Stormhawk Gun Cutter

Length: 51.50 meters
Wingspan: 45.00 meters
Height: 7.55 meters

Type: Military Craft
Size: Massive
Armour: Front 30, Hull 25
Traits: Anti-Grav, Interface Controls, Void Capable
Narrative Speed: 500 kmph/2500 kph
Combat Speed: 50/850/1700/2550/3400
Handling Modifier [Pilot (Military Craft)]: 0
Armaments: Twin-Linked Heavy Bolters (Left Cheek), Twin-Linked Heavy Bolters (Right Cheek), Twin-Linked Las Cannon (Nose), Twin-Linked Turbo Laser (Wings)
Crew: 1 (Pilot/Gunner), 1 (Co-Pilot/Gunner), 1 (Navigator/Gunner)
Passengers: 12
Access Points: Forward and midships boarding ramps

Stormhawk Gun Cutter

The Stormhawk design clearly stems from the same STC as the Marine Thunderhawk, though its pattern is considerably more complex and only a handful of Mechanicus production facilities produce it, albeit in small numbers. It derives its name from the Stormbird, precursor to the Thunderhawk. It is more similar in size to the former, but more similar in shape and purpose to the latter.

Whereas the Thunderhawk's primary mission is the transport of troops and close support after insertion, the Stormhawk transports a small group of high-value individuals, providing them with the protection and firepower to deal with most threats.

Owing to the low production numbers, many of these highly capable craft have been appropriated and customized by high-ranking Imperial officials, from planetary governors to Inquisitors, as personal shuttles.