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ARAKLIONID — Xeno species


BALE CHILDER — Imperial forces fought this warp-worshiping race during the Angevin Crusade, hunting them to extinction by 384M39.
BARGHESI — This race is extremely violent and hails from the Grendl Stars on the Eastern Fringe of Ultima Segmentum. They have biological technology and are contained by the Iron Lords Space Marines

BORLAC — This race in the Ghoul Stars has had some infiltration by the Thexians.


CARADOCHIAN — This is a winged mercenary race.
CIMMERIAC — This minor race fought alongside the Imperial fleet against Hive Fleet Jormungandr in 995M41. Their starships were known as Shadowcruisers. The Imperium, under Admiral Hanroth, would obliterate them in 999M41.
CRYPTOS — This xeno-form dominated the Narrow Fall mining outpost in 88 Tanstar of the Calixis Sector.
CYTHOR FIENDS — The Black Templars came close to exterminating this race at the end of M41, but when they attacked the core systems, they were found to be empty. This race's territory was in the Ghoul Stars.


DARK ELDAR — These Eldar somehow survived the Fall, and have turned to a path dominated by cruelty and pain. Their raids upon other species intend slaughter and additional captives for their depravities. They have refined the art of torture and interrogation for millennia. Their society is divided into clannish Kabals that compete for the favor of their gods. They are also known as the Dark Kin.
DEMIURG — This is a technologically advanced race that appears only defensively aggressive. They have starships.
DONARATHI — This minor race allied with the Imperium in the face of Hive Fleet Jormungandr in 995M41. Their starships were known as Thunderprows, and they had waged war against the Vassalians.
DRACOLITH — This race formed the Church of Dracolith.
DRAX — This race formed the Draxian Hegemony
DRUGH — Large worm-like larval invertebrates with advanced psychic abilities are native to Pyrus I.


ELDAR — (Also: Yldari)These graceful humanoids are outwardly similar to humans, but their society is ancient, far older than humanity and much more technologically advanced. Their technology is inherently psychic, and conforms to natural shapes and forms. Eldar can live for over a thousand years, and outside of violent death can virtually choose the time of their own passing. Eldar are long limbed, have smooth skin, and move with grace and agility beyond that of humanity. Their language is astoundingly complex, incorporating subtle inflections, posture and expression, and even the most advanced Imperial linguists are only able to scratch its surface. Their mighty empire spanned billions of worlds before The Fall, the event that gave birth to the Great Enemy, the chaos god Slaanesh, which shattered most of their worlds. Those that anticipated The Fall and some survivors migrated onto the great Craftworlds, titanic vessels that are self-contained bio-systems. Imperial scholars believe that the Eldar worlds of origin, the Crone Worlds, may have lain in the Eye of Terror. Most Eldar follow disciplined "Paths", such as the Path of the Seer or Path of the Artisan, to prevent themselves from returning to the excesses of their past.
ENSLAVER — This psychic race lives in the tides of the Warp and is drawn to the psychic light of living creatures of the material plane. They form a parasitic bond with their host and over time turn that host into a living warp portal, allowing the Enslavers to egress into the material world.
EXODITE ELDAR — This branch of the Eldar race settled upon new worlds at the fringes of the galaxy, mostly before the Fall, and have lived simple, pastoral lives away from the Craftworlds.


FORPARSI — A minor xeno race
FRA'AL — This mercenary race is technologically advanced and spacefaring.


GALG — A non-humanoid Tau ally race
GALTHITE — This race comes from the Oenorian Inner Systems
GRETCHIN — This sub-species of Ork grow roughly a meter tall, also have green skin, and tend to be subservient to the larger and stronger Ork race. It is thought that they were engineered as a slave caste for the family of Orkish species. Though classified as slaves, their actual function in Ork society is more akin to a servant. They gather and prepare food, carry messages, maintain belongings and other semi-skilled tasks. They have a similar algal component to their cellular structure that allows for a certain amount of racial technical knowledge and resistance to injury, including limited regeneration. Their large ears and noses give them excellent hearing and sense of smell. They are also known as Grots.


HRUD — Xeno humanoid species, Imperial classification Troglydium hrudii, have a semi-silicate skeleton and eyes adapted to nocturnal/low-light conditions. They have four-fingered hands with quadrilateral symmetry and has a bone structure than can relax for movement or contract into a solid, weight-bearing structure. Imperial Navy crewman call individuals "Bendy," and they are commonly blamed for gremlin-like events. They live in subterranean tunnel-cities or even between the decks of starships as scavengers. Their bodies can synthesize poisons from their environment and fit into very cramped spaces. They have a chameleon-like ability to blend with any surrounding, hiding successfully even in brightly lit areas. When a population grows too large, it splits and a portion migrates to a new home, sometimes aboard a space-hulk or starship in migration between systems. They are fastidious record keepers, and compile vast amounts of historical, cultural, and technical information. They value ancestry and family extremely highly. They appear to have a mass-memory and have legends spanning back to the fight between the Old Ones and the Necrons.
HYKOSI — The Death Guard fought against this race during the Great Crusade.


No Entries


JOKAERO — This mysterious race resembles orange-furred gorillas. They have retractable fingers and toes and have an instinctive savant-like ability to produce miniature machines, weaponry, and even art. They can create virtually anything.
JORGALL — This race, which lives aboard world-ships in deep space, enhances themselves with advanced mechanical constructs. They have psykers. The Imperium instigated a pogrom against them during the Great Crusade.


KATHAP — This race uses organic weaponry.
KHRAVE — This is a race of mind eaters.
K'NIB — This race comes from the same system as "clawed fiends." The "fiends" act as troops, though the exact relationship between the two is unclear.
KROOT — This race of mercenaries, Imperial designation Krootis (nux) aviana, have powerful beaks, spine-like quills instead of hair, and have the ability to absorb genetic material by consuming it. Their hands have three digits with vestigial webbing. They are native to the Pech system, which lies within the Tau Empire. Their clan-analogue, kindred, are led by Shapers who tailor food intake to achieve genetic change. With little apparent technology, they still construct warspheres with no outside assistance. It is possible that this phenomenon is the result of the ingestion of Orkoid DNA, allowing access to portions of that race's intuitive technology. Their clan society is entirely mercenary when dealing with other races, caring not for whom, nor against whom, they fight. They have superior vision and strength in comparison to the average human.


LACRYMOLE — This is a race of shape-shifters.
LAER — This alien race was eliminated in the 31st millennium by the Emperor's Children.
LOXATL — These amphibian quadrupeds are slightly larger than humans and have dew claws that allow traction on almost any surface. Out of water, their vision, hearing, and smell are dulled, and they communicate via taste, vibration, subsonic calls, and even changing skin patterns when in visual range. They operate in small broods, biologically related. They fight with flechette blasters, which are harnessed to their bodies and controlled by mind-impulse devices. They have a very particular odor, detectable at close range. They deal with the Thexian Trade Empire.


No Entries


NECRON — (Also: Necrontyr) This ancient race of immortal machines have lain dormant for millennia. Though they may have once been biological, they now only manifest as mechanical constructs. They have only recently emerged from the stasis-chambers of their tomb worlds at the call of their star-gods. They worship godlike beings called the C'Tan.
NEKULLI — This alien race is slender, humanoid, has white eye-slits, virtually no nose, and has spine-scales running down their scalp and two fangs that protrude from a jutting lower jaw. Their weapons appear to have both close combat and ranged functions.
NICASSAR — This psychic race allied with the Tau. They deal with the Thexian Trade Empire.


OGRYN — This subspecies of humanity that developed on harsh, cold worlds, is larger, stronger, and more resilient than humans, but also more simple minded. Their larger bodies are adaptation against cold, prolonged starvation and darkness, and are classified as Homo Sapiens Gigantus. They are considered abhumans, along with Ratlings and Squats.
ORK — This race, designated by Imperials as Orkus negra, is large and green-skinned, far more resistant to injury and pain than humans, and has an interrelationship with Gretchin and squigs. The current Orkish species are remnants of many diverse interrelated races. Three castes are known: Gretchin, the slave caste; Orks, the warrior caste; and an extinct ruling class, killed off by prolonged plague, known to the Orks as Brain Boyz. It is theorized that this ruling caste, foreseeing their own demise, were responsible for integrating rudimentary elements of technical knowledge into Orkish DNA. Orks live for combat, sometimes fighting amongst themselves simply for the joy of conflict, and have a simple but robust physiology that favors durability over complexity and combines animal and fungal properties. They are very prolific and as a race spread quickly, able to travel through space with the help of their intrinsic knowledge of force field and teleporter technology. Average specimens are over two meters tall, but leaders can be much larger. An individual can grow quickly as it succeeds in battle, a self-selecting evolution promoting leadership. In general, Orks will grow if exposed to fighting and conflict for extended periods of time. The survivors naturally form the leading caste. The number of Orks that will follow a given leader is in direct relation to his strength, combat ability, and leadership. All Orkish DNA have a tertiary algal DNA strand that also gives rise to a sort of ancestral memory that may lie behind their intuitive grasp of technology, and also grants them remarkable healing abilities, including limited regeneration given enough time. They have a spore-based reproduction system that can develop into any of the Orkoid subspecies depending upon location. Thus a solitary spore will most likely develop into a Squig or simple fungi, which will then spread more spores, which will develop into more advanced forms only when there are enough lower forms to provide a food supply. The spores form cocoons that hatch into the different forms. Orks are naturally hairless and tend to segregate into like-minded clans. Major clans include: Bad Moons, Deathskulls, Snakebites, Blood Axes, Goffs, and Evil Sunz. Orks worship the crude gods on Mork and Gork. They use teeth as a monetary unit, which only encourages further infighting in the society. They are a psychic race, and those with the ability are called Weirdboyz. The Ork language is slow, low, and guttural in tone. The monetary unit of Ork society if teeth, or Teef as they are called, with larger specimens having larger worth.


No Entries


Q'ORL — This arachnid species, Imperial designator Bestiola superior, originates from the Loquit swarmworld. They have six eyes, each pair keyed to a different wavelength, and communicate through pheromonal scent. Their eight legs are divided into one ambulatory and one dexterous set to front and rear. They have a limited ability to regenerate missing limbs and potentially other body parts. During larval development, individuals can be tailored into different paths of development depending on hormones fed by the queen. Their technology involves biomechanical integration. They live in vast honeycomb orbital structures. Their empire is called the Swarmhood. The lifespan of the average male is ten years, though the queen may live hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Though they are spacefaring, they do not have warp technology.


RATLING — This human subspecies has evolved significantly smaller and generally more dexterous than the human standard, classified Homo Sapiens Minimus. They are generally peaceable and gregarious and are considered abhumans, along with Squats and Ogryn.
REEK — (Also: Noisome Reek) The Tau wiped out this race within the confines of the Tau Empire, but their Worldweave may exist elsewhere.


SARUTHI — These grey-fleshed crab/spider-like aliens have five limbs with no discernable symmetry and head-columns without eyes or mouths growing off the center of their backs. They mass roughly twice that of a man and their primary sense is a combination of taste and smell. They have the innate ability to fire powerful electrical discharges from their heads as a weapon. They had the ability to warp all four dimensions, including time, in a way that caused them to flow "wrong." They walked with silver stilts clasped in their digits, raising them further off the ground. Their artifacts have no symmetry and appear to have too many degrees in their angles. The race and small empire of 40 systems was polluted by the Necroteuch, until its chaotic nature infused their entire society. Its power allowed them to create a large empire that was brought down by civil war. They have no starships, and travel by folding time and space. Contact with this alien race in Scarus sector is forbidden.
SCYTHIANS — This race of warrior-monks employs a wide variety of envenomed weapons, the least of which is the Scythian Venom Talon.
SLANNI — Considered one of the "Old Races," the Slanni were in decline long before humanities emergence into the stars. They encountered, and acted as mentors to, the Eldar. They are believed to have created the Jokaero.
SNOTLING — This small subspecies of Ork, Imperial designation Orkus ineptus, whose main function in Orkish society is to cultivate fungus and tending Squigs. Their intelligence is very limited, and in general have very little courage. Ork Runthrdz breed raise, and train Snotlings in their society. Their genetic code has a slightly closer relation to its algal components than other Ork subspecies.
SQUAT — Once the largest of the human subspecies, they evolved significantly shorter and stout than the human norm, with more technical aptitude, and are classified as Homo Sapiens Rotundus. The squat homeworlds seceded from the Imperium and were eventually exterminated by the Tyranids. They are considered abhumans, along with Ratlings and Ogryn.
SSLYTH — This serpentine warrior race has four arms and often serve as bodyguards to Dark Eldar lords.
STROUSII — This cruel alien race specializes in neural technology.


TALLERIAN — This dog-like is bipedal and have acted as mercenaries for the Tau. Their main civilization was to the galactic north-west of the Ultima Segmentum, and was mostly destroyed by Hive Fleet Moloch
TAU — This comparatively young race, Imperial classification Tau tau, developed in a dense cluster of systems three-hundred light years in diameter at the fringes of the Ultima Segmentum on the Eastern Fringe. There are approximately one-hundred occupied systems in their empire. They are essentially humanoid, more slender and slight than humans, with three fingers and opposable thumbs, but hoofed feet. The race is divided into castes, which have subtle but distinct differences. All castes have an advanced sense of smell, and it is theorized that the Etherals lead others through pheromones. The Etheral class displays an additional crystalline organ in the center of their foreheads. This organ would appear to be identical to those found in Q'Orl, and may have been engineered there by the Eldar or other race. The Fire caste are warriors with a more durable and robust physiology. The Water caste are diplomats. The Air caste are explorers and pilots with a more slender and agile build. The Earth caste are laborers. There is little or no inbreeding between castes and they have different genetic make-ups. In their expansion through the local cluster, the Tau have integrated several other races into their empire, including the Kroot and Vespid. Their entire society is devoted to the Tau'va, a concept that translates to The Greater Good. Tau require one or two decs of rest per rotaa, 1.5 to 3 hours per 15 hours or 10 to 20% in Terran terms. Their blood is based upon cobalt rather than iron, giving it a blue to blue-purple color.
THEXIAN — This manipulative race originates from Thex Prime in the Ghoul Stars. Their Thexian Trade Empire has expanded to approximately eight systems, and they have agents in adjacent Borlac, Loxatle, and Nicassar civilizations. They are a bimorphic race with both standard- and battle-forms.
THYRRUS — This xeno race, Imperial classification Histrio tragoedus, has four eyes, four arms, and hundreds of tentacles for legs. They can change the color and texture of their skin at will, and appear to communicate visually with color variations. They posses a respiratory filter capable of eliminating all contaminants and feed by absorbing only the nutrients it requires, leaving the remains. The race is indigenous to the Saeraphii Sector.
TYRANID — It is difficult to classify such a diverse range of organisms into a single race. They possess a distributed psychic node structure that acts as a command and control network. Researchers refer to this gestalt consciousness as the "Hive Mind," which can communicate over vast distances without physical contact. The species originates outside the galaxy, and it is theorized that they have migrated here in search of more planets and bio-mass to use as raw materials for continued expansion. The Hive Fleets bioengineer or breed anything necessary for further expansion out of the bio-mass of target planets, from individual warriors to titanic starships. The vast catalog of Tyranid organisms include such diverse subsets as: Termagant, Hormagaunt, Spinegaunt, Deathgaunt, Zoanthrope, Gargoyle, Ripper, Biovore, Genestealer, Lictor, Carnifex, Ravener, Warrior, Trygon, Tervigon, Tyrannofex, Mawloc, Hive Tyrant, Dominatrix, the rumored Norn Queen, and uncountable others. Their Hive Fleets travel vast interstellar distances with the assistance of a bio-ship that can detect gravity wells at astronomical distances and create compressed-space corridors through which Hive Ship can travel.


ULUMÉATHI — This race forms the Uluméathic League. Their capitol was known as the Throneworld. They were almost entirely consumed by Hive Fleet Naga in the early 800s of M41.
UMBRA — This psychic race of black spheroids can create matter from shadows or darkness, and are also called shadow-smiths. They assemble the material into the stuff of nightmare, using it to attack. They are vulnerable to bright light, but are resistant to all but the most powerful of weapons. They tend to cluster around warp-vanes, drive-vents of starships, and access nodes to the Eldar webway. It is theorized that their physical form is but a small portion of a multi-dimensional entity.


VARREY — This race in the vicinity of the Ulumeathic League had vast space docks and an significant naval force.
VASSALIA — This minor race allied with the Imperium in the face of Hive Fleet Jormungandr in 995M41. Their starships were known as Slavebirds, and they had waged war against the Donarathi.
VESPID — This wasp-like race from the system and gas giant of the same name has been integrated into the Tau Empire. They have chitinous wings adapted to an airborne life, and their claws are extremely tough and sharp for digging in the gas-filled, floating rock islands of their home. They have a matriarchal society, and females are generally larger than males. Only large females can withstand the pressure of the lower atmosphere, where crystals grow that the Tau have integrated into a unique neutron blaster.
VISKEON — This humanoid race appears to be able to regenerate, even from comparatively small body parts. Imperial record indicate that their homeworld may have been absorbed by the Tyranids.


WHISPERERS — This insectoid race, so called for the noise their wing casings make as they move, supposedly lives completely underground on Sentinel. No physical evidence of the race has been found. They are said to have great knowledge of the universe.


XENARCH — This race resides in the galactic north and their technology relies upon biologically generated electro-plasma. They have instruments able to focus and direct bio-energy.


YLDARI — See: Eldar
YU'VATH — Imperial forces fought this warp-worshiping race during the Angevin Crusade, hunting them to extinction by 384M39.


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