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NOTE: The period before the millenium has been omitted from the below dates for the sake of clarity and simplicity.
NOTE: Some of GW's sources have been self-contradictory over the years. I have made every effort to use the entries that fit in best with the greater portion of the existing cannon.


Catastrophe — Faced with extinction, the Necrons construct metal bodies for their highly advanced minds. To weather the impending galactic disaster, the Necrons construct huge stasis chambers to shelter themselves. The C'tan are believed to be the cause of this near-extinction of life in the galaxy.


Birth of the Emperor — The Emperor is born in Central Anatolia.


Birth of the chaos Gods — The first formation of what would become the Chaos Gods, Khorne, Tzeench, and Nurgle, born to the warp. They continue to develop for nearly 7000 years.


Warp Tunnels — The Eldar learn the secrets of the Webway from the Slann.
Portents — The Slann culture, in the final stages of decline, warns the Eldar of the Fall.


Age of Terra — Over the course of M1 to M15, humanity comes to dominate both Terra and the Solar system.


500.M2 — The Chaos powers, Khorne, Tzeentch and Nurgle awake to full consciousness by the end of the Middle Ages.


Scientific Advances — The third and subsequent millennia bring some knowledge of the warp to humans.
011M3 — Second Epoch.
100.M3 — Early in the 22nd century Mars becomes the first world to be terraformed.
200.M3 — Mars is settled.


Age of Exploration — Humanity begins to colonize nearby solar systems using conventional sub-light spacecraft. At first, progress is painfully slow. Separated from Terra by up to ten generations in travel time, the new colonies have to survive on local resources.
Age of Technology — M15 through M25 is a time of both technological and stellar expansion for humanity, where great and terrible achievements took place.


M18-M23 — Dark Age of Technology — Discovery of warp drives accelerates the colonization process and the early independent or corporate colonies become federated to Terra. The first alien races are encountered. Humanity continues to explore and colonize the galaxy. Contacts are established with the Eldar and other alien races. A golden age of scientific achievement begins. Perfection of the Standard Template Construct (STC) system now permits an almost explosive expansion to the stars.
Golden Age of Technology — M18 is the end of the Golden Age. Legends tell that the Golden Race of Men had become dependent on the Stone Race of Men and their artifices, and as such the Stone Men prevail. Sometime within the next 5000 years the Men of Stone create the Iron Men to help in the building of their Empire.
Navigator Gene — The development of the Navigator gene allows human pilots to make longer and faster jumps through warp space than was previously thought possible. The great Navigator families, initially controlled by industrial and trading cartels, become a power base in their own right.
Age of Founding — The mining colonies of the Squat Home Worlds are founded and maintain constant contact with Terra. At this time Squats show no physical variation from normal Humans.


Alien Wars — Mankind engages Eldar and Orks in first extensive warfare.


M23-M30 — Age of Strife — Humanity reaches the far edges of the galaxy, completing the push to the stars begun over ten thousand years before. Human civilization is now widely dispersed and divergent - with countless small colonies as well as many large, overpopulated planets. Localized wars and disputes with various alien races, notably the Orks, erupt but these pose no threat to the overall stability of human-colonized worlds. Then two things happen almost simultaneously. First, humans with psychic powers begin to appear on almost every colonized world. Second, civilization starts to disintegrate under the stress of widespread insanity, daemonic possession, and internecine strife between these new 'psykers' and the rest of humanity. Countless fanatical cults and organizations spring up to persecute the psykers as witches, and/or degenerate mutants. At this time, the existence of the creatures of the warp, later known and feared as daemons, and the dangers they pose to the human mind with newly awakened psychic powers, is far from understood. Terrible wars tear human civilization apart. Localized empires and factions fight amongst themselves as well as against fleets of Orks, Eldar, and other aliens whose forces are quick to seize the opportunity to sack human space. Many worlds fall prey to the dominance of Warp Creatures whilst others revert to barbarism. Humans survive only on those worlds where psykers are suppressed or controlled. During this time, Terra is cut off from the rest of humanity by terrible warp storms, which cause starvation and strife in a society that had grown accustomed to imports for sustenance. Earth quickly descends into barbarism. Terra remains isolated for almost ten-thousand years, further accelerating the ruin of humanity.


Acer Alba — This man explored portions of Ultima Segmentum c. 500M24.


Age of Strife
Abhumans — Scientists report significant divergence in humanity. Homo Sapiens Giganticus, Rotundus and Minimus emerge.
Horiax Treatise — This document provides the first archival evidence of genetic alteration techniques circa M25.


Periremunda — The Imperium colonizes this world.


Unifying Terra — Genetically modified warriors aid the Emperor in his conquest of Terra after strife and war.


Primarchs — The Emperor develops twenty Primarchs, Lion El'Johnson, Fulgrim, Perturabo, Jaghatai Khan, Leman Russ, Rogal Dorn, Night Haunter, Sanguinius, Ferrus Manus, Angron, Robert Guilliman, Mortarion, Magnus the Red, Horus, Lorgar, Vulkan, Corax, and Alpharius, but they are scattered across galaxy by the Chaos powers before fully grown.
Great Crusade — The Emperor embarks upon a titanic, 200-year campaign to reunite the scattered worlds of humanity with Space Marines created with modified Primarch gene-seed. During this time, accelerated techniques decrease time needed to create a Space Marine to roughly one year. The Primarchs are rediscovered and given command of an appropriate Legion as the Emperor reunites their worlds with the Imperium. This great work would continue until the Horus Heresy in M31.
First Founding — The Emperor and Imperial scientists created the Space Marines of the initial 20 Legions, based on the gene-seed of the Primarchs and the Emperor. They were: Dark Angels, No Record, Emperor's Children, Iron Warriors, White Scars, Space Wolves, Imperial Fists, Night Lords, Blood Angels, Iron Hands, No Record, World Eaters, Ultramarines, Death Guard, Thousand Sons, Lunar Wolves, World Bearers, Salamanders, Raven Guard, and Alpha Legion.
Craftworlds — Some Eldar heed the warnings and portents and build their titanic stellar vessels.
826M29 — During banquet honoring pacification of the Cheraut system, Lord Princeps Ichabod Lethrai observes a conflict between the Primarchs Konrad Kurze and Rogal Dorn. Shortly after their duel, Kurze disappears, taking his fleet to Nostramo. His destruction of the planet is the first step in a campaign of terror that would shake Kurze's relationship with the Emperor.


M30-Present — Age of the Imperium — Approximately M30 through the present represents the dominance of the Emperor or Imperium over humanity.
Great Crusade — The Emperor utilizes the Space Marines on a campaign to reunite the far-flung worlds of humanity and locate the Primarchs.
Grabya's Theorem — This theory demonstrated how Primarch genetic data could be used to stabilize genetic development of Space Marines.
Inductus Excelsus — This document by the scholar Sorian illustrated that the requirements for more warriors in the Imperium was vast.
The Fall — The excesses of the Eldar race finally collapse, creating the chaos god Slannesh and the Eye of Terror. The Eldar Maiden Worlds are consumed by the event, and only the most far-flung carftworlds survive.
Book of the Thousand Sons — Magnus the Red compiles this book of arcane lore from across the galaxy.
Altansar Craftworld — This Eldar craftworld was swallowed by the warp 500 years after The Fall, leaving only Maugan Ra as its only survivor.
Gene Seed — Accelerated gene-culturing techniques implemented, reducing processing time to create Space Marine to one year. However, accelerated gene-seed has unseen fundamental flaws.
125M30 — Luna Wolves renamed Sons of Horus following the Warmaster's successful Ullanor Campaign.
350M30 — Karis Cephalon is rediscovered during the Great Crusade.


Codex Astartes — Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines, compiled the first Codex Astartes which laid down new organizational doctrine for the Space Marines.
Rise of Man — Dionerius' work describes the Wulfen, the 13th comany of the Space Wolves, and how they entered the Eye of Terror to pursue the traitor legions at the end of the Horus Heresy. Primarchs Guilliman and Dorn did not want to lose Marines to such a campaign and advised against it. To this day it is unknown if the Space Wolves Primarch Leman Russ sent the Wulfen into the Eye or if they went of their own accord.
M31-M32 — Age of Rebirth — Building from the horrors of the Horus Heresy, the Imperium rebuilds itself on the ideals of Roboute Guilliman, the Codex Astartes, and other great progressive minds of the time.
005M31-006M31Betrayal at Isstvan III. Horus reveals his treachery, purging three loyalist Astartes Legions. Titan Legios Mortis, Audax, and Vulpa take part in the slaughter. The Imperial Navy Frigate Einstain escapes with news of Horus' corrupt activities.
005M31-006M31Schism of Mars. The Fabricator General of mars, Kelbor Hal, leads half of the Mechanicum in rebellion, declaring for Horus. Titans of Legio Mortis work to scour Mars of loyalists and fight bitterly against many Knight houses and Legio Tempestus.
006M31Isstvan V Dropsite Massacre. Horus lures three Astartes Legions onto the sands of the Urgall Depression on Isstvan V and ambushes them with his traitor Legions. Titans of the traitor Legio Mortis mirror the Space Marine combat against the loyalist Legio Atarus with similar results.
006M31First Battle of Paramar. The Alpha Legion and Legio Fureans launch an assault on the strategic Mechanicum Provender planet of Paramar V, and are surprised to find it well defended by a loyalist Grand Company of Iron Warriors Space Marines and Titans of Legio Gryphonicus. The traitors take the system, but at a far higher cost than anticipated.
007M31Betrayal at Calth. The Word Bearers and World Eaters traitor Legions betray the Ultramarines, who initially welcome them as brothers. Lorgar uses Calth in a Chaos ritual to summon the Ruinstorm. The Titan Legio Suturvora sides with the traitors, and Legios Praesagius and Oberon side with Ultramar.
008M31The Ruin of Maerdan. Over 200 Battle Titans fight over the once verdant world of Maerdan, at the edge of Segmentum Solar, destroying its cities and laying waste to the planet. Loyalist Legios Gryphonicus, Metalica, and Destructor fight Traitor Legios Mortis, Argentum, and Vulturum. All sides incur heavy losses, and the battle is a draw, withdrawing as the battle lines move to other systems. This stokes the still standing hatred between Legio Gryphonicus and Legio Mortis.
009M31The Battle of Molech. Horus commits a huge invasion force against the heavily fortified world of Molech. The Sons of Horus and Death Guard Space Marine Legions, and Titans of Legios Mortis, Vulcanum II, Interfector, and Vulpa make up the traitor forces. Loyalists include the Ultramarines and Blood Angels, Titans of Legios Gryphonicus, Fortidus, and Crucius, a dozen Knight houses, and countless Imperial Guard regiments. Knight House Devine turns traitor at a critical point in the battle, and most of the Loyalist forces are slaughtered.
010M31-012M31The Death of Tallarn. Led by Perturabo himself, the Iron Warriors, Legio Krytos, Knight House Caesarean, and traitor Imperial Army regiments, invade the then-lush world of Tallarn. Taking both sides by surprise, Perturabo orders Exterminatus by life-eater virus barrage. Many of the defenders survive in extensive underground shelter networks. Legio Gryphonicus, Knights of House Megron, the Household army of Rogue Trader Sangrea, and armor elements of the Iron Hands, Imperial Fists, Ultramarines, and White Scar Legions conduct the largest armored engagements of all time across the now blighted surface of Tallarn. Though technically a loyalist victory, both sides suffered heavy losses.
010M31Cataclysm of Iron. Forge Worlds in the Belt of Iron, spanning sectors on the borders of Segmentums Tempestus and Pacificus, declare either for or against Horus. The Forge Worlds of Incunabula, Urdesh, Valia-Maximal, and Kalibrax declare for Horus and the Fabricator General. The forges of Graia, Arl'Yeth, and Atar-Median declare for the Emperor. Arachnis and Jerulas Station fall into civil war on the matter. Many surrounding worlds become battlegrounds for this conflict.
010M31Battle of Nyrcon. Rogal Dorn leads a Loyalist force of Salamanders Legion Space Marines, Legio Astorum titans, and thrity regiments of the Solar Auxilia against an Emperor's Children Millenial at Nyrcon City on Beta-Garmon II. The Loyalists surprise the garrison, and the resulting battle spreads to Beta-Garmon III and the titans of Legio Mortis. The Traitors are driven out of the system, but stage counter attacks of increasing force in the coming years.
011.M31Second Battle of Paramar V. Loyalist forces from Titan Legios Itarus, Ignatum, and Solaria, supported by Blood Angels and White Scars Space Marines, stage diversionary attacks before taking the primary spaceport, and then moving to destroy the mass-provender silos surrounding the port. Traitor forces, including titans of Legios Fureans and Mortis, see through the ruse and their counterattack destroys the entire invasion force.
011M31Battle of Ice World Tralsak. Loyalist titans of Legios Atarus and Agravides combat Traitor Legios Magna and Victorum across this planet of shallow frozen oceans. The intensity of the conflict flash-boils the oceans to steam. Both sides eventually use the steam cover to withdraw and deploy elsewhere, but leave Knights that continue the conflict.
011M31Tarren Supression. A loyalist fleet and Titans of Legio Defensor occupy this the capital of this world, Brandstat, after it declares for Horus, making examples of rebellious cities by reducing them to ruins. A Traitor force of Emperor's Children Space Marines, Legio Cybernetica, and Legio Mortis liberate the world later in the Relief of Bradstat.
012M31Balthor Sigma Intervention. World Eaters Space Marines, supported by super-heavy tanks, manage to hold off an attack by a demi-legio of Legio Osedax until the unexpected arrival of an Eldar Titan force. Only the last minute reinforcement by Legio Fureans prevents total defeat. The Eldar forces vanish into the ash wastes at the end of the battle.
012M31Concordance of the High Lords. The Imperial Council and High Lords of Terra formally establish the Adeptus Mechanicus, as separate from the Mars Mechanicum, and the Adeptus Titanicus, made of loyalist Legios. Fabricator-General Zagreus Kane heads the Mechanicus, and the followers of Kelbor Hal are purged.
012M31Imperial Muster at Beta-Garmon. As the Ruinstorm abated and navigation became possible, Imperial forces mass at the astropathic relay at Beta-Garmon. It becomes the largest gathering of Loyalist forces since the beginning of the war. Traitor forces respond in kind, and the resultant conflict becomes known as the Great Slaughter, encompassing the Titandeath and Sea of Fire Campaigns. The conflict severely depletes both Loyalist and Traitor ranks.
012M31Scouring of the Ollanz Cluster. Priceps Seniores Varr Harax of Legio Astorum launches a daring attack over treacherous terrain to break the siege of Borman IV's capital. A diversionary attack in the volcanic Yrevendi Desert north of the capital makes this possible. This turns the tide of the Traitor assault on the resource worlds of the Ollanz Clutser.
013M31Horus Heresy. The Emperor sends seven Space Marine Legions to confront Horus, but four of the seven defect. Marine fights Marine in battles across the Imperium.
014M31Siege of Earth. Horus lays siege to the Imperial palace. Defenders are overwhelmed and forced back to the Ultimate Gate. The Emperor, Rogal Dorn and Sanguinius teleport onto Horus's battle barge. Sanguinius is separated from the Emperor and finds Horus first. Horus offers him a place by his side but Sanguinius refuses and is slain. The Emperor then kills Horus and is so badly wounded that he is incarcerated within the Golden Throne.
014M31-021M31Great Scouring. Forces loyal to the Emperor drive the traitors into retreat, their will broken after the defeat of Horus. Gradually, many of the Chaos forces flee into the Eye of Terror.
015M41 — Roboute Guilliman and other Imperial visionaries found High Lords of Terra to guide the Imperium, now lacking the direct input of the Emperor.
021M31Second Founding. The loyal Space Marine Legions were broken up into smaller Chapters of one thousand marines under the guidance of Roboute Guilliman of the Ultramarines to prevent one man from wielding too much power in the Imperium.
084M31 — Jaghatai Khan disappears while fighting Dark Eldar on Corusil V, near the Maelstrom.
211M31 — Leman Russ of the Space Wolves takes his most favored retainers and departs from the Feast of the Emperor's Ascension, never to be seen or heard from again. His armor would be discovered much later, during the second Great Hunt, at the Temple of Horus on Rudra, a world on the edge of the Eye of Terror.
218M31 — The surviving Wolf Lords of the Space Wolves gather together and elect Bjorn their leader, awarding him the title Great Wolf. Bjorn gathers the Chapter and announces the first Great Hunt in an attempt to find Leman Russ. The Great Hunt ends in failure and sadness.
356M31-372M31 — Vindicator created during third Rothern I pacification of the Great Heresy by Techmarines of the Ultramarines.
781M31The First Black Crusade. This Chaos incursion became known as the Battle of Cadia.
893M31 — Scribe First Order Wendel Voss records the Cleansing of Laeran in which the alien Laer are wiped out by the Emperor's Children led by Fulgrim.


Adeptus Ministorum — The organization that spread the word of the Emperor's divinity was formed from the Temple of the Savior Emperor, the dominant Imperial cult at that time.
Fang — Magus the Red and his Thousand Sons attack Fang, base of the Space Wolves, in retribution for the destruction of Prospero.
M32-M34 — The Forging — (Also: Golden Age of the Imperium) The Adeptus Terra embarks on a mission to unify great swathes of the Imperium, establishing Astropathic choirs in key systems and expanding out to the furthest limits of pre-Heresy exploration. Discovery of STC patterns also slow the decline of technology during this time.
200M32 — Ecclesiarch Veneris II becomes a High Lord of Terra.
243M32 — Inquisitor Damasko postulates that by reference to the Chaos Gods and associated daemons, other deities must have champions, possess worshippers, influence mortals or temporarily create manifestations in the form of daemons.
350M32 — Temple of the Savior Emperor becomes the official religion of the Imperium.
400M32 — XX, last of the remaining Space Marine primarchs XX
544M32The Beast Rises
546M32The Beheading. Drakan Vangorich, Grand Master of the Officio Assassimorum orders the deaths of all the High Lords of Terra. A force of Space Marines, consisting of battle brothers from the Halo Brethren, Imperial Fists, and Sable Swords chapters track down and kill Vangorich. The Imperium endures a period of chaos as underlings fight for the vacated seats of the High Lords.
550M32 — The Ecclesiarch Veneris II becomes a High Lord of Terra, the first member of the Ministorum so honored.
751M32 — Rogue Trader Xiatal Parnevue first catalogues Naogeddon from orbit.
888M23Astropath Wars
910M32The Firestorm
935M32 — Imperial Guard Colonel Van Dyson writes The Dark Eldar: Their Methods and How To Defeat Them, By One Who Has Done So.


Apocrypha of Davio — The Second Founding Chapters were named in this text.
Horusians — This Inquisition faction developed from a splinter group of Promeans who studied Horus' possession by Chaos, and the potential to use similar means to reunite the Emperor's soul to his body or another living vessel.
MonodominationThe Right of Man to Rule the Galaxy in the Emperor's Holy Name. Inquisitor Goldo pens his seminal text, establishing the Inquisitorial faction bearing the same name.
077M33War of the Confessor
221M33 — Space marine founding that includes the Howling Griffons
265M33 — The High Lords of Terra exile Admiral Usurs, whose execution might have caused a civil war, by sending him on an Explorator mission outside the Imperium. For two decades, he reports success in conquering new systems for the Emperor, and then the communiques suddenly cease.
313M33Siege of Eternity's Gate
453M33 — The Desolator class battleship Eternity of Pain goes renegade.
615M33 — The cruiser Blade of Infinity emerges from the Warp, twenty-thousand years after its departure in M13.
831M33Year of Ghosts. The honored dead rise throughout the Imperium to defeat creatures of the Warp.
832M33Castile V Massacre. Lord Periclitor slaughters Imperial missionaries and members of the Adeptus Sororitas.
881M33 — Adeptus Terra officially recognises new semi-democratic regime on Karis Cephalon.
888M33Martyrdom of Saint Jerome. Lord Periclitor kills Jerome at Tosak.


Blackstar Crusade — Chaos forces emerge from the Eye of Terror to mount a crusade in the Ganglax Sector. The Khorne champion Ekrak conquers M'laar XIII and turns it into a daemon world.
Khamrians — Adeptus Mechanicus Magos Degio Khamrios establishes a following of fellow Tech Priests researching AI in late M34. Though he is hunted down for his beliefs, the faction continues to find a following in the Mechanicus.
012M34 — Alcmena Nebula Wars
126M34 — Slaughter class cruiser Dutiful completed.
222M34 — Rogue Trader Uzieth Pallandro rediscovers Rynn's World.
238M34 — Rogue Trader Uzieth Pallandro rediscovers Badlanding.
401M34The Howling. The execution of the alien cyborg Cacodominus, whose mind was linked to the populations of 1300 systems, at the hands of the Black Templars, causes a shockwave through the Warp, burning out a billion Astropaths. Millions of ships are lost as the upheaval distorts the signal of the Astronomicon. Cacodominus' death ends the Catelexis Heresy.
722M34 — Rogue Trader Dausen discovers the Squat homeworlds.
843M34 — After the Imperial Frigate, Hand of Mercy, detects a distress call from Grendel's World in the Ysobael Cloud of the Eastern Fringes, scouts from the Mortifactors Space Marines investigate and report that the Night Lords had slaughtered the entire population.
967M34Sectoris Stabilis Mandate. This document lays down tolerance limits for raiding activity.


Gorka Morka — The Ork space hulk Gorka Morka crashes on Angelis.
Grimoire Hereticus — This tome reports those Legions who turned traitor during the Great Heresy.
Sabbat Worlds — Saint Sabbat and her priest-commander Kiodrus liberated the worlds that now bear her name in M35.
Nove Terra Interregnum — During mid-M35, this break in Imperial governance caused a significant erosion and contraction of Imperial borders.
001M35 — By this time, the pogrom of Inquisitors von Dressen and Baigdan have eliminated Horusians and resurrectionists from the ranks of the Inquisition.
021M35 — Explorator Magos Dural Lavank's expedition lost on Naogeddon.
200M35 — Under Benedin IV, the Ecclesiarchy moves to Ophelia VII.
299M35 — The Styx class cruiser Heartless Destroyer turns traitor, abandoning the Horrific, which was captured by heretic raiders.
334M35 — Angelis first surveyed by the Imperium.
345M35 — Adeptus Prefectus Primus Saul Megellan reports on alignment of alien pyramids on the planet Angelis.
359M35 — Imperial Explorators gain access to deserted Necrontyr tombs on Angelis.
453M35Galaxia Daemonica Perpetua. This work by Jerome describes Chaos and the Eye of Terror.
500M35 — Greigor XI becomes Ecclesiarch and returns the Adeptus Ministorum to Terra.
512M35 — The Adeptus Ministorum completes its transition back to Terra
598M35 — Senatorum Imperialis declares new Space Marine founding. Astral Claws founded with sole responsibility of guarding space lanes surrounding the Maelstrom.
739M35 — The last stand of the 5th Armoured Terran Praefects.
762M35-765M35 — The Tallarn scout squad, Lurenz's Gravediggers, harass Eldar forces on Holon Prime.
789M35 — First Imperial contact with primitive Tau on planet T'au by the Adeptus Mechanicus Eplorator vessel Land's Vision.
789M35 — Lasgun becomes the standard issue weapon for the Imperial Guard.
843M35 — Scouts from the Mortifactors Sapce Marines investigate a distress call from Grendel's World. They discover that the planet has been attacked and all inhabitants slain by the Night Lords.
975M35Cataclysm of Souls. The Ecclesiarchy works to rebuild the Imperium as a religious state. The Ur-council of Nova Terra rejects the Ecclesiarchy's teachings, starting religious wars that kill millions.


Age of Apostasy — Against a backdrop of increasing warp-storm activity and assaults from Chaos and xeno forces, High Lord Vandire comes to power, converting the Daughters of the Emperor into his personal bodyguards. Sebastian Thor rises against Vandire's tyrannical domination of the Imperium. Vandire sends a Frateris Templar fleet to destroy Thor and his homeworld of Dimmamar, but the fleet is wiped out by a Warp Storm in the Clax system. Thor raises the Confederation of Light, a force comprise of Tech Guard, Space Marines and Adeptus Custodes to defeat Vandire. Circa 200M36.
Ordo Sicarius — Tziz Jarek of the Callidus Assassins, under the orders of Vandire, kills the Grand Master of Assassins and assumes his identity. The Grand Master had actually replaced himself with a double, and emerged to gather assassins loyal to him and wage war against this usurper. Both sides utilized horrible weapons and abhorrent methods. Finally, the Grand Master succeeded in assassinating Jarek, disappearing afterwards into self-imposed exile. Inquisitor Jaeger, after investigating the wars, created the Ordo Sicarius to monitor the Officio Assassinorum and prevent a recurrence of the tragedy.
Fifth Black Crusade — Abbadon leads the fifth large-scale assualt on Cadia. The Astral Claws are part of the force driving it back, their standard added to those at the Eternity Gate for their performance.
Mythos Angelica Mortis — This work describes the Emperor's Champion in Appendix CXVI: Honorifics of the Legions Astartes.
Cursed Founding — In the 21st founding, the largest since the Second, the Adeptus Mechanicus Genetor conducts unsuccessful experimentation to create improved Space Marines. The Fire Hawks, Flame Falcons, Black Dragons, and other chapters are created with this cursed gene seed. Some chapters mutate horribly. The Flame Falcons spontaneous and extreme physical corruption turn them into a race that is no longer human nor sane. The Grey Knights and White Consuls drive the Flame Falcons from their homeworld of Lethe after they are declared excommunicate.
Pacificus War — Warmaster Terfuek commanded this campaign in that segmentum.
Gareox Prerogative — In mid-M36, believing attack craft to be the ultimate space warfare weapons, Battlefleet Tempestus embarked upon a construction program of carrier-battleships. Their shipyards only completed three before they cancelled the program.
Fire Hawks — The Imperium bombs Zhoros, home world of the Fire Hawks, with thermal devices.
Reign of Blood — Goge Vandire, serving as both High Lord of the Administratum and the Ecclesiarch, sparks a civil war ended seven decades later by Sebastian Thor.
053M36 — Longest recorded example of visions granted by the Black Rage to Chaplain Lestrallio.
215M36 — Lord Vandire assassinates the Master of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica, Lord Phaedrus, the only man who could perceive his foul visions and potentially stop them.
228M36 — Temples of the Officio Assassinorum clash in the War of the Assassins.
234M36 — The battleship Divine Right begins recommissioning at Cyprus Mundi after her discovery in a space hulk.
266M36 — Sebastian Thor born on Dimmamar.
288M36 — Upon the death of High Lord Vandire, Sebastian Thor becomes 292nd Ecclesiarch following a two-month trial at the hands of the High Lords of Terra
288M36 — The High Lords of Terra prohibit the Ecclesiarchy from maintaining any "men under arms" in the Decree Passive, but Sebastian Thor forms the orders militant of the Adepta Sororitas.
298M36 — Sebastian Thor leaves the Ecclesiarchal palace and journeys throughout the Imperium for 80 years, quelling heresy and apostasy.
298M36 — The Cypra Mundi shipyards finish work on the Divine Right.
300M36-306M36 — The Divine Right undergoes fleet trials.
300M36 — Cardinal Bucharis, with his conspirators Admiral Sehalla and Colonel Gasto, carves a bloody empire out from Gathalamor, stretching from Bakka and to Fenris, and including the fleet at Hydraphur. Bucharis claims that Earth is lost and Gathalamor will be the new center of faith for the Imperium. As his empire infringed upon Space Wolf territories, a protracted space and land ensues, including a 3-year siege of the Space Wolves' fortress, the Fang.
306M36 — The battleship Divine Right assumes duties as flagship of Battlefleet Artemis.
307M36 — Sebastain Thor grants the Haarlock Great Charter to Free Captain Mordercai Haarlock in gratitude for his service against the Fratis Templar fleets during Vandire's reign.
310M36Plague of Unbelief. Hydraphur falls uder the thrall of the apostate Cardinal Bucharis.
347M36 — Incident on Rukh's Paradise, in the Amerialla Belt, where members of the local population are found drained of blood. Blood Angels stationed on planet were blamed.
378M36 — Sebastian Thor gives the mobile star fortress Raptorus Rex to the Fire Hawks Space Marines in recognition of the efforts in the Apostasy Wars.
378M36 — Sebastian Thor returns to Earth and dies at the age of 112. Ecclesiarch Alexis XXII, Thor's successor, splits the Convent Sanctorum and Convent Prioris into two orders each, forming the Orders Militant of the Ebon Chalice, Valorous Heart, Fiery Heart and Argent Shroud.
447M36 — First recorded sighting of the Space Hulk Spawn of Damnation in the Spinward Drift
453M36Beelze Conflict. The Imperium's relations with Alaitoc Craftworld cease due to the outbreak of this war. Lexicos Aldus Mari is the last diplomatic envoy to Alaitoc.
543M36Second Purging of Lastrati. Marshal Gervhart of the Black Templars purged the planet of Lastrati upon discovering the purity cult, called the Divine Army, had turned to blood rituals.
642M36Battle of Saronica. The battleship Divine Right fights in this engagement in Artemis sector.
694M36 — Chief Artisan Tilius begins his quest for working STC.
723M36-736M36 — Free Captain Haarlock undertakes the Great Voyage, which discovers the Calyx Expanse
776M36 — 16th Armageddon Steel Legion end the Cassell Rebellion in less than six hours.
799M36The Sentry Vault Incident. Lord Periclitor, leading an army to Urus Prime, reaches inner sanctum of the vault, bests a force of Grey Knights, and receives favors from the Chaos gods
945M36The Nemesis Incident. Marines of the Storm Wardens chapter work with the Inquisition against an Enslaver infestation in the Steropes Cluster. After the operation, Chapter Master Owin Glendwyr and the overseeing Inquisitor Lord of the Ordo Xenos ordered that the chapter's entire history be sealed in stasis vaults, and that their home world of Sacris be quarantined from the Imperium. The only surviving record, the Liber Tempest, suggests that the Chapter Master and the entire 1st company were sealed into the vaults along with their history.
994M36 — Chief Artisan Tilius discovers the Razorback STC


Age of Plunder — From M37 to M39, a steady flow of Free Captains, Rogue Traders and others bring back wealth and artefacts from the Calyx Expanse.
Age of Redemption — The Imperium launches hundreds of crusades during M37 to wash away the sins of the Apostasy, leaving its defenses weakened.
Tau Ethereals — These mentors and mediators of the Tau race and the Greater Good first appeared at the end of M37.
Lexicus Plantarium — This work attempted to catalogue all known systems of the Imperium.
020M37Great Cull. The High Lords of Terra conduct a systematic extermination after the reigious conflicts of M36.
133M37 — The Rogue Trader Teresa Sinos retires to the world of Sinophia.
238M37 — Explorator Magos Prime Holisen Zi's expedition lost on Naogeddon.
321M37Abyssal Crusade. Saint Basillius judges thirty Space Marine Chapters and sends them on a crusade into the Eye of Terror to retake worlds lost during the birth of the Dark Prince.
347M37 — The Phrax Rogue Trader fleet feigns warp-storm interference while they wait for Saitiri Phrax to pass away, changing the line of succession to his daughter Mietta after the death of his brother Rukkman.
361M37 — Traitor Marines of the Alpha Legion, led by Orik the Vile, combat Cadians on Mihok Secundus.
457M37 — The battleship Divine Right steps down as flagship of Battlefleet Artemis in anticipation of transfer to Gothic sector.
458M37 — The Divine Right assumes duties as flagship of Gothic sector.
550M37-560M37Occlusiad. Rogue Tech Priests called the Apostles of the Blind King, seeing humanity as an affront to the Machine God, set off supernovae in the north-western fringe. They used artefacts from the Dark Age of Technology to cause stars of populated systems to go critical. Navigator Joyre Macran discovered the palace-warship of the Blind King hidden in Warpspace and guided the battleship Dominus Astra back to it, ending the Occlusiad's decade-long reign of terror.
563M37 — Urhua Thereaux, an assassin of the Venenum Temple, dispatched to assassinate the renegade Governor Yawell, ruler of Morisha, but her ship is caught in a warp rift, keeping it in temporal stasis for 698 years.
576M37 — STC for the Land Speeder Typhoon recovered from Thronton IV.
678-714M37Taninim Crusades. Elven crusading Space Marine chapters are tasked with retaking Imperial territory on the northwestern fringe after the Occlusiad War. Named after the Taninim Expanse, foes included Orks, Eldar, and other Xenos races.
811M37 — The slaughter of the Blood Angels at Mackan.
885M37 — Aftermath of Balsoir Symposium investigated by the Ordo Malleus and Relictors Space Marines reveals effects of Tzeentchian daemons on casualties.
956M37Heavenfall Massacres


The Age of Waning — From M38 through M40, the Imperium's military looses ground to a number of threats after exhaustion and depletion by the Redemption Crusdes.
Meratis Settlement — In mid-M38, dynastic wars in the Ixaniad Sector force the flight of the void born Meratech Clans to what would become known as the Meratis Cluster in the Calyx Expanse.
034M38Bloodtide Awakens
130M38Lapidas Landing. The battleship Divine Right takes part in this action.
143M38 — Imperial Commander Brassika of Orlenza brought to justice by intervention of a Callidus assassin.
220M38 — Ambush of Chapter Master Orlando Furioso of the Howling Griffons at Arios Point.
237M38 — The corruption of the Sanctity IX Pedagogue.
261M38 — The Veneum assassin Thereaux, unaware of the temporal stasis, proceeds to her target only to find the Governor long since dead and replaced by an anti-Imperial committee with 1,000 members. Thereaux spends three days poisoning all the chairs of the council's auditorium to kill them all.
288M38Altid Crusade. The Dark Angels and Astral Claws took part in this campaign where the Asdtral Claws were incorrectly listed as destroyed.
290M38-299M38The Altid Crusade
356M38 — Imperial authority burns the Chaos Prophetess Constanze as a heretic.
437M38 — The Eldar Craftworld Iybraesil is first detected in the West Quadrant of Segmentum Obscurus.
463M38 — Colonel Brin of the Imperial Guard executed as a heretic for his views on the Eldar.
770-791M38The Great Malagantine Purge. Five Space Marine chapters, known as the Manus Irae, including the Fire Hawks, Silver Skulls, and Charnel Guard, enact the Emperor's pogrom of the heretical Malagant Sector, scouring hundred of billions, including entire worlds. The Fire Hawks are granted Cousteau XI as a new home world in recognition.
788M38 — Ecclesiarch Deacis VI creates two more militant orders of the Adepta Sororitas, the Bloody Rose and the Sacred Rose.
788M38 — Adeptus Mechanicus research team discovers a pyramid associated with the Necrons, but it defies detailed examination by team due to its exotic, dense materials.
848M38 — Eldar Warpgate portal found in the Trojan Sector.
860M38 — The Ecclesiarch Deacis VI creates the Orders of the Bloody Rose and Sacred Rose, and also expands the Adepta Sororitas Convent buildings to accommodate almost 15,000 warriors each.
873M38The Skopos Incident. The Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator vessel Inculculus Stellar brings an alien edifice to the Skopos asteroid. The facility falls to an alien force, possibly Necrons. The 22nd Elysian Regiment attempts to reclaim the facility but retreats due to casualties. Imperial Navy vessels bombard Skopos, destroying it. The base is declared Purgatis for 300 years.
967M38 — First recorded Imperial encounter with the Dark Eldar Archon Kruellagh.


087M39 — Salamanders Chapter cleanses Ymgarl and its moons of any signs of life due to Genestealer infestation.
145M39 — Jerval Sekara publishes Interesting Places and Tedious People: A Wanderer's Waybook, a tome detailing systems of the Ultima Segmentum in the vicinity of the Damocles Gulf
187M39 — Periclitor elevated to Daemonhood.
187M39 — Incitement of the Braun IV Tithe Wars. Trans-Kurani sub-sector erupts in civil war as Bray is heavily taxed to pay for orbital defense.
258M39 — The starship Hammer of Thor is recommissioned at Ophelia VII.
258M39 — The starship Hammer of Thor is undergoes fleet trails.
312M39Battle of Fraga'Tral. The battleship Divine Right takes part in this naval battle against the Fra'al.
322M39Angevin Crusade. Lord Militant Golgenna Angevin launches a two-pronged assault into the Calyx Expanse to liberate it for the Imperium.
332M39 — Inquisitor Grim reports on the ruthless suppression of the rebellion on Kethra by the White Panthers.
341M39-345M39Reaping of the Emperor's Wrath. The two arms of the Angevin Crusade sweep together, conquering as many worlds in four years as had been taken in the last twenty years.
353M39-358M39Golgenna Consolidation. Imperial forces of the Angevin Crusade consolidate their gains from the Reaping of the Emperor's Wrath. Adeptus Astartes forces are rotated out of theater.
359M39-362M39Angevin Crusade Second Front. Fresh forces under High Admiral Vaakkon opens a second front from the coreward edge of the Calyx Expanse, hoping to link with Angevin's forces and finally doing so at Orendal in 363M39. This effort proves disasterous, resulting in profuse casualties
363M39-369M39Bleak Years. The Angevin Crusade suffers setbacks at the hands of an Ork Waargh, xenos pirates, and internal squabbles.
370M39-379M39Angevin Crusade Third Front. Under the strong command of General Drusus, the envigorated forces of the Angevin Crusade, supplemented by the Iron Hands chapter of the Adeptus Astartes, begin the conquest of the rest of the Calyx Expanse.
367M39 — Seemingly killed by an assassin on Maccabeus Quintus, General Drusus rises again, starting the Drusine Imperial Cult.
370M39-610M39Great Founding. Mass colonial expeditions from Segmentum Solar and the closer Mandragora and Gehenna Sectors result in a huge population influx into the Calixis Sector.
372M39 — Golgenna Angevin dies at his palace on Quaddis. Drusus is named the new Lord Militant.
373M39Delta 9 Massacre. Asdrubael Vect, Supreme Lord of the Kabal of the Black Heart, leads attack on this Imperial planet.
376M39 — Genetor-Major Xabriol conducts research on the Orkoid species.
380M39 — Lord Militant Drusus grants the Lathe system to the Adeptus Mechanicus in recognition for their efforts in the Angevin Crusade along with unchecked passage through the Crusade systems. This cunning political move binds the Mechanicus in the fledgeling sector.
384M39 — The Angevin Crusade ends in the establishment of the Calixis Sector. Lord Militant Drusus becomes the first Lord Sector Calixis.
417M39 — Lord Sector Drusus dies, replaced by Marchal Corin Shultus. The sector is in mourning for the next seven years.
502M39 — The General Synod of Holy Terra confirms Drusus' sainthood after a century of deliberation.
547M39 — Dark Eldar weapons recovered from the Battle of Regi IV for study.
550M39-760M39War of Hubris. The independent system of Sinophia looses a covert trade war against the emerging commercial powers of the Calixis Sector. It's population flees into the sector and it suffers a long period of economic hardship.
645M39Jerulas Crusade. The Black Templars, led by High Marshal Ludoldus, discovered the Land Raider Crusader design on this crusade in the Jerulas system, a prosperous enclave that the Missionarus Galaxia was attempting to bring back into the Imperial fold. The Black Templars, with the aid of the new design, finally brought down the well-fortified hive world.
694M39 — Dark Eldar pirates attack Jericho III, destroying the capital, killing 3200 defense personnel and 1400 civilians, and capturing 1500 defense personnel and 16800 civilians.
699M39 — The Imperial Navy discovers the remains of a convoy en route to Vistro, including the wrecks of the Cruiser Judgement, four escorts and twelve Free Charter merchant vessels. Two destroyed Dark Eldar vessels were also recovered for analysis.
705M39 — Dark Eldar troops penetrate the polar arsenal of Stratix Forge World and make off with undisclosed amount of experimental military hardware.
709M39 — Contact with colony on Banelund XI lost. 1200 colonists slain or missing, presumed captured. Eldar warpspace portal discovered.
719M39 — Imperial Naval vessels clash with the Dark Eldar in Jurn orbit, loosing the Battleship Excessive Force, the cruisers Pious Victory and Mighty Endeavor, and eight assorted support vessels. The Dark Eldar lose twelve ships.
763M39 — Adeptus Mechanicus officially recognize the Crusader pattern Land Raider.
812M39 — Techmarine Suprema Lysol Blane of the Imperial Fists writes the Liber Proditor Armorum which contains information on the Traitor Legions' use of armoured vehicles.
980M39 — Space hulk Unholy Harbinger discovered with a dense asteroid of Necron manufacture deep within its core. Inquisitor Daska is killed while studying Necron artifacts and the hulk is destroyed by salvo of torpedoes.
985M39Squat Civil War. League Thor fights League Grindel over exploration of the Lost Stronghold of Dargon. The Cyclops is invented during this conflict.
985M39Donian Crusade. The Black Templars clear Orks from the Donian sector.
998M39 — The space hulk Unholy Harbinger, constructed from thirty eight to forty two separate craft, of which at least thirteen are of non-human origin, discovered just inside the Cloras jump point. Due to the danger of collision with Cloras III's major orbital, Helios, the Black Templars are summoned to secure its engine control systems and allow the space hulk's course to be altered. Unholy Harbinger is thought to contain Standard Template Constuct data.


123M40 — Unknown assailants destroy two Battlefleet Calixis space stations and a taskforce led by the Grand Cruiser Fire of Heaven in the outer reaches of the Hazeroth Abyss.
140M40 — During the Vern IV offensive, the Death Spectres Chapter loses almost all of its Predator Destructors to an ambush by the Dark Eldar of the Kabal of the Envenomed Thorn.
228M40-902M41The Castigations of Golgotha. The Fire Hawks chapter fights throughout the Golgotha Wastes in thriteen Castigations (Crusades) through the region, ranging in size from a single company to chapter strength.
245M40 — Rynn's World granted as homeworld to the Crimson Fists at the termination of the Vortigen Crusade. Crimson Fists fortress-monastery is located in the inhospitable Hellblade Mountains.
387M40-401M40Macharian Crusade
433M40 — Autarch of the planet Krieg declares independence and renounces Emperor. Colonel Jurten of Krieg's 33rd regiment unleashes a campaign of atomic cleansing that lasts 5 years, turning Krieg into wasteland. From this point forward, the Death Korps embark on quest of absolution.
465M40 — Inquisitor Hesten compiles the most complete version of Thorian beliefs, the Principles of the God Incarnate, in the Hesten Manuscript, a work of fifteen years.
258M39 — The starship Hammer of Thor names Ecclesiarchy flagship.
552M40-570M40White Sorrows. The Dark Eldar pirates, Cabal of the White Sorrow, plague the Periphery of the Calixis Sector till destroyed by a combined taskforce of Battlefleet Calixis, Explorator and Rogue Trader vessels under the command of Rogue trader Kobras Aquairre.
667556M40 — The Adeptus Administratum takes control of Sagan III and begins to transform it into a Tithe-Fortress.
561M40Nexxas Exculpation. The Imperial Guard defeat an Emperor's Children force. An Ordo Malleus warship destroys the troops via orbital bombardment, and alters records to show a renegade Eldar force was responsible.
567M40 — Sergeant Lysander of the Imperial Fists awarded Imperial Laurel by Captain Venatus of the Second Company for his acts of extreme courage and resilience under fire.
585M40 — Captain Lysander takes command of 2nd Company, capturing the Edlar cruiser, Blood of Khaine.
666M40 — An Imperial patrol force engages Necron warships in the Yuctan system. Only a single Cobra destroyer escapes. When Imperial reinforcements arrive, all the colonists are missing.
670M40 — Saint Ezra martyred.
675M40 — Dark Eldar invade Vidium hive world.
709M40Tanis Incident. The black Tyrant Star appears over Tanis, and within weeks over a billion are dead or missing. The inquisition deletes the world from sector records.
709M40Tyrantine Cabal. The Inquisition forms a secret group to study the Tyrant Star after the Tanis Incident.
720M40-580M41 — Atacks from within the Maelstrom increase in severity and frequency, eventually ravaging hundreds of Imperial worlds. Xenos and pirate activity also increase, taking advantage of the ensuing chaos.
734M40 — Inquisitor Garillion witnesses Blood Angels sleeping in sarcophagi used in their creation.
738M40-741M40War of Brass. The "Emperor of Brass" leads the hive worlds of the Gelmiro Cluster into sedition and rebellion. Adeptus Astartes and titans of Legio Venator reduce the system to rubble.
740M40-745M40Second Vorigern Crusade.
745M40Vortigern Crusade. Upon termination of this campaign, the High Lords grant Rynn's World to the Crimson Fists as their homeworld. They establish their fortress-monastery in the inhospitable Hellblade mountains of the southern continent.
755M40 — Chronal Dirge of Cestus IV compiles report on the Eldar.
757M40 — Report on Adeptus Astartes Beliefs by Balthazar van Heppel, Ministorum Envoy, questions Space Marines spiritual practices.
883M40 — The Apotropaic Council of Adiemus Ultima convenes to examine the Ezzel scout-form.
924M40 — Urgak the Unstoppable is assassinated by Vindicare assassin Skult on Roxanzand in the Chelio Sector.
989M40 — The Yme-Loc Eldar Craftworld is first detected in the western quadrant of Segmentum obscurus.
978M40 — Abaddon the Despoiler overthrows Lord Teknos of the renegade Forge World of Baji IV. The traitor tech-priests swear allegiance to Abaddon and return with him to the Eye of Terror, eventually developing the Planet Killer.
982M40 — Abaddon's tech-priests begin construction of a massive stellar vessel within the Eye of Terror, using data recovered by Abaddon's forces from the halo world of Lanamorgstein.
990M40 — Abaddon the Despoiler's advisor Zaraphiston leads him to the world of Spawndeath.
997M40 — Inquisitor Quixos born


The Time of Ending — Beset on all sides by a myriad foes, the Imperium struggles against the encroaching darkness.
Conclave of Gathalamor — Thousands of Imperial leaders, including the Chapter Masters of over eight hundred Space Marine chapters, reaffirm their loyalty to the Emperor at the tomb of the Great Confessor on the Day of Ascension at the start of M41.
Treaty of Ceres — Terra and Mars reaffirmed their alliance in this document drafted in early M41.
Second Contact — The Imperium rediscovers the now highly advanced Tau at Devlan in M41.
Damocles Crusade — After rediscovering the Tau in the latter portion of M41, the Imperium invades Tau space, making progress until stopped at the Sept world of Dal'yth.
001M41-015M41 — Abaddon urges his minions to locate the ancient artifacts known as the Hand of Darkness and the Eye of Night at all costs.
001M41 — The Ecclesiarchal Flagship Hammer of Thor fights in the Battle of Tiberius II.
009M41 — Xavier is apprenticed to Salamanders. Chaplain Hasdrubael officiates at Xavier's initiation into the Slamanders Chapter and impresses him deeply.
019M41 — An Ork Waaagh engages the Butress Worlds of the far eastern rim.
019M41 — Saint Drache martyred on Korynth.
019M41 — Disaffected Imperial families assassinate two High Lords of Terra over several months.
019M41 — Billions die in the Beznos famine
022M41 — Chaos Marines raid Attica II and IV, but leave Attica Prime and its Planetary Governor, Erwin Borstar untouched.
085M41 — By request of Inquisitor Scallen, the Sisters of the Order of the Valorous Heart purge Hive Tumulus, on the planet Farglum, of the cult Epicurian.
098M41 — Imperial miners colonize Mara in hopes of recovering trace elements under its ice.
101M41 — Tech-Priest Majoris Sablus Ironika dignified to the battleship Divine Right.
103M41 — Arch-heretic Julius Ateanos creates the Eris Transform.
334107M41 — Ultima Segmentum authorities recognize Vyaniah as an Unaffiliated Imperial World.
122M41 — Master of Ordnance Hephasta receives commission to the Divine Right.
123M41 — Fleet Commissar Severin assigned to the Divine Right
126M41 — The Tyrantine Cabal assembles the Propheticum Hereticus Tenebrae.
127M41 — Lord Admiral Ravensburg advises the Council of Admirals of Battlefleet Gothic on strategy.
128M41 — Lord Admiral Ravensburg receives commission to the Divine Right.
139M41 — Imperial Navy Master of Arms Voltan Keppler receives commission aboard the Divine Right.
134M41 — Flag Captain Ortelius receives commission to the Divine Right.
134M41 — Principle Navigator Athello assigned to the Divine Right.
135M41 — Officer of the Watch Horatio Drumm receives commission to the Divine Right.
138M41 — Captain Walker's Skargul Patrol destroys 17 pirate vessels in the year leading into the Gothic War.
138M41 — Flag Lieutenant Nicodemus Martyrn commissioned to the Divine Right.
139M41142M41 — Several events serve as a prelude to the Gothic War, to include the Arx Raid, several plague outbreaks, and the Invasion of Ornsworld.
139M41-160M41Gothic War. (Also: Ninth Black Crusade) Abaddon leads Black Crusade against the Gothic Sector with the aim of capturing the Blackstone Fortresses. He also utilizes the Planet Killer to spread terror throughout the sector.
139M41 — Zaraphiston has a vision of a stable path from the Eye of Terror at Arx Gap.
139M41 — Abaddon's forces complete construction of the Planet Killer in the Eye of Terror and Zaraphiston binds several daemons into the vessel.
139M41Arx Raid. Chaos forces destroy the Imperial Navy station at Arx,, though the scout frigate Ascendance receives a distress call.
139M41 — The Hades heavy cruiser Warmaker, an ancient training vessel of Baeetlfleet Gothic, turns traitor, destroying Jarnu Orbital Station.
139M41 — Adeptus Astropathica elevates Dolva Vier to Chief Astropath of the Divine Right.
139M41 — Officio Medicae promotes Marius Alteborg to Ship's Surgeon of the Divine Right.
140M41 — Patrol vessels in the Athena Sector report a number of Imperial vessel drifting uncontrolled, their crews dead, diseased festering corpses. Xebal Astolax, Magos Biologis, reports blisters, sores and fungal growth as the cause of death.
140M41 — A Chaos attack on Purgatory results in the disappearance of the artifact known as the Hand of Darkness.
140M41 — A Chaos assault on the Ratling world of Ornsworld results in the theft of the Eye of Night, an artifact with mythical connections to the Hand of Darkness, and the death of millions of Ratlings.
140M41 — Adeptus Ministorum Confessor Lambasta ordained to the Divine Right.
142M41 — A cataclysmic shockwave passes through the Warp, engulfing the Gothic Sector and cutting it off from the rest of the Imperium.
143M41 — The Warp seclusion Gothic sector and surprise attack by Abaddon's forces begin the Gothic War in earnest.
143M41 — Abaddon uses the Hand of Darkness to capture the Blackstone Fortress at Rebo V and rendezvous with the now functional Planet Killer.
143M41 — Abaddon tests the Planet Killer on the Ecclesiarchy Cardinal world of Savaven, population 14 billion, destroying it in less than an hour after Cardinal Klien ordered the Imperial Commander to refuse Abaddon's demand for unconditional surrender
144M41 — Under threat of destruction from the Planet Killer, the system of Savior begins producing ships for Abaddon's fleet.
144M41 — Abaddon's fleet ravages Lukitar Station in the Lukitar system.
144M41 — The Planet Killer destroys Brinaga, in the Brigia system, in the capture of Blackstone VI.
144M41 — Abaddon destroys Fularis II after capturing Blackstone I. He uses the Planet Killer to destroy a moon of Fularis III, a suspected Eldar pirate base.
145M41 — Falsified fleet movement orders discovered following the complete destruction of Battle Group Portentia by unknown attackers. Though there is no definite proof, investigators suspect Alpha Legion involvement.
146M41 — Abaddon uses the Planet Killer to destroy three of Stranivar's moons, causing much of the hive world to be devastated by asteroids.
147M41 — Imperial forces damage the Planet Killer at Corain, but Abaddon still captures the system, including its Trikali crystal mines.
148M41 — Abaddon invades the Drakulu system and enslaves the two million inhabitants of the system's main planet, an agri-world.
150M41 — Abaddon's fleet and three Blackstone Fortresses assault the Tarantis system, causing its sun to nova, to deprive the Imperium of its use as a jump point.
150M41 — The Planet Killer destroys an Adeptus Astra Telepathica facility in Boetia's asteroid belt, cutting off the navigational beacon that might have helped any Imperial ships jump through the warp storms surrounding the Gothic Sector.
151M41Battle of Gethsemane. Lord Admiral Ravensburg leads this victory from the bridge of the Divine Right, considered the turning point of the Gothic War, against Chaos forces.
151M41 — The warp storms surrounding the Gothic Sector begin to abate.
151M41Battle of Schindlegeist. Lord Admiral Ravensburg and the Eldar defeat Abaddon, causing him to abandon one of his captured Blackstone Fortresses. The Angels of Redemption along with Imperial Naval personnel board the Blackstone Fortress, resulting in its destruction.
151M41 — The Planet Killer, under the command of Warmaster Malefica Arkham, attacks Arimaspia as a diversion. The Planet Killer succeeds in destroying two of the five planets that make up the Arimaspia system.
151M41 — Malefica Arkham uses the Planet Killer to create his own empire in the Quinrox Sound of the Gothic Sector before destruction at the hands of the Omega Squadron at Kharlos II.
152M41-160M41 — Imperial forces retake the Gothic sector.
153M41 — Eldar pirates attack Misere. The governor's luxury cruise ships were pressed into service, and though destroyed, they did eliminate two Eldar escorts.
154M41 — Imperial Navy forces finally ddestroy the Planet Killer
156M41 — Inquisitor Horst's investigation into the fate of the destroyed Planet Killer finds no remains of the vessel. He discovers rumors of a Black Legion vessel in the vicinity.
160M41 — Inquisitor Horst departs to discover the fate of the Blackstone Fortresses remaining in Abaddon's possession and is never heard from again.
191M41 — Warp storms isolate the ice world of Mara in the Calixis Sector.
195M41 — The Imperial hive world of Terrus saved from Tyranid attack by Space Marines, possibly of the Legion of the Damned.
198M41 — During the Vigil of Saint Balronas on Hydraphur, Mechanicus adepts are granted an exemption from the ceremonies to put out the fire and repair the toxin leak.
211M41-226M41Meritech Wars. The clans of the Meritech systems of the Calixis Sector secede from the Imperium, but Lord Sector Myram Harvala eventually crushes the rebellion.
213M41 — Forge world of Castaburg in the Bethamor system falls to surprise attack led by Orks of Warlord Skarmork. Castaburg subsequently liberated by the Death Korps of Krieg.
213M41 — Alizebeth Bequin born on Bonaventure.
217M41 — 9th Sameter Infantry founded.
228M41 — 9th Sameter Infantry repatriated to their homeworld after the Surealis Six campaign.
239M41 — Inquisitor Lugenbrau and a retinue of sixty vanish on Maginor, presumed killed by Quixos.
240M41-241M41 — Inquisitor Eisenhorn broke up the House Glaw cabal in league with the Emperor's Children to obtain a copy of the Necroteuch.
240M41-338M41Ophidian Campaign. This action led by Warmaster Honorius cleansed the subsector of the same name.
255M41 — A sudden plague of non-indigenous Crixian locusts infests the agri-world, Daethryu Prime, decimating food crops and causing widespread famine. Riots break out and the local PDF units mutiny. Loss of food exports from Daethryu Prime causes major supply problems throughout the sub-sector, hindering Imperial forces for years in repelling Chaos incursions into Segmentum Pacificus. Alpha Legion is involved.
270M41 — Alizebeth Bequin and Inquisitor Eisenhorn forms the Distaff, an organization of untouchables.
273M41 — Inquisitor Drako visits Stalinvast and discovers the Hydra. In an effort to destroy the Hydra, he pronounces Exterminatus on the planet.
298M41 — High Lord of Terra Giann Augustyn dies
298M41 — The
304M41 — Gideon Ravenor born.
312M41 — Midas Betancore killed by Fayde Thuring
312M41 — Medea Betancore born on Glavia.
337M41 — Imperial Forces and Blood Reavers Space Marines recover a Word Bearers Land Raider on Merric's World. The daemon possessing the Land Raider destroys Inquisitor Le Guinn of the Ordo Malleus.
337M41 — Inquisitor Javes Thysser killed Gaethon Richter, thus ending the wyrd-cult on Vogel Passionata
339M41 — Inquisitor Eisenhorn imprisoned by Inquisitor Osma at the Cadian prison of Carnificina.
342M41 — Inquisitor Eisenhorn declares all Quixos' works Heretic and Extremis Diabolus.
343M41 — Chaos forces spewed from the Eye of Terror in the largest numbers seen in 300 years.
343M41 — Inquisitor Volk killed by the daemonhost Prophaniti, and the heretic Quixos killed Inquisitors Ricci and Grumman, on Farness Beta.
345M41 — Quixos hunted down and executed by cell of five Inquisitors led by Eisenhorn.
352M41 — Inquisitor Aedelorn and an Adepta Sororitas kill team destroy Amel Sanx and the Hearthood chaos cult.
356M41 — Severus becomes a full battle-brother of the Ultramarines after successfully completing his training.
356M41 — Macharius born to the Imperial Commander of Donia, Commander Pella.
357M41 — Forces of Chaos, led by Abaddon the Despoiler, land on Urthwart. Chaos Defilers successfully used in the siege of Bloden Keep. It falls within an hour.
358M41 — Severus receives the Marksman Honour while serving with the Ultramarines' 6th Company in combat against Eldar Pirates.
359M41 — Severus receives an Imperial Laurel after receiving wounds in the cleansing of Copul IV.
362M41 — Severus is promoted to sergeant of the Ultramarines' 3rd Company and commands a squad through the Siege of Belios and the first Balur Crusade.
363M41 — Lord Inquisitor Osma replaces Lord Inquisitor Bezier after the latter's unexpected death as Master of the Ordo Malleus Helican.
367M41 — Severus receives Terminator honours.
367M41 — Marneus Calgar scours the Ork world of Balur with a combined Marine and Imperial Guard force.
371M41 — Severus critically injured during the Battle of Corinth. His mortal remains replace those of Brother Commodius in the Dreadnought Ironclaw.
373M41 — Inquisitor Draco investigates the assassination of several Inquisitors in relation to an internal conspiracy. He later raids the Black Library of the Eldar, and is killed in the Webway.
374M41 — Magos Biologis Rastex reports on a study of Orks in variant societies, finding that prolonged periods of conflict and denser populations result in larger Orks with a greater muscle:mass ratio.
374M41 — Macharius earns Colonelcy of the Donian XXVI.
379M41 — Macharius becomes general of the Donian IV Army during the Roxane rebellion.
380M41 — Macharius takes the stronghold of the rebel leader Roxane Mountjoy, rescuing Lord Solar Commander Phillips. He becomes Phillips' second in command and his most successful general.
385M41Seventeen Holy Martyrs A small Adepta Sororitas force fights to the last to defend the agri-colony of Glowglass in the Malfi System of the Calixis Sector. A shrine is erected in their honor.
386M41 — Inquisitor Eisenhorn's Spaeton House on Gudrun falls to Vessorine janissary mercenaries hired by XX
386M41 — Inquisitor Eisenhorn kills Pontius Glaw in the crypt-chambers of Gh?l.
386M41 — The High Lords appoint Macharius as Lord Solar after Lord Solar Phillips dies.
387M41-391M41 — Macharius reconquers the worlds of Land's End, Morbellum and Jalfrezi III with his personal Donian army while his larger forces assemble for the upcoming crusade.
389M41 — The Tyrant Star appears over the Asteroth Mining colony. A heretical rebellion and mass suicides follow soon after. The Inquisition and Adeptus Arbites purge the survivors that fled to Locura.
392M41-399M41 — Macharius begins his conquest of the western portion of the galaxy. Over a thousand worlds fall to him and his Generals during the seven-year campaign.
392M41 — Lord Solar Macharius recontacts the hive world of Persepolis after 5,000 years. Macharius finds the tomb of the ancient explorer Indijona the Vagrant, and takes the Helm he finds there.
392M41 — Gh?l destroyed by Lord Admiral Olm Madorthene.
393M41 — While fighting against Chaos Marines on Zaga IV, a bolter round embeds in Macharius' chest but does not explode. The Ecclesiarchy Confessors accompanying him proclaim an Emperor's Miracle.
395M41 — Macharius orders the destruction of the advanced technology world Adrantis V by a redirected comet, and disbands the 3rd Army Group.
396M41 — Macharius' 2nd and 5th Armies cross the beyond the limits of the Astronomicon.
398M41 — Even slowed by the vagaries of warp travel. Macharius conquers another fifteen worlds and destroys seven.
399M41 — Macharius bombards the Carnelion Palace of Leminitus, bringing it into submission. His Generals advise that he should end the conquest.
400M41 — Macharius dies before reaching his goal, the ancient boundaries of the Imperium.
401M41 — Lord Solar Macharius entombed on Macharia, his first base of operations.
401M41-470M41Macharian Heresy. After the death of the great Warmaster in 400M41, several of his conquests revolt in a fight for succession in early M41. It would last for almost 70 years, and the Crusade ending it involved almost one hundred Space Marine chapters.
410M41-412M41First Siege of Vaxanide. An Ork fleet appears over this system, but is swiftly repulsed by Battlefleet Calixis.
428M41-430M41 — The Ordos Calixis employ the Officio Assassinorum and Grey Knights in a secret war against the Tellurian Combine, which was a front for the Brothers of the Horned Darkness cult.
428M41-479M41 — The House of Koba ascends to power on Malfi, starting the most horrific and brutal regime in the history of the Calixis Sector. They fall to internal strife, leaving a power vacuum that causes 20 more years of conflict.
433M41 — The Scribe Aldolphus Neld compiles a summary report on the Traitor Legions of Chaos Space Marines at the behest of Inquisitor M. Horst.
444M41First War for Armageddon. Armed rebellion breaks out in six hives of the planet. The revolts are put down on the second continent, but continue in the widely scattered hives of Armageddon Prime. A vast space hulk, Devourer of Stars, arrives carrying a massive daemon world army led by the Daemon Primarch Angron of the Worldeaters Legion, who conquers Armageddon Prime. As Angron leads his forces against Infernus and Helsreach hives, Logan Grimnar of the Space Wolves releases his reserve of a full company of Grey Knights. The Grey Knights do battle with the Daemon Primarch and his Greater Daemon bodyguard and cast him back into the warp, but only a dozen survive. The Space Wolves counter-attack, routing the remainder of the Chaos horde.
444M41 — The Adeptus Administratum marches the population of Armageddon into forced labor camps isolated from the hives, where they spend the remainder of their days. Billions of new workers are brought in to repopulate the planet. Logan Grimnar refuses to forgive the Adeptus Administratum for what he sees as a great betrayal of innocents.
445M41 — The Prefect of Soliden, Erasmus Phramtle, notifies the Council of the threat of alien aggressors in the Donorian Sector.
450M41-465M41Hesten Manuscript. Inquisitor Hesten developed this document laying down the principles of the God Incarnate, as established in the Thorian doctrine.
452M41 — Sororitas of the Order of the Bleeding Heart entrusted with bones of Saint Emiline must evacuate Emilines Hope, a shrine world, when Orks under command of Arch Maniac of Calvera invade the Yerena system.
455M41 — Black Consuls Space Marines chapter reputedly annihilated at the Siege of Goddeth Hive.
474M41 — Increase in warpstorms causes disruption in commerce to Armageddon leading to food riots and eventually armed revolt.
479M41 — Medea Betancore disappears en route to Sarum.
479M41 — Eyor Dedonki writes Memoirs of a Pessimist.
488M41Battle of Orion. The battleship Divine Right fights in this major naval battle.
494M41 — Ultramarine Chief Librarian Tigurius reports Ork raiders repulsed with aid of black-armored Space Marines.
497M41 — Necrons attacked an Adeptus Explorator team on Cobol II. Black-armored Space Marines assist the survivors. The Explorator team is held for testing when subsequent investigation finds no evidence of either force.
499M41Bellum Chaotica. This text states that the Daemon Prince Angron raised mighty horde of mutants, daemonhosts and renegades, which used the space hulk Devourer of Souls to approach Armageddon.
499M41 — The Pilgrims of Hayte, a powerful chaos cult, unites the houses on Malfi against them. They are defeated, but continue to operate in the sector.
503M41 — The Tyrant Star appears over Snowden's World in the Calixis Sector, causing riots and mass famine that decimates the population.
507M41Second Siege of Vaxanide. The Ork hulk Pinnacle of Savagery attacks the system, and though repulsed by Battlefleet Calixis, some Ork vessels make landfall.
544M41 — The daemon prince Angron regains a physical body in real space.
560M41Devayne Incorporation. The Synod Calixis removes the Devayne Fraternity from its writ of orders, causing its rebirth as one of the most powerful and organized commercial powers in the sector.
564M41 — Tollen Ferlang assumes the duties of Imperial Envoy to the Realm of Ultramar, a posting he would occupy till 603M41.
567M41 — Sergeant Lystander awarded Imperial Laurel for acts of courage under fire during the pacification of a heretical insurgency at the Battle of Colonial Bridge on Iduno.
577M41 — Chaos cultists and Traitor Marines of the Reborn warband take control of the Cygnax system, despite a valiant defense by a detachment of Mantis Warriors Space Marines, and use nuclear and plasma warheads to eliminate all life on the hive world.
338587M41Warders of the Maelstrom. The High Lords of Terra pronounce an Edict Imperialis to station several Space Marine Chapters in the Maelstrom Zone, led by the Astral Claws and initially including the Mantis Warriors, Lamenters, and Charnel Guard chapters.
589M41 — Chaos raiders attack the Imperial research post on Genhemor III.
604M41 — The Imperial Navy Lunar Class cruiser Marquessa Repentia makes first contact with the Umbra species.
605M41 — Jarvin Wallankot publishes Idle Musings.
609M41 — Lord Sector Calixis Larhanus Sult comes to power and brings power back from the Great Houses to the Lucid Court on Scintilla.
623M41 — The Cryptos xeno-form discovered at the Fall Narrow mining outpost on 88 Tanstar, where it had been dominating the outpost.
640M41-651M41Scourge Campaign. The Warder Chapters - the Astral Claws, Mantis Warriors, Lamenters, and Charnel Guard - engage in a campaign into the Maelstrom, enjoying great success till the Adeptus Terra called away the Charnel Guard chapter in 651M41, severely weakening the campaign force.
641M41 — Explorator Magos Prime Reston Egal surveys Naogeddon and catalogues xeno structures of Necron origin. Imperial authorities declare the world Purgatus.
659M41 — Logan Grimnar becomes new Great Wolf of the Space Wolves.
680M41 — The Tiger Claws strike cruiser Bakasurra energes from the Warp at the edge of Sementum Pacificus over fourteen centuries after its departure. It holds Captain Vetala and one hundred battle brothers presumed lost.
681M41 — The Space Hulk Unhallowed Heart emerges from the Warp to the galactic southwest fo the Maelstrom.
698M41Corinthian Crusade. Marneus Calgar leads a combined Space Marine force of Ultramarines, Lamenters, Marines Errant, Angels of Absolution, and Silver Skulls on a seven-year crusade against the Ork empire of Charadon, which suffers a series of defeats. This delays the invasion of Waaagh Argluk by an estimated thirty years.
700M41 — Inquisitor Tekliep adds the "nux" qualifier to the Kroot genus, Krootis (nux) aviana.
701M41 — Blood Angels from the Battlebarge Mayan purge a Genestealer infestation from the Space Marine vessel The Sword of Halcyon.
703M41 — Erasmus Haarlock vanishes into the void after killing the remainder of the line.
704M41Siege of Tulwa. Marneus Calgar leads an infiltration force that destroys the Fortress of Pain, a bastion of the Iron Warriors Legion.
715M41 — Astral Claws Chapter Master Rovik Blake assaults Ork Rok bases at Hellsiris with a task force led by his battle barge, Seraph of Judgement. The Ork Warlord Vorg Manburna kills Blake in single combat and forces the task for ce to withdraw.
901715M41 — Lugft Huron appointed Chapter Master of the Astral Claws, the youngest ever appointed to the position.
512718M41 — Civil war breaks out on Badab Prime after an unsuccessful coup. Lugft Huron and the Astral Claws crush the rebellion, purging the planet's leadership and installing himself as planetary governor. He claims governance over the Badab Sector, and half-jokingly refers to himself as the Tyrant of Badab.
720M41-790M41The Tyrant's Legion. Lugft Huron and the Astral Claws Space Marines systematically train the PDF forces of the Badab Sector, turning them into an effective, and loyal, fighting force.
724M41 — The Vile Savants cult introduce the Fydae Strain Virus to the asteroid colony of Sutters Rock, causing the dead to reanimate. It kills all 12000 colonists in just hours.
727M41 — Magos Biologis Salk of the Draco Legion Biomedical Research Station on New Hallefuss published details the bio-weapons used by the Tyranids.
731M41 — Marius Hax becomes Lord Sector of Calixis, replacing the aged and ill Larhanus Sult.
737M41 — Tyranids of Hive Fleet Behemoth consume the Valos system.
738M41 — 26th Space Marine Founding. This was the latest founding as of 998M41.
739M41 — Kolton Phae writes the book On Militery Matters.
740M41Manchenko Purge. The Inquisition discovers that much of the Commercia Great House Manchenko is corrupt. The resultant purge leaves the Manchenko Dynasty weak and vulnerable, and they spend the following decades rebuilding their influence.
741M41 — Hive Fleet Behemoth arrives in the galaxy.
742M41Damocles Gulf Crusade. The Imperium tries to restore its grip on string of sub-sectors stretching between the Damocles Gulf and the Perdus Rift Anomaly.
742M41 — The Tyrantine Cabal identifies the Calixian Pattern Killings, dating back eleven hundred years.
742M41 — The Tyrant Star appears near the death world of Vigil.
742M41-770M41Malygrisian Tech-Heresy. Explorator Archmagos Umbra Malygris and hundreds of his Adepts go renegade after clashing with the High Fabricator of the Lathes in the Calixis Sector. He unleashes a number of forbidden weapons against seemingly random opponents as he furthers his research and gains the secrets of vanquished foes. The Mechanicus Dragon Secutarii eventually destroy him, but his lore still plagues the Mechanicus.
743M41 — Calixis Sector authorities establish a penitentiary mining outpost on Mara.
744M41 — Taggarath, the Seer of Corrinto, prophesies a coming time of great hardship and peril and is executed as a heretic.
745M41Death of Tyran. In the first documented encounter between mankind and Tyranids, an Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator station at Tyran Primus was attacked and consumed, but records allowed Inquisitor Kryptman to identify the attackers and predict the course of Hivefleet Behemoth.
745M41 — Ultramarine Dreadnought Severus participates in the Joran retaliation against the Tau Empire. The Ultramarines' 3rd Company Captain, Ardias, is killed shortly before force withdraws due to the arrival of Hivefleet Behemoth.
746M41Battle of Macragge. (Also: First Tyranic War) A Tyranid Hive Fleet enters the Imperium, destroying the Tyran and Thandros systems before advancing upon the Realm of Ultramar. Marneus Calgar leads the fleet of Ultramar against Hivefleet Behemoth. Though the Tyranids wiped out the entire Ultramarines first company, they were finally defeated.
748M41 — The Tyrant Star appears above the feral world of Endrite, causing plagues and madness.
748M41Downfall of the Megarchy. Raven Guard Space Marines exterminate the leaders of the Megarchy, ending their rebellion and bringing the planet of Thruskus back into the Imperial fold in a single day.
748M41 — Lugft Huron withholds Badab Prime's tithe to the Imperium, and blocks the passage of goods through his domain in protest against the Adeptus Terra's continued refusal to allocate resources to the containment or subjugation of the Maelstrom.
753M41 — Marshal Primus Rogal Surr intercepts transcripts of a Cult Mechanicus trial in which Tech-Adept Uvochi is accused of techno-heresy.
753M41 — The Ork Freebooter Odlog Blackskar leads a Freebooter army on a series of raids. During Battle for Verdan III, Odlog's Flagship crashes on nearby death world of Extremis after crippled by the Blood Angel cruiser Tycho's Revenge. The Blood Angel force finds all the Orks dead and discovers a Tyranid force. Captain Perdo of the 2nd Company is the only survivor.
754M41 — Ciaphas Cain takes his first assignment with the Valhallan 12 Field Artillery on Desolatia IV.
755M41Sabbat Worlds Crusade begins. Slaydo named Warmaster of the Crusade.
755M41 — In one of the first victories of the Crusade, Warmaster Slaydo deploys the White Scars Space Marines to defeat the Charismites of Chaos Magister Shebol Red-Hand.
756M41-764M41 — Osric the Loopy ruled as planetary Governor of Corania during this time, at the end of which the Officio Assassinorum removed him from office.
757M41Zombie Plague. This new threat is first recorded in the Hydra Minoris system, which is quickly quarantined, trapping 23 billion souls.
759M41Scouring of Quintarn. Marneus Calgar drives Ork scavengers from triple system of Quintarn, Tarentus and Masali. The Orks had taken advantage of the Ultramarines distraction by Hive Fleet Behemoth.
759M41 — Cocianimus of the Sabbat Worlds taken by Chaos forces for the first time.
760M41 — Tau commander O'Shovah establishes a string of heavily fortified stronghold-colonies.
761M41 — Dark Eldar of the city of Shaadom raid the planet Elevoc in the Pleuris system, making off with thousands of pilgrims despite a spirited defense.
762M41 — The Sabbat Worlds system of Cocianimus liberated by Imperial forces commanded by General Kelso and Lord Militant Vichres, who was killed during this action.
763M41Sack of Penury IV. Tau Fire Warriors fight alongside pirate forces in a raid on Penury IV.
765M41 — A report to the High Lord of Terra details Space Marine Chapter losses, assessing 13 lost in the warp, 21 irrecoverable battle losses, 9 gene-seed failures, 4 Inquisitorial purges, and 16 lost to other circumstances.
765M41 — Inquisitor Heldane dies on Menazoid Epsilon.
765M41 — Warmaster Slaydo wins his greatest victory of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, liberating Balhaut. Both he and the the Chaos commander, Archon Nadzybar, were killed in action.
765M41 — Tanith destroyed by Chaos forces in the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. The Tanith First and Only, commanded by Colonel Commissar Gaunt are the only survivors.
766M41 — Magos Biologis Salk of the Draco Legion Biomedical Research Station on New Hallefuss reports on the steps the Tyranids use to assimilate a planet.
766M41 — Heritor Asphodel arrives at Verghast and corrupts one of its hives.
766M41 — The Eldar pirate Prince Yriel attacks several listening posts in the Catachan and Ryza systems.
767M41Battle of Parthenope. Qux of the Eyeless destroyed an Imperial force led by General Onator. Imperial Navy vessels clashed with Qux's fleet, eventually destroying them and creating the Antioch Debris Field.
768M41 — Imperial forces abandon the penal colony of Mara, and much of the space around it is quarantined by the Inquisition.
768M41 — The ocean world of Sapiencia liberated by a massive assault, resulting in the capture of Sholen Skara.
769M41 — The Imperial Guard, including Gaunt's Ghosts, liberates Verghast, killing Heritor Asphodel.
772M41Conquest of Goreswill. A Grey Knight Strike Cruiser, acting on intelligence from House Locus Asropaths, land on the planet Goreswill in the Eye of Terror. They eliminate their target, the daemon prince Bloodthunderer, but none return.
773M41-775M41 — The fighting for Khan III continued for nearly two years after the death of the Chaos General Shebol Red-Hand at the beginning if the conflict.
773M41 — Cocianimus, after years of bitter fighting, comes under Imperial control for good during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade.
773M41 — Warlord Enok Innokenti begins his flank attack in the Khan Group against Macaroth's Crusade forces.
774M41 — General Luscheim dies in a rocket attack on Tarnagua. Colonel Caul takes command and wins the world.
774M41 — A Grey Knight force led by Grand Master Mordrak investigates the planet of Iori Delta Tove and discovers that instead of being tainted by Chaos, it is a Necron construct. The three squads, guided by Master Armorer Torvin, fight their way to the control room, plant meltabombs, and retreat to their strike cruiser. The planet vanishes almost immediately thereafter.
775M41 — Planetkiller sighted outside the Eye of Terror.
777M41 — Inquisitor Erya Nephthys goes renegade, killing her peers at the Tricorn Palace on Scintilla in the Calixis Sector. She left a bloody path across the sector, prompting a blood hunt by the Ordo Calixis. Witch Hunter Rykehuss killed her for the third and final time, after which her ashes were sealed in a vault.
780M41Lycanthos Drift Campaign. Lugft Huron personally led a large force of Astartes and Guard forces, including the Astral Claws, Fire Hawks, White Scars, Celestian Guard, regiments from Krieg and Kol-Sec, and Legio Venator titans, against the Traitor forces in and around the heavily fortified Lycanthos system in 780M41.
781M41 — The Space Hulk Spawn of Damnation appears in the Viridian system, infecting a small prospecting or mining vessel, and then vanishes back into the warp hours later, before a system defense boat can intercept This is thought to be the origin of the rebellion of 928M41.
783M41 — Eldrad Ulthran, Farseer of Ulthwé, destroys an Imperial Explorator fleet to prevent them from awakening the Necrons on Maedrax. He purges the Necron presence. Blood Angels Space Marines, investigating the lost fleet, harry his escape.
783M41 — The planet Ursa Spinal moves into the path of a Hrud migration, becoming infested. Valhallan troops purge the Hrud, but not before their entropic fields cause half of the six regiments to age severely.
784M41 — Thyrrus forces invade Stemivari Factoris.
784M41Margin Crusade. The Synod Obscurus declares this crusade in the Margin region, far to the Spinward of the Calixis Sector. The Crusade continues 30 years later.
785M41N'kele Massacres. Necron begin raids in the Roian Strait of the Segmentum Obscurus.
785M41 — Township of Salius Biegel founded on Biegel 9.
785M41 — The Ork Warlord Dungtrumpa strikes Warboss Gobsmakk's Rok base in retribution for a practical joke, starting an Ork civil war that will last 80 years.
786M41 — The Autarch Eliac Zephyrblade of Carftworld Saim-Hann leads the invasion of the Imperial hive world of Gnosis Prime, and through superior strategy and maneuver, destroys many of its manufactorums and hives, killing untold millions.
792M42 — The Inquisition declares the void born death cult, the Astral Knives, heretical after discovering associations with the ruinous powers.
794M41 — Explorator expedition to AR45#33 find evidence of ancient Eldar presence.
795M41 — The Cadian 23rd puts down an uprising in the Krandor system.
797M41Siege of Zalathras. Marneus Calgar holds the gate of this city alone for a night and day against an Ork horde.
799M41 — A false prophet from the Pilgrims of Hayte ravages the mission ship Ardent Seeker in route to Maccabeus Quintus, killing seven thousand souls.
799M41Cleansing of Acralem. The daemon prince M'Kar the Reborn launches an attack on Acralem, seeking to use it as the heart of a new empire, but the Grey Knight Kaldor Draigo banishes him back to the Warp.
800M41Battle of the Ghost Halls. A force of Grey Knight Purifiers, led by Brother-Captain Pelenas, act on a dire prediction of the Prognosticars and journey to an empty area of space. There they discover the empty Tyranid-scortched hulk of Malan'tai Craftworld, where the Slaanesh Keeper of Secrets, N'Kari gorges on spirit stones. The Purifiers, thanks to the bravery and sacrifice of Justicar Thrawn, are able to complete the ritual of Twelve Bloody Swords, weakening N'Kari long enough for Captain Pelenas to strike a mortal blow.
801M41 — A flicker in the Astronomicon sends thousands of starships off course, dooming many of them to the predations of the Warp.
801M41 — The Imperium first detects Lugannath Craftworld.
801M41 — Dark Eldar forces invade the Eldar Exodite world of Ishareq, but are repelled by the Viridian Knights. The Dark Eldar poison Ishareq's World Spirit, eventually causing the death of the world and all the Eldar upon it.
801-812M41Have Fleet Naga. This Tyranid fleet moved through the Eldar Exodite worlds on the eastern fringe of the Imperium, also eliminating the Imperial Ybaric Cluster before the several Eldar Craftworld combined forces to eliminated the threat.
012801M41 — Hive Fleet Naga destroys four colony worlds of the Ulumeathic League, with only a fraction of the fourth world's population escaping, though they are infected with Genestealers.
201801M41 — The Cult of Veiled Oblivion grows in prominence in the Ybaric Cluster, and unrest claims the Silax system.
640801M41 — Hive Fleet Naga destroys the Eldar Exodite world of Tar-Etenil, whose death scream cripples the worldspirits of several neighboring Exodite systems.
712801M41 — Refugees from the Ulumeathic League arrive at space docks of the Varreyans. All contact with the enormous docks is lost within two days, and latter investigation reveals massive Genestealer infestation. The Varreyan fleet is forced to destroy the station, hampering their resistance.
909801M41 — Crimsonfall is the first of the Ybaric Cluster worlds to feel the tendrils of Hive Fleet Naga. Despite spirited resistance by Guard units, three of four continents are lost.
802M41 — The Ecclesiarchal Flagship Hammer of Thor fights in the Battle of Caffre Prime.
030802M41 — Regiments from Tern arrive to reinforce the forces at Crimsonfall, including a company of ancient, abandoned Cadian Baneblades. Crimsonfall forces gain ground till the a Tyrannofex brood destroys the Baneblades.
240802M41 — The Imperial governor of the Silax system refuses to send aid to Crimsonfall, now hard pressed by Hive Fleet Naga.
690802M41 — Dark Eldar Raiders ambush a reinforcement troopship convoy bound for Crimsonfall from Tern, but they are in turn consumed by a Tyranid bio-ship.
701802M41 — Crimsonfall fails and is consumed by Hive Fleet Naga.
870802M41 — Tern, having sent much of its military might to support Crimsonfall, falls to Hive Fleet Naga.
980802M41-920807M41 — Hive Fleet Naga continues to advance into the galaxy, consuming several minor races on the edges of Ulumeathi territory.
805M41 — The Inquisition records the death of Inquisitor Ralei of the Ordo Xenos on Biegel 9.
807M41Purgation of Jhanna. Marneus Calgar leads two Ultramarine companies to recapture the oceanic cities of Omon and Vorlencia against renegades and Chaos marines.
807M41 — The Tryant Star appears over Zillman's Domain in the Calixis Sector.
807M41Tranch Insurrection. A mutant uprising, led by the Pale Throng and the Shroud Council, topples the brutal Oligarchs of Tranch. The Ordo Hereticus launches Operation Bellerophon to kill the witch leaders of the rebellion as Lord Sector Hax declares a massive counter invasion. The Pale Throne splinters into the surrounding systems, and Tranch remains a war zone, providing a baptism by fire for many Guard units.
808M41 — The "Dance of the Dead" on Kalf leads to a clash between Inquisitorial factions of the Ordo Calixis, contributing to ongoing acrimony.
001808M41 — Hive Fleet Naga arrives at Silax and quickly consumes it, aided by the confusion sown by the Cultists of the Veiled Oblivion.
575808M41 — The Eldar Exodite world of Halathel detects Hive Fleet Naga and send out to nearby Craftworlds for assistance, at the same time fortifying their worldspirit shrine.
692808M41 — Hive Fleet Naga devours the Throneworld of the Ulmeathic League. All remaining colonies declare a state of quarantine.
131809M41 — Craftworld Malan'tai and Craftworld Idharae fleets defeat leading elements of Hive Fleet Naga, splitting it into two tendrils, one bound for Halathel and the other for Eth-aelas.
801809M41 — A tendril of Hive Fleet Naga arrives at Halathel and rains Mycetic Spores upon it.
810M41 — The mass-troop conveyor Vervilix suffers serious malfunctions and makes a forced landing on Mara. The Inquisition takes the few survivors into custody.
097810M41First Siege of Halathel's Shrine. The defenders of the worldspirit shrine hold off the attrition forces of the hive fleet, mainly Termagants and Hormagaunts, for four days. Tyranid forces retreat on the fourth day.
420810M41Second Siege of Halathel's Shrine. Tyranid force of Hive Fleet Naga overrun the worldspirit shrine of Halathel, using Carnifexes to breach the walls. Exodite Lord Wei-yannil slays the Hive Tyrant leading the force, trying to buy time for aiding Craftworld Guardians and Aspect Warriors to withdraw, but is in turn slain by its Tyrant Guard. The swarm looses its focus upon the death of its leader, but the damage is already done.
742810M41 — Tyranid Hive Ships of Hive Fleet Naga destroy Eldar Admiral Draech's flagship, the Auspicious Illumination of Eternity. His second in command, Prince Yriel, takes command and destroys the Tyranid fleet.
811M41Reef Stars Crusade. Iron Snakes Space Marines
811M41 — An Adeptus Arbites force, investigating political corruption, discovers the arch-heretic Myrchella Sinderfell in the Red Vaults of Luggnam. This leads to a two year Inquisitorial investigation to root out any remaining corruption.
353811M41Fall of Halathel's Shrine. Trygons and Raveners finally breach the Exodite shrine, and the worldspirit dies.
756811M41 — Prince Yriel orders all life scoured from the surface of Halathel, joining forces with the remnants of Craftworld Malan'tai's fleet.
812M41 — Inquisitor Layran and his retinue vanish while investigating a xenos conspiracy connected to the Beast House organization on Fenksworld in the Calixis Sector.
195812M41 — Craftworld Malan'tai encounters a solitary, wounded Hive Ship that dies even as it's detected. In its death throws, it launches a number of undetected Mycetic Spores.
206812M41 — A Craftworld Idharae fleet destroys the Hive Ships of Hive Fleet Naga at Eth-aelas, but the Tyranids manage to launch thousands of Mycetic Spores to the surface. The Idharae land forces to scour the Tyranids from the face of the planet.
495812M41 — The psychic death scream of Malan'tai Craftworld resonates through the Warp and Webway, lost to Mycetic Spores of Hive Fleet Naga.
860812M41 — Prince Yriel arrives at Eth-aelas and adds his forces to those of Craftworld Idharae. The combined force destroys the last Hive Tyrant at the Battle of Sorrowforge Pinnacle. This marks the end of Hive Fleet Naga as an effective force.
815M41 — The Space Wolves' Great Wolf Sven Ironhand revokes his oath and leads his Great Company into exile in the Eastern Fringes.
815M41 — The Ork Warlord Grog propels his dagger-shaped Rok into the Iolac system's capital city of Atari Vo during the War of Dakka, killing billions and deploying his Boyz from the shieldcore chambers of the grounded meteor.
822M41 — Abaddon raids Ildanira, and Eldar maiden world, but Alaitoc forces drive him away.
822M41 — Fanged chasms appear across the surface of the planet Phagus, consuming its population, and leading to its reclassification as a Daemon world. An Imperial Guard regiment from Yulia sent to investigate is never seen again.
832M41 — The First Company of the Dark Angels, the Deathwing, kill or capture every inhabitant of the moon of Minoria in the Periliac system, but Periliac Prime falls to Waaagh! Drillakilla.
833M41Vinculus Crusade. Inquisitor Vinculus, along with detachments of the Order of the Bloody Rose and the Black Templars pursued an assassin cult to Peleregon IV. After killing the cult leader and receiving wounds in return, the Inquisitor was possessed by a daemon and had to be destroyed by High Marshal Ludoldus, Emperor's Champion Ulricus, and Canoness Jasmine in the Battle of Fire and Blood.
838M41 — Imperial Xenologists plunder the artifacts of Kiliak, an Eldar Maiden World. Forces from Craftworlds Biel-Tan and Ulthwé arrive and exterminate all human life in 838M41.
839M41 — The Magos Biologis of New Hallefuss hold a conclave to debate theories on the Tyranid Hive Mind.
841M41Raxos Civil War. The Imperial Governor of Raxos, later revealed to be a Tzeentch Changeling, starts a civil war on his own planet and uses the resultant psychic energy to open three Warp Gates. Inquisitor Karamazov alerts the Grey Knights, who send four full Botherhoods under Grand Master Drystann Cromm to staunch the flow of daemons into the material universe. Cromm seals the portals while Brother-Captian Stern secures off-world access and the space port. The Changeling manages to slip aboard one of the refugee vessels, and Stern orders the Battle Barge Bright Sword to destroy them all rather than risk the daemon reaching another Imperial world.
849M41 — Dark Eldar raiders massacre the residents of Birmingham, the Black Planet.
849M41 — A splinter of Hive Fleet Kraken consumes the rainy, bastion world of Eorcshia. Deathwatch Space Marines use modified drop pods to plant explosives in the reproductive chambers of the Norn Queen, and upon her death, the fleet falls into confusion. None of the Deathwatch escape.
850M41-901M41 — The Sons of Anteus answer a plea for help from Guild Fathers in the Third Inter-Guild War of the Inca Sector.
850M41 — Inquistor Lok leads an expedition into the Anphelion system.
853M41Battle of Steel Cross. Captain Cortez of the Crimson Fists slays an Ork Warlord and his entire bodyguard of Nobz.
855M41 — Brother-Captain Stern and his Grey Knights destroy the Cult of the Red Talon.
861M41Battle of Arconar. Marneus Calgar defeats a powerful coalition of Eldar raiders on the feral world of Arconar, scattering their forces and capturing their bases both on and off world.
863M41Saint Cyllia Massacre. The Adamant Fury Titan Legion turns to Chaos, destroying many PDF regiments before escape.
863M41 — Banelings unshroud themselves in the Kingdom of Glass, throwing its once peaceful existence into chaos in their quest for blood.
867M41 — In a battle against the Eldar, Captain Cortez of the Crimson Fists manages to break through Eldar lines, but suffers seventeen wounds, including a stabbing wound through one of his hearts.
869M41-888M41Crusade of Wrath. The Black Templars declare a crusade into the Maelstrom at the behest of Lugft Huron, assaulting from the east while the Astral Claws, Lamenters, and Mantis Warriors attack from the south and northeast. The combined actions purge no fewer than twenty-three Traitor or Xenos stronghold worlds, including several of the Word Bearers. It penetrated more deeply than any other campaign into the Maelstrom, exterminating the homeworld of the flesh-haunters.
874M41-912M41 — Navigators of the Zemlya family operate a physical contraband ring through the Obscura, Pacifica and Solar Segmentae through puppet captains
876M41Bloodtide. Damage to the Emperor's statue at the Basilica of Saint Mariel on Van Horne sets free the Lord of the Bloodtide, the Bloodthirster Ka'jagga'nath, who had been imprissoned in stasis there. The Khorne daemon spreads the Bloodtide across the entire planet in a mater of days, and Battle Sisters from the Order of the Ebon Chalice are unable to turn the tide. Grey Knights 4th Brotherhood arrive and kill the remaining Sisters, annointing themselves in the pure blood for protection. Three librarians lead the assault, and Brother Ordan sacrifices himself in combat with Ka'jagga'nath to banish the daemon back to the Warp.
879M41Battle of Knarts Landing. Marneus Calgar eliminates the rebel army led by General Dornal in a thirty-day battle on the industrial world of Knarts Landing. The Ultramarines suffered casualties of less than 17 percent.
888M41 — The daemon Skulltaker's Blood Crusade takes the planet Birmingham with the intent of transforming in into a Daemon World. The Grey Knight Castellan Garran Crowe challenges Skulltaker to a protracted single combat, and the Grey Knights are able to defeat the daemon host.
891M41Long Midnight. Eldar pirates, using ancient technology that cloaks their targets in utter darkness, pillages many systems in the Persya Sector, including the hive world of Persya itself, till driven away by Imperial Patrol Praxion.
892M41 — Captain Cortez and his Crimson Fists defend the breach in Fortress Maladon's wall for twenty-one hours of constant fighting.
897M41 — First recorded contact with Necron forces by the Imperium as Necrons massacre Battle Sisters of the Adeptus Sororitas at Sanctuary 101.
899-903M41Hive Fleet Gorgon. This Tyranid fleet invades Tau space, but is eventually repelled.
599899M41 — Hive Fleet Gorgon arrives in the galaxy, devouring several trading partners of the Tau and alerting them of its presence.
810899M41 — The Tau explorer fleet, led by the Outbound Brotherhood, encounters Hive Fleet Gorgon, and is destroyed before sending any warning.
980899M41 — Hive Fleet Gorgon eliminates the orbital perimeter outpost of Sha'draig. Kor'o'Valroth responds with a Kel'shan Sept Fleet.
109900M41 — The Gorgon Hive Fleet forces bypass the shipyards of Sha'draig's moon after the defenders there seal themselves into the main complex and kill thousands of Gargoyles with automated interceptor screens.
401900M41 — Hive Fleet Gorgon proves its adaptive powers by creating a Gargoyle strain with refractive mucous that lessens the efficacy of the intercepter screens. They quickly overrun the shipyards of Sha'draig's moon.
420900M41 — Kor'O'Valroth and his fleet arrive at Sha'draig to find it besieged by Hive Fleet Gorgon.
722900M41 — Kor'O'Valroth's fleet penetrates the Tyranid blockade over Sha'draig long enough to deliver reinforcements to the beleaguered forces of Shas'el Vorcah. Vorcah sets up a defense line of Kroot auxiliaries while O'Varoth conducts hit-and-run attacks on the outskirts of the Tyranid fleet.
924900M41 — Shaper Pechallai and his Kroot force drive the Tyranids back from the dense, twisted undergrowth of Sha'draig's forests, using fieldcraft and cunningly laid traps.
030901M41 — Hive Fleet Gorgon creates a faster, more agile strain of Hormagaunt for use against Shaper Pechallai's Kroot defenders, but are repelled again at great cost.
106901M41 — Hive Fleet Gorgon adapts its Hormagaunts again, specifically for use against Kroot. Shaper Pechallai's defensive lines finally fall.
400901M41 — After heavy losses from Firewarrior defenses on Sha'draig, new strains of Hormagaunts and Termagants appear whose chitin is virtually invulnerable to pulse rifles. Shas'el Vorcah withdraws to the mountains after Tyranid forces overrun the main settlement.
505901M41 — Tau Stealth Teams salvage several hundred Kroot Rifles from old Kroot positions for distribution in Vorcah's forces in the mountains of Sha'draig.
620901M41 — New strains of Hormagaunts and Gargoyles appear on Sha'draig with chameleonic hides virtually undetectable with the naked eye. Tau forces rely upon Battlesuit sensors to for targeting.
843901M41 — Kor'O'Vanan breaks the Tyrnid blockade once more to retrieve the Tau forces on Sha'draig with the intention of retreat. Shas'el Vorcah remains with his cadre.
899901M41 — The Ring of Steel, the defensive space fortifications about the Badab system, fires upon and destroys Imperial Tithe Fleet VX542/11, considered by historians to be the start of the Badab War.
901901M41 — Shas'el Vorcah manages to shatter the Tyranid synapse network on Sha'draig with a series of near-suicidal missions, forcing Hive Fleet Gorgon to abandon the world, though most of its biomass has already been consumed.
901M41-912M41Badab War. (Also: Badab Uprising) Space Marines of the Astral Claws chapter, led by the mentally unstable Tyrant of Badab, Lugft Huron Blackheart, convince the Executioners, Lamenters, and Mantis Warriors to take their side against the Administratum, destroying an Imperial Tithe Fleet in the vicinity of Badab. The Fire Hawks, Marines Errant, Red Scorpions, Minotaurs, Star Phantoms, Exorcists, Fire Angels, Salamanders, Space Sharks and Sons of Medusa all assist in quelling the rebellion. The Executioners, Lamenters, and Mantis Warriors were assigned 100-year Penitent Crusades for their errors.
901M41Battle of Kornovin. The Daemon Primarch Mortarion slays Grey Knight Supreme Grand Master Geronitan. The new Supreme Grand Master Kaldor Draigo somehow manages to defeat Mortarion and his guard, who cannot manifest in the material universe for years.
075902M41 — Gorgon Hive Ships arrive at the Tau colony of Ka'mais, but a Necron fleet erupts from the planet's "dead" moon, destroying the Tyranid force.
078902M41 — Ka'mais celebrates its delivery from the Tyranids, and Aun'taniel arranges a great ceremony to greet the Necrons.
079902M41 — The Necrons slay Aun'taniel and harvest Ka'mais.
098902M41 — The Ethereal Concil of Kel'shan orders the evactuation of all Tau colonies between Kel'shan and Ka'mais.
235902M41Massacre of Ho'sarn. Prowler drone ships ambush the Tau evacuation fleet from Ho'sarn, destroying over 300 vessels. Several ships escape to an abandoned mining post at the outskirts of the system, but the pursuing Tyranids exterminate them two days later.
550902M41Battle of Sol'ai Rift. The Tau fleet of Kor'O'Vanan engages Hive Fleet Gorgon as it departs Ka'mais, destroying a number of its Narvhals to slow its progress. The Tau fleet disengages after they discover a group of Ramsmiter and Razorfiend bio-ships with hulls adapted to the Tau's ion weapons.
689902M41 — Hive Fleet Gorgon consumes Roksh, including several trading fleets and the secret Tau listening post on Roksh XVI.
709902M41 — Kor'O'Valroth's fleet arrives at Kel'shan. The shipyards there begin retrofit work to counter Tyranid adaption to Tau systems and weaponry.
760902M41 — An Imperial fleet dispatched over 150 years ago to support the Damocles Gulf Campaign, carrying Castellan Crask's Cadian XVIII Army, arrives at Kel'shan and commences an invasion. Kor'O'Valroth's fleet boosts from the shipyards to engage the new enemy.
785902M41 — Hive Fleet Gorgon enters the Kel'shan system, engaging both Tau and Imperial forces in orbit and on the surface.
830902M41 — Castellan Crask and Kor'o Valroth form an uneasy alliance against the Tyranids, destroying all but three bio-vessels that manage to flee the system under persuit by Kor'O'Vanan's fleet.
920902M41 — In the Delmarra system, Kor'O'Vanan engages the last three Hive Ships of Hive Fleet Gorgon. He destroys one before they flee again, but looses the Custodian Fleet Carrier Firestar in the system's asteroid belt.
903M41 — Karthan agents of the Karthago Sector begin systematically spreading rumors throughout the Segmentum Assizes and the Senatorium Imperialis of the "Moral corruption, treachery and vainglorious pride of the Tyrant of Badab."
903M41 — The Fire Hawks join the Loyalist forces of the Badab Uprising.
903M41 — Captain Cortez of the Crimson Fists fights through the entire Kardian campaign without resupply.
903M41 — Canoness Sepherina makes a pilgrimage from Terra to Sanctuary 101 to reconsecrate the hallowed ground of the convent after the Necron attack six years earlier.
011903M41-490903M41 — The Cadian XVIII army under Castellan Crask and the Tau force under Kor'O'Valroth cleanse the planet of all Tyranids, excepting one Dominatrix several Tervigons.
500903M41Battle of Woodspine Ridge Combined Imperial and Tau forces slay the last Dominatrix and Hive Tyrant of Hive Fleet Gorgon, effectively ending it as a threat.
995903M41Articles of Just Secession. Lugft Huron, along with the Chapter Masters of the Lamenters and Mantis Warriors, releases a document to the Courts Temporal and Segmentum authorities that cuts all ties to adjacent sectors and rejects all calls for tithes so that the Warder Chapters could focus solely on the defense of the Imperium, citing the edict founding the Warder Chapters and the ancient edicts supporting sovereignity of Space Marine Chapters. They claim their willingness to defend the Maelstrom Zone from all threats.
350904M41 — Mantis Warrior strike craft board and capture the Fire Hawks strike cruiser, Red Harbinger, in the first Marine versus Marine action of the Badab War.
710904M41 — The Marines Errant enter the Badab War at the call of the Fire Hawks, adding six companies and a host of vessels to the loyalist forces.
016905M41 — Three Imperial Legates, under the seal of the High Lords of Terra, journey to the Maelstrom Zone, accompanied by a deputation of the Ordo Hereticus and a sizable escort battle group of Battlefleet Solar. They demand the surrender and arrest of the secessionist Chapter Masters, and declare the conflict to be against the Imperium rather than an internal matter.
764905M41 — A large contingent of Red Scorpions Space Marines, along with forces from the Salamanders, Raptors, and Fire Angels, join the forces arrayed against Lugtf Huron. The Marines Errant and Fire Hawks stand down, but not before the Fire Hawks plasma bomb Sacristan in a petulant act of vengeance against the Mantis Warriors.
905M41 — Inquisitor Valeria discovers a Xenos Dimensional Forge in the caverns of Cavlock, but a daemon-infested Space Hulk crashes to the planet's surface before she can act on the find. Taking command of local forces she manages to hold them off till reinforcements arrive: a demi-Brotherhood of Grey Knights, two companies of Silver Skulls, and twelve Cadian regients. The conflict continues to escalate and the next forces to arrive are Mordian and Armageddon regiments, as well as Marines of the Crimson Paladins and the Legion of Night. An small Altioc Craftworld force also arrives, though they seem to be pursuing their own goals. Inquisitor Emil Darkhammer arrives as victory seems assured and decalres Exterminatus, most likely to destroy the Forge. Valeria escapes and swears to avenge herself on Darkhammer, declaring him Excommunicate Traitorus.
011906M41Battle of Silent Reach. The secessionist forces of Battlefleet Maelstrom and Lamenters Space Marines fight the loyalist forces of the Red Scorpions and Battlefleet Solar. The results are inconclusive, as neither side wishes to commit their forces decisively. The Battlefleet Maelstrom flagship, Gauntlet or Wrath, falls to a lucky lance hit to the bridge from the light cruiser Lady Sybaline.
115906M41 — The Executioners Strike Cruiser, Night Hag, strikes against loyalist supply convoys during the Badab War.
390906M41Betrayal at Grief. Lugft Huron offers parlay with the the loyalist commander, Chapter Master Verant Ortys of the Red Scorpions during the Badab War at an abandoned asteroid base in the Grief system. Three traitor vessels attack the base during negotiations, killing Chapter Master Ortys, Chapter Master Sartaq of the Mantis Warriors, and others. Loyalists blame the treachery on Huron, and the Secessionists blame the Inquisition. This event ended the chance for negotiations, and made the war much more a matter of honor for many of the Space Marine chapters involved.
906M41The Vyaniah Raids. Strike forces from thre Red Scorpions, Marines Errant, and Novamarines conduct a series of raids against the Vyaniah system in an attempt to liberate it from the Tyrant of Badab. Though they inflict massive casualties on the Tyrant's Legion forces defending the system, resistance is stronger than anticipated, and the system remains in the Tyrant's hands.
906M41 — Contingents of Howling Griffons, Novamarines, and Sons of Medusa chapters arrive to reinforce the loyalist forces in the Badab War.
906M41 — The Red Scorpions appoint Carab Culln as their new Chapter Master, and he assumes the role of Magister Militum of the loyalist forces in the Badab War.
906M41 — Loyalist forces of the Badab War establish a new base of operations, Vengeance Station, in the Hallows Point system.
810906M41 — Three Lamenters Strike Cruisers lead a force of frigates and fire ships in an unsuccessful attempt to destroy the partially completed Vengeance Station in the Hallows Point system. The Fire Hawks' Raptorous Rex and Red Scorpions Sword of Ordon are instrumental in repelling the attack. The Fire Hawks frigate Ravage rams the Lamenters strike cruiser Inflexible, causing severe damage and forcing the cruiser to withdraw.
906M41Operation Sedna. Loyalist forces on the Salamanders battle barge Pyre of Glory and the Raptors battle barge War Talon mount an assault to liberate the contested world of Surngaard during the Badab War. Though initially repelled by system defenses, the Raptors successfully landed a covert force that disabled the main orbital defence complex, allowing the two battle barges to bombard the remaining Astral Claw defenders into submission.
907M41 — The Marines Errant, after withdrawing for reserve duty of the last year, withdraw their forces from the loyalist side of the Badab War
003907M41 — The main force of the Executioners Chapter arrives to bolster the secessionist forces in the Badab War, falling upon the Khymara system and systematically destroying both Astropathic and other means of communication. They continue to destroy all Howling Griffon facilities in the system, but refrain from killing the fleeing loyalists at the command of High Chaplain Thulsa Cain.
907M41 — In the middle of 907M41, the Gore-Chompa Ork pirate clan landed in force at Endymion, after having been driven from their home by Chaos forced based at Magog. They quickly took the planet, landing over twenty-thousand Orks, but were subsequently repelled by a Mantis Warriors counterattack.
907M41 — In a necessary distraction from the main fronts of the Badab War, Lugft Huron assigns Corain Sumatris, commanding an Astral Claws battle barge, and Lamenters terminators to decapitate the growing Chaos threat at Magog.
440907M41 — The Minotaurs Space Marines arrive in chapter force in the Badab War, commanded by Asterion Moloc and destroying a fourty-six-thousand-strong Tyrant's Guard force at Kyro. Over the coming years, they would leave no survivors in their operations against secessionists in the Pale Stars and Dene Stellar Drift, helping the loyalists, but leaving a bloody swath in their wake.
151908M41 — Legate Inquisitor Jarndyce Frain declares Lugft Huron and the Astral Claws Excommunicate Traitoris after discovering that he had both harbored the "lost" Tiger Claws in his ranks, but has also been using withheld geneseed tithes to grow his chapter to over three-thousand strong, seeking to recreate a legion of old. Investigations revealed that he had also been experimenting with rapid zygote cultivation, though unsuccessfully. The Legate Inquisitor requests Stormtrooper support to investigate the heretical influence on all systems and Space Marine chapters influenced by the Astral Claws.
908M41-910M41Scourging of Cygnax. The Sons of Medusa, supported by a company of Exorcists Space Marines, eliminate the secessionist forces on Cygnax, who had hidden in the radioactive ruins of the hive cities there. The Exorcists were withdrawn after conflict with the Sons of Medusa over the effective execution of the campaign.
330908M41Second Battle for Sagan. A main force consisting of Fire Angels, Red Scorpions, and Exorcists, supported by specialists from the Salamanders, Raptor, and Novemarines retake the Sagan system, despite hard fighting and heavy casualties. This splits the secessionist forces, isolating the Mantis Warriors, who assume a purely defensive posture from this point.
908M41 — Ork Waaagh! activity rises throughout the Imperium. In the Badab War, Novamarines, Raptors and Howling Griffons turn back the tide. Within the next year, these three chapters will be redeployed away from the Badab War.
888908M41 — The Minotaurs Space Marines launch a strike against the Lamenters chapter barque in the Optera system, crippling its drives and forcing the recall of most of the Lamenters vessels in the region. In a seventeen-hour space battle, the Minotaurs grind down the Lamenters forces, eventually forcing them to surrender in the face of annihilation, and claiming many of the ships as prizes of war. This ends the Lamenters as an effective force in the Badab War.
897908M41The Angstrom Incident. A small force of Red Scorpions and Salamanders Space Marines, led by Calab Culln himself, infiltrate the outer Angstrom system and ambush the Mechanicus tribute transfer to secessionist forces. The Mechanicus turn on both parties, driving all Space Marine presence from the system. This severely disrupts the secessionist war effort, and the Mechanicus forces retaliate at Galen and Ibis till placated by Imperial authority.
909M41 — The Howling Griffons are honorably relieved of their duties in the Badab War, having suffered severe casualties over the course of the conflict, especially at Khymara in 907M41.
909M41 — The Mantis Warriors, acting under the direction of their prophetic Master Librarian Alhazra Redth, disable the drives of the Fire Angels strike cruiser Polaris Rising just prior to the arrival of two Ork Kill-Kroozers. After being weakened by the Ork assault, Mantis Warrior vessels spring their trap and take the Polaris as a prize or war. They strand the remaining Fire Angels on Sigard VI.
913M41 — Disciples of the Traitor Marine sorcerer Ahriman sack the Librarium on Jollana.
915M41 — In response to an Ork assault on Dacemon, Imperial Guard regiments of Polyphemia II land and are nearly wiped out. Seventeen days later, they are relieved by Argastan regiments.
915M41 — The Adetus Arbites, Battlefleet Pacificus, and the League of Blackships break up the Zemlya smuggling ring, executing all but the untouchable Navis Nobilite.
917M41Battle of Amion. Red Talon Space Marines and the Steel Legion fight against the rebel forces of the King of the Further Reaches. Tech-Marine Clearn and his driver, Brother Rillan, in the Land Raider Eagle's Claw breach the rebel's main defensive lines, leading to their final defeat.
917M41 — Azrael becomes Master of Death Wing.
919M41 — The Pirate Prince Yriel lands on the Ork planet of Yurk and kills the Warboss and all his Nobz without a single Eldar loss.
919M41 — Princeps Majoris Zarha Mancion of the Legio Invigilata is interred into the Emperor Class titan, Stormherald.
920M41 — Eldar pirates attack the Imperial troopship Emperor's Faithful in the Thanas system, taking the vessel and its cargo of 5 million Guardsmen and 200,000 Imperial Navy personnel.
921M41 — Imperial forces capture a variant Genestealer with sac-like pouches containing virulent inorganic poisons and haemotoxins.
925M41 — The Imperium looses contact with eighteen worlds in the Vidar sector, including the Lentrel Prime forge world.
926M41Vaxhallian Genocides. The Purge, a group of Chaos renegades, slaughter 14 billion Imperial citizens.
438926M41Gannack's Charge. Captain Gannack of the 3rd Kalaman Hussars mistakenly leads his sentinel troop against an Ork artillery redoubt. There are no survivors, and the incident becomes a byword for military folly.
928M41 — Two Striking Scorpion Phoenix Lords, Arha and Karandras, duel for seventeen days amongst the ruins of Zandros.
928M41 — Commissar Cain is the only survivor of an ill-fated expedition to Interitus Prime, where a Mechanicus team uncovered and awakened a Necron tomb. The Mechanicus vessel Omnissiah's Blessing is destroyed by a Necron ship as the tomb awakens.
928M41 — Commissar Cain, along with Captain Gries' company of the Reclaimers Space Marines, put down a genestealer-inspired rebellion on Viridia.
928M41 — The Space Hulk designated Spawn of Damnation drifts into the Corolian Gap. Marines of the Reclaimers Space Marine chapter conducts the assault against it, with Imperial Guard units, including Commissar Cain, following to eradicate anything missed by the Marines.
930M41 — Inquisitor Corteaz earns his Throne of Judgement for his work in the Abrazan Purges.
931M41 — Commissar Cain, along with the Valhallan 597th and Valhallan 12th Field Artillery, deploy to Gravalax to dispute a growing Tau influence.
932M41 — Commissar Cain and the Valhallan 597th deploy to Simia Orichalcae.
651932M41 — The evactuation of the Valhallan 597th from Simia Orichalcae is underway, with two platoons back on board the Pure of Heart.
137933M41 — Inquisitor Talon Encarmidus releases his "true and secret" history of the Badab War to the Inquisition.
936M41-938M41Benlarii Scouring. Inquisitor Brek and his student Antigonus Balorodin discover and destroy the Cult of the Reconciled.
245936M41 — Governor Tarkus of the Adumbria system dies of natural causes, though conspiracy theorists believe it is related to the Chaos incursion only a year later. He leaves no clear successor, and Vinzand of the Adeptus Administratum acts as Regent until the succession can be resolved.
937M41 — Inquisitor Pranix leads an attempt to reclaim the Nine Hollow Worlds from Huron Blackhreart, using five companies of Space Wolves Space Marines, elements of the Cadian 301st and Tallarn 14th.
937M41 — Imperial forces, including the Valhallan 597th and Commissar Cain in a minor role, cleanse the Kastafore system of an Ork incursion.
937M41 — Imperial Navy forces bring the Chaos raider fleet known as the Ravagers to decisive engagement in the Salomine system, the remnants of which fall upon Adumbria.
937M41 — The Galaxy-Class troop ship Emperor's Benificence carries two Valhallan (including the 597th and Commissar Cain), two Kastaforian, and one Tallarn (the 229th) regiments to Adumbria to hold it against a Chaos invasion from the remnants of the Ravagers' forces.
285937M41 — Commissar Beiji denounces Commissar Cain in a letter to the Office of the Commissariat on Coronus Prime with serving on the hot side of Adumbria, citing Cain's "too late" discoveries of heretical rituals.
937M41Sabatine Incident. Imperial and Chaos naval forces battled in this conflict.
939M41 — Azrael becomes Grand Master of the Dark Angels.
940M41 — Tzeench cults revolt on the planet Chicano, and the world is lost to the Imperium.
941M41-942M41Second Battle for Armageddon. Ghazghkull launches a massive Waaagh, which begins with a bloody invasion of Armageddon Secundus. Commissar Yarrick saves Lord Herman Von Straub's forces. Ghazghkull escapes after his defeat at the hands of the Blood Angels, Salamanders and Ultramarines chapters of the Space Marines.
942M41 — The Eldar Commander Yriel becomes the leader of the Iyanden Fleet.
942M41 — Kjin Bassonel of the Adeptus Administratum fights an honor duel with Curate Varengo of the Adeptus Ministorum over tithing decrees.
943M41 — The White Scars' Great Khan Kyublai vanishes fighting the Dark Eldar.
944M41Balur Crusade. Marneus Calgar is elected leader of a Space Marine force operating against worlds in the Eastern Fringe. Operations begin with the scouring of Ork-held Balur and end with the devastation of Boros.
944M41 — Commissar Yarrick hears of Ghazghkull's survival and sets off on a crusade to bring him to justice.
945M41-959M41 — The Ork Warlord Ghazghkull Thraka mounts a series of raids on various systems.
945M41 — Antigonus Balorodin becomes an Inquisitor.
946M41 — Dante, Yarrick, Mannheim monitoring stations established in the outermost orbits of the Armageddon system.
948M41 — The Cobra Class Destroyer Spiteful is returned to service after having been crippled by a Desolator Class Battleship in 937M41.
949M41 — Space Marines of the Salamanders chapter of the Space Marines, follow Ahriman back into the Eye of Terror. They launch an attack on a massive skeletal fortress at the heart of the planet Ossea, and are never seen again.
957M41 — Dagblat Tincrowser publishes Sablist in Skiterfall: A Brief History of the Chaos Incursion on the 20th anniversary of the conflict.
958M41 — Lady Ottaline Melmoth publishes The Virus of Betrayal: The Cleansing of Viridia and Its Aftermath, an acciu t of the genestealer infestation of that system, which took place in the 920s of M41.
960M41 — The World Eaters Space Marines destroyed a loyalist armory in the Portrein Raid on the planet of the same name.
962M41 — An Ork asteroid base, with Warlord Ghazghkull Thraka on board, annihilates the Imperial base on Buca III.
963M41 — Fire Hawks Chapter, aboard their space-borne monastery Raptorous Rex, disappear during a warp jump from Piraeus to the Crow's World subsector to investigate the Dark Eldar.
963M41 — Marneus Calgar clashes with a Tau force on Malbede. The combat wakes the Necron Tombs hidden beneath its surface, and the two former combatants unit against the new foe. Calgar allows the Tau forces to withdraw before executing Exterminatus.
965M41-969M41 — The Ministorum grants Cardinal Gottereich Valon a warp cutter to tour Schola Progenium facilities and Missionarus stations.
966M41War for Kvariam Alpha. Marines of the Space Wolves chapter assault the Tau water world of Kvariam Alpha.
966M41 — Xenos raiders capture the Shadow Wolves Strike Cruiser, The Purest Intent.
967M41 — An Ork hulk arrives in the Luchesio system and Louisa Della Monica miraculously saves his life.
968M41 — Cardinal Valon becomes an Interrogator under Inquisitor Van Dremen
969M41 — The Nurgle warship Terminus Est arrives in the Cando system, spreading the Zombie Plague in its wake.
971M41 — The Ork outlaw Wazdakka Gutsmek initiates his plan to create an "intastella supa 'eyeway" through the Warp, allowing his to ride his bike from one side of the galaxy to the other.
972M41 — Orks led by GhazGhkull Thraka overrun the Imperial agri-world of Chigon 17 using guerilla tactics.
972M41 — Colonel Straken kills the Chaos Lord Ratathrax by strangling him with a barb-root after the latter preceded his invasion of Catachan with massive anti-plant barrages.
975M41 — The Khorne Bloodthirster Skarbrand appears on the fortress world of Lutoris Epsilon, infecting the entire Cadian garrison with his berserk rage.
976M41 — Hive fleet Perseus detected by the Ultramarines.
977M41 — The Ecclesiarchal Flagship Hammer of Thor fights in the Battle of Augustus.
978M41 — The Grey Knights purge Xoedic Binary.
978M41 — The Ordo Redactus eliminates the document, Branches of the Inquisition, which outlined the founding date, strength, and purpose of many Inquisitorial Ordos.
981M41 — Durlan Ocellati discovers a warp route into the Wheel of Fire.
981M41 — Commander Sebastius of the Marines Vindicant, aided by Lord Inquisitor Rex, deployed his scouts and Marines via drop pod, fighting the Death Guard Traitor Legion and daemons on the planet Vorlinghast, infected by Warp plague. After finding the daemon responsible for the plague, he called in precision fire from his Strike Cruisers to destroy the Chaos beast.
982M41 — Last encounter with Hive Fleet Perseus, which drifts outsystem.
983M41 — 23rd Bruttiam Regiment raised in response to an Administratum decree requesting additional troops for the Third Araklionid War.
983M41 — Fire Hawks declared lost in the warp twenty years after setting out for Crow's World on a counter-invasion mission against the Eldar.
983M41-985M41 — Creed and Kell fight through Hrud migration.
984M41Battle of Hell Town. The Pyran Dragoons assigned to an Armageddon jungle base desert their posts, leaving the Armageddon Ork Hunters to defend against the Ork invasion.
985M41 — Gangers disappear from the underhives of Cathoria II and broken Eldar weapons are discovered. The upper hive mounts a punitive raid, but none return.
986M41 — Imperial Battlecruiser Radiant Way wiped out by ork pirates led by the Ork Warlord Thraka.
987M41 — 23rd Bruttiam Regiment eliminates Eldar raiding force that attacked Xenthorp Minor.
987M41 — Space Wolves' 519th crusade ends in the Wheel of Fire after clearing an Ork infestation.
987M41Battle of Varadon. The Black Templars respond to the distress calls from the home world of the Shadow Wolves Space Marines and find it infested with Tyranids. The Tyranids prevent the two Space Marine chapters from combining their forces, and the Shadow Wolves were destroyed to the last Marine.
989M41Battle for New Rynn City. Warlord Snagrod, the Arch-Arsonist of Charadon, invades Badlanding and then Rynn's World, homeworld of the Crimson Fists in the Loki Sector. The Orks sabotage the defense missiles, causing them to detonate within the Fist's own monastery. Chapter Master Pedro Kantor fought a desperate battle to save the remains of his chapter.
989M41 — Black Templars complete subjugation of the Xenarchs of the Sigilare Nebula.
989M41 — Helbrecht is elected High Marshal of Black Templars.
989M41-997M41 — High Marshal Helbrecht crusades against the Cythor Fiends of the Ghoul Stars, but after exterminating their outer systems, finds their core worlds abandoned.
989M41 — Verdus Prince Desecration of the Basilica of Saint Capilene - Necrons engage with Black Templars.
989M41 — Blood Angels Terminators killed while exploring a Space Hulk.
990M41Scarlet Night. In the depth of night, a troupe of Eldar Harlequins infiltrates the Castle Malachite on Gudruntraille, killing every single one of the inhabitants, who had formed a coven to the Ruinous Powers. The 772nd Vitrian Dragoons, ordered to defend the castle, fail to do so.
990M41 — The Ork Warlord Nobgrok conquers Basilica Principalis and the weapon testing facilities on Gloriam. The Legion of the Damned counterassault as he carves his name in Gloriam's moon with an orbital magno-laser.
991M41 — A significant force of Doom Eagles Space marines arrive on the dead world of Faugris, temporarily stemming the Necron forces boiling from the ground, but are forced to withdraw.
992M41 — Reports of Hivefleet Kraken arriving on the eastern fringe.
992M41 — VIII Kimmerian regiment assisted by Jotun Bearclaw's Space Wolf Great Company combat Tyranids in the Brightfast Mountains of Ichar IV, but the Imperial Guard regiment is wiped out attacking a Tyranid brood nest.
992M41Second Tyranic War. Hive Fleet Kraken nearly destroys Iyanden craftworld and the Lamenters chapter of the Space Marines. The war badly depletes the Scythes of the Emperor, who loose their homeworld.
992M41 — Chaos daemons pour through a Warp breach in the Hexxos system, transforming the planet's oceans into blood or worse. Inquisitor Bucephalon arrives and attempts to stem the tide, but eventually declares Exterminatus. The planet Hexxo vanishes seconds before the impact of the cyclonic torpedoes.
992M41 — Lord General Creed annihilates an Ulthwe craftworld raid on Aurent.
993M41 — Splinter fleets from Hivefleet Kraken move towards galactic core, engaging Ultramarines on Ichar IV, Craftworld Iyanden, and nearly annihilating the Scythes of the Emperor and Lamentors Space Marine Chapters.
993M41 — After seventy years of labor, and following on from the work of eight hundred and thirty six generations of Keepers of the Library Sanctus of Terra, Keeper Cripias finishes the history of the majesty of the Human race. He is declared a heretic in the following year.
993M41 — Ciaphas Cain, veteran Commissar and Hero of the Imperium, is assigned to the faculty of the Schola Progenium.
994M41 — Prefect Vertex evacuates Aleph Sigmar in the face of a Tyranid splinter-fleet from Ichar IV, Hivefleet Harbinger.
995M41 — In the defense of Ichar IV, Marneus Calgar acts as the supreme commander of the planet, a vital industrial world on the Eastern Fringe. The Tyranid invaders were held in check by a combined force of Space Marines, Imperial Guard, and Eldar.
995M41Battle of Korsk II. Lord Vorlak leads a rebellion that is crushed by Space Marines in a major tank battle on the plains of Korsk II.
995M41 — Lords of Wrath Space Marines and the 23rd Bruttiam Regiment capture and arrest Decius Mus, better known as Arch-Heretic of Auscum.
995M41 — The Tau strike against the Imperial shrine world of Ghola's Hope.
995M41 — The Red Corsairs pirates capture the Space Wolves cruiser Wolf of Fenris.
995M41Battle of the Black Nebula. High Admiral Hanroth led a fleet of Imperial forces combined with Vassalian, Cimmeriac, Donarathi, and Demiurg vessels against Hive Fleet Jormungandr, shattering it.
997M41Hive Fleet Leviathan. This Tyranid Hive Fleet attacks from beneath the galactic plane in a multiple-pronged assault on the galaxy, making it difficult to detect and defend against.
997M41 — Inquisitor Kryptman identifies the pattern of attacks by the Tyranid Hivefleet Leviathan, stretching along the Ultima Segmentum, Segmentum Tempestus, and Segmentum Solar. The center of the attacks is close to the Ork empire of the Overfiend of Octarius.
997M41Crusade of Wrath. Marshal Helbrecht of the Black Templars Space Marines leads a huge fleet of fifteen allied chapters against the advance of Hive Fleet Leviathan in the east of the Ultima Segmentum, but is forced to fall back.
997M41The Battle of Bloodstar. Two tendrils of Hive Fleet Leviathan ambush Admiral Trankar of Battle Fleet Ultima, decimating his fleet.
997M41 — The Temple of the Star Child is destroyed on Levilnor IV.
997M41 — Fabius Bile's forces capture the massive cannon-fort, Voice of Godhood, on Youth's End. Lord General Creed uses five Valkyrie gunships to transport his Mission Elite in an assault that recaptures the fort.
997M41 — The Valhallan Commander Chenkov defeats Chaos forces on the fortress planet of Ksatella by clogging the Rivier Vitus with corpses, poisoning the water supply.
997M41 — Commander Farsight and his elite force of eighty Crisis Battlesuits attacks the portion of Hive Fleet Kraken that has targeted Tau worlds. The force, named the Shining Blade, successfully executes a series of hit-and-run attacks on the Tyranids.
138997M41 — Elements of Hive Fleet Leviathan strike from under the galactic plane, causing widespread destruction through Segmentums Tempstus, Ultima and Solar.
221997M41 — The Waaagh! of Ghazghkul Thraka and Nazdreg invades Piscina IV assisted by teleporta technology, but Master Belial of the Dark Angels manages to defend the system till reinforcements arrive.
509997M41 — The Ultramarines and Mortificators Space Marines Chapters defeat a Hive Fleet Leviathan force at Tarsis Ultra with a biological plague.
601997M41 — Ghazghkull Thraka captures Commissar Yarrick on Golgotha, but releases him to ensure he has a worthy opponent for the third invasion of Armageddon.
622997M41 — Dark Eldar raiders kiled Golgothan refugees on the moon of Jogdor.
977997M41 — The Tau Empire mounts their third phase of expansion into the Imperial worlds on the Eastern Fringe.
998M41Crusade of the Ophidium Gulf. Sole survivor of the Garon Crusade, Castellan Raimer led his strike cruiser, the Ophidium Gulf into the Veiled Region of the galactic south. In persecuting an alien empire that paid homage to the "Voice of the Emperor," he linked up with a Dark Angel force. He captured the Voice, a warrior clad in power armor devoid of insignia, and was forced under duress to turn the prisoner over to the Dark Angels. His cruiser has not been seen since.
998M41 — The Tau Empire begins its Third Phase of expansion.
998M41 — Necrons massacre the population of the desert planet Triasta. Deathwatch investigations prove that Necrons teleport back into tomb complexes.
998M41 — Historian Coran Celecius tried for heresy after his work links the Aphis Hermitage Massacre and other mysterious past encounters to the Necrontyr.
998M41 — Inquisitor Lichtenstein declared Excommunicate traitoris.
998M41 — Huron Blackheart and the Red Corsairs raid the fortress-monastery of the Marines Errant on Vilamus in 998M41 and steals much of their precious geneseed.
757998M41Third War for Armageddon. The Ork Warlord Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka leads the Third invasion of Armageddon. Commissar Yarrick finally kills Thraka on a crusade alongside the Black Templars after the Ork Warlord becomes bored and leaves Armageddon.
999M41 — Inquisitor Apollyon detects taint of Chaos on Thracia.
999M41 — Ultramarines defeat the Nightlords and traitor PDF units. The turning point of the campaign is the capture of bridge two-four.
999M41 — The Imperial Navy Cobra Class destroyer Spiteful is destroyed ramming the Chaos battleship Agonizing Death - destroying it as well - at the blockade of Garomar.
999M41 — In the prelude to the War for Octarius, Hive Fleet Leviathan invades and consumes the world of Orrok after a protracted battle with the Ork forces there.
718999M41War for Octarius. Hive Fleet Leviathan invades the Octavius system and battles the Ork Boyz of the Overfiend of Octarius. The Tyranids utilize millions of mycetic spores in their assault.
975999M41 — The light of the Astronomicon seems to dim, resulting in sporadic contact with the far fringes of the Imperium.
978999M41 — Dark Eldar ships attack the Imperial Navy's facilities at Bakka.
980999M41 — Huron Blackheart emerges from the Maelstrom at the head of a large Traitor Marine fleet, laying siege to the Chogoris, Kaelas, and Sessec systems.
982999M41Great Awakening. A ripple of psychic power flows across the Imperium, "awakening" thousands of latent psykers and opening Warp rifts and gateways for daemonic incursions.
999M41 — Magos Trantor puts forward theories on the workings of Necrontyr weapons.
999M41 — Admiral Hanroth leads a fleet that destroys the Cimmeriac race that had allied with him 4 years earlier against Hive Fleet Jormungandr.
986999M41 — The Magi of the Adeptus Mechanicus on Terra admit that the Golden Age technology of the Golden Throne is far beyond their current abilities to understand or repair.
987999M41 — In the first activity within 2000 light years of Holy Terra, Necrons raid the Cypra Segentus system.
989999M41 — Ultramarines of the 3rd Company liberate the Lagan system from the Tau Empire.
999M41 — Inquisitor Apollyon reports on the excavation of the Adeptus Mechanicus geno-lab on Incunabla by Explorator Marco Pteronus, revealing secrets concerning the Cursed Founding, five thousand years earlier.
990999M41 — A combined Eldar force from Biel Tan and Saim Hann Craftworlds lay waste to both Imperial and Ork worlds in the vicinity of Octavious to deprive Hive Fleet Leviathan of critical bio-mass.
999M41 — Lord General Creed becomes Lord Castellan of Cadia after other members of the Cadian High Command are murdered.
992999M41Night of a Thousand Rebellions. A tide of uprisings and rebellions sweep across the Imperium, including many supposedly stable systems. The Imperium looses contact with large portions of Segmentum Pacificus.
995999M41Thirteenth Black Crusade. Abaddon the Despoiler launches his latest Black Crusade into the Cadian Sector.


005M42 — To Serve The Emperor: A Commissar's Life first published
009M42 — By many fan estimations, this is the "current date," though given the wide variety of eras in which the game's history takes place and the name 40K, it's entirely debatable.
085M42 — Stententious Logar publishes Purge the Guilty!, an account of the liberation og Gravalax.
097M42 — General Jenit Sulla publishes her momoirs, Like a Phoenix from the Flames: The Founding of the 597th
101M42 — General Sulla publishes the second volume of her memoirs, Like a Phoenix on the Wing: The Early Campaigns and Glorious Victories of the Valhallan 597th

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