME — Imperial System [ULT]
CLAMORGA — On this planet, Captain Moriar of the Blood Angels "dies" at the hands of the Eldar. He is now a Death Company dreadnought. Battle: Blood Angels, Eldar.
CLANAR II — On this feral world the Daemon prince Cherubael was worshipped as a god until enslaved by Inquisitor Quixos.
CLAPTIN, MORAG — Imperial Guard female Lieutenant served with the Last Chancers 13th Penal Legion.
CLAVIAN BELT — The Eldar of Varantha hold off Night Lords raids until the Ultramarines arrive. Battle: Eldar, Night Lords, Ultramarines.
CLIVE VII — This world generated the 185th Colonial Army.
CLANDENN SYSTEM — Aliens in a moon base in this system are such powerful psykers that they almost turn a Deathwatch squad against themselves.
CLOISTER — This Imperial colony once had a Black Templars bastion. [HAZ] [CAL] [OBS]
CLORAS II — A patrol from this world discovered the space hulk, Unholy Harbinger, after it broke from warp.
CLORAS III — A mining world whose orbital platform, Helios, lay in the path of space hulk Unholy Harbinger.
CLOVE — This Imperial hive world was the main base of the Clovis Ministorum, and is home to the 23rd Drusus Dragoons. [CAL] [OBS]
COBOL II — Necrons attacked an Adeptus Explorator mission on this world. Survivors were assisted by Space Marines in Black armor.
COCHISE — A system famous for its Horse Lodges. It may also serve as a recruiting world for the Tallarn Rough Riders.
COCIANIMUS — Conquered by Chaos forces in 762M41
COELIA — This system lies on the north-east border of Ultima Segmentum. [ULT] [GHO]
COIMBRA — Imperial system [LYS] [GOT] [OBS]
COLCHA — This planet is an agri-world. A rebellion against Bucharis, progressing towards Gathalamor, was ambushed by Bucharis in this system, but one shuttle got through. A year later, the farmers revolted. Due to its significance to the Ministorum, Missionaries frequent it. [PAC]
COLCHIS — This system is home to the Word Bearers.
COLONIA — On this Imperial world, Orks under Warlord Gharag Badtoof fought against the Mortant VII "Headhunters" of the Imperial Guard, who went on 3 month rampage after defeating an Ork force. Battle: Orks, Mortant VII Headhunters Imperial Guard.
COLORADIN — This world was an Imperial Guard founding world and produced the 12th Coloradin Rifles.
COMMORRAGH — This home of the Dark Eldar is hidden in the Webway, and lies in eternal twilight. It has torture chambers, Death Arenas, and a multitude of dark alleys and twisting corridors. It is divided in to sections controlled by rival Kabals.
CONSTANIX II — Iapetus was the capital city of the Mechanicum Forge World. Barge cities floated in the skies and acidic, toxic seas. The Raven's Guard Legion and Lgio Nivalis fought the Word Bearers Legion and traitor Mechanicum forces.
COPUL IV — This world was cleansed by Ultramarines in 359M41.
CORALAX — The Knight of the Raven Space Marine chapter calls this their home. It lies just inside the Ultima Segmentum at the galactic east. [ULT]
CORAIN IV — This mining world produces Trikali crystals, used in anti-magnetic containment fields. It was captured by Abaddon. [ORA] [GOT] [OBS]
CORANIA — The Tyranids attacked this Imperial world, and were driven off by the Imperial Guard, which sustained significant casualties and included the Valhallan 301st and 296th, whose resulting casualties caused them to be combined into the 597th, and elements of the Reclaimers ans Swords of the Emperor chapters of the Adeptus Astartes. Osric the Loopy ruled as planetary Governor from 756M41 till his removal by the Officio Assassinorum in 764M41.
CORIALLIS IV — Warriors of the Biel-tan carftworld reclaimed this world.
CORILIA — This system became known as the Hulk's Graveyard during the Gothic War, such was the density of ruined ships in the inner system. Ships of all sides and pirates staged daring raids in attempt to salvage material from the hulks. The wreckage became a common ambush zone as well. Imperial, Chaos, and Ork squadrons fought here. [QRS] [GOT] [OBS]
CORINTHE — (Also: CORINTH) At this Imperial colony, Ultramarines and Orks fought. Brother Sergeant Severus of the Ultramarines was wounded here in 371.M41, and interred in Dreadnought. He returned some time later for the 7 year Corinthian Crusade in 698.M41. [ULT]
CORINTHIS IV — On this planet, a seemingly abandoned mine was actually the stasis tomb that held the daemon prince Sgoroth.
CORLEONE — This system bred the Urchin-Ray.
CORLINI — Imperial system [LYS] [GOT] [OBS]
CORONA — This system is the site of Hexadragona, a bridge between warp and realspace. Several Inqisitors battle for possession of it. [EOT]
CORONIS AGATHON — This Imperial hive world has a population of approximately 120 billion and is an Imperial Guard founding world. [HAL]
CORONUS PRIME — Inquisitor Vail debriefed Commissar Cain and the Valhallan 597th here. It is a major Imperial base serving the forces in the vicinity of the Damoclese Gulf.
CORPORA — Imperial Guard founding world [ULT]
CORRONIS IV — Battle: Salamanders, Eldar.
CORUSIL V — 70 years after the Horus Heresy, Jaghatai Khan pursues a Dark Eldar lord through a portal, never to be seen again. It is in the vicinity of the Maelstrom. Battle: White Scars, Dark Eldar. [ULT]
COTELIA — This planet is an Imperial Guard recruit world. (IG)
CRADO — An Eparch ruled this Imperial system.
CRAITON — Imperial world
CRENAX IV — Imperial system [ULT]
CRETACIA — This death world is home to the Flesh Tearers. Its jungles and swamps are home to primitive inhabitants, colonists from Dark Age of Technology. It is the 4th planet of 7. [TEM]
CRIMSONFALL — This system was the first of the Ybaric Cluster to experience the assault of Hive Fleet Naga in 801M41. It had four continents. Despite reinforcements from neighboring Tern, the hive fleet consumed Crimsonfall in 802M41. [YBA] [ULT]
CROATOA — This living planet is a death world.
CROESUS — This paradise world was once one of many in the Eldar Empire, though they now are lost.
CROW'S WORLD — The Fire Hawks fortress monastery was en route to Crow's World to retake the system from Dark Eldar when it was lost in the warp. It has a sulfur desert, and was visited by the 1st Regiment. The Minotaurs Space Marines liberated the system with merciless strikes after joining the Badab War. [CRW] [PAL] [MLZ] [ULT]
CROZIAT — This industrial/forge world produces helmets for the Adepta Soroitas that completely cover the face.
CTHELLA — This deathworld is home to the Cthellean Cudbear.
CTHELMAX — This dead world is a Necrton tomb world.
CTHONIA — This system was home to the Lunar Wolves before the Horus Heresy.
CYGNAX — This system at the galactic western edge of the Maelstrom Zone emerged as an essential trade conduit for the region during M38 and M39, and formed one of the important Imperial bulwarks against forces within the Maelstrom itself. By mid-M41 it had become a well-defended hive world, but it fell to chaos cultists from within and Reborn Traitor Marines from without in 577M41, despite an earnest defense by a detachment of Mantis Warriors. The chaos forces annihilated all life on the planet with plasma and nuclear warheads in 577M41. [MLZ] [ULT]
CYPRA MUNDI — This system is the Segmentum Obscurus Capitol and the base of Battlefleet Obscurus. Its forges and shipyards create Annihilators and Thunderbolts, among others. Inquisitor Corteaz operated here. (SGC) [OBS]
CYPRA SEGENTUS — Necrons raided this system in 999M41. [SOL]
CYRTHE PRIME — Titans of the Legio Maledictus fought Night Lords and Black Legion Space marines on this world.
CYTHERIA — An alien world that is rich in mineral resources. It was exploited by Von Castellan.
CYTHRAL — The Astral Claws Space Marines destroyed an Eldar outcast citadel station in this system during the Taninim Campaigns. [TAM] [OBS]
CYTO — This system is in Helican Subsector. [HEL] [SCA] [OBS]


DABLENAR IV — This Imperial colony hosted battles between the Eldar and Space Wolves (pre-chaos invasion)
DACEMON — Lava beds covered portions of this Imperial world that was three-quarters overrun by Orks in 915M41. Large crab-like predators and a beast similar to a hunting cat live in the labyrinth of lava tubes below its surface.
DACIA — This system was home to an Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator base, and came under assault by Hive Fleet Leviathan. [GHO]
DAETHRYU PRIME — The Alpha Legion set a plague of Crixian Locusts on this Imperial agri-world, destabilizing the subsector due to food shortages. [PAC]
DAGON — Invading the Typhon sector, the Last Chancers had to destroy the Fortress of Coritanorum, under the control of Genestealers, to prevent precious data from falling into Tyranid hands. [TYP]
DAL'YTH — The Damocles Crusade into Tau space foundered at this Sept world of the First Sphere. Many Water caste merchants and traders reside here, as well as many of the Fire caste. [TAU] [ULT]
DAMASK — This world is in the Edge Worlds of the Helican Subsector and is home to ball-trees. Obol is the smallest and innermost of its fourteen moons. [HEL] [SCA] [OBS]
DANAKIN 2 — Inquisitor Quixos channels the daemon Diabolan here to break the defenses of the Ork stronghold of Mekrok.
DANAKREG VII — This planet received the transmission of Inquisitor Kryptman's report on hive fleet Leviathan.
DANSE LANDING — The traitor Imperial Commander Gothburg assembled a cabal of psykers on this world before being purged by the Ordo Hereticus.
DANTIS III — This forge world was invaded by Tyranids while under the protection of the Imperial Guard from the nearby world of Lostok. Members of Lostok 23rd were modified by tech priests to fight in the polluted outdoor environments, creating the Gland Warriors, including Sergeant Stone.
DANUB — Prospero colony attacked by clawed fiends. [DON]
DANUBIS — This dead system was visited by the Explorator vessel Lux Imperator, which disappeared, though it was later found in the Polonis nebula with no crew. It might hold a Necron lair. [TEM]
DARENDARA — Seccessionists took over this artic planet, but it was quickly reclaimed by General Caernavar and Commissar-General Delane Oktar. The natives tend towards black hair and pale skin.[PAC]
DARKHOLD — This system is home to the Dark Sons Space Marines. [PAC]
DARROD — This system in Segmentum Pacificus has an Astropathic station. [PAC]
DARSON VI — This planet was lost to Hive Fleet Kraken. Battle: Genestealers, Lamenters.
DARSON IIX — This planet contains a penal colony.
DARVASH — This planet occupies the Whirlstar system, so named for its fast rotation. It is a desert planet and served as the hideout for Tarik Ziz. Meh'lindi had her Genestealer implants removed in Overawe City.
DARVON VI — Presided over by Goverbor-General Mathous, this planet has a small population, and was invaded by Genestealers.
DARWIN II — On this jungle planet, Imperial Guard Catachans fought Zombies.
DATHAX — The Black Templar Marshal Tarrison leed a Crusade here, with support from the Imperial Navy 5082 Naval Wing.
DAVIN — This feral world was the site of Horus' possession by the Ruinous Powers, where he was inducted into a warrior lodge that was really in league with chaos. This is seen as the starting point of the Horus Heresy.
DEACON'S VEIL — On this night world, the Imperial Fists fought the Iron Warriors. Battle: Imperial Fists, Iron Warriors.
DECABALUS — The PDF forces of this frontier world, the fifth planet of the system and part of Lugft Huron's Tyrant's Legion, fended off a corsair raid in the late 790s of M41. Huron fortified the systemheavily during the Badad War. [BAD] [MLZ] [ULT]
DE'EGRA — The colonists of this world were enslaved by Dark Eldar.
DEEPSUTH — On this farming world Grox mutilations were investigated by the Ordo Xenos, but the investigation turned up a Rogue Trader smuggling banned weapons in the Grox.
DEGRUG — This Ork system spawned the Great Despot of Degrug, which has moved towards the Eye of Terror from the galactic north-east. [OBS]
DEKERE'S WORLD — This Imperial planet was the birthplace of Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn.
DELASK — On this hive world, Nylis Hathor, a Horusian Xanthite Inquisitor, leaves his cult of followers for Gehenna Prime.
DELEBRION — Site of the Siege of Delebrion, which had the presumed first use of the Land Raider. (HH)
DELGAS II — A single squad of Iron Warriors manned the Iron Keep here against 130 million disgruntled inhabitants before the Horus Heresy.
DELIVERANCE1 — This moon of the planet Kiavahr is home to the fortress-monastery of the Raven Guard.
DELIVERANCE2 — The Last Chancers Penal Legion fought the Tyranids here.
DELMARRA — In 902M41, Kor'O'Vanan engaged the last three Hive Ships of Hive Fleet Gorgon in this system. He destroyed one, but lost the Custodian Fleet Carrier Firestar in the system's asteroid belt. [ULT]
DELOS — Commodore Kurtz used fire ships in the defense of Delos IV from a Chaos force during the Gothic War, crippling the Unforgivable. [QRS] [GOT] [OBS]
DELPHENIA — Imperial Argi-world
DELPHI III — This moon was held by renegades during Gothic war, and was destroyed in the bombardment by the Imperial Battleship Cardinal Boras [GOT]
DELTA 9 — Asbrubael Vect, leader of the Kabal of the Black Heart, raided this planet, slaughtering its population. Battle: Space Marines, Dark Eldar.
DELTA KHOMEINI V — The system also has a gas giant. The Grox farmers are led by Governor Vellacott. Jomi Jabal was posessed by demon who then fought againt Inquisitor Serpilian.
DELTA TAO — Ruled by Governor Immolan, the system may have fallen to Rebels, Warp Storms, or possibly Hive Fleet Kraken. [ULT]
DELTA TAU V — Battle: Imperial Guard, Ork Gargants.
DEMARIS PRIMARY — This is the capital of a remote sector that also contains Magnus Christi. It is the home of House De Kyp.
DENERAIR — Ork pirates hiding in the asteroids of this Imperial system destroyed a Chaos fleet in the early days of the Gothic War in 1443M41. [CYC] [GOT] [OBS]
DERRAGON — This Ork system in the Empire of Octarius fell to the rebuilt Tyranid Ghorala Swarm soon after the fall of Ghorala. [OCT] [ULT]
DESEL IV — This is a titan garrison world, capitol of Shillareh. Battle: Marines, Slaanesh.
DESEDNA — The Desedna System, home to a civilized world, is the source of a report from Fleet Flagship Fire of Heaven, warning of Ork attacks on two-dozen Imperial worlds (Thraka).
DESOLATIA IV — Imperial desert mining world. Ciaphas Cain started his career here with the Valhallan 12th Field Artillery. A splinter of Hive Fleet Behemoth attacked it in 754M41
DESPERATION — This system lies deep in the Ghoul Stars. [GHO]
DEUCALION — 8th Necromundan Guard, the Spiders, cover the retreat of Warmaster Solon.
DEVLAN — This system contains a mining planet where riots broke out before the arrival of Hive Fleet Kraken. A massive mining fleet evacuated millions in its holds with the desperate rear guard actions of the Lamenters Space Marines. It was also the location of recontact with the Tau in M41. [ULT]
DEVLAN III — This planet has Sentinel V perimeter stations. Here the Lamenters were sacrificed against Hive Fleet Kraken. Battle: Space Wolves, Genestealers.
DEVLAN V — This planet is home to a penal colony. On Devlan Primus, The Red Terror, a mutation of a Tyranid Ravener, attacks imperial forces during their retreat.
D'GRUPPA — Imperial system [ORA] [GOT] [OBS]
DHENEB — This Imperial system lies close to several Ork empires and its capital city of Dheneb Capitalis has been razed several times.
DIARACK — This system was lost to warp storms.
DIEPR 3 — This planet is the founding world for the Imperial Guard "Mountain Men." (IG)
DIMATINA — This Imperial system lays two sectors rimward of Hydraphur. [PAC]
DIMMAMAK — There was a war bearing this system's name. Nork Deddog is from this system.
DIMMAMAR — This is the farthest Imperial planet to galactic north and a Cardinal world. It is the birthplace of Sebastian Thor. Fabius Bile made an appearance here. It is also the location of archeological sites. [OBS]
DIOGENES IV — This Imperial research station is anchored in the center of the Infamous Pulsars. [DRU] [CAL] [OBS]
DIOSCIS THETA — This system might have been one of the Squat homeworlds, though it was likely destroyed by the Tyranids.
DIVALIA — This was an Imperal Guard founding world.
DOLGAN IV — This planet is a nomadic herding world.
DOLSENE — This Imperial world is in the Ophidian Subsector. [OPH] [SCA] [OBS]
DOLSIA — This system rebelled against Bucharis' tyranny during Apostasy. It lies between Chiros, in Segmentum Pacificus, and Gathalamor, in Segmentum Solar. [PAC] [SOL]
DOMACTONI — Inquisitor Quixos purged the Whisperers of Domactoni, a chaos cult.
DON-CROIX — This Imperial system lies at the crossroads of three major warp currents, has twelve hives, and a ravine-cut surface. The inner system is home to multiple prison worlds overseen by the Adeptus Arbites. [ULT]
DONIA — Imperial Commander Pella sired Macharius on this world. It is also an Imperial Guard founding world, it's units forming the backbone of Macharius' forces early in his career. [PAC]
DORN — Imperial world [SOL]
DRACHUS — In this hive world, Von Castellan swindled Guilders. [TEM]
DRACONITH — This system is home to the Star Dragons Space Marine chapter. [OBS]
DRADE-73 — This remote mining world had pumice flows and a constant ash fall. It has a prison colony that supplies the Penal Legions. [ULT]
DRAKULU — This agri-world was home to 2-million inhabitants, enslaved by Abaddon. [GET] [GOT] [OBS]
DRANNO IV — (Also: UGGLOB) This Ogryn homeworld evolved stocky Ogryns.
DRASK — This Imperial manufactorum world is an Imperial Guard founding world. [ULT]
DREADHAVEN — The Imperial Guard recruits from this artificial world in the Eastern Fringe. [EAS]
DREAH — Natives of this agri world tend to have grey eye, hair, and skintones, which match the land and flora of the planet. Dyes and colors are highly valued here. [MAR] [CAL] [OBS]
DREER — Imperial feral world and Imperial Guard founding world. [ULT]
DREGRUK — This system contains an Ork world that generated a Waaagh! towards the Eye of Terror from the galactic northeast. [OBS]
DREWLIA — This system is the center of the Drewlian Group. Drewlia II is a swamp world. [ANT] [SCA] [OBS]
DRISINTA — Imperial Guard founding world [ULT]
DROOKIA — This world's Imperial Guard regiment, ther Fen Guard, was involved in the Defense of Cadia
DRYSTAN — This system lies on the boarder of the Calixis and Scarus Sectors, and is home to the Drystan Construction Yards. [TPR] [CAL] [OBS]
DUDZUS — In this unusual purgatory system, Marines of the Iron Fists chapter reported on the number of raiders penetrating their blockade.
DULAN — The Space Wolves and Dark Angels rivalry started here during siege of the Crimson Fortress of the tyrant Durath during the Great Crusade when Leman Russ and Lion El'Jonson fought.
DULMA'LIN — An Imperial Guard Regiment was raised here for the Ryza Campaign against the Orks. [SOL]
DUNROAMIN VI — The ruler of this system, of Clan Mackenzie, was assassinated by an Eversor Assassin. [ULT]
DURAN — The orbital batteries of this world destroyed the Chaos cruiser Heartless Destroyer during the Gothic War. A squadron of Iconoclast traitor destroyers operated off one of its moons during the same conflict. [BHM] [GOT] [OBS]
DURER — This Imperial world is in the Ophidian Subsector. [OPH] [SCA] [OBS]
DURGANION XIII — The Dark Angels cleansed this world of a genestealer infestation. Brother Bethor's actions here earned him the position of bearer of the Sacred Standard.
DURO — This Exodite world was the base of operations for the pirate Galadhar the Grey.
DURLA V — This planet in the Kolarne System is the founding world for Hylgar's Hellraisers (13/5th army)
DURYA — This system was the site of first battle involving Sirech, an Eldar Exarch who became one of the incarnations of Karrandras.
DUSK — Imperial feral world was named for its low-light conditions and many species of fungus live on its surface. It is home to Glo-Slugs, which are unremarkable until removed from water, at which point they emit a phosphorescent glow. [MAL] [CAL] [OBS]
DWIMLICHT — Feral world [HAZ] CAL] [OBS]
D'YANOL — Meaning "twin moons," this Tau Sept world in the First Sphere is tide locked, and its moons keep it in perpetual half-light. [TAU] [ULT]
DYNATHI — The White Panthers Space Marines put down a rebellion centered on this system, the Dynathi Cluster. [ULT] [MAL]


EARTH — (Also: TERRA and Holy Terra) This is the homeworld of the Emperor, the Adeptus Terra, the Astronomicon, the Imperial palace, the Office of Inquisition (which lies in Antarctic regions), the Adeptus Astronomica (which lies in Nepal), the Palace of the Navigators, and the Adeptus Astra Telepathica.
EASOV — Inquisitor Tannenburg purged the Coven of the Red Moon, rogue psykers, on this Imperial world governed by Commander Jordic.
ECTOSA — This system lies outside the Imperium far to the Galactic north. [HAL]
EECHAN — This system in the Helican Subsector has labor laws that allow mutants to work in certain low-grade jobs. The planet has a ring system. [HEL] [SCA] [OBS]
EGAMMONDON — Dark Angels were present here during the 4th Quadrant rebellion, a planet of rolling tundra.
EIDOLINE — This world once harbored heretic priests.
EIDOLON — Called a "phantom world," the four powers of Chaos fight endlessly over this planet, as it is jointly ruled by four Daemon Princes.
ELDANESH — This was one of three moons of the original Eldar homeworld.
ELDARADANEL — This site of ancient Eldar ruins discovered by Imperial explorers, included a description of the origins of the Phoenix Lords and their Aspects.
ELDORADO THE GOLDEN — This is the Imperial translation for the name of a paradise world that was once one of many in the Eldar Empire, though they now are lost.
ELDRATHON IV — On the moon of this Eldar Maiden World in Halubra fringe, the Xenarite Adeptus Mechanicus Tezla led an expedition in a search for an undiscovererd Eldar warp portal.
ELDRITCH — The Sable Swords Space Marines conducted an Exterminatus on this Necron world. [ULT]
ELECTRIS — Imperial system [PTM] [GOT] [OBS]
ELEVOC — Dark Eldar raided this Imperial shrine world of the Pleuris system in 761M41, making away with thousands of pilgrims.
EL'PHANOR — This system was devastated during Abbadon's assaults on the citadel of Kromarch. [SOL]
ELROS — An all-female death cult dominates this feral world. [HAZ] [CAL] [OBS]
ELSY'EIR — This Sept world of the Second Sphere is known for its works of art and poetry. It's natives are regarded as creative and intelligent. [TAU] [ULT]
ELUSIA PRIME — This artificial world outside the border of the Imperium is home to the Doom Legion chapter of Space Marines. [GHO]
ELVARA CARDINAL — Imperial world
ELYSIA — Located along a major trade route notorious for Pirates, this is the founding world for the famed Elysian drop troops. The system is 30 light years from Armageddon. [SOL]
ELYSIUM — This Imperial world has significant orbital defenses and broke up an attack by a Chaos force during the opening phases of the Gothic War. [BHM] [GOT] [OBS]
EMILINES HOPE — This Imperial shrine world in the Yerena system was evacuated by the Sisters of the Bleeding Heart upon the invasion of Orks under command of Arch Maniac of Calvera.
ENCAGE — This world is in the Outer Worlds of the Angelus Subsector. [ANG] [SCA] [OBS]
ENDRAGIGA — The Swarmlord led an assault on this world during the Tyranid campaign on the Hodur Sector. It is one of the region's largest shipyards. [HOD] [ULT]
ENDRITE — The natives of this Imperial feral world revere the crashed hulk of an Imperial battleship. The Tyrant Star appeared here in 748M41, causing plague and widespread madness. [DRU] [CAL] [OBS]
ENDYMION — The tenth planet of this system, after which the Endymion Cluster was named, was a frontier world. Twenty-thousand Orks of the Gore-Chompa pirate clan destroyed the planet's defenses in mid-907M41, but were repelled by a Mantis Warriors counter-assault. [ENY] [MLZ] [ULT]
ENLA III — This system in Segmentum Pacificus has an Astropathic station. [PAC]
ENOTHIS — Anakwanar Sek attempted a counter-strike on this temple world of the Khan Group to disrupt the flank of Warmaster Macaroth, but failed. Lord Militant Humel and the Crusade Ninth Army put paid to his plans. The Battle of the Zophonian Sea saw the largest air combats of the Crusade. Elman Halstrom was born here. [SAB] [PAC]
ENTESSIAN — Traitor Robots fought against the Firebrand Titans in Myrdinn city in this system.
EORCSHIA — A splinter of Hive Fkeet Kraken consumed this rainy Imperial bastion world in 849M41.
EPHAEDA — Imperial system lies to the glactic north-west of the Realm of Ultramar. It houses massive data-banks and libraries, and is considered one of the largest stores of information and enlightenment in the Imperium. [ULT]
EPSILON REGALIS — Inquisitors Covonis and Tyrus discovered that this planet's monarchy were possessed by demons, including Kholoth. Though Covonis was killed, Tyrus defeated the daemons and became a full Inquisitor, purging the population in the process.
EPSILON TOKUGAWA III — This planet is home to the Horse Warrior aristocracies.
EPSION OCTARIUS — Catachan and Konrar Imperial Guard Regiments fought on this Ork world. Its mangrove swamps are home to Crotalids and its mineral rich regions are home to ferro-beasts. The center ring of planets was lost to Hive Fleet Leviathan. [TEM]
EQUINOX — Inquisitor Lichtenstain fled to this world under the false name of Thravian Flast with support from Kessel. He continues his search for the Librarium Heresius here.
EREBUS — Imperial system [GET] [GOT] [OBS]
ERENON — The Celestial Guard Space Marine chapter calls this system home. [ULT]
ERIDAYN CATARACT, THE — This trinary sytsem serves as an asteroid extraction center, providing valuable ores. [PAL] [MLZ] [ULT]
ERWYNN'S WORLD — The Imperium has lost contact with the homeworld of the Dragon Lords Space Marine chapter, which lies to the galactic east of the Ultima Segmentum.
ESHUNNA — The space hulk Unhallowed Heart emerged at this highly fortified proto-hive world circa 681M41, causing widespread insanity and hysteria. The hulk was driven away from the planet by a Lamenters Space Marine force. [BAD] [MLZ] [ULT]
ESPANDOR — Macragge traders blown off course by a warp storm during the Age of Strife originally settled this remote, sparsely populated forest world. It small population is centered in cities on the westernmost of two continents. [MAC] [ULT]
ESPERANCE — A ship was caught in the warp between Esperance and the K-Star.
ESQUESTOR II — The tyrants of this Imperial World were brought down by Inquisitor Utlen.
ESTEBAN VII — This Forge world is home to Legio Titanicus Thunderbolts.
ETH-AELAS — A tendril of Hive Fleet Naga fell upon this Eldar Exodite world in 812M41, but Craftworld Idharae and Iyanden forces destroy both their space and ground forces in decisive battles in 812M41.
EUREKA — In the Owa System this asteroid belt has rich deposits of resources. Battle: Genestealers, Ultramarines.
EUSTIS MAJORIS — This hive world is the Angelus Subsector capitol. It is severely polluted and suffers from acid and toxic rains. [ANG] [SCA] [OBS]
EXTREMIS — Ork Freebooter Odlog Blackskar's flagship crash-landed on this deathworld in 753M41. The Blood Angel pursuing the Orks finds them wiped out by a force from Hive Fleet Leviathan.
EYRIE — This world is home to the Storm Wings chapter of the Space Marines. [SOL]
EZIAM — Imperial system [QRS] [GOT] [OBS]


FABIUS BILE'S WORLD — This crone world is the secret site of Bile's headquarters.
FABULON — The aurorae of this planet are considered some of the most spectacular in the Imperium.
FALDON KISE — Frontier world [MAL] [CAL] [OBS]
FALSE HOPE — This jungle death-world in Typhon Sector is home of the God Plant. It was originally settled by the crew of a damaged ship who thought to live there but were all killed, thus the name.[TYP] [ULT]
FAL'SHIA — This Tau Sept world in the First Sphere is known for its Earth caste artisans, and it's a center for the development of Tau technology. Its people are known as great problem solvers. [TAU] [ULT]
FARCAST — War world [MAL] [CAL] [OBS]
FARGLUM — By request of Inquisitor Scallen, the Sisters of the Order of the Valorous Heart purged Hive Tumulus of the Epicurian cult in 085M41.
FARNESS BETA — This planet lies in the throat of the Cadian Gate. Inquisitor Eisenhorn slew [EOT] [CAD]
FAROUT — This system lies in the Buchulzi Nebula Sector. The Orks (Torgox) came and massacred the settlers.
FARRAD — Farradites led by Dolan rebel against Bucharis, charging the Imortal Tower during the Age of Apostasy.
FARSTAR — Battle: Attilan Imperial Guard, Eldar raiders.
FAUGRIS — This apparently dead world turned out to be a Necron tomb world. The Doom Eagles Space Marines arrived to stem their awakening in 991M41, but were forced to withdraw.
FAUSTUS — Iconoclast destroyers reduced the orbital defense of this Imperial world during the Faustus Assault of the Gothic War. [GOT] [OBS]
FAZE V — The Dark Angels, led by Azrael, crush the Technorevivalist uprising.
FEDRA — This world is in the Outer Worlds of the Angelus Subsector. [ANG] [SCA] [OBS]
FEDRID — This Imperial feral world has dense forests teeming with predators, and access is only allowed by permit. It is also called the Hunter's Paradise. The system exports a number of items based upon native animals. [MAR] [CAL] [OBS]
FELIS — This system is home to the White Panthers Space Marines. [ULT]
FELTHON — A cult led by Berrikin Paswold operated on this world. [OBS]
FEMIS MAJOR — This world is in the Antimar Subsector. [ANT] [SCA] [OBS]
FENESTR — The Daemon Prince Cherubael enslaves this system's inhabitants.
FENKSWORLD — This small Imperial hive world of a billion souls has a reputation for cult activity. Its Library of Knowing is run outside Imperial jurisdiction by the planetary governor's family. Battlefleet Calixis maintains a Substation Depot in the system. [JOS] [CAL] [OBS]
FENRIS — This feral/death world is home to the Space Wolves and their fortress monastery, the Fang. Its oceans freeze in the winter, and the main continent, Asaheim, subject to volcanoes and quakes in summer. It lies near the Eye of Terror. [SOL]
FERGAX — This system has a Black Templar keep and was the launching point for the Armageddon Crusade. [ULT]
FERVIOUS — (Also: Vasenrule) Sprawling shanty-cities cover the island landmasses of this feral ocean world. The temporary nature of many of the dwellings and population density has spawned a violent, callous culture where murder is an accepted means of eliminating rivals. [DRU] [CAL] [OBS]
FESTUS — Feudal world [MAL] [CAL] [OBS]
FIBOS SECUNDUS — An Inquisitorial data-library facility of the Ordo Hereticus lay on this planet.
FIER — Blackstone III lay in this Imperial system. [GET] [GOT] [OBS]
FIRESTORM — This system is home to the Aurora Chapter of the Space Marines. [ULT]
FI'RIOS — This Sept world of the Third Sphere was wrested from an Ork warlord. Its inhabitants are known for their stoicism and willingness to pay the price for the Greater Good. [TAU] [ULT]
FLEXEBERG — The increased Warp stroms prior to the Gothic War caused hysteria in this Imperial system.
FLINT — This stock-world provides meat to much of the subsector from large pachyderm-type beasts that graze on its plains. [ANG] [SCA] [OBS]
FLOTIS III — Battle: Imperial Guard, Orks.
FOLION — Commissar-General Oktar and the Hyrkan regiments fought in this system. [PAC]
FORAX — This system was conquered by Macharius. [PAC]
FORGAN — Chapter Master Ferran Valor led the Iron Hands Space Marines against a well-entrenched foe on this world, defeating them in 48 hours.
FORGEFANE — A tendril of Hive Fleet Leviathan assaulted this "impenetrable" Iron Warriors fortress world, overcoming its defenses in less than a week. [TEM]
FORHITH VI — Penal colony.
FORMAL PRIME — Warmaster Slaydo deployed the White Scars Space marines to break the Charismites of Magister Shebol Red-Hand in 755M41. Commissar Gaunt also fought a famous action in this Imperial system. [SAB] [PAC]
FORMANN C2 — In the Lamarno System, this feral world, which at one time was seeded with Grox, some Space Marine chapters recruit initiates.
FORMUND VI — (Also: Formand VI). This Ogryn world was the birthplace of the hero Nork Dreddog. It lies at the eastern edge of the Ultima Segmentum. [ULT]
FORNAX ALEPH — The Iron Snakes chapter of the Space Marines won victories here during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. [SAB] [PAC]
FORNOTH — Research station. The Frateris Templars discovered an ancient factory at this research station containing plans for the Immolator tank during the Age of Apostasy.
FORTIS BINARY — Gaunt's Ghosts fought the forces of Chaos on thie Imperial Forge World that manufactured munitions, other arms, and even titans. [SAB] [PAC]
FORTRESS — This system is home to the Crimson Paladins Space Marines chpater.
FORTUNA II — Rebels, who shot down Imperial supply shuttles, fought the Imperial Guard on the ice plains of this planet.
FRACTRIX — Adept Gudmanz served at this forge world, before being sent to the Last Chancers for smuggling arms to pirates. It manufactures the Fractrix pattern assault laser. [ULT]
FRANT'S PLANET — This system is in Helican Subsector. [HEL] [SCA] [OBS]
FRONT'S WORLD — This system lies between Thracian Primaris and Eechan. [SCA] [OBS]
FULARIS II — Blackstone I orbited this planet before it was destroyed by Abaddon's captured Blackstone Fortresses while the Planet Killer destroyed Battlegroup Merlin. [BHM] [GOT] [OBS]
FULARIS III — Abaddon's Planet Killer destroyed moon of this planet, which he suspected to be the lair of an Eldar pirate band. [BHM] [GOT] [OBS]
FUTHARK — Imperial forces won a victory on this world.
FYDAE MINOS — Piracy is a constant problem in this system, which also has an agri-world. [MAL] CAL] [OBS]


GABIN 240 — This was the site of the storming of the Bourne Slave Pits in 982M40.
GALLANT — Rogal Dorn built a pylon spire, a fortress, on this world.
GALLOWGLASS — This moon is an agri-world. A small Adepta Sororitas force fought to the last defending against a cult of decay here in 385M41. [MAL] [CAL] [OBS]
GALT — Galt Prime is the capitol of this civilized jungle world. It was the site of Temple of Xikar, source of second fragment of the Talisman of Lykos, and was eventually invaded by Orks.
GALEN — Mantis Warriors boarding craft took the Fire Hawks strike cruiser, Red Harbinger, in this system in 904M41. It also served for the post-battle prisoner exchange not long thereafter. It finally fell to loyalist forces in 907M41 after a three-way battle between the Astral Claws, a joint force of Salamanders and Fire Angels, and a planetary rebellion. [ENY] [MLZ] [ULT]
GALEN V — This planet is home to the Cobalt Desert.
GALDAS — The population of this Imperial world rebelled against its tyrannical government. Inquisitor Eisenhorn fought the Adeptus Machanicus Magos Delphan Gruss over the Inquisition Central Information Storage Facility, which was destroyed by self destruct mechanism.
GALLILENUS III — This Cardinal world lies 400 light years from Terra, and is one of the oldest of the Ministorum. The remains of several Saints supposedly lie in the extensive catacombs of tombs and reliquaries under its palaces and cathedrals. A unit of the Adepta Sororitas guards it.
GANF MAGNA — There are feral Orks on this Imperial colony world, which exports Polygum. [TPR] [CAL] [OBS]
GANGAVA — This world lies on edge of the Eye of Terror, and is the presumed homeworld of the Thousand Sons, though it is actually a decoy that fooled the Space Wolves Great Wolf Harek into leaving.
GANTIA — This major Imperial world lies in Segmentum Pacificus. [PAC]
GANYMEDAE — This world was visited by Inquisitor Ravenor and his retinue. [ULT]
GANYMEDE — This was the site of a failed Imperial experiment with Warp Core technology, which gave rise to the "Contagion of Ganymede." It is now a quarantined world.
GARANDA II — This is a planet of ash wastes and warlike nomadic tribes. It is also a recruitment world for the Silver Skulls. (MR)
GAREVO VI — Penal colony.
GARGATHEA — The third planet of this system, Gargathea III, of the Khymaran Drift is a feral world with lethal, toxic swamps, poisonous jungles, and lethal flora and fauna. It had a number of abandoned Explorator bases. In 906-907M41, Raptors, Salamanders and Fire Angels fought against secessionist forces of Astral Claws and Mantis Warriors, with the loyalist forces emerging vistorious at the end of 907M41. [KHY] [MLZ] [ULT]
GAROMAR — Chaos naval forces blockaded this system in 999M41, including the battleship Agonizing Death.
GATES OF ATHAN — Eldar and Chaos forces fought here.
GATES OF FIRE — These two Warp storms lie at the western edge of Segmentum Solar. [SOL]
GATH — Imperial system [GET] [GOT] [OBS]
GATHALAMOR — On this Imperial Ecclesiarchal Shrine World the Diosceese of cardinal Bucharis enslaved the population. It was also the site of a great Conclave in early M41 where numerous Imperial leaders reaffirmed their loyalty to the Emperor and the Imperium at Mount Amalath. This world is ruled by the Ecclesiarchy, and is the Ministorum Synod for Segmentum Solar. It is also well known for its vintage amasec. [SOL]
GATHALON — Two-hundred Last Chancers were sucked into the corrosive dunes of the ash wastes in this system. [ULT]
GATHROG — This Ork world to the galactic north of the Eye of Terror spawned a Waaagh! towards the Eye. [OBS]
GAULIS II — An Imperial Guard Sergeant lost his leg to a mine here.
GAVRIS MINOR — This planet was the site of the disasterous first contact between humanity and the Eldar, where in late M32 during the Great Crusade, an Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator fleet and the fledgling archaeo-xenos colony below were destroyed by the Eldar. Subsequent settlement attempts have met with similar fates, and the planet is forbidden.
GEARIA — It is disputed whether this is a hive- or forge-world, the only Imperial references from the Gearian Type XIV Vertical Blast Device.
GEDROSA — Macharius fought across the deserts of this system, finding the tomb of an ancient explorer. [PAC]
GEHENNA PRIME — An evil alien artifact was discovered on this desert world. The Xanthite Nylis fought the Witch Hunter Melchia here. Titans of Legio Metalica helped defend against an Ork invasion here.
GELLEPHERA — Imperial hive world and Imperial Guard founding world.
GELMIRO PRIMUS — This war world lies to spinward of the Markyan Marches. The War of Brass reduced this once thriving hive world to a battered no man's land circa 740M40. [CAL] [OBS]
GELMIRO SECUNDUS — This war world lies to spinward of the Markyan Marches. The War of Brass reduced this once thriving hive world to a battered no man's land circa 740M40. [CAL] [OBS]
GELMIRO TERTIUS — This war world lies to spinward of the Markyan Marches. The War of Brass reduced this once thriving hive world to a battered no man's land circa 740M40. [CAL] [OBS]
GELON — Imperial Hunters Space Marines and Legio Pallidus Mor fought Tyranids on this Imperial Hive World.
GEMENON MAJORIS — The Black Templars, led by High Marshal Helbrecht, cleansed this system.
GENHEMOR III — Chaos raiders attacked the Imperial research facility on this planet.
GENNEMAN PRIME — Astropath relay station.
GENOST — Lucifer Princip claimed to be the Son of Emperor, causing a civil war. There is also a portal to the Eldar Webway here.
GEREON — This agri-world was occupied by chaos forces during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. Its primary star is white. Aside from the Imperial population, there are partisans called Sleepwalkers from a revolution shortly after colonization.
GESTENBAL — This system fell to Ork raiders due to the loss of 14 Imperial Guard transports to the traitorous cruiser Unforgivable. [OBS]
GETHSEMANE — Lord Admiral Ravensburg defeated a chaos fleet in this system, turning the tide of the Gothic War. [GET] [GOT] [OBS]
GEYLUSS AUSPIX — Imperial scouts located an intact STC machine in an ancient pyramid city on this world that made a folded steel composite alloy stronger than any known.
GHASTRI IV — An ancestor of Devotee Malicant founded the Temple of the Redemption here during a Redemption Crusade from Necromunda.
GHEHENNA PRIME — This planet is a volcanic Hive-world with crystal mines. Titans of the Legio Titanicus fought Ork Gargants here. Also, a Genestealer cult found purchase in Balthaser spire.
GHEIST — Tyranids of Hive Fleet Leviathan fell upon this moon base in 997M41. [ULT]
GHOLA'S HOPE — The Tau struck at this shrine world in 995M41. [ULT]
GHORALA — The Ork Pirate-Warboss Skarfang based his Skar Fleet in this Ork system in the Empire of Octarius. The combination of a huge minefield hidden amongst its asteroids and the massive Skar Fleet shattered the Tyranid fleet, but not before one vessel was able to seed the planet with Mycetic Spores, from which they eventually constructed new Hive Ships.
GHORE — Inquisitor Vail dealt with a group of heretics on this Imperial world.
GHORI VI — The Chaos battleship Torment destroyed the orbital defenses of this Imperial system prior to an invasion by Eldar pirates.
GHOURRA — (Also: Gaurra) This system on the spinward edge of the Sabbat Worlds, in the Sanguinary Worlds, was home to a warrior priesthood, that Urlock Gaur turned into the core of the Blood Pact. [SAB] [PAC]
GHOVUL — An Imperial prison lies on this world's third moon. Lieutenant Kage was incarcerated here. [ULT]
GHÜL — This planet, Imperial designation 5213X, was home to a Pre-Dawn civilization, the central planet of seven honoring the daemon-king, Yssarile, whose crypt-barque is integrated into the world. It was the last place Inquisitor Eisenhorn was seen alive, approximately 386.M41. It was a completely black world, absorbing light, whose entire surface is engraved with unholy writings.
GHULAG 97 — An Imperial penitentiary death-world guarded by the Imperial Guard "Gate Keepers."
GIDMOS — This world is known for its chalybeate springs, whose water is considered restorative.
GIGAR — This system in the Sabbat Worlds was strategic due to its promethium supplies. [SAB] [PAC]
GILDAR — A Silver Skulls Space Marine fleet destroyed a Red Corsair strike force, including Executor Class Grand Cruisers, and also swept the planets clean of the survivors. [GIL] [ULT]
GILDEN'S STAR — The Blood Angels and Word Bearers fought here during the Horus Heresy.
GILE'S WORLD — Imperial system [ORA] [GOT] [OBS]
GLACIS FORMUNDUS — Lieutenent Kage saw duty with Trobarans and Typhons of the Imperial Guard here after being released from Last Chancers. [TYP] [ULT]
GLADRINUS VI — Inquisitor Tyrus employed the Ordeal of the Blade against Sarcaphon Hydrupasta here.
GLAVIA — This technologically advanced planet was home to pilot-hunters. It is famed for its pilot academies. Needle weapons are common here.
GLETCHER — This ice world was visited by Necromundan 8th Regiment, the Spiders.
GLORIAM — This Imperial system had a weapons testing facility protected by a number of basilica, including the formidable Basilica Principalis. The Ork Warlord Nobgrok invaded in 990M41 and carved his name in Gloriam's moon, but was counterattacked by the Legion of the Damned.
GLORICENT — This prosperous trade world is in the Antimar Subsector. [ANT] [SCA] [OBS]
GNOSIS — Planetary Governor Ulyx led this Imperial industrial world at the time of its invasion by the Autarch Eliac Zephyrblade in 786M41. The Saim-Hann Eldar wrecked such destruction that the planet is doomed to a slow decline into death. Its hives include Nightspire Hive, Toxinhive, Hive Ulyx, Hive Judicia, Hive Cholerix, Oxidhive, and Hive Megaera. Gnosis Prime was the main continent, and others included Gnosis Parallel.
GOETHE MAJORIS — The Adeptus Mechanicus administers this forge world.
GOLGOTHA — On this twin mooned desert world, the Space Wolves fought the Orks led by Ghazghkull Thraka. Thraka captured Commissar Yarrick here in 997M41, but released him to ensure he would have a worthy opponent for the next invasion of Armageddon. Golgotha Prime was also once a Squat stronghold. Commissar Yarrick tracked Ghazghkull Thraka here after the Third War for Armageddon. A network of systems in the Golgotha sector was Thraka's stronghold, where he retreated after the second Armageddon War, pursued by the Black Templars. The Centurio Ordinatus first employed the Ordinatus Golgotha here against the Orks. This system lies near the Maelstrom. One of the moons is Jagdor. [GOW] [ULT]
GOLIAN — Home to an orbital campus of the Schola Progenium, Josef Khoriv transferred from Imperial Navy here to become a Drill Abbot. Josef and Inquisitor Covenant cleansed Golian of a Genestealer cult.
GONNACRASH — This system swore fealty to Malefica Arkham, who used Abaddon's Planet Killer to carve out his own empire, in Quinrox Sound. [GOT] [OBS]
GORANG — Uriah Jacobus died of a lung-destroying virus here.
GORESWILL — Grey Knights once raided this planet in the Eye of Terror to kill the Chaos daemon Bloodthunderer in 772M41.
GORORAN III — A trading guild was robbed by a man matching Von Castellan's description on this planet.
GORRO — Horus saved the Emperor's life during the crusades in a battle against the Orks here.
GORGO — Tyranids of Hive Fleet Leviathan consumed this world after a protracted fight by the Cadian 23rd, Lucky Dogs, the garrison force there.
GRAGNAR — This Ork world saw a battle between Orks and Fir Iolarion.
GRAIA — This system is home to a lesser forge world, and is also the home of the Adeptus Titanicus Legio Astraman, Morning Stars. It declared for the Emperor during the Cataclysm of Iron at the start of the Horus Heresy in 010M31. Its forges produce armored vehicles.
GRAIA II — This forge world with orbital defenses was cleansed in the battle against Hive Fleet Kraken. [ULT]
GRAILDARK NEBULA — Eldar raiders, including the cruiser Black Star and the Exectioners pirate band, operated out of this system. The Skargul Patrol destroyed the Eldar carrier Stardeath here. [GOT] [OBS]
GRANGOLD — This dead world of acid storms lies in the Adrantis Nebula. [ADR] [CAL] [OBS]
GRANICA PRIME — This agri-world supplies Armageddon with food. It was assaulted by four Ork space hulks. Battle: Space Wolves, Orks.
GRANITHOR — The moon of this Imperial cemetery world, Donaris, has an Adpetus Mechanicus servitor production facility. [GOL] [CAL] [OBS]
GRAVALAX — Ciaphas Cain met Inquisitor Vail on this Imperial world where the Valhallan 597th fought against the Tau, who had slowly integrated themselves into the affairs of the planet through trade. Mayoh was the planetary capital, and the PDF wear magenta fatigues with tan body armor. [DAM] [ULT]
GREAT LESION, THE — This system lies within the fringes of the Maelstrom to its galactic east. [MAL] [ULT]
GRECHTHEUS — This system was the source of a report received by Draug IX on recent technological developments.
GRENDEL'S WORLD — Distress signals from this isolated world led to an investigation by scouts of the Mortifactors. The world was eventually culled by the Night Lords, its entire population murdered. It is located in the Ysobael Cloud [EAF]
GRIMM'S WORLD — This was a founding world for an Imperial Guard Regiment.
GRIMOYR — Lord General Noches Sturm, commanding the Royal Volpone 50th, retook this planet from the forces of Chaos during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, defeating Magister Sharenidy, who committed suicide before capture.
GROGLIN V — Imperial forces recovered genestealers with feeder tendrils on this world.
GROVE'S FALL — This Imperial Hive world produces Sentinels. [CAL] [OBS]
GRYPHONNE IV — This forge world of the Adeptus Mechanicus is home to the Legio Titanicus War Griffons. There were also experiments conducted here to create bionically modified troopers for the Imperial Guard. It produces and repairs titans. A tendril of Hive Fleet Leviathan arrived in 997M41 and slowly ground down the system's impressive defenses, till nothing remained but a lifeless rock. [VEL] [TEM]
GUDRUN — This trade system was the capitol of the Helican Subsector and was home to Eisenhorn's estate, Sapeton House, and House Glaw. It is also an Imperial guard founding world, home of the 50th Gudrunite Rifles. The Carnodon is the heraldic symbol of this world. [HEL] [SCA] [OBS]
GUDRUNTRAILLE — The Malachite Fortress lay upon this planet. Eldar Harlequins infiltrated this bastion in 990M41 in The Scarlet Night.
GUGANN — Iron Warriors cleansed Hrud Warrens here before the Horus Heresy.
GULAG VI — The Astral Claws defeated the tanka-mobs of Warlord Rukka Manyteef on this Imperial planet in the Taninim Expanse, depriving that pocket empire of a critical fuel source. [TAM] [OBS]
GULINGLAS — This system was the site of a cult that ritually removed its victim's eyes
GUNARVO — This Imperial system lies on the fringe of Segmentum Pacificus, just coreward of the Deunoff subsector. It is at the edge of the Warp riptides of the Broadhead Cluster. [PAC]
GUNPOINT — This hive world has a reputation for failure. [HAZ] [CAL] [OBS]
GURANTA D — A planet in the Gurantan System, it was the rumored (though these rumors proved to be false) birthplace of Lemann Russ.
GURYAN — This mining world rebelled against Bucharis' tyranny during Age of Apostasy. [PAC]
GUSPEDIN — Imperial hive world [PAC]
GUYTOGA — Hive world [HAZ] [CAL] [OBS]
GYLATUS — This group of moons was home to the Instrumentality of the Gylatus World Flock. Hyrkan regiments liberated it from an Ork force. The tenth moon, designated Gylatus Decimus, is a hive moon and capital.[PAC]


H2656 — This logging world is also an Imperial Guard recruiting world.
HADD — This is one of the three forge worlds of the Lathes, three planets whose orbits produce events or hyper gravity. The other two Lathes are Hesh and Het. Their forges can produce super-dense metals. Access to the Lathes is restricted and they have guardians which include titans. [GOL] [CAL] [OBS]
HADDRACK — This death world world has a Mechanicus Explorator base, and is home to the Sollex sect of the Adeptus Mechanicus. [DRU] [CAL] [OBS]
HADEX — Imperial authorities believe that this "red hole" spatial anomaly spews time distortions from other dimensions, and the surrounding area is littered with ghost ships trapped in a sort of stasis. [EAF]
HAGIA — Guant's Ghosts fought on this mountainous, arctic world. It was the homeworld of Saint Sabbat
HALATHEL — This Eldar Exodite world requested aid from nearby Craftworlds after detecting Hive Fleet Naga in 808M41. A tendril of the Hive Fleet arrived in 809M41, sieging the worldspirit shrine, defended by the Exodite Lord Wei-yannil and supporting Craftworld forces. Though Tyranid forces breached the shrine, they eventually withdrew after the death of their Hive Tyrant in 810M41. However, the victory was short-lived, as Tyranid Trygons and Raveners burrowed under the shrine and destroyed it in 811M41, killing the worldspirit.
HALEMNET — Imperial system [CYC] [GOT] [OBS]
HALLEN XX — A Temple here claimed to possess the skull of Saint Decessio, whose ship was lost in the warp.
HALLOCAN — Adeptus Arbites brought down a cult on this Imperial planet. [OBS]
HALLOWS POINT — In 906M41, loyalist forces established a base on this abandoned mining world, dubbed Vengeance Station. [MLZ] [ULT]
HANNIBAL — This ex-Eldar world was colonized by humans. It was found by the Terror Tigers. Battle: Imperial Fists, Eldar (Banshees).
HARAN SHEMASH — This Exodite world (Imperial translation: the world of blood and tears) had a Webway portal. Chaos burst into normal space near the world and fought a long war with the native Eldar. During the final battle, Fuegan reappeared many centuries after his presumed defeat by the Fallen Phoenix.
HARRIFAX — The Last Chancers assaulted Castle Shornigar here, taking heavy casualties.
HASARNA — Inquisitor Aedelorn and an Adepta Sororitas kill team eradicated a chaos cult on this crop world in 352M41.
HAURON II — This Knight World was home to the Dibran and Kijilan clans, who fought against the Kranston and Mayrock clans.
HAXAN PRIME — This hollow planet is a quarantine world.
HAZHIM — Imperial agri-world has two hives in the region of its silo-launchers. [UTL]
HEDEROIA — This Heretic world was conquered by Macharius. [HAZ]
HEED — This dead world saw battles from the Angevin Crusade, and is now subject to firestorms. [MAR] [CAL] [OBS]
HEGELIAN IX — The Angels Sanguine Death Company fought against Tyranids in the catacombs of this world.
HELES — This system contains an Imperial Guard recruit world.
HELIX BETA — This system lies within the fringes of the Maelstrom, in its galactic northeast quadrant. [MAL] [ULT]
HELLION V — Battle: Imperial Guard, Orks.
HELLSIRIS — This system lies within the fringes of the Maelstrom, in its galactic southest quadrant. Vast debris fields from shattered planets orbit its massive star, providing Rok bases to a large Ork population. The Orks forced an Astral Claw task force to withdraw in 715M41. [MAL] [ULT]
HELVETIA — The Fifth Helvetian Regiment calls this Imperial Guard recruiting world home.
HELWURLD — Imperial system [ORA] [GOT] [OBS]
HEPHAESTUS — This system was subject to a Black Templar Crusade. They fought the Eldar on its surface.
HERANO'S WORLD — A place of island chains and jungles, the Word Bearers defeated Eldar from Varantha Craftworld here.
HERODIAN IV — This desert planet had an Adeptus Mechanicus research station, and was adjacent to the Herodian Warp Gate on the frontier of Segmentum Obscurus. Battle: Mantis Warriors, Tyranids. [OBS]
HERODOR — Enok Innokenti, one of Archon Urlock Gaur's lieutenant generals, was killed in an assault upon this world. Guant's Ghosts fought here. [SAB]
HESH — This is one of the three forge worlds of the Lathes, three planets whose orbits produce events or hyper gravity. The other two Lathes are Hadd and Het. Their forges can produce super-dense metals. Access to the Lathes is restricted and they have guardians which include titans. [GOL] [CAL] [OBS]
HESIOD'S WAKE — Agri world [HAZ] [CAL] [OBS]
HESPERUS — This system exports wine and was the location of Lilean Chase's Cognitae school. It was also the site of a cult that ritually removed its victim's eyes. [HEL] [SCA] [OBS]
HET — This is one of the three forge worlds of the Lathes, three planets whose orbits produce events or hyper gravity. The other two Lathes are Hadd and Hesh. Their forges can produce super-dense metals. Access to the Lathes is restricted and they have guardians which include titans. [GOL] [CAL] [OBS]
HETERODYNE — The Adeptus Mechanicus set up a feudal-tech experiment on this feral world. [HAZ] [CAL] [OBS]
HEVERON — The governor of this Imperial world hired Vessorine janissaries in a border conflict. [SCA] [OBS]
HEXOS — Imperial system [ULT]
HEXXOS — A Warp breach appeared in this Imperial system in 992M41, spilling daemons onto the capital planet of Hexxo, which is transformed into oceans of blood and far worse. The planet disappears moments before the cyclonic torpedoes of Inquisitor Lord Bucephalon's Exterminatus order.
HIATUS 15 — Presumed original destination of 116th Catachan fire support squad, who now serve with the Xenthorp garrison.
HILARION — (Also: Halarion) The Noble Spectrum Houses control this feudal agri world, each assigned a color and an area of the planet. The Ecclesiarchy has a strong presence here, and religion features in many planetary activities. [[HAZ] [CAL] [OBS]
HIRUKO — The Lamenter strike cruiser, Inflexible, dropped out of the Warp at this forbidden system and was lost with all hands.
HOBART'S PLANET — A barren world with thin air, no humans, and little indigenous life, its slow axial rotation splits the planet into night and day sides. A Night Lords ship crash landed here with the Hand of Darkness. Abbadon sent Cypher to recover it, but the Dark Angels intercepted him in an attempted capture.
HOIGHT — This garden world was conquered by Macharius. [PAC]
HOLGAR IV — Battle: Space Wolves, Eldar.
HOLLOW WORLDS — These nine worlds fell to Huron Blackheart. Inquisitor Pranix attempted to reclaim them in 937M41.
HOLON PRIME — The Tallarn "Gravediggers" Imperial Guard Regiment fought the Eldar here from 762-765M35.
HOLSCHT — This system is home to a Black Templars keep. [OBS]
HONOURUM — The Novamarines call this system home. [ULT]
HOPTOR IV — The 23rd Vintor Regiment attacked this planet.
HORNE'S WORLD — Rebellion. It lies in the Claw Nebula, and is home to Cragmor's Buccaneers.
HREDRIN — This Imperial Hive world is home to the Gaolist Astropaths. [JOS] [CAL] [OBS]
H'THRA — On this jungle world the 5th Thranx Imperial Guard Regiment "Devil's Marauders" fought rebels.
HUBRIS — This ice world has an eliptical orbit with a 29-month year. Its seasons are Dormant, Thaw, Vital, and XX. Dormant is 11 months long, during which the inhabitants are cryo-frozen through the long winter. Inquisitor Eisenhorn fought Murdin Eyclone here. The planet's capitol is Catharsis. [HEL] [SCA] [OBS]
HUBRIS II — This Imperial world was claimed by Eldar of the Biel Tan craftworld.
HUME — The Angels Porphyr fought a rebel Imperial Guard Regiment here. Brother Damos was wounded in a surprise attack by Marauder bombers and chose to be entombed in a dreadnought.
HURRAH — (Also: Horror). This colony was lost to Slaanesh, but Zephro was saved by the Eldar Warlock Ketshamine.
HYBREA — This Imperial feral world is home to the Hybrean Hunters Imperial Guard regiment. They use giant lizards as mounts and have a tradition of facial tattoos.
HYDRA CORDATUS — This barren Imperial World was home to the Citadel of Hydra Cordatus, built by the Iron Warriors before the Horus Heresy. The bastion protected one of the Adeptus Mechanicus' secret caches of Space Marine gene-seed. After the fall of the bastion to the Iron Warriors, the Adeptus Mechanicus planted melta-charges to obliterate all evidence of the Citadel.
HYDRA MINORIS — This system saw the first instance of the Zombie Plague in 757M41.
HYDRAPHUR — This system is the headquarters of Segmentum Pacificus and Battlefleet Pacificus. The system has two planetary planes, the Gyre Marmarea and the Gyre Aurucon, which combined have 16 planets. In addition to four Imperial Navy Academies and naval fortifications throughout the system, free-stations lie between the eliptics. The system once fell into the hands of the apostate Cardinal Bucharis. The planet of Hydraphur has a moon, Galata, and is encircled by the Ring. The Adeptus Administratum set up a counterpoint to the Imperial Navy's power according to their Decree of Partition. The main planet has a dedicated Ecclesiarchy shrine, Adepta Sororitas convent, Scholastia Psykana campus, and Navis Nobilite waystation. (SGH) [PAC]
HYMIR II — On this Ork world Warlord Grendel's bodyguard was killed by the Einherjar Brigade of the 26th Valhallan Regiment during the Battle of Nifleimos in the Nerthus Crusade.
HYPERNOL — This system, used by the Imperial Navy for resupply, has a penal colony on one of its moons. [TYP] [ULT]
HYRKAN — This industrial world of plateaus has windy industrial deserts and raised armored regiments for the Imperial Guard and has a nobled aristocracy. Its natives tend to be pale, with colorless hair and have a clipped gutteral accent. [PAC]


IANTE — Under the red-black clouds of this world, Chaplain De Haan of the Word Bearers confronted a defeated Farseer of Varantha craftworld, who reveals the prophecy of their end.
IAX — This garden world is a model agri-world in the Macragge system. Its sparse population lives in a large number of small towns connected by waterways. Its buildings are generally low, with very few multi-story buildings. Its capitol, First Landing, is an ancient fortress city. [ROM] [ULT]
IBB — (Also: Ibb Worldmaze) Iremn'ath, the Daemon Rajah of Nalu, faought a protracted campaign against the Grey Knights in this system.
IBLIS — This system's third planet was a feudal agri world. The Fire Hawks struck at this system in the early days of the Badab War, and only the strength of their fortress monastery vessel, the Raptorous Rex, allowed them to escape, though they bombarded the surface as they departed. [ENY] [MLZ] [ULT]
ICEFANG — This system is home to the Tigers Argent chapter of the Space Marines. [ULT]
ICHAR IV — Ultramarines, led by Marneus Calgar, defeated a large force from Hive Fleet Kraken at this major industrial world in 993M41, the campaign taking only three weeks. Hive Fleet Kraken attacked Dief, Babylon, Midas, Cambria, Loki, Nova Castille, Nemesis, Lomas, Cantium, Perseus, and Oceanos hives. The capitol hive was Lomar. Battle: Ultramarines, Genestealer Cult. [ULT]
ICHOVOR — Swamps and rotting forests dominate this feudal world. [HAZ] [CAL] [OBS]
ICOLBAR — An Ork Waaagh in a nearby system killed an Astropath here.
IDOLWILDE — The Famine Wars took place on this Imperial world. Kenadie is the main city-state of the planet. [PAC]
IDUMAE — Imperial forgeworld [HAZ] [CAL] [OBS]
IDUNO — The Imperial Fists pacified heretical insurgents at the Battle of Colonial Bridge in 567.M40 in this system.
INGIGA — This is the homeworld of the Angels of Fury chapter. [SOL]
IGNATIUS CARDINAL — This world is home to the Schola Progenium Prime that Ibram Gaunt and Vaynom Blenner attended. It was a Cardinal world of the Ecclesiarchy. [PAC]
IKKYO — This system has a forest world. Battle: Ultramarines, Tyranids.
ILDANIRA — Abaddon the Despoiler raided this Eldar maiden world, but Alaitoc forces quickly drove him away.
ILLUSTRIS — This system lies at the outskirts of Segmentum Tempestus, in the Veiled Region. [VEL] [TEM]
IORI DELTA TOVE — This artificial Necron planet vanished after Grand Master Mordrak, Master Armorer Torvin, and three Grey Knight squads plant meltabombs in its central control room. It had come to the attention of the Inquisition as things began to mysteriously alter, such as documents rewriting themselves and even movement of celestial bodies.
INCUNABLA — This lesser Forge World declared for Horus during the Cataclysm of Iron in 010M31. It became a dead world and the site of an ancient lab where Project Homo Sapiens Novus took place, part of the Cursed Founding, including creation of the Flame Falcons and Black Dragons chapters. The site was attacked, presumably by Fabius Bile. However, sealed lower sections remained undiscovered until 998M40 when — again — the site was presumably raided as Grey Knights, though the team that rediscovered the lab was never found again. [SOL]
INGERANIA — A puritan-minded Imperial world
INTERITUS — The Mechanicus led an exploration and archeological dig of this barren, dead system in 928M41, uncovering and awakening a Necron presence that destroyed the expedition. The primary planet was Interitus Prime, a Necron tomb world. Originally surveyed by Explorators in M28, its dim blue star had gone nova in the distant past, scouring the system of life. It lay in close proximity to the Viridia system.
INTIA — This system was the origin on Intian syrup
INWIT — Originally a primitive world, Rogal Dorn turned into a planet of ice hives. On the Emperor's Great Crusade, upon meeting Rogal Dorn, Dorn presented him with the mobile space station, Phalanx. The planet is still a recruiting world for the Imperial Fists. [ULT?]
INX — The Provost of this Ecclesiarchal world blessed Eisenhorn's power sword.
IOCANTHUS — This planet produces Ghostfire pollen, a source of combat drugs. Though classified as an agri world, it is ruled by feudal warlords and their armies, who ruthlessly fight over every last Ghostfire blossom. [GOL] [CAL] [OBS]
IOLAC — The Ork Warlord Grog drove his Rok directly into this arid Tau planet, destroying its capital city of Atari Vo in 815M41.
ISHAREQ — Dark Eldar attempted to invade this Eldar Exodite world in 801M41, but were repelled by the Viridian Knights. The planet's World Spirit was poisoned during the conflict, killing it and all its inhabitants.
ISHKAZA-MARU — Imperial world [PAC]
ISIN — Much of the population of this Imperial world fled massacres of M40, with appreciable numbers going to Vyaniah. Huron fortified the system heavily during the Badab War.
ISOLDE — Imperial forge world produced starships, one of which was the Isolde-pattern bulk clipper.
ISSTVAN III — This world rebelled against the Imperium and was virus-bombed by Horus at the beginning the Horus Heresy. It is now a dead world. Legio Mortis took part in the scouring of this world.
ISSTVAN V — Horus established a temporary base here and lured the loyalist forces of the Imperium into a trap. Several of the Legions thought to be loyal turned on their brothers. Only a handful escaped the disaster to bring news to the Emperor. During the 2nd Pacification, the Desert Lions use Robots here in Operation Carthage.
IXIST — This was an Imperial Guard recruit world.
IXOS II — Imperial forces recovered genestealers with the flesh hooks mutation on this planet.
IYDRIS — This paradise world was once one of many in the Eldar Empire, though they now are lost.


JAGGA — This Ork system in the far east of the Ultima Segmentum spawned Waaagh!s to the north and south. It served as the base of the Ork pirates called the Star Krumpas, but was destroyed by Hive Fleet Behemoth in 745M41. [EAF] [ULT]
JAGGAFALL — This system is home to the Blood Swords Space Marine chapter. [OBS]
JAGRAM — This world has artificial moons and is a quarantine world.
JAKART — This Ork world was conquered by Macharius' 4th Army Group. [PAC]
JALFREZI III — This planet was reconquered during the early days of Macharius' campaigns, in the late 300s of M41. [PAC]
JANT — This Imperial world is the Imperial Guard founding world for the Jantine Patricians. [PAC]
JARIX V — Battle: Legio Manus Flameaus, Eldar Titans.
JARNU — Also known as Jarnun Capital, the Chaos cruiser Warmaker destroyed the Jarnu Orbital Station at the outbreak of the Gothic War in 139M41.
JEGANDA — Imperial system dominated by a gas giant and home to a semi-automated waystation maintained by the trade guilds and Navigator houses.
JENICAE DELTA — This planet was invaded by Nurgle chaos forces and was home to the Order Panacear of the Adepta Sororitas. Ephrael Stern's body was interred here before her third birth.
JERICHO — Imperial Guard founding world was home to the 12th Jericho Rangers. [ULT]
JERICHO III — Dark Eldar destroyed the capital of this world, and slaughtered over 20,000 inhabitants. [SPA] [TEM]
JERULAS STATION — (Also: Jerulas) This lesser Forge World descended into civil war during the Cataclysm of Iron at the start of the Horus Hersy in 010M31. The Black Templars Marine Artificer Simagus constructed the first Crusader pattern Land Raider to help with numerous engagements on this hive-world that the Missionarus Galaxia attempted to bring back into the Imperial fold in 645M39.
JHANNA — This Imperial world lies north of galactic core. During the Age of Apostasy, Vandire ordered orbital batteries to melt the polar ice caps, drowning 4 billion people. In 904M40, Marneus Calgar led forces that recapture two renegade Ocean cities — Omon and Vorlencia — from Chaos Marines in 807M41. [ULT]
JIRRIAN — This ancient Imperial world had deep traditions and near perfect societal equality, in that everyone was poor. It's sky was an amazing, "perfect" color of blue. Handra-Lai was one of its slum hives.
JJOJOS — Sulfur fields cover this imperial death world. The Imperial Guard recruits from this world. [ULT]
JOLLANA — Disciples of Ahriman sacked the Librarium on this Imperial world.
JONOL — This system lies just outside Ultima Segmentum in the galactic east, and is home to the Honoured Sons Space Marines chapter. [ULT]
JORAN — Ultramarines retaliation against the Tau empire was cut short when they were recalled to Macragge due to the invasion of Hive Fleet Behemoth in 745.M41. [ULT]
JORN V — This Imperial argi-world came under assault by Hive Fleet Leviathan in 997M41. [ULT]
JOSIAH QUINTUS — This system, on the edge of the Karthargo Sector, served as the launching point of the loyalist Marine forces added to the Badab War in 905M41. [KAR] [ULT]
JOURA III — This planet was an Imperial Guard founding world produced the 383rd Jouran Dragoons. Some species of carnosaurs are native to this world.
JUCHA — Five regiments refused orders to withdraw and resupply on this jungle world, ending the war six months early. It's a possibly source of the virus that ultimately caused Macharius' death. Macharius' 7th Army Group served here. [PAC]
JUDGEMENT — This world had an Inquisitorial stronghold where psykers were taught. It lies close to the Maelstrom. [ULT]
JUMAEL IV — (Also: Jumal IV) This agriworld is an Imperial Guard founding world, sourcing the Jumael I Lucky Aces. It is the homeworld of Arvin Larn. (IG)
JUNO — The Last Chancers fought on this Imperial world.
JUNOS — Mining world [MAL] [CAL] [OBS]
JUPITER — In the Sol system, the orbital Jovian Shipyards produce the Emperor, Tyrant, and Dominator classes, among others. [SOL]
JURN — The Valhallans fought upon this Ork world until only sixtythree were evacuated. The Imperial Navy fought the Dark Eldar, who retreated from the in-system gravity field, but also demonstrated the ability to appear instantly over planets. [SPA] [TEM]
JUSTICE ROCK — This system lies near Perturabo, and the Iron Warriors mounted a campaign against the heretical Black Judges here. (HH)
JXM A18Z — A civilized forge world [[MAL] [CAL] [OBS]
JYTOR — This swamp-bound system may lie near the Wheel of Fire. The Space Wolves lost a ship against the Orks here.


KABAAL II — Agri-world.
KADAVAH — Battle: Chaos Marines, Blood Angels.
KADO — Hiveworld. Legio Crucius vs. Chaos The Emperor class titan Praeco Deictus was lost in combat here.
KAELAS — Huron Blackheart laid siege to this system with a large Traitor Marine fleet in 999M41.
KAHAAL — This Imperial world was the site of a Necron Tomb. The Eldar sent a force to prevent the humans from awakening the Necron.
KAJAR VI — Battle: Stormtroopers, Orks.
KALAMAN — Imperial Guard founding world.
KALEDON — This Imperial feral world lies outside Segmentum Obscurus, but is still an Imperial Guard founding world. [HAL]
KALF — This world lies in the Perifery of Calixis Sector, and is home to a creature called the Sand Devil. Inquisitorial factions of the Ordo Calixis clashed here during the "Dance of the Dead." [TPR] [CAL] [OBS]
KALIBRAX — This lesser Forge World declared for Horus in the Cataclysm of Iron at the start of the Horus Hersy in 010M31.
KALIDUS — Hive. Space Wolf Terminators fought Genestealers on this hive-world. Leman Russ fought against Lionel Johnson, then both turned against a Chaos force. (HH)
KALKOS II — Commissar Severinus was honored in battle here.
KALLASTIN — Macharius and his 1st Army Group, which included the Tallarn Desert Tigers, conquered this system. [PAC]
KALLERN — There were massacres by Flesh Tearers marines here in M36.
KALLISTA — (Also: Kallisti) This system is an Imperial Guard founding world and is at war against the pirates of Bo.
KALOTH — This system was plagued by orks, who built Roks there for space warfare. It may lie in the Gothic sector.
KA'MAIS — Ships of Hive Fleet Gorgon appeared over this Tau colony world in 902M41. A Necron fleet emerges from the planet's moon, destroying the Tyranid threat, but then descending upon Ka'mais to harvest its population. [TAU] [ULT]
KANADA A3 — Beast Alpha System. Zoats were first sighted here.
KANAK — This Imperial Guard founding world produced the Kanak Skull Takers.
KANTRAEL — This Imperial industrial/forge world produces lasguns.
KAO-LI — This forbidden world has a xenos presence. [JOS] [CAL] [OBS]
KARAL — The soil of this Imperial shrine world is considered particularly holy and is incorporated into reliquaries. The Red Scorpions once successfully defended this world.
KARAX — Imperial world with a Defense Force
KARDIA — Captain Cortez of the Crimson Fists fought a campaign here without resupply in 903M41.
KAR DUNIASH — This system is the headquarters of the Ultima Segmentum and Battlefleet Ultima. An Imperial outpost was called to exterminate the planet Cabellas. [ULT]
KARESH — This nomad world has a Webway portal. Its capitol is Karesh City.
KARIS CEPHALON — The semi-democratic regime of this system was first recognized by the Adeptus Terra in 881M33. It had a deserted forge-mine complex once known as Taberna Ostium, which was the site of an imprisoned daemon Prince named Pharaa'gueotla. It was the site of an astrological convergence. A mutant slave labor ring was broken up by Inquisitor Tyrus. Inquisitor Lichenstein fought Inquisitor Tyrus here in his search for the Librarium Heresius. The Angel, a weapon from the Dark Age of Technology was hidden in the catacombs under Capital. Settled during the Golden Age, and then resettled during the Great Crusade, in 350M29. Its capitol is the Amethyst Palace, centered around a pre-Imperial construct known as Needle of Sennamis, which may be a psychic conductor. The system lies 5300 light years from Earth in the Coptis sector. [TEM]
KARKASON — This volcanic mineral world is the source of "Power Crystals," Psycurium. Its lord, Fulgor Sagramoso, once rebelled against the Imperium from the capitol of Sagramoso City. Battle: Imperial Fists, Rebels, Legio Titanicus (6 Warlord, 1 Emperor).
KARRIK — Also known as the Pocked World due to frequent asteroid strikes, this death world has high gravity and is quite cold, though not an ice world. Its populace has fought against Ork infestations. It has a significant abhuman population and two moons, Phobos and the Pearl Moon. The Pearl Moon is an ocean "world" that exports seafood and algae. The moon also has small Ratling and Ogryn populations. [CAL] [OBS]
KARSH XIII — Cache of force rods was found in the ice caverns of this planet.
KARTHAX III — This Imperial industrial world came under attack by Necrons and was defended by Marneus Calgar and the Ultramarines.
KASTAFORE — Imperial troops, including the Valhallan 597th and Commissar Cain in a minor role, cleansed this system of an Ork incursuion in 937M41. It was aso an Imperial Guard founding world, producing the 425th Armoured regiment among others. [ULT]
KASTION IV — Valedictor Marines fought a Chaos force at Vestra City.
KATO — This system lies near Catachan. [SOL]
KCX-1288 — This planet in Saruthi space was a dying system, wracked by radiation and debris storms.
KEFFIA — Commissar Cain and the 12th Valhallan of the Imperial Guard fought Tyranids on this agri-world. It had one southern continent and several northern continents. [ULT]
KEL'SHAN — This Sept world of the Second Sphere lies near the Perdus Rift, and has suffered alien aggression more than most. It's natives are taciturn and somewhat xenophobic. Castellan Crask led the Cadian XVIII Army to reclaim this world for the Imperium, but temporarily allied with the Tau upon the arrival of Hive Fleet Gorgon. [TAU] [ULT]
KELETROS — This system is home to the Skull Bearers Space Marines. [SOL]
KELTOR — This Ork system in the Empire of Octarius fell to the rebuilt Tyranid Ghorala Swarm soon after the fall of Ghorala. [OCT] [ULT]
KENDRA — This system gave rise to the Kendran feather-tree.
KENDRICK'S WORLD — On this Imperial outpost Inquisitor Kryptman discovered indicators of Hive Fleet Kraken. [EAF]
KENOV III — This death world is home to the Ripper Whips. [MAL] [CAL] [OBS]
KENTAUR — Colonel-Commissar Gaunt's father died fighting Orks on this world.
KESSAE — Frontier world [MAL] [CAL] [OBS]
KETHRA — The Governor of this system conspired to secede from Imperium. White Panthers Marines destroyed orbital defense platforms, drop onto the planet, wipe out the planetary defenses, execute the governor, and then demolish the planet's armory in response.
KETZOK — Armored regiments from this system participated in the assault on Voltemand and Menazoid Epsilon during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade.
KHAN III — Lord General Bulledin killed Shebol Red-Hand in 773M41, but fighting continued till 775M41. [KHA] [SAB] [PAC]
KHAN V — Urlock Gaur retook this system during Warmaster Macaroth's assault on the Cabal Systems. [KHA] [SAB] [PAC]
KHARLOS II — Omega squadron discovered Malefica Arkham, using Abaddon's Planet Killer, and destroyed the Planet Killer. [BHM] [GOT] [OBS]
KHEDD 1173 — The Jantine Patricians fought native guerrillas on this cold world. It was a primitive world with a somewhat primitive nomadic hunting culture. Commissar Gaunt executed XX [PAC]
KHIRAB — Once a fortress world along the border of the Maelstrom, it was reduced to a dead world. [ENY] [MLZ] [ULT]
KHREAK — This system holds a Black Templars keep. [TEM]
KHYMARA — The tenth planet of this system was a death world and mining colony. The system itself was a transit point in the Maelstrom Zone and served as a tithe warehousing depot for the Maelstrom Cluster. Executioners Space Marines systematically destroyed the Howling Griffon defenses of this system in 907M41. [MLZ] [ULT]
KIAVAHR — This hive world is a recruiting world for the Raven Guard. It has a moon named Deliverance.
KILHAVEN — The Black Tmeplars Space Marines recruit from the feral world. It saw combat between the Black Templars and the Necrons.
KILIAK — Imperial Xenologists plundered the artifacts of this Eldar Maiden World, but were annihilated by forces from Craftworlds Biel-Tan and Ulthwé in 838M41.
KILIMAN IV — Imperial system [PTM] [GOT] [OBS]
KIMMERIA — The Imperial Guard recruit on this feral world. The native tribes are headhunters. It is also the rumored home world of Azrael. [ULT]
KINOG — Pleasure world [MAL] [CAL] [OBS]
KINTARRE — The treasury of this system was sacked by Word Bearers.
KITARAX — Inside a nebula, its ihabitants know the Daemon Prince Cherubael as The Scourge.
K'LASHAN — Imperial forces slaughtered the population of this alien world.
KLEBENDOR III — Led by Ialo Vex, this planet rebelled against the Imperium, but was retaken by the Imperial Fists, led by Captain Lysander. The Cathedral od Saint Aspira lies on its surface
KLEISTES II — This planet was conquered by Macharius. [PAC]
KLEIZEN ONJERE — This system is a nexus for stellar traffic across three sectors. Its planet is a desert penitent world where convicts haul banner declaring their crimes. Daytime heat causes pockets of caustic air to cook out of the orange, gritty soil.
KLYBO — Several attempts have been made to colonize this extinct world of shifting sands, but they have failed. Battlefleet Calixis maintains a waystation on its moon. [MAR] [CAL] [OBS]
KNAPE — This system lies between the galactic center and Hydraphur. [PAC]
KNARTS LANDING — Calgar eliminated a rebel army led by General Dornal on this industrial world.
KOATH — The remains of a Tau probe was the source of space debris in this system.
KOBALT II — This Imperial Watch Station lies near Hubris, Thracian Primaris, and Gudrun.
KOLKUN — Orks fought Imperial Fists Space Marines on this world.
KOL-SEC — Regiments from this Imperial Guard founding world took part in the Lycanthos Drift Campaign.
KOMMITZAR — This penal world is a notorious prison planet. [HAZ] [CAL] [OBS]
KOMUS THE TYRANT STAR — Also known as the Hereticus Tenebrae, this wandering star is a source of much concern of the Inquisition of the Calixis Sector. [CAL] [OBS]
KONOR — An Adeptus Mechanicus research world lies on this planet of the Maccragge system. [ROM] [ULT]
KONRAR — This system contains an Imperial Guard founding world. (IG)
KORALKAL VIII — The Catachan XVIII "Swamprats" stalk Tyranids for 7 years after this planet was invaded by the Hive Mind.
KOREALIS — This system has a dead star.A Pirate base was wiped out by the Inquisition. In M38 the Blood Angels boarded a space hulk containing genestealers, and recovered the third shard of the Talisman of Lykos.
KORMISOSHI DOCKYARDS — This space station lies coreward of Tranch in the Adrantis Nebula. [ADR] [CAL] [OBS]
KORNOVIN — In 901M41, the Daemon Primarch Mortarion slays Grey Knight Supreme Grand Master Geronitan in this system, and is in turn banished to the Warp by the new Supreme Grand Master Kaldor Draigo.
KOROLIS — Imperial world.
KORSK — This Imperial planet rebelled during the Regime of Iron. [OBS]
KORSK II — This plains-world saw combat between Blood Angels Space Marines, the Mordian Iron Guard, and rebels led by Lord Vorlak in 995M41. [OBS]
KORYNTH — Saint Drache martyred on this Imperial world.
K'PHRA — Imperial hive world serves as an Imperial Guard founding world. [HAL]
KRAGADAM — Nearly indestructible crystalline animals give this planet death world status.
KRAGMEER — Frozen glaciers and tundra cover this ice world that is also an Imperial Guard founding world. Its mines are a source of the rare element Ansidium-90, making it a valuable system. It is home to the ploughfoot, snow-ox, and a number of large predators. It has a blue primary star. The Imperial Guard fought Orks here.
KRANDOR — The Cadian 23rd put down an uprising in this system in 795M41.
KRATH — The Kroot established an enclave on this world that was assaulted by Orks. The Tau arrived and they jointly repelled the Orks
K'RESH — Commander Shadowsun conquered this world from the Orks during the Thrid Expansion.
KRIEG — When this system's Autarch declared independence from Emperor in 433M40, Colonel Jurten of the Death Corps used atomic cleansing to subdue the rebellion, turning Krieg into a toxic, ash polluted wasteland for 500 years. The Death Corps of Krieg are renowned siege-breakers. It lies near Uhulis Sector. [TEM]
KRODHA — This system was home to the Tiger Claws Space Marines before their destruction, and was eventually cleansed of life by its old, expanding primary star.
KRONIDA V — This planet is a Jungle world.
KRONITE — Imperial feudal world is also an Imperial Guard founding world. [HAL]
KRONOS SECONDUS — This planet was host to the 25 year war between the Black Templars and Khorne Berzerkers.
KRONRATHA PRIME — The Tau invaded this planet, defended by the Imperial Guard.
KROOL — Imperial system [BHM] [GOT] [OBS]
KRUM XVI — Congomen "Ironsides" rough riders regiment.
KSATELLA — Chaos renegades took over this Imperial fortress world, which was retaken by the infamous Valhallan Commander Chenkov in 997M41.
KSI'M'YEN — This Sept world of the Third Sphere has only recently started to develop an identity. Its inhabitants are regarded as stealthy and possessed of luck. [TAU] [ULT]
KUDRUN — Frontier world [JOS] [CAL] [OBS]
KUEGHAN — Imperial system [PTM] [GOT] [OBS]
KULTH — An Ork invasion, whose conflict is now in its 83rd year, dominates this war world. [TPR] [CAL] [OBS]
KULUTH — War world [MAL] [CAL] [OBS]
KUUMA — Eisenhorn clashed with the Witchfinder Tantalid on this world in the Edge Worlds of the Helican Subsector. [HEL] [SCA] [OBS]
KURNOUS — This was one of three moons of the original Eldar homeworld.
KURZON'S FALL — Dark Eldar attacks on this Imperial jungle world prompted the Cardinal of neigboring SANCTUS PRIMA to urge a War of Faith against all aliens in the ORPHEUS SECTOR. The Biel Tan craftworld, which was in the area, hoped to avoid the war by fighting the Dark Eldar, but Dark Eldar broke through and attacked the Imperial forces. [TEM]
KWYLE — An Imperial automated station lies in this system.
KYRO — Chaos mutant hordes overran this mining colony in the Maelstrom Zone in the very early years of M41. It also has a penal colony on its sixth planet. [PAL] [MLZ] [ULT]


LACKAN XV — Inquisitor Quixos, aged 176, was wounded by a daemon on this planet during a purge, lodging a piece of its claw in his heart.
LACRIMA DOLOROSA III — This feral world witnessed combat between Tyranids and Marines in nearby space.
LACROSATI — The Corrupt government of this Imperial World was targeted by an orbital missile under the control of an Inquisitor.
LACUSTA — The Windriders Imperial Guard regiment calls this feral world home. [DRU] [CAL] [OBS]
LAERAN — This system was home to the alien Laer before they were exterminated by the Emperor's Children Traitor Marines.
LAGAN — The Third Company of the Ultramarines liberated this system from the Tau in 999M41. [ULT]
LALINTA PRIME — Imperial Guard founding world. [VEL]
LAMACIA — (Also: Lamicia) The Latarii Gundogs of the Imperial Guard made their heroic last stand on this planet. [SAB] [PAC]
LAMARNO — This feral world was infested and absorbed by Hive Fleet Kraken. The doomsday cult, the Celebrants of Nihilism, dominated the planet just before the Tyranid arrival, and nearly three-quarters of the population marched willingly into the bio-ships. [ULT]
LAMSARROTE — Pontius Glaw, a disciple of Chaos, was slain in an Inquisitorial purge led by Absalom Angevin.
LANAMORGSTEIN — This halo world was the source of the plans for the Planet Killer built by Abaddon. [HAZ]
LANDFALL III — Grain harvest.
LAND'S END — This system was reconquered during early days of Macharius' campaigns, in the late 300s of M411. [PAC]
LANDOR IV — Lord Quandros Sylman lorded over this forest world where the Dark Aangels search for the Fallen led them into conflict with Catachans.
LANDRAN — This Imperial Guard founding planet raised the 16th Landran Artillery.
LANDUNDER — The eight hives of this world hang under the planetary crust, in the deep chemical oceans. The specialize in chemical processing and deep-sea mining. [MAL] [CAL] [OBS]
LANGOSTA III — The farming communities of this agri-world were wiped out by Hive Fleet Kraken.
LANNIS IX — Battle: Marines, Insurrection.
LANORRA — This Imperial hive world lies at the edge of Segmentum Obscurus and is an Imperial Guard founding world. [OBS]
LAPIDAS — The battleship Divine Right took part in an action here.
LAPIS MAJORIS — Tyranical during the Dark Age of Technology. This system was conquered by Macharius. [HAZ]
LARRAS LANDING — Marines destroyed the orbital defenses of this world, and then assaulted it using drop pods.
LARSA — Chaos mutant hordes overran this mining colony in the Maelstrom Zone in the very early years of M41. The Minotaurs Space Marines liberated the system with merciless strikes after joining the Badab War. [PAL] [MLZ] [ULT]
LASHATTAU — Imperial system [GET] [GOT] [OBS]
LAST REACH — This system is home to a forest/agri-world.
LASTRATI — This hive world was a place of pilgrimage, known for religious purity. During Apostasy, the Divine Army sect gained control of this hive-world, enslaving and killing nearly the entire population of 14 billion inhabitants. The Black Templar Marshal Gervhart discovered and destroyed the sect in 543M36. The Ordo Malleus fought against the Daemonhost Akharakesh and his small empire in depths of Ghronos Hive. [ULT]
LASTRI'S TOMB — This system lies near the Realm of Ultramar. [EAF] [ULT]
LATTARII — An armored regiment, the Gundogs, from this system participated in the assault on Menazoid Epsilon during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade.
LEDSPAR — This Imperial world was on the trade route to the Mergent worlds before they were closed off by a warp storm. [ANG] [SCA] [OBS]
LEHYDE TEN — All attempts to colonize this frontier world have failed. [ADR] [CAL] [OBS]
LEKKERBEK, NERO NINE — Harlequin Troupes made an appearance here looking for the book of Rhana Dandra (Also: Karesh, Sabulorb).
LEMINITUS — This planet and its Carnelian Palace was destroyed by Lord Macharius.
LEMNOS — Imperial system [ORA] [GOT] [OBS]
LENK — This planet was once the prosperous gateway between the Angelus and Vincies Subsectors, but a warp-storm in 085.M41, lasting for 300 years, turned it in to a lawless backwater. It still has an Imperial Navy base. [ANG] [SCA] [OBS]
LENTREL PRIME — This Imperium lost contact with this forge world in 925M41. [VID]
LEPTIS — The forces of the Ork Warlord Garshûl the Destroyer assaulted in this Imperial system under the governorship of Lord Semper.
LETHE — The Flame Falcons, of the Cursed Founding, were driven off their homeworld by the Grey Knights and the White Consuls. Juniptown is an Imperial Navy recruiting, though most would say shanghaiing, world. The outer system has ore mines. [PTM] [GOT] [OBS]
LETHE ELEVEN — This densely populated world is in Helican Subsector. Its main exports are metalwork and shield technology. It has a moon, Kux. [HEL] [SCA] [OBS]
LEVILNOR IV — This planet was the site of the Temple of the Star Child, though it was eradicated by the Inquisition. Some of the Sensei escaped.
LEXXIA — This is the founding planet of the Imperial Guard Lexxian IX Sawtooths Regiment.
LIBRIS VI — This Administratum world was home to enormous data processing complexes.
LIBERTY V — This Imperial swamp world has vast mould glades.
LILIETH — This was one of three moons of the original Eldar homeworld.
LIMA ROGAN — This system rebelled against Bucharis' tyranny during the Age of Apostasy. It lies between Chiros, in Segmentum Pacificus, and Gathalamor, in Segmentum Solar.
LIMNIS EPSILON — The Helio-Cultists of this world believe that the Emperor lives in the sun, and that his warriors come every century to claim the best of the world's youth.
LIND — The Lyndwyrm Armoury on this hive world produces grenades. [MAL] [CAL] [OBS]
LITHORE — Imperial system [CYC] [GOT] [OBS]
LO — The Lo Metalworks Armoury operates on this hive world. [DRU] [CAL] [OBS]
LOAC — Imperial system [QRS] [GOT] [OBS]
LOCURA — The Inquisition and Adeptus Arbites purged this system of refuges from Asteroth in 389M41. [DRU] [CAL] [OBS]
LODESHA — This Imperial system has a strong Ecclesiarchal influence.
LOGAN'S WORLD — Isolated by the warp storms of the Eye of Terror, this mining world employs slaves. Its capitol is Helsreach and was ruled by the renegade Myron Jubalgunn. Battle: Orks. [EOT]
LOGRES — This ice world is populated by krill farmers. The Imperial Guard fought against the Tarellians.
LOKI — This cold world was the birthplace of Harlon Nayl. [ANT] [SCA] [OBS]
LOKI 7 — Chaos and Imperial forces clashed on this swamp world.
LOQUIT — (Also: LOQIIT) This swarmworld is the home of the Q'Orl species. [PAC]
LORENNIS X — Cadians fought Orks on a narrow isthmus, separating two large continents, at the Battle of Gryphon Bridge, which spans a canal.
LORENTIAN IV — This hive world is an Imperial Guard founding world.
LORESSA — This agri-world was Inquisitor Tyrus' homeworld. The Daemon Prince Kholoth invaded, but Tyrus was rescued by Witch Hunter Covonis. [OBS]
LORASEN — This world is in the Antimar Subsector. [ANT] [SCA] [OBS]
LORIAR — The Imperial Guard recruits from this death world. [TEM]
LORWEN — This world is in the Antimar Subsector. [ANT] [SCA] [OBS]
LOSS — Feral world [MAL] [CAL] [OBS]
LOST HOPE — Ths death-world is home to Lashworms and Rippy Fish.
LOTUN — Anakwanar Sek attempted a counter-strike on this world of the Khan Group to disrupt the flank of Warmaster Macaroth, but failed. [SAB]
LOWENGULF — Inquisitor Horst declared Exterminatus on this Imperial system
LUCAN — Lord Lucan commands the Imperial research outpost in this system. It also contains a Space Marine Fortress Monastery (Space Wolves?).
LUCHESIO — An Ork hulk arrived in this system in 967M41. It has a Schola Progenium Abbey.
LUCIUS — This system's forge world is home to the Adeptus Titanicus Legio Astorum, Warp Runners.
LUGGNUM — This mining world exports ores. [GOL] [CAL] [OBS]
LUKITAR — An Adeptus Mechanicus naval research facility orbited a gas giant in this system. Abaddon raveged the station in 144M41
LUNA — Horus destroyerd the Imperial Fleet Base's defences here. (HH) [SOL]
LUNAPHAGE — This Imperial system lies to the far north or Ultima Segmentum, near the Ghoul Stars. [ULT]
LUTHER MCINTYRE IX — This desert world is home to Ambulls, Crawlers, Sunworms, and Micah Dragons. [TEM]
LUTORIS EPSILON — Cadian fortress system
LUWES — Imperial world
LUXOR — Governor Luger presides over this civilized world in the capitol of Kadavah. There was an uprising. This system has an independent space station, owing to an ancient charter with Port Maw. [BHM] [GOT] [OBS]
LUXOR IV — Battle: Dark Angels, Tyranids.
LUXORIS BETA — Imperial Guard fought Eldar on this agri-world. Two years earlier, orks were cleared from the planet by the Imperial Guard.
LUXUS PRIME — This planet in the Luxus system is a grain world. Lord Lagnost presided over Caput city during a Slaaneshi cult uprising. Inquisitor Draco lost Googol and found Grimm here.
LYCOSIDAE — This dead world is home to the Legio Venator titan fortress. [GOL] [CAL] [OBS]
LYNIA — Imperial world had a botanical exhibition. [PAC]
LYRIAX — Eldar system in the path of Hive Fleet Leviathan [TEM]


MACCABEUS QUINTUS — This shrine world is home to the Black Order. [DRU] [CAL] [OBS]
MACHARIA — This system was a supply base and founding world, as well as the starting place of the Macharian campaign. It was named after the Imperial hero during his conquests, and upon his death, was made the site of Macharius' tomb. It is currently considered a shrine world. It lies near the border with Segmentum Tempestus. [PAC]
MACHIUN — This system has an Adeptus Arbites training center. [ULT]
MACKAN — Abaddon and Chaos forces fought the Blood Angels on this Imperial world. [SOL]
MACRAGGE — The home system and world of the Ultramarines is a rocky, mountainous world protected by formidable orbital defenses and two polar fortresses with elaborate defense grids. The system has a blue primary star and is the core of the Realm of Ultramar, possessing eleven planets: Quintant, Tarentus, Masali, Konor, Talassar, Talasa Prime, Calth, Macragge, Parmenio, Iax, Prandium, and Circe (a ringed world at the edge of the system). The capital of the planet Macragge is Macragge City. The Adeptus Astra Telepathica established an Astropath choir here during The Forging in M32-34. Battle: Ultramarines, Legio Praetor, Hive Fleet Behemoth. [ROM] [ULT]
MAEDRAX — Eldrad Ulthran destroyed a burried Necron presence after eliminating an Imperial Explorator fleet he prophesied might have awakened them in 783M41.
MAELSTROM VI — This terraformed world was threatened by Genestealer infested space-hulk Obscura.
MAERDAN — This once verdant planet was the site of the Ruin of Maerdan, where over 200 Battle Titans fought in the early days of teh Horus Heresy, destroying its cities and laying waste to the planet. Loyalist Legios Gryphonicus, Metalica, and Destructor fought Traitor Legios Mortis, Argentum, and Vulturum. All sides incurred heavy losses, and the battle was a draw, withdrawing as the battle lines move to other systems. It lies at the edge of Segmentum Solar. [SOL]
MAGDELON — This system was assaulted by Space Marines.
MAGINOR — An organization of traders and nobles known as the Mystic Path used Warp related items to increase their influence on this Imperial world. They were supported by Inquisitor Quixos, until purged by Inquisitor Helgrund. [NIA] [VIC] [ULT]
MAGNOS II — Pro-alien terrorists once threatened to destroy one of the atmosphere processors that keep the temperature livable on this death-world. Inquisitor Eisenhorn fought Inquisitor Tyrus here.
MAGNUS CHRISTI — (Also Magnum Christi) This minor moon in an Imperial provicial backwater was the location of the Battle of Carrion Gulf in the third year of the Torment Crusade. There were Chaos titans burried beneath its surface, shielde3d by untouchables. Inquisitor Alastor declared Exterminatus on it after the discovery of the untouchables.
MAGOG — Imperial Forces had rained Exterminatus on this Chaos world on the fringe of the Maelstrom prior to the Badab War, but it had recovered enough by 907M41 to threaten the Maelstrom Zone again. An Astral Claws battle barge, with support of Lamenters terminators, cleansed the system again in 907M41. [MAL] [MLZ] [ULT]
MAGRETH — The Imperial Navy frigate Greywolf fought chaos escorts in this system during the Gothic War. [GOT] [OBS]
MAJESCUS — Inquisitor Ravenor and his retinue fought Zygmunt Molotch on this Imperial world.
MAKABIUS — This Knight World was bonded to the Forge World of Xana.
MALBEDE — Combat between Ultramarines and Tau awoke the Necron Tombs on this world in 963M41. Marneus Calgar executed Exterminatus on the world after allying with the Tau to defeat the Necrons.
MALFI — Subsector capitol for the Malfian Subsector, engineering and metalworks are the primary industries of this Terra-like hiveworld. Jendrous Kaffiq lords over both the system and subsector. Many on Malfi feel it should be the sector capitol, and cabals and intrigue flourish here. [MAL] [CAL] [OBS]
MALICE — This war world is the front line of the Wrack War. [HAZ] [CAL] [OBS]
MALINTER — This world is in the Outer Worlds of the Angelus Subsector. [ANG] [SCA] [OBS]
MALLID — Inquisitor Eisenhorn and the Essene refueled here en route to Chinchare from Cadia.
MALVOLION — This agri-world was overrun by Tyranids. Battle: Iron Guard, Lamenters, Tyranids.
MANCORA — This system is home to the Howling Griffons Space Marine chapter. [ULT]
MANDALL IV — The Deathwatch destroyed an alien cult that had taken over the capital.
MANKAREAL — This Imperial planet had animal karnivale pits.
MANZIPOR — Colonel-Commissar Gaunt grew up on this world. [PAC]
MARA — Colonized in 098M41 to mine for rare elements, all contact with this was lost due to Warp disturbances in 191M41. A penitentiary mining colony existed here from 743M41 till 768M41 after many lives lost. The mass-troop conveyor Vervilix crash landed here in 810M41. Access to this ice world is forbidden. [HAZ] [CAL] [OBS]
MARIAM — Inquisitor Titus Endor killed a heretic here.
MARINAS — Imperial system [PTM] [GOT] [OBS]
MARIOCH — Frontier world [ADR] [CAL] [OBS]
MARS — This forge world is home to the Adeptus Mechanicus, Legio Ignatium (1 of 3 Legios on Mars), Segmentum Solar's orbital shipyards, and the Imperial Navy's headquarters for Segmentum Solar. Arkhan Land found STC information on armored battle tanks and anti-grav plates in the Librarius Omnis, located in deadly ruins. Upon its surface is the City of Ares Primus, origin of Spartan Landraider variant.
MASALI — This is an arid agri-world in the Macragge system that rotates around a common center of gravity with Quintarn and Tarentus. All are desert worlds with massive agri-domes. Competitive games were held between the three worlds to determine who would be recruited into the Ultramarines. The cities lie under massive domes as well, and are as lush as any forest world. [ROM] [ULT]
MASTADO — Imperial system [BHM] [GOT] [OBS]
MATAPA IV — The Imperial Guard fought the Iron Warriors at the crossing of Xanijes River.
MAYINNOCH — The Ecclesiarchy and a rogue trader fleet clashed in orbit over this world over possession of the charter.
MAZOTH — Battle: Eldar, Chaos rebels.
MEKANIQUE — Imperial world
MEDUSA — This system is home to the Iron Hands, and is reputed to be the home of, or at the least the namesake for, the Sons of Medusa.
MEDREDAX — The population of this system was incited to commmit ritual suicide by the Daemon Prince Cherubael.
MEDRENGARD — (Also: PERTURABO). This system is the new homeworld for the Iron Warriors, founded after the Horus Heresy. It is a fortified prison world inside the Eye of Terror. [EOT] [OBS]
MELKIAR — This is an Imperial Guard founding world.
MELOS — Imperial system [QRS] [GOT] [OBS]
MENAZOID EPSILON — Inquisitor Heldane was killed on this necropolis world of the Menazoid Clasp region in 765M41. The Tanith First and Only encountered a Chaos corrupted STC on this body, destroying it. [MEN] [SAB] [PAC]
MENAZIOD SIGMA — This world was the capital planet of the Menazoid Clasp and one of the main fronts of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade [MEN] [SAB] [PAC]
MENDALIN — The Royal Scholam Geologicus lies in this system famous for its engine yards.
MENTHUSIUM II — This planet has a large mining colony. [SOL]
MERLIN VI — This Imperial planet had a naval battle.
MEROV — The Merovech Combine calls this hive world home. [GOL] [CAL] [OBS]
MERRIC'S WORLD — Imperial Forces and Blood Reavers Space Marines recover a Word Bearers Land Raider on this planet.
MESSINA — Imperial trade world was the site of a cult that ritually removed its victim's eyes, and was also home to Inquisitor Eisenhorn's untouchable Distaff organization. [HEL] [SCA] [OBS]
METALICUS — This system contains a forge world.
METHALOR — This hive world rebelled against Bucharis' tyranny during Age of Apostasy. It is the system closest to Bucharis' base of operations on Gathalamor. [SOL]
MEZOA — Imperial system [CYC] [GOT] [OBS]
MG-DYEL — Imperial system [ULT]
MID CALVEUS CVIII — This planet near Armageddon is plagued by warp storms. [SOL]
MIDRASK — The Astral Claws defeated Warlord Rukka Manyteef's Glittanob buly-boyz in this system, effectively dooming Manyteef's small empire. [TAM] [OBS]
MIHOK — This system, containing a gas giant, is 30 light years from Cadia. Mihok Secundus is a forest moon. The Cadians Imperial Guard defended Cobalt Valley from the Alpha Legion, destroying the governor's mansion with a tank barrage after it was captured by the Alpha Legion.
MILARRO — This system contains the asteroid seminaries of the Word Bearers.
MIMIGA — This was the home of Cardinal Palfro, who turned heretic.
MIMONAN — This world is in the Antimar Subsector. [ANT] [SCA] [OBS]
MINEA — This Imperial hive world has a population of 154 billion and exports Banedax ore and Phosgene gas. Principle locations on its surface are Brimstern Hive (capital), Fortress Calista, Gehenna Bastion, and Drevkarn mines. [ULT]
MINORIA — The Dark Angels Deathwing invaded this Imperial minimg planet in the Periliac system in 832M41, killing or capturing every citizen.
MIRAL — Emperor's Scythes and Imperial Guard faced Hive Fleet Kraken on this feral death-world where the Emperor was worshipped as a great beast residing in the forests. The main planet was the lush jungle world of Miral Prime. [ULT]
MIREPOIX — This system was the founding world for the Mirepoix Light Elite regiment.
MIRRIDON — This system in the Sabbat Worlds was strategic due to its promethium supplies. [SAB] [PAC]
MIRROBEL — Ork and Imperial vessels clashed at this resupply base used by long-range patrols.
MISERE — Eldar pirates attacked this Imperial system, and the Imperial governor's luxury cruise ships, which had been hastily refitted with crude weapons, destroyed two of their escorts. [CYC] [GOT] [OBS]
M'KHAND — This system contains an Imperial forge world.
M'LAAR XIII — This is a daemon world in Ganglax Sector. The Khorne Lord Ekrak conquered the world during the Blackstar Crusade, but it is now contested by all 4 chaos powers.
MMX 215 — Access to this system is forbidden. [MAL] [CAL] [OBS]
MOAB — Imperial system [CYC] [GOT] [OBS]
MOLECH — The Imperial Knight House Devine betrayed Imperial forces here during the Horus Heresy. The battle involved three titan legions and over a hundred Imperial Guard regiments. (HH) [SOL]
MOLOCH — Moloch I, II, and III are mining worlds. Battle: Imperial Guard, Eldar, Hive Fleet Kraken. [ULT]
MOLOV — The renegade Governor Vlacheck ruled here until Redemptor Kyrinov led a revolt, which overthrew Vlachek. [ULT]
MOLTOVA — Imperial forces fought a grinding 20-year campaign on this hive world. It is also an Imperial Guard founding world. [ULT]
MOND — (Also: Mondlia) This planet is an Imperial Guard founding world, famed for the 3rd Mondlian "Ork Bane" Regiment.
MONGLOR — The Angels of Redemption quelled an Ogryn revolt during 3rd War for Armageddon on this Ogryn mining world. [SOL]
MONSAIC CLOUD — This nebula has harbored Ork pirates. [GOT] [OBS]
MONSK — The orbital shipyards of this system produced the design for the Infidel heavy destroyer. [OBS]
MONTHAX — The Tanith First and Only fought on this wet swamp world. [SAB] [PAC]
MORAG'S WORLD — A planet of island chains, the Word Bearers defeated the White Scars here and raised pillars and statues.
MORBELLUM — This system was reconquered during early days of Macharius' campaigns, in the late 300s of M41. [PAC]
MORDANT — The acid miners of this planet worship the Emperor as a guiding spirit-light that keeps the darkness at bay.
MORDIA — This planet is a hive world and night world with pyramidal hives ruled by Tetrarchs. It's the founding place of the Iron Guard, of the Imperial Guard. Chaos cults and Traitor Marines nearly overran the planet, but were defeated by the Iron Guard. There was a battle on light side of the planet during the Age of Apostasy [OBS]
MORDRIANA III — This planet was home to the initial genetic stock of the Mantis Warriors and remained a recruiting world, despite its proximity to the Eye of Terror. [EOT] [OBS]
MOREK REEF — An asteroid field near Naxos System, Imperial and Chaos fleets fought here. [GOT]
MORGANGHAST — Imperial hive world attacked by the Death Guard traitor legion in 140M41 [OBS]
MORIMUNDA — Imperial hive world
MORISHA — The renegade governor Yawell was assassinated by a Venenum Temple assassin. [EAF]
MORLOND — This fortress world was taken by Chaos forces in the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, but then retaken by the Imperial forces led by Warmaster Macaroth himself in the year 773 of M41. [SAB]
MOROKAI — Princeps Koval died during Titan battles on this world.
MOROX — This Imperial hive world is an Imperial Guard founding world. [OBS]
MORTANT — This Hive world is the founding world for several Imperial Guard regiments, including the Mortant VII Headhunters.
MORTARION — This plague planet is the current location of Mortarion and his Death Guard. [EOT] [OBS]
MULLIS IV — Catachans searched for STC templates on the orders of the Adeptus Mechanicus on this jungle world, encountering Necrons.
MUNDUS PLANUS — (Also: CHOGORIS) This is the homeworld of the White Scars. Jaghatai Khan united the nomadic warrior tribes of the steppes known as the Empty Quarter, and then defeated the forces of Palatine, the ruler of most of the population of Chogoris, just a few years before the arrival of the Emperor, prior to the Crusade. It's capitol is Quan Zhou, the site of Khan's Palace. [PAC]
MUNDUS PYRA — This system is home to the Fire Lords chapter of the Space Marines. [ULT]
MYMEARA — This paradise world was once one of many in the Eldar Empire, though they now are lost.
MYNESTRA STATION — This system, aided by the PDF forces of Lugft Huron's Tyrant's Legion, fought off a corsair raid in the late 790s of M41. [MLZ] [ULT]
MYR — The Imperial Guard recruits from this death world. [VEL]
MYRMIDIA — Natives of this Imperial world have flat cheeks and broad noses.


NAHAKRA — This desolate world was raided by the Dark Eldar Dracon Khireraq.
NAMAGROD — Gaunt's Ghosts fought renegades in this binary system.
NAMETH — This Imperial world was cold. [SAB] [PAC]
NANTHRAX III — This world has wide wastelands.
NAOGEDDON — This planet is a dead world. Several Explorator fleets were lost here in M35 and M37. Necron structured were discovered here in 641M41 and the system was declared Purgatus. It lies to the galactic north at the edge of Segmentums Ultima. [ULT]
NARAKA — The Ork warlord Rukka Manyteef and his Sky-Killas controled this Imperial system for over a century before liberation by the Astral Claws in the Taninim Crusade. [NRS] [TAN] [OBS]
NARMENIA — This Imperial Guard founding world specializes in armored brigades of heavy tanks.
NAUTILIA — This Imperial ocean planet is famed for sailing ships.
NAXOS — The Eldar fought for possession of this system from Chaos vessels during the Gothic War. [QRS] [GOT] [OBS]
N'DRAS — This Sept world of the Second Sphere was voluntarily abandoned by the Tau for some unknown reason. Its few remaining natives within the Empire are regarded as morose, angry, and untrustworthy. [TAU] [ULT]
NEARLYTHERE — Clan Mackenzie of Dunroamin VI purchased goods stolen from this mining world. [ULT]
NECRIS — This planet in the Veiled Region is home to the Marines Exemplar. [VEL]
NECROMUNDA — Factories, mines, refineries, and processing plants dominate this industrial hive world that has been reduced to a polluted ash wasteland between its massive hive cities. It is a recruiting location for the Imperial Fists. Lord Helmawr was the Imperial overseer of the system. Hives include: Palatine Hive, Hive Mortis, Hive Secundus, Gothrul's Needle, Trazior Hive, and the Eye of Selene space hive. Palatine Hive is the founding location of the 8th Necromundan Regiment and the Imperial Fists fortress. Acropolis hive contains Nautilus spire, where Genestealers fought Imperial Fists. In Trazior Hive, the Acritas Clan clashed with undercity gangs of 3 spires. [SOL]
NEMESIS TESSERA — This Inquisitorial stronghold lies near the Eye of Terror. [OBS]
NEO BAKU — Imperial hive world was also an Imperial Guard founding world. [ULT]
NEO KHARTOUM — The Doom Legion Space Marines quelled a rebellion on this world. [ULT]
NEUSS-FOUR — This grey world was destroyed after Judit was taken in a Blackship.
NEUTRA — This system is home to the Relictors Space Marines. [OBS]
NEWFOUND — This is the home system of the Genesis Marines chapter. [ULT]
NEXXAS — Battle: Emperor's Children, Imperial Guard.
NEW BASTION — Imperial Guard founding world [ULT]
NEW HALLEFUSS — This system has an Adeptus Mechanicus Biologis Research Station that leads research on Tyranid biology.
NEW HOPE — Tyranids of Hive Fleet Leviathan attacked this frontier world. [PAC]
NEW KLONDIKE — This world has rough terrain and low fuel supplies.
NEW REST — Brigant XV vs. Renegade Cardinal Namil, leader of several rebel worlds in the area, fought the Imperial Guard Brigant XV on this impoverished world. [ULT]
NICKEL V — The Donian crusade started on this planet, residing in the Donian Sector, where Black Templars fought Orks. Brother Austein was killed, and succeeded by Marshal Wernher. [PAC]
NIHILAS — This is the home of the Death Strike chapter of the Space Marines. [ULT]
NIKAEA — Before the Horus Heresy, this system was the site of the council to review the status of the Thousand Sons. In the Edict of Nikaea, the Emperor decreed that librarians would be trained, but banished the use of sorcery.
NIMBOSA — The Tau annexed this system while Imperial forces were occupied with Hive Fleet Kraken. Vostroyan forces fought the Tau to the last man. The Black Templars led the Imperial forces that eventually reclaimed the system from the Tau. [ULT] [EAF]
NIXAUR SECUNDUS — This planet was home to an Adseptus Mechanicus station.
N'MAN — Imperial system [CYC] [GOT] [OBS]
NOCTURNE — This volcanic, ash laden world is a recruiting planet for the Salamanders. Its oversized moon, Prometheus, is the home of the Salamanders Space Marines. It is a binary planetary system, the planet and moon, which has an erratic orbit, and Nocturne suffers massive tectonic activity as a result, resulting in high volcanic activity and abnormally high radiation, which reacts with the Salamanders' gene seed, giving them their distinct coloring and eyes. [ULT]
NOGOROD — This planet has Horse Lodges.
NONIMAX — This Imperial world was part hive world and part agri-world. Warmaster Macaroth deployed Pragar regiments here during the Sabbat Worlds campaign and retook the world in six weeks. [SAB] [PAC]
NOSTRAMO — This adamantium mining world is the homeworld of Konrad Curze and the Night Lords. The planet is a night world orbiting a dying sun in eternal eclipse of its moon, TENEMOR. The main city of Quintus was pollution-clogged and subject to rampant crime and depression. It was destroyed by Konrad Kurze and his fleet before the Horus Heresy.
NOVA DURMA — This world is in the Antimar Subsector. [ANT] [SCA] [OBS]
NOVISBIRSK — The Warlord Spratzog bombarded and assaulted an Imperial Guard force here.
NUCERIA — Ultramarines and Legio Oberon fought World Eater and Word Bearer Traitor Marines here.
NULL BASTION, THE — This system lies within the fringes of the Maelstrom, in its galactic southwest quadrant. [MAL] [ULT]
NUMITOR — Imperial and Chaos naval forces, including the Emperor's Wrath, Zealous, and Chaos Eternus, clashed above this planet during the Gothic War. [CYC] [GOT] [OBS]
NUSQUAM FUNDUMENTIBUS — Imperial ice world


OBLITERAX — Dormant remnants of Hive Fleet Jormungandr emerged on this Imperial world in 997M41, concurrent with attacks by Hive Fleet Leviathan throughout the Imperium. [GHO]
OBSIDIA — This system is home to the Sable Swords Space Marines chapter. [ULT]
OCCLUDUS — This system is home to the Death Spectres Space Marines. [GHO]
OCCULUS — The Imperium discovered this moon-sized bio-artefact in M32, and used it as an Observator Station on the Eastern Fringe. Hive Fleet Behemoth absorbed both the station and the crew in 745M41. [EAF]
OCTARIUS — (Also: Octaria and Octavius) Inquisitor Kryptmann identified this Ork world as the central target of the attacks by Hive Fleet Leviathan, which entered the sector of the same name in 997M41. The system is led by the Overfiend of Octarious. This mountainous planet has a single mega-continent. War with the Tyranids still rages in 999M41. [OCT] [ULT]
OCTO GENESIS — The Last Chancers 13th Penal Legion fought on this Imperial world. [TYP] [ULT]
OECHALIA — Imperial system [BHM] [GOT] [OBS]
OERIBUS — This backwater world has twin suns. Fools gate was the settlement where Inquisitor Eisenhorn, questing for the Liber Angelicus, fought Inquisitor Covenant, who was following spoor of Chaos.
OET'S STAR — Inquisitor Eisenhorn killed Inquisitor Frontalle here.
OGRIS MAJOR — This feudal world is an Imperial Guard founding world. [OBS]
OGRYS — This system was once home to the Invaders Space Marines chapter, but now lies in ruins. [ULT]
OKASSIS — This Cardinal world was home to Saint Praxedes. The Imperial Guard fought the Tyranids here during the 2nd Tyrannic War. [ULT]
OKKU — The Lord of Okku sold his subjects to Ork slavers before his assassination.
OLLANZ — The Scouring of Ollanz, large-scale Titan battles, took place on the desert plains of this world.
OLORHOLIS — This system lies at the fringes of the Maelstrom in its galactic northwest quadrant. [MAL] [ULT]
OLTHANDOR — This world is an Imperial Guard founding world.
OLYMPAS — On this hive world, rival factories conducted raids on each other. It was the homeworld of Lieutenant Kage of 13th Penal Legion, the Last Chancers.
OLYMPIA — This rugged, mountainous world was the homeworld of Perturabo, Primarch of the Iron Warriors. It had fortified city states, including Lochos where Perturabo was found. While on a Crusade, the Olympians revolted and Horus sent the Iron Warriors to supress rebellion, which they did, killing 5 million civilians and leading them down the path to chaos at the start of Horus Heresy. The Ultramarines and Imperial Fists cleansed the defending Iron Warriors from planet, but at great cost. The Iron Warriors detonated their missile stockpiles as a final act of defiance, leaving a blasted wasteland that, like the other traitor legion homeworlds, has been declared Perditia.
OLZAI-49 — This planet is a death world.
OMICRON — This Imperial world founded the Omicron Rangers.
OPHELIA — This system is the home of the Cardinals Astra and Cardinal Symian.
OPHELIA IV — This cardinal world was an alternate home to the Ecclesiarchy prior to the Age of Apostasy. The rich Convent Prioris of the Adepta Soroitas was located here. [TEM]
OPHELIA VII — This densely populated world became the home of the Ecclesiarchy under Benedin IV in 200M35 and is home to the Convent Prioris of the Adepta Sororitas of the Order of Our Martyred Lady. It is home to Schola Progenium Seminaries. It is one of the most ancient cardinal worlds of the Imperium. [TEM]
OPHIDIA — This Imperial system is capitol of the Ophidian Subsector. [OPH] [SCA] [OBS]
OPTERA — The forth planet of this system is a feral world. The Minotaurs fought a seventeen-hour space battle with the Lamenters here during the Badab War, eventually forcing their surrender. [PAL] [MLZ] [ULT]
ORAN — This is a feral world.
ORAR — This Imperial hive world was the destination of an Imperial Guard force escorted by an Imperial Fleet during Abaddon's space campaign. The fleet stationed at Orar was cut off until the traitor blockade at Anvil 206 was broken by Battleship Bloodhawk. A Chaos fleet launched a sneak attack against it, but was repulsed by the battlecruiser Imperious and the system defenses. It is capitol of the Orar subsector. [ORA] [GOT] [OBS]
ORBAL — The Inquisitor Ion Dimitru was murdered on this planet, which orbits Phosphor.
ORBUL INFANTA — Imperial shrine world has ten-thousand shrine cities. Inquisitor Eisdenhorn and the Witchhunter Tantalid clashed here. [OBS]
ORENDAL — Lord Militant Angevin made this a shrine world in 363M39 to honor the dead of the Angevin Crusade's Second Front
ORLENZA — Commander Brassika shepherded this Imperial world. Aleti is a neighboring system. They had a trade dispute with the Imperium that led to his assassination by a Callidus assassin.
ORNSWORLD — This planet is a Ratling world, home to Stumper Muckstart. Chaos forces took the Eye of Night from this world, killing nearly a million Ratlings in the process. [OBS]
ORPHEUS PRIME — The Praetors of Orpheus Space Marines chapter claims this as their homeworld. It lies on the border of the Ultima Segmetum. [ULT]
ORROK — Forces of the Overfiend of Octarius took over this Imperial system, but soon after, it was invaded again by Hive Fleet Leviathan, which had been lured there by Inquisitor Kryptman's lure of a brood placed aboard the space hulk Perdition's Flame and consumed it after a protracted and bitter battle with the Orks. [OCT] [ULT]
ORTHO — Imperial system [PTM] [GOT] [OBS]
OSCILLIA IX — This hive world saw very heavy fighting with many casualties; Warmaster Macaroth commanded the Imperial forces here and uttered his famous quote "Too much blood. Too much , too much. I cannot afford this spill, for the Emperor's sake."
OSIRIAN — The second moon of this Imperial planet was home to a Callidus Temple of the Officio Assassinorum.
OSSEA — This Daemon world in the Eye of Terror consists entirely of sculpted bone. A force of Salamanders Space Marines assaulted the skeletal fortress at the heart of the planet in 949M41 and were never seen again. [EOT] [OBS]
OUDINOT — Imperial Guard infantry battalions, the Oudinot Irregulars, from this system participated in the assault on Menazoid Epsilon during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade.
OUTRENACHT — This system is home to the Legion of Night Space Marine chapter. [OBS]
OXATAN — Homeworld of the Red Legion Space Marines chapter. [ULT]


PAGANUS REACH — Inquisitor Lichtenstein, Inquisitor Tyrus, Kessel, and the Daemon Prince Phara’gueottla clashed on this barren world.
PALOBARA — This Imperial trade world lies on the fringe of Imperial space, and serves as a free-trade zone. [OBS]
PALUS OLIDUS — Macharius found mutants on this jungle world. [HAZ]
PAMOPHREY — This world is in the Edge Worlds of the Helican Subsector. [HEL] [SCA] [OBS]
PANETHA VARN — Priesthood of the Decagogue turn out to be a Slanneshi cult, which was discovered by Von Castellan and Inquisitor Covenant.
PARAGON — This world is home to the Emperor's Hands Space Marines. [SOL]
PARAMAR V — Legio Ignatium fought the Deaths Heads on this devastated planet, where Fabius Bile made an appearance. [SOL]
PARAVAX — The third moon was an ancient Eldar site discovered by the Imperial explorer Eeusis Mung.
PARIS 447 — This was a barricade planet.
PARMENIO — This is an Ultramarine training world in the Macragge system. [ROM] [ULT]
PARNIS — This planet in the Yarokin Veil was home to a lost Order of Adepta Sororitas, the Order of the Blessed Inquiry. Inquisitor Silas Hand died here destroying the Chaos daemon Asteroth. [YAR] [TEM]
PARTHENOPE — Qux of the Eyeless destroyed an Imperial Force led by General Onator, but was eventually destroyed in a fleet engagement with the Imperial Navy, creating the Antioch Debris Field.
PASHEN NINE-SIXTY — Often refered to simply as Pashen, this agri-world once held a Chaos cult, defeated by Hyrkan regiments led by Colonel-Commissar Gaunt and an Imperial spy network led by Fereyd. [PAC]
PATRIA — The Imperial Guard held out against a Kroot invasion for 47 years.
PAVONIS — This system is a major node for the Imperial Navy. The Praetors of Orpheus Space Marines chapter operates near this system. [ULT]
PAX ARGENTIUS — This system lies along the border of Segmentum Obscurus and Ultima Segmentum. [ULT]
PECH — The homeworld of the Kroot lies astride the Perdus Rift, within the Tau Empire. It is a jungle planet. [TAU] [ULT]
PELEREGON IV — An assassin cult operated out of this mountainous, highly volcanic world until eradicated in the Vinculus Crusade in 833M41. [PEL] [ULT]
PELUCIDAR — This high-gravity world has terraformed, underground jungles. An Imperial fleet ambushed the leading Ork forces entering Armageddon system here. [ARM]
PENTARI — This system was the site of a cult that ritually removed its victim's eyes
PERDITIA — Thie Imperial Guard founding world is home to the Perditian Outriders. [ULT]
PERDUS MAGNUS — This system was home to a Blood Angels outpost. Battle: Blood Angels, Genestealers. [ULT]
PERILIAC — Orks of Waaagh! Drillakilla conquered the Imperial planet of Periliac Prime while the Dark Angels Deathwing killed or captured all the inhabitants of the mining planet Minoria in 832M41.
PERIREMUNDA — Acer Albers discovered this system in the middle of M24, but due to his death it wasn't colonised till early M27. It is a desert world where the heat and tectonc activity keep the equitorial regions molten. Countless plateaux climb high enough for the air to cool to habitable levels. The planet thus resembles numerous islands above a molten or desert ocean. A number of Imperial Guard regiments fought to put down a Tyranid-spawned rebellion. The temperature of any location is determined by elevation, from intolerable heat near the surface to near ice-world standard on most of the larger, habitable plateaux. It has a population of roughly one billion. The planetary capital is Principia Mons. [ULT]
PERISOPOLA — This system contains a hive world. A pro-alien cult attempting to repair an ancient beacon was actually a front for Ordo Xenos Inquisitor, since the beacon will warn off an alien fleet.
PERLIA — Commissar Cain and the Imperial Guard liberated this planet from Orks. [ULT]
PERSEPOLIS — Macharius recontacted this hive world in 392M41 after 5,000 years. [PAC]
PERSYA — Eldar pirates raided this Imperial hive world in 891M41. [PRS]
PHANACIA — This system is home to the Phanacian school of thought, which believes the Emperor was fully deified when he defeated Horus. [PAC]
PHAEL — Four bishops from this world were martyred.
PHAETON — (Also: Phaethon) This Imperial forge world constructs Leman Russ battle tanks.
PHAGUS — Imperial authorities reclassified this planet as a Daemon world after fanged chasms opened across its surface and consumed its inhabitants in 822M41.
PHANTINE — This system in the Sabbat Worlds was strategic due to its vapor mills. [SAB] [PAC]
PHAPHAN — This Imperial system was home to an Ecclesiarchal sub-diocese.
PHARGOS HEX — This ancient world lies on the lower edge of the Maelstrom zone. Its purpose and astrography are highly classified. [PAL] [MLZ] [ULT]
PHENDRICK'S WORLD — Titans of Legio Audax and Legio Castigatra fought against each other on this world during the Horus Heresy.
PHOBIAN — This world is home to the Dark Hunters Space Marine chapter. [TEM]
PHROTI — Imperial system [QRS] [GOT] [OBS]
PICUS — The Fortitude fell prey to an Eldar ambush in the asteroids near Picus VI. [ORA] [GOT] [OBS]
PIETY — A world of the Endymion Cluster, now classified as lost. [ENY] [MLZ] [ULT]
PIMONEDES ALPHA — Ultramarines fought Tyranids on this world.
PIRAEUS — This system was the start of an ill fated jump to Crows World, resulting in the loss of the Fire Hawks Fortress Monastery, Rapturous Rex.
PISCINA IV — Sousan is the capitol on the main continent of Kadillus on this Imperial ocean world. It has three moons. It was assaulted by orks, led by Ghazghkull and Nazdreg, using teleporters for reinforcements. The Orks were stopped by the Dark Angels, including Scout Sergeant Namaan and Master Belial, at battle for Koth Ridge. [OBS]
PISCINA V — This mixed desert and jungle deathworld was colonzied prior to Dark Age of Technology. The Dark Angel Sergeant Namaan fought Orks, led by Thraka and Nazdreg, at the Battle of Koth Ridge and Kadillus Harbor. [OBS]
PLAGUE WORLDS — These planets on the Eastern Fringe lay along the path of Hive Fleet Behemoth. [EAF]
PLANET OF THE DEAD — This world was destroyed by Hive Fleet Kraken [ULT]
PLANET OF THE SORCERERS — This is the current location of Magnus and his Thousand Sons. The "City of Light" is said to have survived the destruction of Prospero, transported to this daemon world. The Silver Towers are able to detatch from the City of Light and act as space-faring fortresses for the Thousand Sons. Its capitol is the Tower of the Cyclops. The Book of the Thousand Sons resides here. [EOT]
PLATEA — Imperial mining system in the Cyclops Cluster has orbital defenses that drove off the Ork Terror ship Barbaric. [CYC] [GOT] [OBS]
PLEURIC — Rogue Traders discovered this habitable system in the Van Reilac Belt, in the Veiled Region outside Segmentum Tempestus at the beginning of M41. The system has eight planets: (1) Murchad, (2) Pleuris, (3) Liethe Prime - elliptical orbit, (4) Elevoc, (5) Gleiros, (6) Anaro, (7) Zindleschlitz - elliptical orbit, and (8) Ghast. [VEL]
PLEURIS — The Imperial shrine world of Elevoc lay within this system.
POLARIS — This was the site of ancient Ork power field generators studied by Xenarite Mechanicus Tezla.
POLYPHEMIA II — This Imperial hive world served as a founding world for the Imperial Guard, drawing from the planetary PDF, and was the birthplace if Inquisitor Lord Antigonus Balorodin. [SOL]
PORETTA — This system has 5 worlds, 3 of which were inhabitable with mineral rich mountain ranges. It was discovered in 365M39. Ut was inhabited by the Demiurg, short semi-humanoids normally drifting through galaxy on asteroid harvesting ships.
PORETTA IV — This is the largest inhabited world of the system. Battle: Valhallan Polar Guard, Demiurg.
PORT MAW — This hive world is a major naval base not far from Lethe, and is the capital of the Gothic Sector. It is ringed with bastion stations, monitors, defense satalites, and minefields. 200 billion souls call it home, and its shipyard facility, Nexus Station, is the largest in the sector. [PTM] [GOT] [OBS]
PORTEUS — Immperial system [ULT]
PORTREIN — The World Eaters Space Marines destroyed a loyalist armory in the Portrein Raid in 960M41.
POSUL — This feral world of death-worshipping cannibals lies in near-perpetual darkness. It is the home planet of the Mortifactors and the birthplace of Brother Artemis. Hive Fleet Leviathan cleansed this planet of life. [TEM]
PRAETORIA — This is the founding world of the Praetorians. (Massacre at Big Toof River)
PRAGAR — Infantry regiments from this system participated in the assault on Menazoid Epsilon during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. They also retook Nonimax from Chaos forces in six weeks. [PAC]
PRANAGAR — This world is home to the Sky Sentinels Space Marines. [TEM]
PRANDIUM — This once prosperous, temperate garden and agri world was the most beautiful in Ultramar, but was stripped bare by Hive Fleet Behemoth in 746M41. It is currently a dead world. [ROM] [ULT]
PRAXETI — Severe ion storms blast the surface of this Imperial death world.
PRESARIUS — The Iron Snakes chapter of the Space Marines won victories here during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. [SAB] [PAC]
PREYSPIRE — This system is home to the Hawk Lords Space Marines. [ULT]
PRISM — This system was home to a Space Marine chapter, but records concerning which one have been deleted.
PROMETHEUS — This moon of Nocturne is the home of the Salamanders.
PROMODY — This jungle world is in the Antimar Subsector. In the Pre-Dawn Era, it was home to an alien civilization of enormous proportion, one of seven worlds raised in honor the fallen daemon-king, Yssarile. [ANT] [SCA] [OBS]
PROMOR — The Last chancers fought here. [TYP] [ULT]
PROSCOL — Imperial hive world. The Jantine Patricians assaulted an obscura addict hive here. [PAC]
PROSPERO — This system was the homeworld of the Thousand Sons during the Horus Heresy. It was a remote planet populated by mutant psykers seeking asylum from the Imperium. Its "City of Light," a massive single citadel with silver towers, hydroponics, and techno-psychic collector arrays was supposedly teleported away before the system was cleansed by the Space Wolves. [SOL]
PROTON SECUNDUS — Orks fought against the Howling Griffons on this colony world.
PROVIDENCE LENTICULA — The Jantine Patricians fought on this dusty Imperial world on the heatlands. [PAC]
PROXADIS — The Invincible perished at this world. [GOT] [OBS]
PROXIMA — Bjorn was killed here while trying to rescue Space Wolves trapped in the Blacksun fortress.
PROXIMA FINALIS — Inquisitor Eisenhorn raided a mutant rebel hideout, after hiring Lucius "Slick" Devlan in this system. A Penal Legion fought Orks here, and the survivors later joined the Last Chancers. [ULT]
PROXIMA TRANTOR — Dead cities cover the surface of this quarantine world.
PROXIMUS MUNDI — The Bureau of Stellar Cartography lies in this system.
PRYZSBILA CONTEMPTA — This world has megalithic, deserted alien ruins.
PUNZEL — This system is in Helican Subsector. [HEL] [SCA] [OBS]
PURGATORY — On this Imperial mining outpost the Night Lords captured the Hand of Night (Also: Hand of Darkness), a chaos artifact from Cadian Guard, in 140M41. [OBS]
PYCENTOS — This Imperial shrine world hosted an honorary temple to the Astral Claws after their action in the Taninim Campaigns in M37. The shrine was removed after the Badab War.
PYMBYLE — These twin stars, designated Pymbyle Major and Minor, currently host the rogue system Chinchare. [HAZ]
PYRA — This was a founding system for the 114th Pyran Dragoon Regiment of the Imperial Guard.
PYRITES — Cracia is the largest city on this technologically advanced Imperial world. [PAC]
PYRUS I — This world is home to the worm-like psychic race the Drugh


QARTAD — This feral world is an Imperial Guard recruiting world.
QUARAN — Waaagh-Makrina was broken when Bjorn defeated the Ork warlord Makrina on this desert world.
QUENTHUS — This system is in the Outer Worlds of the Angelus Subsector, and has several planets used by the Imperium, including Quenthus VIII and Quenthus XIII. [ANG] [SCA] [OBS]
QUINTARN — Along with Tarentus and Masali, these triple worlds orbit a common center of gravity in the Macragge System. All are desert worlds with massive agri-domes. Competitive games were held between the three worlds to determine who would be recruited into the Ultramarines. The cities lie under massive domes as well, and are as lush as any forest world. Orks invaded, but were repelled by Marneus Calgar in 759M41. [ROM] [ULT]
QUINZE — This planet has raptors.
QUISTO'ROL — This system lies to the north-east of the Storm of the Emperor's Wrath. [ULT]


RAAS BISOR — This is an Imperial Guard founding world. [TEM]
RADAWL — White Scars fought on this mist-shrouded deathworld with vapor swamps.
RADNAR — A genestealer revolt against the Adeptus Arbites presaged the infestation of this world by Hive Fleet Kraken. [KRE] [ULT]
RAEL'S WORLD — The governor of this world, Commander Skar Kulm, maintains a penal colony. Battle: Orks, Imperial.
RAIKAN — This is the homeworld of the Red Talons Space Marines. [TEM]
RAKEL'S WORLD — This planet is a source of the drug Polymorphine.
RALGOR VII — This planet was scoured by Necromundan Imperial Guard. Battle: Fire Wasps, Chaos Marines.
RAMILLIES 268-43 — (Also: Ramillies) Space Marines vanquished a Chaos force on this world, and the Tanith First and Only was part of the Imperial Guard contingent sent to clear the remnants. It had a dry climate and cactus-type plants that shot poisonous spines, targeting by sound. [PAC]
RAN'S EGLISE — This artificial world lies to the galactic north of Segmentum Obscurus, but is still an Imperial Guard founding world. [HAL]
RA'PSON — This planet in the Realm of Ultramar, has a number of moons. [ROM] [ULT]
RASSIOS — This Imperial hive world is also an Imperial Guard founding world. [SOL]
RATHNORN — Near a remote asteroid base in this system, the Imperial Fists boarded an Alpha Legion Cruiser, and then pursued them into their asteroid base
RAXOS — In 841M41, four Brotherhoods of Grey Knights deployed to this Imperial hive world after a Tzeenchain Changleling caused a civil war that allowed him to open three Warp Portals. Grand Master Cromm and Borther-Captain Stern seal the portals, but are forced to destroy all the refugee vessels to ensure the Changeling's destruction.
RAYMIA — This Imperial world founded heavy infantry regiments for the Imperial Guard.
REBO V — Abaddon captured Blackstone IV here using the Hand of Darkness in 143M41. It is capitol of the Cyclops cluster. [CYC] [GOT] [OBS]
REGIL IV — (Also: Regi IV) The Dark Eldar, led by Kruellagh, slaughter a Sisterhood temple. Weapons were recovered from the battle.
REILLIS — Emperor saved Horus' life here during the Crusades.
REPENTANCE — This artificial world lies to the galactic southeast of the Imperium and is home to the Nameless chapter of the Space Marines.
RESTO PRIMIS — Led by Dolan, the inhabitants overloaded the geothermal power network in rebellion against Bucharis during the Age of Apostasy.
RHANDA — This civilized world was conquered by Cardinal Bucharis during the Age of Apostasy. [SOL]
RHANNA — This is an Imperial world. [SOL]
RHEA — This system has Orbital refineries. The Word Bearers were lured here by Eldar from Varantha craftworld to be attacked by the Genestealers plaguing its sattelite compounds.
RHIDHOL — (Also: Dark Gates of Rhidhol) Eldar system [ULT]
RIGANT — This Imperial agri-world came under attack by Hive Fleet Leviathan. [VEL]
RIGEAL — See: Badab
RIGEL — This is an Imperial Guard founding world and home to the Rigellian XXV.
RIGGION — This world is in the Outer Worlds of the Angelus Subsector. [ANG] [SCA] [OBS]
ROKSH — This Tau system is home to the Rokshashi Wealthweb merchant guilds. It was consumed by Hive Fleet Gorgon in 902M41. Roksh XVI had a secret Tau listening post. [TAU] [ULT]
ROTHERN — (Also: Rostern) The Vindicator tank was created for fighting in the streets of Stahlenberg here, during the Horus Heresy.
ROURAN — This is a ringed planet in the Cadian System.
ROUAN — Clan Mackenzie of Dunroamin VI purchased goods stolen from this mining world. [ULT]
ROXANZAND — This Ork world lies in the Chelio Sector. The Warlord Urgak the Unstoppable assassinated by Skult of the Vindicare Temple. [CHE]
RUDRA — Leman Russ' armor was recovered from Temple of Horus here during the 2nd Great Hunt. This system lies on the edge of the Eye of Terror. [EOT] [OBS]
RUKH'S PARADISE — This system also contains the Amerialla Belt. After the Blood Angels were stationed there, some of the population went missing, turning up later drained of blood, circa 347.M36. [ULT]
RYANTI — An Inquisitorial council was held here.
RYDOL — This system in the Sabbat Worlds was strategic due to its vapor mills. [SAB] [PAC]
RYNN'S WORLD — This agri-world lies near the Ork Empire of Charadon. Its capitol is New Rynn City. The Crimson Fists had their chapter fortress here in the Hellblade mountains, but it was destroyed by a malfunctioning defense missile and the forces of Waaagh! Snagrod, nearly wiping out the entire chapter in 989M41. [LOK] [TEM]
RYZA — (Also: Rysa) A Cadian Regiment of the Imperial Guard fought Orks at Hera's gate on this forested forge world. The Adeptus Mechanicus maintains a fabricatory here. It is the home to the Adeptus Titanicus Legio Crucius, Warmongers. [SOL]


SABATINE — This system is home to the White Consuls Space Marines. [PAC]
SABLE — Imperial system [ULT]
SABULORB — This cold desert planet was an old Slann world, and also had a Webway portal. Its capitol was Shandabar and it has an Oriens temple where Meh'lindi fought Genestealers. It was burnt by its sun.
SA'CEA — This Tau Sept world in the First Sphere has an unusually hot climate, and is densely populated as well as highly militarized. Its warriors are regarded as honorable and disciplined. [TAU] [ULT]
SACRIS — This world is home to the fortress monastery of the Storm Wardens chapter of the Space Marines. Due to the events of the Nemesis Incident of 945M36, the planet was quarantined from the Imperium. [CAL] [OBS]
SACRISTAN — The Fire Hawks plasma bombed this frontier world of the Endymion Cluster in 905M41, killing 90% of its population. [ENY] [MLZ] [ULT]
SADER VII — Inquisitor Voke prosecuted a cult on this world.
SAFAUR — Imperial world visited by Inquisitor Maturin Ralei.
SAGAN — This Administratum Tithe-Fortress and mass storage system at the galactic western edge of the Maelstrom Zone emerged as an essential trade conduit for the region during M38 and M39, and formed one of the important Imperial bulwarks against forces within the Maelstrom itself. Sagan III became a primary Administratum stronghold in 556M40 and had one super-continent and strongly alkaline seas. Sagan V in an outpost/feral world, and Sagan VIII (Also: Luminal) is an Imperial Navy outpost and astropathic relay. [MLZ] [ULT]
SAHARDUIN — This system consisted of a cluster of unexplored alien planets.
SAHCH V — Canal cities. The Word Bearers plan to overthrow and take over this planet of canal cities was thwarted by Eldar from craft world Varantha.
SAINT ASTRID'S FALL — This frontier moon near the Hazeroth Abyss of the Calixis Sector was ravaged in the Tanis Incident in 709M40. It orbits the gas giant of Sekmet.
SAINT CASPALEN — Tyranids of Hive Fleet Leviathan attacked this Imperial Missionary world. [TEM]
SAINT JOWENS DOCK — The Imperial Naval base here was subjected to a 7 day barrage by Orks on their way to Armageddon. [ARM]
SALAMANTIS — Salamantis VI is an Adeptus Ministorum shrine world. The space hulk, Blasphemous Voyager, plunged into this system's sun.
SALEM PROCTOR — This asteroid monastery in this system was destroyed by its own monks, who poisoned themselves and their biosphere to deny it to Hive Fleet Kraken. Inquisitor Corteaz operated here. [ULT]
SALOMINE — The Imperial Navy brings a raider Chaos fleet known as the Ravagers to decisive battle in this system in 937M41.
SALUTATION — This aquatic world was the home of the Carniverous Sand Clam.
SAMETER — This declining agro-chemical hive-world in the Helican Subsector was the birthplace of Patience Kys. Inquisitor Eisenhorn lost his left hand here. The planet's capitol city is Aquitane. This system has an Imperial Guard founding world, and is the home of the Sameter 9th Infantry, raised in 217M41 and returned 228M41. [HEL] [SCA] [OBS]
SAMOTHRACE — Armored regiments from this system participated in the assault on Menazoid Epsilon during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade.
SAMPAN — This Imperial system is famed for its light-cloth.
SANCTUARY 101 — This was the site of the first recorded combat between the Imperium and the Necrons. Battle Sisters of the Adeptus Sororitas fought the Necrontyr here.
SANGRAAL — This world was virus bombed by the Imperial Fists during the Horus Heresy.
SAN LEOR — This agri- and cardinal-world is the home planet of the Daughters of the Emperor [ULT]
SAN SEBASTIAN — Imperial Cardinal world named after Sebastian Thor.
SANAGUA PRIMAR — The Living Saint Blaesilla hailed from this system in M39.
SANBASTIAN — This Imperial system has extensive mining asteroids that are sometime plagued by pirates. The system was invaded by Orks. [ULT]
SANCTUM — This world is home to the White Templars chapter of the Space Marines. [SOL]
SANGUIA — Commissar Cain fought Eldar Reavers on this world.
SANOJ — The Eldar shut down the Necron pyramids in this system.
SANSEETA — Several Ecclesiarchy members were killed on this Imperial world. [OBS]
SANTO PEVRELYI — This Imperial system is in the vicinity of Hydraphur. [PAC]
SAPIENCIA — Imperial forces liberated this ocean world in a single, massive assault in 768M41, resulting in the capture of Sholen Skara. [SAB] [PAC]
SARCASSA — This Imperial system lies on the edge of Tau space. [ULT]
SARLINN'S WORLD — The Eldar inhabitants of this world were massacred by Slannesh forces. It also had a Webway portal.
SARONICA — The battleship Divine Right took part in a battle here. [ART]
SARPETH — This Imperial hive world gave rise to the Witch-king of Sarpeth, who was crucified above his hive by Inquisitor Quixos.
SARPOY — A mechanized cavalry regiment from this system participated in the assault on Menazoid Epsilon during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade.
SARUM — This world is the capitol of Antimar Subsector. [ANT] [SCA] [OBS]
SATRE — This planet was visited by Inquisitor Ravenor and his retinue.
SAUTEN HELIOS — This prison world held Imperial prisoners. Captain Shrike of the Raven Guard rescued several of the prisoners.
SAVAVEN — Abaddon's Planet Killer destroyed this Ecclesiarchical Cardinal world in 143M41. [QRS] [GOT] [OBS]
SAVIOUR — In this heavily populated system in the Lysades sub-sector, Abaddon forced Saviour's orbital docks to produce ships for his fleet under threat of destruction in 144M41. [LYS] [GOT] [OBS]
SAVLAR PENITENS — Judge Callistar presides over this system in which volcanic moons, also known as Dead Dog Moons, once used for mining, have been turned into penal worlds, populated with prisoners from the Bokur Rebellion. The system is 100 light years from Armageddon. The penal moons are "recruiting" places for the Penal Legion Savlar Chem-Dogs. [SOL?]
SCHINDLEGEIST — Blackstone V lies in this system, and was unsuccessfully attacked by Abaddon's captured Blackstone fortresses in 151M41. [LYS] [GOT] [OBS]
SCIPIO — Imperial forge world produced naval pistols.
SCOPIOS — This asteroid base and research station was used by the Adeptus Mechanicus for dangerous experiments and research. An alien artifact studied there turned the station into a machine warrior production line, which fought against Elysian Drop Troops. The system was bombarded by the Imperial Navy and declared Purgatus.
SCHRAVANN — This final refuge of Badoon was stormed during the Great Crusade. It was the start of the rivalry between Rogal Dorn and Perturabo, and was the last campaign in which they served together.
SEBASTIN VI — The Imperial Guard fought the Eldar of Primitok system here.
SEBASTUS IV — After the Horus Heresy, Perturabo of the Iron Warriors set a trap for Rogal Dorn and the Imperial Fists on Sebastus IV, building his Eternal Fortress, 20 square miles of fortifications. Dorn nearly brought the Imperial Fists to destruction trying to find Perturabo, losing 400 marines before the Ultramarines rescued him. The Dark Powers elevated Perturabo to Daemon Prince for this.
SEI-ORON — Battle: Dark Angels, Orks.
SEKUNDAR PRIME — The Blood Angels Space Marines liberated this planet from an Ork invasion. He lost the Blade Encarmine here, beginning his Bloodquest.
SELARON III — Battle: Blood Angels, Renegade Imperial Guard.
SELENIS — This system was the source of a report on Eldar beliefs.
SELTURA VII — Over 80% of this planet's surface is covered by rainforest. It was the site of a rebellion by local PDF units which were combated by elements of the Jumael 14th. The planet has a 30-hour local day.
SENTINEL — This Imperial shrine world was dedicated to Saint Drusus, and was otherwise covered with dust bowls and salt deserts. Many pilgrims come to see, and die at, the Shrine of its southern hemisphere. Rumors persist that an insectoid race called the Whisperers once lived here despite lack of tangible evidence. [DRU] [CAL] [OBS]
SEPERIA — There was an insurrection on this Imperial world. [ULT]
SEPHRAX — This Imperial hive world fell to Hive Fleet Jormungandr, despite a spirited defense by Marines of the Crimson Castellans Chapter and the renegade pirate Arch-Commodore Bloodspite. Hoventa was one of its main hives. [GHO] [ULT]
SEPTIMUS V — A Genestealer hulk crashlanded here and was engaged by the Dark Angels.
SEPTUS IV — This Imperial worldwas the site of a last stand of the Bloode Angels against Chaos.
SEREBOS — This planet is a source of serebite. Its Masonic guilds are notoriously secretive. [VIC] [ULT]
SERENDIPITA — Commisar Cain and the Reclaimers Space Marines tracked the Spawn of Damnation to this Imperial system. It contained one primary settle planet, had settlements on seven other planets, and 38 void stations, including two dockyards. Its outermost gas giant had a promethium refining facility with a population of 30,000. The system's worlds orbit a super-gas-giant, essentially a protostar, which also has a ring system, exploited by many independent mining vessels. The main planet, sharing the same name as the system, has a temperate climate, oceans, and polar ice caps. The planet/moon of Tarwen is the industrial center for the system, which is considered dull and dingy by most inhabitants. [ULT] [EAF]
SERICA — This system was ravaged by Warp Storm Fenris, but is still an Imperial Guard recruit world.
SESSEC — Huron Blackheart laid siege to this system with a large Traitor Marine fleet in 999M41.
SETHELAN — This Imperial forge world produced the Scartix Engine Coil before the traitorous Dutiful destroyed the production facility.
SETISLAV V — Imperial Guard Mordians defended the governor's mansion from Eldar attack.
SEVORA ANOMALY — This phenomenon lies in the Eastern Fringe, on the outskirts of the path used by Hive Fleet Behemoth. [EAF]
SHADRAC — Tyranids from Hive Fleet Medusa attacked this remote ice world, opposed by the Imperial Guard garrison of the 10th Slovak and Marines of the Space Wolves. Imperial forces retreated off the world after causing significant Tyranid casualties. [GHO]
SHA'DRAIG — Tyranids of Hive Fleet Gorgon invaded this Tau forest world, but were stalled at great cost by Kroot defenders. Though the Hive Fleet adapted continuously, the Tau eventually ovecamer them. It was known for particularly dense and twisted undergrowth in its forests. It had a moon with a large shipyard complex, which was overrun by the Tyranids in 900M41. [TAU] [ULT]
SHERYS — Imperial system [GET] [GOT] [OBS]
SHEVILAR — This minor Imperial forge world had shipyards capable of manufacturing Space Marine Strike Cruisers.
SHEXIA — This Imperial foundry world uses draconian measures to ensure all citizens work productively in the forges. It's capital is Shexia City. [PAC]
SIBB'S WORLD — Blood Angel Terminators fought Tzeench Chaos Marines here, purifying the planet in 3 months.
SICYON — Imperial system [LYS] [GOT] [OBS]
SIDON ULTRA — This system is captial and seat of government of the Karthargo Sector. After judgement by Imperial Legates for the cause of the Badab War, the planet's population of fourteen billion was sentanced to six generations of indetured servitude. [KAR] [ULT]
SIGARD — A group of void colonies in the Endymion Cluster. [ENY] [MLZ] [ULT]
SIGMA PAVONIS — This system has an Imperial Guard medicae sanitorium that serves a wide area. It also has manufactoria producing combat servitors, many of which find their way into service with the Inquisition.
SILAX — This was the coremost world of the Ybaric Cluster, and the Cult of Veiled Oblivion plunged it into anarchy in 801M41. The Imperial governor here refused to contribute troops to Crimsonfall in 802M41. The planet, weakened by the chaos, fell to Hive Fleet Naga in 808M41. [YBA] [ULT]
SILENCE — This system is home to the Night Watch Space Marine chapter. [OBS]
SILURIA — The cities of Salvis and Protia lie on this Imperial world. Fabian led a group, the Church of the Abhorred, in a mutant rebellion and escaped pursuit by Inquisitor Tyrus. Damien 1427 (original name unknown) led another mutant rebellion against the Cardinal and governor, Tyron Rex, that was put down by security forces.
SILVANOS II — This planet is an agri-world.
SIMIA ORICHALCAE — Commissar Cain and the Valhallan 597th fought an Ork invasion on this Imperial ice world that refined Promethium from frozen veins of ice beneath its surface. The Promethium processing facilities were established circa 700M41. There were also an immense complex of Necron manufacture deep under the surface of the planet with countless Necron troops, clearly identifying it as a Necron tomb world. First the arrival of the Orks and subsequently the attentions of the Adeptus Mechanicus awoke the Necrons. The Valhallan 597th destroyed the refinery complex with demolitions originally intended to stop an Ork Gargant to bury the Necron facility, hopefully also destroying it.
SINOPHIA — Granted to Rogue Trader Teresa Sinos upon her retirement in 133M37, this system between Scarus sector and the Calyx Expanse became a staging point for expeditions into the Expanse and the Halo Stars. It begins the War of Hubris, a covert trade conflict lasting from 550M39 to 760M39, that devastates it economically. [TPR] [CAL] [OBS]
SIPRA IV — The single continent of this Imperial world was the site of the Last Chancers'battle against the Black Legion for the posession of an AA-21 PWD plasma warhead.
SKABIA — This system was known for its mercenaries, whose trademark was their golden carapace armor. They were considered elite fighters and commanded a high fee.
SKAGERRAK — Imperial system [LYS] [GOT] [OBS]
SKALATHRAX — This planet of black cities and long frezing nights saw battles between the World Eaters and the Emperor's children. Kharn killed his own troops, and his chapter scattered into warbands. The Relentless turned traitor here, firing on troop transports and earning the name Initiate of Skalathrax.
SKARGUL — Imperial system [ORA] [GOT] [OBS]
SKOPOS — This system had an Adeptus Mechanicus facilicy that was taken by an alien force, possibly Necrons. The facility was destroyed by naval bombardment after the 22nd Elyssian was repulsed.
SKRAAG — (Also: BETA-ENTEBES III) This was an Ogryn homeworld, which evolved somewhat lanky Ogryn.
SKWEKI — The Valhallan 597th fought against a Hrud force here. [ULT]
SKYFALL — The Invaders Space Marines support the Novamarines in an action on this doomed planet.
SLADE — Imperial system [CYC] [GOT] [OBS]
SLATO — This agri-world of 200,000 colonists saw the Imperial Guard and Salamanders fight the Eldar. The Adeptus Mechanicus had refused to destroy a warp gate despite the Eldar's urging. The gate was used by the Dark Eldar to invade the world.
SLAVONIS — Chaos forces blockaded this Imperial system during the Gothic War. [GOT] [OBS]
SLAWKENBERG — Commissar Cain and the Valhallan 12th Field Artillery fought Slaaneshi cultists on this planet circa 920M41.
SLOKA — This Imperial Guard founding world produced units such as the 10th Royal Sloka.
SLOVAK — This world was an Imperial Guard founding world.
SNOWDEN'S WORLD — The Tyrant Star appeared over this frontier world in 503M41, causing riots and famine. This world is home to the Slaughter-Families. [JOS] [CAL] [OBS]
SODREMUND — This Imperial system had large shipyards, and supplied a number of battle fleets.
SOLEMNACE — Two tendrils of Hive Fleet Behemoth approached this Necron Tomb world, but adjusted their course to avoid it. They lapsed into hibernation as they were unable to find sufficient bio-mass. [EAF]
SOLIA — This system exports a particularly fine type of tea.
SOLIDEN — Prefect Erasmus Phramtle warned the ruling Council of the threat of alien aggression. [DON]
SOLOMON — This system is the home of the Grox.
SOLSTICE — King Ellesan governed this system, which saw the victory of Uriah Jacobus against a Genestealer cult. [TEM]
SOMONOR — Imperial Guard founding world [TEM]
SONDHEIM V — This Imperial agri-world came under Chaos attack led by Daemon Prince M'kar the Reborn, who transformed it into a place of pandemonium. A tendril of Hive Fleet Leviathan arrived at almost the same time, leading to a planet-wide conflict between the two forces. Imperial Space Marines of the Sky Sentinels arrived to reclaim the world, but upon seeing the conditions on the surface declared Exterminatus instead. [VEL]
SOTHA — This homeworld of the Emperor's Scythes was destroyed by Hive Fleet Kraken. [ULT]
SPAETER RELIXAS — This Imperial world was home to militant priests who wrote warrior-poems, and had a lilting dialect of Low Gothic.
SPAWNDEATH — This daemon world was visited by Abaddon and his advisor Zaraphiston.
SPICA MAXIMAL — This world was capitol of the Vincies Subsector before the warp storms of 085.M41, which destroyed or tainted most of the subsector. It is now one of the Mergent Worlds
SPURTIS ELIPSE — The Tanith First and Only Imperial Guard regiment won victories here during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. [SAB] [PAC]
STALINVAST — Lord Voronov-Vaux governs this jungle, hive world from its capitol of Vasilariov. It was the site of a Genestealer extermination, and where the Hydra was discovered by Draco. Inquisitor Draco brought Exterminatus to the planet in 273M41. It had a Webway portal in nearby space. The Ulthwe' Eldar commenced the Rite of Cataclysm in orbit over the ruins.
STANDALONE — This agri-world was the homeworld of Erin Octavus, who forced the Ecclesiarchy to commit him to arco-flagellation, becoming Simeon 38X.
ST. CAPILENE — Inquisitor Severnius and the Deathwatch fought a Genestealer cult on this missionary world.
STEMIVARIS FACTORIS — This Imperial industrial world fell to Thyrrus forces in 784M41. It is an Imperial Guard founding world, including the 19th, 23rd, and 57th Stemivari. [SAE] [PAC]
STERNAC — The Iron Lords Space Marines chapter claims this system to the galactic east of Ultima Segmentum as their home.
STERNMOST — This system lies outside the Imperium in the Veiled Region. [VEL]
STORM OF MAGNUS — This Warp storm lies to the galactic west of Prospero. [SOL]
STORMS OF JUDGEMENT — The three Warp storms of Wrath, Vengeance, and Justice lie in the Caradryad Sector along the Caradryad Warp Fault. [CAR] [TEM]
STORMVALD — The Eldar Phoenix Lord Maugan-Ra stood alone against a tendril of Hive Fleet Leviathan on this world and emerged victorious. [TEM]
STRANIVAR — Three moons of this hive world were destroyed by Abaddon's planet killer, causing meteors to ravage planet. Nearly 80 percent of it population died of dehydration due to supply disruption during the Gothic War. It lies in the Bhein Morr sub-sector. [BHM] [GOT] [OBS]
STRATIX — The Dark Eldar raided the polar arsenal of this forge world, and stole experimental military hardware. It is also an Imperial Guard recruit world. [SP?] [TEM]
STRATON — Dark Angels fought Tyranids in the "last" Tyrannic war on this temperate planet.
STROMHELM II — Space Marine Dreadnoughts fought Orks on this desert world.
STRYIA V — The Blood Aangels purged the native aliens of this jungle world.
STYGIA1 — This system lies outside the Imperium in the Ghoul Stars. [GHO]
STYGIA2 — (Also: Stygia-Aquilon) This was one of the two home worlds of the Executioners Space Marines before their forfeiture due to their actions in the Badab War. The Astral Claws broke a seige of this system, creating a blood debt between the chapters.
STYGIES — This agri-world lies near Ophelia. Lieutenant Kage murdered his Sergeant here, leading to his incarceration in the Last Chancers. [EAF]
STYGIES VIII — In the binary Vulcanis system, this forge world moon orbits a ringed gas giant. The Legio Titanicus Honorum lies here. On the Forge worlds of Vulcanis I and II, traitor legions were defeated with help from Eldar during the Horus Heresy. It is the home of the Adeptus Mechanicus sect known as the Xenarites, who study alien technology. [OBS]
SULAIRN — This Ork world lies near Catachan. [SOL]
SULARIAN GATE — The Dark Angels fought Orks here, and Ezekiel lost his left eye in combat against Waa Groblonik.
SULO — Marshal Andrukas of the Adeptus Arbites investigated Lord Messarian here. [EAF]
SUREALIS SIX — This planet was the site of a sixteen-month Imperial campaign. [SCA] [OBS]
SURNGRAAD — This fortress world remained staunchly loyal during the early years of the Badab War, and the Tyrant of Badab could not spare the forces necessary to take it by force without critically weakening his position. By 906M41, Huron had subverted the northern warlords' citadels, with only the southern warlords holding out against the Tyrant. However, a Raptors and Salamanders force, supported by two battle barges, liberated the system late in 906M41. [MLZ] [ULT]
SUTTERS ROCK — All 12000 colonists of this asteroid mining colony perished to the Fydae Strain Virus in 724M41.
SVYZ — This system contained the planet Terlaken, and was near the Squat homeworlds.
SYBARI — Once an Imperial Fortress World, the Death Shadow Chaos Renegade faction secretly retreated here after defeat at the hands of the Realm of Ultramar. Hive Fleet Behemoth consumed the system. [EAF]
SYCORAX — This death word has psychic storms.
SYLVA — This low-gravity planet has tall, slender natives.


TABRACK II — The Imperial Guard fought on this plains world.
TACHOMAN — This was a slaver world.
TAHNELIA — This world is an Imperial Guard founding world, home of the Tahnelian 374th Drop Troop Regiment.
TAIRA SHODAN — This is the site of the Iron Hands' fortresses. Waaagh Chobog was diverted there by the Eldar of Varantha Craftworld, diverting them from Exodite and Imperial worlds in the process.
TALASA PRIME — An Inquisitorial Fortress lies upon this world in the Macragge system. Kryptman discovered Hive Fleet Kraken here, and it is a base for the Deathwatch Space Marines. [ROM] [ULT]
TALASSAR — Glaudor is the only continent on this ocean world in the Maccragge system. Ultramarines fought Orks here after the Horus Heresy. It lies near the Straits of Halk. [ROM] [ULT]
TALETHORN — Commissar Cain helped liberate this world, an event commemorated by a statue in Liberation Square.
TALISMANS OF VAUL — Eldar system [OBS]
TALLARN — This desert world of two orange suns was fertile until virus bombed by the Iron Warriors during the Horus Heresy, but is now covered with sulfurous sand, with inhabitants living in domed cities or underground caverns. Tall vapor-trap towers rise over the settlements. The Tallarn culture is highly religious, and their Guard regiments sometimes have Chaplains as low as squad level. Human discovery of the Cursus of Alganar brought on an Eldar attack before the gate opened to a chaos horde. The Tallarn and Eldar united against the foe and resealed the Cursus. At the Ka'an Salient, 50000 tanks clashed in largest tank battle on record in Imperial history. The Imperial Guard Desert Raiders fought Slannesh at the site of the Cursus. Legio Mortis titans fought here. [TEM]
TALLAWALD SECUNDUS — Imperial forces combated Chaos in beach landings here, including Colonel Schaffer's Last Chancers.
TALON — This system was home to the Storm Falcons Space Marines chapter, but has since been abandoned after being consumed by Hive Fleet Leviathan. [HOD] [ULT]
TALUS IV — This system is home to the Brazen Claws Space Marines before its destruction by daemonic forces. It lies near the border of Segmentums Solar and Obscurus. [OBS]
TAMAHAL SECTOR — This was the site of a crashed Fra'al space craft, studied by the Xenarite Mechanicus Tezla.
TAMAR — Saint Csokavi came from this Imperial system. [PAC]
TANCRED — This Imperial world had shipyards. [HEL] [SCA] [OBS]
TANIS — The Tyrant Star appears over this system in 709M40, and within weeks its two billion inhabitants are dead or missing. The Inquisition omits the planet from sector records.
TANITH — This was the home world of Imperial Guard scouts, the "Tanith First and Only," led by Colonel-Commissar Gaunt. It was famous for it's wandering trees, the source of nalwood. Its populace typically had black hair, pale skin, blue eyes, and a knack for navigation owing he the shifting nalwood forests. Martial experts, forest warriors, known as the Nalsheen once lived here. It was destroyed by chaos forces in 765M41. [SAB] [PAC]
TANSETCH — The hives of this Imperial hiveworld are numbered Tanhive #.
TANZINA IV — This system in the Sabbat Worlds was strategic due to its promethium supplies. [SAB] [PAC]
TAQAMATHI — This Eldar world, abandoned during the fall, was claimed by humans, who then called it Assyri. The Eldar renamed it Zamorshemash, world of the bloodied sword, when they destroyed the humans after negotiations failed.
TARAL III — There were Titan battles across the sulphur wastes of this planet.
TARANTIS — This jump point was a gathering point for ships moving from the Gothic sector to the adjacent Tamahl sector. Orks occasionally raided the nexus. The star was destroyed by Abaddon's Blackstone Fortresses to prevent its use by the Imperial Navy in 150M41. [LYS] [GOT] [OBS]
TARENTUS — This is an agri-world in the Macragge system that rotates around a common center of gravity with Quintarn and Masali. All are desert worlds with massive agri-domes. Competitive games were held between the three worlds to determine who would be recruited into the Ultramarines. The cities lie under massive domes as well, and are as lush as any forest world. [ROM] [ULT]
TAR-ETENIL — Hive Fleet Naga consumed this Eldar Exodite world to the galactic east of the Imperium. Its death scream crippled the worldspirits of several neighboring Exodite worlds.
TARGUS VIII — This hive world is locked in perpetual night and lies on the fringes of the Veiled Region in the galactic south. Ork warlords were defeated here by the Raven Guard's Captain Shrike. [TEM]
TARNAGUA — Anakwanar Sek attempted a counter-strike on this world of the Khan Group to disrupt the flank of Warmaster Macaroth, but failed. General Luscheim, commanding the Crusade Fifth Army, was killed here in 774M41. A military transport was ambushed and captured here. [SAB] [PAC]
TARSIS — Imperial forces and Eldar once battled on this world. It is also home to the Brotherhood of the Watch, an ancient Ordo Malleus cult.
TARTERU — This was a war torn world.
TARREN IV — The Emperor's Children invade Brandstat city on this planet.
TARRENHORST — On this agri-world Warp creatures psychically enslaved the entire population. Inquisitor Severnius was killed, though Deathwatch Captain Artemis escapes. The planet was destroyed by cyclonic torpedoes subsequently launched by Artemis.
TARSIS ULTRA — This planet was assaulted by Tyranids of Hive Fleet Leviathan, but the Ultramarines, assisted by Captain Brannon of the Deathwatch and the Mortificators, fought them off in 997M41. The victory was greatly assisted by the bio-plague unleased by Magos Locard, delivered to the core of the Hive Fleet by Uriel Ventris of the Ultrmarines, which destroyed the Tyranids' synaptic web and connection to the Hive Mind. [TEM]
TASH'VAR — This Sept world of the Second Sphere lies at the edge of Tau space and has suffered from Ork invaders. Its natives are considered courageous and hardy. [TAU] [ULT]
TASSARIUS — Rough Riders fought Orks on this plains world.
T'AU — This arid world with gentle, shallow seas is the homeworld of the Tau race and lies at the center of their empire. [TAU] [ULT]
TAU'N — This was the Tau's first colony in the First Sphere. It is known for its Air caste. [TAU] [ULT]
TECHNETIUM BELT — This belt had aliens who polluted the gene-seed of the marines fighting against them.
TELLERAN — This Imperial death world came under attack by Hive Fleet Leviathan. [ULT]
TEMUJIN'S WORLD — Nomadic herding was the principle occupation on this planet.
TENEBRIA — Imperial forces recovered genestealers with the implant attack mutation on this planet.
TERLAKEN — This planet was in the Svyz system, near the Squat homeworlds.
TERN — Forces from this Imperial world in the Ybaric Cluster reinforced Crimsonfall in 802M41, including a company of Cadian Baneblades that had been abandoned there some 5000 years earlier. Hive Fleet Naga consumed the planet in 802M41. [YBA] [ULT]
TERRA — (Also: Holy Terra) This world spawned the human race and is the location of the Imperial Palace and Golden Throne. It's surface is completely covered by hive-cities. It was the homeworld of the Imperial Fists Space Marines.
TERRUS — Space Marines, possibly the Legion of the Damned, saved this Imperial hive world from Tyranid attack.
TESLA PRIME — The Adeptus Mechanicus maintained a large weapons testing facility here till the advances of Hive Fleet Leviathan forced them to abandon it in 997M41. Orks arrived and claimed the world (and abandoned weaponry) a short time before the Tyranids. The resultant war spread to several nearby systems and depleted the bio mass of that tendril of Leviathan.
TETHIS — This Imperial Guard Founding world is home to the Tethis Fighting First.
TETHROCK QUAY — There were reports of increasing Necron activity at this naval outpost. [TEM]
TETHRYS — This Imperial world was vortex bombed by Imperial forces after a Tyranid invasion.
THAGRA IV — This mutant slave world was overrun by the Alpha Legion, dividing the slave mutants. The White Panthers fought the Alpha Legion and mutants. Inquisitor Eisenhorn adopted the mutant Quovandius here.
THAIN II — Blood Angel Terminators attacked this world.
THANAS — Eldar pirates took the Imperial troopship Emperor's Faithful in this system in 920M41.
THANDROS — This Imperial system had binary mining worlds, Thandros II and Thandros III. Its Telepathica Matrix was destroyed by Hive Fleet Behemoth at the start of the First Tyrannic War. [EAF]
THANET — Imperial system [CYC] [GOT] [OBS]
THARKAN PRIME — The Imperial Guard fougth against Chaos in an armor battle around the planet's tar pits.
THEMPER — This Imperial Gaurd trooper serving with the Last Chancers 13th Penal Legion cut out his penal legion tatoo, only to have it rebranded on his other shoulder. He died of blood poisoning.
THERA — Imperial system [QRS] [GOT] [OBS]
THESSALON — This system is in Helican Subsector has a feudal world. [HEL] [SCA] [OBS]
THEX PRIME — Home to the Thexian Trade Empire and the Bloodmoons, so called for their oxidized surfaces, where they make their home. [GHO]
THRONTON IV — The STC data for the Land Speeder Typhoon was recovered from this system.
THOTH — Macharius' 6th Army Group conquered this desert world, whose developing psychic population had strayed to chaos in the eons of isolation from the Imperium. The Tallarn Desert Tigers fought against Chaos. General Arrian stormed the Iron Wall. It was virus bombed after the pure N'go tribe was removed, and they were subsequently put back on the planet. [PAC]
THOTH PRIME — The Inquisition and Imperial forces cleared an Eldar presence from this mining world in the Expurgation of Thoth Prime in the mid-900s of M41.
THRACIAN PRIMARIS — The homeworld of Hadam Bonz and Saemon Crotes, who were mind controlled to serve Eyclone against Inquisitor Eisenhorn. Eisenhorn maintained one of his bases, the Ocean House, here. It is the current capitol of the Helican Subsector after superceding Gudrun. The Palace of the Inquisition lies here. [HEL] [SCA] [OBS]
THRAND'S LANDING — Inquisitor Balorodin discovered and destroyed a Genestealer cult on this Imperial world in the mid-900s of M41.
THRANX — This hive world was ruled by Governor Gount Momery in M36 and Governor Huac in more recent times, who turned out to be a Genestealer magus. Ten-thousand Space Wolves stood at the Gates of Thranx here during great crusadesIt was also the site of conflict during Horus Heresy. Bjorn defeated the rogue psyker Vornalan, averting a rebellion, post-Horus Heresy. In M36, an alien inspired rebellion sieged the equatorial heat sinks, but were foiled by the Iron Hands. The system was eventually virus bombed by the Dark Angels. [SOL]
THRUSKUS — A charismatic group of hive leaders known as the Megarchy swayed this system away from the Imperial Creed before a surgical strike by the Raven Guard brought it back into compliance in a single day.
TIARNI DELTA — This inhabited asteroid was home to an Ecclesiarchy sect noted for their harsh lifestyle. Inquisitor Umberco Eto destroyed the force shield that held in its atmosphere and had it destroyed by the Imperial Navy after discovering a Slaaneshi cult there.
TIBERIUS II — The Hammer of Thor participated in a naval battle over this planet in 001.M41. [TEM]
TINGOYA — Imperial Guard founding world known for its high-mobility Imperial Guard regiments.
TIRATHAIN — This Eldar Exodite world came under attack by Hive Fleet Leviathan. [VEL]
TITAN — This moon of Saturn in the Sol syetem is the home of the Grey Knights and the Librarium Demonica. The Mechanicus moved Mars' moon Deimos here to supply the Knights with their unique wargear and weaponry. Broadsword Station, home to the Grey Knights fleet, also orbits Titan. [SOL]
TOLKAN — This system is a Forge world.
TOBRIA — This Imperial Guard founding world was home to the Tobrian Consuls. [ULT]
T'OLKU — This Sept world of the Second Sphere is known for the counsel and diplomatic skills of its Ethereal caste, and many have had successful negotiations with xenos. [TAU] [ULT]
TOMB WORLDS — These worlds are the crypts where the Necrons have lain dormant for sixty-million worlds.
TOMISH — This world is in the Antimar Subsector. [ANT] [SCA] [OBS]
TOPHAWR III — This world has a penal colony.
TORAKAL IV — Eldar exodites lived on this world before the Tarantula Space Marines exterminated their community. Imperial forces recovered an eldar pictograph.
TORPUS III — Augustus Larn fought here as an Imperial Guard trooper and was injured by poison gas.
TORNISH — Inquisitor Eisenhorn recruited Lores Vibben from the clan-slums here.
TORVA MINORIS — This feral world was ravaged by warp storms during the Age of Apostasy. Mutant purges were carried out frequently here. It was the home and recruiting world for the Fire Claws, who were stationed here to guard against the Eye of Terror. The Chapter pursued daemon relics in the Eye of Terror, and became the Relictors. An Inquisitorial investigation put a stop to this practice and the chapter sentenced to a penitent crusade, forbidden to recruit from Torva Minoris. [EOT]
TOSAK — Lord Periclitor martyred Saint Jermome here in M33.
TOYA-TAMA — Imperial system [GET] [GOT] [OBS]
TRAFALGAR IV — This world is in the vicinity of an asteroid belt. Battle: Chaos fleet, Imperial Navy.
TRAITOR LEGION — These Space Marine legions sided with Horus during the Horus Heresy.
TRANCH — This minor hive world had a population of 7 billion, and its brutal leadership, the Oligarchs of Tranch, exploit the human and mutant population. A mutant uprising, the Tranch Insurrection, toppled the government in 807M41. Lord Sector Hax launched a counter-invasion that has partially restored order. [ADR] [CAL] [OBS]
TRANQUILITY — This systems second planet was a feudal world, and its third a death world. Mantis Warriors fought guerilla actions against Fire Angles and Sons of Medusa during the final years of the Badab War. [ENY] [MLZ] [ULT]
TRANTIS IX — The Ultramarines fought the World Eaters here. The planet was declared Exterminatus.
TRANTOR — Asdrubael Vect and the Kabal of the Black Heart raided this Imperial world.
TRASKAR'S WORLD — The Mantis Warriors destroyed a Roborn Traitor Marine Force on this planet within the outskirtsof the Maelstrom during the Scourge Campaign. [MAL] [ULT]
TREAB'S WORLD — Sulphur desert. The Salamanders fought the Death Guard on this planet of sulpher deserts.
TREMERT — The Imperial Guard recruits from this death world. [VEL]
TREXIA BETA — Nayl and Fischig were force to kill an Adeptus Arbites hunt team here as Inquisitor Eisenhorn fled from Cadia to Chinchare.
TRIASTA — Necrons massacred the population of this desert world.
TRIPLEX PHALL — (Also: Triplex Vall) This forge world was home to Legio Praetor and titan forges. Its Titans fought against hive fleet Behemoth. [ULT]
TROBAR — This Imperial world founded the Imperial Guard Trobaran Rangers.
TROLLIX — Lava oceans cover this Imperial Mining World.
TROUDOR — This system rebelled against Bucharis' tyranny during Age of Apostasy. It lies between Chiros, in Segmentum Pacificus, and Gathalamor, in Segmentum Solar.
TRUAN IX — Inquisitor Trant fought Khorne's agents on this world, but the population had already been subverted. It was destroyed by Eldar Titans, and is now a dead world. Azrael, of the Dark Angels, was present for the scouring of planet.
TRURO — This system was pacified by the Mordian Imperial Guard.
TRYSIA — Space Marines recruit from this Imperial feral world
TSALGUASA — This was the Night Lords' base of operations for their foul plots during and after the Horus Heresy [EAF]
TUBRUQ — The Space Wolves destroyed an armored column on this desert world.
TULWA — The Space Wolves lost a ship on this world against the Orks. Calgar and his Ultramarines destroyed the Iron Warrior's Fortress of Pain here in 704M41. [WOF]
TUNUSK — This system saw heavy fighting during 775M41 to 778M41, with Marshal Blackwood's famous victory over the Blood Pact.
TURAN — This is a founding system for the Imperial Guard.
TYGRA — This planet gave rise to the Tygranese Pufferfruit. [PAC]
TYPHOS PRIME — This densely populated Imperial world was a destination for Colonel Shaeffer's Last Chancers. Rebels took over the fortress-city of Coritanorum, the planetary capital, but the Last Chancers destroyed it, and everyone within, by overloading its plasma reactors. It is the home of the Typhos Supreme Guard, a unit excused from offworld duty while the Coritanorum still stands. (SCC) [TYP] [ULT]
TYRAN PRIMUS — There was an Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator base located in a chain of volcanic islands on this ocean world. It was destroyed by Hive Fleet Behemoth in the first accurately recorded contact between humans and the Tyranids, starting the First Tyrannic War. [EAF] [ULT]
TYRANT STAR — (See: Komus)
TYWIA — During the Tywia campaign, an Imperial Guard regiment, the Jumael I "Lucky Aces" survive a warp storm in the captured fortress of Ironhide, and discovered the Chambers of Gold.


UGGLOB — See: Dranno IV
ULANI — An Imperial Guard regiment was raised here for the Ryza Campaign against the Orks. [SOL]
ULBARA — This is an Imperial Guard recruit world. The Ulbaran VIIIth was led by Colonel Soth.
ULLANOR — Before the Horus Heresy a Crusade by Horus earned the renaming of the Lunar Wolves to the Sons of Horus.
ULTHANX — The Emperor Class Battleship Legatus Stygies was present at, and one of the only survivors of the disasterous purgation of Ulthanx. [OBS]
ULTIMA MACHARIA — Previously known as Leminitus, this was the furthest world reached by Macharius' 2nd Army Group. [HAZ] [PAC]
ULTRA MUNDANUS — Imperial system [ULT]
UNGOR — This system suffered a genestealer infestation.
UNLOTH — Lord Daros ruled this feral world. [OBS]
URALAN — Abbadon recovered a daemon sword from the crypts below the Towers of Silence on this devastated planet. [OBS]
URDESH1 — This Imperial world was known for hand-crafted items. [SCA] [OBS]
URDESH2 — This lesser Forge World declared for Horus at the start of the Horus Heresy and Cataclysm of Iron in 010M31. It lies in the Sabbat Worlds and fell early to the forces of Chaos during that conflict. It produces excellent weapons, light and heavy armor. [SAB] [PAC]
URHAVEN — (Also: Ur-Haven) This Imperial world had shipyards. [ANT] [SCA] [OBS]
URITULE IV — Admiral Lorpal Spatian was killed in a fleet action here in the early years of the Ophidian Suppression [OPH] [SCA] [OBS]
URK — This backwater Ork planet was the home of Ghazghkull Thraka. After Thraka was shot in head, Doc Grotsnik replaced his skull with bionics, and after that Thraka rapidly rose to become boss of whole planet. The system's dying sun prompted Thraka to lead his Waaagh! The Goff clans are dominant on this planet.
URLON IV — A hive on this rain-soaked hive world was seized by the pain-cult of Morthrax the Sadist before the siege was ended by the Raven Guard.
URMACH IV — This world was the destination of a transmitted report on Eldar beliefs.
URSA SPINAL — This Imperial agri world moved into the path of a Hrud migration in 783M41. Valhallan regiments eliminated them at great cost, half of them aging severely due to the Hrud's entropic fields.
URTHONA — This Imperial forge world manufactured Mk. IV Space Marine Dreadnoughts, including a plasma cannon/power fist pattern. It was lost during the Occlusiad conflict.
URTHWART — Abaddon the Despoiler led a force of Despoilers against Bloden Keep, taking it within an hour. White Scars Space Marines fought the Black Legion here during the Second Scouring of the system.
URUS PRIME — Lord Periclitor led an army to this system, bested a Grey Knight force, and plundered its vaults.
UTICA IV — This planet was ravaged by civil wars.
UZEAL — See: Crow's World


VALAAN — Kyrinov purged the chaotic legions of the Demagogue Lord of Valaan, earning Mace of Valaan.
VALHALL — In this system, Grimm received a tarot reading from Johanna Harzbelle.
VALHALL II — Grief Bringer Marines, led by Inquisitor Serpilian, fought Enslavers on this world.
VALHALLA — This ice world was once a temperate paradise until hit by a comet some time during M31. Orks invaded not long thereafter, but were driven off after a bitter, protracted, and increasingly desperate war. It is a founding world for the Imperial Guard. Natives tend to have pale skin due to the climate. It has a Schola Progenium facility. [ULT]
VALIA-MAXIMAL — This lesser Forge World declared for Horus in the Cataclysm of Iron at the start of the Horus Hersy in 010M31.
VALOS — Hive Fleet Behemoth consumed this system in 737M41.
VALSKALF — This system was the homeworld of Mjolner Brotherhood. It was consumed by Hive Fleet Leviathan. [ULT]
VANAHEIM — Imperial forge world produces armored vehicles.
VAN HORNE — The Lord of the Bloodtide, the Khorne daemon Ka'jagga'nath, was imprisoneed at the Basilica of Saint Mariel lay on this planet. He escaped in 876M41 and envelloped it in a Bloodtide, defeating the Sisters of the Ebon Challice force sent against him. The 4th Brotherhood of the Grey Knights cast him back to the Warp.
VANOR XXI — The heretic Lord Varlak was rumored to be gathering another army for rebellion on this asteroid mining colony.
VAN THAL — Marshal Genz retook this world in the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, but not before suffering over three million casaulties in a single day.
VARADON — Tyranids invaded this home world of the Shadow Wolves Space Marines in 987M41, destroying them to the last Marine despite aid from the Black Templars.
VARDAN — This was the founding world for the 902nd Vardan Rifles.
VARGON III — Tallarn Sentinels raided Ork ammo dumps, columns, and encampments during the pacification of this planet.
VARSAVIA — The Silver Skull Space Marines call this system home. [ULT]
VAUST — This system rebelled against Bucharis' tyranny during Age of Apostasy. It lies between Chiros, in Segmentum Pacificus, and Gathalamor, in Segmentum Solar.
VALOS — This system was stripped of life by Hive Fleet Behemoth. [ULT]
VANAHEIM — (Also: VANHEIM) Forge world / Hive world. Three hives were slaughtered on this forge/hive world during the Horus Heresy. It was recently assaulted by Space Marines. [SOL]
VARENTIS — The Imperial Guard fought a campaign on this world.
VARESTUS PRIME — Giant scorpions and eyerot infest the sink swamps of this jungle death world.
VARRNIX PRIME — Deathwatch Captain Artemis found crystalline weaponry of the Psy-Gore of Perseus here.
VASH'YA — This Sept world of the Second Sphere lies at the edge of the First Sphere, and has provided pilots and explorers for much of the push into the Second Sphere. This world provides many Air caste individuals. [TAU] [ULT]
VASSILIA — This planet is home to an animal called a spark-glider.
VAXANIDE — This Imperial world is developing into a hive world, but still has wild equatorial jungles. It's main exports are meat and fish. It is ruled by Lord Vaxanide. Orks have attempted to invade in 410M41, but were repulsed. [MAL] [CAL] [OBS]
VENGEANCE — This system was overrun by Tyranids before Aldebaran Varn arrived. [ULT]
VENTA — This planet is am Imperial Guard founding world.
VERDAN III — This planet is an agri-world. Ork Freebooter Odlog Blackskar's flagship clashed with the Blood Angel vessel Tycho's Revenge.
VERGHAST — This planet is a large hive world. Heritor Asphodel led a rebellion here in 766M41, but was defeated by Imperial Guard forces, including Gaunt's Ghosts, in 769.
VERIDIAN — Catachan Jungle fighters fought Hive Fleet Kraken on this feral planet. [ULT]
VERN IV — Space Marines of the Death Spectres chapter loose almost all of their Predator Destructors to an ambush by the Dark Eldar of the Kabal of the Envenomed Thorn. This world is an Imperial Guard founding world, producing the Vernian XI amongst others.
VESPID — This world within the Tau Empire is home to the race of the same name. Its gas giant is home to floating islands of rock. The pressure forms crystals that are used in the Vespid's unique neutron weaponry. [TAU]
VESSOR — This feral world is in the Antimar Subsector is famed for the spirit of its fighters and is home to peerless mercenary companies called Vessorine janissaries. The planet produces virtually no psykers and a high incidence on untouchables. They speak Base Futu and use zkell as a base of currency. [ANT] [SCA] [OBS]
VERSTAP — This Imperial system has an independent space station, owing to an ancient charter with Port Maw. [CYC] [GOT] [OBS]
VIDIUM — Duke Masal of the planetary capitol, Vidium Prime, conspired against Duke Vajo of Hive Remus, hiring Dark Eldar as assassins. All the hives, including Romulus and Carthage, were invaded by Dark Eldar. The fate of world was transcribed in the final transmission of Amadeus Sorjik Vlachen of the Ordo Xenos.
VIGIL — The 5000 year-old remains of a Xeno civilization lie on this dead/death world. [DRU] [CAL] [OBS]
VILAMUS — This system was homeworld to the Marines Errant Space Marines. Huron Blackheart raided their fortress-monastery in 998M41.
VINCULUS — The Black Templars Space Marines fought the Battle of Fire and Blood here against the forces of Chaos here.
VINDALEX — Imperial system [LYS] [GOT] [OBS]
VINDICT V — This world had a Ravager Marine sub-headquarters.
VIOR'LA — This Tau Sept world in the First Sphere is a binary star and known for its Fire caste warriors. Some of the oldest Fire caste academies in the empire lie in this system. [TAU] [ULT]
VIRIDIA — This Imperial agri-world had a genestealer-led rebellion put down by the Reclaimers Space Marines and the Imperial Guard in the 928M41. The system exports food from the planet and minerals from a large number of void mining stations, including a forge complex on Asteroid 459. It lay in close proximity to the Interitus system, and had settlements on both Viridia Prime and Secundus. It lies spinward of the most populous regions of the Damocles Gulf, but is still in close proximity to several hive worlds. [ULT] [DAM]
VISTRO — A convoy en route to Vistro was attacked by Dark Eldar, stealing ore and destroying several ships. [SP?] [TEM]
VITREA — This Imperial planet gave rise to crystal cities, ceremonial mirror armor, and other glass works, such as chandeliers, and was the birthplace of Zu Zeng. It also was the founding world of Colonel Zoren's Vitrian Dragoons. Their Guard units prefer plasma heavy weapons.
VIVAPORIUS — Tyranids captured an Imperial titan on this jungle world, attempting to infiltrate Imperial mind links. Eldar titans allied with the Imperials to defeat them. Ultramarines and Imperial Guard also fought against the Tyranids.
VLADISLAV — This Imperial Guard founding world was home to Mescher Qus.
VOGEL PASSIONATA — Inquisitor Javes Thysser extinguished a wyrd-cult on this Imperial hive world. [SCA] [OBS]
VOLPONE — The Imperial Guard regiments from this founding world shared its sense of noble entitlement.
VOLTARIUS — This legendary planet was frequently cut off by warp storms. A space hulk, which had been near the Eye of Terror, defended by Chaos forces, passed through the system with pre-Dark Age relics.
VOLTEMAND — Chaos and Imperial foreces clashed on this wet forest world during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, including the Tanith First and Only, Ketzok 17th Armoured Regiment, Royal Volpone 50th Bluebloods, and World Eater Traitor Marines. [SAB] [PAC]
VOLTIS WATERGATE — The Tanith First and Only fought on this world with extremely humid areas. [PAC]
VORDA CORONA — Titans of Legio Audax and Legio Castigatra fought along side each other on this world prior to the Horus Heresy.
VORL SECUNDUS — The Crimson Castellans abandoned this system, which was once their homeworld. [GHO] [ULT]
VORLINGHAST — A Warp plague and Chaos incursion devastated this world in 981M41. It had held 16 Imperial Guard regiments, and all were lost. Only the intervention of the Marines Vindicant Space Marines and precision fire from their Strike Cruisers were able to destroy the daemon behind it. After the plague, all citizens wore rebreathers and could only eat from sanctioned food sources for fear of a relapse of the foul disease.
VOSS — This system contains a Forge World.
VORTOVAN — An Imperial Guard force led by General Karis fought on this Imperial world.
VOSTROYA — This Imperial manufactorum planet is home to the Vostroyan Firstborn, and has a long tradition as an Imperial Guard founding world. [OBS]
VOX LEGI — This forge world produces the Vox Legi pattern shotgun for Adeptus Arbites forces.
VRAST — This was the homeworld of Cardinal Simeon, who investigated the case of Erin Octavus on the nearby world of Standalone.
V'RUN — Commissar Yarrick had his first encounter with Orks on this Ork planet, emerging as a veteran. [TEM]
VULCANIS — This binary system is home to the Stygies VIII forge world. [OBS]
VYANIAH — First colonized in M38, this industrial world, the second planet in the system, had a cemetary moon and had nearly developed into a hive world by 902M41. The massive polar caps of an ice age had receded from a primary continent and large oceans. The system is self-sufficient, and boasts an astropathic relay, Adeptus Arbites detachment, and a mission of the Adeptus Ministorum. The seventh planet has an Imperial listening post. Protector Jerik Sarenko governs the system for the Imperium, supported by a Quorum of Magnates consisting of leaders from local industrial clan families. The system lay at the western edge of the Khymaran Drift and the Maelstrom Zone and served as a tithe warehousing depot for the Maelstrom Cluster. A combined Red Scorpions and Minotaurs force liberated it from secessinist control in 907M41. [KHY] [MLZ] [ULT]


WALPURGIS — This system was the site of several naval battles during the Gothic War. [PTM] [GOT] [OBS]
WICHARD — The 50th Gudrunite Rifles fought on this world.
WINDHOVER — Duj Hasmaan was born on this world before becoming a bounty hunter.
WULANJO — Imperial system contains a forge world.
WUZZITI PRIME — This planet gave rize to the mud-devil.


XANA II — Imperial authorities excommunicated this forge world, which now produces Idolator class raiders, utilizing a variety of xeno technology, for traiter naval forces. During the Horus Hersy, this world attempted to plot an independent path. [EOT] [OBS]
XANTHUS — Imperial system [NOR]
XARXIS PLETHIS — This system is the homeworld of the Rogue Trader Duke Von Castellan.
XENAN 7 — This world was inhabited by warrior women.
XENAX — This system is home to the Subjugators Space Marines. [SOL]
XENOPHON — This is an Imperial Guard recruit world. Xerxes star. Inquisitor Rufus Olafson was murdered here.
XENTHORP — This binary system has both MAJOR- and MINOR-named primaries. The Xenthorp system was protected by 23rd Bruttiam Regiment who fought against Eldar Raiders, led by Decius Mus, the Arch Heretic of Auscum, with help from the Lords of Wrath traitor chapter.
XERXES QUINTUS — This was Inquisitor Jaq Draco's homeworld.
XERXES QUARTUS — This planet was a Mining world.
XOEDIC BINARY — Grey Knights purged this system in 978M41.
XIT — This Ork world was in the Wheel of Fire, and saw the Space Wolves combat the Orks, led by Kulo Kargash.
XU PRIMARIS — This Imperial system has an AStropath station. [PAC]
XV/108 — This dead system has a blue star. It was a possible location of a fragment of Hive Fleet Kraken after their attack on Ichar IV. [TYP][ULT]


YAQUIT 27 — This planet saw the Battle of Moden's Ridge, where Catachans led by Colonel Straken fought L'Huraxi aliens.
YAMA ENDA — Imperial system [GET] [GOT] [OBS]
YAMMAN — This is the home system of the Mimics.
YAMNAN — This was a feudal world.
YAMNIN — This world is the founding planet for the Yamnin Volunteers (Also: Yamnin Crusaders).
YARANT — Abbadon led Sons of Horus Terminators against Loyalists here during the Horus Heresy. (HH) [SOL]
YARANT I — Battle: Eldar Titans, Chaos.
YARANT III — Battle: Legio War Griffons, Ork Gargants, Chaos Titans.
YARANT IV — Battle: Eldar, Death Guard. Battle: Alpha Legion, Loyalists.
YERENA — Orks under command of Arch Maniac of Calvera invaded this system in 452M41, forcing the evacuation of Emilines Hope, a shrine world.
YIMBO-BIM — This mineral poor world was the home of the Ferro-Beast.
YMGARL — The moon of this planet was the presumed (incorrectly) homeworld of Genestealers. The Ymgarl strain does not appear to be the same as any other identified Hive Fleet, though it has spread throughout the Imperium via vessels they infected. There was also a research station here. Salamander Space Marines cleansed the planet and its moons. It is the site of the Ymga Monolith. [ULT]
YMNAR — Inquisitor Kryptman led Imperial forces here against daemons.
YMSHALUS — Imperial civilized world lies on the edge of the Imperium. [OBS]
YOUTH'S END — The massive cannon-fort, Voice of Godhood, lay on this planet. Fabius Bile captured it in 997M41, but Lord General Creed rapidly recaptured it.
YUKTAN — Necrons forced an Imperial Navy squadron out of this system in 666M40. The relief force found all the colonists missing.
YULIA — An Imperial Guard regiment from this night world deployed to investigate the Daemon world of Phagus and was destroyed.
YURK — The Pirate Prince Yriel once landed on this Ork world and killed the ruling Warboss and all his Nobz in 919M41.


ZAGA IV — Macharius fought Chaos Marines on this world. [PAC]
ZANDIS BELT — Battle: Penal Legion, Pirates.
ZANDRINI PRIME — The resting place of the Malus Codicium, in the Library of Othella, was on this planet until Inquisitor Quixos removed it, much to the frustration of Inquisitor Helgurund, who had been searching for it for 30 years.
ZARAZAN — This is a desert world. Battle: Tyranids, Imperial forces.
ZARONA — Desert world. Oil fields. Inquisitor Galleus fought cultists in posession of an oil mining facility on this desert world known for its cast oil (promethium) fields.
ZARO'S WORLD — Orks fought the Imperial Guard of the Lorentian IV for over ten years here. The system lies two months travel from Last Reach.
ZAVAMUNDA — Rogal Dorn built the city fortresses on this world.
ZENTA MALHYDE — This bright jungle world was home to natural crystalline columns, white soil, black jungle vegetation, and a primitive native population. It had ruins with Ununcia glyphs. It has an intense white star. It is in Tau space. [ULT]
ZEPHYR — This system is home to the Storm Hawks Space Marines. [OBS]
ZEUS VI — This planet is a farm world.
ZEUTUS — The Imperium mines the electro-clouds of this Mining World.
ZHOROS — (Also: Coustaeu XI) The homeworld of the Fire Hawks was thermal bombed during the Age of Apostasy in M36.
ZILLMAN'S DOMAIN — The Tyrant Star appeared over this feudal world in 807M41.
ZOPHRIS V — A peace delegation from Biel Tan Craftworld was attacked by Imperial forces under the command of Major Gloris.
ZORN IV — The 82nd Catachan Guard fought a Tyranid Hive Fleet on this jungle world.
ZPANDEX — Imperial system [GET] [GOT] [OBS]
ZUVENIA — This Imperial Guard founding world produced the 35th Zuvenian Light Foot.


41 PRY — This space station lies in a deserted area of space and is subject to pirate activity. [JOS] [CAL] [OBS]
47 KAPELLA — This war world lies near the Blackshine Nebula. [CAL] [OBS]


56-IZAR — This system lies at the heart of Saruthi territory, and may have been their homeworld. Most life here was without symmetry and with odd numbers of amrs, legs, or wings. The Inquisition persued the Glaw cabal to this system where Imperial Navy loyalists fought rebel ships. [SCA] [OBS]


88 TANSTAR — This Imperial frontier world has an Imperial Navy depot. The Cryptos xeno-form dominated the Narrow Falls mining outpost here in 623M41. [DRU] [CAL] [OBS]

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