Power Fist
Power fists use a combination of mechanical amplification of the user's strength and an energy field similar to that of other power weapons. This focuses an impressive amount of destructive energy on impact, though the field can also be deactivated for manipulation of regular items. This weapon has the Power Field and Unbalanced traits, and doubles the user's Strength Bonus for both damage and tests related to hand strength, such as crushing a canister or grasping a support. Power fists are not suitable for holding other weapons or fine manipulation of small objects. When attached to Power Armour, this item looses the Unbalanced trait.

 Name   Class   Range   Dam   Pen   Special   Weight   Cost   Availability 
 Power Fist   Melee   —   1d10+3 I   4   Power Field, Unbalanced   15 kg   3000   Very Rare